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Summer may have officially started a while ago, but for me, the summer doesn‘t start until the Big Brother live feeds do. This is the ultimate summer show, a massive time vacuum that sucks me in every year. Will I hate anyone as much as Ronnie or Chima? Will I fall in love like I did with Dan, Dr. Will, Janelle or Jeff? At what point will an alliance form and display a shocking lack of self-awareness in their mockery of others?All these questions and more are about to get answered thanks to the return of the Chen-tastic Miss Julie, 13 houseguests and a whole lot of cameras. Oh Big Brother, how I‘ve missed you. Read more »
The live feeds for Big Brother 12 started as soon as the first episode ended and already we have a glimpse inside the house. On the premiere episode we saw Hayden win the first HoH, so who did he nominate for eviction and who is the first target of the season?Read My Thoughts on the BB12 Premiere>>SPOILER WARNING: Big Brother 12 spoilers ahead.  Read more »
I‘m certain Big Brother 12 will kill me. Last night I tuned into Showtime‘s Big Brother After Dark for the first time and became addicted. The three hours of uncensored live feed coverage airing every night from midnight to 3am became my new obsession, which means I will be getting very little sleep this summer.However, it does mean I‘ve become a lot more informed about the HGs and watching it gives me a more comprehensive look at what‘s happening. So here are the top stories from the show, in case you missed it.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 12 spoilers.  Read more »
Things inside the Big Brother 12 house are moving at the speed of light as the nominations, Power of Veto competition and now the PoV ceremony are all complete. Was the Veto used and who are the final nominees for eviction?Week 1 Nominees>>Week 1 Alliances>>Week 1 PoV Competition>>SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 12 spoilers.  Read more »
With only one episode down, we know that Hayden is the first HoH on Big Brother 12 and thanks to the live feeds, we know all about who he nominated and who the target is.Week 1 Nominees>>The Week 1 Eviction Plan>>Now the first Power of Veto competition, so keep reading to see if it affects the game.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 12 spoilers.  Read more »
The Saboteur is on the loose, Hayden is the HoH and Big Brother 12 is underway. In this episode we get the first showmance, the first alliance and the first nomination ceremony. There‘s also caramel, bare butts, sabotage and plenty of Meow Meow.  Read more »
The big twist this season on Big Brother is the Saboteur, one houseguest whose goal is to cause chaos in the house. The identity of the Saboteur will be revealed on Thursday‘s live eviction show, and while the HGs and fans have their theories, there‘s one that I find more compelling than all the others: there is no Saboteur.  Read more »
In the first week of Big Brother 12, Hayden, Matt, Enzo and Lane formed the Brigade, an alliance that Matt claimed was the best one in Big Brother history. That‘s a strange comment, especially coming from a house where the HGs talk nonstop about past contestants and strategies.While the Brigade may eventually rise to the level of greatness, Matt shouldn‘t count his chickens before they‘re hatched. Being a great alliance requires more than a cool name, you need a strategy, a little bit of luck, and a Big Brother victory.  Read more »
The Power of Veto episode for the first week of Big Brother 12 was all about Brendon. First he was the target for eviction, then he won the Power of Veto and now he‘s the scariest person to the Brigade, Hayden‘s four-man alliance with Enzo, Lane and Matt. Combined with his budding nerdy showmance with Rachel and you have a Big Brother star.  Read more »
The first live eviction on Big Brother 12 comes tonight and it‘s between secret bisexual Annie and big-breasted chemist Rachel. If you follow what‘s going on inside the house, you already know who‘s going home.Annie is the target and, unless there‘s a major shake-up at the last minute, she‘s gone. Annie has been campaigning as hard as she can, telling everyone who will listen that keeping in a known couple (Brendon and Rachel) is a bad idea. It makes sense on paper, but the other HGs would rather keep the devil they know.  Read more »
We all knew this was a problem going into Big Brother 12. The twist of the season, that one of the houseguests was a Saboteur working to cause chaos in the house, had one major flaw: that HG could be evicted. And in a perfect storm of bad luck for CBS, that‘s just what happened when Annie was evicted about 10 minutes after she was first revealed to be the Saboteur.What‘s next? Will the season continue without any additional twists, or will Big Brother executive producer Allison Grodner scramble to add a few more monkey wrenches into the house to keep things interesting?  Read more »
This is going to be a strange week in the Big Brother 12 house. The Saboteur is out but power couple Rachel and Brendon are in charge. Today the HGs had their new Have and Have-Not competition (which took up more than three hours of blackout time on the live feeds) and learned the truth about the Saboteur.  Read more »
It‘s been a busy 24 hours in the Big Brother 12 house. Annie got evicted, Rachel won HoH, they had a new Have/Have-Not competition, they learned that Annie was the Saboteur and now Rachel has made her nominations for eviction.  Read more »
The Big Brother 12 house was turned upside down this week when Rachel went from nominee to HoH. Last week the Power of Veto changed the game with Brendon winning and saving himself. Will the same thing happen this week or will the nominations remain the same?SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 12 spoilers.  Read more »
Girls can be so mean. When guys have a problem with one another, they address it head on, but as Big Brother 12 proves, girls prefer to act two-faced, making catty comments about one another behind each others‘ backs. The biggest perpetrators are Monet and Britney, and it‘s not surprising that both of them have competed in beauty pageants.  Read more »
Big Brother 12 has officially begun. Fans of the live feeds received a huge treat last night when a game-changing marathon HoH session set the stage for a divided house. Of course HoH Rachel would be wise to heed the famous warning "Expect the Unexpected" because her entire strategy is built on a shaky house of cards.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 12 spoilers.  Read more »
With the first live eviction of Big Brother 12, I can‘t decide what I‘m most excited about. Is it the actual eviction? The new HoH competition? The first opportunity for the HGs to vote and chat with Julie Chen on live TV? Or the reveal of the Saboteur? Put me down for all four.  Read more »
Big Brother 12 has officially become The Brendon and Rachel Show. After starting an early showmance, the two were the first nominees, Brendon won the first Power of Veto, and now Rachel is the Head of Household. If you‘re anyone else in the house, prepare to get a lot less TV time than you‘d hope.  Read more »
Seemingly in answer to ABC‘s The View, CBS is currently crafting an all-female talk show to replace As The World Turns. The series is the brain-child of Sara Gilbert (Roseanne), and will star Julie Chen (Big Brother), Holly Robinson Peete (Celebrity Apprentice, Hangin‘ with Mr. Cooper), Sharon Osbourne (America‘s Got Talent), Leah Remini (King of Queens) and Marissa Jaret Winokur (Hairspray) as her co-hosts on the series that will "examine topical events and contemporary issues through the eyes of mothers," according tothe CBS press release confirming the pick-up. I say "seemingly," but in truth, the series sounds exactly like a younger (aka no Barbara Walters or Joy Behar), Hasselbeck-less version of The View, just with a more direct mommy-slant.  Beyond the expected guest interviews with entertainers and newsmakers," the intrepid celeb-moms will also shoot "live remotes from the field," and broadcast "personal home footage," presumably of their adventures in mommy-dom.What‘s exciting about the series is the combination of funny (Gilbert), loud-mouthed (Osbourne, Remini) and theatrical (Winokur) personalities they‘ve got signed on. Plenty of potty-training talk is sure to go on--but plenty of potty-mouthed tirades will ensue, too. We hope.Sounds like Gilbert and CBS have got the formula all figured out, but one essential element is yet missing from the pitch: What to call this daily morning mom-fest?  Read more »
There are few things I hate more on Big Brother than people who are highly illogical. Despite claiming that she‘s a chemist and that she‘s a serious game player, Rachel‘s words and deeds in this episode are so extraordinarily dumb that I want to airdrop into the Big Brother 12 house, become a contestant on this season and win HoH just so that I could personally evict her.  Read more »
This has been a crazy week in the Big Brother 12 house. The plan for eviction has changed about a dozen times thanks to a Power of Veto, someone volunteering to go up as a pawn, a secret HoH meeting and a massive house meeting where everything was exposed. Well, almost everything.  Read more »
It‘s been a crazy week on Big Brother 12, but now it‘s time for a major shake-up. Either Monet or Matt will be evicted and a new HoH competition will commence. The Chenbot has been recharged and is ready for another live eviction, so let‘s see what happens. Read more »
The battle is on for power in Big Brother 12. Week 3 got off to a great start with the first endurance competition of the season, which means we‘ll get to see who really wants it. With past challenges lasting up to eight hours, this could be a long night, but I‘ll be here with updates as it happens to see who becomes the new HoH.Read My Recap of the Week 2 Eviction>> Read more »
For most of this week watching Big Brother 12, I‘ve been falling in love with Matt. His incredibly cockiness, his relentless sneakiness and his willingness to put himself out on a ledge made me respect that he‘s playing a very dangerous game, like a man riding a unicycle on a tightrope without a net. It helped that the person targeting him, Rachel, became unbearable.  Read more »
Most weeks on Big Brother are crazy, but after the endurance HoH competition, week 3 seems fairly easy to map out. There are a limited number of possibilities, and since sides are being formed, mostly around the battle between Matt and Rachel, there isn‘t much wiggle room.See the Results of the HoH Competition>>SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 12 spoilers. Read more »
This is going to be a very long week on Big Brother 12. While TV audiences haven‘t even seen the end of the HoH competition, inside the house, we‘re already at the Power of Veto.  Read more »
Big Brother 12 is all about Matt, Rachel and Brendon right now. The power couple has all the mojo, but Matt is playing this game harder than anyone. Will the self-described "diabolical super genius" pull off some magic, or is he signing his own eviction notice? Time will tell.Why Matt is My Favorite HG>>  Read more »
This week is full of potential on Big Brother 12. The Brigade is in charge with Matt as HoH, but the nominees are Andrew and Kathy. How will the week unfold and what is the best strategy for the Brigade?See the Power of Veto Results>>  Read more »
CBS is planning a huge night of reality TV on Wednesday, September 15. The night will begin with the one-hour premiere of the 21st season of Survivor, set in Nicaragua. That will be followed by the two-hour finale of Big Brother 12 where the winner will be decided.  Read more »
Things never work out the way you plan, and Big Brother 12 learned that the hard way this week when the plan to backdoor Brendon blew up in the HGs‘ faces. Luckily, like every disaster movie, Big Brother has comic relief in the forms of Andrew, who delivered the most hilariously awful and unconvincing speech in Big Brother history. Read more »
Thursday means a live eviction on Big Brother 12, but thanks to the live feeds, what happens tonight is already known. However, what happens next week is the real mystery.Will Brendon and Rachel finally be broken up? Will the Brigade be exposed? Will Kathy float into the jury? Here are my predictions:  Read more »
There are things we know going into this episode of Big Brother 12 and things we don‘t.  Read more »
This week Rachel is the Big Brother 12 HoH. Again. So get out your life vests, floaters, because it‘s going to be a bumpy week.It‘s no secret that I‘ve grown to strongly dislike Rachel over the past few weeks. Like a shot of tequila, she‘s OK the first time, but too much and you‘re on the floor. Never mind the annoying attempt at being a cute, fun party girl (which come across, to me, as desperate pleas for attention), my real problem is her hypocrisy.  Read more »
This week on Big Brother 12 we have two HoHs: Rachel and Brendon, collectively known as Brenchel. While Rachel is the one who actually won, ever since her HoH victory all she can say is that "we won" and talk about "our room." Gee, I can‘t imagine why people would perceive them as a threat and want them out.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains the nominees for this week.  Read more »
The power is up for grabs on Big Brother 12, and with just one more eviction until the HGs reach the jury house, this week is very important.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 12 spoilers.  Read more »
Big Brother 12 is taking a week off from making people eat slop, which means it‘s time for our first luxury competition. Wait, so the show is actually doing something NICE for the HGs? That‘s a change of pace for the season.  Read more »
Kristen has played a smart game on Big Brother 12 so far, staying low and avoiding confrontation. All of that ended on Thursday when Andrew outed her showmance with Hayden during his speech. That one moment completely changed her entire life in this game.  Read more »
It‘s been an upside-down week inside the Big Brother house ever since Andrew‘s explosive speech. Kristen and Hayden are nominated and the two people everyone wants out, Brendon and Rachel, are in power. The result is a lot of sucking up to the power couple and a lot of name-calling behind their backs.  Read more »
People like to claim that if you don‘t have anything nice to say you shouldn‘t say anything at all. If that were the case, I‘d have nothing to say about this episode of Big Brother 12.The current HoH, aka She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, is one of the most frustrating individuals to ever play this game. I really don‘t want to write bad things about her, but she gives me no choice.  Read more »
After tonight‘s eviction on Big Brother 12 we‘ll be down to the final 9, which means everyone left will at least be on the jury. So congratulations to Kathy on avoiding her inevitable fate as BB roadkill.  Read more »
The power is up for grabs and its one of the most tense nights on Big Brother 12. After the eviction the house is split 6 vs. 2, with Brendon and Rachel on one side and Kathy as the useless monkey in the middle that no one cares about. I‘m starting to think she‘s this year‘s Jerry, making it almost to the end then delivering some obnoxious speech about how she‘s not wearing her deputy sheriff regalia.  Read more »
Two weeks ago we had what we thought was an endurance HoH competition on Big Brother 12, but maybe the surfboard challenge didn‘t technically count since it only lasted about two and a half hours. Now that the HoH is more important than ever we get another endurance competition, and I‘m here live all night until it ends.Read My Recap of the Eviction Episode>> Read more »
If you watch Big Brother 12 on TV, you still have no idea who won this week‘s HoH, let alone who the nominees are and what happened with Pandora‘s Box. But things move quickly and the last day has had a lot of things going on inside the Big Brother house.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 12 spoilers.  Read more »
Big Brother 12 has reached the final 9 which means seven of the HGs will be in the jury and two will be in the finale. But there are a lot of obstacles to overcome, including the arrival of Pandora‘s Box this week.  Read more »
All kinds of deals were made on this episode of Big Brother 12, but none of them have anything to do with the game. Instead, we get a great big laugh over the preposterous deals set up.  Read more »
This week us unlike any other on Big Brother 12. Brendon and Rachel are on the block together, which means we get to witness where their true intentions lie: love or money.  Read more »
It seems absurd that a four-man alliance has been able to keep itself cloaked in secrecy this long, especially with the loud-mouthed Enzo who seems desperate to shout it from the rooftops. But Big Brother 12 is witnessing one of the most brilliantly executed alliances ever with the Brigade, Matt, Lane, Hayden and Enzo‘s dominating machine.  Read more »
Showtime fans received a treat last night because, after more than a month of relatively dull conversations and pool tournaments, the proverbial feces finally hit the fan on Big Brother 12. There was an intense and rather hilarious fight between Brendon and Ragan that was several days in the making.  Read more »
Jeff and Jordan are back! There‘s a lot of other nonsense from Rachel and Brendon in this episode of Big Brother 12, but it‘s the happy returning couple who make it all bearable.  Read more »
It‘s finally time for something to come between Rachel and her man on Big Brother 12. The entity collectively known as Brenchel is on the block, and without any special wizard powers, one of them will be evicted. It‘s a night of tears, more tears, a new HoH competition and hopefully a little sabotage on the side. Read more »
For the third time this season we have an HoH competition extending after the live show on Big Brother 12. This is getting ridiculous, and CBS must really hate the viewers or they must be desperate for people to buy the live feeds.Read My Recap of Tonight‘s Eviction>>The HGs are untangling themselves from a web, so I‘ll be here to update you on the outcome.  Read more »
This is going to be a strange week on Big Brother 12. With Brendon left in the house without Rachel and Matt holding the Diamond Power of Veto, things can change at any time. Keep reading for spoilers about what‘s been happening inside the Big Brother house, including the nominees.  Read more »
It‘s absolute chaos in the Big Brother 12 house with a twist, shifting alliances and a PoV that changes a lot. Keep reading to find out what happened.  Read more »
This episode of Big Brother 12 is all about Brendon‘s misguided quest for revenge. After Rachel gets evicted Brendon vows to win HoH and punish those who he blames for getting her out. The misguided part comes when he makes it personal.  Read more »
With Ragan and Lane on the block on Big Brother 12, a lot of stuff has happened since that initial nomination ceremony including a PoV competition, Pandora‘s Box and a very annoying Saboteur. Now the PoV ceremony is over.  Read more »
The HGs on Big Brother love to talk about integrity and moral superiority. Every season there are HGs who think that lying and deception are wrong and should not be used at all. These are people I like to call morons.  Read more »
This episode of Big Brother 12 is brought to you by a pirate‘s favorite letter: "R," for Rachel and Ragan. Despite a Power of Veto competition won by Ragan and hosted by the Zingbot, the most awesome creation in the whole of human history, Big Brother gets cannibalized the Rachel‘s surprising and very unpleasant return, which seems designed for the sole purpose of causing drama.  Read more »
For the first time this season, I‘m heading into a Big Brother 12 live eviction episode not knowing who will go home. Lane and Matt are on the block, and if you asked the HGs, they say Matt will be evicted 4-1. However, he has the Diamond Power of Veto, which will change everything.  Read more »
One of my joys of watching Big Brother 12 is getting to play Friday morning quarterback. Did the HGs evict the right person and this week the question is even bigger: Did Matt blindside the right person?  Read more »
After a whirlwind of activity with Matt saving himself at the last minute with the Diamond Power of Veto, this week of Big Brother 12 has only one goal: Evict Brendon.  Or at least it did.But things change quickly in the Big Brother house and faster than you can say "thrown under the bus," crazy things are going down.  Read more »
If you thought the Diamond Power of Veto was a big game-changer, you haven‘t seen anything yet. Now that the end of Big Brother 12 is in sight, the HGs are playing hard and this week could dramatically change everything.  Read more »
On Thursday Matt used the Diamond Power of Veto on Big Brother 12 to keep himself and the entire Brigade in the house. However, Matt‘s act of charity in not making Enzo or Hayden one of the replacement nominees may be the last kind thing the Brigade does, because it‘s essentially dead.  Read more »
I‘m done. Sure, I‘ll keep watching Big Brother 12 until the end, but after the utter nonsense of this week and the sheer stupidity of my favorite HG, I feel like I did when Jeff was evicted last season. Keep reading to find out why.  Read more »
I‘ve been sick all week, literally, and I blame Big Brother 12. My immune system could not handle Matt‘s epic blunders and the sneaky betrayal he falls victim to this week. This episode is all about how cruel and unusual Big Brother can be, whether it‘s from your fellow HGs or random punishments.  Read more »
Hold onto your hats, Big Brother fans, because it‘s the best episode of the season: Double Eviction! While most reality shows are expanding to two hours, Big Brother packs an entire week‘s worth of TV into a single hour. We get an eviction, an HoH competition, nominations, a Power of Veto competition, the PoV ceremony and a second eviction.  Read more »
Usually a double eviction on Big Brother ends with the start of an endurance HoH, like fillin the hot chocolate in the slippery floor last season. This year they ended without it, but the HoH competition was still played Thursday night. Keep reading to find out what happened.Read My Recap of the Double Eviction>> Read more »
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I spent the past weekend doing my best Rachel impression, hanging out in Vegas and saying "Obvi!" as much as possible. However, it also meant I was away from Big Brother 12 for too long, even though the three hours of Big Brother: After Dark have become painfully unbearable with just five HGs.  Read more »
It‘s obvious that the Big Brother producers are not happy with this season. Ever since Rachel left they‘ve had a lack of drama, so to fill TV time, they‘re forced to introduce a new Pandora‘s Box every week just to keep things interesting. Today brought the fourth Pandora‘s Box and the nominations for eviction.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 12 spoilers.  Read more »
The Brigade of Fools is running the Big Brother 12 house, which is great for them and bad for us. This week ran as predictably as clockwork. After Lane won the HoH, Ragan had to win the Power of Veto or he‘d go home. He didn‘t win, which means Ragan was forced to live for several days in the house without hope and those of us who follow along at home were forced to endure one of the dullest weeks ever.  Read more »
Do you remember when father and daughter Dick and Danielle were the final 2 on Big Brother and, after a fairly exciting season, no one cared at the end? That‘s exactly what‘s happened on Big Brother 12. After a season of Rachel, Brendon, Ragan and Matt, all the drama is gone and we‘re left with the dull final 4.  Read more »
The power is up for grabs in the last Big Brother 12 HoH competition before the final 3. It‘s Hayden vs. Enzo vs. Britney for a guaranteed spot in the final 3.Read My Recap of the Live Show>>The competition, set in a Winter Wonderland, began during the show and involved moving ornaments through a tiny grated wall. It‘s essentially identical to a Power of Veto competition from last year where Kevin won by retrieving eggs (that was also the same week where it didn‘t matter because Jeff used the Coup d‘Etat).Who won? See the live results below.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 12 spoilers.  Read more »
With Britney and the Brigade left on Big Brother 12, I may need a lot of aspirin to get through the rest of this season. I can only listen to a bunch of dudes make plans to go snowboarding at Steamboat in Colorado so many times before my head will implode.However, to fill time on Friday the HGs had a lengthy competition and the nomination ceremony, which doesn‘t matter that much since the Power of Veto could easily change it.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 12 spoilers. Read more »
Have you ever waited so long for something, and then when it comes it‘s a disappointment? That‘s how I felt Saturday night while watching Big Brother: After Dark when Lane, Enzo and Hayden finally came out to Britney as the Brigade.  Read more »
Now that Big Brother 12 is in the final 4, the Power of Veto competition is the most important one. HoH only ensures you safety, but PoV keeps you safe, let‘s you pick the nominees and let‘s you pick who gets evicted.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 12 spoilers.  Read more »
I didn‘t hear a single word from this episode of Big Brother 12 because the sound of the Brigade patting itself on the back was so deafening. They made the final four, Hayden is the final HoH, they control votes and they dominated everything.  Read more »
Strange things are happening inside the Big Brother 12. Starting Tuesday morning until after Wednesday‘s show, the live feeds have gone dark, re-airing the feeds from Big Brother After Dark starting with the first night in the house.  Read more »
As expected based on the strange happenings and live feed blackout on Big Brother 12, today was an unusual day.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 12 spoilers.  Read more »
It‘s the rare "live" Wednesday eviction show on Big Brother, and by "live" I mean recorded yesterday since the live feeds have been turned off for the past day and a half, using up what little patience Big Brother fans had for this season.  Read more »
The "live" show on Big Brother 12 ended with the start of the jungle-themed part 1 of the final HoH, an endurance competition that left Hayden, Enzo and Lane swinging.Read My Recap of Britney‘s Eviction>>The competition was completed Tuesday night, but the live feeds didn‘t come back until tonight, so keep reading to find out who won.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 12 spoilers.  Read more »
We‘re in the home stretch on Big Brother 12, and with three members of the Brigade remaining, it‘s a battle of dimwits.  Read more »
In this three-part series, I‘ll analyze the pros and cons of the final three HGs on Big Brother 12 and see whether they truly deserve to win.  Read more »
In this three-part series, I‘ll analyze the pros and cons of the final three HGs on Big Brother 12 and see whether they truly deserve to win.  Read more »
In this three-part series, I‘ll analyze the pros and cons of the final three HGs on Big Brother 12 and see whether they truly deserve to win.  Read more »
It‘s all come down to this, the final night of Big Brother 12. The Brigade certainly dominated the season, there‘s no denying that, but now that they‘ve made the final tree, the Brigade is irrelevant.  Read more »
The finale of Big Brother 12 went exactly as most fans expected. Hayden won the last HoH, he took Lane to the finale and then Hayden Moss won $500,000. However, what was somewhat surprising was that the final vote was 4-3, a lot closer than anyone thought it would be.Read My Recap of the Finale>>  Read more »
Looking for some tasty TV news in 300 words or less? Here you go -- now in available in bite-size! My Name is Earl Raises Hope Jason Lee, currently starring on TNT‘s Memphis Beat, is set to guest star on FOX‘s Raising Hope as Smokey Daniels, a has-been rock star hired as the headliner for "Grocery-Palooza." In the episode, "Burt Rocks," Burt will play backup for Smokey, one of his musical idols. And as an awesome little tie-in, creator of Raising Hope, Greg Garcia, also created Lee‘s former show My Name is Earl. Even more awesome tie-in: Did you catch the My Name is Earl reference in the Raising Hope premiere? A newscaster mentioned a "small-time criminal who completed his list of amendments." So subtle, so brilliant -- which is why we‘re stoked that Hope‘s been picked up for a full season. [Zap2It] Read more »
Welcome to The GBU, a weekly column coming every Monday where I look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on TV.December is a time to look back at the year that was in television, and I‘m starting with reality TV. From Simon Cowell‘s American Idol swan song to Prince Poppycock on America‘s Got Talent to Derek Hough‘s back-to-back Mirror Ball trophies on Dancing with the Stars, there were a lot of huge events this year in the world of reality television.  Read more »
Today CBS announced that its hit reality show Survivor was renewed for two more seasons, meaning it will return for its 23rd season in the fall and season 24 next spring.The show that started the network reality boom has done it all. Survivor has had all-star seasons as well as years where it divided the camps based on race, gender and age. But how can Survivor stay fresh for two more seasons?  Read more »