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The promos are done with, the house has been revealed, the houseguests have already been introduced, and now the premiere of Big Brother 11 will air in just a few hours.  Before we get to that though, it would be best to prepare ourselves for what‘s to come.  Like setting up weapons before the war, let‘s get familiar with the personalities that will be dominating this season of the CBS show.Several of the houseguests did their interviews with Reality Wanted, discussing everything from their strategies to the plans they have if they win the grand prize.  Below, you can read what Jordan, Kevin, Laura, Lydia, Braden and Natalie have to say about themselves.  Read more »
Savor these last few hours while you can, because if you‘re a BigBrother fan, your life is about to become as complicated as DeniseRichards‘.  Big Brother 11 premieres tonight at 8pm on CBS, and oncethe show ends on the West coast, the live feeds start and you canfollow the houseguests 24/7 in the comfort of your own home.  Read more »
It‘s finally here!  Like Ralphie in A Christmas Story, I‘ve been waiting all year to put my eye out with the BB gun known as Big Brother 11.  I love to hate houseguests, I love to fall in love with people I thought I‘d hate, and I love observing this insane social experiment in all its glory.This season the experiment is about cliques, with the houseguests divided into four subgroups.  There was an episode of the new sitcom Better Off Ted where the boss randomly assigned all employees one of four themes for their cubicles, and instantly the employees formed cliques around each random theme, even though they had no interest in astronauts or cats. Read more »
On Big Brother 11, the bell has rung, homeroom class is over, and these live feeds are going to be like seeing what happens in the hallways between lessons.  With the high school clique theme, it‘s going to be one fun season (for some).  However, the year has just begun and there aren‘t a lot of interesting things going on. High school was a time when awkwardness abounded, and it‘s no different for these season‘s houseguests.  When the live feeds began airing, all that happened was small talk among them.  Then again, the game‘s really on the way as two players are already up for eviction.Possible spoilers below. Read more »
Big Brother 11 has only had one episode in which the houseguests movedin and competed in their first Head of Household challenge.  But fansfollowing the 24/7 live feeds online know that the game is on, withfirst HoH Jessie picking his two nominees, and now the Power of Vetocompetition and ceremony are over..Continue reading to find out what‘s going on before you see it on TV.WARNING: Big Brother 11 spoilers ahead!!! Read more »
Big Brother 11 is underway, which means it‘s time for TV episodes that are days behind the actual stuff going on inside the house.  Thanks to the 24/7 live feeds, fans following online already know what happens when Jessie enters the house, who he nominated, who the players for the Power of Veto competition are, who won the PoV and whether the PoV was used or not.  People who only watch TV just get to see a pregnant Julie Chen use the term ":super wedgie.:This isn‘t to say Big Brother 11 doesn‘t have some intrinsic value on TV.  Past seasons have taught us that the editors have a whimsical sense of humor, and they look for ways to put scenes together to make these houseguests look as foolish as possible.  And believe me, those editors earn every penny they make. Read more »
This weekend was intense for the Big Brother 11 houseguests, with the PoV competition and ceremony already finished.  Over at the 24/7 live feeds, there‘s been plenty of smack talk, game talk and plain-old-boring talk among the contestants. First off, there are the fights.  I expected more of these from the Athletes, but the Off Beats have proven me wrong.  Being on the block must really bring out the devil in them.  Casey and Lydia have done nothing but discuss how Chima needs to be kicked out of the house, but it seems as though the journalist is getting the others on her side. Read more »
Twitter mania is everywhere, from Ashton Kutcher‘s bedroom to thestreets of Iran.  There is no corner of the Earth Twitter hasn‘tconquered, and now the Big Brother 11 house can be added to that list.In past seasons, the Head of Household on Big Brother always hadcertain perks, including posting blog entries.  Now the show is stayingwith the times with the official Big Brother Head of Household Twitteraccount, BigBrotherHoH.  Read more »
After plenty of moments that could cause death by boredom, something big finally happens on the Big Brother 11 live feeds: a huge fight.  It‘s like one of those high school scenes where everyone gathers in the playground to watch the one-on-one carnage.  On the CBS show, however, it was an all-out yelling match.It all began with surfer boy Braden, who seems to be getting less and less popular as the week goes by.  While Lydia and Kevin are talking romance in the backyard, he pounces on them and starts accusing the Tattooed One of screwing him over. Read more »
Tuesday means the Power of Veto night on Big Brother 11.  Actually, the PoV competition and ceremony were held over the weekend, so while there may not be much suspense in terms of what happens with Lydia and Chima on the block, the editors will do their best to make the houseguests look as ridiculous as possible.The guy doing the Big Brother voiceover sounds kind of pervy,and he‘s also a master of deception because he makes it sound like theRonnie/Jessie alliance is real and not just Jessie pretending to listento Ronnie‘s idiotic gameplay. Read more »
The live feeds were abuzz with rage when surfer/model/actor Braden unleashed his fury on Lydia on Big Brother 11.  Unfortunately, an unsuspecting Kevin got in the way and Surfer Boy made it all the worse for him. If you haven‘t been updated with the latest on this season, you‘d have no clue what Braden was angry about.  It concerns the already finished Power of Veto challenge, and for the rest of this story to make sense, you might need to check out the spoiler article here or this week‘s PoV ceremony recap.  Read more »
Big Brother 11 is seriously becoming a rip-off of The Breakfast Club, especially since the romance in the house is following the same patterns.  The last 24 hours of the live feeds have been peppered with random conversations brought about by alcohol, but one climactic event stood out.  The hulking bodybuilder Jesse and the tattooed lady Lydia have been getting it on in the HoH bedroom. While I don‘t believe Jesse can do justice to Emilio Estevez‘s character in the ‘80s cult flick, there was no stopping him from diving under the covers with the show‘s Ally Sheedy.  At one point, all four live feed cams were on the bed before two feeds switched to the memory wall and zoomed in on the photos of Jesse and Lydia.  Read more »
To ward off their boredom (and ours), the Big Brother 11 houseguests have been indulging in a number of extra-curricular activities.  They‘re like little practice sessions before the big game or something.  It looks as if they got tired of too much chess all of a sudden, so they decided to amuse themselves with trivial competitions.The Off Beat Oldie Casey was the mastermind behind most of them, starting things off the minute the storage room was restocked with beer.  Everyone flocked to the backyard for some fun, taking a break from all that futile exercise they like to call strategizing. Read more »
Before one houseguest was evicted and the new HoH took over, tension reigned over the Big Brother 11 house.  Everyone was worried about the first week‘s big night as though a major Physics exam was coming their way. On the live feeds, we can see each HG struggle with their decision on who to eliminate from the game: Chima or Braden.  "I‘m so nervous I need to shit," Casey told Jessie.  That pretty much summed up their pre-eviction night jitters. If you haven‘t seen the latest episode of Big Brother 11, you can either skip away from the spoilers below or read the recap here.  Read more »
Racism always comes to the Big Brother house sooner or later.  With allthe alcohol, cameras and claustrophobia, tempers are always going toflare up.  But this week, that happened a lot sooner than expected whenBraden blew up at Kevin and used a derogatory Mexican slur for the halfblack, half Japanese gay man.  I guess he had to, since there are nobigoted slurs to describe blacks, the Japanese and gays.Blaming Braden and isolating him like he was the Outbreak virus iseasy, as is standing up and saying that anyone who votes for him is adirty racist.  But this wasn‘t all Braden‘s fault.  Yes, he fired thebullet, but there were other people involved who bought and loaded thegun, drove him to the Texas School Book Depository and told him what time topull the trigger.  Read more »
The first week in the Big Brother 11 house was like a race to see who could play the worst game.  Ronnie jumped out to a huge lead when he tried playing both sides, which was ruined by his total inability to lie convincingly.The Jock Alliance of Jessie, Russell and Natalie ran a close second by falling for a classic blunder.  Right below never betting against a Sicilian when death is on the line is blindly trusting what a tattooed masseuse tells you.  Lydia was the primary target until she gave Jessie a massage and pointed at Braden.  Somehow that worked, mostly because Jessie and Russell are as dumb as a dog that chases the beam from a flashlight. Read more »
Even after a racially-inspired outburst, the vote was close and Bradenbecame the first HG evicted from Big Brother 11 thanks to HoH Jessie‘stiebreaking vote.  If I could toot my own horn for a bit, I foresawBraden being the first person out in my Pre-Season Predictions.  I alsopredicted Jeff and Jordan to have a showmance and the two primaryalliances would be Jeff, Jordan, Laura, Casey and Michele vs. Russell,Ronnie, Lydia and Kevin.  So I‘m feeling pretty darn good about mypsychic abilities right now.I spoke to Braden about his short time in the house, and the calm, coolsurfer seemed even more relaxed to be out.  He talked about Chima‘sbreakdown during her speech, Ronnie‘s betrayal, his feud with Kevin andLydia, his plans for life after Big Brother, and who he thinks will win.  Read more »
This week on Big Brother 11, Ronnie is the Head of Household, whichspells trouble.  From the start, Ronnie has done a lot of gaming,making an alliance with Jessie and the jocks, putting his clique-mateup as a pawn, telling Braden about him being backdoored, agreeing toside with Jeff and Jordan by voting out Chima, then going against hisword to send Braden home.What will his reign as HoH bring?  Continue reading to find out.WARNING: This article contains Big Brother spoilers about Ronnie‘s nominees. Read more »
Tonight on TV, viewers can find out who Ronnie nominated for evictionthis week.  But already this weekend, the nominations were revealed,the Power of Veto players were chosen and the PoV competition washeld.  Who won the PoV?  Continue reading to find out.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother results not yet shown on TV. Read more »
The first week of Big Brother 11 was filled with excitement.  There wasgameplay, alliances, betrayal, backdooring, a racist outburst andplenty of self-righteous pomposity.  How can they possibly expect tokeep this up all season long?The second week of Big Brother 11 might just hold the key, as itsfull-steam ahead on all cylinders.  With nerd Ronnie as the Head ofHousehold, the man who thinks he‘s the ultimate player now has an evenbigger head, and if you‘re looking for someone who thinks Ronnie andhis alliance of holier-than-thou imbeciles are great, go somewhereelse.  I‘m 100 percent on Jeff, Jordan and Laura‘s side, which meansthis is going to be a very bad week for me. Read more »
Ronnie showed his true colors on Big Brother this week when henominated Jeff and Laura for eviction, siding with the jocks andturning against one side of the house.  Did the Power of Veto offer hima chance to change his mind and backdoor an unsuspecting houseguest? Continue reading to find out.BIG BROTHER 11 SPOILER WARNING: This article contains the Power of Veto ceremony results.  Read more »
We‘re seeing more of a certain clique on the live feeds recently, and those who‘ve read the spoiler for the PoV Ceremony would know why.  On Big Brother, the ones who have been nominated for eviction get additional air time than most.  It‘s only fitting since they want the last days to well, last. Aside from the nuggets of truth given by the two evictees, the only interesting event that occurred in the house is the game of pool between Lydia and Natalie.  Read on below to find out what happened, but beware of spoilers. Read more »
Something very strange is going on in the Big Brother 11 house.  Goinginto this clique-themed season, I thought I‘d associate with the nerdsand the off-beats.  But now, it‘s a pair of comely popular girls and ajock that I‘m rooting for.Jeff, Jordan and Laura are all surprisingly likable people, though thatmay just be because they‘re being unfairly persecuted by theself-righteous imbeciles running the show. Read more »
A not-so-long time ago in a Big Brother house far, far away...Welcome to an all Star Wars-themed recap of Big Brother 11!  Darth Ronnie joined the Dark Side (aka Jessie, Russell, Natalie, Lydia, Kevin and Chima) while turning his back on the Force (Jeff, Jordan, Laura, Casey and Michele).  Therefore, I‘m going geek and doing a special Star Wars recap.  However, write not like Yoda I will, or aching your head will be. Read more »
Something really worth watching has finally happened on Big Brother 11: a mutiny!  The other HGS have finally seen through all the nerd‘s lies and soon banded together to revolt against the current HoH Ronnie.  You can‘t help but applaud the hamsters for sticking up for themselves and rebelling.Let‘s see Big Brother history unfold.  Trying to take herself off the block, Laura becomes the catalyst for chaos when she starts campaigning for Russell‘s vote.  They end up bashing Jessie for being too "star-struck" and talking about how he lied to Ronnie.  Read more »
Everyone in the Big Brother 11 house is tense, especially with the rat Ronnie being HoH.  There‘s too much game talk going on, giving way to numerous shoulder rub-downs and foot massages.  Nominations have been made and the POV competition is over, so most of the houseguests are merely trying to suck up to their pasty-faced emperor.  The alliances are crumbling and the cliques don‘t seem to exist anymore.  It seems like the interactions in the house are as messed up as Ronnie‘s lies.  Not intricate and well-constructed, just plain chaotic. Possible spoilers below. Read more »
After yesterday‘s HG revolt, it seems as though things have quieted down in the Big Brother 11 house.  However, by the end of this live feed update, we‘ll find out that there are quite a handful of rats scurrying around after all.The contestants are getting bored, and so are we.  Some of them are merely trying to guess what day it is, while others are just lounging around or napping.  Chima sums up our sentiments in the following words: "Why don‘t they give us something to do if we‘re the least entertaining cast ever?" Read more »
It‘s been a bad week in the Big Brother house for anyone who likes good triumphing over evil and logic triumphing over irrationality.  First the duplicitous Ronnie won HoH, then he turned on the calm, level headed HGs, aligning himself with the bullies.Jeff won the PoV and gave Ronnie a chance to atone and backdoor Russell, which was exactly what everyone in the house wanted him to do.  He told everyone that‘s what he would do.  Then he didn‘t, seemingly for no reason at all, meaning for the second week in a row a popular girl is going home. Read more »
The hamsters are having a ball, literally.  Big Brother 11 has provided the HGs with a new toy - a teeter-totter device for them to practice on before HoH competition dawns upon them.  Everyone took turns, with the objective of getting the ball into this basket. Among the contestants, it seems as though Casey is excelling.  Jordan, Chima, and Laura all miss their turns, but Jeff manages two shots.  Jessie isn‘t doing too well, but Ronnie is the worst.  He didn‘t even want to try out the teeter totter. Read more »
If Big Brother 11 was supposed to be about stereotyping adults into oldhigh school cliques, than Laura broke the mold.  A bikini model withlarge breasts, she‘s the kind of girl you‘d look at and instantlydismiss as a dumb airhead.  But during her time in the Big Brotherhouse, Laura defied those expectations and proved herself to be one ofthe smartest, most rational players in Big Brother history.  So,naturally, she was evicted in week 2.I spoke to Laura after her elimination, and if possible, she soundseven smarter and more poised in conversation.  Laura talked about beinga student of the game and some of her favorite past houseguests, herplot to systematically reveal Ronnie for the rat he is, and thepossibility of Ronnie somehow winning the whole game. Read more »
For the second time in three weeks, former houseguest Jessie is theHead of Household on Big Brother.  The muscly jock has a toughdecision.  With 11 houseguests left, four of whom are in his clique,there are only seven potential nominees.After being evicted, Laura said the HGs would have to be completeidiots not to vote out Ronnie this week.  Therefore, we finally have achance to answer an age-old question: are Big Brother HGs total idiots?SPOILER WARNING: This article contains the two nominees for this week.  Read more »
This week should spell trouble for Ronnie on Big Brother 11, as he madeenemies of almost everyone last week.  However, he has been most honest(or lied to the least) to Jessie, the new Head of Household, soanything goes.The nominations are over, as is the Power of Veto competition.  Continue reading for details.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains the results of the PoV competition this week. Read more »
It‘s time to start another insufferable week of Big Brother 11.  Don‘t get me wrong, I still love this show and it‘s the best guilty pleasure of the summer for me, but for the third straight week, an HG I absolutely HATE is the HoH, which means the people I actually like will be targeted once again.  I really hope one of my people like Jeff, Casey or Michele win HoH next week, because I‘d like to go into this show feeling good instead of dreading the worst.Of course there is a glimmer of hope, as Laura‘s final days in the Big Brother house were spent successfully exposing Ronnie for the lying liar he is, which essentially turned everyone against him.  The only problem is that the king and queen of the "Ronnie Isn‘t Such a Bad Guy" club, Jessie and Natalie, are back in power.  Jessie may be HoH, but Natalie is his Lady MacBeth. Read more »
Those who‘ve read about the recent nominations and the PoV competition are mostly outraged at the decisions made by HoH Jessie.  We‘re all wondering why in the world he put up Michele and Jordan when they‘ve hardly done a thing to him.  He didn‘t even explain himself after the keys were given out.Going over the live feeds, I‘ve come across several discussions regarding the choices made by this bodybuilder so far.  From his general feelings of discomfort and "strategic" usage of pawns, here‘s why Jessie could turn the acronym HoH to mean Horrendously Oafish Hulk. Possible spoilers below! Read more »
I‘m almost ready to give up on Big Brother this season.  I love theshow as a concept, but this season, more than any other, I‘m becomingmore and more disenfranchised every week.  It started with Jessieentering the house as HoH and evicting Braden thanks to Ronnie‘s doublecross.  It continued with Ronnie as HoH refusing to backdoor Russelllike everyone wanted and instead targeting Laura.  And it continuedthis week with Jessie as HoH again.So why am I so freaking ticked off?  Continue reading to find out.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains results of the Big Brother 11 Power of Veto competition and ceremony.  Read more »
The cliques seem to be coming back with a vengeance, especially now that one of them is gaining too much power.  With Jessie being HoH again, the Athletes (minus Jeff) are obviously taking control of the Big Brother 11 house.  The rest are being targeted, and it looks like they‘ve simply had enough of it.The replacement nominee has been put up, and if you‘ve read the spoilers, you‘d understand why there‘s no stopping the Offbeats from wanting a shift in power.  We‘re hoping another mutiny will be held soon.  Or, at least, better strategizing on the parts of the remaining HGs.Possible spoilers below. Read more »
Even though Big Brother 11 is gunning for the high school clique theme, the HGs seem to be acting more like kindergarteners.  The only problem is, they‘re less fun to watch and they sleep too much.  But besides that, this season has its peculiar share of romantic pairings and a love triangle to boot.  There‘s also a guy dressed as a banana. Anyway, there were pranks and racy confessions between couples yesterday, along with a bit of strategizing for some.  Just another typical day in the Big Brother house. Read more »
I see a bad moon rising, I see trouble on the way.  That‘s my mantra for this season of Big Brother, as week after week the HoH acts like Fredo and breaks my heart.    Now comes yet another dagger with the week 3 Power of Veto.  Last year the Power of Veto was used only three times during the whole season.  Now Big Brother 11 has started with three consecutive uses of the PoV.  It seems like in the Big Brother house, the safest place to be at the start of the week is in one of the nominations seats. Read more »
Ronnie, when will you ever learn?  He may be a champion debater, capable of twisting words like a taffy-puller, but he doesn‘t quite know how to watch his back.  Sometimes he sounds like those sophists Plato scorned.Viewers of the live feeds have witnessed how the Brain‘s trying to pull the same stunt he used before - trying too hard to play everyone on Big Brother 11.  He‘s currently been lying to everyone again, switching sides and hoping to fool the others.  History isn‘t exactly repeating itself this time though.  Ronnie‘s previous falsities were followed by unity among the HGs, but this one‘s got the house divided.  Oh, rats. Read more »
Who Won the HoH?  Follow our Live Spoilers Updates to Learn the Results>>Big Brother 11 is ready to say goodbye to another HG, and sadly, it‘s probably going to be the big guy in the banana suit/  But more importantly, who will become the new HoH?  And what is this big, game-changing twist the producers are promising?  If it‘s just the dissolution of the cliques, that will be hella lame.The Chenster is looking as pregnant as ever, and her hair has that "just out of bed" look.  After the veto meeting, the banana is outraged that Ronnie isn‘t on the block, and even more annoying is Ronnie‘s excitement. Read more »
(Heads up, this all happened before the elimination and the HoH competition.)  It was a quiet night in the Big Brother 11 house and not a creature stirred, because the unsuspecting houseguests were all busy toying with garbage.  We‘re not expecting much from them now though, aside from their usual jokes and strategizing on the side.  That is, if you don‘t count Banana Man‘s mysterious disappearing suitcase.I‘m actually just trying to make it sound more exciting than it actually is.  The live feeds were boring tonight and there wasn‘t much else to write about.  Anyway, Casey‘s red suitcase went missing and he didn‘t give up looking for it.  Could this be a sign saying he won‘t be getting eliminated this week?  Probably not. Read more »
It‘s time for an endurance Head of Household competition on Big Brother 11, which means it‘s time to check the live feeds and follow along at home instead of waiting for Sunday‘s episode.  At the end of tonight‘s episode, the cliques were disbanded and a new twist was added.  America will vote for one player to receive the Coup d‘Etat, and that person can change one or both of the nominees right before one of the next two live evictions.So will this week‘s HoH even matter?  Maybe, and the HGs are spinning around trying to figure out who will win.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains updates on the HoH competition. Read more »
The banana man was evicted on Big Brother 11, but don‘t feel too bad for Casey.  The teacher/DJ and father of two may have been unfairly evicted by an unruly and untrustworthy alliance, but he went out on a high note, calling out their lies and introducing the word "dorkopotamus" to the world.When I spoke to Casey, he was every bit as energetic and full of lifeas he is on TV, because when it comes to Casey, what you see is whatyou get.  Casey talked about being too trusting in the Big Brotherhouse, the reason he‘s happy to be evicted now, and his uncensoredthoughts on all the houseguests. Read more »
The producers have clearly had enough of Ronnie and Jessie‘s nonsense on Big Brother 11, so this week they‘re giving a ton of power to America.During the live eviction episode, Julie Chen revealed the return of theCoup d‘Etat, a huge power that allows viewers to vote for which HG theywant to be able to replace any or all of the nominees at the lastminute during one of the next two weeks.  Read more »
After the marathon endurance Head of Household competition onThursday, Big Brother has a new leader and two new people are on theblock.  If you want to remain in the dark until Sunday‘s show, go away,but if you want to know who the HoH nominated, continue.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains results of the HoH competition and nomination ceremony.  Read more »
Big Brother 11 picks up right where it left off with the HoH endurancecompetition.  In the aftermath of the break-up of the cliques, Nataliewas upset because she liked having two big strong men who could keepher safe by winning.  Jessie‘s stupidity must be contagious becauseeven though Jeff wasn‘t a part of her alliance, he was still a jock andif he won, she couldn‘t be nominated either.  Read more »
Apparently, Ronnie the Rat can‘t keep his claws to himself, because he even invaded one Big Brother 11 showmance - Russell and Chima‘s.  Hardly anyone believed that that would last in the first place, but it‘s getting worse now that the house liar has gotten involved.  And he doesn‘t even know it.Alliances are breaking apart and things are certainly undergoing a wave of change this week.  If you haven‘t heard about the POV competition yet, stay away from the spoilers below.  Read more »
It‘s been a week of changes and shifting alliances on Big Brother 11. The dissolution of the cliques, news of a super secret mystery powerand Russell striking a deal with Jeff to win HoH have led to someinteresting choices.  Who won the Power of Veto, and was it used forthe fourth week in a row?  Continue reading to find out.BIG BROTHER SPOILER WARNING: This article contains results of the Power of Veto competition and ceremony.  Read more »
One of this season‘s showmances has been shot down by the Shotgun.  Chima continues to fume at Russell for shunning her, pouring out her feelings to Ronnie, of all people.  Actually, she‘s mouthing off to everyone about it so that it looks like the reigning HoH is the bad guy.Michele later reports to Russell that the journalist was "having a nervous breakdown" about "boy stuff," obviously concerning him.  Apparently being a Shotgun means shooting down the hearts of admirers too. Read more »
Something very special and magical happened on tonight‘s episode of Big Brother 11:Ronnie, Jessie, Natalie and Chima got the swift kick in the buttthey‘ve been asking for since this season began.  They tried tomeagerly defend themselves, but for the first time, they weren‘t on thewinning team, and all four of them were as deflated as balloons onJanuary 1 at 9am.This much-deserved rude awakening came in the hands of two HGs who havejumped to the top of my all-star list: Russell and Michele.  One usedbrute force to shut down Ronnie‘s crew, but the other used brains andwits to outsmart him.  I‘ll let you guess who did what.  Read more »
Tonight should be a very good night on Big Brother 11.  Ronnie‘s fate is all but sealed, and the rat should be evicted, barring anything crazy.  But more importantly, we get a new HoH, and even more importantly, we‘ll meet the winner of Coup d‘Etat, the single greatest power in the Big Brother game.  It‘s this show‘s equivalent of being God, or owning an iPhone.  Read more »
Michele is slowly becoming a good reason for watching Big Brother 11, and it‘s not just because of her brains.  Madame Neuroscientist has further proven that not all smart people are robots.  Earlier this morning, viewers of the live feeds witnessed how she cried herself away and broke down for one reason: Russell.Even though these two are showing how they can play the game impressively, their strategies can‘t stop their personalities from clashing.  One‘s a raging bullet while the other‘s a, well, brain.  Read more »
I live my life by many rules, one of which is that it‘s OK to be ahypocrite if you‘re aware that you are one.  To that end, afterinterviewing Ronnie, the recently evicted Big Brother 11 houseguest, I find myself forced to have a certain level of admiration for Ronnie the Rat.Sure, he‘s one of the most hated houseguests in Big Brotherhistory, and I‘m still glad he‘s gone and won‘t win, but unlike otherpast HGs who are delusional about their accomplishments, Ronnie knowsexactly what people think about him, and he accepts it.  Read more »
It‘s hard to gauge exactly what this week will bring on Big Brother 11.  Chima is theHead of Household, but Jeff has the power of Coup d‘Etat, so byThursday, everything that‘s happened in terms of nominees and veto canbe moot.Still, continue reading to see how this week is going so far.SPOILERS: This article contains results from inside the house. Read more »
Before getting into Big Brother 11, I encourage everyone to tune in about 10 minutes early every week to watch Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes. It‘s the most fascinating thing on TV every week, and today he wentthrough the various kitchen utensils he has and wonders why he needs somany.  It‘s fantastic because for the first time, you can actuallywatch as senility sets in.Anyway, tonight on Big Brother 11, Chima‘s reign as the Queen ofSheba began, unaware that due to Jeff‘s Coup d‘Etat, none of thismatters.  What does matter is a conversation about spiders, theWizard‘s power and the random invasion of Jeremy Piven.  Oh yeah, andone of the HGs tells probably the saddest and most awful stories I‘veever heard.  Read more »
The tension finally erupted between Lydia and Kevin, who have been BFFs since the premiere of this season of Big Brother.  Over the weekend, these two got on each other‘s nerves and started a yelling match.  Does that mean there will no longer be a Duckie to her Andie?Since the argument concerns the PoV competition, here be an alert to you, wary audiences.  Possible spoilers below! Read more »
This is definitely an odd week in the Big Brother house.  Chimais the Head of Household, but as the secret Wizard with the power ofCoup d‘Etat, it‘s really Jeff who will ultimately decide everyone‘sfate.  Throw in a random Jeremy Piven visit, and it‘s hard to tellwhich side is up any more.  Chima nominated Lydia and Russell, mostlyfor personal reasons, so continue reading to find out who won the Powerof Veto and whether it was used.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains results to the Power of Veto competition and ceremony.  Read more »
Oh, the wonders of Big Brother alcohol.  Of all the people in the house to get a good buzz out of it, it had to be Russell.  He‘s currently the biggest target this week, thanks to HoH Chima, so it looks as though he decided to drown himself in beer.  Five bottles of that and some Merlot later, we get a giggly Shotgun.Now there are numerous types of drunks, classifiable into certain categories.  Russell thinks of himself as a "happy drunk," and definitely shows a lighter side to him.  There‘s very little rage in the guy, and you could swear it‘s not the same person.  Read more »
Chima has nominated Russell and Lydia for purely for personal reasons,Jeremy Piven stopped by to promote his latest movie and Jeff is thesuper secret Wizard who can do whatever he wants this Thursday.  Sobasically, it‘s just another average week in the Big Brother house.But what‘s a week without crazy, irrational behavior?  Enter Kevin and Lydia, the bipolar version of Duckie and Andie from Pretty in Pink. In this Power of Veto episode, both Kevin and Lydia acted as insane aspossible, and it‘s up to me to figure out who‘s right, or to be moreaccurate, who‘s the least wrong. Read more »
After all the tension bubbling up in the Big Brother 11 house, the HGs finally get some time to relax.  That is, if they manage to do it in between all the scheming and paranoia they inundate us with.Big Brother provided the guys with Play-Doh and a new backyard toy, so the remaining hamsters decided to take up Braden‘s suggestion to have a pool party.  Yep, double the funtime because it‘s both swimming pool and the usual billiards.  Read more »
For the past weeks we‘ve been treated to seeing Jessie being fought over by two ladies, the feisty Natalie and the artsy Lydia.  One‘s a whiny little lapdog who‘s bent on obeying the Abominable Hulk‘s every move, while the other‘s like a guard watching over the guy as he sleeps.  Kind of like the black dog Snuffles in Harry Potter, only creepier.Anyway, there was something very peculiar that occurred between them yesterday at the live feeds and it‘s far from a catfight.  It‘s Natalie and Lydia getting along a little too much. Read more »
Tonight‘s Big Brother 11 live eviction episode will be missing one keycomponent: the "live" part.  The eviction ceremony is being pre-tapedseveral hours early because Chima has threatened to cause a "trainwreck" on live TV if the mystery power is used and her nominations areundone.And in other news, a symphony of the world‘s smallest violins is currently being played.SPOILER WARNING: This article has the results from tonight‘s eviction and HoH competitions. Read more »
The episode may not be live, but my thoughts are tonight on Big Brother 11.  As you may know by now, tonight‘s "live" eviction episode is being tape-delayed because HoH Chima has threatened to throw a primo, profane hiss fit if the mystery power is used and her nominations are thrown out.  As a result, we already have spoilers about what happens, but to read those, you‘ll have to click on this link.Will Jeff use the Coup d‘Etat (or Coop-Dee-Tah, as he calls it)?  Who will be evicted and who will be the next HoH?  And more importantly, will Chima have a totally awesome freakout? Read more »
Before the Wizard wielded his power, there was Russell and Lydia.  Whether it‘s dying or being on the Big Brother block, there‘s a certain freedom you get when you‘re so close to your eventual doom.  It‘s probably why Russell has finally cracked. He‘s certainly showed how crazy he can get, from an inebriated giggle fit to fruiting up his shorts.  He‘s been trying to piss everyone off, even the show‘s production team.  But over at the live feeds, the Shotgun finally had a meltdown.  .     Read more »
From the moment he walked into the Big Brother 11 house, I wantedJessie gone, which makes me confused because I actually felt sorry forhim when he was evicted.  Jessie might be smarter than I gave himcredit for being, because all week long he feared the Wizard‘s power,thinking he would go home and there was nothing he could do about it. It seemed like paranoia, but in the end, he was completely right.But now Jessie has the distinct honor of being evicted twice on BigBrother, and now he‘s the first member of the jury.  Since he‘s in thesequester house, no one is allowed to talk to him, but we were able tosmuggle some questions into the top secret house in an electrictoothbrush, and below is what Jessie had to say about his true feelingsfor Ronnie, the one houseguest he doesn‘t want to see again, and hispotential pro wrestling names.  Read more »
Just when you thought things couldn‘t get any weirder this season on Big Brother 11,they get a whole lot weirder.  This week was supposed to be a doubleeviction, but that was supposed to be on Thursday.  Now everything ismessed up and it‘s unclear what‘s happening.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major events from the house.  Read more »
Boo, Big Brother 11!  I was very excited for tonight‘s episodebecause I was hoping to see the shocking and sudden producer evictionof Chima.  It happened late Friday/ early Saturday, so I figured they‘dhave plenty of time to edit together an episode telling this story.Instead, the Big Brother editors were clearly on vacation thisweekend, because instead we got a traditional boring Sunday episodethat ends with Michele‘s nominations.  Anyone who follows the livefeeds or reads official press releases from the network knows thatChima is gone, so now we have to wait until Tuesday to see that dramaunfold?  Again, I say to Big Brother 11, "BOOOOOO!!!!!" Read more »
Jessie is gone, the Wizard has been exposed, and Michele is the HoH. This week on Big Brother 11, it looks like things are finally turning acorner.  With a double eviction ahead, this week is going to be veryimportant, as the emotional high of this first eviction may influencethe second one.Who did Michele nominate for eviction?  Find out below.BIG BROTHER SPOILER WARNING: This article contains the nominations.  Read more »
This week, up is down, left is right, Jessie is the most sensitive man in the world, and the rules of Big Brother 11need not apply.  We were promised a double eviction this week, andwe‘re getting that and more.  Continue reading for details on thelatest events and ceremonies in the Big Brother house.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains details about Big Brother not yet aired on TV. Read more »
Saint Abominable Hulk is still very much alive in the house, even after some girls already held a pseudo-wake for him.  Meanwhile, there‘s another thing that just won‘t die in this season of Big Brother, and that‘s all the lies being scattered like confetti on a parade.Let‘s tackle the first one.  With Jessie having left, there were plenty of secrets revealed about the guy.  Personally, I have no interest in hearing about his liaisons with Lydia, but there isn‘t a lot happening on the feeds with the diva houseguest gone.  Oh well. Read more »
Usually there‘s not that much excitement on a Tuesday episode of Big Brother.  By this time in most weeks, we already know who played in the Power of Veto competition, who won it and whether it was used.  But tonight, Big Brother 11 offers a very special treat, because tonight is the long-awaited night that Chima has the mother of all meltdowns and is booted from the Big Brother house.It‘s like Christmas and Hanukah all rolled into one, if only there was a cool name for such a made-up holiday.  If only some adorable, comic book-loving nerd would come along and combine his parents‘ different faiths into a hilarious pseudo-holiday.  Maybe it would be Hanu-mas. Read more »
Emotions running high in the Big Brother house is essential, just like lies.  On yesterday‘s live feeds, two hamsters appeared to lose their grip and started acting quite unusual.  It‘s not the electrodes to the brain kind though.  While we can expect tears and jeers from many houseguests, we didn‘t think it‘d be Jeff who‘d be vulnerable to it.Remember when the Wizard was more laid-back and amusing?  Well, those days are over.  He‘s getting more and more strategic as the days go by, with the current HoH being who she is and all.  He‘s also getting more paranoid, which isn‘t as fun to watch.  Oh, if only he‘d goof off more. Too late. Read more »
At some point in the game, Chima was actually a likeable houseguest.  Wait, what am I saying?  We‘re relieved that this crazy chia pet is out of the house, but we worry that she‘s back on the streets and ready to pounce.  It was safer for us all when she was stuck in Big Brother territory.  Thank you, Allison Grodner, for letting this rabid hamster loose. Anyway, let‘s take a look back on what Chima‘s done in the house.  It‘s not exactly a tribute article, since the point of this is to make fun of her from time to time.  She‘s a strong woman, as she‘s proven time and again; we bet she can take a little ribbing. Read more »
Jeff and Jordan might be getting behind in their Big Brother game play, but the romance is definitely in full swing.  Apparently the Wizard hasn‘t lost all his powers.  Besides strategizing in their alone time, the guy finally dropped the L-word.  Whether he‘s serious or not is yet to be seen.With Jordan being HoH, there are a lot of verdicts to be made as to how this week will push through.  Jessie and Chima are gone, which means the rest of the Other Side is ripe for the picking.  Unfortunately, it seems as though another dark cloud is hovering over the fate of the Sunshine Crew.  Read more »
For Results to the HoH Competition, Click Here>>The craziest week in Big Brother history is finally at an end.  The promised live double eviction episode isn‘t happening, which is sad, but given the way this week unfolded, it‘s just as good.  Jordan is the HoH (only because Jeff did the gentlemanly thing and gave it to her) and the two remaining shrews Natalie and Lydia are on the block.  But this past week taught us to expect the unexpected, so I‘m saying there‘s a 50 percent chance Julie Chen gives birth live in the episode and her new baby will become the newest HG.I‘ll be here throughout the hour providing updates and commentary on tonight‘s live (for real this time) eviction episode. Read more »
Click Here for Our Live Thoughts from Tonight‘s Episode>>It‘s another extended Big Brother 11 HoH competition!  The live episode featured Lydia getting evicted and ended with a complicated and seemingly impossible HoH competition where the HGs have to drop aluminum cans into tubes and stack 24 of them.  The competition goes on past the live episode, so unless you want to wait until Sunday‘s episode to find out who won, we‘re following the events live and will give you an update as soon as it‘s over, so keep refreshing the page for more updates.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains information from Big Brother that won‘t air on TV until Sunday. Read more »
Back when Darth Ronnie was terrorizing the Big Brother 11 house and leading the Dark Side, I compared all the HGs to specific Star Wars characters.  At the time I thought the alliances and basic characters were spot on and fit perfectly.Now, with only six HGs remaining, I have a new theory.  The Big Brother house isn‘t a galaxy far, far away.  It‘s the Hundred Acre Wood.  Read more »
Big Brother 11 lost one of its craziest HGs of all-time in Lydia, andthat‘s saying something.  Even before putting on the Captain Unitardoutfit, Lydia got into fights, watched Jessie sleep and introduced theworld to a magical unicorn named Dae Yum Yum.She became the second member of the jury, and even though she‘s lockedin the Jury House, we still managed to get in touch with her.  I askedmy BUF (Best Unicorn Forever) to send a message to Lydia at through DaeYum Yum at the next Worldwide Unicorn Conference, and luckily I alreadygot the answers back, because unicorns are magical.  Read more »
Big Brother 11 is getting into the end stage of the season.  With only six people left, we‘re at the stage where nominations are about as important as the Power of Veto.  The Sunshine Crew of Jeff, Jordan, Michele and Russell has dominated for the last three weeks, but now it could be time to split up.Continue reading below for the nominations this week.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 11 results not yet shown on TV. Read more »
This week on Big Brother 11, it‘s becoming painfully clear who needs togo home, and I‘m not talking about who you may think.  Thursday‘sepisode ended with the HoH competition still underway, so stop readingif you don‘t want to see the results from this week‘s HoH, nominationsand PoV.BIG BROTHER 11 SPOILER WARNING: This article contains the PoV competition results.  Read more »
Its Jeff house on Big Brother this season.  The hunkyall-American former football player from Chicago has controlled each ofthe last four evictions, and now he‘s the new HoH and steering the shipagain.This episode was all about Jeff.  He debated taking Jordan with him toHawaii, he gardened shirtless in front of Kevin, he played Now andLater poker with Natalie and Russell, and he urged Michele to considera career in counterfeiting money.  Somehow between all that he foundtime to win HoH, nominate two people and consider a shocking backdoorbetrayal.  Read more »
Just when we all thought the Sunshine Crew lived up to its name, dark shadows have been cast upon it.  Along with all the paranoia plaguing the Big Brother house is the usual doubt and distrust among the hamsters.  It looks as though the die is cast on the fates of Michele and Russell, as they move farther and farther away from their alliance.There are only six people left on this season, and pairing up seems to be the trend.  There‘s Natalie and Kevin scheming, then the PhD and the Shotgun, and all of them are trying to get good with J&J, who have all the power.  Unfortunately, it‘s the former duo that seems to be succeeding. Read more »
This week on Big Brother 11, Jeff is the HoH and nominated Kevin andNatalie, but he expressed an interest in possibly backdooring Russellif at all possible.  Will it happen, and if so, will Russell be calmand level-headed as he normally is?SPOILER WARNING: This article contains the Power of Veto results. Read more »
The Big Brother house is infested with bugs this season, from the ants in the splish-splash room to the critters by the pool.  I suppose this can also refer to the houseguests, but they‘re already known as hamsters so we‘d rather not reduce them to creepy-crawlies yet.  Anyway, one bold move was made recently in the game, and you can find out about it in the latest PoV spoiler.Since the events below the jump occurred after the results of the PoV competition, you might want to skip away to a happier place if you don‘t wish to witness the verbal slaughter between the HGs. Spoilers below! Read more »
For the fourth week in a row, Big Brother 11 is all about whatJeff wants.  He already used the Coup d‘Etat and handed Jordan the lastHoH, and now this week he‘s the HoH and he won the Power of Veto in thedumbest competition ever featuring Otev the Rapping Ape (voiced byCasey the Banana Man).Does absolute power corrupt absolutely?  It certainly does on Big Brother 11,because Jeff, in a moment of infinite wisdom, took Kevin off the blockand initiated a plan to backdoor Russell.  Just like Judas and Brutus,he turned on his friend and nominated Russell.  Read more »
One has to wade through waves of boredom on the live feeds, as the number of Big Brother houseguests is dwindling.  Even though the pressure is supposed to be stressing out the hamsters now, it seems as though they still manage to have several dull moments in the house.  Still, the few gems of excitement remain, and today it‘s the ability of the guys to stay positive. Jeff has been trying his best to use this strategy in the game, telling himself that visualizing happy thoughts would really enable them to happen.  Unfortunately, his problems with Russell have overtaken him and it looks like the P in his positive aura is starting to stand for "pissed off."  It‘s now up to Jordan to keep the sunshine in the Sunshine Crew, or what‘s left of that alliance anyway. Read more »
But still no bloodshed.  Russell and Jeff are at it again, and the live feeds are exploding with raw emotions once again.  More yelling, more bravado, and yet these guys never come to blows.  They back down because of the rules, which really sucks because I wanted to see them beating the pulp out of each other.  The most we get, surprisingly, is Jordan, who has the nerve to step over the line a bit.It‘s early morning in the backyard and there‘s no better way to wake the HGs up than to start a yelling match.  The Shotgun still can‘t accept that he‘s on the block and that everyone‘s against him, so he begins another round of arguments with Jeff. Read more »
They‘re still just rats in a cage.  The HGs have been on a lockdown right before the live eviction.  Little has changed and there are barely any conversations among them, as they all anticipate another challenge. Still, there are a few angry words spewed as Jeff counts the minutes left of his reign as HoH.  Russell and Natalie are on the block and the Shotgun didn‘t take it lightly.  Despite the Wizard trying his best to be calm amidst the storm, he still let out some steam in his room. Read more »
Found Out What Happened in Tonight‘s HoH Competition>>Another Hg gets evicted on Big Brother 11, and we‘re down to the Final Five, which always makes me think of Cylons.  This season Jordan and Lydia are certainly under suspicion of being robots with many copies.Once again on Big Brother 11, someone gets backdoored, and in many ways, it was inevitable.  All this has happened before, and all this will happen again.  So say we all! Read more »
This is easily the best Big Brother HoH competition of all-time.  It‘s another endurance bout where the four HGs run across a slippery surface to deposit a small amount of liquid into a giant bowl to get the marshmallow out.  It‘s a classic, one that always provides plenty of entertainment.Sadly, we won‘t be entertained until Sunday night.  But if you can‘t wait until then to follow the action and find out who wins, we have our play-by-play below.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains the results of the Big Brother 11 HoH competition. Read more »
Much like the month of March, Russell came into Big Brother 11 like alion, but went out like a lamb.  He was front and center in almostevery heated argument and verbal throwdown of the season.  He accostedJeff over his use of the word "technotronics," he called Michele apsycho, Ronnie a rat, Jordan fat, and Chima a racist.But after all that excitement, Russell proved that his confrontationalverbal attacks were part of his Big Brother strategy, an attempt tobecome one of the all-0time great Big Brother villains like Evel Dickand Dr. Will. Read more »
We‘ve reached the point in Big Brother 11 where HoH and nominations arefar less important than the Power of Veto.  There‘s a 40 percent chanceone of the two people nominated will win and use the PoV onthemselves.  And it‘s also possible that whoever wins it may want touse it, because they‘d be safe anyway.With an HoH competition that went past the live show, all your spoilers can be found below.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains results from this week‘s Big Brother 11 HoH competition and nomination ceremony.  Read more »
Are there Big Brother fans who only watch the TV show and don‘tfollow along online?  I‘m not sure I can imagine such a person, becausefor them, they have no idea who won the Smores HoH competition.  Forthe people who do go online for Big Brother spoilers, you know who won the HoH, who was nominated, and now, we have the PoV competition results.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains results not yet seen on TV. Read more »
It‘s hard to build suspense on Big Brother any more.  The Powerof Veto is the only thing that can change the course of the week, butsince the competition was held over the weekend and the ceremony wasthis morning, it‘s now just a long, boring wait until Thursday when weall know exactly what‘s going to happen.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains PoV ceremony results.  Read more »
What to do when you‘re on the block?  Daydream.  Well, it‘s another thrilling turn of events for this week on Big Brother, more so if you‘ve read the recent spoilers.  If not, you‘re probably one of those space aliens Jordan saw in the kitchen mirror. Kevin‘s HoH and you all probably know who he put up for eviction.  Thursday‘s ages away, but we got you covered.  See who he nominated here, who won the PoV, and who‘s against each other on the block.  There‘s very little hope for a real game on the show now, so it‘d be great for the HGs (and all of us) to take it easy.  Read more »
Being on a TV show, the HGs are worried about how good they look to the viewers.  Some of us definitely have our favorites this season, but there‘s one special thing that binds them all together - paranoia.  With five left in the Big Brother house, there‘s so much more the spotlight can accommodate.There‘s very little left to do for the hamsters.  They could all turn into zombies and we wouldn‘t even notice.  It‘s all small talk for now, and the topic for the day is how they‘ll be portrayed on television. Read more »
From the start of Big Brother 11, I‘ve been rooting for Jeff towin it all.  He was my pre-season pick and the fact that he was so darncharming all season long only cemented the deal.  But that all changedafter I watched last night‘s episode.Now, I‘m hopping on the Michele train, because that slightly crazylocomotive is going full steam ahead.  In last night‘s episode of Big Brother 11,Michele proved she‘s got game by not only winning the Power of Veto(which she also did the last time she was nominated), but by absolutelycrushing the competition and plotting to save Jeff at the same time.  Read more »
Alcohol isn‘t making a better person out of Natalie, as though anything will.  She‘s already shown her true colors in the Big Brother house, but things got worse with every bottle she‘s downed.  Last night, she just got tipsy and acted like insert-whatever-insult-you-want-here.  What‘s worse is, she‘s only acting drunk and making that an excuse to be mean to the other HGs.  Argh, they should‘ve gotten this Gnat out when they had the chance.She annoyed the pants out of everyone in the house as they all wondered how an 18-year-old can get away with drinking like that.  Why can‘t they just figure out that she‘s lying about her age?  Read more »
This eviction episode of Big Brother 11 can end one of two ways.  Either Jeff is evicted as we all assume, or Michele miraculously convinces Kevin to evict Jordan.  But there‘s really only a Snowball‘s chance in a CAT scanner of that working (kudos to anyone who gets that reference).  No matter what happens, Michele‘s position on Big Brother 11 was elevated this week by making moves in both competitions and her interpersonal strategy.Will Jeff go, and who will be the next HoH with a guaranteed spot in the finale three?  Let‘s find out live, on Big Brother! Read more »
Kevin and Natalie have not given up on pulling pranks, making Jeff‘s last night in the house memorable.  Well, not really, since he‘s given up on the game and he just doesn‘t care what antics the other two get involved in.  They‘re seriously just making us hate them more.For the night, The Lonesome Ranger Duo are trying to target Michele‘s emotions so she‘d be distracted for the HoH competition.  It seemed to have worked since it was Natalie who won.  Anyway, she reasons out that the jokes are all to lighten the mood of the house.  Please, even The Joker wouldn‘t approve of their silly games. Read more »
The final four on Big Brother 11 are, in my estimation, one ofthe weakest groups the show has ever seen.  HGs like Jordan, Natalieand Kevin have skated by for most of the season by avoiding thespotlight or hiding behind stronger players.Of 18 HoH or PoV competitions so far, the final four have one nine ofthem.  Compare that to this time last season when the final four won 13of the first 18 competitions.  Last season also had a more equaldistribution, with Jerry and Dan each winning four, Keesha winningthree and Memphis winning two.  This season, we have Michelle at four,Jordan and Kevin at two, and Natalie at one.  Read more »
Jeff went out on Big Brother 11 rather simply.  He played hard and putall the blame for his eviction on himself for not winning the lastPower of Veto.  In many ways, it took his eviction for me to trulyappreciate the fact that Jeff wasn‘t nearly as good a player as Ithought, he was just really, really likeable.He‘s all-American, a college football player who has grown into ahandsome and successful man.  It‘s impossible not to be charmed by him,which definitely explains why he got the Coup d‘Etat. Read more »
I was under the impression from what Julie Chen said on Thursday‘s showthat this Tuesday we‘d be seeing a live Power of Veto competition, butapparently that was a lie.  Natalie‘s pointless nomination ceremony hasbeen held, and now the week‘s PoV competition also took place. Continue reading for the results.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains results from this week.  Read more »
To be a successful poker player, you need to be able to bluff and haveyour opponent believe you.  By that definition, Natalie is the worstpoker player in the history of the world, and I have no doubt that Iwould be able to beat her any day of the week.The latest episode of Big Brother 11 crystallized exactly howawful Natalie is, and represented everything I hate about her as both aplayer on Big Brother and as a person in general.  The ultimaterevelation came when Natalie opened Pandora‘s Box to spend 20 minuteswith her boyfriend (now fiance, and I‘ll save how unlucky that guy isfor another time).  Read more »
There‘s nothing much to report on the live feeds.  I could leave it at that and you wouldn‘t even miss anything.  I can‘t even pinpoint any highlights of the night because of how boring it‘s been so far.Natalie‘s still obnoxious, Kevin‘s just hanging around, Michele has remained unreadable and Jordan‘s a lot less fun without Jeff.  I seriously can‘t quote anything remotely funny from her.  Anyway, I guess the only thing to update here is more conversations in the Big Brother house.  This time, it looks like the remaining HGs have discussed what they‘d do when they‘re done with reality TV. Read more »
Everything gets jumbled and rushed at the end of Big Brother, which means a special live Tuesday night episode featuring another eviction and the start of the three-part final HoH triathlon.  I suspect, as always, the first two challenges will be difficult, and it will all come down to a quick five minute random trivia guessing game to decide who gets the final HoH.If Big Brother has one flaw, this is it.  After an intense summer of competition, the last couple of weeks come down to blind luck.  Who can correctly guess what evicted HGs did after they left the house?  Perhaps the finale will just be Julie asking the final two HGs to pick a number between 1 and 10, and whoever is closest wins it all.Follow the HoH Competition Results>> Read more »
Big Brother‘s three-part final HoH competition always kicks off with an endurance challenge, and usually it lasts a long, long time.  But with such physically weak players remaining, this one probably won‘t make it into any record books.  Let‘s be honest, unless the competitions involve killing a mannequin for a scarf, accepting a crappy marriage proposal and NOT telling time, this season‘s Big Brother endgame won‘t exactly be Olympic-caliber. Read more »
This season of Big Brother has seen plenty of villains.  Ronniethe Rat was the bane of many fans, America turned on Jessie as soon aswe got the chance to vote for the Coup d‘Etat, and Chima‘s generalinsanity was very annoying.  But through it all, Natalie remains, andviewers are reaching new levels of hatred.Normally, the most hated Big Brother HG is also one of the mostloved.  Fans were split about 50/50 on Evel Dick Donato: some peopleloved him, others couldn‘t stand him.  But Natalie is not in thatleague.  Natalie isn‘t a "love her or hate her" kind of person, she‘sjust a "hate her."  Read more »
The boredom is getting to the houseguests as much as it‘s getting on our nerves.  The four-hour HoH competition (read the spoilers here) was too much for them to take, so it‘s practically a day of rest right after.  With only three of them left, what else is there to do but keep talking to avoid a major brain-snap?Kevin, Natalie and Jordan (I still can‘t get over whyyy they‘re the final 3) decide to discuss their favorite Big Brother moments.  That is, other than staying this far in the game. Read more »
It‘s the last Thursday episode of Big Brother 11 (but don‘t cry, CBS just renewed Big Brother for a 12th season next summer).  Usually at this point we all know what‘s going to happen, but this season executive producer Allison Grodner is being sketchy on the details.Will there be a live competition and eviction tonight?  Will Pandora‘s Box show up?  And how, exactly, will Big Brother address the fact that the jury will only have six members?  Either we‘re in for a huge twist or Grodner and her fellow producers have no idea what they‘re doing. Read more »
There was a collective cheer from the imaginary people in my head when I found out that Jordan won the second part of the HoH competition, even though I wasn‘t really rooting for her.  It‘s simply because her victory is another reason for Natalie to be kicked out of the house.  And I do want to see that happen literally.After the competition, the three HGs have been talking Final 2 scenarios over at the live feeds.  Usually their conversations aren‘t that exciting, but things are looking up with the Whiny One a few steps towards that exit door.  Read more »
For this season of Big Brother, it looks like the floaters got their game on.  Obviously the Final Three are composed of players who hardly did anything but let other HGs carry them forward.  Since that seems to have worked, could it be considered good game play?Now I haven‘t really watched the previous seasons of Big Brother to know if this strategy is worthy of praise.  But seeing how far it‘s gotten Kevin, Jordan and Natalie now, the plan of going under the radar and letting others do your dirty work for you somehow makes sense.  Read more »
It‘s the season highlights clip show!  That‘s all there is to it.  The Final Three and the rest of us just look back on the whole crazy season, but since I‘ve been poring over the live feeds these past months there‘s hardly anything new.  Well, not really.Tonight on Big Brother are jaws dropping to the floor and echoes of "What? What?!" since we get a flashback of Kevin, Jordan and Natalie being informed of the twist.  All three of them will be around until finale night, which is as surprising as Jordan‘s very coherent DR interview.  Read more »
It‘s finale night tomorrow and there are three HGs fighting for that grand prize.  Why wouldn‘t they, since it‘s money you can fill a pool with?  That is if you have no idea what to do with it.  Anyway, we‘ve got three contenders left - Natalie, Kevin and Jordan.  While we can‘t decide who takes home the cash, we can still try seeing who really deserves it. Let‘s play jurors.  It‘s tough to say right out which of the final three should win Big Brother.  There‘s plenty to consider - from how they behaved in the house to how they played, and even their actual need of the money.  These three categories are actually just too appropriate for the remaining HGs, but even these won‘t make them win the game. Read more »
After getting to know thirteen strangers in the past months and seeing them all interact in that eco-friendly cage, it has come down to this.  I‘m not really that excited since we have the Whiny One, the Blonde One, and Kevin as this season‘s Final Three.  But come on, let‘s all just deal with it so we can move on from this.  Season 12 can‘t come any sooner.Back to reality, reality TV.  Tonight we bear witness to two full hours of Big Brother, and the one thing that can top that is Julie Chen giving birth right in the middle of it all.  Then declaring the kid as the winner this season.  Or not, but we do wish the very pregnant lady all the best. Read more »
This season of Big Brother is over, but we still don‘t have closure regarding one thing: whether or not Jeff will take Jordan on his Hawaii trip.  Who cares about Natalie getting married when this unparalleled question floats about in our heads tonight?  Honestly, will any of you be able to sleep knowing Jordan‘s still waiting for a yes on that island paradise?  Okay, maybe I can. If you saw Jordan‘s jaw drop when Jeff told the audience she‘s only "short-listed" for Hawaii, then you‘ll know just how appalled she is at the guy.  They‘ve been through a whole summer together so much that it looks so unusual to see them apart.  He just has to take her - with or without the promise of "booger." Read more »
Natalie lied about her age, her engagement and countless other things in the Big Brother house and all it got her was $50,000.  But she also earned something even more valuable: hatred.  Based on what I‘ve seen from the fan reactions, Natalie is easily the single most hated Big Brother HG of all-time, which isn‘t easy since she has some major competition.In our interview, Natalie talked about being the most hated HG in BigBrother history, how she predicted and saw almost everything that wentdown in the house, why she wasn‘t surprised by Jessie‘s vote forJordan, and why Michele is NOT invited to her wedding. Read more »
In the tense two-hour Big Brother 11 finale, Jordan, the unlikeliest of winners, not only defeated Kevin for the final HoH, but then won out over Natalie by a vote of 5-2, taking home the half million dollars.  The sweet but seemingly naïve girl who wouldn‘t hurt a fly and didn‘t make an enemy in the house proved that winning Big Brother isn‘t just about who has the sneakiest strategy.In our interview, Jordan talked about how a nice girl finished first,the status of her relationship with Jeff, and how she plans to learnthe difference between nectarines and peaches. Read more »
In the final week of Big Brother 11, I somehow found myself rooting for Kevin to win.  Yes, I‘d hated him for the entire season, but as soon as he vowed to stab that "biznatch" Natalie in the back, I suddenly realized he played the game harder and better than anyone else.  Sadly, he got outwitted by Jordan at the very end and was booted in third place, but like several of the HGs before him, he went out a class act, simply grateful to be on one of his favorite shows.In our interview, Kevin talked about why he voted for Natalie (or, moreaccurately, why he DIDN‘T vote for Jordan) and the general fabulousnessof himself. Read more »
Though we never really liked Chima in the Big Brother house, her strong personality was missed when things started to get boring.  I admit I was disappointed at her absence during the season finale despite my initial aversion towards her.  Still, she obviously made a mark with her diva persona.  Who can forget watching her fling that $4000 mic? I can‘t say I totally admire her for acting out, but she eventually got what she wanted.  She was scorned by the Coup D‘etat twist and by Russell, so it‘s only natural she respond to them.  She had her reasons, even maintaining that she quit the game and was not evicted, which is what CBS wants us all to think. Read more »
The fans have been raving on the sudden Chenbot glow on Big Brother 11.  Even this season‘s so-called bully Russell couldn‘t help complimenting the pregnant host on her looks.  But that isn‘t all there is to Julie Chen, as she blogs about her final thoughts on this year‘s game.She headed to her spot at Entertainment Weekly to discuss this season of Big Brother, as well as settle some concerns from viewers of the show.  "I‘ve got some stuff going on (Baby ChenTot is on his way...well, soon!), but it‘s always a bit sad when I say the final goodnight at the end of each season," Julie wrote. Read more »
One of the more surprising jury votes this season was Jessie‘s, who we were sure would vote for Natalie because of his personal relationship with her in the house.  However, the Hulk has made it clear that he has more respect for those who fight their own battles.  As we know, that wasn‘t the strategy of the Big Brother runner-up (wow, I couldn‘t even bring myself to call her that).CBS caught up with Jessie Godderz during the series after party and had him explain why exactly he voted for Jordan to win this season.  The two never really liked each other, which is why we were shocked by his decision.  Read more »
Okay, so Big Brother 11 had its run and this is most probably the last article we‘ll be writing about it.  There are still some unsettled things regarding the season, which is why Ross Matthews of Inside Dish invaded the set of the reality series for the after party.The HGs revealed their thoughts on this crazy summer we‘ve experienced with them, from all the strategic bullying Russell did to the bedroom moments between Lydia and Jessie. Read more »
We‘re still in the middle--okay, on the tail-end--of season 15 of The Amazing Race, and already, there‘s talk about season 16, and most importantly, the possibility that Big Brother 11 winner Jordan Lloyd and her boyfriend slash fellow HG Jeff Schroeder are joining it, too.Someone on Twitter posted a photo of those two at the Los Angeles International Airport, and fans are pouncing on it because they‘re wearing matching blue outfits. Okay, so maybe they‘re just in the mood for matching outfits, since they‘re together and all, but anybody who watches The Amazing Race knows that teams usually start the race in matching colors just to make it easier to know who is who.  Read more »
I can‘t admit I‘m pretty excited for this particular team on the upcoming season of The Amazing Race--but that‘s because I haven‘t seen the last season of Big Brother, and thus I haven‘t seen Jeff and Jordan do their stuff. But I‘ll still be watching out for them, because we‘ve had this situation before: a couple who met from another realty show (Rob and Amber, yes) running the race.The couple chatted with Entertainment Weekly--the full interview should be out in the magazine‘s latest issue--and said that while they entered Big Brother without having seen it, and managed to breeze to victory, The Amazing Race is a "totally different game".  Read more »
This doesn‘t need repeating: there are two familiar faces on this season of The Amazing Race. Conveniently, those two faces are known for being the same thing. Sure, one was a beauty queen and the other was a reality voyeur‘s delight, but both are, to put it lightly, not the sharpest pencils in the case. Put them together in a race, and it‘s going to be interesting viewing.No, I‘m not saying both Jordan and Caite are going to play the clueless ditz card on the race. It is, after all, a totally different set of circumstances: it‘s not the Big Brother house, and it‘s not the Miss Teen USA pageant. But we know them for what they did before, and it‘s inevitable that we‘ll pit the two ditzes together. Bring on the battle. Who will be the first to go "yaaaay" while clapping their hands uncontrollably?  Read more »