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They‘re here!  The pictures are here!  It‘s like Christmas, Thanksgiving and the first day of the football season all rolled into one.  CBS has finally, mercifully, released the info on the new houseguests for Big Brother 10.  There are thirteen of them in all, seven men and six women, and they range in age from 22 to 75.  However, for all the talk that this season‘s Big Brother crop was going to be very diverse, it doesn‘t really appear to be the case.  Age-wise, 10 of the 13 houseguests are 31 years-old or younger.  We have two houseguests over 50-years-old, which is fun, and the cast is as racially diverse as you can reasonably hope for (four non-white people).  Below, you will find all the pictures of the new Big Brother houseguests, plus some biographical info.  Read more »
Woohoo!  One of my favorite reality shows of all time is back - tonight is the premiere of the 10th season of Big Brother.  I‘m going to give the show a pass after the last season which did nothing but make me angry.  Hopefully, they learned something.  Don‘t pair people up, don‘t call people soulmates, don‘t eliminate people in twos.  Then, we‘ll be all set.  I‘m expecting a lot from this season, with it being the 10th and all.  Let‘s hope CBS pulls out all the stops, and all the twists, to please Big Brother fans.  I‘ll be here all hour with live thoughts so keep refreshing and post your comments, too! Read more »
Tonight, Big Brother unveiled its 10th season and brought no real twists or surprises in its first episode.  The new houseguests arrived and found out from host Julie Chen that they‘d have to pick their new Head of Household before stepping foot in the house or speaking to each other.  Julie gathered the guests in a circle and had them check off who they felt should become HOH.  They wouldn‘t find out until later who was chosen.  First, they checked out their new house, claimed bedrooms, and gathered in the living room to receive further instructions from Julie. Read more »
On tonight’s episode of Big Brother, Jessie and Renny had to work hard to get themselves off the block after being nominated for eviction. Jessie blamed Renny for the conflict between them and went crying to Jerry about it. Rather than put their differences aside, Renny and Jessie argue further in the kitchen after she called him a “baby”. Later on, Renny tries to save face by apologizing in front of the house. He says that she never apologized but, in fact, she did – right when he first confronted her. She calls him out in front of the other players and storms out of Jerry’s room. Read more »
If you turn on your TV this Wednesday at 8pm to CBS hoping to find out who will be evicted from Big Brother 10, you will be sorely disappointed. CBS has decided to swap Wednesday‘s live eviction episodes with Greatest American Dog on Thursdays, installing Big Brother in its original summer slot. Beginning this week, July 31, Big Brother 10 will air live eviction episodes Thursdays at 8pm. Read more »
Keesha, what have you done?  The Big Brother nominations last night of Jessie and Angie were, to say the least, frustrating.  Jessie, fine, put him up and hope he seals his own fate.  Angie, however - come on, Keesha.  Angie and Keesha could and should be alliance members but, somehow, Keesha decided to blame Angie for Steven‘s departure, even after Libra admitted that she wanted Steven gone.  I thought Keesha hated Libra.  At the very least, Libra is incredibly annoying and is willing to scream bloody murder in an old guy‘s face.  So, Keesha, what the hell?  There is absolutely no legitimate reason Angie should be nominated.  None, yet she‘s the favorite to go home on Thursday (the Big Brother live eviction has been moved from Wednesday to Thursday – spread the word).  Or is she?  Below, we will reveal the results of this week‘s Power of Veto competition and ceremony.  A FORMAL WARNING OF ONCOMING SPOILERS: PLEASE, TAKE CAUTION! Read more »
And here we go.  Big Brother 10, not content without a big honkin‘ twist, has finally caved.  America‘s Player is returning.  America‘s Player, as anyone who watched Big Brother 8 knows, is someone who does the bidding of Big Brother fans.  They try to accomplish various silly tasks for money, and have to vote to evict whoever America wants them to.  Eric Stein proved to be an excellent America‘s Player on Big Brother 8, and it‘d be nice if we got that lucky with the latest season of Big Brother.  The problem is, however, that no one in the Big Brother house is currently working for America.  How, then will we find America‘s Player?  Read below to find out.KINDA SORTA SPOILERS BELOW!! Read more »
There was lots of talk, but no action.  The conflict of tonight‘s Big Brother 10 episode lasted from beginning to end, and ended rather anti-climactically.  This was to be expected, sort of – at this point, these houseguests are resistant to doing anything rash.  Keesha began the episode as Head of Household, having just nominated Jessie and Angie.  Neither nomination was all that smart, and I‘m betting that Keesha would have liked a mulligan.  From the moment the nominations were written in stone, Jessie was at Keesha‘s throat, and the stress and conflict followed our requisite Hooters girl through the Power of Veto competition and ceremony.  It was all for naught, however, with the nomination situation remaining dormant.  Read more »
Who was shocked when Jessie ended up making it through another eviction ceremony last week? Raise your hand. He may have prevailed but he’s back up on the block this week and up against Memphis. Sooner or later, things must have to catch up with Jessie. I mean, there’s no way he can win at this point… right? Despite the fact that he rubs his houseguests the wrong way with his arrogant attitude, he still manages to manipulate them when it matters most. Tomorrow night, Big Brother will air the Power of Veto competition but you can find out right now who got it and whether or not they used it. Can Jessie or Memphis save themselves? If you’re curious to know what happened, read on.SPOILERS STRAIGHT AHEAD!! Read more »
It‘s week 4 in the Big Brother house and Memphis and Jesse are sitting on the block.  April promised Michelle that she and Jesse were safe this week, only to nominate him soon after.  She maintains, though, that Jesse is not the target.  Jesse‘s attitude and his mouth don‘t seem to be winning him any fans.  It‘s going to a tough Power of Veto competition, with two of the strongest physical players in the game competing tonight.  Will anybody be able to take them down and preserve the nominations?  If Jesse or Memphis win, will April have to turn on her own alliance or is Michelle the easy pick?  I‘ll be covering their every move all hour so keep refreshing and post your thoughts too! Read more »
Tell the truth: have you ever heard more screaming on Big Brother than from the houseguests of season 10?  No two or three people can have an argument without the entire house getting involved and tonight was no exception.  When Jessie stirred up trouble between Libra, Keesha, and April, it turned into an all out war that just about ruined Keesha‘s birthday.  Before you knew it, Jerry and Renny were somehow involved and yelling, too.  Jessie laid low and let the houseguests eat each other alive.  Unfortunately for him, they all figured out exactly what he was up to and the target on his back grew even bigger.  Read on for more details on tonight‘s explosive POV episode of Big Brother! Read more »
Well, it seems that Jessie‘s nine lives were up on tonight‘s eviction episode of Big Brother.  Of the four weeks that Jessie spent in the house, he was on the block three weeks and HOH for one.  Not a very successful run.  He didn‘t really form a strong alliance, other than with Michelle, and didn‘t seem to particularly like anybody in the house besides her.  When he was eliminated from the house, he said that he wasn‘t surprised but felt that his housemates had the completely wrong impression of him.  Jessie didn‘t seem to think that he was arrogant at all but when Julie played a word association game with and he had to describe himself, he responded "the man".  Whether you liked Jessie or not, one thing is for sure: the game won‘t be the same without him.  Read on for more details about tonight‘s eviction episode. Read more »
Boy, did Jessie and Memphis pick the wrong alliance this season on Big Brother.  One by one, the people they tried to strategize and work with this season have been picked off and now, they‘re sitting next to each other on the block.  One of them is out the door tonight and if Michelle has her way, it won‘t be Jessie.  I wouldn‘t be surprised if a lot of deals are made tonight by the pair to keep him in the game.  That is, if Michelle can stop crying about her unitard long enough to focus on the game.  I personally find the unitard hilarious - but I think that makes one of us.  I‘ll be here all hour long updating you on the Big Brother game.  Keep refreshing and post your thoughts, too! Read more »
Big Brother 10, full of fools.  I will hand it to Alison Grodner – she gave America a combustibly entertaining cast this season.  While they may not all be lovable, they are certainly willing to mix it up and provide Big Brother fans good television, which is a vast improvement over Big Brother 9‘s relative snorefest.  One of the best aspects of this season is how one‘s opinions of the various houseguests have changed over the course of the season.  I know that, for me, my opinions have shifted drastically.  With that in mind, it seemed like a good time to once again rank the Big Brother houseguests.  Not in terms of “power” or their place in the competition, but in regards to how likable they‘ve proven to be this season.  Read more »
Renny kind of scared you a little bit on Big Brother last night, didn‘t she?  The Nawlins native flirted with the idea of putting Memphis or Dan on the block instead of some combination of Ollie, April and Jerry.  Usually, you‘d think that Renny was just joshing around, testing her fellow Big Brother houseguests.  But, with Renny, you never know.  She‘s crazy like a fox.  Fans still remain split on Renny, both as a person and as a strategist.  Insane or a genius?  Clown or master schemer?  Now that the nominations have been made, it‘s time for the all-important Power of Veto competition and ceremony.  Both events have already taken place inside the Big Brother house and, thanks to our friends at RealityBBQ, we know what has happened.  Did one of the two nominated houseguests win the Veto?  Could Jerry pull off another unexpected challenge victory and stay alive? SPOILERS OF INDETERMINATE VALUE BELOW!!!  JUDGE THEIR SIGNIFICANCE YOURSELF!!! Read more »
There‘s always the one person in the house who you absolutely cannot stand on Big Brother.  Going into the season, I thought that person would be Dan.  I assumed his background, his ultra-conservative beliefs (according to the CBS bios) and his general air of smarminess would lead me down the path of total hatred.  It didn‘t, and Dan isn‘t actually that bad of a guy.  Then, I thought my most despised Big Brother houseguest would be April.  She seemed to be a major instigator of conflict, a petty, unscrupulous player and someone who just plain annoyed me.  While all those things are generally still true, her dry-heaves-inducing showmance with Ollie has kept her out of the action lately.  And that‘s how we arrive at Jessie.  I thought, when CBS cast this roided up beast, that he would be a sweet, naïve kid from Middle America trying to make his way in the big, bad world of Los Angeles.  Instead, Jessie turned out to be an arrogant, pompous jerk-off with no respect for those older and wiser than him.  If the Big Brother house had any sense, Jessie would be evicted as soon as possible. Read more »
It‘s the eve of the eve of Big Brother 10‘s premiere, and fans are awaiting the action with bated breath.  Big Brother fans are an optimistic bunch, and expectations always run high prior to the season premiere.  Once the season starts, though, fans predictably rebel, call the current season lackluster, yet tune in for every episode while watching hours of live feed action.  It‘s a noticeable pattern, and it will likely happen again this year.  Unless, that is, Allison Grodner and her CBS cronies have actually cast a great season for the first time since I began my Big Brother fandom.  For this to be the case, we need a handful of likable and dynamic personalities, at least one divisive love ‘em or hate ‘em houseguest, and an evil alliance that America can rally against.  Conflict is what Big Brother viewers want, but that‘s only one part of it; we also want entertaining conflict.  With that in mind, here‘s a look at five potential combustible in-house combinations.  Read more »
Big Brother 10 houseguests: heed Angie‘s advice.  Figure it out, and stop going along with the crowd for fear of being outcast.  Also, don‘t let Libra and April run the game.  If the Big Brother houseguests decided to grow up and act for themselves, the show would be infinitely more entertaining. You can‘t blame any one individual, because the whole house has been floating along, playing the game reactively, and that‘s the reason why the three most interesting original houseguests on Big Brother 10 (Brian, Steven and Angie) have all been evicted.  Now that Angie has been ousted, who will be nominated next?  We‘ve got some big time nomination spoilers below.  Since those who only watch Big Brother on CBS still don‘t know who the Head of Household is this week, I won‘t reveal it until after this spoiler warning....SPOILERS, GET YOUR SPOILERS HERE!!!! Read more »
Even though the evicted Big Brother houseguests will, from here on out, be sent to the peculiar limbo of sequester, we will continue to interview them.  It‘s the internet, folks – it is magic.  These interviews are of the e-mail variety.  Prior to last night‘s eviction episode on Big Brother, I sent in some questions to whoever would end up being the evicted houseguest.  Libra ended up being the one to pack her bags and leave the house.  Below you will find the full email interview.  Keep in mind that these are Libra‘s unedited answers.  Read more »
We live in a world that is unforgiving to the past.  The moment you become visible on a national level, the internet gets ravenous in its attempts to unearth your deepest, darkest secrets.  Big Brother houseguests must be used to this by now – if you agree to appear on Big Brother, make sure you have nothing to hide.  Or, at least be sure that you‘re ready for your past to be blown wide open for everyone to see.  On Big Brother 9, it was James Zinkand and his dipped toe in gay pornography that was let loose on the public.  The revelation of James‘ involvement in such seedy affairs changed the public‘s view of him and, weirdly, gave America some insight into his game play.  This season, we may have a similar situation.  Pictures of Jessie, Big Brother‘s young body building behemoth, have surfaced on the internet and they are chock full of gay overtones.  One report has a source saying that Jessie is indeed a homosexual, but he hasn‘t come out of the closet just yet.  This is all speculation, but it once again reinforces the state of the times:  these days, skeletons rarely remain closeted.  Read more »
April wasn‘t the most beloved Big Brother houseguest of all time.  Some people liked her, lots didn‘t, and that‘s OK.  She‘s got a lot of company in the annals of Big Brother history.  Whatever I‘ve said about April in the past, it‘s not personal.  I fully believe that when you‘re in the Big Brother house, you turn into a completely different person.  Almost everyone, no matter how they acted inside the Big Brother house, is a relatively decent person in the real world.  I‘ll give April the benefit of the doubt, and assume that she‘s a fine person out in the real world.  April, on her way to the jury house, was kind enough to answer some questions about her time in the Big Brother house via email.  Below you will find the full and unedited version of April‘s written responses. Read more »
Big Brother 10 has its first evicted houseguest, and it was not a surprise.  The one, and perhaps only, downfall of Big Brother‘s ubiquity is that fans who pay attention to the online chatter pretty much know who is going to be evicted come Wednesday evening.  However, things change on a hourly basis inside the Big Brother house, so, if like me, you embargo yourself from live feed forums for one day prior to eviction, then surprises are a possibility.  Not tonight, however, when the evicted contestant‘s fate appeared, and ultimately was, sealed once the Power of Veto ceremony was over.  As we head into week 2, the Big Brother house is full of turmoil, emotions running high, and us fans should be in for quite a ride in the next couple months. Read more »
Big Brother 10 has been noted as a "back to basics" season by both CBS and the production team.  As part of its basic format, live audiences returned for the live evictions shows and the show featured houseguests who are complete strangers, which understandably explains why this season kicked off with quite a dull start, compared to last season where you could immediately feel the sexual tension and the general hysteria building up as housemates who had previous or existing relationships enter the house.  Luckily, there‘s such a thing as live feeds, which give fans a more intriguing peek at the world of Big Brother. I‘ve put together some of this week‘s live feeds‘ best bits, which made me cringe or cry with laughter.  Hopefully, this will give you a clue on what kind of paranoia is in store for the weeks ahead. Read more »
Brian Hart was an ambitious player, you have to give him that.  It‘s always an unfortunate honor to be the first person eliminated on a high-profile reality show, but few go out with the bang that Brian managed to on Big Brother 10.  Brian came into Big Brother with the idea that he would mastermind the game, that the strategy would begin the second the houseguests walked through the front door.  While the other houseguests eventually caught wind of Brian‘s big plans, his actions have become an instigator for Big Brother 10, and have kicked the fame into high gear.  For that, we have Brian to thank.  We talked to Brian earlier today about his time on the show, what we can expect going forward, and what he‘s got planned for the near future. Read more »
Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers.  Are there Big Brother fans out there who only watch the live feeds and the live eviction episodes?  It seems like there should be.  Spoilers, for lots of people, completely ruin a piece of entertainment.  I‘ve found that, for reality shows, I‘m more or less impervious to spoilers.  To me, the process and the edited action is far more interesting than the pure results.  For others, spoilers ruin the suspense of a show.  If you‘re one of these people, throw your computer against the wall right now.  We‘ll be giving you Big Brother fans spoiler articles all season.  Not long ago today, the nomination ceremony was held and Jessie put a couple of poor souls on the block.  Would he take down those people close to the now-departed Brian?  Would he take out Renny, his mortal enemy?  Or, would he do something crazy and surprise us all?  Find out below.SPOILER WARNING!!!  GO NO FURTHER IF YOU DESPISE THE STINK OF SPOILERS!!! Read more »
This is hard.  I hardly know these people, and yet I have to rank them based on their supposed “power.”  This season could go any number of ways.  Hell, I don‘t even have my rooting interests yet.  My pre-season favorite was Brian and, guess what, he was eliminated after one week inside the Big Brother house.  As it stands now, there are a few outsiders, with a large, vague alliance targeting them.  Will it last?  Probably not.  I expect the house to splinter into a million different pieces over the next two weeks.  After the dust settles, we‘ll have a much better idea as to what will actually go down and who the prohibitive favorites are.  For now, the rankings are, and must be, totally speculative.  Read more »
Jessie, the professional body builder, is Head of Household.  My guess is that this will be the last time a sentence like that will be recited during Big Brother 10.  I don‘t expect Jessie to make a lot of genius plays as the HoH.  Don‘t get me wrong - it‘s too early in the Big Brother game to make great plays.  At this point, you can only set yourself for failure.  But, I get the feeling that Jessie will over-play the game, think of himself as a mastermind, thus torpedoing his chances later in the game.  Tonight, we‘ll see what the bodybuilder does with his nominations.  I‘ll be here throughout the episode, giving my live thoughts as the action comes along.  Read more »
Big Brother 10 is taking a somewhat irksome path.  There are beacons of hope, chances for redemption, but things could get ugly over the next few weeks.  Not ugly inside the house – in-house clashes are exactly what viewers want – but ugly in terms of inevitability.   Tonight‘s episode of Big Brother was completely unsurprising and devoid of suspense.  Big Brother, even without suspense, is still enjoyable for simple voyeuristic purposes, but it‘d be nice if there was some uncertainty.  With Jessie as the new Head of Household inside the Big Brother house, there was a chance for outside the box thinking.  Despite not being a true alliance enemy, Renny is a thorn in Jessie‘s side, and was a potential nominee.  In the end, however, Jessie toed the party line and put a couple of the outcasts up on the block.  Read more »
Being a strong competitor is not always a good thing on Big Brother. No one knows that better than Steven, the second houseguest evicted from Big Brother 10, who was sent home by a vote of 9-0 mostly because he was perceived to be a stronger player than Dan, who spent the week sandbagging to appear like he wasn‘t a threat.BuddyTV spoke to Steven about his time in the Big Brother house. The gay rodeo champion talked about Jessie‘s perceived dumbness, who he thinks will win, who his good friend Keesha will nominate this week, and the details behind Porno Password. Continue reading for a full transcript or to listen to the interview. Read more »
In our interview with Big Brother 10‘s Steven, we asked him who he thought his good friend in the house Keesha would nominate for eviction this week. He said he spoke with her shortly before his eviction and they discussed the fact that her alliance (Libra, April and Ollie) would all turn on her, so the plan was to get one of them out, most likely Libra.  How much changes in the Big Brother house in a single day? Did Keesha go along with that plan? Keep reading to find out.WARNING: This articles contains Big Brother 10 spoilers. Read more »
Big Brother 10 has been graced with a cast of unusually likable guys.  Historically, I‘ve found a majority of all Big Brother houseguests to be attention-whores and malcontents.  There are always a few beacons of light among the cast.  This year has been atypical in terms of cast make-up.  While there haven‘t been many all-stars who the public has rallied behind, the house has been full of kind of likable, not totally redeemable people.  The only people in the house who I have out and out disliked this season are Jerry, Ollie, April and Jessie.  Everyone else has had at least some redeeming values.  Today we‘re going to take a gander at the remaining guys‘ odds of winning it all.  Read more »
There‘s been a lot of talk recently about the relative awfulness of the Big Brother 10 houseguests.   The general consensus appears to be that the Big Brother 10 contestants are a bunch of irredeemable, hell-spawned nincompoops who are pissing off Big Brother fans day in and day out.  While that may not be entirely true, it got me to thinking.  How much of the annoying personalities, the preposterous fights, and the plain old idiocy is a result of simply being inside the Big Brother house?  It‘s not like we‘re watching these people on hidden cameras.  These people are trapped and know they are being filmed and know they‘re being watched by millions of people, a combination of circumstances that is totally unique to Big Brother.  As far as I know, there has been no scientific research done looking into how people react to such circumstances.  Clearly, the Big Brother 10 houseguests don‘t act like this when they‘re not on the show.  Would any of us viewers be that much different from the current houseguests if forced onto Big Brother?  Is houseguest behavior purely a product of their situation?  Read more »
Big Brother 10 just got better.  The turn of events in the last week, culminating in tonight‘s Head of Household competition, has been stellar.  My favorite houseguests had been eliminated (not including Jessie) and things weren‘t looking great for some of the only tolerable houseguests, but now I can breather easy.  Everything‘s  OK – from where I stand right now, Big Brother 10‘s outlook is pretty darn solid.  Nothing terribly surprising on tonight‘s Big Brother episode.  One eviction, one new Head of Household.  Read more »
Jerry, god love him, is falling apart.  Or, at least that‘s the impression I‘ve been getting.  It‘s been torturous watching the 75-year-old grandpa slowly lose his marbles inside the Big Brother house.  He has grown more irrational, lost almost all of his patience and has begun talking to himself over the past couple of weeks.  Like most viewers, my opinion of Jerry has changed drastically over the Big Brother season.  He started as the lovable old man, a father figure in the house, a calm and wise voice of reason.  Then the whole hypocritical Judas business got going, and I lost most of the respect I had for the man.  Now, after witnessing Jerry crumble to pieces, I almost feel bad.  Being on slop week after week can‘t help his state of mind.  I know I‘d be cranky in his situation.  But, my question is this:  How much should we be prepared to forgive Jerry, on account of his age and situation? Read more »
Let‘s talk about Dan.  The self-proclaimed super-conservative, Catholic School teacher, the man who thought that America wasn‘t ready for a female president.  Dan began the season as my arbitrary enemy.  More than anyone in the Big Brother house, I expected to despise Dan unrelentingly.  His biography and pre-interviews had me lathered up and ready to hate him.  Then, something strange happened.  The first couple episodes came and went, and Dan didn‘t do anything offensive.  He actually seemed like an easy-going guy, someone you could hang out with.  But, I thought, give it time – the perceived evilness would eventually show itself.  He will falter, and the monster will emerge.  I‘ve been waiting, but it still has not happened.  I like Dan.  I like Dan more than anyone else left in the house.  This was unexpected and, now, I feel weird.  Read more »
CBS is in full Big Brother mode right now.  With the cast announced and in a secure location with no contact to the outside world, CBS has released all sorts of media involving the 13 newest Big Brother houseguests.  Earlier this morning, we showed you pictures of the cast, their ages and their occupations.  Thanks to a video below, you can see some of those houseguests actually speak, and move around in a decidedly person-like manner.  However, the video that you‘ll probably be most interested in is the House Tour from Julie Chen. I say this as a person that has been mostly indifferent towards the Big Brother House re-models over the years.  But, after watching the below video of the new house, I was quite impressed.  Cool stuff. Read more »
Arbitrary predictions.  They‘re the best.  For a frame of reference, let‘s look at this little ditty I wrote about Natalie before Big Brother 9, who, prior to the start of the season, I predicted to win it all: “She‘s going to have a legion of fans among male viewers – just look at her.  It‘s going to be a surprise win by a seeming underdog, but she‘ll deserve it.”  It turned out that Natalie was one of the most unlikable Big Brother participants in the history of the show.  It‘s not all bad, though; I predicted eventual winner Adam to come in second.  Now, it‘s time once again to put on my prediction skull cap, look into the crystal ball and guess who will triumph on Big Brother 10.  The season premieres this Sunday, July 13, and now that we‘ve caught our first glimpse at the thirteen fame-starved contestants, I can make informed, yet totally arbitrary, pre-season predictions.For Big Brother 10: Completely Arbitrary Pre-Season Predictions, Part 2, Click Here Read more »
Long have I expressed my affinity for these Arbitrary Predictions.  As silly as it may seem, these Big Brother first impressions can be quite telling.  Quite often, the first impressions are right on.  The CBS casting people clearly bring in people to fill certain niches, and in doing so either further stereotypes or attempt to crush them.  Big Brother houseguests are just as often wildly different from their expected personas as they are exactly as you would assume.  Take Janelle or Daniele, two blondes who exceeded any reasonable expectations fans likely had when they first glimpsed their pictures and bios.  Then, there‘s someone like Natalie from Big Brother 9, who acted exactly how you‘d expect a bikini barista to act.  As for the Big Brother 10 cast, we won‘t know whether they fit into the persona we‘ve chosen for them until a at least a few episodes air.  With that in mind, let‘s finish up our Big Brother 10 Arbitrary Predictions.  For Big Brother 10: Completely Arbitrary Pre-Season Predictions, Part 1, Click Here Read more »
Big Brother 10 features a more exciting batch of players, and people, than Big Brother 9.  Last season, Big Brother suffered from a dearth of likable contestants, largely homogenized, who lacked the ability to drum up passionate fan interest either for or against them.  The strongest emotional pull I had last season was against Natalie, despite her terrible game play.  You know it‘s bad news when the only thing you can get mildly excited about is rooting against a bikini barista.  Big Brother 10 has, at least early on, provided some intriguing plot lines and a lot of potential for rooting interests down the road.  The next week or two might be rough, because there are a few outcasts.  But, when the large quasi-alliance eventually has to splinter, that‘s when things will get good.  We‘ll all just have to hold tight until then.  On last night‘s episode of Big Brother, Dan and Steven were nominated by Jessie.  Would one of those two save themselves by winning Power of Veto?SPOILERS AFOOT!!!  TREAD CAREFULLY – SPOILER TERRITORY APPROACHING!!! Read more »
Steven and Dan, the outcasts from the group in the early going on Big Brother 10, have found themselves up on the block.  Jessie, the body builder who insists that he is not all muscles, nominated those two, mostly because everyone else wanted him to.  Tonight‘s all important Power of Veto would be a savior to either man on the block, but I‘m not sure it‘d matter either way.  One of them will be evicted, and Jessie‘s crew seem to be content with the departure of either.  There is a faction within the Big Brother house that has ganged up on their non-alliance members, and this hasn‘t made things very fun.  I‘ll be here throughout the episode giving my thoughts as the action moves along. Read more »
Big Brother 10 has gotten off to a confounding start.  The action inside the house has been predictable and not a whole lot of fun, and yet I find myself enjoying the proceedings much more so than last season.  The houseguests are interesting, I guess, even though there‘s no one I‘m fully rooting for just yet.  There are a bundle of Big Brother 10 houseguests who aren‘t wholly likable, but aren‘t necessarily unlikable either.  The lines are blurred, and it‘s making for good television.  The fights are definitely entertaining.  Tonight‘s episode was full of conflict, but ultimately disappointing.  Read more »
The best part of being a Big Brother fan is forming strong opinions on the different houseguests, and defending your views in a public forum.  As such, everyone is entitled to their own Big Brother opinions and, though I may vehemently disagree with your assertion that April is the best person in the world, I can‘t begrudge you this opinion.  Something that‘s become quite clear since being at BuddyTV is that there are certain factions of fans who get completely defensive if you call their favorite reality show contestant anything but god‘s gift to mankind.  It‘s a frustrating trend, and one that hurts the rhetoric of civil discussion.  On Big Brother 10, I‘m afraid, there will be a number of divisive houseguests, who fans will fight venomously about.  In the second Big Brother 10 podcast, Grant and I discuss the first week and a half of episodes, some of the trends we‘re seeing in the house, and who our rooting interests are.  You‘ll find the full mp3 of our conversation below.  Read more »
Oscar Dahl is en route to Comic-Con, so I‘m taking over Big Brother 10 recapping duties for the next two episodes. Previously on Big Brother 10: bodybuilder Jessie nominated the gay cowboy Steven and the quiet Dan, who is desperately distancing himself from the evicted Brian by staying as out of the game as possible. Michelle didn‘t use the Power of Veto she won, but it did lead to a wacky game of telephone involving Keesha and Renny that led to Libra yelling at Jerry.  I‘ll be here throughout the episode with updates on tonight‘s live eviction. Read more »
The second live eviction for Big Brother 10 went off exactly as you‘d expect and continued the trend of getting rid of the strong, young men. Not much was learned in this episode, other than the fact that two strong alliances four-person alliances have formed, which could actually be good news for those three floaters in the middle.This episode of Big Brother also gave us aliens, Porno Password and a whole lot of talk about working out. Read more »
Last week, Big Brother 10 live feeds gave as a peek at the type of shallow yet ridiculously funny drama the houseguests easily get caught up with.  While Keesha‘s poop dilemma certainly added some comic relief to the show, the memorable events that rolled out on this week‘s live feeds mostly toyed with sex, slop and liposuction. Compared to last week, the second week of Big Brother 10 turned out to be quite predictable.  I was definitely rooting for more senseless drama that would make me pee in my pants from laughter.  But that was not the case.  Nevertheless, I came across a few silly stories that got me through my boredom. Read more »
Doing a power rankings this early in a Big Brother season is a recipe for disaster.  We know that alliances will change, we know that the initial interactions between the houseguests will become vastly more complicated in the coming weeks, and we know that the longer the Big Brother houseguests are cooped up in the house the crazier they will become.  However, thanks to Brian, we now know a lot about how these people will play the game.  There are innumerable iterations for how this thing could go.  But, for now, all we can do is speculate away and give our best guess.  Part one of the two part power rankings gets underway below.  Read more »
America‘s Player is back, despite the fact that no one asked for it.  Big Brother 10 is in its third week of existence, and CBS decided to throw a wrench into the somewhat heretofore satisfying season.  America‘s Player was last employed during Big Brother 8, when little man Eric Stein performed various tasks as voted on by the public, and voted to evict who America wanted him to evict.  Now, it‘s back on an experimental basis on Big Brother 10.  The difference is, of course, that Eric Stein knew he was America‘s Player when he walked into the Big Brother house.  He was mentally prepared for the job he was going to do.  This season, the America‘s Player twist is being thrust upon the houseguests with no warning.  Voting is happening right now – America chooses who they want to be America‘s Player.  Everyone in the house is eligible, and whoever is chosen will be offered the chance to become America‘s Player.  If they accept, they‘ll be given a $20,000 reward, with the chance to win more money upon completed tasks.  This brings up the question: who should we want to be America‘s Player? Read more »
A lot of game talks transpired this week on Big Brother but that‘s not really the kind of thing you look for when you‘re reading the live feeds as alliances and strategy discussions on whom to put up for nominations can sometimes be a drag especially when the houseguests rant about it over and over again.  Instead, you hope to find those unexpected situations that arise when you put together a bunch of strangers in one house.This week was not like any other week since a celebration took place to honor Renny‘s birthday. Unfortunately, what they got was an earthquake (which according to Jerry was a caused by a truck that ran into the Big Brother house).  On top of that, Big Brother didn‘t give Renny a party and didn‘t give the houseguests any booze as well. Read more »
Big Brother 10, live eviction.  Let‘s do it.  Either Jessie, the body building doofus who may or may not be gay, or Angie, the arguably attractive divorcee who‘s inexplicably disliked by the other women in the house, will be evicted in front of a live television audience tonight.  I‘m rooting for Jessie to get the boot (for obvious reasons, including my appreciation for shirts being worn), but all indications are that poor Angie will get the boot.  In addition to the eviction, we‘ll have a Head of Household competition and the result (hopefully) of the America‘s Player vote.  I‘ll be here throughout the episode updating as the results come in.  Read more »
I just can‘t get over how seemingly dumb some of these Big Brother houseguests.  When two people are nominated, and one of them is strong, annoying, and has been open about his intentions to evict a number of them, you‘d think the houseguests would have an easy decision.  Apparently not.  Jessie, the body builder who no one seems to particularly like, avoided eviction tonight in a unanimous fashion.  It wasn‘t terribly surprising, given what we‘ve seen and heard from the Big Brother house this week, but it is still disappointing.  What can you expect from the Big Brother houseguests?  They haven‘t shown to be intelligent thus far in the season. Read more »
Tonight‘s Big Brother live Head of Household challenge was an endurance competition.  You know, those ones where the players have to stand on something or hold on to something longer than everyone else in order to win. Tonight‘s challenge was called “Livin‘ on the Edge,” and it had all the players standing on a fake building facade‘s ledge.  All they had to hold onto was a metal rail.  They were pelted with wind and dust and left at a downward angle.  And, after a couple of hours, we now know who won thanks to the live feeds. It‘s a big time spoiler, so if you want to wait until Sunday‘s show to find out who the new Head of Household is, go no further.HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD SPOILER BELOW!!!  BEWARE!!! Read more »
Big Brother 10 could have been so much different. Even if we are only a few weeks into the season, I‘m already sad about all the missed opportunities.  For my money, the two smartest and most interesting houseguests were Brian and Angie, two people who became best friends and two people who have now been evicted.  It‘s all Brian‘s fault, really.  If he hadn‘t played the game so damn hard in the first week, the Brian-Angie-Steven triumvirate could have been an excellent alliance.  But, alas, it was not to be, and Angie is the latest evicted houseguest on Big Brother 10.  We had the chance to talk with Angie this morning about her time in the Big Brother.Below you will find the written transcript and the full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
Before we get into the action, here‘s a quick review of this week‘s Big Brother.  Jerry went crazy over Dan‘s betrayal and told Dan to burn in hell.  As Michelle won Head of Household, Jerry recommended putting up Dan, April advised her to nominate Libra, while Renny suggested to put up April.  In the end, however, Michelle nominated Keesha and Libra because they took out Jessie. Read more »
Who will it be tonight?  Keesha, Hooter girl extraordinaire, or Libra, source of unending conflict?  Big Brother 10 smacks us over the face with another live eviction episode tonight and I‘m hoping that the house stays where it seemingly was at the end of last episode and evicts Libra.  Nothing against Libra (I like her more than most fans seem to), but I think Keesha has a chance to go deep on Big Brother 10 if she survives tonight.  Also, I find her to be one of the few remaining houseguests that‘s at least somewhat likable.  By Thursday morning, do any of you get a nasty hankering for your weekly dose of live Julie Chen?  I know I can‘t get enough of awkward interviews presided over by robotic charisma vacuums.  It‘s one of my favorite things in the world, ranking somewhere in between Cheddar Cheese Goldfish and contracting polio.  I‘ll be here all episode, projecting my live thoughts out into the world at a medium pace. Read more »
It was a joyous occasion.  A shift of power, the likes of which can only happen on a show like Big Brother.  That, undeniably, is the greatest aspect of Big Brother.  Those in control can be thwarted.  Easily.  All it comes down to is the all important Head of Household competition.  Those HoH competitions are usually quick and dirty, fairly arbitrary, but they represent the underlying combustibility of Big Brother.  It‘s a show where house dynamics can change on a dime, where an eviction vote bleeds into an unexpected Head of Household victory and, all of a sudden, the game changes.  Renny‘s HoH win was a blessing for fans like me, who were still upset about the too-early evictions of Brian, Steven  and Angie.  The world has found balance once more, and the bad guys are now on trial.  Yes, we have spoilers.  We know who Renny has nominated, and it is glorious.  BEWARE!!! WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Read more »
For many of you, Big Brother is being bumped because of football.  For a lot of you, the Olympics have taken precedent over Big Brother.  Fine, fine.  But, tonight‘s episode should really be one you tune in to.  With Renny as the new Head of Household, the Big Brother house should get sufficiently shaken up on the way to Renny‘s nominations.  Ollie, April and Jerry, who have held court for a couple weeks, are now back on their heels.  Who will Renny nominate?  I‘ll be here throughout the episode with my live thoughts. Read more »
Renny was annoying early in the Big Brother season, then for a long while wasn‘t given much screen time.  In the last week, we‘ve begun to see more of her, in part because she is the new Head of Household.  It would be fair, I think, to call Renny the most enigmatic personality in the house.  As Jerry said tonight, she‘s often a clown.  She has that larger than life, goofy as hell personality.  She could easily be seen as a crazy older woman.  But, she‘s not dumb.  She‘s a loose cannon for sure, but she has navigated the treacherous Big Brother waters admirably.  Renny is in good shape inside the house and, as you saw tonight, is very concerned with how the others view her.  Perception is important.  Tonight‘s Big Brother saw Renny make two very important nominations. Read more »
As we prepare for another brain-smashing episode of Big Brother 10 tonight, the one question on everyone‘s mind is who will end up being the big HoH.  At the end of Thursday‘s episode, the players were thrown into an endurance competition/Aerosmith homage called "Livin‘ on the Edge."  The housemates have to stand on the fake ledge of a fake building while the sadistic CBS crew members tilt the facade in an attempt to throw them off.  Who will be the last person standing?  And wouldn‘t this be a lot funnier if they were being tossed off a real building?Aside from the HoH shenanigans, we also get to see how Dan handles being America‘s Player.  Can the Catholic school teacher keep a secret? Read more »
It was alliance versus alliance as tonight‘s episode of Big Brother 10 began.  While some of the housemates didn‘t have a strong reason to win the HoH competition, Jessie, Michelle and Memphis knew that being the last one standing on the fake building could change the course of the game.  Jessie fell to his doom fairly quickly, proving that his muscles do absolutely nothing, while Memphis was also quick to go.  Michelle managed to hang on until the bitter end, only letting go after April promised not to nominate either her or Jessie for elimination.  The problem?  New HoH April doesn‘t know how to keep a promise.  I guess they don‘t teach such things in Nebraska. Read more »
Big Brother 10, you saucy wench.  I don‘t know what to do with you.  I really don‘t.  At times, I‘ve thought you were on your way to becoming a great season.  But, too often I‘ve come away disliking a vast majority of the houseguests.  I still haven‘t written off the season, and I think some protagonists may rise up out of the pack, but I question Allison Grodner‘s seemingly desperate move that we learned about today: America‘s Player is back.  We‘ll learn about it on tonight‘s show.  If done correctly with the right houseguest, America‘s Player is a good thing.  However, it also has the potential for disaster.  I‘ll be here throughout tonight‘s episode, dropping Big Brother thoughts wherever I see fit.  Warning: I will make clear my dislike for the following people: April, Ollie, Michelle, and Jessie.  Sorry, it simply cannot be helped. Read more »
The Big Brother 10 house is nicely divided between two solid alliances of four and three stragglers.  With Keesha as the new Head of Household, will she target the other alliance?  The stragglers?  Her own alliance, as her friend Steven said he would when we talked to him after his eviction?  I‘ll be here throughout the episode with constant updates on tonight‘s episode.God bless the "previously on" Big Brother 10 packages, which cover the last three or four episodes and take up a whole bunch of time.  However, can CBS really not take 24/7 video feeds and turn them into three solid hours of good programming? Read more »
Big Brother 10 is off to some incredibly solid alliances that look to be sticking rather quickly. The Alliance of 8 responsible for Brian‘s eviction has deteriorated into two four-person alliances, with Dan, Jerry and Renny just trying to dodge the crossfire. In fact, Jerry seems to be an afterthought, someone they‘ll keep around simply because he causes no real threat.Tonight‘s Big Brother nomination episode saw Keesha throw the first punch, nominating two people from her rival four-person alliance. Read more »
This week is all about drama.  Just when I thought Big Brother 10 couldn‘t get any more ridiculous, another few days went by and the houseguests topped themselves again.  But before we get into the drama, here‘s a quick review of the week.  April won Head of Household by cutting a deal with Michelle that she and Jessie would be safe this week.  April nominated Memphis and Jessie but promised Jessie he was safe since he was being put up as a pawn.  The entire house got into an argument about who could be more annoying and Jerry won Power of Veto but kept the nominations the same.  Ultimately, Jessie was sent home and Michelle won PoV. Read more »
Jessie Godderz‘ eviction from Big Brother 10 can be blamed on America. With the vote tied 3-3, it was Dan‘s vote that decided who would go home, and as America‘s Player, he was required to go along with the will of the people, and that was for Jessie to go home.BuddyTV spoke to Jessie about his eviction from Big Brother 10. Jessie spoke about the America‘s Player twist (which he figured out during the awkward hug Dan gave him), the accusations that he‘s “arrogant” and who he thinks his good friend Michelle will try to evict now that she‘s the Head of Household. Continue reading for a full transcript or to listen to the interview. Read more »
Maybe it‘s just me, but on Big Brother, it seems that more often than not, the winner of a Head of Household competition is typically the one most affected by the recent eviction. We saw it when Keesha won after her good fried Steven was booted, and this week it happened again as Michelle won HoH shortly after her good pal Jessie was evicted.In her farewell message to Jessie, Michelle swore revenge against those responsible for his eviction. Did she live up to her word? Continue reading to find out who Michelle nominated for eviction and to read some other cool details about what‘s to come on Sunday‘s episode.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains information about Big Brother 10 not yet aired on TV. Read more »
After controlling the Big Brother house for several weeks, Libra‘s alliance is on shaky ground with Michelle winning Head of Household and vowing vengeance for her pal Jessie‘s eviction.  Tonight Big Brother 10 not only brings nominations, but many blasts from the past as former contestants help out with the food competition.I‘ll be here throughout the hour updating with my live commentary.  Of course, that won‘t be until 60 Minutes is over.  Darn live sporting events, pushing back Big Brother. Read more »
After sparring with nearly every other houseguest on Big Brother 10 and angering many viewers for leaving her newborn child to come on the show, Libra is finally in trouble. The controversial HG‘s reign of dominance came to a halt after her plan to oust Jessie succeeded, making her the primary target of Michelle, who happened to win the Head of Household.Tonight‘s Big Brother 10 episode features a huge fight, lots of self-righteousness, returning houseguests, and two not-so-surprising nominees. Read more »
Vanquished foes can sadden a reality TV fan.  For the veteran reality television watcher, it‘s often not enough just to have a rooting interest.  You have to have a worthy enemy, someone you can wholeheartedly root against, someone who boils your blood and draws your constant ire.  Every season of every reality show I watch, I search for my nemesis.  When there‘s a good one, it makes the season significantly more entertaining.  On Big Brother 10, that person was Jessie.  Big Brother has a number of vaguely unlikable contestants this season, but Jessie was the one whose presence was a monstrous thorn in my side.  Everything he did, everything he said – it all enraged me.  And now he‘s gone, and I miss him.  Big Brother doesn‘t feel complete without him.  Just thought you‘d like to know.  Anyways, we have some interesting Power of Veto spoilers for you today.  You know, if that‘s something you might be interested him.  SPOILERS, SPOILERS, SPOILERS!!!   Read more »
Tired of watching Synchronized Diving and the 10 Meter Air Rifle?  Take a break from those silly Olympic Games and join me in watching something truly meaningful, something that we, as a nation, will be talking about for generations and generations.  Who cares about competition between the greatest athletes known to man, brought together for all the world to watch, playing for national pride and triumph?  Give me people dressed in unitards competing for the right to eat food inside an air-conditioned house.  That‘s right, screw you, Olympics.  Big Brother is here.  It‘s been a few episodes, but I‘m finally back on the Big Brother beat, and I‘m excited as hell (in case you were wondering, I was hunting a rare type of three-toed sloth in the mountains of Tazmania, using only a rustic set of bow and arrows, for the last week and a was fun).  Tonight, we‘ll see if either Libra or Keesha can manage to get off the block by means of that slippery Power of Veto.  I‘ll be here throughout the episode spewing live thoughts all over these here internet tubes.  Read more »
Madness, I say.  These people, these Big Brother 10 houseguests, are capable of anything.  The arguments within the Big Brother house have increased in frequency over the course of the season and now it seems that they will find any excuse to enjoy a good brouhaha.  Tonight, the most baffling of shouting matches came from the most innocent of comments, and the result was a full-on house war.  So, there you go Libra – that‘s what you get for making a pretty good joke.  Michelle and Keesha either have no sense of humor or their time in the house has dulled their senses considerably.  I‘m guessing it‘s the latter.  One‘s ability to think rationally gets absolutely curb-kicked with time spent in the Big Brother house.  Tonight‘s Power of Veto episode also left us with the most off-handed “Judas” references in the history of episodic television.  Read more »
Big Brother 10 has gotten off to a nice little start, hasn‘t it?  The season premiere had its stale moments, but that‘s to be expected – there‘s a lot of exposition, a lot of meet and greet to get out of the way.  But episode two, man, Big Brother 10 is already in full gear.  I can‘t remember houseguests playing the game so aggressively so early in the season.  If the whole season goes at this breakneck speed, we‘re in for a treat.  Tonight we have our first Big Brother live eviction of the season.  It‘s between Brian and Renny.  From the looks of it, Brian will likely be given the ol‘ boot, but this is Big Brother.  It‘s fluid, and I wouldn‘t be surprised if Renny walked out that front door tonight.  I‘ll be here throughout the hour with my live thoughts and musings.  Read more »
Jumping into the time machine.  Steven is unceremoniously evicted from the Big Brother house.  His BFF, the loverly Hooters girl Keesha, promptly comes out and wins the Head of Household.  Michelle, having watched her muscle-saturated crush Jessie saunter out of the Big Brother house, goes out and wins the Head of Household.  Tomorrow, April will almost certainly be evicted in a near-unanimous fashion.  She is inextricably linked to her partner in hanky-panky crime, Ollie.  If the pattern continues, Ollie will come out and triumphantly win a very important Head of Household competition.  This begs two questions:  1) Does the revenge factor give players extra motivation and a better chance to win the Head of Household?  2) If Ollie does indeed win HoH, who will he target and nominate?  Read more »
I‘ve been cruel to April since the season began.  If you go on a show like Big Brother, you open yourself up to scorn and criticism.  It‘s just the nature of reality television.  There is no alternative but to judge and be judged.  Unfortunately for April, she did absolutely nothing to acquire the good graces of the general public.  Sure, there are some April apologists out there, but you are vastly outnumbered by the April haters.  This is fine - don‘t take it personal.  Some Big Brother houseguests rub me the wrong way.  April is assuredly one of them.  I will not be sad when she is (almost certainly) evicted tonight.  Nor will I jump for joy.  I will be completely indifferent, for it is with a heavy heart that I wish farewell to a legitimate foe. I may not have liked April, but it‘s always nice to have an enemy around in the house.  Now who do I root against?  The defenseless and possibly senile old guy?  That‘s no fun.I‘ll be here throughout the live eviction episode, updating with my live musings and vote results. Please feel free to smack talk your fellow man in the comment section below.  Read more »
As Big Brother is wont to do, tonight‘s live eviction episode featured a endurance Head of Household challenge.  This means that, if you were to only keep track of Big Brother via CBS, you wouldn‘t get to know who wins the HoH until Sunday night‘s episode.  However, thanks to the wonder of the Big Brother live feeds, we can keep track of the challenge, and let you know who comes out on top.  I‘m going to update this page throughout the evening, as the the players drop out.  TOnight‘s Big Brother HoH challenge is entitled "King of the Jungle."  The players have to hold on to a vine.  THey are rained on and slammed into a wall.  WHoever stays on the longest wins.  Simple.  !!!!!!!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!! Read more »
Nothing really happens in the Big Brother Live Eviction episodes.  You have some highlights from the last couple days, mostly involving the nominees campaigning for votes.  Then you have a lot of pointless interviews, conducted by the incomparable Julie Chen.  Finally, there‘s the live vote (and we all usually know how that‘s going to turn out).  Then, the interview with the evicted houseguest, and finally the live Head of Household competition.  There‘s a lot of action, yes, but not a lot of drama.  The storytelling that‘s so central to the nomination and Power of Veto Big Brother episodes is largely absent in the live eviction episodes.  That‘s all right – I enjoy the live eviction episodes just fine.  It‘s just that, frankly, there‘s never a whole lot to talk about afterwards.  Read more »
Before anything else, let‘s recap this week‘s Big Brother: Renny won Head of Household (HoH), which calmed Keesha, Memphis and Dan as she immediately drew a target on April.  And although Renny‘s alliance wanted her to nominate Ollie in order to break up the showmance, she decided to nominate Jerry instead as payback for putting her up on the block all those weeks ago.   As for Dan, he finally decided to stop throwing the competition and eventually won the Power of Veto (PoV). In a last ditch effort to save herself, April tried convince Dan to use the veto on her by offering him some cash but Dan opted not to use the veto and still dropped the bomb that someone tried to offer him cash. Read more »
This introduction is a little bit difficult, because not only am I spoiling the nominations, I‘m spoiling the Head of Household.  Usually at this point the average CBS Big Brother watcher knows who the new Head of Household is, so I can discuss something about that person here in this first paragraph.  But, thanks to the endurance HoH competition, those who only watch the prime time episodes have absolutely no idea who won the Head of Household.  We published a HoH spoiler article last night, where we updated throughout the endurance competition until the bitter end.  So, if you want to go into Sunday night‘s episode cold and want to be surprised by what happens, stop right here.SPOILERS ARE AHEAD!!!  PLEASE, STAY BACK, RELAX!!! Read more »
We‘re getting to the stretch run here on Big Brother 10.  The season has flown by mighty fast, and the final end game is beginning to crystallize.  There is nothing set in stone, of course, bu the players have separated themselves from the floaters.  At this point, I see no way Jerry or Michelle win this game.  Weirdly, I think that Ollie has a fighting chance, even though his showmance April has been sent to the purgatory of sequester.  Tonight brings us the finale of Thursday‘s endurance Head of Household competition.  CBS loves the endurance HoH‘s, because it gives them up to fifteen minutes of filler at the beginning of the nominations episode.  Expect the filler in full force tonight, as well as the new HoH‘s nominations.  I‘ll be here for the entire episode, knee-capping the masses with my inane thoughts.  Do enjoy.  Read more »
Big Brother 10 just had its best episode of the season.  Tonight‘s was my favorite episode of the season.  There was a ton of gameplay, battles of wits, temptation, uncertainty and it ended with the most intriguing nominations we‘ve seen thus far on this season of Big Brother.  Not everyone will agree with me, and probably not everyone enjoyed the episode.  It depends on how you feel about Dan.  He‘s turned himself into a poor man‘s Will Kirby.  Whether his intentions are exactly as he claims they are in the Diary Room is up for debate, but you have to give him one thing: he‘s playing the game.  He‘s taking chances.  We‘ll see over the next couple weeks if they work out or not.  Read more »
Dan did not make a mistake last night.  His deal with Ollie might just win him $500,000.  Everyone out there saying that the deal was the worst in Big Brother history are looking at it with blinders.  If looking at it in a one-week vacuum, then of course it was an awful deal for Dan.  But that was the point.  The biggest mistake Big Brother houseguests make is playing the game on a pure week-to-week basis, which often hurts their long-term game play.  Dan is thinking long-term, and I suspect he‘ll be rewarded for it.  Dan is showing a Will Kirby-esque talent for manipulating the rest of the Big Brother house.  He is consciously sculpting the way others view him, and he‘s done so by feigning weakness.  Last night‘s deal with Ollie gave Dan the Head of Household in a way that will cause the least resistance possible.  It was quite a feat if viewed in the correct light. Read more »
I went on record earlier today saying that Dan will be vindicated for the deal he made with Ollie.  Now, we have a much better idea if that will actually be the case.  The Power of Veto competition and ceremony are over.  Dan went out on a limb with the deal he made, and a lot of Big Brother fans were quick to call him stupid.  Whether or not this is the case is up for debate, but at least it‘s fun to watch.  Dan is playing a different game than any other Big Brother player ever.  His tactics are peculiar.  I‘d argue their ingenious.  The next month will give us a verdict.  No matter what ultimately happens, I‘m enjoying the Dan era on Big Brother.VERY IMPORTANT AND SPOILERY POV SPOILERS BELOW!!!   Read more »
I expect tonight‘s episode of Big Brother to be thoroughly entertaining.  Jerry and April, now nominated, going toe to toe, campaigning, squirming.  Yeah, that‘ll be fun.  I‘m most interested in how Jerry reacts.  There‘s a very good chance he just folds.  He‘s in his seventies, has been on slop forever, and likely has no energy to attempt to save himself.  It will be a massive indictment of April‘s character if she, competing against an elderly lump like Jerry, is unable to save herself.  But, let‘s not get ahead of ourselves.  Tonight‘s Big Brother holds the Power of Veto competition and ceremony.  An April, Jerry or Ollie victory would produce fear and chaos house-wide.  Regardless of what happens, I predict there will be yelling, unnecessary bikini shots, enough April-Ollie cuddling for me to curb my own head on my desk and at least one wildly inappropriate comment for Jerry.  I‘ll be here with my live ramblings all episode. Read more »
The result of Big Brother 10 might hinge on who wins the Head of Household this Thursday.  There are two strong-ish alliances right now (Ollie-April-Jerry and Dan-Memphis-Keesha) with two free agents (Renny and Michelle) roaming the house.  Depending on who wins the Head of Household, those free agents will probably choose a side or be forced to take one.  Ollie will likely find himself alone next week, and he can either play the game and change or crawl into his turtle shell and mourn his true love‘s departure.  Tonight‘s Big Brother episode sealed the fate of one houseguest, as the Power of Veto was not used.  Read more »
Big Brother is down to eight players, four men and four women.  They are a diverse group, in age and in demeanor.  By this point, Big Brother fans have formed opinions on each houseguest, and likewise have a general feel for how each plays the game.  Big Brother is an inherently dynamic game, each new week containing the potential for a massive power shift.  Any predictions are, therefore, an inexact science.  So, in lieu of actual predictions, which will inevitably be false, we‘re going to give odds of winning for each of the remaining eight houseguests, starting today with the remaining female houseguests.  Think of these as Vegas odds, or horse track odds, whatever works for you. Read more »
Big Brother 10 provides us fans with an endless stream of discussion topics.  Everyone has their favorite houseguests, the ones they absolutely despise, a prediction on how the season will play out, and their own very personal reason for disliking Julie Chen.  Every single fan of Big Brother has opinions.  In this way, Big Brother is different from most shows, even the popular reality ones.  American Idol fans can take in episodes without holding strong opinions, and enjoy it merely for the singing and the spectacle.  Survivor fandom is predicated on how CBS decides to edit each episode, and thus makes it much easier (and common) for fans to change opinions throughout the season.  Dancing with the Stars is just plain goofy.  With Big Brother, rabid fandom comes with the requirement to take hard-line stances, to root for houseguests with much gusto and to root against houseguests with strong vehemence.  Read more »
Is this the most important Power of Veto episode of the year?  Probably.  There is so much potential for Big Brother house combustion tonight that I can barely stand it.  Dan and Ollie‘s deal will pop back into the fold in some way, shape or form, and the Memphis nomination will surely test the strength of the Dan-Keesha-Memphis-Renny alliance.  Will Dan have second thoughts about his deal?  I‘m literally shaking with anticipation right now (although, I did just pound enough coffee to give a small child a seizure).  The ultimate outcome of Big Brother 10 will be greatly affected by the events of tonight‘s episode.  For all you west coasters who will be pre-empted by the Democratic National Convention tonight, just follow along with the live thoughts - it‘s pretty much exactly like watching the show, except I occasionally use big words.  Read more »
Dan has become the star of Big Brother 10.  After tonight‘s episode, there is absolutely no doubt about it.  Whether it works or not, Dan is playing the game of Big Brother on an entirely different plane than the rest of the house.  At times tonight, it felt like Dan wasn‘t even concerned with helping himself out in the game – he was just there to amuse himself and shuffle the other houseguests around like pawns in a lopsided chess game.  He has become like Will Kirby, almost as devious as the good doctor, only less open about it.  It would be a monumental tragedy if Dan were to somehow get evicted in the second of the two evictions Thursday.  Even if you aren‘t rooting for him, he‘s sure fun to have around.  Read more »
Last night‘s episode of Big Brother was unique in that the editors didn‘t attempt to wring drama from what Dan might do with the replacement nomination.  The focus was on how he would do it.  Dan, from the very beginning of the episode, made it clear that he would not keep with his deal, and that he would be nominating Michelle if and when the Power of Veto was used.  As the events progressed, Dan‘s major decision was already made, but an even more important one hung in the balance – how would he break the news to Ollie?  Dan could have easily told Ollie beforehand in order to soften the blow, but he opted to make a bombastic, slightly arrogant speech.  What Dan did was probably the best move he could have made.  Read more »
Tonight‘s Big Brother live eviction episode is actually a double eviction episode, which means more fun for everyone.  The masses tend to rejoice when the double eviction episode comes along every year, because it brings us the most exciting episode of the Big Brother season.  There is no filler, as Big Brother fits a week‘s worth of events into one puny hour of television.  The episode tonight will begin with the first live vote, follow with the Head of Household competition, then the nominations, then the Power of Veto competition, the Power of Veto ceremony and, finally, the second live vote.  Tons of fun.  Anyway, considering what we know now, I thought it‘d be fun to take a gander at the possible nomination scenarios for the second vote tonight, depending upon who wins the Head of Household.  Read more »
Are we all ready for the most exciting Big Brother episode of the season?  The build-up over the last couple of weeks has been perfect for a quick double eviction episode.  No one should be particularly caught off guard when Ms. Chenbot 3000 informs the remaining houseguests of the plan.  All the players have their allegiances in check, and feelings have already been hurt.  Ollie will surely attempt to exact revenge on Dan and his reneging ways, while the holy triumvirate of Keesha, Dan and Memphis will likely want to oust Ollie before things get too unbearable inside the house.  Then you have the two oldies, Renny and Jerry; if either of them win the Head of Household tonight, be on your toes.  Who knows what could happen?  I‘ll be here for the entire hour, retching my thoughts onto the internets in pixellated form.  Read more »
It came and then it went, and I shrugged my shoulders.  You just have to tip your cap to the long-term Big Brother alliance of Dan, Keesha, Memphis and Renny.  They stuck together, trusted one another (to a point) and here they are, four of the final five houseguests.  Dan‘s tenacity in playing the game his way surely helped, but they all played their parts.  It‘s hard to accuse any of those four of being floaters, of being hangers-on, because they all did what had to be done, and have now been rewarded for it.  Tonight‘s Big Brother was non-stop, but because of what happened in the Head of Household challenge and then the Power of Veto challenge, the end result was inevitable.  We all knew what was going to happen about 25 minutes out. Read more »
It was a very, very busy day for the Big Brother 10 houseguests. The double eviction episode saw Michelle go home, Keesha win Head of Household, Ollie and Jerry getting nominated, Dan winning Power of Veto and not using it, and then Ollie going home. As if two evictions in one night weren‘t enough, Big Brother also had two HoH ceremonies in a single night.That‘s right, shortly after the show ended, they held the HoH competition and it‘s already over, making you wonder why the show decided not to cram it into tonight‘s episode as well. Either way, read no further if you want to wait until Sunday, though you probably don‘t.SPOILER WARNING: NEW HOH REVEALED!!! Read more »
From the dawn of time, reality television contestants have taken things too personally.  It‘s a natural law, like gravity.  Survivor was likely the catalyst, where players set the precedent early on: it was OK, encouraged even, to become irate when someone “wronged” you by playing the game they were supposed to be playing.  What some still fail to understand is that betrayal is an inevitable part of shows like Survivor and Big Brother.  Not only that, it‘s their currency.  The rules require players to lie and backstab; there would be no show otherwise.  I can understand contestants in the first few seasons of their respective shows being taken aback by such seemingly amoral behavior.  But, now?  Is it really reasonable for people who are intimately familiar with how a game like Big Brother is played to get irrationally upset over things that have been repeated, over and over again, on that very same show?  Read more »
This week‘s live feeds were kind of like watching a Big Brother show within a Big Brother show.  A lot of unexpected things happened in the house and crazy would certainly be an understatement to describe it.  But before anything else, let‘s recap. Dan made the strangest deal with Ollie as the last two standing during the Head of Household (HoH) competition which involved Dan promising to protect Ollie and Michelle, Ollie picking someone to go up on the block and Ollie picking the replacement if the Power of Veto (PoV) is used. (Ollie wasn‘t even asking for that sweet deal and Dan just offered it up on a platter.)  Eventually, Dan won HoH, formed a secret alliance with Memphis, and named themselves the Renegades, which ironically means traitors.  Dan and Ollie agreed on nominating Jerry and Memphis but when Memphis won PoV, he took himself off the block, giving Dan the chance to put up Michelle as a replacement.  Shortly after, all hell broke loose. Read more »
Michelle was a fighter.  While many (including me in certain (OK, most) cases), found Michelle grating on Big Brother, she didn‘t back down.  Sure, she may have had a quick fuse, and she may have said some inappropriate things, and she may wrongly accused Dan of being a plant, but that‘s all Big Brother produced nonsense.  Michelle has spark, Michelle‘s got personality.  I guarantee that if I, or most anyone else, met Michelle in a social, non-reality TV setting, I would like her immensely.  If she‘s not competing against you, I bet she‘s a barrel of fun.  Unfortunately for her, Michelle was the first of two houseguests eliminated on Big Brother last night.  Today, we were fortunate enough to be able to conduct an e-mail interview with her.  You can find Michelle‘s completely unedited answers below.  Read more »
Ollie, oh Ollie.  I‘m not sure what kind of legacy the Son of a Preacher Man will leave on Big Brother, but it probably won‘t be positive.  And, you know what, that‘s unfortunate.  Under a different set of circumstances, Ollie might have been a fan favorite.  We never got to see the real Ollie, or at least a laid back, stress-free Ollie.  He was either being April‘s lap dog, or scrapping for his Big Brother life.  If April hadn‘t been in the Big Brother house, Ollie likely would have been portrayed and viewed by the audience in a wildly different manner.  Oh, well.  Ollie was the second houseguest voted out of the house last night.  Today, we conducted an e-mail interview with him.  Below you will find Ollie‘s full unedited answers.  Read more »
This is one of those silly spoiler articles where I have to ramble in this here first paragraph.  Because of the accelerated Big Brother schedule due to yesterday‘s double eviction episode, you TV-only Big Brother fans still do not know who the new Head of Household is.  If you‘d like to know who it is, we posted that spoiler here yesterday.  Now, we also know who the Head of Household nominated.  Because I want to give literally nothing away right now, I‘ll say only this: Big Brother 10 has probably been the best Big Brother season I‘ve witnessed since I began seriously watching the show during season 7.  And, we‘re not even done yet.  Given the final five that we currently have, conflict will have to arise from places where there once was none.  Who will turn on whom?  More importantly, who did the HoH nominate today?BEWARE!!!  THERE ARE BOTH HOH AND NOMINATION SPOILERS AHEAD!!! SO, YOU KNOW, YOU‘RE, LIKE, WARNED!!!! Read more »
This is not your typical Sunday night Big Brother episode.  We have an all-important Head of Household competition, plus nominations.  It‘s pretty much Jerry versus the remainder of the Big Brother house at this point.  I can‘t imagine that the four-person power alliance will go at each other just yet.  If any of them win, I‘ll bet they make Jerry the target and try to enjoy a stress-free week.  However, since this is Big Brother, that probably won‘t happen.  I‘ll be here throughout the hour on this holiday Sunday.  Enjoy.  Read more »
Those double eviction episodes make the Big Brother house seem real empty real fast.  With Ollie and Michelle gonzo, there‘s also very little in the way of in-house conflict.  As tonight‘s episode so cunningly showed, the biggest source of contention among the houseguests is Jerry and his long-winded, pointless stories.  Big Brother spent five minutes of tonight‘s episode dissecting Keesha‘s laugh.  You know CBS is struggling for usable footage.  This is the bad thing about alliances being successful – the last few weeks can be boring.  Not only did tonight‘s episode have the usual nominations, but we got the added bonus of a Head of Household competition.  Read more »
It‘d be difficult, really, to script the last few weeks of Big Brother any better. It‘s been exciting almost every episode, the drama has been intense, the competitions have all mattered a great deal, and the people I‘ve been rooting for keep coming out on top.  Keesha, Memphis, Dan and Renny probably couldn‘t have planned it out any better, it all culminating in the one-two eviction punch last Thursday of Ollie and Michelle, the alliance‘s two most formidable opponents.  And then, when it all looks like smooth sailing, Jerry wins the Head of Household.  The odds on that happening were somewhere around 200 to 1.  But, Jerry made this week fun in the only way it could be – with uncertainty looming.  We now know what has gone down in the Power of Veto competition and ceremony.  Turn around if such things do not interest you.  SPOILERS BELOW, BE SCARED, TURN BACK, DON‘T BITE THE APPLE!!! Read more »
Jerry, my man.  I loved Jerry before the season started, and at the beginning of Big Brother 10.  Then came the whole Judas debacle, and I soured on the old guy.  But, recently, I‘ve hopped back on the bandwagon, most likely because of his slow descent into madness that the Big Brother house has flung him down.  He‘s really just a harmless old codger who tells horrible stories and is generally unaware of his surroundings.   But, does he have any chance at winning Big Brother?  Can he make it to the final jury vote? The below story contains spoilers for those who haven‘t watched tonight‘s Power of Veto episode.  GO NO FURTHER IF YOU DON‘T WANT VETO RUINED!!!! Read more »
Let it be said: Oscar and I differ on our feelings for the oldest Big Brother player this season.  My love for Jerry ended as quickly as it started this season.  He‘s been ranting and raving, screaming and judging, so much that it appears he‘s permanently lost his voice.  When he won HOH on Sunday night, I was pretty surprised that he was able to prevail over the alliance of 4 but it was no surprise at all when Dan and Keesha went up on the block.  It‘s looking pretty bad for The Renegades, Dan and Memphis, but I have faith in my boys.  Tonight‘s POV competition is probably the most important of the season and it will definitely be interesting to see who ends up controlling the game.  I‘ll be here all hour, covering the show live and updating throughout so read on, keep refreshing, and let us know your thoughts, too! Read more »
Well, when it comes to Big Brother, the saying really holds true: "Expect the unexpected".  Who would have predicted that, on Sunday night, Jerry would win HOH when it mattered most?  It seemed that Dan and Memphis would be his targets but Memphis is quite the little deal maker.  He shook hands and agreed to go with Jerry to final two when we‘re all pretty sure he has no intention of keeping that promise.  Memphis kept himself off the block but Dan still went up against Keesha.  Tonight‘s POV competition was perhaps the most important of the season, as nobody felt safe.  Read on to find out who won, who‘s safe, and who‘s in danger of being evicted. Read more »
We are now less than two weeks away from Big Brother 10‘s season finale.  It has been a successful season, enjoyed by fans and receiving steady ratings throughout the season.  By all indications, Big Brother will be back for an eleventh season, most likely next summer.  With only a handful of episodes left, it is now time to take stock of what made Big Brother 10 a good season, and how CBS and Allison Grodner can improve the series for its eleventh go-around.  Big Brother is an ever-evolving show, a little more so than your average reality competition series.  Every season is a learning experience and, given the events of Big Brother 10, there are a few things that CBS should should take away from the season as they prepare for Big Brother 11.Also, check out How CBS Can Improve ‘Big Brother‘ for ‘Big Brother 11‘ Read more »
Television executives aren‘t stupid.  Oftentimes, they may seem like it.  But, trust me, they‘re not.  This does not mean that they don‘t make a lot of horrible, horrible decisions.  Because they do, all the time.  TV is a high-stakes business, where millions of dollars are often pumped into series that turn out to be abject failures.  It‘s a business where shows that seem like absolute slam dunks crash and burn and after-thoughts meant to be schedule fillers set the world on fire.  You can‘t ever predict what will catch on with the general public.  Likewise, you never know how changes to long-running shows will be digested by that show‘s fans.  Big Brother has evolved over the years.  Changes have been made pretty much every season, sometimes significant ones, and the results, predictably, have been mixed.  Nonetheless, shows can always improve, and I‘ve got some ideas how on Big Brother could better itself next year when Big Brother 11 (in all likelihood) premieres. Also, check out What CBS Should Learn from ‘Big Brother 10‘ Read more »
After tonight‘s Big Brother episode, there will be four houseguests left.  If you‘ve been paying attention to the live feeds (or simply watching Big Brother), you probably have a good idea of who will be bounced at tonight‘s live eviction episode.  That being the case, it seemed like a good time to look at how the final jury vote might shake out in a few different final two scenarios.  Of course, this is enormously speculative, but it also gives us a good idea where the favorites might stand in a final jury vote on Big Brother 10.  MINOR, SPECULATIVE SPOILERS BELOW!!! PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! Read more »
Big Brother, nearing the end, is on the verge of a victorious alliance.  One could already make the argument that an alliance has already won.  Keesha, Dan, Memphis and Renny have worked as a fearsome foursome for some time, and have more or less come out victorious.  I‘d like to say that it was a surprise, and that tons of luck was involved, but I‘m not convinced that‘s the case.  Those were, arguably, the four best players in the game on Big Brother 10, and they deserve the success they‘ve attained.  Soon, the alliance will have to start to eat their own, and that‘s what I am looking forward to.  I‘ll be here throughout tonight‘s episode, dropping thought bombs on an unsuspecting public.  Feel free to read along and (possibly) find ultimate contentment. Read more »
The episode ended with a big fat man sitting on a chest, speaking in a foreign language (sorry, was that Polynesian?  Japanese?).  So, that was a little weird.  But, besides that little bit of surrealism at the end of the night, Big Brother went off pretty much as expected tonight.  We are left with four people, three of whom have a chance to win $500,000.  Guess who doesn‘t have that chance?  I‘ll give you a hint – he‘s kind of old.  In other news, Julie Chen looked like she was about to embark on a luxury fake safari, and Keesha dropped two tons of cleave on an unsuspecting American populace.  I‘ll say one thing about tonight‘s Big Brother – it was far more entertaining than John McCain‘s speech.  Read more »
Before anything else, let‘s recap this week‘s Big Brother.  The alliance of Dan, Memphis, Renny and Keesha worked just as planned to send Michelle home.  Keesha won Head of Household (HoH) and nominated Jerry and Ollie while Dan won the Power of Veto (PoV) and opted not to use it so Ollie was evicted, leaving Jerry to fend for himself.  But in an unexpected twist, Jerry won HoH and immediately set his sights on Dan with Keesha up on the block as a pawn.  Memphis went to ask Jerry to keep Dan off the block, but instead made an alliance with Jerry to the final 2 and then made the same alliance with Keesha as well.  Luckily, Memphis earned the PoV and used it on Dan just in time for his birthday so Jerry was forced to replace Dan with Renny. Read more »
After all that we‘ve seen on Big Brother, it is near impossible to dislike Renny.  Call her annoying, call her insane, call her volatile, whatever, Renny‘s overarching goodness is difficult to ignore.  The New Orleans lady about town played a solid game, putting forth a veiled sort of intelligence.  Renny knows people, and generally held all the right suspicions about her fellow houseguests, especially later in the Big Brother season.  Her presence will be missed, though I‘d love some footage of Renny defending Keesha‘s honor in the jury house.  Renny kindly answered some email questions we sent her before making the long trek to the jury house.  You will find the answers, unedited and in their entirety, below.  Read more »
You know what sticks in my craw?  People who have absolutely zero self-awareness and have the gall to talk smack about others in a manner they should reserve only for themselves.  When people like this show their mean-spirited selves and inexplicably say horrible things about largely innocent people, they are actually usually talking about themselves.  When April, on last night‘s Big Brother, laid the verbal beat down on Keesha, joined by inept partner in crime Michelle, my jaw dropped.  You‘d think that whatever issue she has with Keesha (I still don‘t know why the hatred exists), would have dissipated after a couple weeks.  But, then came the real bombshell – April went on a diatribe on how ashamed some houseguests (read: Keesha) will be once they exit the Big Brother house, and how she‘s proud of herself because of how wonderfully she must have been portrayed on Big Brother.  April, meet narcissism.  Read more »
Big Brother 10 teased us last night with a glimpse of a new luxury challenge, in the form of a big ol‘ fat sumo guy sitting on a clue.  It was pretty cool, definitely silly, and Julie Chen told the audience that the competition would result in a trip for one of the houseguests.  They‘d get to leave the Big Brother house which, at this juncture, will probably feel like the greatest vacation ever.  Now we know who won the competition, and where they‘ll get to go, but that‘s not the story.  What‘s important is how absolutely ridiculous the competition was.  Read on for more information.COMPLETELY INSANE SPOILERS BELOW!!!! Read more »
Today, Head of Household Dan nominated two houseguests for eviction in the Big Brother 10 house in what is surely the most useless nomination ceremony ever. I‘m not saying this week isn‘t important, but when you‘re down to the final four, it‘s really the Power of Veto that is important. Whoever wins that will have the power to decide who will really be nominated and who will go home.So regardless of which two out of three Dan put on the block, all three will be gunning for PoV, as it‘s the only guarantee, unless Dan wins it, at which point he can change his nominees if he so chooses.SPOILER WARNING: BIG BROTHER 10 NOMINATIONS REVEALED Read more »
Big Brother 10, the finish line is in sight.  Four humans remain inside the Big Brother house, only one of whom has seen the 1960‘s.  Jerry‘s inexplicable ability to remain in the Big Brother house is almost awe-inspiring in its madness.  He shouldn‘t be there, it makes little sense, but there he is, waddling around and telling stories.  Memphis and Dan decided to toss away the New Orleans social butterfly Renny, and keep their alliance partner Renny on Thursday.  Dan won the latest Head of Household, and tonight he will decide who is put up on the block, though it matters not – the only competition of worth this week is the Power of Veto. Read more »
Big Brother doesn‘t need to have nominations in the final four.  Really, they don‘t, and it‘s pretty remarkable that CBS continues to insist on holding them.  No matter who Dan chose to nominate tonight as the Head of Household, the Power of Veto competition was the only thing that matters because it will give the winner the choice of who to evict.  OK, well, that‘s not exactly true.  If Dan as HoH wins the Power of Veto, he can decide who is on the block, but not how the one safe non-HOH votes.  So, in a way, the Big Brother final four nominations are a tiny bit important, but still not enough to revolve a whole episode around.  Tonight‘s Big Brother featured a bizarre luxury competition that will likely swing some jury votes one way or another.  Read more »
Dan, while it can be argued whether or not he‘s played the best game on Big Brother 10, has undoubtedly played the most active game.  He‘s looked for every tiny advantage available, shrewdly doing his very best to manipulate the action in his favor.  He‘s taken some risks and, in a testament to his intelligence, they‘ve all worked out thus far.  However, his latest bit of gameplay – deciding to take Michelle with him to a private beach without telling his current housemates – has high backfire potential.  When it comes to an action that might easily offend your Big Brother houseguests, honestly is generally the best policy.  While Dan hasn‘t out and out lied to Memphis, Keesha and Jerry, him taking Michelle to the beach is a sin of omission, and one that might very well cost him $500,000.  Read more »
One week from today, Big Brother 10 will come to an end.  Unlike some previous seasons, fans need not worry that this will be the final Big Brother season ever; CBS has already begun casting for Big Brother 11.  We can enjoy the season that has passed, a worthy return to form after a rocky couple of years in the Big Brother universe.  Big Brother 10 has housed less despicable contestants than season‘s past, and has gone about its way in an unassuming, no-frills/no-twists manner much to the delight of Big Brother purists.  By the end of tonight, there will only be three houseguests remaining inside the house.  Since the Power of Veto winner has been crowned already, we can better analyze and predict what might go down in tonight‘s all important and special Tuesday eviction episode. SPOOOOOOOOOIIIIIILEEEERS!!!!! Read more »
Dan seems to be sittin‘ pretty right now in the game of Big Brother.  He is HOH, he won a luxury trip with a jury member, and he and Memphis are looking good to win tonight‘s POV competition.  They better because I want to see The Renegades sitting next to each other to battle it out for those final jury votes next Tuesday night.  On tonight‘s episode, we‘ll find out what happens when Dan takes Michelle out of the jury house and to a private beach for the day.  Those two definitely have a lot to talk about!    Tonight will also feature a POV competition that will keep us talking all week.  It‘s certainly one of the most important competitions of the entire season and I‘ll be here all hour covering the episode live.  Make sure to keep refreshing and post your thoughts, too! Read more »
Isn‘t Dan a Catholic school teacher?  Boy, he had everybody fooled early in the game.  Everyone assumed that because he had a strong religious upbringing and has worked with children, that he would be a stand up, trustworthy player.  Boy, were they wrong!  This is Big Brother, people, and nobody gets ahead in this game by being an honest person.  You have to lie and manipulate, just like Survivor.  There‘s almost no way of getting around it.  During my live coverage of the show tonight, I said that Dan is the greatest Big Brother player since Dr. Will and some fans say - he‘s even better!  Here‘s a look at tonight‘s recap and the moves Dan made to win himself this game.** WARNING!  ROUND 1 HOH SPOILERS BELOW!  ** Read more »
Big Brother 10 now only has three houseguests.  Tonight‘s live Power of Veto episode was a sad one, at least for me.  For those of you who are waiting for the west coast airing of Big Brother tonight, I won‘t give anything away.  I‘ll only say that the results have left me very upset.  In addition to the live Power of Veto ceremony and subsequent eviction, the final three began the final, three part Head of Household competition.  Given the make-up of the final three, the audience probably has a pretty good idea of what the final result will be come Thursday, when the final in-house eviction takes place.  The first part of the Head of Household started, and even though it was an endurance competition, it has already ended.  Read into that what you will.SPOILERS OF GREAT IMPORT CAN BE FOUND BELOW!!!!  STEP BACK IF SPOILERS FRIGHTEN YOU!!!! Read more »
Memphis and Dan, you know, they probably did the right thing getting rid of Keesha.  Jerry has almost zero chance beating either Renegade in the final multi-part Head of Household competition, whereas Keesha may have had a fighting chance.  But, that doesn‘t make it right.  In all likelihood, they would have won out over Keesha.  Might as well let her stay in the game.  They were all friends and, even if they don‘t want to admit it, Keesha was a key cog in the alliance that got them this far on Big Brother 10.  Keesha was kind enough to complete an email interview with us today after she was evicted from the Big Brother house.  You can read the full and unedited transcript below.  Read more »
Part 2 of the Head of Household is over.  Yep, it‘s done.  I won‘t ruin whether the season is done just yet, because you know that Jerry is the target of Dan and Memphis.  The spoilers are below.  In part 2 of Big Brother 10‘s final Head of Household, Memphis faced off against Jerry.  Young against old.  Lucid against the slightly mad.  The odds on Jerry winning coming into the day had to be abysmally low.  Generally, the second leg of the final Big Brother Head of Household challenge is a physical one.  If that was to be the case, Jerry‘s chances would be even dimmer.  So, what happened?  Read on to find out.POSSIBLY LIFE-ALTERING SPOILERS ARE SITTING RIGHT BELOW THESE LETTERS!!! Read more »
Taking the time to reminisce, looking back on the season that‘s almost fully passed us by, one begins to ponder why exactly in played out as it did.  Big Brother 10, its legacy will not be formed in the near future, but only after the fans have had time digest the season as a whole.  For now, it‘s easy to presuppose that Big Brother 10 will be remembered as the season of The Renegades.  Dan and Memphis have absolutely without question dominated the field in the latter half of the Big Brother season.  Dan has been the puppet master, purveyor of shenanigans.  Memphis has been the steady, below-the-radar foil, perfectly matching Dan‘s overt game playing with a more subtle, yet equally effective game.  Most importantly, the two have worked together impeccably, conspired, executed and have never wavered in their two-pronged alliance.  But, and this is a big but, none of this great gameplay would have mattered if it weren‘t for the lengthy string of challenge victories by The Renegades.  Read more »
It has been a long, arduous, occasionally hate-filled journey, my fellow Big Brother enthusiasts, but the final eviction episode of the season is upon us.  Julie Chen is three episodes away from being put back in her cryogenic chamber, only to be let out for a few hours each morning, but mostly Mrs. Bot will be hibernating until next July.  Three will become two tonight inside the Big Brother house, and the masses will either rejoice or shrug indifferently.  For those of you watching Hole in the Wall instead of Big Brother (or instead of anything else you could possibly waste your time on, including sewing or yodeling or staring at your bathroom tile panels), how dare you.  Hole in the Wall is murderer of brain cells, a destroyer of hope, a vanquisher of good taste.  Watch Big Brother - at least it requires minimal mental involvement.  I‘ll be here all night, ground-pounding my thoughts on the goombahs of the world.  Read more »
Give it up for The Renegades.  They did it.  Even if you take umbrage with their tactics (you shouldn‘t), you‘ve got to admit that they played a spectacular game.  Dan and Memphis took the Big Brother house by storm, especially in the latter half of the Big Brother 10 season.  Jerry met his maker tonight, and it was not unexpected.  The only thing up in the air was which Renegade would be given the symbolic final Head of Household perch.  Other than that, the final two was already established before the night began (if you were paying attention to spoilers, that is).  We have our Big Brother final two, folks, and it‘d be hard to argue that they weren‘t the two most deserving Big Brother houseguests. Read more »
This week‘s Big Brother was clearly dominated by the Renegades.  To recap, Dan won Head of Household (HoH) and cooked up a scheme to nominate Jerry and Memphis in an effort to keep their alliance a secret. Additionally, Dan won the luxury competition while Memphis won Power of Veto (PoV) and took himself off the block. Read on for this week‘s best of the Big Brother 10 live feeds. Read more »
Give props to Jerry.  There may have been some minor floating involved in his ascent to final three on Big Brother 10, but the man is 75 years old.  He did something right to make it that far.  Despite being from a different generation than anyone else inside the Big Brother house, Jerry was able to interact with his fellow houseguests.  Jerry wasn‘t a great social player, but he probably did better than a typical man in his mid-seventies would have.  And, don‘t forget - the man also won two Head of Households.  That‘s nothing to sneeze at.  Only Dan had more on Big Brother 10.  Jerry was kind enough to answer some interview questions for us via e-mail after his eviction last night.  You can find his full, unedited answers below.  Read more »
Dan has received a lot of Will Kirby comparisons for his work on Big Brother 10.  They might be partly apt, but the differences between the two men are vast.  Will Kirby‘s whole game was about being overtly shameless, toying with his fellow houseguests after telling them he would toy with them.  Dan was far more under-handed, perhaps more clever, in how he went about manipulating those around him.  Will‘s whole persona was an act, while Dan kept his own persona, mostly, but spent a lot of time acting to sway the perspective of the houseguests.  Dan was the most active player on Big Brother 10 and, thanks in part to luck and a string of competition victories, it all worked out for the Catholic school teacher.  Why does he deserve to win $500,000? Read more »
Memphis, the unsung mastermind of Big Brother 10.  Memphis, now on the precipice of victory, this close to $500,000, can look back on his time in the Big Brother house and be proud of what he did.  In a way, it‘s hard to separate Dan and Memphis when it comes to what they accomplished inside the Big Brother house.  They were a great compliment to one another.  In a way, Dan was the Bad Cop, Memphis the Good Cop (though, they traded these labels when it came to Keesha).  They hid their alliance for a long time, and Memphis was able to sit back and let Dan do much of the dirty work.  You might argue that Dan deserves to win because of this, but wasn‘t Memphis just being smart?  If you have a partner in crime willing to go through with all the risky moves, why do any of them yourself? If you don‘t piss anybody off, all the better for you if your plans fall apart.  Memphis did exactly what he had to do.   Read more »
Guess what?  It‘s football season, and the Denver Broncos-San Diego Chargers game lasted nearly four hours, which means that Big Brother will be delayed for nearly an hour on this beautiful Sunday evening.  Given the weird and seemingly arbitrary zoning rules for the NFL, there may be some of you there on the east coast tonight who will get to watch Big Brother live tonight.  However, for all those who had the Broncos game on your CBS affiliate can expect Big Brother to get underway around 8:45ET.  Until then, hold on to your butts and ready yourselves for an AWESOME CLIP SHOW!!!  That‘s right - CBS is once again dipping into the 80‘s Sitcom Playbook and bestowing upon us a Big Brother highlight show.  Read more »
The Great Big Brother Clip Show of 2008 is over and done, leaving the Big Brother fan collective completely and utterly indifferent.  There was very little in the way of new footage, and the new footage there was lacked any semblance of controversy.  Nor was it interesting.  If you‘ve seen most episodes of Big Brother 10, tuning in to tonight‘s episode was probably a mistake.  I feel gypped.  In a perfect world, Les Moonves would have hired Joel McHale from The Soup to provide an hour-long Big Brother 10 version of The Soup.  How freaking entertaining would that have been?  Also – why can‘t I be a television executive?  So, if you have any interest in reading a recap of a television show that was essentially a recap in and of itself, proceed and prepare to have your mind blown, for I know not the perils of recapping a recap.  After I write this, a tear might open up in the space-time continuum (eat my dust, Large Hadron Collider).  Read more »
If you have a forum to bitch and moan, you might as well use it, right?  Yesterday‘s episode of Big Brother 10 was a monumental waste of airspace, a glove-slap to the face of true Big Brother fans, and as pointless a late season episode of television as one could possibly imagine.  I thought we were past this, television.  The clip show revolution has come and gone, with the understanding that we, as viewers, have become too smart to go along with a “new” episode containing nearly zero original footage.  It‘s not just the content, either, it‘s the timing.  Are you telling me, CBS, that you couldn‘t have figured out a better way to fill the penultimate episode of your biggest summer series?  Why not forget the Sunday episode and go straight to the finale on Tuesday?  Why not time the season better so the finale occurs in the episode following the final eviction?  Would that be so hard? Read more »
Jury votes tend to surprise.  Not always, but certain people can be loose cannons.  The Survivor juries are the ones that always baffle me.  When I think it‘ll be a landslide, it‘s close, when I think it‘ll be close, it‘s a landslide.  For Big Brother 10, I”m holding out hope that it will be a close vote.  For one, a lot of the jury members hate each other, and if they‘re open about who they might vote for, then the vote could be split fairly evenly.  I thought Jerry was full of crap when he said that he‘d be the deciding vote, but after crunching the numbers, the old coot might be right.  Below you will find my Big Brother 10 jury vote predictions.  This is an inexact science, of course, but I wouldn‘t be surprised to get the votes 100% correct.  Read more »
It goes without saying that making pre-season predictions for a reality show is a recipe for disaster.  The predictions will be incorrect, and looking back at the predictions after the fact will only make the futility of the exercise that much clearer.  But, friends, that is not the point.  The Big Brother 10: Arbitrary Pre-Season Predictions are for fun, a way to judge and label people with only the slightest amount of background information.  Totally fun, right?  Prior to the beginning of Big Brother 10, I predicted how far each houseguest would make it in the game.  I‘m proud to say that my predictions were abysmal.  Putrid.  Horrifyingly bad.  Let‘s take a looksie:  Read more »
The final day of Big Brother 10 is here.  How does it feel, fans?  One of the myriad ways reality TV is different than scripted TV is that reality finales are rarely the highlight of the season, while scripted season finales are typically a culmination of the entire season.  For reality television, the journey is more fun than the ultimate destination.  Tonight‘s Big Brother 10 finale will no doubt be entertaining (the jury questions alone are worth tuning in), but when it comes to who actually ends up winning the $500,000, I find myself rather indifferent.  Perhaps you are different, and currently find yourself on pins and needles as the jury‘s verdict hangs in the balance.  However, I‘d wager that this is more the exception than the rule when it comes to Big Brother fans. Read more »
Cue the bright lights, the triumphant music, an extra helping of RoboChen emotion; the Big Brother 10 finale is here!  It‘s been a trek.  I think I‘ve written about nine novels‘ worth of content on Big Brother this season, most of which has been shamelessly silly.  But, let‘s be honest, Big Brother, as a franchise, deals in abject silliness.  Big Brother, as much as it was originally touted as an Orwell-ian social experiment, is simply a purer and better produced version of Joe Reality Show, the likes of which poison VH-1 on a daily basis.  Big Brother has endured nearly a decade of tenuous life thanks to a preternaturally faithful audience.  W.y?  Big Brother attracts a special kind of person.  Do you know anyone who would want to be on Big Brother?  It requires an ego that doesn‘t quit, a type of confidence that should be studied by sociologists, and the results have been more interesting than they should be.  Big Brother 10 has been one of the better Big Brother seasons and that can be chalked up to the inexact science of casting.  Allison Grodner, as much as fans might like to hate on her, has the unenviable task of acting as a mad alchemist prior to every Big Brother season.  This season it more or less worked out, which is nice, because casting for this show is a crapshoot.  You don‘t always find a Dan or a Memphis.  W.o will win?  I‘ll be here all episode (starting at 9pm ET/6pm PT), monkeying around, flinging thought poo in the internet‘s general direction.  Read more »
Big Brother 10‘s finale was worth it just for the bitter jury members.  They never fail to disappoint.  Overall, the Big Brother 10 finale was satisfying.  I gave CBS crap for their unnecessary clip show that aired on Sunday, but I have to give them big ups for the production of tonight‘s finale.  It was fast-paced, and contained a fair amount of entertaining moments.  They even threw the live feeders a bone or two by allowing Jerry, Ollie and Michelle to get their comeuppance over some of their poor behavior they displayed over the course of the season.  In the end, Big Brother 10 concluded just as it should have, with the best player taking home the $500,000.  Read more »
Big Brother 10 ended last night with the most deserving player taking home the large cash prize.  Fans seem to be pleased with the season as a whole.  I can honestly say that I haven‘t enjoyed a season this much since Big Brother: All-Stars, and I only liked that season because of Dr. Will Kirby‘s presence.  Similarly, Dan was what made Big Brother 10 enjoyable.  Without him, I‘m not sure what would have happened.  Memphis certainly wouldn‘t have made it as far as he did.  It might have turned into the Renny and Keesha show.  After a night to mull everything over, I have some lingering thoughts about the finale, which can be found below in ramble form.  Read more »
Big Brother 10 concluded proving that no matter what you do throughout the season, in the end good game play really is the best way to win the jury‘s heart.  And so it wrapped up just as it should have, with Dan, the best player in the house, taking home the $500,000 prize.Big Brother 10 had more to offer than just Dan. Looking back on the season, we came across some colorful personalities, including Jerry, who joined Big Brother as his "last hurrah."  The old man wasn‘t really a great social player but he entertained us with quite a few of his antics and was able to reach the final 3.  Sneeze and booger, anyone?  There‘s also Ollie and April, who added a whole new level to the word “showmance,” Renny, who humored viewers by showing off her impersonation skills, and Libra, who smothered the house with her motherly instinct.  These are just a few of the 13 houseguests that entered the Big Brother house this season.  But since season 10 has been tagged as the season of the Renegades, I‘d like to focus this review on Dan. So how did Dan become one of the great all-time players of Big Brother? Read more »
In downtown Seattle today, I witnessed a line around one full city block, hundreds and hundreds of seemingly normal human beings waiting to be let in somewhere.  I had no idea what they were in line for – I assumed someone important was speaking somewhere (Sarah Palin?  Flavor Flav?).  Only later did I discover that there was no celebrity, no important speaker – these people were waiting in line for the opening of a brand new clothing store.  Some Sweden-born establishment that apparently sells reasonably affordable apparel; I presume it‘s basically an Ikea for clothes.  Point being – I will never understand people.  The behavior of usually normal men and women never ceases to baffle and amaze.  Why would a person wait in line for hours to enter a new clothing store?  Why would a reality TV show contestant go ballistic over what they know is a game?   Read more »
Big Brother 10 was a joint effort.  Everyone has been so quick to call Dan the sole mastermind of the season, but he really couldn‘t have done it without Memphis‘s steady hand there at all times.  Dan might have used Memphis, in a way, as an means to and end, but it‘s not like Memphis was a puppet either.  He put forth a great effort and almost won.  I wonder what would have happened had Memphis attempted to turn on Dan near the end of the game and tried to take either Keesha or Renny or Jerry to the final two with him.  In the second part of our interview, this was one of the many questions I asked Memphis about the Big Brother season.Below you will find the written transcript as well as the full mp3 of the interview. Exclusive Interview: Memphis, ‘Big Brother 10‘ Runner-Up, Part 1 Read more »
Memphis was Memphis.  You have to give him that.  He might not have been the friendliest guy in the world to the people he didn‘t like, and he might not have played the most intellectual game of anyone in Big Brother history.  What he did do was play a steady, calculating, relatively mistake-free season of Big Brother.  And, you know, he‘s a Renegade.  You can never take that away from him.  Big Brother 10‘s legacy will likely be the dominance of The Renegades, and for good reason.  Memphis was an equal, if not quieter, partner of Dan in their season-long thrashing.  We had the pleasure of speaking with Memphis earlier today, and you can find the first part of our interview below. Below you will find the full written transcript of the interview, along with the full mp3 audio.Exclusive Interview: Memphis, ‘Big Brother 10‘ Runner-Up, Part 2 Read more »
Yesterday‘s feature, The 5 Worst Moments of Big Brother 10, set off something of a firestorm in the comments section.  I suppose that was to be expected.  Big Brother fans can get fierce in their loyalties.  That‘s the beauty of the series.  As opposed to most reality shows, in which how the show is edited greatly influences how characters are portrayed, Big Brother lets its audience spend so much time with the contestants that we all can get a good feel for who they actually are as people.  Stronger opinions are formed, and we are all thusly more passionate about defending or smearing their character.  No one likes to read something negative about a person they legitimately like.   Conversely, it can be personally baffling to read good things about someone you can‘t stand.  I get it.  Which is why a lot of you will surely disagree with what I‘ve come up with in my five best Big Brother 10 moments.  Read more »
There are rumblings that Big Brother 11 may in fact be a winter edition.  Speculation has been fueled by the mere fact that casting has already begun for Big Brother 11, some fans saying that casting now for a show scheduled nearly a year from now doesn‘t make any sense.  While there is some validity to this line of thinking, Big Brother executive producer Allison Grodner has denied that Big Brother 11 will air in the winter.  While Big Brother 9 did become the first season of the series to air in the winter months (where it was a mild success), the only reason CBS ran it was because of the writers‘ strike and CBS was desperate for new content.  There will be no such strike in the coming months, and nothing there to necessitate bring Big Brother back before next summer.  Nevertheless, let‘s examine this all a little bit further. Read more »
If I were a reality show contestant (though I never will be), I would be eminently concerned with my legacy.  What would I be remembered for in one year?  Five years?  The general public is going to forget about the small things.  The big things, the overall persona (if it‘s memorable), the major events – those are what reality contestants are remembered for.  Big Brother 10 is only recently in our past, but now that we‘ve had at least a little bit of time to process and gain perspective on Big Brother 10, we can consider the various legacies of the houseguests.  Not all legacies are fair, and oftentimes we think of past contestants in ways we really shouldn‘t.  Minor squabbles become vibrant memories, but smaller personal moments are forgotten as time goes by.  So – what will the legacies of the Big Brother 10 houseguests be? Read more »
Big Brother 10 is over and done, and now begins the long death march across a normal TV season until the show returns.  Big Brother fans are as rabid and tunnel-visioned as any fan base out there.  For a significant number of Big Brother fans, it is THE show, the one they obsess over and look forward to, even when its premiere is more than half of a year away.  Speculation about another winter edition of Big Brother ended last week when CBS announced that Big Brother 11 would premiere next summer.  This is all but etched in stone, barring another catastrophic TV event, like last year‘s writers‘ strike that forced Big Brother into the winter.  Unfortunately, this means that we have months and months to fill before Big Brother returns.  We can‘t just have zero Big Brother coverage at BuddyTV, correct?  So, this is one of the things we‘re going to do - Let‘s all have a long-term discussion about what should be changed for Big Brother 11.   Read more »
Last week, we asked BuddyTV readers what one change they would make for Big Brother 11, and the responses came fast and furious.  Over the coming weeks and months, we here at BuddyTV will analyze most of your suggestions, and discuss the positives and negatives of each worthy idea.  While your opinions were diverse, there was one overwhelming sentiment that arose in the comments section: Big Brother should get rid of slop.  It seems that almost no one likes slop.  CBS and Big Brother, despite constant fan outcry, haven‘t made many changes to the slop policy in recent seasons.  Why not?  Laziness, maybe.  Perhaps CBS secretly loves to torture their contestants.  Regardless, you readers have had enough. Read more »
Our first How to Improve Big Brother article turned into a war of words.  I‘m OK with that.  These articles are meant to inspire discussion.  You never like it to get personal, but Big Brother fans are nothing if not passionate.  While No More Slop was a consensus recommendation from the masses as how to make Big Brother a better show, the other ideas were varied and far less communal.  The idea with the most amount of votes aside from the slop request involves the jury house.  You Big Brother fans want to see more of the jury house.  In this regard, I am fully with you.  The jury house has always seemed like a wasted opportunity for interesting and game-important coverage.  So, let‘s take a solid gander at the merits and potential perils of more jury house involvement on Big Brother. Read more »
Big Brother 10 debuts tomorrow evening, and then the speculation can end.  We‘ll finally be able to match the personalities to the faces.  We can speculate all we want prior to the beginning of the season, but the truth is that the houseguests will either exceed expectations or greatly disappoint us.  It‘s one of the best thing about Big Brother: seeing which houseguests surprise us and which ones fail to meet our personal expectations.  But, until the season begins, we can delve deep into fantasy, and concoct elaborate stories based merely on pictures and short, and often misleading, biographical information.  Earlier today, we recorded our first ever Big Brother podcast here at BuddyTV, and it was full of rampant, and surely incorrect, speculation on the thirteen houseguests currently wreaking havoc inside the Big Brother house.  The full audio (about a half hour long) can be heard below. Read more »
There‘s a moral conundrum I often face when watching a season of reality television.  Whether it‘s Big Brother or Survivor or The Amazing Race, your first inclination is to root for whoever you like the best.  You don‘t root for who you respect.  You want those to succeed who you feel some sort of connection with, a person you might want to get a beer with.  But, a quandary will occasionally arise: what if the person your rooting for doesn‘t need the money, and their competitors do.  A million dollars (or, in Big Brother‘s case, $500,000) means different things to different people.  For most reality participants, that amount of money is unequivocally life-changing.  For a rare few, it‘s padding.  It won‘t affect their already successful lifestyle.  Do we, as an audience, have a moral obligation to root for the person who would most benefit from the prize money?  This question once again came to mind when I read a story on TMZ today: former Big Brother winner Mike “Boogie” Malin won around $150,000 in a gambling spree in Las Vegas.  Read more »
Really good reality TV hosts are the exception, not the rule.  It‘s no easy job, and it‘s simply not enough to shepherd a series along without messing up on live TV.  A good reality host brings something to the table.  Take my man Jeff Probst from Survivor – he is an invaluable resource.  He exposes the subtext within the game via pointed interrogations at every tribal council.  He‘s amiable without being a push-over, and he makes real bonds with the contestants.  He doesn‘t allow for nonsense to go unquestioned.  But, then you have someone like Julie Chen on Big Brother.  She is married to the CBS head honcho Les Moonves.  It‘s not a coincidence that she is the host of Big Brother, which happens to air on CBS.  This wouldn‘t be an issue if Chen were good at her job.  But, alas, she is not.   Read more »
BuddyTV interviews Dan Gheesling, the winner of Big Brother 10.Dan Gheesling (did you know that was his last name? I didn‘t) ran away with $500,000 last night on the Big Brother 10 finale.  You‘ll have a hard time finding anyone who thinks that he didn‘t deserve it.  He was perhaps the greatest Big Brother mastermind the series has seen since the great Will Kirby.  In fact, Dan discusses the fact that he consciously emulated the good doctor as he prepared for Big Brother, one of the many tidbits of knowledge you will learn in the below interview.  W. got the chance to speak with Dan earlier today at length about his time on Big Brother 10.  Part one of our interview can be found below. Below you will find the full written transcript of the interview, along with the full mp3 audio.Exclusive Interview: Dan, Winner of ‘Big Brother 10‘, Part 2 Read more »
BuddyTV interviews Dan Gheesling, winner of Big Brother 10.Dan cut his $500,000 check during the Big Brother 10 jury questions.  He was poised and quick on his feet, while Memphis stammered and hurt his cause.  My favorite answer of Dan‘s was when he discussed how he purposely wanted to get Michelle and Ollie mad at him so he would ensure that Memphis would want to take him to the final two.  Great answer, but was it the truth?  W.s that really his Big Brother strategy?  That‘s one of the many questions I asked Dan, the Big Brother 10 champion, in the second part of our extended interview, which you can find below.  Below you will find the written transcript and full mp3 audio of our interview. Exclusive Interview: Dan, Winner of ‘Big Brother 10‘, Part 1 Read more »
Bryan Ollie and April Dowling will always be remembered for hooking up on Big Brother 10.  In fact, they added a whole new level to word “showmance” by having sex almost every single day.  At one point, they had “make-up sex” after a lovers‘ spat and while Ollie pulled some sheets to cover them, you can still get an idea of what these two are doing under, especially when the blankets fell off.  What‘s more, April revealed she wants sex in the morning and night time and declared that Ollie‘s the best sex she‘s ever had.Like most couples that forged their relationship in front of the cameras, April and Ollie also hoped to continue their affair outside the walls of the Big Brother house.  Unfortunately, not every reality TV couple has managed to withstand the pressures of the real world.  Ollie and April, on the other hand, appear to have remained an item. Read more »
The year is almost over, and BuddyTV wants to know which shows were your absolute favorites from 2008. We have a huge Showdown featuring 48 of the top shows of the year, from reality staples like American Idol to smash hits like CSI. You can vote for your favorite cult shows like Supernatural, or a small comedy like It‘s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  We have shows still going strong like Grey‘s Anatomy and shows canceled before their time like Jericho.VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE SHOW OF 2008>> Read more »
Dick Donato, also known as Evel Dick, will soon invade our TV screens.  Following his stint on Big Brother, where he was crowned the eighth season winner, the 45-year-old reality TV star has been appearing on TV but only occasionally since he doesn‘t really have a regular gig.  But that might change in the near future. After Big Brother, it seems that Dick never lost his fan following. He was nominated and won the Realitini for Favorite Reality Performer in the Fox Reality Really Awards for 2007 against Len Goodman, New York, Sanjaya Malakar, comedian Ant, and Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry.  He was also nominated for Best Winner, Favorite Villain, Favorite Potty Mouth, and Best Fight for his confrontation with Jen Johnson. Read more »
With casting already underway for Big Brother 11, we thought that maybe CBS would bring fans another Winter edition of the network‘s prolific reality series.  Earlier this week, I speculated that, although it might be difficult finding time slots for Big Brother 11 this Winter, that there was a distinct possibility that Big Brother 11 could return at mid-season.  Well, CBS has nipped that notion in the bud.  Big Brother 11 will air in the Summer of 2009.  UPDATE: The new season of Big Brother premieres July 8 on CBS.MORE BIG BROTHER 11 NEWS!Big Brother 11: Toodles, ‘House Calls‘-- Online Chat Show Gets the BootOpen Casting Call Held for ‘Big Brother‘ 11CBS released this information via a press release.  Although this should end speculation for the time being, it should be acknowledged that TV is a transitory business, and anything is still possible.  However, in all likelihood, Big Brother 11 won‘t be appearing on your television screens for at least nine months. Read more »