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Fans of Pretty Little Liars won‘t have to worry about a long wait after the big season 2 cliffhanger. While the identity of "A" is revealed in the season 2 finale on March 19, season 3 will kick off June 5 as the show returns to Tuesdays.  Read more »
Who, in this generation, hasn‘t heard of the partying sexy teen clicks from Beverly Hills? Or at least a tinge of familiarity with the numbers 9-0-2-1-0? I bet everyone has. But has anyone heard of the nannies from Beverly Hills 90210? Probably none.  This summer, ABC Family brings Beverly Hills Nannies season 1, a reality show that follows the lives of a group of attractive nannies - and read this, mannies - who take care of children of the rich and the famous living in arguably the world‘s most popular zip code.  Read more »