Articles for Better Off Ted Season 2

Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly announced that ABC swung its dreaded axe on several new shows recently. Among the canceled series is FlashForward, headlined by Joseph Fiennes.  But it‘s not all bad news.  Ausiello also reports that ABC has renewed the alien invasion drama V for a second season.PHOTOS: Check Out Stills from the FlashForward FinaleJoining it in the graveyard is Romantically Challenged, a newbie comedy starring Alyssa Milano. And though a late reveal, ABC has also decided to pull the plug on Better Off Ted and the seemingly, but no longer immortal Scrubs. Read more »
If none of the new fall shows are tickling your fancy (though I‘d suggest watching an episode or two before damning most of them to your "skip" button), here‘s a comforting thought: The TV industry is a never-ceasing machine that will churn out new shows until the world ends or their ad revenue dries up, whichever comes first. (It will be the first one.)Oops -- did I say "comforting"? That sounded a little apocalyptic. But the bright side of the story is that today, in the heat of pitch season, four new and very different show concepts have been announced for development in the near or not-so-distant future, and at least three of them have exciting names attached. Let‘s take a break from looking at the fall schedule and take a look at them, along with a few other projects also in the works, shall we?  Read more »