Articles for Beauty and the Beast Season 2

Beauty and the Beast ended its first season with Vincent being captured by Muirfield, Gabe shot in the chest, and Catherine‘s real father being revealed. All three of those situations will be carried over and dealt with in the season 2 premiere. This summer, Kristin Kreuk spoke with reporters about what we can expect when the show returns and the new tone and direction for season 2. Read more »
This week‘s season 2 premiere of Beauty and the Beast, "Who Am I?" wastes no time welcoming viewers back into the emotional turmoil of Cat Chandler‘s life. The episode opens on a shot of Cat asleep on a table littered with notices of a missing person -- Vincent Keller -- who was taken by Muirfield in the season 1 finale and has been missing ever since. "It‘s been a long three months," as she says later on. Read more »
After months of searching for Vincent, Catherine was finally reunited with him in the season premiere only he wasn‘t the man she fell in love with. Vincent was made into an "improved" soldier by Muirfield and he memory erased. Will he get his memory back? Or, will this new Vincent and Cat fall in love all over again? Read more »
In this week‘s episode of Beauty and theBeast, Cat‘s quest to help Vincent remember who he really iscontinues, but it won‘t be as easy as she had hoped. Read more »
There have been a lot of big changes this season on The CW‘s Beauty and the Beast. Vincent‘s amnesia and Catherine‘s family drama are just two of the big shakeups in store for fans of the romantic action thriller. With some new creative juice behind the scenes, this season is already veering into brand new territory for the show.  Read more »
Poor Catherine and Vincent. It‘s hard enough finding true love, but forgetting true love is even more difficult. With Vincent‘s amnesia and a complicated conspiracy afoot, true love has never been bumpier for this beauty and this beast.  Read more »
In this episode of Beauty and theBeast, Cat attempts to hide her bruises, Vincent tries to hide hispast, and Heather finally gets to stop hiding the truth about Cat‘sfather from her sister.    Read more »
In "Hothead," tonight‘s episode of Beauty and the Beast, Cat and Vincent are both supposed to steer clear of one another for a little while - but neither one succeeds. Read more »
In the second episode of Beauty and the Beast season 2, the main character, Cat, was thrown to the floor of her roof and injured by Vincent, her love interest, in one of the final scenes of the episode.  Read more »
Although Cat is the one attending her high school reunion in this week‘s episode of Beauty and the Beast, she‘s not the only one greeted by familiar faces from the past. Read more »
The nominations have been announced for the 2014 People‘s Choice Awards.Glee leads the pack with eight nominations, including Favorite Network TV Comedy and nods for Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Jane Lynch and Lea Michele. Both The Big Bang Theory and Grey‘s Anatomy come in second with five nominations each, and How I Met Your Mother, Supernatural, Castle, The Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries all have four. Read more »
Ryan Murphy has never been shy about showing how much of a fan he is of Stevie Nicks -- and now the Fleetwood Mac singer will be guest starring on American Horror Story: Coven. Also, Alan Alda will be causing some trouble for James Spader‘s character on The Blacklist. Read on for all the details, including casting news for Person of Interest, Beauty and the Beast, Community, The Mindy Project, The Goldbergs, The Neighbors, Grimm and The Millers. Read more »
It‘s Thanksgiving on Beauty and the Beast, but it‘s far from a happy holiday for Cat and Vincent when they decide to spend the day with Cat‘s newly discovered father. Read more »
Christopher Gorham has been cast in a secret role on Once Upon a Time. And Jack Davenport will be guest starring on The Good Wife. Read on for all the details, including casting news for The Walking Dead, Beauty and the Beast, Two and a Half Men, Hawaii Five-0, Arrow, The Tomorrow People and Blue Bloods. Read more »
On this week‘s mid-season finale of Beauty and the Beast, the gang put a plan in motion to end both Reynolds‘ vendetta against beasts and Vincent‘s mission once and for all. But in the process, some characters have to make some pretty difficult decisions. Read more »
The CW has announced its 2014 mid-season schedule, with some shows being moved to different nights to make way for new dramas, most notably on Mondays, a night that hasn‘t seen the strongest ratings. Read more »
Awards season kicked off tonight with the 40th Annual People‘s Choice Awards. Hosts KatDennings and Beth Behrs did a pretty good job, for their first time. I wouldn‘t say they were fabulous, but they didn‘t totally suck either. I felt like they tried a little too hard to be funny. Read more »
Beauty and the Beast may be on an extended hiatus until June, but fans of the show continue to express their love and dedication throughout the break. Beasties, as they are affectionately called, have campaigned continuously for the show‘s renewal through various methods, including raising money for charity. Read more »
The CW‘s summer schedule will be full of reality shows, comedies and one returning drama series.  Read more »
The CW made a lot of decisions Thursday, renewing three of its current shows (including a mid-season drama), cancelling three shows and ordering four new shows for the 2014-2015 season.  Read more »
The CW became the final network to reveal its schedule for the 2014-2015 season, and it kept a largely stable lineup. Wednesday and Thursdays remain the same while typically summer shows head to Friday nights and The Originals moves to Mondays.  Read more »
Beauty and the Beast fans have a lot to cheer about right now with the series returning on June 2 to close out Season 2. In even more exciting news, the show will return next year for Season 3. In the winter finale, everything was going well, until there was a knock at the door. Vincent and Catherine got back together, while JT and Tess began to pursue their own romance. With Vincent‘s arrest, that will all change. Read more »
The first wave of nominations for the 2014 Teen Choice Awards are out, including plenty of young-skewing shows. For TV shows, The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars both scored an impressive five nominations (in just three categories each).  Read more »
Until the moment the CW announced their 2014-2015 schedule, Beauty and the Beast fans were at their computers online pushing for the show‘s renewal. While the exact date is still unknown for the season 3 premiere, it will be back! Read more »
The CW‘s unusual relationship with Beauty and the Beast is going to be even longer. The show, which ended season 2 in July, won‘t be back until this May, but the network has already renewed it for an additional fourth season.  Read more »