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It‘s been nearly eight months since the unbelievably awesome conclusion to the third season of Battlestar Galactica.  It will be about four months until the next new episode of Battlestar Galactica.  Seven two-minutes webisodes about a young William "Husker" Adama and a two-hour movie about Admiral Cain and the Pegasus hardly seem like enough, but after watching "Razor" there are plenty of jaw-dropping revelations, including one about the third season finale that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew."Razor" begins with a quick recap of everything we already know about the Pegasus.  It meets up with the Galactica, Admiral Cain (Michelle Forbes) is a hard-ass who gets assassinated by the Pegasus version of Number Six (named Gina), and is replaced by two more short-lived admirals until Lee Adama (Jamie Bamber) is given control.  Then "Razor" begins with Lee‘s swearing in ceremony, while a disgruntled woman we will learn to be Lt. Kendra Shaw (Stephanie Jacobsen) listens in, playing with a switch blade, which serves as the titular razor. Read more »
Production of Battlestar Galactica‘s fourth and final season ceased on Friday, November 16, with only 13 of the 22 episodes completed for airing due to the writers‘ strike.  Although creator and executive producer Ronald D. Moore hopes to return to filming when an agreement is reached, he has also acknowledged the possibility that the sci-fi series may not see a proper ending. “I refuse to believe that we won‘t finish, that we won‘t be back to film our final stories, but I know and accept there is that possibility,” Moore wrote on his new official blog.  “I am ready to put the rest of the story on the table and take the risk that I‘ll never be able to tell it, in support of this strike.  Like Adama [Jamie Bamber] says, you make your choices and then you live with them.” Read more »
“All of this has happened before, and will happen again.” These are the words that echoed throughout "Razor," the long awaited Battlestar Galactica movie meant to stoke our Cylon deprived brains between seasons 3 and 4 of the sci-fi series.  Creator Ronald D. Moore promised revelations that would keep us theorizing until the season 4 premiere, and I‘m happy to say he didn‘t disappoint.  "Razor" not only managed to give us a different perspective on events in Battlestar Galactica‘s past, but gave us insight into where the show may be heading in the future. Read more »
While Jamie Bamber has gained much success from starring in the SCI FI Channel‘s Battlestar Galactica, he admits that there was a time when he seriously doubted the quality of the sci-fi genre. "I did have reservations about doing sci-fi," Bamber, who plays Lee “Apollo” Adama, told TV Guide.  "In my mind, it had been reduced to sort of post-Star Trek goofiness on TV.  I would never, ever watch it, not in a million years." Read more »
Fans who missed the SCI FI Channel broadcast of Battlestar Galactica‘s "Razor" are in luck, as the movie hits DVD today with an unrated, extended cut and a bevy of extra features.  "Razor" tells the story of Admiral Helena Cain‘s struggles aboard the Battlestar Pegasus, and also presents clues to where Battlestar Galactica may be headed in its fourth season. Read more »
Battlestar Galactica executive producer Ronald D. Moore wants fans of the show to support the writers‘ strike, and he‘s offering some very enticing incentives for those who do.  Over at, you can spend one dollar to send a box of pencils to one of the six media moguls who run the corporate conglomerates that the writers are striking against.  If you mention that the show you‘re supporting is Battlestar Galactica, you‘ll automatically be entered into a raffle where you could win some very interesting prizes. Read more »
It seems like we‘ve been waiting ages for any hints of what‘s to come in Battlestar Galactica‘s fourth season, which will be beginning in March on the Sci Fi channel.  Now, thanks to a recent convention that many of the stars attended in Burbank, some news is starting to leak out as to where our favorite characters may end up. Read on if you want to know what to expect when Battlestar Galactica returns to the airwaves, including the big news of which deceased character may be returning. Read more »
Battlestar Galactica‘s Michael Trucco, who plays lovelorn Sam Anders on the Sci Fi Channel series, was recently involved in something scarier than any battle with the Cylons: a serious car accident.  On December 2, Trucco was a passenger in a Ferrari that overturned after the driver lost control on a curve and went down an embankment.  The driver walked away unharmed, but the roof of the car had crumpled, fracturing four of Trucco‘s vertebrae. Read more »
Smallville fans may remember that the season one episode "Obscura" featured future Battlestar Galactica actor Aaron Douglas in a small role as a police deputy.  Since then, Douglas has been known for playing Chief Galen Tyrol on the hit Sci Fi Channel series, and has also popped up in small guest starring roles in shows such as Reaper and Bionic Woman.  Now he‘s going back to his Smallville roots to play a more pivotal character in episode 14 of the current season, entitled "Traveler." Read more »
Fans of Battlestar Galactica get one last treat in 2007, as Universal Studios Home Entertainment has finally announced the details of the season three DVD release.  The long-awaited set will be arriving in stores on March 25, and will include a nice array of special features.  Fans will also get all 20 episodes in one package, unlike the season two releases that obnoxiously split the season in half. Read more »
A few days ago we received word that the third season of Battlestar Galactica would finally be coming to DVD on March 25.  Now we have an update on exactly what extras will be contained on the set, as well as the first glimpse at the package art.  The good news for fans is that the 10 webisodes created to fill the gap between seasons 2 and 3 of the series, entitled "The Resistance," will be included among the special features. These webisodes will add up to 25 extra minutes of Battlestar Galactica material, and will definitely be a treat for fans who missed seeing them online. Read more »
Finally, at long last, there seems to be some clues to what fans can expect in the fourth and final season of the cult sci-fi series, Battlestar Galactica.  It may be 2008 but for avid followers of the show, it‘s still a very long wait for the start of the new season. Fortunately, Entertainment Weekly‘s two-page spread of an image from Battlestar Galactica, along with creator and executive producer Ronald D. Moore‘s generosity, offer us hints on a few important aspects of the eagerly-anticipated new season. Read more »
Fans of Battlestar Galactica who can‘t get enough of the hit Sci Fi Channel series now have a chance to take their favorite characters home.  Diamond Select Toys recently released action figures based on the show‘s most popular characters, and four more are set to hit shelves in March.  The company also plans to release toy versions of ships that have been seen on the series.  Diamond Select was a natural choice to bring the Battlestar Galactica crew to the collectible realm, as they‘ve already released lines based on popular shows such as Stargate SG-1 and Star Trek. Read more »
After a mere six days of negotiations, the Directors Guild of America recently reached a deal with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers regarding internet residuals.  This is the exact same thing that the Writers Guild has been trying, and failing, to do for over 75 days, which has left us with a strike that has shut down Hollywood.  Now, in an official post on his blog, Battlestar Galactica executive producer Ronald D. Moore is talking about what this quick deal could mean for the writers, and whether or not we‘ll be seeing the return of our favorite shows any time soon. Read more »
Season 4 of Battlestar Galactica is finally set to kick off on Friday, April 4 at 10pm.  By that time it‘ll have been more than a year since the season 3 finale, and over five months since the premiere of the "Razor" TV movie.  With that kind of a wait, even the most dedicated fans of the sci-fi drama may have trouble remembering where we last left the Battlestar Galactica crew.  Thankfully the Sci Fi Channel has taken this into account, and is planning to give fans a refresher in all things BSG with a pair of half-hour specials set to air in March. Read more »
The writers‘ strike has helped all sorts of projects get off the ground, though unfortunately most of them have been terrible reality shows that obliterate brain cells.  However, there are some scripted shows such as NBC‘s upcoming Quarterlife, which was originally an online series, that may never have made it to air without the striking writers.  These are desperate times for the networks, and desperate times can lead to the strangest programming decisions.Viewers who are feeling deprived of original programming will be happy to hear that the script-starved Sci Fi Channel may be ready to take another look at Caprica, the proposed Battlestar Galactica spin-off from executive producer Ronald D. Moore.  The script for the two-hour pilot of the series, which would act as a prequel to the events in Battlestar Galactica, was completed back in 2006, but the Sci Fi Channel chose to pass on it at the time. Read more »
We‘re a little over two months away from the premiere of the final season of Battlestar Galactica, which will begin airing on the Sci Fi Channel Friday, April 4 at 10pm.  To tide us over until then, a new video posted online offers interviews with the cast where they drop hints about what viewers can expect as Galactica nears its end.  Season 4 of the critically lauded sci-fi series will focus on the mysterious identity of the final Cylon model, and may be the darkest, deadliest season of BSG to date. Read more »
Battlestar Galactica‘s Michael Trucco, who plays newly outed Cylon Sam Anders on the Sci Fi Channel series, has recently landed the lead role in the NBC comedy pilot The Man of Your Dreams.  The series revolves around a womanizing scoundrel, played by Trucco, who decides to use his lothario skills to help women find love.  The pilot, which will go into production as soon as the writers‘ strike ends, has also cast a few more faces that will be familiar to television fans. Read more »
If you don‘t already watch the Sci Fi Channel‘s Battlestar Galactica, I understand what you must think of the show.  When your friends rave on and on about the series, you say to them, "Isn‘t that based on some cheesy show from the ‘70s?  And isn‘t it on that network that airs movies like Mansquito and Ice Spiders?  I‘m not watching that!"  If those aren‘t your reasons for avoiding it, maybe it‘s the fact that you‘re so tired of people raving about it that you refuse to check it out, which is a reaction we‘ve all had at some point or another.  Or perhaps you‘d like to watch it, but you know it would require a big commitment to go back and watch all those episodes.  Maybe you just don‘t have the time.There must be a lot of different reasons why people avoid Battlestar Galactica, because despite universal critical acclaim it has struggled to make it to a fourth season.  Like many great shows, its ratings are strangely anemic.  That‘s why I‘m here to urge you to watch the series when it returns for its fourth and final season on Friday, April 4 at 10pm.  Below you‘ll find five reasons why you should give Battlestar Galactica a chance.  Don‘t be scared, as I promise not to rant and rave like a nerd who lives in his mother‘s basement.  You don‘t have to be a stereotype to enjoy one of the best sci-fi shows of the decade. Read more »
The end of the writers‘ strike is fantastic news for any television fan, as we can all go back to our normal viewing habits in the near future.  Now that the writers are close to voting on a deal, we can finally look ahead to what this means for our favorite shows.  One series that is in a unique position is the Sci Fi Channel‘s Battlestar Galactica, which is kicking off its final season on Friday, April 4 at 10pm.  The crew behind BSG completed 14 out of 20 episodes before the beginning of the strike, with the network planning to air at least the first 10 beginning in April.  Now that the strike is wrapping up, when can we plan to see the final batch of episodes that will finish off the entire series? Read more »
Now that the writers‘ strike has come to an end, we‘re slowly learning when all of our favorite shows will return to the airwaves.  However, one thing that remains a mystery is how television shows that have had delayed and shortened seasons will be released on DVD.  Shows such as Nip/Tuck and Friday Night Lights are releasing their latest seasons on DVD with only the pre-strike episodes included, despite the fact that both initially had episodes ordered beyond what was completed.  Now, despite the fact that season 4 of Battlestar Galactica doesn‘t begin on the Sci Fi Channel until April 4, we‘re already getting word on how the DVD release will be handled.  Saying that fans won‘t be pleased may be an understatement. Read more »
The excitement is ratcheting up now that we‘re finally getting closer to the April 4 premiere of Battlestar Galactica‘s fourth season.  To help build anticipation for the final year of the Sci Fi Channel series, the network has released new promotional photos giving us a fresh glimpse at all of our favorite characters.  The pictures showcase the return of a particular Cylon, a new look for Lee Adama, a clean cut Baltar (James Callis), and a rather telling group snapshot. Read more »
There aren‘t many shows on the air that are devoid of complicated love triangles and relationship dramas, even when those shows are set in the cold depths of space.  In the third season of Battlestar Galactica, the emotional tension and romantic entanglements really ratcheted up to epic proportions.  Throughout the first two seasons of the Sci Fi Channel series, it became quite obvious that Lee "Apollo" Adama and Kara "Starbuck" Thrace were madly in love with each other, even if they had trouble admitting it.  Their refusal to admit to their feelings eventually led Apollo to marry Lt. Dualla (Kandyse McClure), while Starbuck got hitched to Sam Anders.  This, of course, led to both of them cheating on their spouses and eventually beating each other to a bloody pulp.  Where should this crazy mess of a romance go when Battlestar Galactica returns for a fourth season? Read more »
Before the beginning of Lost season 4, a video popped up online entitled "Lost in 8:15."  It was a recap of the first three seasons of the series jam packed into eight minutes, with a few amusing asides added in as well.  Now that Battlestar Galactica is preparing to return for its fourth season on Friday, April 4 at 10pm, a similar video has appeared entitled "What the Frak?"  In just eight minutes it completely prepares you to watch the new season of the Sci Fi Channel series, and it even has a few laughs thrown in as well.  Before watching the video, be sure to prepare your brain for all of the Cylon double crossing and complicated romantic entanglements. Read more »
Even with the awesome Razor movie helping to tide us over, it feels like it‘s been frakking ages since the season 3 finale of Battlestar Galactica.  When we last saw the BSG crew in action, four newly revealed Cylons were humming along to Bob Dylan‘s "All Along the Watchtower."  We‘ve been waiting for months to find out the meaning behind that cryptic and confusing event, and now the wait is almost over.  With the new season finally starting on Friday, April 4 at 10pm, exciting clues about what we can expect in the final year of the Sci Fi Channel series are starting to emerge.  There should be a lot more information in the next few weeks, but for now we have two new Battlestar Galactica promos that offer intriguing clues about what‘s to come. Read more »
Yesterday, the Sci Fi Channel held its upfront presentation in New York, complete with a Battlestar Galactica press conference featuring nearly the entire cast, along with creator Ronald D. Moore. BuddyTV was in attendance at the event, learning the scoop on the upcoming final season of Battlestar Galactica, the fate of the prequel spin-off series Caprica, and when the final 10 episodes of season 4 might air. Read more »
It‘s not every day that a beloved cult show like the Sci Fi Channel‘s Battlestar Galactica gets mainstream media exposure.  Sure, the actors might pop up on the covers of popular magazines every once in a while, but that‘s the kind of thing that‘s easily ignored by the masses who aren‘t already hooked on the series.  This lack of mainstream recognition is just one reason why it was so exciting when the Battlestar Galactica cast appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman last night.  Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, and other BSG actors showed up to present Dave‘s famous Top 10 list.  The topic?  "The Top 10 Reasons to Watch the New Season of Battlestar Galactica." Read more »
There‘s no doubt that the biggest question that needs to be answered in the fourth season of Battlestar Galactica is the identity of the final Cylon.  In the awesome third season finale it was revealed that Sam Anders, Colonel Tigh, Chief Tyrol, and Tory Foster were robots in disguise.  However, there is still one Cylon model that we‘re unaware of.  Fans have speculated that it could be anyone from William Adama (Edward James Olmos) to the newly resurrected Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff), but with such little information to go on it‘s been impossible to predict.Now, thanks to a recent issue of TV Guide, predicting the identity of the final Cylon just got a little bit easier.  Battlestar Galactica executive producer Ronald D. Moore told the magazine which cast members are definitely not the final model, narrowing the field down considerably.  If you want to go into season 4 completely spoiler-free, don‘t read on. Read more »
Aside from the big Cylon reveal, the thing that really blew audiences away at the end of Battlestar Galactica‘s third season was the return of Starbuck.  Lee Adama (Jamie Bamber) had witnessed her ship exploding and the entire Galactica crew had mourned her loss, so it was a bit unexpected when she showed up in her Viper claiming that she had found Earth.  One of the major storylines in season 4 of Battlestar Galactica will revolve around what really happened to Kara Thrace.  Is she a clone?  Is she a Cylon?  Or did she never really die in the first place?Today, actress Katee Sackhoff spoke to the press about what we can expect when the Sci Fi Channel series returns for its final season next week.  She also dropped a bombshell about who she thinks her character should romantically end up with, and it‘s not her on-again, off-again beau, Lee Adama. Read more »
I think we‘ve all been sucked into a television marathon at some point in our lives.  Perhaps my most shameful secret is that, years ago, I became completely addicted to Making the Band due to MTV‘s clever marathon scheduling.  This is shameful because it was back in the show‘s O-Town days, and not during its current Diddy incarnation.  Who could resist watching creepy Lou Pearlman throw five guys into a house, then forcing them to sing and dance to wannabe pop hits?  It was riveting stuff, believe me. One marathon that nobody needs to be ashamed of watching is the complete run of the Sci Fi Channel‘s Battlestar Galactica.  Starting today, from 8am to 6pm, the network will be rerunning nearly every episode of the series to prepare for the show‘s fourth season premiere.  The marathon will wrap up on Friday, just in time for that night‘s brand new episode, "He That Believeth in Me." Read more »
I‘ve seen a lot of strange and challenging contests in my day, but few compare to the "Make a Cylon" contest that recently kicked off to promote the new season of Battlestar Galactica., MAKE Magazine, and are partnering to give fans the opportunity to create, or recreate, their own Cylons.  Fans of the series know that the mechanical race can appear as toaster-like automatons, human-looking androids, or even fighter planes.  The goal of the contest is to either mod something, or create something from scratch, and make it look like a Cylon.  Battlestar Galactica stars Grace Park and Tricia Helfer will be judging the contest, and whoever creates the most interesting Cylon can win a bunch of fun prizes. Read more »
I never thought the day would come, but tomorrow night finally marks the return of Battlestar Galactica.  Not counting the "Razor" TV movie, it‘s been a little over a year since a new episode of the Sci Fi Channel series has aired.  That‘s a long enough wait to drive even the most patient fan to the edge of insanity.  When we last left the crew of the Galactica, Anders, Tigh (Michael Hogan), Tory, and Tyrol (Aaron Douglas) discovered that they were actually Cylons.  This reveal not only rocked the fanbase, but it completely changed the direction of the show.  Nothing on Battlestar Galactica will ever be the same.Friday night at 10pm, the critically acclaimed series will kick off its fourth and final season with "He That Believeth in Me."  To get fans pumped for the big return, we have some promo photos from the premiere and a video of the cast discussing the mystery of the final Cylon. Read more »
Previously on Battlestar Galactica:  Lee watched as Starbuck‘s ship exploded, only to be shocked when she reappeared months later claiming she had been to Earth.  Gaius Baltar was on trial for his myriad of crimes, but was found not guilty after an impassioned speech from Lee.  Though he‘s now an outcast in the fleet, he still has a few female followers who are willing to protect him.  Meanwhile, Tyrol, Tory, Anders, and Tigh rocked out to "All Along the Watchtower," which led them to discover their true Cylon natures.It‘s been over a year since the last new episode of Battlestar Galactica.  Tonight, the wait is finally over. Read more »
Battlestar Galactica has always dealt with questions of identity.  One of the main ideas the show presents us with is how frightening it would be to wake up one day and realize that your entire life is a lie.  Or, if that‘s not a creepy enough notion, what if you discovered that your best friend or significant other wasn‘t who you thought they were?  It‘s these questions that our characters must grapple with on a daily basis, and it makes for some of the best drama on television.After watching Battlestar Galactica‘s fourth season premiere, "He That Believeth in Me," I was struck by how lost some of the characters have become.  There are at least six people on-board the Galactica who have no clue how they ended up in their current situations.  Let‘s take a look at this confused bunch and attempt to theorize where their journeys will take them next. Read more »
Last week‘s season premiere of Battlestar Galactica was pretty frakking amazing, but it also left us hanging with a nail-biter of a cliffhanger.  After deciding that the Galactica was jumping too far away from Earth, Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) decided to force the crew to change course by holding President Roslin at gunpoint.  That‘s not exactly the way to ingratiate yourself to the woman who suspects you of being a Cylon, and chances are Starbuck‘s rash decision will have serious consequences.To get fans pumped for tomorrow night‘s installment, "Six of One," we have some exclusive photos and a trailer for the episode. Read more »
Last week on Battlestar Galactica, Baltar was whisked away by a cult of ladies who seem to worship him as a messiah.  Meanwhile, Starbuck returned from being presumed dead for two months, but was under the impression that she was only gone for six hours.  Though Kara has no clue what happened to her, she‘s convinced that she knows the way to Earth.  She‘s even willing to hold President Roslin at gunpoint to prove it.Tonight‘s episode, "Six of One," shows us why pointing a gun at the head of the president is an extremely bad idea. Read more »
While season 4 of Battlestar Galactica is just getting started for viewers, it‘s nearly completely wrapped up behind-the-scenes.  There will probably be a lot of news in the coming months about the cast and crew taking on new projects.  One person who won‘t be leaving the sci-fi genre anytime soon is BSG mastermind and executive producer Ronald D. Moore.  Not only is he putting together the Caprica prequel movie for the Sci Fi Channel, but he‘s also signed on to write the pilot for the new FOX series Virtuality.  The pilot, about the 12 crew members on Earth‘s first starship, will be co-written by another Battlestar Galactica vet, Michael Taylor. Read more »
At the end of last week‘s episode of Battlestar Galactica, Admiral Adama handed Starbuck the keys to a ship and told her to go find Earth.  It was a sweet moment in an otherwise intense episode, and it left us wondering if Kara Thrace (Katee Sackhoff) will make it to our planet, or if she‘s actually leading a small group of people to their doom.  In tomorrow night‘s episode, "The Ties that Bind," we‘ll see more of Kara‘s journey, and we‘ll also get a glimpse at Chief Tyrol‘s struggles to accept his Cylon nature.To get fans pumped for Friday‘s new episode, we have some promo photos and an exciting trailer that shows us what to expect from "The Ties that Bind." Read more »
Previously on Battlestar Galactica:  Starbuck was unable to convince Roslin that she knows the way to Earth, but Adama trusted her enough to give her a ship and send her on her way.  Meanwhile, Baltar saw another Baltar and ended up sleeping with Tory, who was supposed to be on a mission to find out about the final Cylon.  On the Basestar, Number Six (Tricia Helfer) handed some Cylon Centurions the gift of reason to get back at Cavil for lobotomizing the Raiders.On tonight‘s episode, Cally finds out about Chief Tyrol‘s secret, while Brother Cavil wakes up feeling gooey and extremely ticked off. Read more »
Everyone has a different idea of who the final Cylon will be as we enter into the last season of Battlestar Galactica.  Eleven have been revealed, one still remains, and all we know is that it could be absolutely anybody.  I‘ve seen many suggestions thrown around by devoted BSG fans, and each time a new character is mentioned as a possibility, I find myself thinking it‘s completely plausible.  It could be a character we‘ve known for years, one we haven‘t even met, or someone no one would ever expect.  We have no idea when the 12th Cylon will be revealed, but we know that we‘re in for a shock before Battlestar Galactica leaves the airwaves.Based on nothing but pure speculation, I‘ve put together a list of characters who have the highest chance of being the final toaster. Read more »
Each new episode of Battlestar Galactica this season has completely blown me away.  The stakes are getting raised each week, and though the characters are currently separated and pursuing their own agendas, I‘m excited to see them eventually come together.  On last week‘s episode, Cally discovered the secret of the Galactica toasters and paid dearly for her knowledge.  In tomorrow night‘s installment, "Escape Velocity," we‘ll see the aftermath of that event, and also revisit Baltar‘s (James Callis) messianic cult.To get fans ready for the new hour of Battlestar Galactica, we have some promo photos, a trailer, and a clip from the episode. Read more »
Last week on Battlestar Galactica, Starbuck drove her crew nuts with her aimless search for Earth, but she at least got a good frakking during the journey.  Lee (Jamie Bamber) took some advice from Tom Zarek (Richard Hatch) and decided to stand up to Roslin, which may not work out as well as he hoped.  In the most shocking moment of the episode, Tory sent Cally straight out the airlock after she discovered the secret of the Galactica Cylons.On tonight‘s installment, "Escape Velocity," Chief Tyrol reacts strangely to Cally‘s death, and Baltar discovers that not everyone wants him to become a messianic cult leader. Read more »
Religion has always been an important underlying theme within the universe of Battlestar Galactica.  The monotheistic beliefs of the Cylons have clashed with the polytheistic views of the humans since the very first episode of the series.  Though religion has always played a big role in the lives of the characters, their beliefs have often taken a back seat to the sci-fi storytelling.  The story arcs involving Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell) and Number Six address the topic more overtly, but outside of those two characters, the series has mostly kept religion in the background.All of that has changed now that the show is in its fourth and final season.  Number Six is now intent on spreading the word of the One True God throughout the Galactica, and she‘s using Gaius Baltar to do it.  Is the show making a mistake by moving the religious subtext to the forefront? Read more »
Ambition. It‘s both the greatest strength and the greatest weakness of Battlestar Galactica. Ronald D. Moore and David Eick aren‘t just telling a sci-fi space story, they‘re addressing issues of society, philosophy, politics, religion, and everything else you can think of. As broad in its scope as HBO‘s The Wire, Battlestar Galactica has a lot going on.That‘s not necessarily a good thing. Four episodes into season 4, the show has already splintered into no less than six major subplots: Laura Roslin‘s slow death, Lee Adama‘s newfound political life, Tigh, Tyrol and Tory coping with being Cylons, Baltar‘s spiritual awakening, the Demetrius crew‘s search for Earth and, oh yeah, there‘s a Cylon Civil War going on. Even for this show, that‘s a lot of stuff. Read more »
If you‘re a fan of Battlestar Galactica and CSI:, prepare to be disappointed.  Really, super-duper disappointed.  TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello is reporting that Katee Sackhoff (who plays Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica, but you already knew that) was tantalizingly close to joining the cast of CSI as Jorja Fox‘s kinda, sorta replacement.  The new character, named Bryce Adams, was set to be a series regular.  Executive producers and show runners were all jacked up and ready to welcome Sackhoff to the CSI family.  They basically thought it was a done deal, according to Ausiello.  However, at the last minute, executives from CBS and Jerry Bruckheimer‘s production company got cold feet.  They didn‘t feel Katee was right for the role, apparently, and now the search for Bryce Adams has been re-opened. Read more »
Last week‘s episode of Battlestar Galactica could have been dubbed "The Crazy Cylon Hour."  Just when you thought Tory couldn‘t get any nuttier, she went on a rant about how Cylons are perfect and don‘t need to bother with things like guilt or sadness.  Colonel Tigh was willing to get his eye socket pummeled in an attempt to get answers from Six, and Tyrol made such a scene over Cally‘s death that Adama had to demote him.  On the human side of things, Baltar became a full fledged messiah despite Roslin‘s (Mary McDonnell) attempt to break up his cult.On tonight‘s episode, we revisit the Demetrius and watch as tensions rise between Kara and her crew. Read more »
Previously on Battlestar Galactica, Starbuck faced mutiny on board the Demetrius when she expressed her intent in cooperating with the Cylon Leoben, who has boarded the ship to help her find Earth.The quest to find Earth continues in the episode “Faith,” which airs on Friday, May 9 at 10/9c.Warning: May contain spoilers.  Read more »
Battlestar Galactica is still well into its final season, but before fans start mourning the loss, there‘s more news on the Ronald D. Moore spin-off Caprica. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paula Malcomson and Esai Morales have been cast as two of the leads in the new series.Malcomson, best known as the prostitute Trixie on HBO‘s Deadwood, will play the role of Amanda Grayston, a brilliant scientist, which Morales, most recently seen as Major Beck on Jericho, will play Joseph Adama, Bill‘s father.  In Caprica, Amanda and her husband pioneer the creation of the Cylons. In the pilot, their daughter Zoe is killed, but her DNA and consciousness live on as she is the prototype for the next step of humanity, the Cylon equivalent to Eve. Read more »
The sixth annual Emerald City ComiCon takes place this weekend, May 10th and 11th, at the Washington State Convention Center in the fair city of Seattle.  Among of the special media guests who will be in attendance are Jamie Bamber, who plays Major Lee "Apollo" Adama on Battlestar Galactica and Julie Benz, who plays Rita Bennett on Dexter and who played Darla on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.BuddyTV will be attending the Emerald City ComiCon and interviewing Jamie Bamber and Julie Benz, as well as giving away free goodies for all convention attendees at the BuddyTV booth. Read more »
Last week on Battlestar Galactica, Kara‘s alliance with Leoben caused the crew of the Demetrius to stage a mutiny, leaving Helo in charge.  Meanwhile, Baltar (James Callis) continued to spread the word of the One True God, and eventually earned Tyrol‘s forgiveness after an impassioned speech about the difficulty of finding his destiny. Many fans were upset that last week‘s episode was filled with more talk than action.  Those disgruntled nitpickers should be happier with tonight‘s installment, which kicks off with one heck of a tense standoff. Read more »
Unlike other cast members who have been disappointed to find out that their characters have turned into Cylons on Battlestar Galactica, Rekha Sharma seems to enjoy the twist in her character‘s storyline. Sharma, who portrays Tory Foster on Battlestar Galactica, opens up to MediaBlvd Magazine about her recurring role on the science fiction series that has taken the center stage as she got to roll around with Baltar (James Callis), discover she‘s a Cylon and shot Cally (Nicki Clyne) out the launch bay. Read more »
Months ago it was announced that writer Joss Whedon would be making his long-awaited return to television with a show called Dollhouse.  The upcoming FOX series stars former Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress Eliza Dushku as a woman named Echo, who is part of an elite group of people known as "dolls."  These dolls are humans who have had their personalities wiped clean so they can be imprinted with any number of new personas, making them the perfect undercover operatives for dangerous assignments.  It‘s a high concept series, but we‘d expect nothing less from the man who brought us Buffy, Angel, and Firefly.The promise of a new Whedon project starring a former Buffy actress was exciting enough on its own, but today it was announced that Battlestar Galactica‘s Tahmoh Penikett, who plays Lt. "Helo" Agathon on the Sci Fi Channel series, has also been cast in a major role.  He‘ll be playing Echo‘s twisted romantic foil in the drama, which will air on FOX in the fall. Read more »
Lee Adama and Jamie Bamber are two entirely different people. When the Battlestar Galactica star arrived at BuddyTV‘s booth at the Emerald City ComiCon in Seattle yesterday, I didn‘t recognize him. I was expecting Jamie Bamber, and the man who arrived was a not-so-tall funky British hipster. This is probably the greatest compliment an actor can get, that he does such a great job at playing a role that people don‘t recognize the real him.But it was him, and the 5‘9‘‘ Bamber sat down to talk to BuddyTV about the final season of Battelstar Galactica and beyond. Bamber spoke about what fans can expect in the final four episodes before the big mid-season cliffhanger, his post-BSG plans, and some of his favorite scenes and episodes from the series. Continue reading for the full transcript of the interview, or listen to the mp3 audio file, complete with the ambient hustle and bustle of the Emerald City ComiCon. Read more »
As the final season of Battlestar Galactica continues, it feels like the stakes have been raised higher than ever. During the first three seasons I felt that most of the major characters were safe, but this year it seems that all bets are off.  So far we‘ve seen Cally get thrown out an airlock, Roslin‘s cancer progress further than ever, the Cylons face a civil war, and Sam shoot Gaeta (Alessandro Juliani) in the leg.  That‘s a lot of death and destruction in only six episodes, and we still have a long way to go before the season wraps up.  Will anyone be left standing by the end?To get fans ready for Battlestar Galactica‘s next suspenseful installment, "Guess What‘s Coming to Dinner," we have some promo photos and a video preview of the episode. Read more »
Last week on Battlestar Galactica, Starbuck and a few crew members went on a road trip to chat with the Cylon Hybrid.  Though many of her messages were unintelligible, the Hybrid did tell them that D‘Anna (Lucy Lawless) can provide information about the path to Earth.  Starbuck also found out that she‘s going to bring about everyone‘s doom, which is never the kind of thing you want to hear.  On the Demetrius, Gaeta suffered a gunshot wound to the leg that may lead to amputation if he doesn‘t get back to the Galactica quickly.Tonight, Roslin tells Tory that she knows her dirty little secret, while the humans and the Cylons forge a pact that could change things forever. Read more »
The cast of Caprica, the Battlestar Galactica spin-off prequel, keeps getting better and better.  We previously announced that Paula Malcomson (Deadwood) and Esai Morales (Jericho) had joined the cast, and now Polly Walker (Cane, Rome) and veteran film actor Eric Stoltz have also signed on.  Walker will play Sister Clarice Willow, a duplicitous headmistress of a private religious school, while Stoltz will play computer engineer Daniel Graystone, the husband of Malcomson‘s character and the man who helps create the first Cylon.Before Caprica launches as a TV-movie in 2009, Battlestar Galactica will wrap up its fourth and final season. Now that shooting on the final episodes of BSG is nearly completed, TV Guide has announced that Katee Sackhoff will be scrubbing in on Nip/Tuck for at least four episodes. Read more »
If there‘s one thing that can be annoying about watching cable television, it‘s the way the networks play around with their schedules.  The main broadcasters reliably roll out new episodes of their shows in the fall or at midseason, but with cable, anything goes.  Seasons can be delayed for months, years, or in the case of Battlestar Galactica, broken in half for an unnecessary midseason hiatus.  Just as we‘ve settled comfortably back into the BSG universe, the show will disappear from the Sci Fi Channel after only three more episodes.  Despite the fact that the network has about ten more installments in the can, we may have to wait until 2009 to see them.  I‘d rather arm wrestle a Cylon Centurion than endure such a long, torturous hiatus. Read more »
It‘s been nearly two weeks since the last new episode of Battlestar Galactica, which left us with a shocking cliffhanger.  After Roslin and Baltar traveled to the Cylon Basestar to chat with the Hybrid, the ship unexpectedly jumped to an unknown location.  Where they went, and how they‘ll possibly get back, remains a mystery.  Hopefully this Friday‘s episode, entitled "Sine Qua Non," will fill us in on Roslin and Baltar whereabouts.  The episode will also deal with the power struggles that erupt in the Colonial Fleet following the president‘s disappearance.To prepare for this week‘s new installment we have two preview videos of "Sine Qua Non." Read more »
When the character of Tory Foster first appeared during season 2 of Battlestar Galactica, she seemed like a fairly inconsequential background player.  It‘s amazing how things can change in just a couple of seasons. Since the shocking season 3 finale revealed Tory‘s Cylon nature, her character has been pushed to the forefront.  We‘ve watched as Tory went from being a meek presidential aide to a cold, calculating, sexually charged villainess.  No matter what Tory goes through, actress Rekha Sharma manages to expertly portray her character‘s shifting emotions without ever stripping her of her underlying humanity.We recently had a chance to sit down with Sharma to discuss the thrill of playing a Cylon, what Tory sees in Baltar, and what fans can expect as Battlestar Galactica moves toward its midseason hiatus. Read more »
When the previous episode of Battlestar Galactica came to an end, we were left hanging as Roslin and Baltar disappeared into the depths of space.  The Cylon Hybrid forced the Basestar to jump right after Athena killed Natalie, which may make her responsible for the incident.  In addition to that big shocker, Starbuck returned to the Colonial Fleet, Gaeta (Alessandro Juliani) lost his leg and sang a little ditty, and the Galactica crew plotted to destroy the Cylon resurrection hub.  If they succeed in their mission, the war between the humans and Cylons will be altered forever.On tonight‘s episode, "Sine Qua Non," the Fleet scrambles to deal with Roslin‘s absence, and Tigh and Adama get into a brutal smackdown. Read more »
Though it certainly moved the plot forward in some interesting and exciting directions, I found last week‘s episode of Battlestar Galactica to be a bit of a disappointment.  Too much time was spent on the reappearance of Romo Lampkin and the political power struggles, while the more mind-boggling news of an unborn baby with two Cylon parents was barely mentioned.  Despite my issues with "Sine Qua Non," this week‘s installment, "Hub," looks to be much more interesting.  Not only is "Hub" the penultimate episode before Battlestar Galactica‘s midseason hiatus, but it also features the long-awaited return of Lucy Lawless to the series. To get fans ready for the new installment, we have some promo photos and a trailer for the episode. Read more »
Last week on Battlestar Galactica, the Colonial Fleet scrambled to fill President Roslin‘s position following her disappearance.  After much pointless rambling from Romo Lampkin, Lee decided to step up and get sworn in to office.  On the Galactica, Adama discovered that Tigh knocked up the imprisoned Caprica Six, which led to an awesome fist fight that destroyed Adama‘s model ship for the millionth time.  Despite the Colonel‘s scandalous extracurricular activities, Adama (Edward James Olmos) felt safe leaving him in charge of the Galactica while he took off to search for Roslin.On tonight‘s episode, Roslin and Baltar try to get answers from the Cylon Hybrid, and D‘Anna is finally let out of her box. Read more »
We‘re only a few days away from the midseason finale of Battlestar Galactica.  After the credits roll on "Revelations" we‘ll likely have to wait until 2009 before seeing the final ten episodes of the series.  With such a long hiatus in store, it‘s time for the BSG writers to pull out all the stops and attempt to leave us with our minds blown.With the hiatus growing closer, we decided to come up with a list of five things we hope to see in this Friday‘s episode.  We tried to keep the list narrowed down to things that might actually be revealed, which is why you won‘t find us pondering the mystery behind Starbuck‘s disappearance.  These are not only things we long to see, but things we think the writers may actually show us.  Let‘s get on with the list. Read more »
Battlestar Galactica executive producer Ronald D. Moore recently confirmed that the final episodes of season 4 won‘t air on the Sci Fi Channel until 2009.  This news is especially frustrating since the BSG crew is currently wrapping production on the series.  Though the episodes still have plenty of post-production to go through, they‘ll basically be sitting in the can for months before we see them.  This is one reason why I‘m especially excited to see tomorrow night‘s mid-season finale, entitled "Revelations."  The title alone promises huge developments, and I have a feeling the Battlestar Galactica writers will pull out all the stops to ensure the fans have a lot to talk about until next year.To prepare viewers for the big mid-season send-off, we have some promo photos and an exciting clip from the episode. Read more »
Last week on Battlestar Galactica, I cried into my stylish yet manly hankie when Adama and Roslin were finally reunited aboard the Cylon Basestar.  Before that touching moment, Helo and an Eight successfully rescued D‘Anna from the Resurrection Hub just minutes before the Viper pilots blew it to bits.  D‘Anna promised to tell Roslin the identities of the final five Cylons, but only if she takes her back to the Galactica.  Can the Cylon be trusted, or is she merely trying to ensure her survival now that she‘s the last of her kind?Tonight‘s episode of Battlestar Galactica is the final installment until 2009.  Sit down, buckle up, and prepare yourself for one of the most mind-blowing cliffhangers of the television season. Read more »
Last night‘s fantastic mid-season finale of Battlestar Galactica was entitled "Revelations" for good reason.  We had been waiting all season, if not longer, for some of the major developments that took place in 2008‘s final episode.  While the outing of the four Galactica Cylons was a huge development, it was the long-awaited discovery of Earth that will truly be a game changer for both the characters and the series itself.  When Admiral Adama (Edward James Olmos) stepped foot on the planet and picked up the soil in his hands, it wasn‘t the beautiful happy ending it was meant to be.  Earth was supposed to be the utopia that saved the human race, but instead the crew found the remnants of a bombed out civilization.  It was the perfect example of a theme that ran throughout the episode: be careful what you wish for. Read more »
<<PREVIOUS          NEXT>>Yes, Tahmoh Penikett is one fine looking man, but what makes Battlestar Galactica‘s Helo a truly hot father is the dedication he has to his wife Sharon (Grace Park) and child. First, he stuck by his wife, even after discovering she was a Cylon. Then, upon discovering the death of their child Hera was faked, Helo killed his wife so that she could rescue their child (it makes sense of you know the show). Committing treason for the sake of your child is about as extreme an act of fatherhood as we can imagine, and this helps make Helo the hot dad he is. Read more »
While some fans were disappointed with Battlestar Galactica‘s shocking mid-season finale, the episode left most of us in awe and hungry for more.  Two days before "Revelations" aired on the Sci-Fi Channel, the Los Angeles Times gathered together executive producer Ronald D. Moore, television critics, Emmy voters, famous fans, and numerous cast members to screen the episode.  The folks over at Entertainment Weekly were able to attend the screening, and they reported back with all sorts of juicy tidbits from the Q&A session with the cast and crew.  Read on for news on the upcoming series finale, as well as an intriguing fact about the final five Cylons. Read more »
After all this time, a switch went off, just like that. For more than a year now, Battlestar Galactica fans have been pondering the identity of the final Cylon. I‘ve had plenty of theories. At first I was leaning towards Zak Adama, Lee‘s dead brother. Then, as season 4 wore on, I set my sights on Tom Zarek. After the truly spectacular mid-season finale, I started to think about it even more, obsessing over the identity of the final Cylon. Then I read a comment made by Ronald D. Moore, and just like that, the switch went off.Boomer is the final Cylon. Not Athena, the mother of Hera, but Boomer, the Sharon who shot Adama, got Jack Ruby-ed by Cally and tried to end the Cylon aggression against humanity. Crazy as it sounds, it all makes perfect sense. Read more »
Though we won‘t see the remainder of Battlestar Galactica‘s fourth season until early 2009, the cast and crew are currently wrapping up the final episodes of the series.  With BSG soon to be a thing of the past, it‘s time for the ridiculously talented folks behind the show to move on to new projects.  We‘ve already announced that Tahmoh Penikett (Lt. ‘Helo‘ Agathon) will be starring in Joss Whedon‘s Dollhouse next year, while Katee Sackhoff (Kara Thrace) is moving on to a multi-episode stint on Nip/Tuck.  Now we have word on a few new pilots going into production that will feature the work of other Battlestar Galactica actors and producers. Read more »
When I first heard that the Sci Fi Channel had ordered a two-hour TV movie spin-off of Battlestar Galactica, I felt a mixture of excitement and confusion.  Though I think BSG is one of the best shows on television and an example of science fiction at its most intelligent, it‘s also not a big ratings winner for the network.  The show has struggled to find viewers since its first season, so what would compel the network to produce a spin-off?Thanks to TV Guide I now have my answer.  The spin-off, entitled Caprica, will be set in the Battlestar Galactica universe, but it‘s going to have a completely different style that‘s closer to AMC‘s Mad Men than your typical space opera.  Will BSG fans embrace a new show that focuses more on character drama than sci-fi action? Read more »
The Sci Fi Channel brought two highly anticipated new shows to the TCA press tour: the Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica and the green-screen heavy Sanctuary.Additionally, the network gave the official revelation that the final season of Battlestar Galactica will air in January 2009. Sanctuary will premiere in October, and there is currently no set date for Caprica. The executives at Sci Fi are waiting to see the two-hour TV movie to decide whether to air it in the Fall or to save it to air along with the eventual series. Read more »
As a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica, it may take time for me to accept some of my favorite actors in new roles now that the series has finished filming its final episodes.  Will it be strange to see Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck) scrub in and cause trouble during the next season of Nip/Tuck?  Will I keep wondering where Boomer is when I see Tahmoh Penikett (Helo) on Joss Whedon‘s new FOX series, Dollhouse?  One actor who Americans may not be seeing much of in the near future is Jamie Bamber (Apollo).  The British star recently revealed to Kristin at E!Online that he‘s signed up for a new version of Law & Order that will take place in his home country of the UK. Read more »
It comes as no surprise that there weren‘t any major revelations about Battlestar Galactica‘s final episodes unveiled at the San Diego Comic-Con.  The 10 remaining installments of the series won‘t air until 2009, and executive producers Ron Moore and David Eick are notoriously tight-lipped regarding spoilers.  Even without any huge bombshells, the Comic-Con panel was still a treat for BSG fans.  Actors Katee Sackhoff, James Callis, Tricia Helfer, Michael Trucco, Jamie Bamber and Tahmoh Penikett all appeared at the panel, which was moderated by Battlestar Galactica addict Kevin Smith. In addition to the BSG stars, the crew brought along a trailer for the final episodes that offered a few interesting glimpses at what‘s to come. Read more »
Last week, Los Angeles‘s Cinerama Dome movie theater was host to a screening of Battlestar Galactica‘s mid-season finale and a Q&A session with some of the actors. Though we weren‘t able to attend, IGN got to sit down with Six (Tricia Helfer) and Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) to discuss the impending Battlestar Galactica series finale and what their plans are now that the show is finishing up.It‘s not surprising that both of the talented actresses are in high demand, and both discussed their new roles on Nip/Tuck, for Sackhoff, and Burn Notice, for Helfer. They also revealed their reactions to reading the finale script for the first time – and what they have to say may surprise you. Read more »
It‘s been the big question all season: who is the Cylon still hiding within the colonial fleet? In this week‘s episode of Battlestar Galactica we got a scare when newly unboxed D‘Anna Biers (Lucy Lawless) told President Roslin that she was the final Cylon–only to moments later laugh it off and assure us that for now, the identity of the Final Five Cylons would be a secret D‘Anna keeps close.Some of us here at BuddyTV are convinced that the final Cylon is going to be unveiled this Friday during “Revelations,” the last episode before Battlestar Galactica‘s mid-season hiatus. What better time to drop the bombshell and leave fans salivating for months on end? As we prepare for the mid-season finale, here are some new predictions on who might be the last Cylon hiding under everyone‘s noses. Read more »
Amidst all of the political intrigue in the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica, a gasp-worthy bombshell was dropped: Caprica Six (Tricia Helfer) is pregnant with Colonel Tigh‘s baby. The same Colonel Tigh (Michael Hogan) who was revealed to be a Cylon in last season‘s finale.The fleet has had a regular Cylon baby boom, starting with Athena and Helo‘s baby and followed by the retroactive reveal that Cally and Tyrol‘s baby is also half-Cylon. This time there‘s no mixed robot/human mating going on--the child of Six and Tigh will be the first all Cylon baby. What does this mean for the Cylons? And what does it mean for Battlestar Galactica? Read more »
The San Diego Comic-Con has been a TV fan talking point for years now. Come each summer, our favorite TV show creators and TV stars gather in panels to answer fan questions, discuss behind the scenes goings on and, most excitingly, give sneak peeks of their new seasons. Also making appearances are those with brand new shows they want us to watch and love -- like new genre offerings from such famous talents as Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams. This year‘s Comic-Con is only a few weeks away and Kristin over at E! Online has the tentative panel schedule. With a potential actor strike looming and with the otherwise unpredictable nature of those in the business of show, nothing is set in stone, but it looks like the creators behind all of our favorite hit shows will be making appearances -- and letting slip the juicy advance news we all crave. Read more »
"Hub," Last week‘s amazing episode of Battlestar Galactica, brought us copious amounts of good things: Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell) taking charge while dealing with her inner turmoil, Baltar (James Callis) being generally hilarious even while confessing his deep dark secrets, the return of D‘Anna (Lucy Lawless), some amazing space battles as the Cylon resurrection hub was destroyed and, of course, the heartwarming reunion between Roslin and Admiral Adama (Edward James Olmos).The fantastic episode was written by one of TV‘s most prolific and talented scribes, Jane Espenson, who also wrote for such classic cult TV series as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly. As fans prepare for the Battlestar Galactica mid-season finale this Friday, Jane Espenson made the internet interview rounds to talk about “Hub” and hint broadly at what may be coming up next on the series. Read more »
For Battlestar Galactica fans, the recent shocking mid-season finale marked the beginning of the end for the raw, dark sci-fi drama that has kept viewers captivated for years. As the surviving humans finally landed on Earth only to discover it to be an irradiated wasteland, the questions on the fans‘ minds are where will the series go from here? And how can the Battlestar Galactica creators wrap up all the loose ends still dangling from throughout the series‘ three and a half season run?Though the final episodes of Battlestar Galactica will air come 2009, rumors are being spread that the end of the series may not be the end of Battlestar Galactica after all. All those stories just bursting to be told might come in another format – TV movies, much like the well-received Razor movie previously produced for the SciFi channel. Read more »
Last Thursday the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences unveiled the comedy and drama series up for Primetime Emmy nominations. Though those lists were made public, the nominations in the acting categories have been kept secret – though Gold Derby‘s Tom O‘Neil has tapped his sources and sifted through rumors to provide the unofficial top 10 lists of who made the cut. The Emmy nominations are a two step process. They begin with a popular vote of all eligible ATAS members that determines what actors and which series will be on the top 10 lists. Each of those 10 nominees then submits an episode that best highlights their work and the academy ranks them, with the popular votes and rankings determining which five will be up for an Emmy. Today O‘Neil unveiled the rumored top 10 lists of best lead actor and lead actress in a drama series. Read more »
Remember Battlestar Galactica?  It‘s that insanely amazing show on the Sci Fi Channel that disappeared for a hiatus in June and won‘t return until early 2009.  It can be tough to remember such a fantastic series when it goes off the air for months right in the middle of its final season, presumably so the Sci Fi Channel can air original movies like Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep.  It‘s been a long, lonely summer without the Galactica crew to keep us company, but it turns out the lengthy wait just might be worth it. is reporting that the final 10 episodes of Battlestar Galactica will be extended beyond their usual 42-minute running times, providing fans with extra footage and additional scenes. Read more »
As a recent Associated Press article pointed out, Battlestar Galactica is not considered a ratings success by normal standards.  The series averaged about 2.8 million viewers during its first season, and by the mid-season finale of season 4 that number had fallen to 1.8 million.  Despite the falling ratings, the Sci Fi Channel had enough faith in the loyal fan base to green light both an upcoming BSG TV movie and a spin-off entitled Caprica.  Both will likely air within the next year, and their very existence proves that Nielsen ratings aren‘t the only way to gauge a show‘s success.Though it‘s not set to air until 2009, a trailer for Caprica has already hit the web.  Can the show live up to the expectations of rabid Battlestar Galactica fans? Read more »
Paul Campbell seems to be finding a very specific niche for his career. On Battlestar Galactica, be played the somewhat geeky Billy, and now once again he‘s playing a geeky guy named Billy on a reimagining of a cheesy sci-fi show from the past. However, like BSG, the new Knight Rider is less about kitsch and more about making a modern update of a classic.BuddyTV spoke to Paul Campbell during our exclusive Knight Rider set visit. The hot young star who BuddyTV named one of the sexiest stars to watch this season had plenty to say about his role on the series, his relationship to KITT and the original series, and the comparisons to his Battlestar Galactica role. Keep reading for the highlights and to watch our exclusive video interview. Read more »
There‘s an ongoing buzz that Battlestar Galactica‘s second half of the fourth and final season will be delayed as speculations arise that it would wrap up in June 2009, which would have it starting somewhere around April.  Several pop culture sites, including io9 and Galactica Sitrep, have reported the holdup but the Sci Fi Channel has now debunked the rumor.Compelled to disprove the delay, a spokesman from the network said that Battlestar Galactica is “still slated to return January 2009.”  The network is also calling the rumors, which reportedly spawned from comments made by Battlestar Galactica cast member Aaron Douglas at Dragon*Con, “inaccurate.” Read more »
The Sci Fi Channel must have heard my cries of pain over the lengthy hiatus we‘re enduring as we wait for Battlestar Galactica to return in January.  First they announced that they‘d be super-sizing the final 10 episodes of the series, and then they released the fantastic news that a BSG two-hour TV movie is in the works.  The movie will air sometime after the series wraps up in 2009, but it‘ll actually take place prior to the miniseries that kicked off the show.  The movie, which has a script by Battlestar Galactica scribe Jane Espenson, went into production in Vancouver on Monday, and is being directed by series star Edward James Olmos. Read more »
The Creative Arts Emmys were held last night in Los Angeles, and big names took home a number of statues.  The Creative Arts Emmys celebrates the more minor categories, the ones who weren‘t big enough to make the big show, if you will.  The Creative Arts Emmys will air Saturday, September 20 on E!, a day before the Primetime Emmys air live on ABC.  Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) and Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) hosted the event, which included such winners as Cynthia Nixon (Law & Order: SVU), Tim Conway (30 Rock), and funny women Sarah Silverman and Kathy Griffin.  Read more »
For my own sanity, there are two types of movies I try hard to avoid: horror remakes and anything created solely for the Sci Fi Channel.  Remakes of classic fright flicks are usually rather abysmal, and the Sci Fi Channel has brought us films with such titles as Android Apocalypse, Boa vs. Python and S.S. Doomtrooper.  The network is known for spitting out weekly B-movies with no regard to quality, though every now and then they create something worthwhile.What would happen if the Sci Fi Channel decided to produce their own horror remake?  We‘ll soon find out.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network is planning a reboot of the 1984 Stephen King film Children of the Corn, which starred Peter Horton and a pre-Terminator Linda Hamilton.  The new version will feature David Anders (Heroes‘ Adam Monroe) and Kandyse McClure (Battlestar Galactica‘s Lt. Dualla) as an unlucky couple who find themselves stranded in a creepy rural community. Read more »
While watching the Emmys this past Sunday, I couldn‘t help but feel disappointed when the list of nominees for Best Actress in a Drama Series were announced.  Some of the actresses were more than worthy of their nominations, but the category didn‘t acknowledge amazing performances from people like January Jones (Mad Men), Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights), or Mary McDonnell (Battlestar Galactica).  How do you hand out an award for dramatic acting without considering three of the most talented ladies on television?One of these women may have a shot at a trophy next year, but probably not for the series she‘s most known for.  The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Mary McDonnell has signed on for a multi-episode arc on Grey‘s Anatomy, which is full of Emmy-nominated actors. Read more »
Aside from the identity of the final Cylon, some of the biggest questions remaining on Battlestar Galactica involve the origins of the four Galactica Cylons.  We still don‘t know where they came from, how old they are, or if they have multiple copies floating somewhere in space.  The histories of Anders, Tyrol, Tory and Tigh are still shrouded in mystery, and anticipation for these answers runs high among loyal BSG fans.It turns out that those hoping for more information about the Cylons may not have to wait until Battlestar Galactica returns next year.  In the October issue of SFX magazine, actor Aaron Douglas, who plays Chief Tyrol on the series, unleashes a heck of a spoiler that will make you rethink everything you know about the series.  Read on at your own risk.WARNING!  SPOILERS AHEAD! Read more »
Battlestar Galactica has had a strange history on DVD.  Seasons 1 and 3 of the Sci Fi Channel series were released in box sets that contained every episode from each season, while season 2 was split in half, forcing fans to buy two full-priced box sets to get the same number of episodes.  It‘s possible Universal Home Video split the season to tide fans over during BSG‘s lengthy mid-season hiatus, or it‘s possible they simply did it to make more money.Unfortunately for those who hate buying split seasons, it looks like season 4 of Battlestar Galactica is going to be released in two separate sets.  TV Shows On DVD recently revealed the release date and extras for the BSG Season 4.0 DVDs. Read more »
Fantasy Flight Games, the Roseville, Minnesota-based game company that creates and publishes role-playing, board and card games, has announced that a board game based on Battlestar Galactica is coming out this fall.  Just like the show it is based on, the game will feature cooperative play with both political and military conflicts taking a huge role.  More importantly, it lets fans play out the question: Are you a Cylon?“Battlestar Galactica‘s rich storylines and compelling characters provide the perfect playground for a totally immersive gaming experience,” Adam Stotsky, executive vice president of global brand strategy and market development for the Sci Fi channel, said in a statement. Read more »
The final 10 episodes of Battlestar Galactica have been wrapped up and sitting in a can somewhere for months now, and still we‘ve been forced to wait for the Sci Fi Channel to announce when they‘ll air on television.  The show‘s mid-season finale aired back in June, leaving fans with a doozy of a cliffhanger as the characters arrived on Earth and discovered it‘s nothing but an irradiated wasteland.  That moment made it obvious that BSG may not be heading for a happy ending, which is no surprise considering the dark subject matter the series often tackles.It‘s been an agonizing wait, but the Sci Fi Channel has finally announced the official return date for the remainder of Battlestar Galactica‘s fourth season.  Fans only have to wait a few more months to see the final adventures of their favorite characters. Read more »
As reported recently, Law and Order will be returning for its 19th season earlier than originally scheduled.  With NBC‘s revamped schedule, the long-running crime drama has now been added to the Wednesday nigh block, beginning November 5.  But aside from the show‘s sooner-than-expected comeback, fans can expect a lot of guest stars this season.  One of which is Katee Sackhoff, who is perhaps best known for her role as Captain Kara "Starbuck" Thrace on the Sci Fi Channel television program Battlestar Galactica.In addition to Battlestar Galactica, where she won a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series in 2006, Sackhoff has also appeared on Bionic Woman as Sarah Corvus, on Cold Case as Terri Maxwell and as Nell Bickford on The Education of Max Bickford.  Read more »
If you still haven‘t come up with a good outfit to go trick-or-treating in this year, BuddyTV offers our top 10 suggestions for TV-related Halloween costumes.<<PREVIOUS     |     NEXT>>For some people, Halloween is just an excuse to dress up in sexy outfits and parade around in front of strangers.  On Battlestar Galactica, the Cylon model known as Number Six is one of the most beautiful women in the universe, capable of seducing and destroying men with ease.  If you want to break a few hearts and wipe out a few planets this Halloween, simply slip on Six‘s signature red dress, add a platinum blonde wig, and hit the town with some monotheistic propaganda at the ready.  If you want to be even more creative, grab a few friends to dress up as other versions of the character.  The only thing better than one sexy Cylon is a small army of them. Read more »
Just in time for the election, BuddyTV brings you our list of the 15 worst politicians from TV.<<PREVIOUS   |   NEXT>>Gaius Baltar had a hand in wiping out most of humanity on Battlestar Galactica, but that didn‘t stop him from winning the race for president a couple years later. Unfortunately, Baltar was more interested in drinking and womanizing than politics, and his citizens suffered due to his ineptitude. When the evil Cylons invaded New Caprica and enslaved humanity, the cowardly president crumbled in the face of pressure, worrying about no one but himself. Though he was eventually ousted from office and tried for treason, humanity would have been better off had Baltar never been elected. Read more »
One thing that makes Battlestar Galactica brilliant is the way its story lines often parallel real world events.  You won‘t find another show on television that contains such fascinating insights on topics ranging from the war on terror to the dangers of religious intolerance.  The folks behind BSG have created a sci-fi world that often acts as a commentary on our own, though the series never makes the parallels too obvious.Battlestar Galactica may be on hiatus at the moment, but at least one fan has found a way to tie the show into current events.  With the presidential election coming up tomorrow, a fan-made video has popped up online posing a very interesting question: Are John McCain and Sarah Palin Cylons? Read more »
Have you ever wanted to own Admiral Adama‘s painting of the first Cylon war?  Have you ever wondered what it‘d be like to slip into Starbuck‘s Viper uniform?  Battlestar Galactica fans with some money to burn will soon get a chance to bid on these and other items from the hit Sci Fi Channel series.  NBC Universal has finalized plans to sell BSG props, costumes and set pieces in a special auction that will be held in Pasadena, CA on the weekend of January 16.  Over 800 items will be auctioned off to the highest bidders, including full-scale Battlestar Galactica spaceships, and Number Six‘s signature red dress. Read more »
There are many reasons to mourn when a great television show goes off the air.  It‘s sad to see a compelling story come to an end, and it‘s hard to say goodbye to wonderful characters, but there‘s also a sinking feeling that you may never see some of your favorite actors in such amazing, fleshed out roles ever again.  Will Sarah Michelle Gellar ever find a role half as compelling as that of the title character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer?  Will anyone tap into Lauren Graham‘s spectacular talents as ingeniously as Gilmore Girls did?  I‘m still waiting for these and many other actors to return in great roles, but iconic characters don‘t come along very often.One amazing character fans will soon have to bid goodbye to is Battlestar Galactica‘s Laura Roslin, portrayed by the Emmy-worthy Mary McDonnell.  The actress recently spoke to Zap2It to discuss the final episodes of the series, as well as the type of roles she‘d like to take on in the future. Read more »
After a seemingly never ending hiatus, Battlestar Galactica returns to wrap up its fourth and final season on Friday, January 16.  With the return of the Sci Fi Channel series less than two months away, the network is increasing their promotion of the show to get fans ready for Galactica‘s big send-off.  Sci Fi has scheduled a new half-hour recap special entitled "BSG: Essential Elements," which is set to air January 11 at 11pm.  A new Battlestar Galactica webisode series entitled "The Face of the Enemy" is also in the works.  It‘ll premiere online in December, and according to The Futon Critic will also air during Sci Fi‘s presentation of the movie Pitch Black on January 15.The webisodes are meant to bridge the gap between the mid-season finale and the January 16 premiere, but that‘s not the only interesting thing about them.  Galactica Sitrep reports that two male characters will be outed and indulge in a full-on make-out session in one of the installments.  Read on if you want to be spoiled! Read more »
Chuck‘s list of guest stars this season is plain absurd, and they keep adding them on.  Either the Chuck set has gotten a reputation for being one heck of a good time, of NBC has unleashed a mighty guest star budget for the spy action/comedy.  Either way, there are more guest stars being announced today, thanks to EW‘s Michael Ausiello.  The big name is one Tricia Helfer, who Battlestar Galactica fans know extremely well.  Helfer is, well, quite a looker and she is coming onto Chuck for one episode as Special Agent Alex Forrest, a possible replacement for Yvonne Strahovski‘s Sarah Walker, amidst worries that Sarah has gotten too close to Chuck.  Fans shouldn‘t worry, however.  Strahovski isn‘t going anywhere, and Helfer has only signed up for the one episode.  Casey will be hoping otherwise, as he will take a liking to the no-nonsense Agent Forrest.  Read more »
After a seemingly endless wait, the final episodes of Battlestar Galactica are almost here.  The Sci Fi Channel series signed off in June with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger that found the Galactica crew arriving on an irradiated, desolated Earth.  Fans have spent months speculating what will happen next, and we‘ll finally find out beginning Friday, January 16 at 10pm.  That‘s when BSG returns with the first of its final 10 episodes, which will hopefully answer all of our questions and leave us wanting more.With Battlestar Galactica‘s return less than two months away, the Sci Fi Channel has unveiled an exciting new promo for the upcoming episodes.  This is the kind of clip you‘ll want to slow down and watch frame by frame to ensure you don‘t miss any important details. Read more »
Much to the dismay of science fiction fans around the world, the critically acclaimed Battlestar Galactica will be coming to an end in just a few months.  The series returns with the first of its final 10 episodes on Friday, January 16, and will then wrap up on March 20.  The series finished filming months ago, and as audiences wait to see what happens to their favorite characters, the actors are moving on to other projects.  Some will be appearing in the upcoming Battlestar Galactica TV movie entitled The Plan, while others are plotting more earthbound career trajectories.The show itself may be leaving the airwaves sooner than we‘d like, but the BSG universe will live on.  The Sci Fi Channel has announced plans to turn the Battlestar Galactica spin-off Caprica into a series.  The network will launch the new show in early 2010, starting with the two-hour pilot episode that was filmed earlier this year. Read more »
There have been numerous interviews with Battlestar Galactica cast members since they finished filming the final episode earlier this year, and all of them have had wonderful things to say about the finale.  Can the long-awaited ending of the Sci Fi Channel series possibly live up to the hype?  I certainly hope so, but actor James Callis, who plays the devious Gaius Baltar on the series, just cranked the hype level up to 11 in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times."Honestly you can‘t be disappointed," the actor said when speaking about the final episode.  "I think if Adolf Hitler were back, he‘d be crying in his handkerchief." Read more »
The year is almost over, and BuddyTV wants to know which shows were your absolute favorites from 2008. We have a huge Showdown featuring 48 of the top shows of the year, from reality staples like American Idol to smash hits like CSI. You can vote for your favorite cult shows like Supernatural, or a small comedy like It‘s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  We have shows still going strong like Grey‘s Anatomy and shows canceled before their time like Jericho.VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE SHOW OF 2008>> Read more »
Fans of The Big Bang Theory have something to look forward next week.  Michael Trucco, whose latest TV efforts consists of a guest stint on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as a man who is suspected of slipping women drug that causes them to forget everything that happens to them, and his current role as Samuel Anders on Battlestar Galactica, is slated to appear on Monday‘s episode entitled "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis," in which Leonard‘s handsome colleague starts dating Penny (Kaley Cuoco). Read more »
The final 10 episodes of Battlestar Galactica don‘t begin for five more weeks, but today the Sci Fi Channel released the first of a new series of webisodes sure to keep BSG fans satisfied as they prepare for the exciting final season.Called “The Face of the Enemy,” the webisodes take place about a week after the discovery of Earth. Some things have changed, while others remain the same. Continue reading for more on this webisode.Watch Battlestar Galactica: “The Face of the Enemy,” Webisode 1 Read more »
What‘s the Sci Fi Channel to do now that the end of Battlestar Galactica is approaching?  Since the series has been its esteemed leader in the perilous universe of ratings, the network is going to have to do its best without the show.  It‘s just basic survival skills, but things could get more complicated.Sci Fi executives and fans are well aware that January 16 marks the beginning of the final ten episodes of Battlestar Galactica.  After that, a prequel series called Caprica has been slated for a pilot movie in 2009 and perhaps a TV series in 2010.  Even so, it‘s going to be quite far from the standards set by Galactica, since Caprica deals with new characters and new plotlines.  Well then, it‘s just going to be one risk Sci Fi has to take. Read more »
As Lee “Apollo” Adama on Battlestar Galactica, Jamie Bamber has had his fair share of adventures.  But as the series ends, he‘s realized that it‘s best to keep things to himself before the finale‘s premiere.  He‘s also been taking a break from the show, and moving on to film other projects like the newest version of Law & Order, set in his UK hometown.  Despite being busy with several ventures in the industry, Jamie Bamber isn‘t one to forget the sci-fi series that catapulted him to the spotlight.  He reflected on his last day on the set of Battlestar Galactica, which was surely one hectic time for everyone present.  Was the cast worrying over what would come next or thankful that another chapter of their lives has concluded?  Read more »
It‘s December, and as happens each year, many of our favorite shows have curled up in their dens (“production studios”) to hibernate until spring. For the avid television viewer, the dark days of winter are a reflection of the dark TV screen, turned off until new episodes return in January and February. It can be a confusing and lonely time for TV viewers. Some even resort to reading books.Thankfully, the big studios are working harder than ever to give viewers a temporary cure for the mid-season break blues: a new crop of Webisodes from favorites like Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, and more. Read more »
January‘s arrival brings the return of many top shows, as well as the end of some beloved ones, such as Sci Fi‘s Battlestar Galactica.  What better way to start off the finale than to talk about it, especially if you‘re hearing words straight from the mouth of the series‘ creator?  The Star Ledger recently posted an interview they did with Ron Moore, and the Emmy Award-nominated legend discussed what‘s to come.  “I knew the series of "Battlestar Galactica" was going to end with a period at the end of the sentence,” Moore declared.  “Because of the way we‘re ending "Battlestar," I didn‘t see other stories beyond it that I felt were interesting or had any real relevance to what the show is about.  But we had a very rich backstory to deal with.” Read more »
It’s finally here, the final episodes of Battlestar Galactica. Tonight at 10pm on the Sci Fi Channel, Battlestar Galactica comes back with the first of its final 10 episodes. “Sometimes a Great Notion” picks up where the show left off, with the fleet and the Cylons dealing with the discovery of a desolate Earth.While the Sci Fi Channel released the first episode for critics, they left out one key scene, which should provide an indication of how important tonight’s episode is. The show has a secret so big that they didn’t even want the possibility of critics spoiling it. Continue reading for a review of tonight’s episode.MILD SPOILER WARNING: While no details are given, do not read if you want to go into tonight’s episode without any information. Read more »
Previously on Battlestar Galactica: The four humanoid Cylons led Starbuck to a Colonial signal on her Viper that led the fleet to Earth. The humans and Cylons joined forces for the journey, but the celebration was short-lived when they discovered Earth is a desolate wasteland.This episode picks up right where we left off, with the crew wandering aimlessly around Earth, staring at the ocean. Get used to it, because this whole episode is about despair. President Roslin (Mary McDonnell) picks up a flower from the ground while reports come in that there‘s no human life on the planet. Read more »
Previously on Battlestar Galactica: The Earth, inhabited by the 13th tribe of Cylons including Tyrol, Anders, Tory and Tigh, was nuked 2,000 years ago. Kara found herself, dead. Dualla committed suicide. And Ellen Tigh was revealed to be the final Cylon.Number Six (Tricia Helfer) and Tigh (Michael Hogan) are in the medical station and Doc Cottle shows them an ultrasound of their baby. Tigh is a bit freaked out, but Number Six is ecstatic that their baby will be the first from a Cylon/Cylon pairing. Read more »
For a long time, fans of Battlestar Galactica thought they had a good idea where the show was going. The search for Earth was always the primary goal, but when they arrived there during the mid-season finale of season 4, it was a vast wasteland.During the wait until the start of the final 10 episodes, I naturally assumed the rest of the show would deal with the fallout from Earth. But by the second episode back, Battlestar Galactica left Earth behind and moved forward. Now I have no idea where the show is going, which is why I love it. Read more »
Previously on Battlestar Galactica: The Cylons wanted equal rights, which ticked off Tom Zarek, so he led a revolution and recruited Gaeta as his second-in-command.The fleet still isn‘t responding to Admiral Adama‘s desire to install Cylon FTL drives on all the ships, so Adama (Edward James Olmos) asks Tigh to threaten to jail the whole Quorum if they won‘t comply. Tigh (Michael Hogan) doesn‘t think he should be running point on this mission, being a Cylon and all. Adding to Tigh‘s unease is that President Roslin (Mary McDonnell) is in Adama‘s chambers enjoying some coffee. Laura and Bill bicker like an old married couple. Read more »
After Friday’s amazing episode of Battlestar Galactica, there seems to be a consensus among the fans: Gaeta needs to be thrown out the frakking airlock. The one-legged traitor helped mastermind a revolution that removed Adama and Tigh from power, leading to a “to be continued” showdown.For the second consecutive episode, the concept of a “reckoning” was mentioned. Characters are debating and worrying about their ultimate fates, though the outlook doesn’t look optimistic for anyone, least of all Gaeta. Read more »
This Friday’s all new Battlestar Galactica brings the conclusion to the epic storyline of Gaeta and Zarek leading a mutiny to remove Adama and Roslin from power. “Blood on the Scales” will deal with the aftermath of the mutiny as Adama and Tigh faced off in the second airlock while Roslin and the rest of the gang flee to the Cylon Basestar.Continue reading for more and to see a clip from this week’s brand new episode of Battlestar Galactica. Read more »
If you‘re still wondering when Caprica, the long-awaited Battlestar Galactica prequel, will finally air on TV, you‘ll have to wait until 2010. However, you‘ll be able to watch the two-hour pilot a lot sooner.In a unique move, the network will release the two-hour pilot of Caprica on DVD April 21 of this year. Fans will be able to get a special sneak peek at the series on the DVD, which will also include special behind-the-scenes featurettes. Read more »
Previously on Battlestar Galactica: Gaeta and Zarek masterminded a mutiny that forced Admiral Adama out of power.  Adama and Tigh stayed behind to fight off the revolutionaries, as did Tyrol, Lee and Starbuck.  Baltar and Roslin fled to the Cylon Basestar for refuge.Adama and Tigh are captured by the revolutionaries. Roslin’s Raptor is targeted, but Viper pilot and new dad Hot Dog refuses to fire on Gaeta’s order, but Narcho has no such problems, swooping in to fire, but Athena evades it allowing the Raptor to dock with the Cylon Basestar. Read more »
Battlestar Galactica put the final nail in the coffin of two major characters last week. After leading an attempted coup of the fleet, Felix Gaeta and Tom Zarek were captured and executed by Admiral Adama. It was the first real indication that the show is clearly coming to an end.Over the past few episodes, there has been a lot of talk about a reckoning, and that came true for Gaeta and Zarek. Up until this point, the fleet was led with a sense of compassion. Gaius Baltar was given a fair trial and Adama even voted to find him not guilty, though he vowed that it was different than being innocent. Read more »
Previously on Battlestar Galactica: Gaeta and Zarek‘s attempted coup ended poorly as Adama took back control and had them executed.  Chief Tyrol saw something mysterious on the wall of the engine room and Anders was shot.“All this has happened before. And it will happen again.” So begins this episode of Battlestar Galactica that‘s followed by a detailed description of humans creating the Cylons, their revolt and return 40 years later, and the nuclear blast. It all leads to Ellen‘s death on New Caprica, after which she wakes up in a Resurrection Pod. Wow, welcome to the most revelatory episode of BSG ever. Read more »
Among the many (many, many, many) huge revelations during the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica was the fact that there was another Cylon, model Number 7. It might seem odd to suddenly introduce a new Cylon after we thought we learned the identity of the final Cylon, but it makes perfect sense.First, Boomer was model Number 8, so the seventh model was always missing. And second, though there was a Biblical connection with the number 12, the fact that there was a 13th tribe should naturally mean there are 13 Cylons. The bigger question is: who is this Daniel? Read more »
Previously on Battlestar Galactica: Final Cylon Ellen Tigh revealed the backstory of the Cylons before being escorted back to the fleet by Boomer.  Sam Anders remembered life on Earth before going into a coma. Admiral Adama agreed to use living Cylon technology to fix the Galactica.Something is going on with Caprica Six (Tricia Helfer). She gets into a fight with some civilians who harass her, but then she‘s happy to be with Tigh and her baby, who she plans to name Liam. Read more »
In “No Exit,” I was happy to have Ellen Tigh back on Battlestar Galactica. After her resurrection, Ellen calmed down and spent the episode showing a rare maturity, treating Cavil as a mother would treat her child. She was a real adult, and for a while, I thought discovering her Cylon nature had changed her.Then in “Deadlock,” Ellen came back to the fleet and immediately got back into her old rhythms. She flirted like a cat in heat, got drunk for the heck of it, and cracked jokes the whole time. Suddenly I remembered why I hated Ellen Tigh in the first place. Read more »
Those crazy kids at PETA are at it again with their new ad, Bare Skin Not Bearskin, featuring a not-so-scantily clad Jamie Bamber. Well, not-so-clad-at-all, actually. With just ten episodes remaining Battlestar Galactica fans have never been more aware or more passionate. Bamber, who plays Lee “Apollo” Adama on the show, is taking the opportunity to make a statement about a cause he now feels strongly about, the mistreatment of bears. I say now because, as Bamber himself freely admits, he was completely unaware of the issue beforehand. But after talking to a close friend, former Office star Lucy Davis, who had posed nude for a Peta ad holding a giant teddy bear, he wanted to help. While the ads don‘t actually show anything pornish they are eye opening for fans used to seeing their favorite television actors in a very different setting. The ads lighten the mood and offer a sexy glance at intimate curves and, oh, by the way, there‘s something they‘d like you to read about the slaughter of big eyed bears. Read more »
Previously on Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck found herself dead on Earth and burned her body, repeating the phrase, "If that‘s me then what am I?"  It was all very metaphysical.  Boomer was thrown in the brig while the Final Five Cylons held a family reunion.Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) wakes up and goes about her day which has become a dull routine. She takes a shower, gives the Viper pilots their daily orders, gets drunk, and repeats. It’s a stunning piece of film making showing the monotony of her life. Read more »
On Battlestar Galactica, Starbuck is easily the toughest character. She can beat any man either in a fist fight or a drinking contest. So it’s always strange when the episodes that focus on her are beautiful and emotional.When Starbuck is put center stage, it’s because Battlestar Galactica is dealing with her emotional struggles. Episodes like “Scar” highlighted the cracks in her tough exterior as she did battle with a Cylon Raider to defend the memories of all the Viper pilots who had died. In Friday’s episode, the focus turned once again to Starbuck, and fans were dealt an unbelievable revelation. Read more »
There are only three episodes of Battlestar Galactica left. It’s hard to say and even harder to write. In 15 days, it will all be over. On the bright side, it means every episode counts. Aside from the disastrous episode with Ellen Tigh returning to the Galactica, this season has been flawless.This Friday’s new episode, “Islanded in a Stream of Stars,” brings us one step closer to the end as Admiral William Adama faces harsh truths about the fate of the Galactica. Continue reading for more details and to watch a preview video of this episode. Read more »
In an interesting moment of synergistic cooperation, CSI is teaming up with Battlestar Galactica to make an episode of the series designed to appeal to fans of both shows. The episode isn‘t a cross-over in the truest sense of the word. That would have been fun, as the crew of Battlestar Galactica would have been almost as impressed with the CSI team‘s cutting edge technologies as the other way around. But the moment Marg Helgenberger saw a cylon CSI would be indefinitely derailed as the characters questioned their scientific assumptions. That would have been too messy. Read more »
Previously on Battlestar Galactica: Boomer took off with Hera, Kara discovered her dad taught her to play "All Along the Watchtower" and the Galactica continued to fall apart.It‘s time to go back to the Kobol Opera House! Hera, Athena, Roslin and Caprica Six are all having dreams of running around the opera house before Caprica Six and Baltar take Hera away. Read more »
Previously on Battlestar Galactica: Brother Cavil had special plans for Hera at the Cylon Colony while Admiral Adama finally decided that he has to abandon the Galactica.Here we are, part one of the two-part series finale.  Hold on to your frakking hats.  Things get off to an amazingly confusing start as we see an affluent city with the subtitle “Caprica City, Before the Fall.” Is your mind blown yet? Adama (Edward James Olmos) sits in a meeting where a man is trying to convince him to do something he doesn‘t want to do. Read more »
It‘s not that late in the year for change, and Sci Fi Channel is definitely undergoing some major ones.  The NBC Universal-owned cable network has decided to rename itself, get a new tagline, and finish it off with a new logo.  Starting this June, Sci Fi Channel shall be known as SyFy.To address several marketing goals that the network has put up long ago, the new name has become part of a wide rebranding campaign.  For the new programming season, it was thought that this course of action would distinguish the channel from other cable competitors.  The change to SyFy is accompanied by a new slogan as well – “Imagine Greater.” Read more »
After a miniseries, four seasons, three webisodes sweries and a TV movie, Battlestar Galactica comes to an end tonight. The critically-acclaimed Sci Fi Channel series airs its series finale tonight at 9pm in a special two hour and 11 minute installment (so make sure you program your DVRs accordingly).Though Battlestar Galactica gained a cult following with its original 1970s creation, Ronald D. Moore’s modern reimagining has redefined science fiction for our time. It’s not a show about aliens and photo torpedoes. It’s about humanity’s struggle to survive when a massive Cylon attack destroys the majority of the human population. Read more »
It‘s the epic series finale of Battlestar Galactica.  Everything has led up to this.  All of this has happened before, but it won‘t happen again, because this is the end of the line.  Except for the TV movie The Plan.  And the new Caprica series.  But for the actual series, it comes to a close.  Welcome to the Battlestar Galactica series finale.The finale starts off in a strip club. It’s another flashback to before the fall, and a two-eyed Saul Tigh is getting his best buddy William Adama drunk and offering to buy him a lap dance to celebrate the offer of retirement. Tigh repeatedly screams out for the strippers, making me fall in love with the man Saul Tigh used to be. Read more »
Battlestar Galactica is done.  The sci-fi series ended season 4 on Friday, March 20 with a two-hour event.  There were epic space battles, brilliant visual effects, huge payoffs for long-running mysteries like the opera house dreams, backstories, endings for all the major characters, quite a few big deaths, and one heck of a twist ending.Read Our Recap of the Battlestar Galactica Series FinaleWhat did you think of the Battlestar Galactica series finale?  Did season 4 end like you wanted it to?  You can comment below, and also look back with all of BuddyTV‘s great coverage.  We have complete recaps of every season 4 episode of Battlestar Galactica plus a series in review, our favorite episodes and characters, and photos from all of all the episodes and stars. Read more »
The Battlestar Galactica series finale aired Friday night, and while it might not meet the level of The Sopranos, is was certainly a very different and finite way to end the series. The only question is: did Battlestar Galactica fans love it or hate it?It might seem odd to make sweeping generalizations as the finale was really split into two halves. The first part dealt with the Galactica’s final mission to rescue Hera and featured amazing actions sequences that are almost sure to win the show another Visual Effects Emmy.Read BuddyTV’s BSG Series Finale Recap>> Read more »
Though fans still have The Plan and Caprica to look forward to, Battlestar Galactica came to an end on Friday, marking the end of a great four-season run on the Sci Fi Channel. After one last shootout in the stars the crew of the Galactica found the real Earth, pioneered the land and had children who would grow up to be us. Earth‘s timeline as we know it got twisted in a far-reaching, ironic questioning of our core assumptions. A kind of, “Whoa, man! That‘s deep!” cosmic exclamation point.After four years of investing their time and emotional energy fans wanted a significant return. The producers had to know when they were planning the final minutes that it was not a safe choice, that some fans would say “Bad deal.” BuddyTV‘s John Kubicek commented that much like The Sopranos‘ finale, he wasn‘t sure what to think and his gut reaction was to hate it. But he wondered whether he would appreciate it more with a little distance. Three days later he still doesn‘t like it much better. Read more »
The previews for the Battlestar Galactica promised that everything would be revealed. Apparently “everything” didn’t include anything about Kara Thrace.One of the biggest mysteries going into the finale was about Starbuck. At the end of season 3, she died and miraculously returned, having been to Earth. Then she found her Viper and her own body dead on Earth, prompting the famous question “What am I?” Then we learned that as a child, her absentee father taught her to play “All Along the Watchtower” on the piano. After the finale, we still don’t know any more about these mysteries than we did before. Read more »
Battlestar Galactica ended last Friday, concluding its four year run on the Sci Fi Channel. The characters may be hard to come by until the TV movie The Plan, but the show‘s stars have been keeping busy elsewhere.  Tahmoh Penikett is on Dollhouse, Katee Sackhoff had a recurring role on Nip/Tuck, Mary McDonnell showed up on Grey‘s Anatomy and Tricia Helfer visited USA‘s Burn Notice.Those last two have even more TV gigs lined up for the future.  McDonnell will make an extended run on The Closer and Helfer will guest star on this week’s Chuck Read more »
Battlestar Galactica may be over, but Tricia Helfer is doing just fine. After a scintellating run as the villainous Carla on USA’s Burn Notice, the sensual Caprica Six is now heating up NBC’s Chuck. In this Monday’s new episode, “Chuck vs. the Broken Heart,” Helfer guest stars as Chuck’s new temporary handler, Agent Alex Forrest.NBC released a new clip from this week’s episode of Chuck, and it’s a doozy. Agent Forrest goes undercover as the stripper at Captain Awesome’s bachelor party. If you thought Caprica Six was sexy, you haven’t seen anything. Check out this video clip from Chuck: Read more »
Now that Battlestar Galactica has wrapped up, audiences await the next brainchild of the renowned Ronald D. Moore.  Of course, we’re talking about the upcoming spin-off series known as Caprica, set 50 years prior to the Emmy Award-winning 2004 show.  Caprica is said to focus more on the creation of the robotic Cylons, particularly on how humanity hatched the idea and interacted with them.  The series zeroes in on Joseph Adama (Esai Morales), Admiral Adama‘s lawyer father, and the wealthy technologist Daniel Graystone (Eric Stoltz).  Read more »
Even though fans are still brooding over the finale of Ronald D. Moore‘s hit sci-fi show, knowing that the entire series is heading to Blu-Ray format is enough cause for celebration.  The complete Battlestar Galactica will be released this July by Universal Studios Home Entertainment.  In addition, audiences are given the option of buying the Season 4.5 set, which is scheduled for release on the same day.For the entire series, the Blu-Ray comes in a whopping 20-disc set (25 on DVD) with plenty of features, including Universal‘s exclusive U-Control feature.  Since this is the whole Battlestar Galactica, don‘t expect it to come cheap.  The DVD version costs $279.98, while the Blu-Ray is $349.98. Read more »
You‘ve seen her on the sci-fi hit Battlestar Galactica as the doggedly hot-headed Captain Kara ‘Starbuck‘ Thrace, but actress Katee Sackhoff is ready to move on to a different role.  The 29-year-old star has been tapped to star in an NBC series titled Lost and Found, and has already filmed the pilot episode in January this year.While there haven‘t been any reports on whether or not the show has been picked up, Sackhoff‘s latest effort has already provoked enough buzz.  Playing the lead role of an off-beat cop, the Saturn Award-winner and the new show might just have a fighting chance for a slot on NBC‘s fall schedule. Read more »
Tomorrow marks a new beginning for Battlestar Galactica as it heads to a different realm: charity auctions.  Costumes, set pieces and props from the acclaimed series will be sold at a live event in California‘s Pasadena Convention Center, beginning on May 8 and wrapping up on May 10, Sunday.Battlestar Galactica actors have donated  a number of items, all geared towards their particular causes.  Some of the well-known personalities who have participated include Grace Park ("Sharon Valerii"), Michael Trucco ("Samuel T. Anders") and Kate Vernon ("Ellen Tigh"). Read more »
It doesn‘t look good for Battlestar Galactica‘s Katee Sackhoff, who was booked for an NBC pilot earlier this year.  Reports have surfaced that the procedural series she got involved in has been passed on by the network.  It seems as though Lost & Found just became found and lost.The hopeful crime show didn‘t make NBC‘s first cut last week, and it‘s not expected to appear on the network‘s the official schedule.  It seems grim for the likes of the Dick Wolf-produced drama, unless it can be saved by the NBC‘s sister cable company.   Read more »
It‘s been pretty busy on the Battlestar Galactica front lately.  It‘s off air, sure, but inevitably one thing leads to another, and now, we have more former troopers showing up in another sci-fi series, and the soundtracks getting some love (and a release date).First up, it‘s been confirmed that three BSG stars will take roles in another series that will air on Sci Fi, Warehouse 13.  Tricia Helfer will guest star as an FBI agent based in Chicago, while Michael Hogan will play the father of the show‘s star, Myka, played by Joanne Kelly.  (Funnily enough, the person playing Myka‘s mom is Hogan‘s real-life wife, Susan.) Read more »
Make that one more name for the cast of the eighth season of 24: former Battlestar Galactica star Katee Sackhoff is jumping into the award-winning action series, which is headed to the Big Apple by January next year.Her character?  Sources told Entertainment Weekly that she‘ll play Dana Walsh, a highly respected yet down-to-earth data analyst at the revived CTU‘s New York branch.  The role also has a love interest tied to it--her character will be romantically involved with Davis Cole, CTU‘s field ops head and Jack Bauer wannabe which will be (still surprisingly) played by Freddie Prinze Jr. Read more »
While being an adherent of sci-fi and change and the future, Battlestar Galactica creator Ron Moore sure doesn‘t approve of webisodes.  They may have gotten more and more common these days, but it looks as though they won‘t be around for long.  That is, according to the screenwriter.Ron Moore spoke at the Banff World Television Festival and explained how the studio requested Battlestar Galactica shorts to be made available online.  This occurred before the third season began in 2006, and the producer maintains that there are too many difficulties for the project to push through. Read more »
Thereare certain television creators whose work is not to be missed.  Anytime a new J.J. Abrams or Joss Whedon show premieres, you know you‘rein for something +different and brilliant.  The same can be said forRonald D. Moore, whose reimagining of Battlestar Galactica redefinedscience fiction.  Now he‘s done it again with Virtuality, a specialpremiere presentation tonight at 8pm on FOX.The best way todescribe Virtuality is as a cross between 2001: A Space Odyssey and thereality series Big Brother.  A crew of 12 men and women live togetheron a space station traveling to a far off galaxy to search forinhabitable life while Earth is less than a century from totaldestruction.   Read more »
Comic-Con this year is going to be huge. I mean huge. More TV shows and movies are premiering than ever before. After Twilight‘s huge success last year, marketers are starting to take notice. Comic-Con equals an intense fan base and everyone knows how help die-hard fans are.The people over at San Diego Comic-Con headquarters just released Thursday‘s schedule. There‘s a lot going on down there this year, so if you want to see the whole list, head to the official site. Below are our picks for the must haves: Check out the other schedules: Friday Saturday Sunday Read more »
First, let‘s get this out in the open: initial reports said that Supernatural and Smallville will have their panels on Sunday so don‘t freak out that the shows aren‘t included in the first two days.Other than that, Friday‘s schedule looks amazing. Although my TV favorites aren‘t on the list, my movie favorites are. There a a couple more timing conflicts and I‘m guessing that people are going to have to make some tough choices. When in doubt, stick with Whedon, Rodriguez, Cameron and Jackson.Below are my picks for Friday‘s schedule. Once again, it was hard to narrow down the list. Check out the full schedule here. Check out the other schedules: Thursday Saturday Sunday Read more »
This morning at Comic-Con, an all-encompassing Battlestar Galacticapanel paved the way for all things BSG now that the flagship series hascome to a close.  The panel was held to preview to major events, theBSG TV movie The Plan and the new series Caprica.  Perhaps mostimportantly, Caprica finally has a premiere date for the series:January 22, 2010.For Caprica, creator Ronald D. Moore promises that even though it‘sabout the origin of the Cylons, there will still be plenty of conflictand antagonists.  The show gives the writers a chance to explore the 12different planets, and through those differences they have the optionto explore war and discrimination. Read more »
Meeting Richard Hatch has always been a sort of dream of mine. Not necessarily because he played Captain Apollo in the original Battlestar Galactica or because he played Tom Zerik in the new BSG, but more because he‘s incredibly passionate about the franchise. In many ways, Hatch is as big of a fan as we all are, he just had the pleasure and the privilege of being involved in such wonderful projects. That being said, no one is a bigger advocate of Battlestar‘s continued success than Richard Hatch. He really wants more people to watch the series, more movies to come of it and even more spinoffs and reboots. We talked to him for quite a while about a potential reboot of the original and whether or not he‘d be involved. What would a reboot look like? Where do you draw the line? Where‘s the appeal for new audiences? Read more »
Katee Sackhoff won‘t be alone, as it turns out.Another Battlestar Galactica star is set to join the eighth season of 24, but unlike Katee--who joins the show as a systems analyst for the revived CTU--this one appears on the other side of the fence.  Callum Keith Rennie, who played Cylon infiltrator Leoben Conoy, will play Russian syndicate mobster Vladimir Laitanan. Read more »
The 61st Primetime Emmy Awards are this Sunday at 8pm on CBS.  Hostedby Neil Patrick Harris, it looks like two shows will have astranglehold on the night: Mad Men for Drama and 30 Rock for Comedy,both coming in with an overwhelming lead in total nominations.But will they really prevail.  Check out the nominees for the majorEmmy Drama categories below and who I think will win, then make yourown picks and watch along with me Sunday night. Read More: Comedy Category Predictions>> Read more »
Eliza Dushku and Tahmoh Penikett are what is known, scientifically, asridiculously good looking. When sitting across from them, you worry your eyeballs are sweating from the hotness before you. Beyondtheir smokin‘ looks, the two also have the type of unique and difficultto pronounce names that leave on-camera interviewers quaking.Thankfully, they‘re good natured enough sports to also joke about it,and how Joss Whedon secretly rejected all "Brian‘s" who auditioned forDollhouse in favor of the most uniquely named cast on television. The easy-on-the-eyes Dollhouse duo chatted with me about season 2, the fan support that brought Dollhouse back from the brink ofcancellation, working with former co-stars from Battlestar Galactica and Buffy, and what they‘d each use a Doll for in their lives. Eliza also spent some time talking about theresponsibility and excitement she feels as co-producer of the show,while Tahmoh enthused about sharing more scenes with his cast matesin the Dollhouse this season. Watch the full video below and beware ofeyeball sweating! Read more »
Just a little over a month before SyFy‘s highly anticipated Battlestar Galactica prequel kicks off, the cabler‘s president said the network has high hopes for Caprica: to bring more mainstream audience, something that BSG wasn‘t able to do."Battlestar was a spectacular flagship show for us - the level of critical acclaim around that show was pretty unprecedented for any cable network," says Dave Howe. "But ultimately, it didn‘t bring in as many viewers as it had the potential to because it was on a network called Sci-Fi and it was set in space. It spoke to some of the narrow perceptions, even though at its heart it was an intense emotional character drama. The fact that it was set in space is actually irrelevant." Read more »
The Caprica-is-more-mainstream-than-Battlestar-Galactica comment from SyFy president David Howe didn‘t sink well with some people, such as BuddyTV readers. Opening the gates of SyFy to a more general audience, of course, is part of the network‘s re-branding scheme, and Caprica, easily one of SyFy‘s most heavily anticipated shows in January, follows this "brand evolution launch" the network had six months ago."You‘re going to see shows that people don‘t expect from us," says Howe, "shows that yes tackle speculative subject matter but tackle it in a way that is very accessible and relatable... and to some extent actually I think Caprica epitomizes that." Read more »
Here at BuddyTV, we really like ships. We get invested in the relationships or potential relationships of our favorite characters and we definitely get a bit obsessed. We‘ve already told you our rankings for the Best Ships of 2009, but we want you to be able to convince us otherwise. We decided to put together a video contest for the best (relation)ship of 2009. Simply watch the video below for the rules and then submit your entry.UPDATE: Due to the large number of entries winners will be announced Friday January 15! Thank you to everyone who submitted. Read more »
Every Lost fan has their own theory about how the series will end, but there are an equal number of ways fans don‘t want Lostto end.  For five seasons, the show has enraptured viewers with itscomplex mysteries and strange characters, and now that the final seasonis almost here, it‘s time to think about the end.I‘d love to have all by burning questions answered, but there are also a number of ways I DO NOT want Lost to end.  Read more »
Katee Sackhoff has signed on for the lead role in a yet untitled pilot for ABC.Sackhoff, best known as Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica, will be working with producer Richard Hatem, who previously worked on the set of Supernatural and Tru Calling. In the pilot, Sackhoff plays a beautiful female detective who teams up with a disgraced former cop to solve crimes and, in the long run, uncover the conspiracy that led to the former cop‘s downfall.  Read more »
Ah, Thanksgiving. The time of year when we gather together to stuff ourselves -- and a turkey -- silly and slip into tryptophan-induced comas with our pants unbuttoned. Oh yeah, and give thanks! Well, having gorged on television all year long, we here at BuddyTV would like to express our gratitude for the things we‘re most thankful for this year on TV.So heat up some cider, pause the DVR and dig into what our writers are thanking their lucky TV stars for:  Read more »
I‘m not entirely sure that Castle star Nathan Fillion was expecting much more than a chuckle when he declared his love for Firefly in an interview last week. If that were the case, however, then Fillion definitely needs to pay more attention to the (over) reactions common to his old show‘s fan base. Because now he‘s got them mobilizing. Read more »
Pilot season is underway, which means plenty of potential new shows are being made. I‘ve already looked at my Top 10 Pilots of the season, but now we have photos of what we might see this fall.  Read more »
If there‘s one thing Michael Trucco is good at, it‘s playing a man who the ladies can‘t resist. According to TV Guide, Trucco will show up on How I Met Your Mother as a man Robin is crushing on, and they also report that he‘ll be returning next season as a big part of Robin‘s future.This should come as no surprise to anyone who‘s followed Trucco‘s career, since he‘s made a habit of wooing ladies on dramas, sci-fi shows, comedies and more. No matter what the medium, Michael Trucco is a man the ladies love.  Read more »
Pilot season is in full swing, with tons of new shows being made with hopes of getting on the fall 2011 TV schedule Shows are still being cast and worked out, and while there are a lot of them, there are only a handful that I‘m extremely excited for.  Read more »
Summer used to be a total bummer for us TV fans. As the last of our favorite shows wrote "S.W.A.K." in our yearbooks on their way out of town for the summer, one question haunted our dreams on those hot June nights: "What am I supposed to watch now?"That is, until Netflix Instant was born. For just $8 a month, you now have more hours of quality television living inside your computer (or fancy TV) than you could ever hope to watch. Netflix is not paying me to say this. They don‘t HAVE to, because it‘s a no-brainer. And if you watch enough streaming television this summer, you can be a no-brainer, too. No need to go outside at all this summer. What are you, a settler from olden days?There‘s so much to choose from on Netflix Instant that you may not know where to begin. That‘s what this handy Netflix Instant Summer Guide is for. Just pick your mood and dive head first into the stream.  Read more »
Finally! Comic-Con has begun to release its schedule for the 2011 festivities at the San Diego Convention Center. As you might imagine, there are plenty of TV-related events going on throughout the days. In case you didn‘t want to wade through the entirety of the events schedule, we have a listing of just the television events and panels. Read more »
Comic-Con is coming! And BuddyTV will be there. This year we are sponsoring a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, July 21. The panel, "Obsession: How TV and Movies Go from Fascination to Phenomenon," will feature a host of television writers, actors and more. One of our esteemed panelists is Amy Berg, the co-executive producer of Eureka and a former supervising producer of Leverage. Read more »
Last week I wrote about Syfy‘s kickass Monday night schedule (check out previews of tonight‘s Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Alphas here!) so for today‘s quiz, I thought, why not do something about sci-fi on TV? Read more »
2011 Comic-Con starts this Wednesday (if you count preview night, which we do!) and our interview countdown is winding down with Executive Story editor for Warehouse 13, Deric Hughes. Hughes will be one of the panelists appearing at BuddyTV‘s "Obsession: "How TV and Movies Go from Fascination to Phenomenon" panel this Thursday (July 21 at 11am in Room 23ABC). He recently took some time to talk about Warehouse 13‘s new character Jinks,  favorites moments and Comic-Con (having gone to every Comic-Con since ‘95 he‘s a real expert).   Read more »
As Once Upon a Time progresses through its first season, new questions constantly replace the old. Fortunately, there are ways to get answers. We spoke to writer and producer Jane Espenson about what is to come on Once Upon a Time. Read more »
The San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner, so it‘s time to get planning. We‘ve got all of the television-related panel and event information for Preview Night (Wednesday, July 11) and Thursday (July 12) right here, so check it out. Read more »
How does Dean get out of Purgatory when Supernatural begins season 8 this October? Meet actor Ty Olsson as Benny.Benny is a new recurring character for season 8, a dark and dangerous vampire who helps Dean escape from Purgatory. Obviously this will cause a bit of tension between Sam and Dean when they reunite since Dean may not be completely forthcoming about his time in Purgatory and his relationship with a vampire.  Read more »
You can‘t have a comic-book TV show without bringing a whole bunch of good guys and bad guys, can you? Arrow obviously wants lots of heroes and villains -- several actors are now confirmed to guest-star in season 1 of the show. Read more »
If you‘re attending the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con this year, look no further because we‘ve got all the television-related panels and event information for Sunday, July 21 right here. Read more »
The 2013 San Diego Comic-Con will be here before we know it, so to help you plan for the big event, take a look at all of the television-related panels and event information for Thursday, July 18. Read more »
We‘re counting down the days until the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. To help you plan for the convention, take a look at all of the television-related panels and event information for Thursday, July 24.(There will be pilot screenings the previous night, on Wednesday, July 23, and you can find out all the details here.) Read more »
Every year, some of our favorite shows go off the air for the last time. Even the most diehard TV watchers would admit that few shows have universally beloved series finales. Friday Night Lights, Breaking Bad and The Shield are the ones that come to mind for me.While there are shows with controversial endings that are hated by many, beloved by a few, like The Sopranos, St. Elsewhere and Dexter, we instead want to look at series finales that are controversial for another reason: whether or not they provided "answers" to the long, over-arching mythology the show promised to.  Read more »
Comic-Con 2015 will be here before we know it. To help you plan for the convention, whether you‘ll be attending or looking online for all the news coming out of San Diego, take a look at all of the television-related panels and event information for Thursday, July 9, along with info for Preview Night on July 8.TV Shows that are scheduled to have panels on Thursday include Under the Dome, Limitless, Extant, The Last Ship, Doctor Who, Sherlock and Teen Wolf. Read more »
Comic-Con 2016 is almost upon us. To help you plan for the convention, take a look at all of the television-related panels and event information for Thursday, July 21, along with info for Preview Night on July 20.   TV shows that are scheduled to have panels on Thursday include Teen Wolf, Scorpion, The Last Ship, The Strain and Mr. Robot. Read more »
Every year, Comic-Con is held in San Diego, featuring your favorite TV shows with special screenings, panels and Q&As with the cast and crew. To help you plan for the convention, take a look at all of the television-related panels and event information for Thursday, July 20, along with info for Preview Night on July 19.TV shows that are scheduled to have panels on Thursday include Stitchers, Shadowhunters, Teen Wolf, Timeless, Legion, The Exorcist and Inhumans. Read more »
A Battlestar Galactica alum heads to Central City, a British actor gets caught in the chaos of The 100, The Handmaid‘s Tale promotes a recurring actress while Gotham adds two new actors. Read on to find out more. Read more »