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Legendary "pyscho" Norman Bates and his relationship with his infamous mother is the inspiration of the upcoming A&E series Bates Motel. Norman is played by Freddie Highmore (Finding Neverland, August Rush, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) while Norma Louise Bates is portrayed by Vera Farmiga (The Departed, Up In The Air).   Read more »
Shows with occult or mystical themes such as The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf and the aptly titled Supernatural have been delivering thrills for years. However, the story lines tends to be melodramatic or rely on a fictional mythology.For people who like their horror a little gorier and a tad grittier used to be restricted to premium channels; for example, HBO‘s True Blood and Showtime‘s hit Dexter. However, the days of padded cable bills or waiting a year or longer for a DVD release in order to be horrified are coming to an end. Read more »
At first glance, Norman Bates (Freddie Highmore) looks like any gangly teenage boy. He‘s sprawled across a tiny twin bed, fully-clothed and napping. A beam of late afternoon sunlight shines across his chest. His Girl Friday plays on a TV in the background. All of the sudden, he wakes. He leaves his room and enters the hallway. Norman is unsteady on his feet as if drugged or in some type of drunken stupor. He calls out for his mother with no response. He wanders from room to room. Norman spots a steaming iron in the living room and dinner bubbling on the stove in the kitchen. He wanders into the basement and sees his father lying on the floor, apparently trapped under a heavy shelf. There‘s been an accident, and this is the premiere episode of Bates Motel, which tells the story of Norman Bates and his beloved mother, characters from Alfred Hitchcock‘s classic thriller, Psycho. Read more »
Following the exhilarating season 3 finale of Pretty Little Liars, ABC Family gave viewers a sneak peek at its newest creepy mystery drama, Twisted. The show won‘t air again until it returns with the fourth season of Pretty Little Liars Tuesday, June 11.  Read more »
Norma‘s eldest son arrives in White Pine Bay. The police question Norma about the disappearance of the motel‘s previous owner. A mysterious accident proves the picturesque town has an ugly side. Norma becomes closer to one of the town‘s residents. Let‘s jump into this episode of Bates Motel. Read more »
It took until the final moments of tonight‘s Bates Motel when I finally decided: "OK. I‘m definitely going to add a season pass for this show."Finding out that deputy Zach Shelby is holding on to a "memento" Norman took from Keith Summers‘ dead body is a shocking event in and of itself to make this episode stand out.  Read more »
A&E‘s Bates Motel explores the lives of Norman and his mother Norma Bates as they build a new life in White Pine Bay after the death of Norman‘s father. Each episode gives another glimpse of not only the seedy underbelly of the idyllic town but hints at the influences that eventually turn a sweet, mild-mannered boy like Norman into a murderer.  Read more »
Norman Bates and his creepy mommy issues are staying put on TV. After just three episodes, A&E has officially renewed its hit new drama Bates Motel for a second season.  Read more »
In this week‘s episode of Bates Motel, "Ocean View," several underlying themes begin to bubble more prominently to the surface; most notably punishment and atonement. This is treated heavy- handedly in the case of Norma and Norman‘s relationship after she is arrested for murdering Keith Summers.Her sons visit her in jail and offer to help. But Norma is angry with both: Dylan for encouraging Norman to go out and meet a girl, and Norman for putting some distance between them. it wasn‘t just that he snuck out to be with a girl, but also that, for a brief time, Norma‘s worst fear was realized. Norman wasn‘t around when she needed him. Their co-dependency is evolving into something slightly more insidious as they start to gain a better understanding of each other‘s flaws.  Read more »
If you‘re worried about missing your serial killer fix now that Showtime has announced Dexter‘s upcoming eighth season will be its last, I wouldn‘t worry too much. Serial killers on TV are having a moment right now.  Read more »
Since its premiere, every episode of Bates Motel has managed to expose some new mentally unstable or unsavory character. If it isn‘t a character shocking the audience, it is some mysterious discovery, violent act or shocking secret. Last night‘s episode, "The Truth," had Norma, Dylan, Norman and Deputy Shelby letting their freak flags fly high. In addition to seeing who could behave the craziest, nobody had much luck in keeping their deepest and darkest secrets hidden safely away. Here are a few of last night‘s biggest revelations and how they are bound to affect the direction of the show.5) Dylan gets away with murder. After breaking the news to his boss about Ethan‘s death, Dylan confesses to running over Ethan‘s killer. Not only is the man, Gil (Vincent Gale), impressed with Dylan‘s initiative, he gives him detailed instructions on how to cover his tracks. Dylan‘s growing involvement with the seedier residents of the town is bound to mean trouble not only for him but for him mother and Norman as well.  Read more »
After the showdown between Norman, Dylan, Norma and Deputy Shelby, it seemed as if  the family‘s troubles in their new town had finally reached an apex. When Sheriff Romero arrives at the Bates Motel and finds Dylan injured, holding a gun and his deputy dead on the front walk, Norma finally decides to come clean. Apparently, she confesses everything starting with the rape and ending with a crazed Shelby brandishing a gun. While Romero is initially shocked, he quickly pulls himself together and constructs a story that takes into account every misdeed leaving the key players other than himself and Shelby out of the chain of events. For some unknown reason, it is in Romero‘s best interests to orchestrate a cover-up for Norma and her sons. Like every other resident of White Pine Bay, he must have some nasty secrets or may be protecting someone who yields a great amount of power. So while Norma and Norman get a second chance at a fresh start, the episode is otherwise filled with an abundance of firsts, all of which seem likely to soil the Bates‘ clean slate. Read more »
If her first few months as a resident of White Pine Bay are any indication, Norma Bates is no stranger to trouble. Whether it is a minor hiccup like Norman‘s troubles at school or something more diabolical, like attempting to cover up a murder, you would think she would possess a little more poise. When Norma feels like she is in control of a situation, she is calm, cool and collected. In "A Boy and His Dog," laboring under the major misconception that she had some camaraderie with Sheriff Romero," Norma goes to ask him to nominate her for an empty seat on the city planning committee. She is vulnerable, friendly and respectful. Then Romero bursts her bubble when he divulges to her the true nature of their relationship,"We don‘t owe each other anything. We‘re not friends. You don‘t know me in any social sense other than as your sheriff. Don‘t assume differently just ‘cause I was kind enough to save your ass once." Realizing things are not going her way, Norma reverts to behavior that has become familiar to viewers when she feels out of control. Read more »
The nominations were announced Monday for the 2013 Television Critics Association Awards, with cable shows yet again garnering most of the spots. The only categories where the networks came out on top were in outstanding comedy (by a slim margin) and reality TV. And non-TV programming is starting to get recognize more and more with Netflix‘s House of Cards. Read more »
The nominations for the 2013 Critics‘ Choice TV Awards were announced Wednesday morning, spanning a wide array of not only network and cable, but from Netflix as well with the popularity of House of Cards on the streaming/rental service. Read more »
San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) is less than a month away and the announcements keep on coming and will continue until the event begins. The biggest of the big news: USA Networks will be premiering the much anticipated Psych: The Musical on Comic-Con‘s opening night. Other newly announced shows that will be in attendance include: Bates Motel, Falling Skies, Hannibal, Lost Girl, Teen Wolf and Vikings. Read more »
If you‘re planning on attending the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con this year, look no further because we‘ve got all the television-related panels and event information for Saturday, July 20 right here. Read more »
The 2013 Emmy Award nominations will be announced Thursday, July 18 at 5:35am PT. They will be revealed by House of Cards star Kata Mara and Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul.Before we find out who will compete, I‘m taking a look at what you might expect to see Thursday morning. What old favorites can bank on nominations? What new shows have a shot?  Read more »
The 2013 Emmy Award nominations were announced Thursday morning, and as usual, it‘s a crazy mix of established frontrunners and a few new faces. American Horror Story: Asylum led all programs with 17 nominations, followed closely by Game of Thrones with 16. 30 Rock was the top comedy with 13 nominations for its final season.  Read more »
What do Henry Winkler, Michael Vartan and David Anders and all have in common? They‘re just a few of the stars who will showing up on our favorite shows this fall. Check out the latest batch of casting news for Once Upon a Time, Parks and Recreation, The Mindy Project, Nashville and more: Read more »
The biggest night of TV is here with the 65th Annual Emmy Awards. Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, the three-hour telecast will honor the best in television over the past year, and I‘ll be here through the evening with the winners and my live analysis.  Read more »
The nominations have been announced for the 2014 People‘s Choice Awards.Glee leads the pack with eight nominations, including Favorite Network TV Comedy and nods for Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Jane Lynch and Lea Michele. Both The Big Bang Theory and Grey‘s Anatomy come in second with five nominations each, and How I Met Your Mother, Supernatural, Castle, The Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries all have four. Read more »