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Veteran and new bachelors and bachelorettes come together for season 3 of Bachelor Pad July 23.  Read more »
At the end of last night‘s Bachelorette finale, Chris Harrison promised us the most entertaining, dramatic and controversial season of Bachelor Pad ever. Which means one thing: drama. If that doesn‘t get you jumping on the couch with excitement, I don‘t know what will.The potential is there: Everyone still remembers what a big meanie Kalon is, and we‘re all expecting him to say other awful things. Lovable Stags is there probably to get his heart broken -- yet again. There‘s Ed/Reid, and plenty of scheming women. And this season, the show brings on some super fans, who I‘m just hoping aren‘t also super annoying. Just play the game, folks. There‘s so much at stake: Love! Oh, and $250,000.So let‘s get the season started! Slideshow‘Bachelor Pad‘ Cast Photos: Meet the Shirtless Guys, Bikini-Clad Girls and Mysterious ‘Superfans‘ of Season 3 Read more »
They came, they drank, they catfought. In fact, so much "newbies vs. alumni" and "mean girls vs. Blakeley" and "Erica Rose vs. everyone" drama happened on the premiere of Bachelor Pad season 3 that it couldn‘t all fit into the two-hour episode! Check out two deleted scenes from Monday‘s introductory episode, plus the all-sorts-of-dramatic preview for the rest of the season:  Read more »
You can either respect him for speaking the truth to his fellow Bachelor Pad contestant Erica Rose and telling her she was his target ... or call him stupid for doing that exact thing. Whatever you may think, "super fan" David Mallet says he did what he had to doto protect himself and his fellow newbies, who were clearly the underdogs since joining the latest season of Bachelor Pad. In a conference call with the media yesterday, David talked about coming into the show as an "outsider," and also shared his thoughts on the Chris/Jamie/Blakeley drama, who can win it all and whether Erica Rose actually makes his life hell, as she promised she would if she wasn‘t voted out.  Read more »
This week on Bachelor Pad, the tears and drinks are flowing from all over the place. This episode gets pretty annoying as the twins literally spend half the episode fighting. How the rest of the house kept their calm is beyond me. And Reid the Mastermind tries to get the votes his way again. Read more »
Because the twins spent their entire screen time from Monday night‘s Bachelor Pad episode arguing or crying, I guess they felt they had to show through a deleted scene the two minutes spent not fighting. And it‘s Erica, who admits her feeling for David. She tells him she‘s sensitive and shy ... when she‘s NOT fighting with her sister, of course. Take a look:  Read more »
Ed Swiderski doesn‘t take reality television seriously, and if you do, he thinks you‘re weird. But several times on this season of the Bachelor Pad, he‘s reminded that if he doesn‘t take it a bit more seriously, he‘ll be sent packing. That was especially true this week, when we saw him sweating bullets after Reid Rosenthal went behind Ed‘s to send him home. It seems Reid is still holding a grudge that Ed won when they were both on Jillian‘s season of The Bachelorette. In a conference call with the media today, Ed touched on where he and Reid stand moving forward on and off the show, his thoughts on this season‘s playboy-villain Chris Bukowski, and whether he finds romance in the house:  Read more »
It‘s the debate we wage every single year (or twice a year, if you count The Bachelorette) and yet it just never. Gets. Old. I probably think about it more than the presidential election, even.WHO SHOULD BE THE NEXT BACHELOR?!?!That one guy who got dumped, or that other guy who got dumped? A guyfrom two seasons ago who got engaged and then got dumped later,off-camera? An actual dump (the garbage kind or the toilet kind?!)? Atotal newcomer? Your brother, maybe? Your brother‘s cousin‘s neighborwho is impossibly good-looking and successful and yet "unlucky in love"because of a debilitating and obnoxious (but entertaining) personalityflaw? TELL HIM TO SIGN UP. America‘s single ladies would be lining up outside his door if his existence finally became validated by reality TV fame.It‘s not that we don‘t trust those Bachelor producers to pick the right guy. (Or that they‘d ever listen to our input, anyway.) Sure, there have been missteps along the way (examples: Prince Lorenzo, Brad Womack the second time, that sloppy pile of apathetic haircalled a "Ben Flajnik"). But these are also the geniuses who saw the potential for a certain Canadian-tuxedo-wearing, Uncanny Valleyplatitude-factory who finished in a lowly sixth place on TheBachelorette to get power-drunk in the Bachelor spotlight and become the Rainbow Randolph of reality TV. Maybe they just got lucky with The Pavelka, but the Bachelor team generally seem to know what they are doing, awful-and-awfully-entertaining-human-being-casting-wise.  Read more »
This week on Bachelor Pad, things get sticky and nutty as the couples compete for a rose. Ed confronts Reid about last week‘s Rock the Vote to Get Ed Out campaign, but it‘s a dud of a fight. Ed gets wasted and hooks up with a someone in the house again --  it‘s oddly comforting to see some things never change, including more girls crying.Sticky SituationThe couples this week literally become human hot fudge sundaes -- and I love that the show will do just about anything to show their cast in a somewhat embarrassing light.The women have to go through each "layer" of sundae, complete with running through what Chris Harrison calls a "nutsack." Chris, leave the dirty joke to the players, please.  Read more »
Who could have guessed that Chris Bukowski, the guy who started an immature fight with his fellow Bachelorette contestants when they accused him of being immature, and who yelled "I TOLD YOU I LOVED YOU!" when Emily eliminated him, might not be the nicest, most respectful guy in the Bachelor Pad?Alright, maybe there were warning signs. But in an interview with TV Guide this week, host Chris Harrison says it -- his image, and his situation -- is only going to get worse for Chris Bukowski. "His arrogance really is astounding," the other Chris says. "Even if you think you know what‘s coming, the audacity is stunning in a sad way for him."At least sad Jamie seems to be sort of catching on to Chris‘s mind games. Check out two deleted scenes from Monday‘s Bachelor Pad episode:  Read more »
In next week‘s Bachelor Pad episode, expect the Chris/Blakeley/Jamie drama to get a bit more crowded when Sarah catches the eye of the Bachelor Pad‘s ladies‘ man."You‘ll see things completely blow up. I was so happy not to be part of that," Jaclyn Swartz said in a conference call with the media today. She also discussed the Ed/Reid debacle, and becoming friends with someone she did not expect.Here are highlights from Jaclyn‘s interview: Read more »
This week, it‘s the moment we‘ve been waiting for since puppet master Chris decided to string along Blakeley and Jamie for the benefit of his game. After realizing how crazy both of them are being, he discards both like last night‘s leftovers and sets his sights on someone new. Read more »
Admit it: You miss Bachelor Pad even though the last episode was only two days ago. You can‘t get enough of Chris -- is he a cute guy caught in a love triangle (er, square)? Is he a callous jerk? Can we hear his evil giggle from the last episode again? If you‘re someone who can‘t get enough, you‘re in luck, because one of the deleted scenes features Chris the Heartbreaker. But first, that boring gameshow competition almost redeems itself via a deleted scene:  Read more »
I‘ve always imagined the way Chris Harrison would say those parting words to me when I did not receive the final rose. And now the time has come, iBuddies. After almost four years, more than 2,500 blog posts and approximately a thousand hours spent recapping The Bachelor, it‘s time for me to take a moment and say my goodbyes. Today is my last day at BuddyTV, which makes this my last article on BuddyTV for the foreseeable future. I‘ve accepted a new position at a different company here in Seattle that, while it won‘t quite afford me the unique creative freedom to photoshop Snooki inside of things or devote an entire day to cataloging the contortions of Tyra Banks‘ endlessly terrifying face, I am very excited about. I‘ll still be writing, just not in the form to which you‘ve become accustomed (8,000 word Bachelor recaps). I know. Shhh. I know. It‘s hard, but we‘re gonna be OK.  Read more »
This week on Bachelor Pad, Chris whines about his misfortunes, Michael is confident, Kalon is a villain and the girls cry. Sound familiar and predictable? It is -- and it isn‘t, which makes this episode so entertaining to watch. Read more »
On this week‘s episode of Bachelor Pad, Erica was blindsided when her close friend Michael masterminded a plan to get her out. She did get revenge however, as a twist allowed her to pick the guy who leave the game with her -- and it was Michael. Oh, the drama.In a conference call with the media today, Erica dished on her now almost nonexistent relationship with Michael, who she‘s rooting for in the game and what‘s next for this memorable reality star -- and it might not be what you think!Here are highlights from the interview:  Read more »
Everybody hates Chris, and he‘s Public Enemy No. 1. He might as well have his bags packed because his departure seems to be all but guaranteed.Of course, it‘s easier said than done. Look at last week, when it seemed a sure thing he would get the boot. A twist helped him survive. Will the season 3 villain be so lucky again and get another chance to stay?As for the rest of the contestants, how‘s Rachel doing without her husband two-week boyfriend, Michael? How will Jaclyn react when Ed tells her about a girl from home?With the players now playing as couples -- meaning they vote together and get eliminated together -- which two are going home next?Read on to find out all the answers from this week‘s episode! Read more »
We‘re down to our final four couples on Bachelor Pad after we were deprived last week of Lindzi and villainy douche-turned-loverboy Kalon. It‘s amazing how unlikable and awful the guy was on The Bachelorette compared with how awesome he was on this show. I guess his lying tendencies were much better suited to a competition for money instead of love. The ironic part is that he didn‘t win any money, but he found love! Ahhh the joys of reality television. This episode promises a sexy pool dangle (my guess is that‘s an Ed specialty), a quick elimination (they show us three couples preparing for the second challenge, so it‘s pretty easy to figure out who gets kicked off first -- Thanks ABC!), a singing competition for people who can‘t sing and holy hell, Night Ranger! Talk about a random band to make a reality show appearance. Let‘s get to it!  Read more »
Chris Harrison, the host of Bachelor Pad has had a front-row seat to all the craziness going on in the mansion.With the season finale on Monday, which he said in previews to be ‘disturbing,‘ Chris joined the media in a conference call Thursday to discuss Monday‘s finale, including a fallout between Rachel and Michael, and plans for the next Bachelor.  Read more »
On a show where people talk about having to lie and be deceitful to win, why is it only okay if you‘re the one doing the lying and deceiving, but NOT if you‘re the one being lied to or deceived?That has never rung more true following the conclusion of another ridiculous season of Bachelor Pad. The show didn‘t do a good job of keeping the shocking ending under wraps -- they alluded to what would happen in every which way without actually saying what happened. I think we can all put two and two together. Right?But it still didn‘t make it any less entertaining to watch the events unfold. So let‘s get to it. Read more »
Every show has a shelf life. Much like the yogurt in my refrigerator, there are a ton of TV shows, both scripted and reality, that have long passed their expiration dates. Here are 10 reality shows that are starting to sour or are simply down right rancid.  Read more »
If you watched season 2 of American Horror Story wondered how they can top Asylum, then maybe adding some witchcraft will do the trick. At the 2013 PaleyFest panel for AHS, creator Ryan Murphy provided a few details on season 3 and even revealed what this year‘s subtitle will be.Also, Sean Lowe may have just proposed to Catherine during the Bachelor finale, but everything‘s not coming up roses for one of the franchise‘s spin-off shows. And Simon Cowell is launching a global YouTube competition this week. Read on to find out how it‘ll be different than any other competition he‘s been a part of and how One Direction will be involved. Read more »
It‘s going to take a couple more weeks before The Bachelorette kicks off it‘s ninth season with Desiree Hartsock but you can pass the time by catching up with the latest scoop and controversies surrounding the Bachelor franchise. In this week‘s roundup, we get updates on Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici‘s relationship, a couple who recently parted ways and a new couple alert. Read more »
We have some tragic news to report today: The Bachelor season 14 contestant Gia Allemand has died. She was 29 years old.Update 2:25pm: It is now being reported by TMZ that Allemand hanged herself. When her boyfriend found her, he called 911 right away.Update 1:30pm: According to TMZ, Gia Allemand had been "extremely upset about a rocky relationship" with boyfriend Ryan Anderson -- he was the one who found her in her home Monday night. They‘re reporting that the cause of death was suicide, and that she suffered from a "critical loss of brain and organ function."Allemand was rushed to the hospital on Monday, August 12, and underwent a "serious emergency medical event," according to E! Online, where she was listed in critical condition. Details of this emergency are unknown at this time, but she was put on life support. Her family, including her mother and boyfriend, were by her side. Read more »
Love is in the air for several women on The Bachelor franchise as once couple rekindle their romance while a former contestant gets engaged. Find out  more in this week‘s Bachelor news roundup. Warning: This article may contain spoilers!  Read more »
ABC will be launching yet another spin-off series The Bachelor franchise that will hopefully fill the void left by Bachelor Pad ever since the network decided that it would not return for a fourth season. Entertainment Weekly first reported the news of Bachelor in Paradise, which largely mirrors the essence of Bachelor Pad but will be filmed in a tropical destination.  Read more »
Last night during The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All, an extended preview of Bachelor in Paradise was shown.And boy, does it look juicy! Read more »
Were you surprised to see Dylan get booted last night on Bachelor in Paradise?I was at first, but looking back it‘s obvious that he made several wrong moves, each of which contributed to his exiting after only the second week of "competition."  Read more »
It‘s long been rumored that Chris Soules is in the running to be the next Bachelor but now ABC has made it official. The farmer from Iowa, who was rejected by Andi Dorfman on The Bachelorette, will attempt to find love on The Bachelor season 19.   Read more »
Expect more drama, heartbreaks and hookups now that ABC officially picked up Bachelor in Paradise for its second season. The latest spin-off from The Bachelor franchise wrapped up its first season Monday night and ranked as the number 1 new summer series in the adults 19-40 demographics.  Read more »
Aftersix months of dating, reality TV stars Michelle Money and CodySattler have called it quits. The couple who met and fell in love onBachelor in Paradise announced their breakup via social media onWednesday.  Read more »
Ed Swiderski, who won the heart of Jillian Harris on The Bachelorette season 5, is officially off the market. The 36-year-old technology consultant married 32-year-old FOX TV anchor Natalie Bomke in Chicago this weekend.  Read more »
Chris Bukowski is officially retiring from reality TV. The guy who‘s been on every Bachelor franchise series except The Bachelor recently shared his "retirement letter," which revealed his obsession with fame, his demons and a public apology.  Read more »
It‘s almost time to learn who stayed together, who got engaged and who broke up on Bachelor in Paradise but before that happens, unexpected decisions and shocking exits will take place in part one of the two-night season ender.Warning: This article contains spoilers for Sunday‘s episode of Bachelor in Paradise.  Read more »
Congratulations are in order for Ashley Salter, Erica Rose and Ali Fedotowsky. All three former Bachelor stars are pregnant!  Read more »
After three failed attempts to find love on The Bachelor franchise,  former contestant Tenley Molzahn has finally found her match. The 31-year-old fan-favorite reveals that she has a boyfriend and that she‘s going to spend the rest of her life with him.  Read more »
It looks like Michelle Money and Cody Sattler are back together and are trying to work out their issues on the new season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.  Read more »
The Bachelor has spawned yet another offspring, and it‘s familiar but intriguing at the same time. The Bachelor Winter Games, which brings back arch-rivals and villains from past seasons to compete against each other, is nothing new. It‘s essentially Bachelor in Paradise in a winter setting mixed with MTV‘s Are You The One: Second Chances, which has a similar premise of bringing back exes to compete in athletic challenges. But it‘s also probably like a bad accident you can‘t turn away from.  Read more »
Former Bachelor winner Vienna Girardi is expecting twins. The reality star made the announcement on Instagram by sharing a photo of an ultrasound marked "TWIN A" and "TWIN B" enclosed in a heart frame. She also captioned the photo, "Twice the Blessing, Twice the Fun."  Read more »
It‘s time to look forward to the next Bachelor series now that Bachelor in Paradise is over. The upcoming spin-off from the reality TV dating franchise, Bachelor: Winter Games, would reunite memorable stars from the Bachelor as they compete in athletic challenges "including the toughest sports of all: love." So far, no other details have been revealed about the show but now host Chris Harrison is sharing what fans can expect.  Read more »
Filming of The Bachelor Winter Games has already started on Tuesday in Manchester, Vermont with the event called The Bachelor Winter Games: Arrival Celebration. The parade, which featured several stars from the reality TV dating franchise, was captured by fans on social media while show creator Mike Fleiss confirmed that the games has already began. Read more »
The Bachelor Winter Games is just around the corner and now that the cast has already been announced, it‘s time to get a sneak peek at the ABC reality dating franchise‘s latest spin-off. Read more »
Bachelor alum Tenley Molzahn got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Taylor Leopold, after two years of dating.The reality TV star shared the news on Instagram. Read more »
Bachelor Winter Games is better than Bachelor in Paradise, according to Ashley Iaconetti,who has had her fair share of reality TV drama from The Bachelor season 19 and seasons two and three of Bachelor in Paradise. The 29-year-old have enjoyed her time more in the winter spin-off simply because the participants had more to do. Read more »
ABC has announced that it will air a special one-hour reunion show following the finale of The Bachelor Winter Games, which will air on February 22. Much like the reality dating franchise‘s previous reunions, Worlds Tell All will bring together the participants of the winter-themed spin-off as they reveal the current status of their lives and relationships. Read more »
The Bachelor Winter Games will take dating to whole new level as it flies contestants from around the world and bring together fan favorites from the United States. Participants will compete in winter-themed athletic challenges-- all in the name of love. While the spin-off has a format similar to its predecessors (Bachelor in Paradise/Bachelor Pad), it takes pride in doing something different such as embracing the cultural differences of its bachelors and bachelorettes. Read more »
Bachelor Winter Games is about to get weirder as it launches the reality dating franchise‘s anthem in the season premiere of the spin-off. And just like a bad accident, it‘s so painful to watch and yet you just can‘t look away.  Read more »
Bachelor Winter Games kicked off last night and at least one international star already took the spotlight: Yuki Kimura. The 21-year-old Bachelor alum from Japan only knows a couple of English phrases such as "I love you" and "Will you marry me?" but host Chris Harrison assures us that she‘s the "one star that will take over America and become maybe the biggest star in the world." Read more »
Bibiana Julian has already moved on from her heartbreak on The Bachelor but the 30-year-old Bachelor Winter Games star can‘t help but feel like she missed out on her first reality TV dating journey simply because of Arie Luyendyk Jr.  Read more »