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The 2011 installment of the pop-culture insanity that is Comic-Con is now but weeks away. Those privileged enough to have tickets are anxiously awaiting the official schedule announcement so as to better plan out every minute of their San Diego weekend. While the official 2011 Comic-Con schedule is still to come, several TV shows have officially announced their attendance. Read more »
Finally! Comic-Con has begun to release its schedule for the 2011 festivities at the San Diego Convention Center. As you might imagine, there are plenty of TV-related events going on throughout the days. In case you didn‘t want to wade through the entirety of the events schedule, we have a listing of just the television events and panels. Read more »
The world premiere of the pilot for NBC‘s new series, Awake, happened at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con. Although the show will not begin airing until this coming winter, Comic-Con fans got a chance to view the trippy pilot. Read more »
NBC‘s upcoming drama Awake introduces a man inventing an alternate reality to cope with the trauma of losing his family. While that premise sounds deadly serious, things got a little silly in the real world. Then again, it was Comic-Con.   Read more »
After a car accident involving his wife and son, Detective Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) finds himself living in two separate realities, one in which his wife Hannah (Laura Allen) dies in the accident and his son Rex (Dylan Minnette) survives, and the other in which his son dies and his wife survives. Read more »
Tonight‘s round of casting news goes from Appleby to Bieber, along with a few more stars in between. Shall we? Hill and Bieber to host Saturday Night Live: The Huffington Post reports that this 2012 season, the show‘s getting even bigger names. Alec Baldwin‘s podcast was the first to confirm the gigs, even noting stars like Ben Stiller and Katy Perry. But the real news is that Jonah Hill will definitely appear on the March 10 episode. As for Bieber, he hasn‘t "officially committed" to be both host and musical guest, as Baldwin claimed. Watch out for it anyway.  Read more »
Have you been desperate since last summer to catch a glimpse of NBC‘s trippy midseason show, Awake? If so, you are in luck -- NBC has released the full Awake pilot episode for online viewing. And you can watch it right here! Read more »
In a matter of days the highly anticipated new drama Awake will hit the airwaves. Despite it being in a historically bad time slot (Thursday 10pm on NBC) I have high-hopes for this new, incredibly smart drama about a homicide detective living in two different realities after a car accident with his wife and son: One reality in which is son survives the crash and his wife does not, and the other where his son is the one who perishes while his wife survives. I was able to sit down with star Jason Isaacs on the set of Awake to discuss the show, the realities, and little bit about Harry Potter.  Read more »
Perhaps it‘s been a while since your DVR has had anything to do Thursday nights at 10pm, but beginning March 1 you‘ll want to tune in to NBC for their highly anticipated new drama Awake. Starring Jason Isaacs, this incredible new show will have you addicted after just 10 minutes. It is the story is about homicide detective Michael Britten who was in a car accident with his wife and teenage son. After the accident Britten finds himself alternating between two realities: one in which his wife survived the crash but his son perished; another in which is son survived but he lost his wife. While his life is similar in both realities there are important differences. He has two different psychiatrists, and 2 different partners. Britten falls asleep in one reality and wakes up in the other.  I was able to sit down and speak to executive producers Kyle Killen and Howard Gordon about the show.  Read more »
I‘ve been publishing articles all week talking about NBC‘s new drama Awake. I‘ve been telling you all to watch and to give it a good chance and I mean it. Set your DVRs now so you‘re sure not to miss the Thursday, March 1 premiere. After all, this show had the power to bring Wilmer Valderrama back to your television. Yeah, it‘s that good. I sat down with Wilmer and his co-star Steve Harris on the set of Awake to discuss the show.  Read more »
How can a man choose one reality over another when either choice would result in hell?That‘s the impossible question underlying Awake. Two worlds exist. Maybe one is a dream. Or maybe the two worlds are each as real as Awake makes them. Real or not, Awake is one of the strangest and most amazing flights of fancy that television has ever brought us. Read more »
Whether you love, hate or are just confused by Awake, you have to admit that it‘s one complicated show. Dueling universes and heightened emotions tend to have that result.If Awake tangled your brain into reality-defying knots, this is my attempt to restore order and sanity to your world. This may be impossible. But Awake is impossible too, so that works. Read more »
So, have you got Awake figured out now?Probably not.Unless you‘re psychic or a TV super-genius, there is no way you could know what‘s to come on TV‘s most reality-bending series. Would a promo video, detailing some rather spoiler-y developments in Awake help or hinder your understanding? Check out this new Awake promo video to find out!  Read more »
Bet you didn‘t see that ending coming...For its second episode, Awake delivered another twisty, mind-bending episode and cemented the parallel-crime aspect of the show. But it also brought up a whole host of confusing stories. Keep reading for an attempt (not necessarily successful) to decipher and explain just what the heck is going on in Awake. Read more »
Will tragedy strike twice?Having somehow gotten to keep both his wife and son alive by living in two worlds, Detective Michael Britten probably never considered that his loved ones might still be in danger. In this week‘s Awake episode "Guilty," however, the scary truth of continued danger hits home. Read more »
Have you been waiting for Awake to get weirder?If so, then this week‘s Awake episode, "Oregon," will be perfect for you. Of course, this particular episode is awesome enough that it should be perfect for just about everyone. Why exactly should you watch? Keep reading for five reasons to tune in and for an Awake promo video. Read more »
Steve Harris would do well to look on the bright side. If his show, Awake (which airs Thursdays on NBC at 10pm), is cancelled during or after its critically-acclaimed first season run, he can certainly fall back on a career in sales.In a scene that evoked memories of Ben Affleck in Boiler Room, Harris met a trio of reporters at 30 Rockerfeller Plaza on Monday, and made a sales pitch for Awake that rivaled anything Affleck offered in the 2000 cult classic. Read more »
Penguins as a sign of insanity. Pillow fights with the gravitas of Iwo Jima.These things count as brave on network TV. NBC Thursday nights may have just cornered the market on such bravery with last night‘s Community and Awake. Read more »
After renewing many of its shows, NBC has finally gotten around to canceling some. The network has officially axed freshman drama Awake as well as three of its first-season sitcoms Are You There, Chelsea?, Bent and BFF. Also dead is the Kathy Bates, Emmy-winning drama Harry‘s Law. Read more »
First it was Hannibal Lecter, now NBC is giving viewers a fresh take on a new iconic film character and asking viewers "What lengths are you willing to go for success and fortune?" The story of a woman who finds herself at the center of the mother of an occult ritual was originally played on the big screen by Mia Farrow in 1968. The unfortunate baby mama in this updated miniseries is Zoe Saldana (Avatar, Star Trek).In addition to a brand new cast: Patrick J. Adams (Suits) plays Rosemary‘s husband Guy, Christina Cole (Casino Royale) as Julie, a friend of Rosemary‘s, while James Isaacs (Awake) and French actress Carole Bouquet take the reigns as the infamous Castevets. The series of creepy events will also be unfolding over the pond in Paris where the Woodhouse‘s move to escape their "sad past." Read more »
There‘s only one reason to remake a horror classic like Rosemary‘s Baby: to update it to appeal to a new (and younger) audience. Fans of the original, the story of a woman (Mia Farrow) whose husband (John Cassavetes) rents out her womb to the devil in exchange for career success, aren‘t likely to find much reason to tune into NBC‘s miniseries version other than out of sheer curiosity. Millenials, or anyone who refuses to acknowledge any film shot before the 80s, might find some redeeming qualities in this otherwise unimpressive reimagining.The entire feel of Rosemary‘s Baby is chic and sexy, even Satan himself is a hottie-no pun intended. The actual act of procreation is very sensual, unlike the fractured, disorienting and painful intercourse experienced by the devil‘s baby mama in the earlier version. Even the newborn whose appearance initially horrifies Farrow, could be a Gerber poster baby in this outing. Read more »