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Aside from being part of one of the highest-rated cable shows, Army Wives actor Drew Fuller is also about to appear in a star-studded big screen project this summer. Blonde Ambition, which is presently in post-production, is a film about a small-town girl who relocates to New York City, where she eventually becomes a successful businesswoman. Read more »
The Lifetime Network’s latest drama series, Army Wives, has been filming on location in Charleston, South Carolina since it began production, but there have been recent talks that the show may be moving out. The state’s changing financial incentives prompted the makers of the popular cable series to write a letter to Governor Mark Sanford, threatening to relocate filming after the state Commerce Department voted to decrease the wage rebate for nonresidents working on productions. Read more »
Episode Overview: After last episode‘s hostage situation and eventual shooting of a troubled fellow soldier, Claudia Joy plows ahead with the annual July 4th celebration, but crosses a line with her husband Col. Holden when she asks him to do something against the Army Code. Denise anxiously awaits news of whether or not her husband survived the helicopter crash, while Pamela anticipates her husband‘s Delta Force unit being called up at any moment. Roxy learns a secret about the ever-bitchy Marilyn, but then learns about something more important – the Army Wives‘ code.A show about the wives of our men in the military – isn‘t that what The Unit is about? Lifetime‘s newest original drama series, Army Wives, is a bit like that, but while The Unit‘s weakness is in the female characters, the Lifetime show, naturally, does not suffer from that same failing – the show is tight. This week‘s Army Wives episode swirled in and out of the lives of the Army wives (and one Army husband) with enviable ease. It is too bad there aren‘t more drama shows out on the television airwaves taking this much care when telling interweaving stories. Read more »
In this week‘s new episode of Army Wives, "Who We Are," Major Frank Sherwood (Terry Serpico) learns the truth about his son Jeremy (Richard Bryant) physically abusing Denise (Catherine Bell) and does not take it well, to put it mildly. Col. Michael Holden (Brian McNamara) and Claudia Joy (Kim Delaney) discover that their daughter Amanda (Kim Allen) has been seeing Jeremy and they are not pleased. Pfc. Trevor Leblanc (Drew Fuller) injures his knee, preventing him from being deployed with his unit, while his wife Roxy (Sally Pressman) gets a surprise visit from her mom. We do not see much of Roland (Sterling K. Brown), whose wife entered the 30-day Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) treatment program, or Pamela (Brigid Brannagh), whose husband is who-knows-where on a Delta Force mission; and what we do see of them is not really worth mentioning much.I have to start with Roland and Pamela‘s characters, because how they were (or more aptly, weren‘t) dealt with in this episode throws up some major red flags for me. The show is Army Wives and it takes place on an Army post – Fort Marshall. For the realism factor, these Army wives (plus one husband) will have to occasionally say goodbye to their soldiers as they are being deployed. It is important for this show not to lose these characters while their spouses are gone. Read more »
For Lifetime, Army Wives has far exceeded expectations for the network, giving it the best numbers in the 23-year history of the channel. Today Lifetime rewarded the show by announcing a second 13-episode season for Army Wives that will begin airing next spring.The announcement came at the TV Critics Association‘s summer press tour during Lifetime‘s presentation. Army Wives has helped the struggling network boost its ratings with this original series that is based on the book Under the Sabers: The Unwritten Code of Army Wives by Tanya Biank, herself an Army wife who was raised in an Army family. Read more »
Numerous crew members, actors, actresses and others associated with Lifetime Television’s Army Wives gathered at the South Carolina Aquarium last week in order to celebrate a successful first season.  Producers recently wrapped up the show‘s debut season, ending a five-month long shoot in Charleston.  At the party, guests dined on prime rib and, ironically enough, sushi, while watching the show’s blooper reel. Read more »
Soaring ratings are not the only thing that‘s validating the success of Lifetime‘s Army Wives.  Sally Pressman, actress who plays Roxy LeBlanc on the drama series, has received several flattering remarks from various callers during her interview with Tara Crooks, host of Army Wife Talk Radio. During her interview, many supporters called in, stating how happy they are with the depiction of military life on the show and praised Pressman‘s realistic portrayal of her character. Read more »
After writing a number of episodes for the debut season of Army Wives, Dee Johnson has been made a full-time member of the drama series production team.  Her new deal with ABC Studios has afforded her one more year on the show, and will have her serving as an executive producer/showrunner. Johnson is the third showrunner on Army Wives.  In December, Samantha Corbin-Miller (Crossing Jordan, The Practice) was named executive producer/showrunner, but a few months later, was replaced by Jeff Melvoin (Alias, Picket Fences).  Now, Johnson is taking over the series for Melvoin.  Read more »
Lifetime is hosting a gala cast party in Los Angeles in order to celebrate the first season finale of Army Wives, the network‘s most successful series to date.  The star-studded event will be held on Saturday, August 25, and will be attended by five real-life military spouses, all of whom participated in the show‘s affiliate promotion, “Lifetime‘s Five Star Army Wives Experience.” The promotion, which ran in over 50 markets nationwide, has awarded the five army wives with an all-expense paid, VIP trip for two to Los Angeles, where they will get to mingle with the show‘s cast and crew.  Read more »
Lifetime‘s highest-rated series Army Wives has become such a hit with real-life military spouses that a number of them from Fort Bragg convinced the network to use them as extras on the drama series. After several e-mails and phone calls, Veronica Kirby, wife of chief warrant officer Bryan Brady, and her group of friends headed to Charleston, South Carolina in order to take part in the filming of the show‘s season finale.  Kirby had been watching an episode of Army Wives when the idea to join the cast as an extra popped in her head. Read more »
Lifetime‘s drama series, Army Wives, has captured the attention of millions of viewers in the United States.  It is the highest-rated series in the network‘s 23-year-history and has been renewed for a second season.  Based on Tanya Biank‘s nonfiction book, Under the Sabers: The Unwritten Code of Army Wives, the series follows the story of four military spouses and a husband stationed at a fictional post called Fort Marshall. Among the millions who tune in every Sunday night are real-life army wives at Fort Bragg.  They enjoy watching a piece of their lives being represented on the small screen, but are also the first to detect when the show exercises creative freedom with military life. Read more »
The first season of Army Wives wrapped up on Sunday, August 26, with a cliffhanger that has surely left viewers hungry for more. Although the season finale did not end with a huge “bang,” the last scene certainly leaves a lot of room for it for the second season.  The first season ended with Marilyn‘s (Kate Kneeland) husband, entering the Hump Bar with explosives strapped to his body.  Amanda (Kim Allen) walks into the bar, and stands within a few paces of Marilyn‘s husband, who then squeezes the detonator.  No one knows for sure what happens next, as the screen subsequently fades to white. Read more »
Just as Army Wives debuted on the small screen with record-breaking numbers, so did it impress with its first season finale on August 26.  The last episode of the season, "Goodbye Stranger," drew in an average of 4.1 million total viewers at its 10pm Sunday night timeslot, marking the young drama series‘ most-watched first-run broadcast ever. Army Wives, a series based on Tanya Biank‘s Under the Sabers: The Unwritten Code of Military Marriage, follows the lives of four women and one man as they try to cope with the challenges of being soldiers‘ spouses.  The cast includes Kim Delaney as Claudia Joy Holden, Catherine Bell as Denise Sherwood, Sally Pressman as Roxy LeBlanc, Brigid Brannagh as Pamela Moran and Sterling K. Brown as Roland Brown.  Read more »
Brian McNamara, who plays Brigadier General Michael Holden on Lifetime‘s Army Wives, will be featured in a horror-thriller movie next year. However, the 46-year-old New York native will not just working as an actor; he is also running operations behind the cameras as well.In the movie Lost Signal, McNamara will be showcasing his directorial skills while working with writers, Robert Egan and Graham Silver. Onscreen, he‘ll be taking on the role of Carl Nasland in a thriller story based on true events. Read more »