Articles for Amne$ia Season 1

NBC‘s Amne$ia is a new high-energy game series created by executive-producer Mark Burnett and producer Roy Bank.  In standard game show procedure, contestants are asked to answer difficult questions for the chance to take home a hefty cash prize and various prizes. However, what makes Amne$ia distinct from other game shows on television is that contestants are quizzed on events and happenings from their own life.  The challenge of the game, therefore, is drawing out long-buried memories and tales from one‘s past in order to successfully conquer the game. Read more »
Tonight, NBC is premiering its new game show, Amne$ia, hosted by comedian Dennis Miller.  Questions are derived from a contestant‘s past, which means that he or she will have to rely greatly on memory to answer correctly and win big cash prizes. "It‘s the easiest game show in the world," executive producer Mark Burnett told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  "You answer about your own life." Read more »
Game shows can be hit or miss with audiences. But that doesn‘t stop the networks from continuing to order them left and right in the hopes of securing the next Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? or Deal or No Deal. ABC just announced they‘ve ordered eight episodes of a new game show called Bet On Your Baby, hosted by Melissa Peterman. Read more »