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August of this year will mark two years since Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast.  Despite the time that has passed, many individuals from the area are still trying to rebuild what was lost.In 2005, America‘s Next Top Model creator Tyra Banks offered her assistance to the rebuilding effort by partnering with iAmplify for an exclusive release of an India.Arie that was performed on her talk show.  She is now using the same forum of her talk show to continue to help the victims of the event who have yet to fully recover. Read more »
Only one episode left on America’s Next Top Model. This week Jaslene, Natasha, and Renee will battle it out in a commercial and print ad shoot for CoverGirl makeup.Will America’s Next Top Model return for a ninth cycle? I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t be renewed, as the ratings have been strong recently, usually bringing The CW to second place for its time slot. As well, America’s Next Top Model already held open casting calls for next season earlier this year. The application and eligibility rules are still available on their website. Applicants were required to be female, 18 to 27 years old, 5‘7" or taller, and must not have had any previous experience as a model in a national campaign, at least within the last five years. Read more »
America’s Next Top Model host Tyra Banks spoke with TV Guide this week about the finale of America’s Next Top Model, her scars from modeling injuries, and more. When asked if she’d ever been injured during a modeling shoot, like both Natasha (burned by a curling iron) and Cassandra (frostbite) were during this cycle, Tyra said she had. “I have scars on the backs of my arms from dressers in Paris scraping me with pins as I was taking a shirt or gown off. They pin you to death [to make it fit], and then pull it off really fast to get to the next outfit,” she said. “I‘ve also been burned on my eyelid and forehead by a curling iron.”Tyra gave few clues about this week’s season finale of America’s Next Top Model, but did offer a hint about the fashion show’s theme.   Read more »
Janice Dickinson, host of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, has become a notorious reality TV icon ever since she served as a judge on America’s Next Top Model. Now, she becomes the subject of yet another controversy as she hits out at Tyra Banks. Dickinson claims that America’s Next Top Model host, Banks, is jealous of her good looks and success, even passing judgment on her for wearing too much make-up and calling her a “piece of cake” for modeling for Victoria’s Secret lingerie chain instead of the renowned fashion magazine Vogue, just like what Dickinson did in her prime. In line with this, the self-proclaimed first supermodel calls herself “legendary” in the modeling world and that Banks is just envious of her experience. Read more »
America’s Next Top Model personality J. Alexander spoke to AOL Black Voices this week about the three remaining contestants on America’s Next Top Model, plus shared his opinion of Dionne, who left last week. Read more »
Originally aired on Wednesday, 05/16/2007 Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: It‘s all over but the crying: this week, the new winner of America‘s Next Top Model will be decided.  Episode Highlights: The girls have their Cover Girl photo and commercial shoots - and are challenged to ad lib their lines. One more girl is eliminated to bring them down to the final two. The final two walk in a runway show and the winner is announced.  Read more »
This week‘s decisive photo shoot for the finale of Cycle Eight of America‘s Next Top Model was for the Cover Girl print ad that this Cycle’s winner will be featured in. Those shots are not yet available, so unfortunately, we can’t use those for our regular review of the best and the worst photos of the week.So instead, let‘s take a look back at the portfolios of the final two to find the best and worst of their work through this past Cycle. Read more »
America’s Next Top Model received some bad press from women’s groups across North America after their March 21 episode “The Girl Who Changes Her Attitude” contained a “crime scene victim” photo shoot. In particular, activist group CFAN (Campus Feminist Action Network), of Regina, Canada, started a letter-writing campaign, as we reported earlier. This week BuddyTV had a discussion with Amber, Facilitator of CFAN, about the letter-writing campaign. Read more »
Renee Alway, the stay-at-home-mom from Hawaii, was the 2nd runner-up on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 8. Although she may not have been the most likable model in this competition, she was nonetheless a strong and talented competitor who produced very impressive photos consistently, week after week. Last night was no exception to her performance, as Renee wowed Tyra and the judges by nailing her Cover Girl commercial and photo shoot. Nevertheless, Renee found herself going home early, but not because she failed to perform with the same caliber as weeks before. Instead, she was sent home because her face suddenly looked old, mature, and all too familiar. As you can imagine, the confident and even sometimes too cocky Renee was not pleased with the results, and had a lot to say about the events that transpired last night during our exclusive one-on-one interview earlier today. Check out the interview by reading the full transcript and listening to the mp3 audio below. Read more »
As most of us already know by now, Jaslene Gonzalez is America’s Next Top Model and last night she walked away with a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl, a contract with Elite Model Management, and a cover and six-page fashion spread in Seventeen magazine. BuddyTV had the chance to participate on a press teleconference call with America‘s Next Top Model winner, Jaslene Gonzalez this afternoon, and here are some of the highlights from the Q&A session: Read more »
When Tyra Banks named her fledgling production company “Bankable Production,” it might have seemed like hubris to some who wondered what this former model could offer to the television landscape. But any doubters have been proven wrong by the overwhelming and continued popularity of her show America’s Next Top Model. Cycle Eight, which just concluded with Jaslene Gonzalez crowned the winner, was extremely popular, and fans couldn’t get enough. Its ratings for the season finale were actually up from last season’s finale. This week, at the television upfronts announcing fall television schedules, the CW confirmed that the show will be returning to the network in the fall for its ninth Cycle. Casting has already begun, as Buddy TV reported, so the announcement in and of itself wasn’t a surprise. However, with three major shows ending on the CW (Gilmore Girls, 7th Heaven and Veronica Mars), this year’s Tyra’s show has clearly made the transition from little breakout reality program to dependable go-to show to get solid ratings. Read more »
Natasha Galkina, arguably the most controversial and dramatic contestant on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 8, was ecstatic to make it as far as she did in this competition and is glad that it’s finally all over. After almost being eliminated in the second week, Natasha proved to herself and the judges that she had what it took to make it to the top as her buoyant personality and hard work earned her a spot in the final two, along with Jaslene. Although Natasha didn’t become America’s Next Top Model, she received all the exposure she could ask for and is more than satisfied to be runner-up. Natasha was eager to talk to us at BuddyTV earlier today about everything that went down on the show and wasn’t afraid to hold anything back: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Make sure you check out the full interview transcript below and listen to the mp3 audio to get the scoop. Read more »
Cycle Eight of America‘s Next Top Model might have come to an end, but we can‘t say goodbye just yet!  While this Cycle might not have had a clear standout for an obvious Cover Girl-type Top Model in the opinion of many viewers, it certainly had its share of colorful characters.  Over the next few days, we will countdown the top moments for each of the final six contestants.  Read our take and leave your thoughts as to the highlights (or, as the case may be, lowlights) for each of the final modelettes.First up: Jael Strauss. Read more »
Yesterday, we gave you the highlights for Jael Strauss’s Top Five Moments on this Cycle of America’s Next Top Model. Today, it’s time to reminisce about Brittany Hatch. Brittany, a twenty-one year old bartender from Savannah, GA, was a dark horse contestant for much of the season, lying low at the start, but at one point was many viewers pick for the winner based on the strength of her photos.  Read more »
Jaslene Gonzalez is undoubtedly very proud to be the first Latina to become America’s Next Top Model. BuddyTV had the chance to chat with Jaslene in an exclusive one-on-one interview yesterday to about her experience.  As you might expect, she didn’t hold back and made some pretty bold statements about both herself and some of the other competitors. Check out the full interview transcript and listen to the mp3 audio below. Read more »
Over the past few days, we‘ve been taking a look back at some of the highlights of Cycle Eight of America‘s Next Top Model.  We‘ve already cried with Brittany Hatch and goofed around with Jael Strauss.  Now it‘s time to take a look at the sassy Dionne Walters.Dionne, a mom and college student from Montgomery, AL, was not always a top runner in the competition.  She received several criticisms from the judges about her casual "mall girl" appearance when appearing in panel.  But she eventually stepped up her game, and due to the strength of her natural beauty and best efforts to improve herself, she was able to bring herself to the final four. Read more »
Renee Alway, the twenty-year old mom from Hawaii, might have been a surprising entry in the final thee of America‘s Next Top Model.  She started out causing a lot of controversy within the house with her tendency to devolve into pettiness, and her photos, while lovely, did not seem to wow the judges.Nigel Barker, especially, seemed to focus on her being "old" at twenty and not a "fresh" look.  But through her tenacity and natural beauty, she was able to fight her way all the way almost until the end. Read more »
This twenty-one year old Russia-by-way-of-Texas beauty was one of the biggest surprises of the season. Natasha Galinka was in the bottom two during the very first panel, and wound up making it all the way to the final two. She was also one of the first models of recent Eastern European heritage to make it on the show, reflecting the current trends in the modeling world. While she was not ultimately selected as America’s Next Top Model, she still impressed the judges, and won herself a loyal fan base, if the comments here at BuddyTV are any indication. She was also a constant source of entertainment on this Cycle, sometimes (brilliantly) intentionally, other times, not so much. Read more »
Jaslene Gonzalez truly had a storybook ending to her time on America’s Next Top Model. She returned to the show after being cut from her first try, and while she started strong in Cycle Eight, she seemed to lose steam midway through the competition. Nevertheless, she kicked it into high gear at the end and emerged the winner of the cycle. For Jaslene’s second time around on America’s Next Top Model, she was a bit lower-key than she had appeared during the auditions the first time.  But her fierce spirit was still intact and she gave us many entertaining moments throughout the season.  Read more »
Eva Pigford gained fame and popularity as a contestant on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 3. Although she was considered the underdog throughout the show since she was the shortest of all the contestants at 5’7”, she lasted through each challenge and defeated Yaya Da Costa Johnson in the end. For the win, she acquired a contract with Ford Models, a $100,000 modeling contract with CoverGirl and a fashion spread in Elle magazine. Read more »
Adrianne Curry was a waitress at Hooters until she got her big break as a contestant on America’s Next Top Model. She made the cut and earned a spot in cycle one, beating nearly 32, 000 model wannabes. On May 20, 2003, she triumphed over Shannon Stewart and became an instant celebrity as the first crowned winner of the competitive reality series. Read more »
In a recent interview given after she won America‘s Next Top Model, Jaslene Gonzalez alluded to a difficult personal situation in her past that contributed to her failed first attempt on the show. Although it was not in the final audition episode aired in Cycle Seven, she mentioned that her elimination in that cycle was due to “something personal [she] spoke about to [the judges].”  When she did make it past the auditions, in Cycle Eight, Jaslene made a passing reference to some troubles during the “story-telling” exercise with the Aboriginal tribe in one of the final episodes.Until now, she has not revealed any specifics about what that situation might have been. This week, however, she has opened up about her past, and started to provide some additional insight into a very difficult time in her life. Read more »
Tyra Banks, creator and judge of America’s Next Top Model and host of The Tyra Banks Show, is headed for New York to shoot the third season of her daytime talk show. Since its premiere on September 12, 2005, The Tyra Banks Show has filmed in front of a live audience in Los Angeles as it covers a variety of topics concerning women’s issues. Banks, a 33-year old for supermodel, is excited to have a change of venue to perk up her daytime program. "I‘m thrilled to be moving to New York. After spending some time in the city this past spring, I knew the energy and rhythm of the city would be great for the show. I feel connected and completely at home," Banks has said. Read more »
Jay Manuel is known for being just as perfectly made-up as the models he directs in the America’s Next Top Model photo shoots. That flawless face, however, isn’t his true trademark; that would be his head of bleached platinum hair. This signature look, though, might be so recognizable that he has now been locked into it – legally.  Read more »
When casting America’s Next Top Model, creator Tyra Banks and her fellow judges have made some efforts at inclusion of women whose silhouettes don’t necessarily reflect the extremely svelte look currently favored by fashion designers and magazine editors. Former America’s Next Top Model judge and current Canada’s Next Top Model fashion director Nole Marin takes some credit for this, telling the Canadian paper the Edmonton Journal that he “pushed…Tyra Banks to include a plus-sized model as a finalist.” However, plus-sized American beauties should not make a run for the border, thinking that Marin’s involvement in the Canadian show means that there is also ample opportunity on that show. For the second season of the Canadian version of America’s Next Top Model, there are no plus-sized models included, and there were none in the first season either. Whereas Marin takes some credit for the presence of plus-sized models on ANTM, he pins the blame for their absence on CNTM on someone else: a Prada-wearing “devil.” Read more »
Even though she failed to make it to the finals of America’s Next Top Model 7, Jaslene Gonzalez made a huge comeback in the eighth season. She not only became a finalist, but was also deemed the eighth winner of the reality series. Despite the personal struggles that she faced during the competition, Gonzalez persevered and is now enjoying the fruits of her labor.  Read more »
While VH1 is not the first home of America’s Next Top Model, it is where each completed Cycle goes to live out its retirement, in periodic, mesmerizing, lost-weekend-inducing marathons of Cycles in their entirety.So it should come as no surprise that VH1 is teaming up with 10 x 10 Entertainment, the production company behind America’s Next Top Model to create another fashion-themed show. Only this time, the action isn’t in front of the camera – it’s behind it. Read more »
CariDee English, winner of the seventh America’s Next Top Model, represented the National Psoriasis Foundation at a congressional briefing on June 11th in Washington, D.C. The briefing was held in support of the Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Research, Cure and Care Act, and more than 100 people came to hear English and other speakers talk about the debilitating disease. Read more »
Pay TV channel Sony Entertainment Television (SET) and production company Moonshot Pictures are creating a Brazilian version of America’s Next Top Model.  The foreign incarnation, aptly named Brazil’s Next Top Model, is scheduled to premiere in October.  Made up of 12 episodes, the show will run in Latin America until December. Filming for the latest foreign version of America’s Next Top Model will begin next month in Sao Paulo. Read more »
It seems like just yesterday that Jaslene Gonzales was given the top spot in Cycle Eight of America’s Next Top Model. But there is no rest for Tyra Banks and the ANTM bunch, and plans for Cycle Nine are moving ahead briskly.And for one lucky America’s Next Top Model hopeful, this weekend will give them the chance to fast-track it all the way to Tyra and Cycle Nine. Read more »
Tyra Banks built her supermodel career with beauty, determination, and, of course, that body. When she retired from modeling in May 2005 to focus on her incredibly successful series America’s Next Top Model, her daily talk show and other projects, she was also able to retire from the rigors of maintaining the very specific body type needed to be a supermodel. While many would still say she has an enviable figure, when she appeared in a swimsuit, clearly pounds above her modeling weight, gossip magazines and blogs seized upon the transformation as an opportunity to take her down a notch. Rather than retreat, ignore the buzz or begin a very public diet, Tyra appeared on her talk show sporting the same swimsuit and famously telling critics to “kiss [her] fat a**.” For that statement – which in the skinniness-obsessed entertainment industry is a fairly revolutionary act – as well as her efforts to include plus-size models on America’s Next Top Model, she has been named the “Most Influential Body Shaper” by OK! Magazine. Read more »
Yesterday‘s series of Live Earth concerts happening across the globe aimed to raise awareness of environmental issues. Over the past few years, more and more celebrities and performers have started to take up this cause, and a new book highlights some of their efforts. Authors Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas Kostigen have recently published a book called The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time. It not only outlines simple and easy tips for the average person to make their life more environmentally-responsible, it also provides stories from celebrities about their own efforts. Included in the stories: what Tyra Banks does to help reduce the impact of her show, America’s Next Top Model.  Read more »
As said in an earlier report, preparations for the ninth cycle of the CW’s America’s Next Top Model are well underway.  The show has already done some cross-country touring with the aim of finding eligible contestants for the upcoming season.  This Saturday, the show is heading over to South Carolina to continue the search. From 10am to 4pm, scouts from America’s Next Top Model will be conducting a casting call at the Columbia Place Mall. For those who are unfamiliar with the area, the shopping complex is located at 7201 Two Notch Road.  Sponsoring the event are the Kenneth Shuler School of Cosmetology and Nail Design and Contours Express. Read more »
America‘s Next Top Model has been a runaway hit since its first episode aired in May 2003.  There have now been eight successful seasons or "Cycles" of the show, and versions of the program have now appeared in countries across the globe.  Of course, with success comes imitators, and this Friday, TLC will launch its own modeling reality show, A Model Life.The program features several young models trying to land a modeling contract.  It even also features a supermodel host/mentor, Petra Nemcova, famed Tsunami survivor.  The show‘s creators concede the similar premise by taking care to highlight how it differs from America‘s Next Top Model, saying "without staged eliminations or contrived challenges."  What, you may wonder, would be the fun in that? Read more »
Jael Strauss was one of the most original and interesting women to appear in recent Cycles on America‘s Next Top Model. When asked to describe herself in one of the challenges, she picked strong and powerful words like “Sexy Beast” and “Dominator.”  The judges weren‘t sure how well her tough rocker image would mesh with the squeaky-clean girlish Cover Girl image. While Jael did occasionally succumb to that special brand of self-doubt that seems to infect every girl who crosses the ANTM threshold, ultimately, no amount of criticism from the judges could convince her to change how she presented herself to the world. This might have held her back from becoming America‘s Next Top Model, but it seems her determination to take a positive and active approach to life is serving her well back in the real world. She recently posted an entry on Orato, a website devoted to first-person citizen journalism. In it, she updates her fans and seems to have maintained that strong spirit that won over so many viewers.  Read more »
Have you ever watched the elimination panel on America‘s Next Top Model and wished you could reach through the screen to shake Tyra Banks and the other judges silly for their decision to kick off your favorite or give a mediocre girl another chance? Maybe you also wished that just for once, you had the power to control the fates of the modelettes. Bravo is going to give you that chance. They have just announced that they too are going to air their own model-themed show. However, unlike the other shows already on the air, like America‘s Next Top Model, A Model Life or The Agency, Bravo is adding a new element: your vote.  Read more »
At this morning‘s executive session, the CW‘s head of programming Dawn Ostroff stressed the CW‘s commitment to creating the hits of tomorrow, and punctuated that by parading the networks lineup of dubious reality programming.  Among them, the surprise announcement that America‘s Next Top Model has been renewed through the 2010 season.  Talk about foresight! Read more »
After seven months of waiting, fans can finally enjoy Tyra Bank’s reality series as it returns for its ninth cycle this fall.  America’s Next Top Model, one of The CW’s highest rated series, premieres Wednesday, September 19 with a special two-hour episode broadcast at 8pm ET/PT.The network initially confirmed the new season of Top Model back in May as part of its fall 2007 primetime programming schedule. Read more »
If there is one things that fans know about Adrianne Curry, America‘s Next Top Model first Cycle winner, it‘s that she‘s not afraid to speak her mind. Although she was never arbitrarily confrontational like some of the more outspoken America‘s Next Top Model contestants can be, she had no problem speaking bluntly and frankly when she felt so inclined. Her open-book policy continued during her time on My Fair Brady, which chronicled her relationship and eventual marriage to Christopher Knight from The Brady Bunch, whom she met on yet another reality show, The Surreal Life. Whether it was a door-slamming fight or an intimate moment, she didn‘t seem to see any reason to keep things hidden. Now, however, she seems to be feeling a twinge of remorse for her openness, when an off-the-cuff blog post on her Myspace page started a torrent of gossip that her marriage is on the rocks. She recently posted an update to clarify exactly how things are between her and Christopher.  Read more »
As we reported here on BuddyTV back in June, America‘s Next Top Model creator and host Tyra Banks is moving production on her daily talk show to New York City. It‘s still unclear whether or not America‘s Next Top Model will also be eventually be permanently relocating to the Big Apple. However, while that‘s still up in the air, there‘s been some recent clarification on the possible reason for the big move for Ms Banks: love.  Read more »
With her whippet-thin frame, no one was ever going to confuse Jaslene Gonzalez, winner of Cycle Eight of America‘s Next Top Model, with one of the plus-size competitors from the same season. Even by model standards, Jaslene was skinny during her time on the show. However, recent photographs of Jaslene partying in Miami, where she is shooting a fashion segment for CoverGirl TV, have created a new set of rumors that the slender America‘s Next Top Model beauty isn‘t just dealing with a super-fast metabolism. Shots of her even skinnier frame have started the gossip columns postulating that she actually has an eating disorder. Now, Jaslene has fired back, posting a comment about the rumors on her Myspace blog. Read more »
While Tyra Banks is happy to discuss bathroom habits on her daily talk show, and is frank and candid about her modeling past on America‘s Next Top Model, she can sometimes be reticent about other elements of her personal life, such as some family matters or romantic relationships. She has not yet spoken publicly about a major development for her family: her brother Devin has been deployed to Iraq.  Read more »
Good news for fans that just can‘t get enough of America‘s Next Top Model.  As one of the highest rated programs of The CW Network, the competitive reality series has been renewed through the 2009 to 2010 season.  This means that, along with Tyra Banks, fans can expect Top Model for at least six more cycles.In addition to Banks‘ inked deal, the network has also confirmed that Top model is moving to New York. Read more »
As of today, there are still six weeks left until the ninth season – excuse me – Cycle premiere of America’s Next Top Model. Until then, fans will have to subsist on reruns or possibly even resort to checking out upstart model-based series A Model Life with Petra Nemcova on TLC. There’s been a recent change, however, in the plans for the premiere. CW has taken a look at their schedule and decided that the Cycle Nine premiere needs to slim down - drastically. Read more »
The CW Network recently confirmed that America‘s Next Top Model will be running through to 2010. If the show continues its two Cycles-per-year pace, the news means the producers are going to need a quite a lot of young model hopefuls to fill that Tyra‘s House on a regular basis. To that end, the show‘s producers and local network affiliates have recently been going through a veritable frenzy of casting in big cities and smaller towns throughout the country. Read more »
America‘s Next Top Model‘s Tyra Banks, along with other black beauties grace the cover of Ebony magazine‘s September issue, which is out in the market today.  Celebrating the influence of Blacks in the fashion world, the monthly magazine for the African American market features a 50-page spread that will pay homage to various fashion designers, stylists, models and fashion icons.Banks, 33, has made a name for herself in the fashion industry with her extensive print and runway work for advertising giants such as Cover Girl, Victoria‘s Secret, and Tommy Hilfiger just to name a few. Marked as the first African American woman on the covers of GQ and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, she has taken her modeling expertise onto the television circuit, with her highly rated competitive reality series America‘s Next Top Model. She is also currently hosting her own daytime Emmy Award-nominated talk show, The Tyra Banks Show. Read more »
Hundreds of women were waiting and standing in line for one purpose: to be America‘s Next Top Model. No, there weren‘t any catfights, hair pulling or name calling. It was all drama-free at the Seattle area audition of America‘s Next Top Model that took place this morning at the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood, Washington, and BuddyTV was on the scene to find out how it all works and to possibly get a glimpse at a future Top Model winner..Lines of high-heeled women filled the outside of mall stores hoping for the chance of fame. One woman even came at 5am to make sure was the first in line for the 10am audition start time. By 10am, there were already 300 potential America‘s Next Top Models in line. Read more »
Tyra Banks is nothing if not helpful to her viewers. In addition to the body image cheerleading she does on America‘s Next Top Model and graphic tips on how to most hygienically use a public restroom she provides on her daily talk show, she‘s also doing her civic duty by granting an opportunity to 2008 Presidential hopeful Barack Obama to address her audience.It was recently reported that the Junior Senator from Illinois will be taping an upcoming episode of Tyra Banks‘ talk show on September 27. There‘s no airdate listed as yet, but a spokesperson for the show said it‘s being targeted for about a week after the taping.But the America‘s Next Top Model creator is not the only daytime talk show hostess to bring in a heavy-hitting political guest. Read more »
Adrianne Curry is now be a famous face due to her win of the very first Cycle of America‘s Next Top Model, and her appearances on The Surreal Life and My Fair Brady.  However, that doesn‘t mean she‘s immune from the aggravations of daily life that the rest of us also have to deal with.  She had an unwelcome reminder of this earlier this week when her car was broken into right outside her home.  In her usual frank fashion, Curry let loose with an angry blog entry on her Myspace page. Read more »
Former America‘s Next Top Model finalist Jade Cole is appearing in a new music video for “Halfway Back to Sane,” the debut single of rock band, Telling on Trixie.  The video, which was released on Sunday on networks and online video channels, costars Cole as the evil nurse.  According to guitarist Brad Small, Cole was the first choice for the role, given her persona in the highly-rated CW reality competition. “With [Telling on Trixie lead singer] Derek playing the mental patient, we needed an evil nurse, a diva.  Jade from America‘s Next Top Model was the first person we thought of, because she‘s fierce, hot, and had been portrayed as such an aggressive diva on the show,” Small said in a press release.  "Jade really likes our music and immediately agreed to co-star. On-camera, she performed beyond expectations.  Off-camera, she was professional, friendly and outgoing.  By contract, she had her own separate relaxation area, but she was never there because she was socializing and taking pictures with the extras and crew.  She could easily become the Telling on Trixie muse.” Read more »
If it seemed like there was something special in the air today, some kind of heady mixture of lip gloss, estrogen and anxiety, it wasn‘t your imagination. Today, the names and photos for the 13 finalists for America‘s Next Top Model cycle 9 were released in anticipation of the season premiere on the CW on Wednesday, September 19.  The drama starts promptly at 8pm. In the meantime, you can review the new slate of modelettes and start picking your favorites now! Read more »
Earlier this week, the names, ages, occupations and hometowns of the thirteen finalists on Cycle Nine of America‘s Next Top Model were released. Until the show starts, though, the CW Network is likely to remain relatively tight-lipped on any additional details about the latest crop of young women to submit to Tyra Banks‘ fashion gauntlet.However, some details have emerged about one of the new modelettes, Kimberly Leemans from Ocala, Florida. While she might not yet be a household name or familiar face to most people, she actually is already a “Top Model.” Read more »
They say you can‘t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to modeling…um, you kind of have to.But of course, as Tyra Banks loooooves to remind us on America‘s Next Top Model, there‘s more to modeling than just being pretty. In fact, it‘s one of the judges‘ favorite dire pronouncements about a modelette‘s failure to be fierce in a photo shoot: “She‘s just resting on pretty!”So with the release of the photographs of the 13 finalists for the upcoming America‘s Next Top Model cycle 9, we‘re going to take a look at this first set of photos and make some assessments. Who looks like they might have the special something that might just take them to the top of America‘s Next Top Model? And who‘s just resting on pretty? Read more »
Today is our third and final installment of our review of the photos of the thirteen finalists for Cycle Nine of America‘s Next Top Model.  We are going to scrutinize the final five modelettes to see which one might have that special something the judges will be looking for.And as an added bonus for this final installment, we have a special new shot of Tyra Banks.  As any America‘s Next Top Model fan knows, Tyra never asks a modelette to do something she wouldn‘t do herself - or at least hasn‘t in the past already done.  This season, she continues her policy of ensuring we have a Tyra photo in the style of the girls‘ shoot in order to see how the master handled the theme. In case you were wondering why the girls are all wrapped in tin foil in their group shot, we now know: the theme for the shot was "the future."  And what does Tyra look like in the future?  Click through to find out and to read the last set of model reviews. Read more »
Tyra Banks, host of the CW‘s America‘s Next Top Model, has parted ways with her manager, Benny Medina. In a joint statement, Medina said that although his company, Handprint Entertainment, will no longer be handling Banks‘ career, he is optimistic about the possibility of working with her on future projects. Read more »
On September 19, Tyra Banks will kick off cycle 9 of America‘s Next Top Model on the CW.  She has said that this season she‘s looking for models who are original and bring something different to the table.  As usual, Banks hopes to discover the world‘s next supermodel.  When the cameras stop rolling and the show is over, how many of these models really go on to successful careers?  Last season‘s contestants Felicia Provost, Whitney Cunningham, and Renee Alway sat down with BuddyTV today to talk about life after America‘s Next Top Model.Felicia Provost was known among the cycle 8 contestants as "Baby Tyra" for bearing a striking resemblance to a younger version of the host.  However, looking like Tyra doesn‘t mean you‘re going to get jobs like Tyra.  "I do continue to work on my portfolio and go to photo shoots," she tells BuddyTV.  "I did a fashion show recently in Chicago with Sarah (VanderHaar) and I‘m planning on moving out there in November."  Provost plans to focus on the goal she‘s always had her sights set on: becoming a professional model.  Other contestants have their eyes set on bigger things. Read more »
High fashion magazines are still – in 2007, no less – being criticized for not accurately representing the true racial and ethnic diversity and age range of their readers‘ population. And although many would argue modeling just requires a certain body type, much like certain sports or dance, there are still the critiques who contend the homogeneous super-skinny look favored by editorial fashion is a restrictive idea of beauty.On television, though, since Tyra Banks introduced the hit series America‘s Next Top Model, it‘s getting to the point that you can‘t swing a hair dryer without hitting yet another modeling show, including some that seek to portray a different look than the one featured in Vogue or Elle. Now, as seems to happen every few weeks lately, there is yet another new modeling show in the works with another slice of the demographic pie represented. Read more »
It‘s no secret: America‘s Next Top Model is a fast-track to a fame of sorts, but for many, it‘s mainly the fame of being known as “that girl from America‘s Next Top Model.” It‘s debatable if it helps in the slightest with an actual modeling career, and as some former contestants recently told us here at BuddyTV, some of the modelettes actually think it‘s a hindrance to starting a solid high-fashion modeling career.But if Jaslene Gonzalez wasn‘t going to let not getting cast for Cycle 7 stop her from coming back to win Cycle 8, one can suspect she‘s not going to let her America‘s Next Top Model fame impede her progress to actually become a working model. She is, after all, the Cha Cha Diva.And a recent appearance shows she might just be making headway into the edgier side of fashion that gives young models and designers the kind of credibility that can help offset the reality television experience. We‘ve got news on that sighting, and as an extra-added bonus, we also have images from her Elite Model show card. Read more »
Premiere Date and Time: Wednesday, September 19, 8pmNetwork: The CWTime Slot Competition: Pushing Daisies, Deal or No Deal, Kid Nation, Back To You and ‘Til DeathHost: Tyra Banks Read more »
It‘s been quite a few years since the country was first introduced to a new reality show on UPN starring Tyra Banks.  America‘s Next Top Model was on a mission to find the world‘s next undiscovered supermodel.   After the finale aired in July of 2003, the show reached its goal and winner Adrianne Curry became a household name.  Many changes have been made since the first cycle, but let‘s look back at how this megahit began.  Cycle 1 of America‘s Next Top Model featured 10 finalists who competed for a contract with Revlon, representation by Wilhemina Models, and a spread in Marie Claire magazine.  Tyra brought in experts to help her judge the contestants including Janice Dickinson and Kimora Lee Simmons.  Casting was perfect as the women were not only beautiful and talented, but brought something every reality tv show needs: drama. Read more »
Jaslene Gonzalez‘s appearance in the GenArts Fashion Show last week was an interesting development for fans of both high fashion and America‘s Next Top Model. But she wasn‘t the only America‘s Next Top Model sighting from the many New York City events.Mama Tyra Banks was on hand, of course. Now that New York City is the new home for her talk show this season, it‘s only fitting that she would be sure to put in several appearances. This photo is from the Fashion Rocks events, where Tyra rocked the currently hot but tough-to-pull-off bootie look. Do you think she succeeded?She also appeared at a peripheral Fashion Week event, the opening of the Just Cavalli flagship store, an event attended by another face quite familiar to America‘s Next Top Model fans. Read more »
When cycle 2 of America‘s Next Top Model premiered in 2004, it was clear the show was here to stay.  Tyra made some changes to the show, getting rid of Kimora Lee Simmons and Beau Quillian as judges and bringing in Eric Nicholson and Nigel Barker, a fashion photographer who remains on the show to this day.  Janice Dickinson unfortunately would be sticking around for a little more time.  In cycle 2, the girls competed for a contract with IMG Models, a fashion spread in Jane magazine, and a cosmetics campaign with Sephora.The show got off to a dramatic start, when the models‘ first shoot was in the nude.  Model Anna Bradfield refused to pose as went down as the first person eliminated.  Don‘t these girls know they‘re going to have to pose naked at some point?  Read more »
America‘s Next Top Model returned for a new season in September of 2004, bringing lots of changes to the hit show.  The show featured a semi-final round in the first episode, where 34 girls were eliminated to a final 14.  The models competed for a $100,000 contract with Cover Girl cosmetics, representation with Ford Models, and a fashion spread in Elle magazine. Cycle 3 became one of Top Model‘s most popular seasons in the history of the show and winner, Eva Pigford, is one of the show‘s most memorable contestants.  Let‘s take a look back at cycle 3 of America‘s Next Top Model to reflect on the good, the bad, and the ugly moments.Memorable cast members from cycle 3 included Amanda Swafford, who would lose her vision by the time she was 30.  Plus-size model Toccara Jones was also a standout, and has had much success since the show, modeling for Target, New York and Company, and appearing in Vibe and Essence magazines.  YaYa DaCosta is also a model that fans remember, though would rather think of her beautiful pictures as opposed to her less than stellar attitude. Read more »
Cycle 4 of America‘s Next Top Model gave us some of the most memorable contestants and moments in the show‘s history.  The season remains, to this day, a fan favorite.  Janice Dickinson was still hanging around, judging, and being very "Janice".  Nigel Barker also stayed on to judge along with Nole Marin, who appeared the prior season as well.  The show moved from Los Angeles to New York City and the girls who made it far in the competition were sent to South Africa for the international destination.  From Rebecca‘s faint to Tyra‘s meltdown, let‘s take a look back at the cycle that went down as one of the best in Top Model history. Read more »
In cycle 5 of America‘s Next Top Model, some changes were made that only benefited the show in the long run.  Fashion icon Twiggy replaced Janice Dickinson on the judging panel, bringing her tactful but honest style of critique.  Nole Marin was replaced by J. Alexander who provided extensive knowledge on the perfect runway walk and has also given us many memorable moments over the years.  The winner in cycle 5, Nicole Linkletter, received a contract with Cover Girl, representation with Ford Models, a fashion spread in Elle magazine, and the cover of ElleGirl magazine for her prize.If not for a kiss between two girls and a fight over a granola bar, this season may be entirely overlooked.  When compared to other cycles, this is not one of the standouts.  Let‘s look back at the models, the pictures, and the drama that made cycle 5 of America‘s Next Top Model. Read more »
The theme for cycle 6 of America‘s Next Top Model was "Fairy Tales Come True".  Such was the case for Danielle Evans, who seemed like a long shot to win.  The judges were convinced that though she looked like a model, she couldn‘t talk like one but Danielle proved everyone wrong.  She took home the $100,000 Cover Girl contract, appeared in Elle magazine, and won representation with Ford Models.  The judging panel, which remains the same to this day, was made up of Twiggy, J. Alexander, Nigel Barker, and of course, Miss Tyra herself.  The season gave us many interesting contestants from a Hurricane Katrina victim to a true diva.  Let‘s take a look back at cycle 7 at the most memorable models and moments. Read more »
Tyra Banks, creator of America‘s Next Top Model, has spoken in the past about her rivalry with Naomi Campbell. That was the time of the Supermodel, and many big personalities all jostling for position in the modeling world. However, the opportunities for black models were more limited, so Tyra and Naomi were in more direct competition with each other than with the some of the other top models.And Tyra‘s former rival would say that not a whole lot has changed despite the passage of time.  Campbell recently spoke out on the topic, telling Kenyan journalists that, "Black models are being sidelined by major modelling agencies.” She went on to say, "It‘s a pity that people don‘t appreciate black beauty."The limited number of black and Asian models on the runways of the recent Fashion Week in New York might have shown evidence of her claim. America‘s Next Top Model runway coach J. Alexander says their low numbers are no accident. Read more »
Cycle 7 of America‘s Next Top Model gave us memorable contestants and an unexpected winner.  Off camera, CariDee English leaned on the unfocused, outspoken side.  On camera, she was focused, creative, and cooperative.  The contestants who made it far in the game were sent to Barcelona on their international trip.  They competed for representation with Elite Model Management, a cover and story with Seventeen magazine, and of course the Cover Girl contract.On this season, viewers were introduced to Jaslene Gonzalez who ended up being cut in the first episode in the semi-final round, only to return in cycle 8 and win the whole thing.  From twins who seemed like unlikely models to Melrose the diva, here‘s a look back at cycle 7 of America‘s Next Top Model. Read more »
This year‘s cycle 8 of America‘s Next Top Model brought us the first Latina winner, Jaslene Gonzalez.  We first met Jaslene a season earlier, when she was cut in the semi-final round.  She vowed to come and try out again, proving that determination really does pay off.  The season was extremely popular and its finale broke ratings records for both the show and the CW network.Cycle 8 was also the first time Tyra brought in two plus size models to compete in the finals, Whitney Cunningham and Diana Zalewski.  From getting throw into a pool by 50 Cent to having a screaming meltdown in Australia, cycle 8 rarely had a dull moment.  Here‘s a look back at some of best moments from cycle 8 of America‘s Next Top Model. Read more »
NBC is turning its Tuesday night programming upside down by putting The Singing Bee on first at 8pm, followed by a 90-minute episode of The Biggest Loser on at 8:30pm.The Biggest Loser, which began its fourth season on September 11, will have two two-hour episodes beginning at 8pm on September 18 and 25. The following week, The Singing Bee will premiere on Tuesday, October 2 at 8pm. Read more »
Tomorrow night, a new season of America‘s Next Top Model will kick off on the CW network.  The show debuts in its regular time slot, Wednesdays at 8/7c.  Tyra is back along with judges Twiggy, Nigel Barker, and J. Alexander.  The winner will receive a $100,000 contract with Cover Girl, representation with Elite Model Management, and a cover and six-page fashion spread with Seventeen magazine.On the premiere episode, 33 semi-finalists will compete to win a coveted spot in the Los Angeles mansion the models will call home for the season.  Twenty girls will be cut, leaving 13 to compete.  Also, cycle 8 winner Jaslene Gonzalez will be making an appearance on the episode.  Those who make it to the end will be traveling to Beijing, China for their international destination. Read more »
Over the past eight days, we‘ve rewound through the past eight cycles of America‘s Next Top Model and taken a look back at the winners of each cycle.As each season airs, it‘s easy to get caught up in the drama, the personalities and the story arcs created by editors. The person we want to win America‘s Next Top Model might not be the person with the strongest abilities, but rather the modelette who has charmed us most and therefore seems most deserving of the title.Looking back over the winners after time has passed, though, it‘s a little easier to assess them with a critical eye. So that‘s what we are going to do. I‘m going to rate the eight winners on a ten-point scale in four categories, and assign an overall average score. ANTM is ESPN for the fashion-obsessed; it‘s time this sport got some stats.That‘s right people: it‘s a model-off! Read more »
Today we are wrapping up our model-off between the eight winners of the first eight cycles of America’s Next Top Model.Once again, for this little exercise, there are four categories – Editorial, Commercial, Height (with two points per inch deducted for each inch outside the typical range of 5’9” to 5’11”), and Runway.  There are ten points possible in each category and the four scores are averaged. For the rankings, I reviewed all of the winner’s America’s Next Top Model photos, as well as their finale runway walk and most of the runway challenges. Read more »
It never gets old and it‘s time for a new cycle of America‘s Next Top Model.  Since I live with all men (my son and my husband), I force them to sit and watch this with me.  This makes up for countless hours of Spongebob Squarepants and ESPN.  I‘m sure my fellow ladies will understand where I‘m coming from.  Sometimes, you just need a little girl time.  There‘s no better show for that than Top Model.  Tonight, the girls will be whittled down from 33 to just 13 finalists.  Let‘s get started!The show kicks off showing past models from previous cycles asking the question: What makes a beautiful model?  Footage is show of Tyra calling the semi-finalists herself to tell them they‘ve advanced in the competition.  The girls will head to the Caribbean to finish the casting. Read more »
A new cycle of America‘s Next Top Model kicked off tonight with an episode that narrowed down 33 girls down to 13 finalists.  The girls were called personally by Tyra, who hand picked them for the semi finals, to let them know that they had made it.  They traveled to the Caribbean where they boarded a cruise ship to begin the competition.  J. Alexander, runway expert, gave the girls some tips on their walk.The models gathered in a room where they were surprised by Tyra who appeared on stage in a showgirl outfit singing with backup dancers.  Of course, the models went crazy, since it was the first time they got to see Tyra in person.  The girls would get the opportunity to be seen by Tyra, J. Alexander, and Jay Manuel and they would also competed in a photo shoot to help determine the final 13. Read more »
Normally on Thursdays, we will be posting the Best and Worst Photos of the previous night‘s America‘s Next Top Model. It‘s an exercise in which I attempt to put years of pouring over Vogue, Elle, W and other glossy fashion mags to good use by reviewing the results of the shoots and assessing the strength of the photos.However, so far, no additional photos are available for the 13 girls selected last night other than the original profile shots, which I‘ve pretty much already picked over in the three-part Judging by Appearances columns.So I am left today to judge the girls on something else entirely: their personality.  I‘m a little rusty judging America‘s Next Top Model modelettes on anything but completely superficial criteria; I hope I don‘t strain anything. Read more »
This past Wednesday‘s America‘s Next Top Model premiere gave us our first insight into the personalities that go along with the photos of our new batch of modelettes. And of course, a crop of polite, humble and sweet-natured girls would make for tediously boring television, so a few of those girls came across as…well, to put it charitably, a little something other than polite, humble and sweet-natured.One of those girls was Jenah Doucette, whose comments, including that the other girls were “terrified” of her, came across as arrogant to many viewers. However, we don‘t ever really know what a person might be like away from the cameras, and how what we might think of them away from the interference of an editor aiming to shape them into a reality show character. Some folks from Jenah‘s hometown think you might not think the same of her if you met her in person. Read more »
On last week‘s episode of America‘s Next Top Model, Tyra and her fellow judges narrowed down the field from 33 semi-finalists to 13 finalists.  The girls were given a chance to make a first impression by having some one-on-one time with the judges, sharing their stories and modeling bikinis.  The girls also received a lesson in runway as well as participated in a photo shoot.  Twenty girls were cut afterwards and sent home while the remaining girls moved on in the competition.  Tonight, the competition really heats up and I‘m here live through the hour with live thoughts. Read more »
On last night‘s episode of America‘s Next Top Model, the girls found out that their season would be more than just taking pretty pictures.  Tyra and her crew were looking to make some statements this season, starting with the contestants "going green".  They models would be riding around all season in an environmentally sound limo bus, complete with recycled material on the interior.The girls arrive at the house they‘ll be sharing this season and immediately start bonding, with the exception of Heather.  Even after learning she has Asperger syndrome, they are not any more understanding or welcoming.  They alienate her and call her "weird".  This prompts Heather to call home, crying that she feels like she doesn‘t fit in. Read more »
With our first themed photo shoot of cycle 9 of America‘s Next Top Model, it‘s time to start really seeing what the new group of modelettes are really made of. It‘s fun every single time to see a girl transformed; even after watching an entire season with Jaslene, it was still interesting to me to see the new shots of her plastered on the walls of the new America‘s Next Top Model house, and see how our little Jaslene continues to bring an editorial edge to her photos. She was one of the contestants from last cycle who was the biggest surprise in her first photo shoot. When the panel saw her fierce Death Penalty photo, they realized there was a lot more to this girl than just her “tried out for cycle 7 and was rejected” story.So which of these new girls underwent a similar transformation in her first major shoot? And which girl fell flat? I‘ve got my picks…are they yours? Read more »
20-year-old Mila Bosonowa didn‘t necessarily grow up wanting to be a model.  Signed at the age of 15, she tried it out and then, took a break from it.  When cycle 9 of America‘s Next Top Model auditions came around, she decided to audition and made it into the final 13.  While some of the judges were unsure of her modeling capabilities, Tyra stuck up for her, feeling she deserved to be there.  Mila became the first to be eliminated after her performance in the anti-smoking photo shoot.  When she was supposed to be portraying someone who had gone through chemotherapy, she couldn‘t seem to stop laughing.  During judging, Tyra and the others felt she just didn‘t absorb what they said and she was eliminated.  This week, Mila took the time to talk to BuddyTV about her time on Top Model and spoke out about the case of the giggles that sent her home.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Yesterday, we reviewed four of the modelettes recently announced as the 13 finalists for America‘s Next Top Model cycle 9. We got out the calipers and measured their facial features for symmetry…oh, who are we kidding, we just looked at their solo and group photos. We‘re trying to figure out: which girl looks likely to cause Jay Manuel to roll his eyes with exasperation and sigh “Last frame!” during her shoot as she struggles to “put a thought in her head” (as he loves to say)? And which girl seems likely to inspire Jay to run around trying to incite envy in the other modelettes with his breathless report about how great she was in front of the camera?Today, it‘s the next group of four to pass under our merciless scrutiny. Click through and see if you agree! Read more »
Okay, so it‘s an unforgivable pun of a title, but what else can you say when you learn that Tyra Banks has landed on the list of highest-paid TV celebrities as compiled by Forbes magazine?Tyra made it into the list in the twelfth spot, having brought in $18 million from America‘s Next Top Model and The Tyra Banks Show. This feat is impressive not only for the fact that America‘s Next Top Model premiered less than five years ago, but also since, at 33, she is the second youngest member of the list. Only Ryan Seacrest, who landed at number 16 with $14 million, is younger, but only by one year.However, perhaps the most impressive entry on the list? The television star who came in second, but whose show hasn‘t even been on the air in nine years! Read more »
It isn‘t easy being Tyra Banks. Or Nigel Barker or Miss J. Alexander or Twiggy, the other judges on America‘s Next Top Model. It‘s not easy to look at the “beautiful girls who stand before” her and decide which one "must immediately return to the house, pack her belongings and go home.”I understand Tyra‘s pain because I have now lived through it. It‘s one thing for me to make weekly picks for Best and Worst Photos; it‘s specific and limited. But to look at the whole package and try to determine which girl has the right look, personality and skills to continue in hopes of becoming America‘s Next Top Model? It‘s deceptively difficult. Read more »
On last week‘s episode of America‘s Next Top Model, the models move into their mansion and Heather feels isolated from the rest of the girls.  The girls compete to put together an outfit from Old Navy for judging.  For their photo shoot, the girls do a before/after picture of the effects of smoking.  Mila was eliminated for laughing during her shoot as well as the judges‘ opinion that she didn‘t absorb their constructive criticism.Who will be the next to go?  I‘ll be here through the hour with live thoughts and feel free to post your thoughts, too! Read more »
It‘s our second week, and our second chance to see our new crop of modelettes on America‘s Next Top Model in action in the photo shoots. Once again, it‘s a surprisingly solid showing from the group overall, but it‘s not the point of this particular article to pat everyone on the back and tell them they did a good job. Nope, we have to pick some favorites and then we have to shake our heads disapprovingly at others as we determine the Best and Worst photos of this week.Now keep in mind that this assessment is based solely on the photo, not the personality of the girl. We‘re not interested in the total package for this review, just the packaging itself. Sometimes the girl that is the least likable can take the best photographs…although that clearly wasn‘t the case this week. Read more »
20 year old Kimberly Leemans always knew she wanted to be a model.  Growing up, her dad constantly took pictures of her and she got used to being in front of the camera.  A fan of America‘s Next Top Model, she tried out last season but got cut almost immediately.  This year, it‘s a different story and Kimberly was chosen as a semi-finalist by Miss Tyra herself.  The Florida native was sent home early, the second to be eliminated, and feels she was robbed.  Today, Kimberly talked to BuddyTV about the smoking ban, the drama, and being left on her own in photo shoots.  Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Although her season ended months ago, and we are well on our way to an interesting new cycle, Jaslene Gonzalez‘s BuddyTV Profile continues to be one of the most commented-on of all the America‘s Next Top Model profiles. Jaslene is still a source of fascination for many America‘s Next Top Model fans. So what has she been up to? For one thing, she‘s got a gorgeous new crop of photos in her America‘s Next Top Model portfolio. Read more »
So BuddyTV readers sure do know their America‘s Next Top Model!Last week, most people who responded to our poll as to who they thought should leave picked Kimberly, who was, in fact the modelette sent home. Since then, there has been one girl who has been getting quite a bit of negative attention from commenters, and so she might be the obvious pick for this week…but I‘m not so sure. Read more »
Nobody loves a good makeover episode more than me.  Someone is always crying or whining about their new look.  I‘m sure her extensions hurt, but if I had to hear Brittany cry one more time last year about it, I was going to lose it.  Tonight on America‘s Next Top Model, someone goes bald and I can‘t imagine what her reaction will be.  Nobody here seems like a Nnenna or a Jade, somebody comfortable enough to rock short, short hair ... or no hair!  Let‘s find out who it is.  I‘m here for the next hour doing live thoughts so comment away! Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of America‘s Next Top Model, the girls get their makeovers as decided by Tyra.  One girl is left with no choice but to go bald after her makeover goes wrong.  The models compete in a Cover Girl makeup challenge.  For the photo shoot, the girls depict flowers, weeds, and moss.When the models find out they are getting makeovers, most are excited while some are nervous.  What looks will Tyra choose for them this year?  She had a screen to show them, with a picture of what they look like now which then morphed into their new look that they would be getting. Read more »
It‘s time for this week‘s picks for best and worst photo from last night‘s episode of America‘s Next Top Model.  But before I can get into any assessment of the photos, I am shedding a tear for departing modelette Victoria. Sure, she inexplicably had it out for Twiggy, and sure, if she mentioned Yale, called herself a “nerd” with self-satisfaction rather self-deprecation, or acted as though all things fashion were beneath her one more time, I was going to throw a shoe at the television. But I‘m a sucker for an unusual face and I thought her photos were interesting, so I was blinded to the possibility she could leave; I didn‘t even include her in my Tuesday list of "Who Should Go?”  So goodbye Victoria! I‘m sure it was a relief for you to not have to participate in such shallow and trivial pursuits any longer, but those of us who live for shallow and trivial pursuits will miss you nonetheless!Now onto the photo shoot… Read more »
This week on America‘s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks chose to eliminate Yale student Victoria Marshman.  She didn‘t grow up wanting to be a model like the other girls but loved her time on the show.  The judges felt she was abrasive, inquisitive, and self conscious but she debated all of them when they gave her constructive criticism.  Most of her battles were fought with Twiggy.  For three episodes in a row, she talked back every time Twiggy addressed.  Her demeanor combined with a subpar photo this week ended up being her undoing.  Victoria swears she had no issue with Twiggy, loves the girls she met on the show, and would continue modeling if given the right opportunity.  Today, she took the time to talk to BuddyTV about those things and more!Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 to October 15, covering the dates of independence of several Central and South American countries. To commemorate the event, the Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority and Office of Hispanic/Latino Student Affairs of Northwestern University invited the "Cha-Cha Diva" and America‘s Next Top Model cycle 8 winner Jaslene Gonzalez to speak.Sorority Vice President Jessica Lozada said they invited Jaslene “to speak about her journey, but also more about her identity as a Latina on television." Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of America‘s Next Top Model, the girls get a crazy lesson on their runway walk.  Bianca makes another enemy in the house.  For their challenge, one girl wins a trip to Paris to walk in a couture fashion show.  The models go rock climbing for their photo shoot and another model is eliminated.The girls seemed to be more open to Heather this week and many helped by giving her a makeover and choosing outfits for her, while at the mansion, waiting for their next Tyra mail.  They head to meet with Miss J. Alexander, who has them practice their runway walk while wearing straitjackets.  Saleisha and Janet both did very well while others struggled. Read more »
America‘s Next Top Model, like life, isn‘t always fair. If it were, then many people would agree: Bianca should have gone home. Over 40% of the responders to our poll last week thought so.I wasn‘t gunning for Bianca, but I, too, was blinded by emotion and did not see – or did not want to see – the Victoria elimination coming. So what about this week?I think we need to split this question into two parts. Who could go home and who should go home? Because the two questions might have different answers.So who could go home? Let‘s try to figure it out, shall we? Read more »
Tonight, the models are pushed to be more creative in their photo shoots, using everything from trampolines to figure skating.  When they take pictures on top of a building, one model breaks down because she is afraid of heights.  Now, you can‘t really be on America‘s Next Top Model and not expect to be up high, up close with an animal, or naked at some point.  Still, we‘ll find out if she makes it through the night.  And, I heard cycle 6 winner Danielle will appear on tonight‘s episode!  I‘ll be here throughout the hour with live thoughts so keep refreshing, get your updates, and post your thoughts too! Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of America‘s Next Top Model, the girls received lessons in creative posing which came in handy at their gargoyle photo shoot on top of a building.  The claws came out when the girls became jealous of someone.  Cycle 6 winner Danielle Evans lent a helping hand for a competition.The girls met up with Benny Ninja, the expert, who taught them how to pose creatively while jumping on a trampoline.  Though Heather struggled the most, many of the girls fell and were very awkward.  Ambreal and Saleisha stand out, showing tremendous agility and creativity. Read more »
This week on America‘s Next Top Model, the girls were challenged to become “Fashion Gargoyles,” perched on a platform on top of the Omni Hotel in Los Angeles. This week also saw house “mom” Janet going home. I‘m not terribly surprised based on the episodes we‘d seen before, but no doubt she was missed by the girls in the house, and viewers who liked her unusual and gorgeous look. Best of luck to Janet post-America‘s Next Top Model!Now, onto this week‘s photos! Read more »
America‘s Next Top Model spends a lot of time focusing on the beauty of the young women on the show. But for many of the straight women and gay men at home, there‘s an even more gorgeous creature sitting behind the judges‘ table. No, Tyra Banks, sit down, actually we‘re talking about Nigel Barker.Former model, current “noted fashion photographer,” and all-around hottie Nigel Barker provides a calm but forceful presence at the panel, and is usually one of the most direct in telling a girl when her personality is not impressing judges. He comes to the role with years of experience in the fashion industry, again, both in front of and behind the camera. What some might not know is that Nigel himself once competed to be a “Top Model” Read more »
Once a week, we all come together to make a careful perusal of the performances the previous week in order to try to decipher which model we think Tyra will be booting off America‘s Next Top Model this week.There are some who pick based on emotion (i.e., the recent hatred of Bianca and the picks that went along with it), some whom claim the editing tells the story in the first few minutes or at panel itself, some who check their tea leaves for the answer.Me, I‘m just going to keep it simple this week: Ambreal. Read more »
As I sit here staring at the title of tonight‘s episode, I can‘t imagine what significance a mango could have to make its way into the title itself.  Perhaps America‘s Next Top Model knows something I don‘t.  We‘ll see as the episode goes on.  Tonight, hottie model Tyson Beckford gives the ladies a lesson on being a spokesperson which they‘ll put to good use when they film PSAs.  It‘s more PC events on tonight‘s episode and I‘m here with live thoughts so keep refreshing and post your thoughts as well!  Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of America‘s Next Top Model, Tyson Beckford and Mary J. Blige made special appearances.  The girls worked as teams to create a PSA for an AIDS organization.  For their photo shoot, the girls were dressed to represent recyclable materials.  One model shocks everyone when she decides to quit and go home.At the mansion, the girls are shocked when model/actor Tyson Beckford pays them a visit to give them some lessons in presentation.  He asks the girls to sell him something from their kitchen and all use their feminine ways while making their pitch.  When Ambreal tries to sell Tyson a mango, he takes a bite right out of it which she happily holds on to the rest of the time he‘s there! Read more »
Overall, my reaction to this week‘s photos: eh.  The photo I liked best I really liked, but most of the others - to me - just seemed kind of lackluster.But maybe it‘s me.  Maybe I‘m just not trying hard enough.  I might be a quitter, the "most unattractive thing" to Tyra, as we learned in her "get out of here" speech to Ebony on this week‘s episode of America‘s Next Top Model. Read more »
On this week‘s America‘s Next Top Model, Ebony surprised everyone when she decided to drop out of the competition.  She ended up in the bottom two with Ambreal and Tyra actually decided to keep Ebony in the competition.  However, after weeks of being criticized in panel and being labeled as a diva, Ebony decided that the show wasn‘t for her and left.  Today, she spoke to BuddyTV about how she was never prepared for reality television and lets us know whether or not she wants to continue with modeling.  Letting us know her true feelings on every subject from Bianca to Mr. Jay, here is the interview with the woman who walked away from America‘s Next Top Model. Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
This was certainly an interesting week for reality television.  On Monday, Hillary lost her mind when Brad eliminated her on The Bachelor.  Tuesday, Neil pulled one of the dirtiest moves in The Biggest Loser history.  Wednesday, Ebony decided she‘d had enough and quit America‘s Next Top Model and on Thursday, it seems the only way players can get ahead in Survivor: China is to throw challenges!  Remember the good old days, before people figured out how to manipulate the reality tv system for more camera time or a leg up in the game?  Let‘s take a look back at this despicable week of reality television. Read more »
This week‘s episode of America‘s Next Top Model reiterated a key point about that show. As Ebony learned when she quit the competition: don‘t look a gift Tyra Banks in the mouth or risk her scorn. Adrianne Curry learned this lesson when her vocal complaints about her feelings of not being supported after her win made her persona non grata in the current America‘s Next Top Model universe. The photos and clips included in ANTM houses and on the opening credits no longer include the first cycle winner.While Tyra might have successfully wiped Adrianne‘s presence from America‘s Next Top Model, she can‘t keep her off the air entirely, and the former winner is about to star in another TV special. Read more »
(Oops - yes, folks, we did jump the gun this week and there was no elimination in the season recap episode.  Consider us ahead for next week!  I think Tyra just wanted to give me one more week of being wrong in this column!)Okay, fine, I‘ll say it again: Ambreal.  I want credit!  Last week, Ambreal was my pick for the girl most likely to go home on America‘s Next Top Model.  Despite the regal beauty that the panel admired, and her generally appealing disposition, she just did not seem likely to move forward in the competition.And she wouldn‘t have - it wasn‘t her photo pulled at the last minute, but Ebony stepping down saved her in the competition.  But I still feel like I should get some kind of point for that pick.  Maybe a point with an asterisk and a footnote.  Or a half point.  Therefore, I‘m putting her back on the list because if the judges weren‘t seeing potential in her before, she‘s going to have to pull off some kind of superhuman supermodel shot to wow them enough now. Read more »