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Tonight, Tyra Banks will present her controversial and confusing 19th cycle of America‘s Next Top Model to the few of us who may still care, or at least want to see what all the fuss is over. ANTM has, undoubtedly, become a cultural phenomenon during its nine years on-air, acquiring fans both stateside and abroad with adaptations in numerous countries that I will forgo attempting to spell correctly let alone pronounce. So why change it all up now? Why kick beloved judges Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel and Miss J to the curb, making room for the opinionated Kelly Cutrone? Tyra has been around the block for years, so let‘s give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she must know what she‘s doing, right? Read more »
Tyra and her newly assembled posse of fashion faux paux have slimmed the numbers down to just 13 models for this College Edition of America‘s Next Top Model. So does this mean that the contestants will succumb to tiny plaid skirts and receive a pop on the hand via ruler for every bad walk down the runway or unflattering pose in front of the camera? Let‘s hope Tyra Banks has more in store for us than that! Otherwise, we may be in for one drag of a season.Tonight, one couldn‘t be further from the classroom as the models pose as taxidermy. Wait, what?! Gorgeous, aspiring models pose as deceased and stuffed animals for the sake of fashion. Alright, we‘ll take it for what it‘s worth. 90210 star Shenae Grimes makes an appearance to help direct the photo shoot.  Read more »
School is in session and the pressure is on as Tyra Banks and crew test young hopefuls on the impressive 19th season of America‘s Next Top Model: College Edition. Thanks to Tyra, male supermodel Rob Evans, fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone and you, America, the first model has seen her last of very few days in the Sorority House. Knowing the show‘s history for the outside-the-norm models who usually excel in the competition, this particular elimination comes as a shocker. Jessie Rabideau wowed us in her tryout with her quirky personality and impressive junk-in-the-trunk. While her backside gave her much promise, standing apart from the other 12 contestants, Jessie received the lowest number of points towards her first week‘s grade. A shoe-in to be around for awhile, Jessie had the support of her fellow models and viewers as she struggled to strike a "smize" during the taxidermy shoot. Seeing as how this is the College Edition, it‘s only fitting to give our eliminated models a "final exam," if you will, sharing their reflections of their time spent on the show. I would like to thank Jessie for lending her time to answer a few questions. See what she had to say! Read more »
It‘s makeover week on America‘s Next Top Model: College Edition! Tonight, the 12 remaining girls of Tyra‘s sorority house will be treated to a trip to the salon. This isn‘t just any makeover episode, though. For the first time in Top Model history, the models will be allowed to opt out of their makeovers. We have already seen footage in the promo of Harvard grad Maria quickly voicing her enthusiasm to less-than-graciously bow out of being primped and pampered. Will this effect her performance during the nude photo shoot alongside Rob Evans and guest photographer Tony Duran?   Read more »
Last Friday, the competition kicked into high fashion gear on America‘s Next Top Model: College Edition. The girls were given the opportunity to accept or deny their makeovers. Maria Tucker of Harvard University opted out and ultimately left the show. With another model gone, the question on everyone‘s mind was, "Will someone be eliminated?" Unfortunately, yes and that someone was Darian Ellis of LSU.Sure, Darian may have been somewhat swept under the drama radar, keeping her less talked about versus other models, but her eyes were steadily focused on the ultimate prize of model swag. She expresses, "I didn‘t try to be someone I‘m not," and anyone could easily see that. With a strong walk and signature pouty lips, Darian shed her braids and left a mark on this wild and wacky Top Model cycle.I had the opportunity to give Darian a "final exam" interview, following her stint on the show. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insight with us! Read more »
Jael Strauss was once a beautiful 22-year-old finalist on cycle eight of America‘s Next Top Model, yet to see her now, one would never guess her aspirations of one day walking a runway. From an addiction to meth, and other drugs, Jael, now 28, has developed scars and rotted teeth. Jael‘s family has reached out to Dr. Phil, pleading for an intervention before there is no turning back."Do the drugs get her and take her life, or do we get her and save her life?" asks Dr. Phil McGraw in the teaser for today‘s episode of Dr. Phil. As Jael enters the studio and notices all the people, she bolts and escapes to the parking lot in tears. How did such a promising talent succumb to drugs?  Read more »
Attention, fans! Tonight‘s episode of America‘s Next Top Model: College Edition will feature top box office director Tyler Perry. If you will, please direct your attention to the syllabus. Tyra, Tyler and the crew will challenge the remaining 10 models to display their inner actresses on the streets of Los Angeles. This lesson will be taken into the photo shoot with guest photographer Ricky Middelsworth. Their extracurricular activity will find them in the middle of the apocalypse. Yes, our models are to become the walking dead as zombies take over the set. Pay attention, everyone, because you will be asked to leave your comments below!  Read more »
Last Friday on America‘s Next Top Model, Tyra brought the dead to the land of the living by way of a zombie photo shoot. As the model with the most life out of the other zombies, Destiny tearfully made her way out of the competition. Claiming the identity as more of a "Bambi" than a "Barbie," Destiny‘s unique look will be missed on the show.From the very beginning, Destiny was very open with America and her fans. We were welcomed into her life as she explained her home situation, dealing with hardships and stressing the urgency of needing the title of America‘s Next Top Model. So, now that she‘s been eliminated, what‘s in store for Destiny?I was given the chance to ask Destiny some "final exam" questions after seeing her progression on the show. I would like to take this time to thank her for her generous answers.  Read more »
This season of America‘s Next Top Model: College Edition is out with the old and in with the new numerical scoring system. Sure, Tyra‘s acknowledgement of the show‘s fans and their input is kind and thoughtful, yet models such as recent cast-off Leila Goldkuhl are suffering. Leila proved herself to be a strong competitor right off the bat with her striking photos. So how is it that she found herself in the bottom two or even eliminated? This is all thanks to the neglect of overall cycle progression and focus on week-to-week performance. Luckily, Leila was kind enough to complete a "final exam" and share her thoughts on these newly implemented rules. Thank you for your time, Leila!  Read more »
TGIF, smizers! The modeling world meets that of video games in tonight‘s episode of America‘s Next Top Model: College Edition. With many video games dropping before the holiday season, I suppose this challenge is relevant enough. The remaining eight models are asked to jump into a virtual world.After playing heroines, guest photographer Mike Ruiz welcomes the models into a setting where the Victorian era meets industrialization. One model in particular fails to leave her new-found video game strength behind, and Bryanboy is caught in the crossfire.  Read more »
Tonight, America‘s Next Top Model: College Edition gathers some guidance from two very influential ladies. Move over, Tyra! Grammy Award-winning songstress Alicia Keys and fashion designer Mara Hoffman lend their best words of advice for the remaining nine models.Keeping with the whole "girl power" thing, guest photographer Sarah Silver will stand behind the lens as the girls suit up for cheer practice. Yes, the models will be hoisted up in the air for this cheerleader photo shoot. Who will soar high and who will come tumbling down?  Read more »
America‘s Next Top Model: College Edition is all new this week, and the remaining seven contestants are taking a less fashionable turn. Until this point in the competition, the models have been facing the camera with their most glamorous foot forward. Well, throw the beauty out the window because tonight, Tyra wants her girls to get dirty.The models are going on a road trip, stopping along the way to take photos of themselves doing "random acts of modeling." Once at their destination, there will be no time for rest and relaxation. Now the girls have to get their hands dirty in some compromising shots. Which model can find the diamond in the rough?  Read more »
Unfortunately, there won‘t be a new episode of America‘s Next Top Model: College Edition this Friday, but that doesn‘t mean we have to sit and twiddle our thumbs. Last Friday, Tyra tearfully said goodbye to Allyssa Vuelma, the curvacious hopeful who survived after licking soda from a disgusting kitchen floor.Tyra may not have made a huge scene for a model she was rooting for as she‘s done in the past, but this one was definitely a moving parting. Allyssa represented those women who aren‘t stick skinny, those who don‘t own the typical model look. She embraces her curves and hopes to help pave the way for up and coming Brazilian models. I was given the opportunity to present Allyssa with a ‘final exam‘ interview, asking about her time on the show. Thank you for your time and insight!  Read more »
America‘s Next Top Model has officially been renewed for its 20th season, but there are two big twists. The show will air in the summer instead of the spring, and for the first time, it will feature male contestants.  Read more »
America‘s Next Top Model: College Edition is back with an all new episode. Two weeks ago, the models were subjected to compromising positions as they dirtied up for a random acts photo shoot. Allyssa may have licked a kitchen floor, claiming the worst of the scenarios, yet she lost her spot in the race towards becoming the next to hold the title.Tonight is go-see night! The models scurry up and down the streets, hopping from agency to agency, adding to their portfolios  From here, it‘s off to the jailhouse. Tyra sends the girls behind bars for their photo shoot with guest photographer Mark "The Cobra Snake" Hunter. Plus, the results are in and one lucky cast-off model is welcomed back into the competition.  Read more »
Last week‘s major cliffhanger left fans screaming, "Who‘s coming back into the competition, Tyra?!" Okay, maybe it isn‘t quite that serious, but we still want to know. Tonight on America‘s Next Top Model: College Edition, Tyra welcomes back an eliminated model. This lucky lady will join the other hopefuls on a trip to Jamaica. Here, the girls will learn how to move and shake their bodies.  Read more »
She was the "Disney Girl" turned redheaded bombshell with "legs for days" on this cycle of America‘s Next Top Model: College Edition. After witnessing her personal struggle to achieve Best Photo each week, audiences waved goodbye to Brittany Brown twice in the last two weeks! Yes, Brittany was first eliminated after falling into the bottom two with Victoria then Tyra welcomed back the previously eliminated models. As Leila re-claimed a spot in the competition, Brittany was forced to walk away.Aside from all the bad news, Brittany holds onto her positive outlook. Her time spent in the competition has taught her well about the industry she yearns to belong to, yet one time might be enough.I was given the opportunity to present Brittany with a "final exam" and would like to thank her for her time in answering these questions.  Read more »
Tonight on America‘s Next Top Model: College Edition, the five remaining models get wet in Jamaica. The competition is steadily heating up, and thankfully these hopefuls are finally given a chance to cool down with Tyra.This model/photographer will reprise her role behind the camera tonight, shooting the models as they pose in a beautiful waterfall. It‘s not all about the lovely scenery, though. Tonight will also ignite a spark inside Kristin, who has been itching to tell Leila how she really feels. Read more »
Ding, dong, the witch is gone! Or something like that. With Kristin eliminated, America‘s Next Top Model: College Edition season 19 is sure to be happier.Only four models remain. Kiara, Nastasia, Laura and Leila will be tested on their performances in front of the camera. Yeah, I know they‘ve been in front of the camera for weeks, but this time it‘s for a commercial. Read more »
One thing is for sure, there was never a dull moment with Victoria Henley around. Three weeks ago, fans of America‘s Next Top Model: College Edition waved goodbye to the ever dramatic (I mean that in the best of lights) Victoria. Sure, she spent most of her stay at the Top Model Sorority House, talking about her mother, calling her mother, missing her mother and worrying the other models about her state of health, but Victoria left us with the legacy of a strong model.While in the competition, Victoria found herself in the middle of drama quite often. I‘m glad to say that the following "final exam" gives her the chance to explain her side of the story. Thank you, Victoria, for your time and efforts.  Read more »
Tomorrow night marks the America‘s Next Top Model: College Edition season finale! Nastasia Scott was a shoe-in for the Top 3, yet she met her elimination last week. Making it to the Top 4, Nastasia made it look so easy. Her beautiful photos exude "model" and she managed to keep out of drama‘s way, too!Care to see what Nastasia had to say about being a part of this season‘s crazy ups and downs? Luckily, I had the opportunity to give her a "final exam" interview. I‘d like to take the time to thank her for answering my questions. Read more »
The CW is gearing up for a full summer of reality shows with a wide range of topics from dating and improv to ballet and The Hunger Games.  Read more »