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Most of the CW‘s shows are going off the air for a few weeks, gearing up for a big finish. Today the network officially announced the finale dates for its shows so fans can mark their calendars and clear their schedules.  Read more »
The premiere of America‘s Next Top Model: British Invasion was fabulous and fast-paced! I‘m so lucky to get to fill in for Meghan Carlson tonight to recap this season‘s first episode. Make sure to join Meghan here next week when she‘ll be back from her vacation to continue covering ANTM with her signature snark and insight. For now though, let‘s get this modelling party started ... Read more »
Greetings, Top Model fans! My apologies for not being here last week to recap the premiere -- but I watched it as soon as I got back from vacation (priorities!), and I still have some lingering thoughts to share, namely on the premise of this cycle in general. Well first of all, I‘d just like to congratulate Tyra on doing what I‘m pretty sure none of us thought was possible, and that is making it to 18 (EIGHTEEN!) cycles of ANTM. She‘s milked this thing so far past its expiration date that it‘s just straight up cheese now. And yet ... this cycle shows real promise! Not because a forced modeling rivalry between Brits and Americans is inherently interesting, because it‘s not. It‘s not even logical. I doubt anyone is ready to throw down and claim that the national cultural differences between young, pretty British girls and young, pretty American girls as filtered through the fascinating, complex world of modeling was a topic that really needed to be explored -- especially by that notoriously fair and insightful sociologist, Tyra Banks.   Read more »
Maybe the Brits were exactly what Tyra needed to spice up the eighteenth cycle of America‘s Next Top Model, because we haven‘t seen a meltdown on the show this crazy since Tyra screamed, "WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!" at Tiffany in cycle 4.If you haven‘t seen the first two episodes of this new British Invasion cycle, a little background: Half of the models previously appeared on Britain‘s Next Top Model, including Louise -- the curvaceous and strong-willed beauty throwing the fit below. On BNTM, Louise (who came in as her cycle‘s runner-up) got into trouble for her bad attitude, and it looks like not much has changed since her trip to our shores. In this clip from Wednesday‘s upcoming episode, Louise decides to take on Tyra‘s newest and most outspoken judge, who‘s more than comfortable when it comes to yelling at spoiled young ladies on TV: The Hills‘ Kelly Cutrone. WATCH: Read more »
Things are really kicked into high gear on ANTM:BI this week. And by "high gear," I mean "high crazy." Maybe this show‘s still got it after all!Now, when an American or British girl wins best photo of the week, her "team" gets a prize. For her "genius upside down" winning shot last week -- I doubt you need me to point out why hanging upside down out of a crib with Kris Jenner doesn‘t exactly qualify as "genius" -- Laura wins a box full of clothes for the American girls. But the Brits shant be bother‘d! They decide to play a "prank" on the Yanks by running into their room at night and throwing "little balls of paper" at them. So basically their "prank" is to wake up the Americans with their squeals while gently grazing their bodies (but more likely them missing entirely) with featherweight balls of ineffectiveness.Do they not have pranks in England? Because you‘re doing it wrong, ladies. Still, that gives me a good idea for a Crank Yankers spin-off, called Yank Prankers (TM).  Read more »
Last night on America‘s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks threw her newest judge, PR maven and experienced reality TV instigator Kelly Cutrone, into the fray like a human grenade, asking her to supervise the 12 remaining British and American models on their two-day photo shoot, in which the models had complete control, from concept all the way down to hair and makeup. Of course, Tyra likely did this knowing full well, from shows like The Hills and The City, that Cutrone‘s supervision methods consist mainly of yelling orders and critiquing every tiny mistake. The stakes were high -- and tensions were, too. So it was never really a question whether Cutrone -- whom the girls called "scary" and "terrifying" -- would find a way to pick a fight. The question was with whom. Read more »
Tyra‘s newest addition to the Top Model judging panel, publicist Kelly Cutrone, became the center of the competition, and the drama, this week, when she supervised the models‘ photo shoot and upset contestant Louise Watts so profoundly that the British model stormed out of judging and screamed, "That f---ing Kelly Cutrone, I swear, if she was on the street, I‘d knock her out!"At the time, Tyra used the meltdown as a lesson to the rest of the girls: The ANTM judges are "constructive, but tough" -- and not everyone can handle the heat in their criticism kitchen.In a new interview discussing the incident, Cutrone hints that the winner of this cycle will, in that regard, be the anti-Louise. Without giving away who takes home the British Invasion title, the judge laid on this praise for the cycle winner: Read more »
Last week, Louise had an epic meltdown and Kelly Cutrone revealed that even though she‘s new and knows little to nothing about modeling, she‘s NOT the judge to mess with. Or to look straight in the eye. Or to speak to, if what‘s coming out of your mouth isn‘t a compliment about her. What a delightful addition to the panel she‘s turning out to be! If Andre Leon Talley actually watched Top Model (I doubt he even did when he was on the show) he‘d be rolling in his massive Dolce & Gabbana caftan, watching what she‘s doing to his old seat.This week, we begin where we ended last week: The Brits are traumatized by the loss of Louise, but feeling slightly buoyed by the fact that the Americans are "turning on each other." Eboni now resents her "30-Never" name because she doesn‘t want to be seen as a little girl (or a baby prostitute, as she looked like in last week‘s photo) and ironically acts even MORE like a baby while insisting that she‘s an "adult" who has "been through some sh*t." She lists off her personal and family troubles almost a little toooo easily, like she‘s used to giving this speech when things don‘t go her way. Then she takes her anger out on Kyle for seemingly no reason. Unless you count the reason that she‘s a vindictive whiner.  Read more »
I apologize for the tardiness of this recap, my darling Top Model devotees. I‘m sure no less than three of you sat up all night hitting the refresh button until your thumbs were as shiny and sore as Nigel Barker‘s head. Did you worry that, after reading ANTM demigod Rich Juzwiak‘s confessional allocution on never recapping again, that I‘d gone out of the business for good? No, my sweets. While Rich raises many great points about how recapping for hours and days and weeks and months and years on end can break your soul, just like Tyra, I‘ve never been burdened with one of those. And so the two of us will soldier on, she creating episodes of Top Model and I recapping them, until the revolution comes and our televisions are occupied by more pressing matters, like those jolly Hunger Games I keep hearing so much about. Now that‘s a reality show with some stakes! Actually, I‘m late because it took me forever to get the maple syrup out of my hair and laptop keys and living room rug and cat. I tried to organize a themed "Top Model Goes to Canada" viewing party for my closest friends, complete with maple syrup dipping fountain, and they went nuts and destroyed the place! (My closest friends are bears.)ANYWAY -- what happened on America‘s Next Top Model: British Invasion, aka ANTM: BI, aka Chicks With Low BMIs, last night? Let‘s talk about it:  Read more »
"I probably shouldn‘t have kept my eyes open."This was Ashley Brown‘s takeaway from having maple syrup poured down her body. The 22 year old Scotland native has maple syrup to blame, in part, for her elimination from America‘s Next Top Model: British Invasion. Having the syrup poured on her scantily clad body while trying to retain her poise and take direction from her photographer proved too much for Brown, whose elimination trimmed the Top Model field down to nine.BuddyTV went one-on-one with the beautiful Scot to find out the full story behind that shoot, if she thought she was judged fairly, and whether or not she‘s too "hippy" to be a success as a model.  Read more »
Six episodes into Cycle 18 of America‘s Next Top Model, and a newbie is here recapping it. Yeah, you heard me. Yes, I know, this is serious stuff and I fully understand you can not miss any essential details from this week‘s episode. We‘ll get there. First, I‘m ecstatic that my first venture here is going to be a recap of the episode where girls who are barely models now also get to be music stars. Every musical bone in my body twitches in agony as five American and four British wannabe models get transformed into the Pussycat Dolls/Spice Girls/insert-other-girl-group here, complete with a professionally-shot music video, choreography and a single release. At least - thank goodness -- (Or thank Auto Tune that blew up during last season‘s musical escapade) - this time the girls are trying to rap, not sing.  Read more »
Our new writer Ann did a great job recapping Top Model last night while I was away at Booty Tooch Camp, but I do have some thoughts to share about last night‘s episode, which was infuriating and delightful and awful and spectacular, as only the best/worst Top Model episodes are. The models were asked to sing and dance. One of them refused to wear a padded sex diaper. They sang lyrics that were written for them, about them, by people who had never met them. And they also sang about "tooching," which is not and will never be a real thing. Normal stuff in the land of Tyra. ALL SYSTEMS GO!Loving and hating Top Model is often an exercise in simply recognizing two sides of the same coin. With that in mind, here‘s what I loved and hated about last night‘s episode: Read more »
Episode six of America‘sNext Top Model: British Invasion featured the departure of the provocative Azmarie.Her exit was both swift and predictable, given that she declined to participatein the "booty tooch teach," in which she would‘ve been forced to wear butt-paddedunderwear. Azmarie was the third American to be ousted from the program,leaving four Yanks and four Brits to battle it out for the crown.  BuddyTV caught up with the outspoken,androgynous castoff to get her thoughts on whether or not she thought she wasfairly labeled as "cocky," and also to look back at some of her favoritemoments of the cycle.  Read more »
Is anyone else still reeling that AzMarie got eliminated last week, just because she refused to wear a butt pad? I guess that‘s just where we are now. Preferring to model your real ass is a sign that you have disrespect for the people who could make your career. (Or, you know, put you in an embarrassing butt pad and then throw you by the wayside when the next batch of would-be models comes along.)On a lighter note, I‘m so happy for Alisha that she got first call-out last week! She‘s so pretty and I like hearing her talk, so I hope she sticks around. But I worry about her, seeing that the only challenge she‘s excelled in so far was the only non-photo challenge. And she‘s supposed to be a model. Or so the TV show‘s name says.  Read more »
As Page Six first reported last night, and which has been confirmed (of all places) on Tyra Banks‘ Facebook page, Tyra has fired noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker, photo shoot director Jay Manuel and runway trainer extraordinaire J. Alexander from the America‘s Next Top Model team -- thus axing the series‘ three longest-running and most beloved personalities in one fell swoop.Barker, Manuel and Alexander were reportedly informed Thursday morning that their contracts would not be renewed for Cycle 18. Late last night, Tyra posted this message along with a photo of her three former assistants: Read more »
I‘d be exhibiting the TV recapper‘s form of tunnel vision if I didn‘t address the "big" Top Model news of the week: That, shockingly to us but apparently not so much to them, after this cycle Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel and Miss J will no longer be a part of the show. Yes, Tyra‘s two right-hand gays and one left-hand Brit got the HR equivalent of her infamous elimination speech. And it went a little something like, "I only have one contract in my hands, that that contract belongs to ... Kelly Cutrone." Ugh, Kelly Cutrone. If I could ask Nigel anything, it would be how he feels to know that she was deemed more essential to the judging panel than he was.Except I‘m sure Nigel knows, just like we know, that this decision has nothing to do with what‘s "essential," in the truest sense, to Top Model. If Tyra made decisions that way, she would be more committed to making her modeling show more modeling centric. And she would NOT have done away with the three (well, two, and to a slightly lesser extent, Nigel) most appealing, most fabulous, most entertaining mainstays on her show. She claims that she fired her main men because the show needs a "new boost." That‘s like saying your house needs a spring cleaning, and then driving your car through the front door. Read more »
The girls come home from last week‘s panel, where Seymone was eliminated for being a whiner, and Alisha rightfully relishes her gorgeous Hello, Kitty photo up on the Positive Reinforcement Screen. But of course, once they‘re home, it doesn‘t take long for the drama to start. Now that Kyle‘s gone, Laura needs a new girl to hate, and she‘s chosen Eboni, whom everyone generally agrees is young, immature and vain. You‘d think Laura and Eboni might want to stick together, as the only two American girls left ... but you‘d be wrong. It‘s every girl for herself in this fashion funhouse. Which is why it‘s seeming ever less likely that our final two will be one Brit and one American, as so many of us originally predicted. Read more »