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Tonight, Tyra‘s seventeenth cycle of America‘s Next Top Model, the All-Star cycle, premieres on the CW. In this cycle, Tyra will coach her all-stars not only how to model, but how to turn themselves into personal "brands," which includes acting, singing and more. And so it seems all too fitting that today, we look back at a special part of Tyra‘s journey to becoming a "brand": Playing an actual piece of merchandise in the 2001 Lindsay Lohan vehicle Life-Size.Life-Size premiered as a made-for-TV movie on The DisneyChannel ten years ago. It stars a young, post-Parent Trap LindsayLohan as a naive tomboy who tries to use dark magic to bring back herdead mom, and a youngish, pre-America‘s Next Top Model Tyra Banks as abrainless Barbie doll brought to life by that magic. It is a pinnacleof modern cinema...‘s assumption that children are idiots, from its preposterous concept to itscorny dialogue to its questionable lessons about friendship, stardom and sorcery. It is alsofull of Tyra faces, fashions and acting fails. Life-Size should andshall never be forgotten. I know that, the angel who put the entirefilm on YouTube knows that (watch and follow along!) and now you too will know that. Here we go.  Read more »
It‘s here! It‘s time! It‘s happening! The America‘s Next Top Model: All-Stars season began tonight, and the premiere was appropriately hectic and over the top (or, more accurately, "batsh*t mental"), with just the right combination of drama groundwork laid out and kooky off-the-cuff declarations proclaimed. Literally every single person on screen is a character, caricature, crazy or c-word. In other words: If regular Top Model is the TV show embodiment of Tyra Banks, then Top Model: All-Stars is what would happen if regular Top Model was boiled down into a pure, highly potent resin, injected back into Tyra‘s system, and this is her resulting fever dream.I‘m already in love with it.  Read more »
Wednesday night was full of reality TV with the finales of America‘s Got Talent and Big Brother 13 as well as the premieres of Survivor: South Pacific and America‘s Next Top Model. But when the dust settled on the ratings, the returning reality shows hit new lows while the new comedy Up All Night had a solid debut.  Read more »
Brand. Brand, brand, braaaaand, BRAND!You better get used to hearing that word if you‘re going to watch this cycle of America‘s Next Top Model, because the all-stars are getting it drilled into their heads -- and that means it‘s getting drilled into ours, too. Modeling is child‘s play. "Personal branding" is the name of the all-star game.After embracing their "larger than life" personas in last night‘s premiere, next Wednesday, the all-stars will be asked to throw that out the window and "reinvent" themselves. You know what that means: It‘s TY-OVER time! Check out two clips from the next episode, with guest judge Ashlee Simpson: Read more »
This season of Top Model is all about becoming a recognizable "brand" -- to achieve riches and fame not just with mere modeling, but with personality.Cycle 4‘s Brittany Brower originally forged her way into ANTM fans‘ hearts with her big laugh, fun-loving attitude and unflagging honesty. (Oh, and she also happens to be gorgeous and a great model. That doesn‘t hurt, either.) So when it was announced that Brittany was cast in the all-star cycle, she seemed like a shoo-in for the finals, because she‘s all about personality! Now, after being eliminated first from the all-star cast, Brittany‘s not holding back the honesty, this time about her own suspicious elimination: "It doesn‘t make sense. I don‘t believe it," she told me of Tyra‘s reasoning, which was that Brittany simply wasn‘t memorable enough to the fans at their live judging panel. (And she‘s right. It doesn‘t make sense. Why would one of the "fan favorites," and the "party girl" to boot, get the boot for being fan-forgettable? Oh, Tyra, so little of what you do makes sense.)It was bittersweet to be able to chat with Brittany, who was one of my all-time favorite Top Models and one of my early front-runners for the all-star cycle. But there‘s good news for Brittany fans in need of their weekly fix: She‘s got her own Top Model-themed web series in the works! Read on for Brittany‘s take on her suspicious elimination, her least favorite fellow all-star, details about her web series and more: Read more »
Tonight on America‘s Next Top Model, we find out that Tyra is actually serious about this whole "branding" thing. Ohhh, yes. Serious as a heart attack -- which is what I almost had when I saw the show‘s new title sequence, because HOLEY CHEESE, IS IT BANANAS! Backed by a blank white sound stage and a frenzied techno beat, it shows a million cuts of Tyra and the all-stars preening and posing and almost headbutting the camera like it‘s a mirror. This season is all about branding, and the title sequence is Top Model‘s way of branding itself, so I take it that means the Top Model "brand" is about confusion, craziness, narcissism in a vacuum. Yeah, that sounds about right. A+ branding, Top Model editors!  Read more »
I fear I may grow weary of this season of America‘s Next Top Model now that it‘s trying so hard to be America‘s Next Top Celebrity For No Reason. And that‘s not even an insult. Tyra literally said it herself on last night‘s episode: Their goal for the all-stars is to turn 15 minutes of reality TV fame into a career. And the way to do that, apparently, is not to accumulate actual skills, but to become a walking, one-word "brand." So the weird irony of this Top Model season is that to win, you need to be the best at getting attention and being remembered for doing nothing ... but then, after you win, they give you a bunch of stuff to do! (Like pose for Express, talk to celebs on Extra, etc.) "Congratulations on being so good at not having a job. Here, have some jobs."So I guess it‘s perfectly fitting that this is part of the episode description for episode 3 of All-Stars: "The competition is fierce as the All-Stars meet reality star Kristin Cavallari, who tells them what it takes to be a celebrity personality in Hollywood." She‘s the perfect person to tell them how to be a celebrity personality in Hollywood! She‘s been pretending that having no job was a job foreeeeever!Watch a preview for the episode, which also has the models chatting with Mario Lopez (definitely haven‘t seen enough of THAT GUY lately or ever!) and then posing on stilts (because a big part of being famous is doing dramatic things that might make you fall over): Read more »
Tyra keeps saying this season of America‘s Next Top Model: All-Stars is all about personality. But in week two, she let another of her biggest, most entertaining personalities bite the dust. What gives? According to the judges, Sheena didn‘t embody her branding word, "unexpected," well enough in the Pink‘s Hot Dogs photo shoot, and that means she doesn‘t have what it takes to be a walking, talking brand who‘s even better in photos than in person. On Top Model, expect the unexpected -- especially when it comes to Tyra‘s elimination logic.I spoke to Sheena yesterday. Read on for her thoughts on her unfulfilled expectations for the All-Star cycle, the show‘s suspicious "agenda," what "unexpected" means to her, and more. Congratulations on being an All-Star. It‘s too bad for us that you didn‘t last as long as some of the other girls.Oh, don‘t cry for me, Argentina! I‘ll be fine!Yeah, you know you did leave with a really positive attitude. Why is that? Read more »
The New York Post reports today that sources inside America‘s Next Top Model say that this will be the last cycle of judging for Vogue editor at-large Andre Leon Talley, and that Kelly Cutrone may take his place at the table next season.Andre has occupied the seat next to Tyra for four seasons, becoming the latest regular judge to join the show since Paulina Porizkova left. In her weekly introductions of the judging panel, Tyra calls him "one of the most influential people in the fashion world." The Post‘s source did not cite a reason for Talley‘s impending exit, but after (and perhaps because of) Talley‘s entrance onto the series, America‘s Next Top Model made a loud and proud shift to attempt to be more "high fashion," hiring more well-known designers and photographers for its challenges, and offering each cycle‘s winner a spread in Italian Vogue. The show has since shifted away from the "high fashion" angle with this all-star cycle (cycle 17), instead making the theme of the cycle about "branding" and cultivating celebrity. Tyra has also announced that cycle 16 was the last "normal" cycle of America‘s Next Top Model.  Read more »
Yesterday it was an unsubstantiated rumor, but today, it‘s official: Andre Leon Talley will leave America‘s Next Top Model after this season, and Kelly Cutrone will take his place at the start of cycle 18. A network rep confirmed the judging table change-up, and Cutrone, Talley and Top Model executive producer Ken Mok talked to People about how great they all feel about it: "I am a huge fan of America‘s Next Top Model and have watched the show for years," says Cutrone, 45, who owns public relations, branding and marketing firm People‘s Revolution. "Having worked in various aspects of the fashion industry over the course of my career, I am excited for this new opportunity and hope to bring a different perspective to the show."  Read more »
Tonight on America‘s Next Top Model: We learn Kristin Cavaralli‘s lessons on how to be a reality star, how to get interviewed by Mario Lopez, what "booty tooch" means, and what Tyra thought of her Saturday Night Live parody. Oh, and some modeling happens in there somewhere. On STILTS!After winning best photo for showing her chewed up food to the camera in the Pink‘s Hot Dog challenge, Lisa points out what the rest of us have noticed: This cycle is supposed to be about personality, yet two of the biggest personalities -- Sheena and Brittany -- were the first to go. The lesson the girls take away from this is, "No one is safe!" The lesson they SHOULD take away is, "This whole thing is bullsh*t so let‘s just have fun with it." But I‘m sure they‘ll catch on eventually. Read more »
She broke boundaries on the 11th cycle of America‘s Next Top Model, as the first and only transgender (but she prefers the term "born in the wrong body") model to ever grace the show‘s runway. But that‘s not the only thing Top Model fans remember about Isis King, 25, who came back for the All-Star cycle to focus on and promote her work as a model, designer, actress and speaker. Armed with her branding word "inspirational," it seemed that the All-Star cycle might finally give Isis the platform to move beyond the ‘transgender‘ label and show off her talents on her own terms.Unfortunately, Tyra and the Top Model judges had other plans. They didn‘t feel that Isis was inspiring enough in her latest photo, and she was the third all-star to be eliminated from cycle 17. But it‘s just onward and upward for Isis, who told me when we spoke, "I naturally excel. I don‘t think, "Oh, I have to do better than you." I just do."Here‘s what Isis had to say about the highs and lows of her second time on Top Model, and where she‘s going to take her inspirational story from here: Read more »
Once Upon a Time is ABC‘s upcoming fantasy series about the dual realities/identities of the sad souls who live in Storybrooke, Maine (in our dimension), but who really live inside the land of fairy tales. Or maybe the town is the fairytale land in disguise? I‘m not really sure. (I‘ve seen the pilot. And I‘m still not really sure.) So I‘m also not really sure why these new promo shots of Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and the Evil Queen (Lana Parilla) feature the characters posing in massive birds‘ nests. Is it because Snow White is trapped and delicate and helpless, like a baby bird whose wings don‘t work? Or maybe we‘ll learn later that this is where the Evil Queen‘s army of flesh-eating crow-slaves lives? Probably, the show‘s creatives just thought the nest would be a dark and foreboding, yet dreamy and romantic setting in which to reintroduce us to their fresh takes on these iconic characters. Which it is.But it‘s also an image that I, and many of you, have seen before, putting a slight damper on the dreaminess/romanticism of it all... Read more »
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Tonight on ‘America‘s Next Top TV Personality‘: Dead bodies, big words and beautiful male models are the all-stars‘ obstacles of the evening. In a CSI audition, whether the models can act becomes less of an issue than whether they can read, and then, a photo shoot for Express challenges them to model! In clothes! With other models! Yeah, that second part is pretty standard.But first: What‘s new since Isis got stiletto‘ed?  Read more »
By bringing together the show‘s biggest stars and divas in one ultimate "Top Model-Off," America‘s Next Top Model: All-Stars was always bound to be dramatic. But who knew that some of the cycle‘s biggest drama would happen off-screen? And not between the contestants. Between the contestants and the show itself.Camille McDonald, the stunner from cycle 2 with a signature walk, was our latest All-Star to get eliminated, after Tyra and the judges deemed her Express photo not up to par. Camille is also our latest All-Star to express plenty of disappoint with her All-Star experience. McDonald said she was promised a show that would help elevate her celebrity and brand her business (more on both of those below). Instead, she said, the All-Star cycle "doesn‘t show what we‘ve done in the past, and it tears us down and harps on the negative."Camille had plenty to say about why the All-Star cycle rubbed her the wrong way, and where she‘s going from here. Read on for our interview: Read more »
In her latest vlog about the America‘s Next Top Model: All-Stars season, Bianca Golden promises us that this Wednesday‘s episode is going to be "The Bianca Show." (What? You‘re not following Bianca‘s All-Star vlog? Get thee to Youtube, now!) Normally, I‘d chalk that up as another exaggerated statement brought to us by the brain behind, "Out of all the girls here, I‘M the model!" and "Check your thighs in the mirror!" But not this time.Even amid the craziness of a carousel runway, three high-pitched Kardashians, the ever-giggling, glorious LaToya Jackson (BOW DOWN) and an epically ill-timed Michael Jackson-inspired photo shoot, Bianca will take the cake (and some lives?) in the episode with her latest model meltdown. Watch the promo for "LaToya Jackson," airing Wednesday at 9pm on the CW: Read more »
(You‘re right, that headline is misleading. We all know Tyra‘s been mad for ages. But keep reading anyway, because I think she‘s getting worse!)After cycle 16, Tyra Banks promised (threatened?) that there would be no more "normal" cycles of America‘s Next Top Model, which is certainly true of the current crazy-bananas marketing-focused All-Star cycle 17. And now it sounds as though Tyra is determined keep that promise -- essentially, that ANTM would become its own spin-off through a series of outlandish themed seasons until it gets canceled or Tyra gets airlifted back to her home planet -- and her rumored cycle 18 theme is even more outlandish than I could have imagined: "US vs. UK." That is, seven American models will compete against seven British models for the title of ... America‘s ... The English-Speaking World‘s Next Top Model?  Read more »
Tonight on America‘s Next Top Model: Two American royal families come to visit, and the girls learn a lesson about kindness and love. But not before they tear each other apart with jealousy and hatred. Somehow, a few of our all-stars were under the impression that success in the outside world of modeling would translate to success in this freaky funhouse mirror world of modeling/acting/hot dog making. Bre, specifically, worries that she‘s not as pro as she thought she was, and thinks since she‘s been hovering toward the bottom every week, she‘s bound to drop through Tyra‘s trapdoor soon. Meanwhile Lisa takes all her criticism, ignores the parts that she doesn‘t like and ingests the rest, for the attention only makes her stronger. "Hold on tight, kids!" she warns us, because before she was just being herself, which is already high-levels crazy, and now she‘s consciously going for it. Read more »
Last week‘s episode of America‘s Next Top Model: All-Stars may as well have been renamed The Bianca Show. When she wasn‘t sparring with Lisa, giving stinkface on the runway or accusing Shannon of having an "ugly soul," Bianca was plotting further conflicts and complaining that her fellow models were jealous of her, didn‘t respect her, and were out to get her. (If they weren‘t out to get her before, they sure are now.)By the grace of Michael Jackson‘s memory and La Toya Jackson‘s kindness (plus the judges deeming Lisa and Angelea the worst photos of the week), Bianca escaped elimination, despite her multi-part, multi-enemy meltdown -- which means that tonight, we‘re in for another installment of the drama. Something tells me that if Bianca doesn‘t subdue the attitude, the panel won‘t be so forgiving next time.Check out four deleted scenes from last week‘s tense episode: Read more »
When we left them, the all-stars were reeling after a rare moment of kindness from La Toya Jackson saved either Lisa or Angelea from certain death elimination. "I was in the bottom two again. DAMN," says Angelea, who can‘t quite figure out when over-confidence helps or hurts in this competition. (Nobody can!) The spirit of La Toya dies as soon as the models get out of the judging panel room, thanks to Bianca, who had a REALLY bad week, but refuses to give an inch. She‘s a six-foot lightning rod ... if lightning rods actively tried to stand under thunderstorms and electrify their enemies. Bianca barks something egomaniacal about how she "deserves to be here." Lisa smacks her gum like, "No one is arguing that you don‘t deserve to be here, though we could raise a pretty solid case for why you shouldn‘t be, based on your increasingly threatening behavior and long-term anger issues." Being an all-star means not having to speak to get your point across.   Read more »
When America‘s Next Top Model: All-Stars began, most people remembered Bre Scullark for her role in cycle 5‘s infamous "Granola Gate." But the woman and the model that we saw return to the show twelve cycles later was older, wiser and a consummate professional. That whole granola thing was, and should have been, long forgotten.But the work ethic that helped Bre land major modeling campaigns in print and TV since her first time on ANTM, didn‘t help her so much on her second time on the show. Tyra and the judges thought Bre seemed too reserved ("They were just tired of me," she says), and when her "bar fight" photo screamed slapstick instead of sartorial, they sent Bre home.I spoke to Bre about her experience as an ANTM All-Star, and where we can see her next. Here‘s our interview: Read more »
Tonight: The models make their "signature fragrances," and then pose as either Snooki or Nene Leakes on the back of a motorcycle, thus completing their symbolic transformation from mild-mannered model cocoons into fully-formed, blood-sucking reality star butterfly-monsters.  Read more »
We‘ve seen a lot of crazy things so far this season on America‘s Next Top Model: All-Stars. A LOT of crazy things, from aspirational hot dogs to perfume-scented bathtub parties. But next Wednesday‘s photoshoot-less episode may be the craziest one yet, as the remaining all-stars must each write and sing an original song, and then star in a music video for that song, directed by rapper Game (formerly The Game).Below, check out two sneak peeks from the girls‘ music videos, and these two couldn‘t be more different: First, it‘s Lisa‘s spastic, Ke$ha-esque sing-talking song, "I Be Like Whoa!" Then, check out Shannon‘s softer, sweeter song, "World Go Round." Oh, and if you thought Tyra could resist infusing every video with her insane presence and love for nonsense-words, well ... you don‘t know Tyra. Read more »
The CW is getting into business with Hulu. The network has finally signed a deal with the online streaming site to feature all of its programming beginning later this season.Hulu will offer the five most recent episodes of CW shows on its site. Subscribers to the site‘s premium Hulu Plus program will be able to view episode the day after they air, while the free versions will appear eight days after the episodes originally air.  Read more »
As a spunky redhead with an inspiring backstory, a worthy goal (to become the first gay America‘s Next Top Model winner) and an amazing modeling portfolio, Kayla Ferrel of cycle 15 came in as one of the frontrunners in America‘s Next Top Model: All-Stars. Personally, I was pretty sure -- and hopeful -- that we‘d see her in the finals.But, once again, I was very, very, tragically wrong. Last Wednesday, Kayla was sent home, partly because her photo portraying Snooki wasn‘t quite "hot mess" enough for the judges‘ tastes, but mostly because Tyra thought that, week to week, Kayla was becoming a "watered down" version of her former self.On the contrary, Kayla told me when we spoke on Friday, she wasn‘t watered down this cycle. Instead, the show essentially (and rather ironically) set her up for failure, using the word that helped her succeed in cycle 15: "free." Here‘s Kayla to explain: Read more »
No America‘s Next Top Model all-star had a more fitting branding word, or made a more dramatic splash, than "candid" Bianca Golden. Whether you loved her honesty or hated her attitude, you‘ve got to admit that the rest of this cycle will be much less exciting without her.But some stars just shine too brightly to last very long on Top Model, and Bianca‘s second go-around on the show burned furiously bright, from her week one photo shoot flip-out to her week 7 bathtub boycott, and every outburst in between. All the in-house drama and her opposition to the show‘s gimmicky marketing challenges were entertaining, but the All-Star experience ended up overshadowing Bianca‘s actual modeling talent. So it wasn‘t too surprising that, when the judges sent her home, Bianca seemed more relieved than disappointed. Here‘s Bianca to explain why she‘s glad she was eliminated, plus more on her contentious time on Top Model: All-Stars: Read more »
Before tonight‘s episode even began, my patience for this season of America‘s Next Top Model was wearing dangerously thin. After several weeks of ridiculous challenges and unwarranted eliminations, now Bianca, and any promise of real drama to come, are gone. Plus, there hasn‘t been a REAL modeling challenge in three weeks. THREE WEEKS! And tonight, things just got worse, because that‘s Tyra‘s way. Just when you think she might realize her show is straying too far from its original premise, that perhaps it‘s time to dial things back a bit and start making sense again ... that‘s when the REAL crazy begins. And not the ha-ha crazy. The bam-bam (that‘s my head against the wall) crazy. Truly, the only joy I found in this episode was being able to air all my grievances here, for you. So let‘s go: Read more »
In last night‘s music video challenge, Alexandria sang about wanting to "go, go, go" ... which is exactly what the judges asked her to do when they deemed her video the least "viral"-worthy of the bunch. Or something like that.But, like so many of the all-stars I‘ve spoken to this cycle, Alexandria sounded more relieved than disappointed that her time on the All-Star cycle came to a close. (After that music video madness, wouldn‘t you be, too?) Still, she maintained the thoughtful, mostly positive attitude about her experience that we saw throughout the cycle. Here‘s Alexandria: Read more »