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WE‘RE BACK! It seems like ages since lanky Ann took home the title of cycle 15‘s America‘s Next Top Model. Now it‘s finally time for Tyra to crown a new shining star of the Model-Land Galaxy, and she‘s kicking things off with a big change: No casting week episode. No. Casting. Week. Episode. WHAT? Tyra, explain yourself right now!But it wouldn‘t be Top Model, or Tyra, if she simply explained that she‘s getting rid of casting week because it‘s a largely pointless filler hour full of quick-cut montages of crazy girls screaming, crying, wearing bad fashion and  embodying the various stereotypes of Women Who Are Most Likely to Get Restraining Orders Taken Against Them. That, now that she‘s still going for this "high fashion" angle, Tyra wants to cut the antics and get to the "real" "modeling." Tyra needs to show us. Hence, this intro, which (in true, excessive Tyra form) does nothing to legitimize the tone of the show, but does a lot to make us laugh:  Read more »
The psychological and physical tortures continue! Last week, it was a rejection prank and giant plastic bubbles--to test the emotionally weak and claustrophobic models, respectively. Next Wednesday, the remaining (surviving?) America‘s Next Top Model contestants will endure another Fear Factor-esque challenge: Posing with bees! KILLER bees? Let‘s watch the preview and find out: Read more »
Last week on America‘s Next Top Model: Tyra threw the RULES out the WINDOW (into the DIRT where she threw her SHAME seven years ago and it grew into a CRAZINESS GARDEN!) and did away with casting week. The 14 finalists got psychologically tormented (oh, excuse me, I mean Punk‘d) and then the Jays stuck them inside plastic bubbles and rolled them down an invisible runway over water while an audience watched them fall over and laughed. Business as (un)usual.This week: More of the same! And by "same," I mean "torture." Balls are so last week. This week it‘s all about BEES!!!!!!!But first, let‘s check in at the Model Mansion, where the models are probably discussing the subjective nature of aesthetic beauty and working on their posture, because this show is ELEVATED and PROFESSIONAL now. We know that, it‘s official, because the words "ELEVATED" and PROFESSIONAL" and "TOP PHOTOGRAPHERS" have been added to the opening credits, in all caps, right before the part where the models dramatically stare at themselves in a bunch of funhouse mirrors like some dream sequence from a Labyrinth remake starring ballerina-robots instead of puppets. And oh my gosh, did you guys notice what else Tyra added to the credits?  Read more »
It‘s a time-honored and cherished Top Model tradition: Makeover Week! This Wednesday, the cycle 16 girls will follow in the footsteps of countless models before them as they go under the scissors, weave-needles and bleach brushes in the pursuit of a hot new look. And, like those before them, some of the results will be stunning, while others will end in tears.Below, check out the preview for the episode, "Lori Goldstein," and two gasp-worthy photo galleries: The cycle 16 girls‘ final looks, and our picks for the 20 Worst Top Model Makeovers EVER! Read more »
Last week on Top Model: Alexandria scared Jaclyn with her aggressive, Ondrei voluntarily left after a crazy bee photo shoot, and Nicole was eliminated for "photographing old." This week: MAKEOVERRRRRRRRRS!!! OMG you guys, it‘s finally here. Makeover Day, when Tyra teaches the girls that, in order to be their best selves, they need to get rid of their real hair and teeth and eyebrows. The day after International Women‘s Day! Isn‘t it perfect?  Read more »
Tyra just keeps upping the stakes. And the danger.This Wednesday on America‘s Next Top Model, the ten models who made it through the prank, the plastic ball, the killer bees and the wicked weaves of makeover day have a new challenge: FIRE. Stopping, dropping and rolling is not allowed. Below, watch two sneak peeks at the girls‘ ridiculous runway. Tune in Wednesday at 8pm on the CW to watch them walk it, PLUS film a sexy retro coffee commercial with sexy Italian photographer Francesco Carrozzini. It‘s gonna be a red-hot episode. Read more »
This isn‘t the first time that Tyra and her judging panel have sent home an America‘s Next Top Model contestant because they felt she had "walked away" from the competition during the competition. Besides critiques about "sitting on" one‘s natural talents or looking "too commercial," it might be the most common reason Tyra uses to send a model packing. After all, the second rule of Top Model (after the height requirement) is that you have to want it. Most eliminated Top Model contestants will tell you that they did want it, but, for whatever reason, that passion "didn‘t shine through" or the judges "didn‘t get a chance" to know them. And most of them are probably telling the truth as they see it. But Dominique, the outgoing freckled beauty from Houston who was sent home this week after a couture group photo shoot gone wrong, is one of the few I‘ve spoken to who openly admits that she quit before Tyra handed her the eviction notice. Her reason for giving up? She says it began to dawn on her that, for all their talk of turning modeling dreams into reality, the only "reality" on Top Model is that it‘s a reality TV show. Check out what Dominique had to say about her exit, what she thinks of this season‘s diva, Alexandria, and more: Read more »
Tyra Banks, model, mogul, inventor of SMIZE and keeper of the title of America‘s Next Top Model, is one busy lady. Can we keep up with her? No. But we can try. Here‘s what‘s up with Tyra this week.To kick off the week, Tyra pondered the existential purpose of male kangaroo pounches while working on her teen novel MODEL LAND, and then encouraged all of us to get one step closer to our dreams. And what did TYRA do to get closer to hers? A lot, it turns out. Let‘s see: Read more »
Fact: Ann Ward deserved to win America‘s Next Top Model cycle 15, and that cover of Vogue Italia, and that Covergirl contract, and that IMG modeling contract. But that does not change the subsequent fact that I find this video from her photo shoot with Vogue Italia pretty hilarious, because it reminds me of something that is VERY hilarious and not exactly super-sexy-fashion-face. See what I mean: Read more »
Happy Top Model Wednesday! And it‘s extra happy this week, for two hot reasons: First, Tyra is fulfilling her biggest fantasy and literally setting the models on fire. ("Haha, thanks for signing those waivers, suckers!" - Tyra) Second, MY BOYFRIEND IS BACK!!!!! And by "boyfriend," I mean super talented famous photographer Francesco Carrozzini, who has no idea I exist, but I know he exists and call him my "boyfriend" because he‘s so pretty. ... Our "dates" are when I Google image search him :(But no, snap out of it, self. Johnson & Johnson NO MORE TEARS, because Francesco and I have been united again! Oh yeah, and also some girls whine and model and get set on fire and stuff.   Read more »
I gave Sara a bit of a hard time this week in my America‘s Next Top Model recap, but I actually really liked her on the show. She spoke eloquently, handled Tyra‘s extreme challenges with a mix of rational terror and good humor, and took her elimination even more gracefully. And I liked her even more when I spoke to her yesterday, the day after her elimination episode had aired, for a few reasons: She spoke highly and maturely of the other girls, including Alexandria, had a good sense of humor about everything Tyra had put her through, and she told me she was on her way out the door to celebrate St. Patrick‘s Day on the beach. My kinda girl!Check out what Sara had to say about the competition, the coffee commercial, being a Top Model feminist and more: Read more »
Tyra Banks, model, mogul, inventor of SMIZE and keeper of the title of America‘s Next Top Model, is one busy lady. Can we keep up with her? No. But we can try. Here‘s what‘s up with Tyra this week.First things first: Previously.TGIF, right Tyra? Everybody‘s looking forward to the weekend, because even supermodel mogul masterminds have their limits. After a busy week of going on various TV shows and chatting about herself, Tyra posted this almost indecipherable message on Twitter: "Haven‘t felt like exercising cuz been busy n tired. But forcing self to workout 2day cuz it relieves stress n is good for body. U do 2, k?" So inspirational. Once I figured out what she was trying to say with "U do 2, k?" (Took three reads.)What ELSE is up in Tyra‘s world, besides fatigue and fat-burning? Let‘s see what she‘s been up to: Read more »
Big cats don‘t make good pets, but they are fun to look at! Especially when they are babies. Cuuuuute.And, similarly, big cat fights between bitchy girls aren‘t fun to be in, but they ARE fun to watch!Why do I bring up these two seemingly unrelated but wise observations? Because we will see both of them in action on next week‘s America‘s Next Top Model, when Rachel Zoe will come to visit, and the models will visit the zoo. Also, Alexandria officially did NOT learn her lesson. Watch two clips below: Read more »
Tonight on Top Model: Baby kittiezzzzz! (Please imagine that in the Top Model rapper‘s voice, you know, that guy who says "Oh ladiezzzzz!" in the intro music. Thanks!) Plus more ‘tude from Alexandria, and our continued coverage of the "Whatever That Thing Sewn to Molly‘s Head Is, I Think It‘s a Lifetime Supply of Barilla Pasta?" saga.But first, the girls come back from last week‘s elimination, where Kasia got first call-out, and for whatever reason this is just cracking me up: Read more »
I was sad to see Dalya, the 21-year-old beauty from Clear Lake, Texas, get eliminated from Top Model this week for a few reasons. First, as I just said: Beauty! She has such a gorgeous, strong face, unlike any of the top 8 left in the competition. Second, I didn‘t feel like we‘d seen her best work yet. And third, she seemed so down to earth and self-possessed despite the ups and downs of Tyra‘s crazy challenges. It may not always make for the most exciting reality TV, but I always root for the girls I think are lovely not just in photos, but in real life, too.Alas, while Tyra and the judges loved her look, they didn‘t think she was using it as best she could, and she was sent home after her jaguar picture failed to make their hearts roar. But I was happy to find out when I talked to Dalya yesterday that she‘s just as sweet as we saw on screen. Here‘s what she said about her time on the show, what she thought of the Diary Drama, who should win and more: Read more »
Bossy and Bitchy. That‘s what I‘m going to call Alexandria and Monique until one of them gets kicked off the show, or changes her attitude. Whichever happens first. And I wouldn‘t bet on the latter.Watch two clips from next Wednesday‘s ANTM episode, "Sonia Dara," in which the girls do a fame-based challenge and a mud-based photo shoot, and see what I mean: Read more »
Tonight on America‘s Next Top Model: It‘s all about FAME! How to get it, how to handle it, and how to keep it from getting the best of you. Unfortunately, it‘s NOT about what to do when you never achieve it or how to cope when your 15 minutes of reality stardom are over, since those are the lessons that would be most useful to seven of the eight remaining model-wannabes. OH WELL. That wouldn‘t be nearly as fun as this:Tyra surprises the girls with her ability to teleport: As soon as they‘re home from elimination (RIP Dalya) Tyra is already in their house. Waiting. Watching. ("The egomania ... it‘s coming from INSIDE the house!") She truly is omnipotent. Read more »
If there‘s one thing Tyra can‘t stand, it‘s playing it safe. Not that Monique, the latest model eliminated on America‘s Next Top Model, was middling on purpose. (Another thing Tyra can‘t stand is letting you know exactly what you‘re doing wrong before it‘s too late.) But that‘s what the judges saw -- playing it safe -- when they looked at Monique in this week‘s photo shoot, a group shot in which the girls were covered in mud and intertwined. And Monique was certainly not playing it safe outside of the modeling shoots: From looking in another girl‘s diary to "seriously" hoping this week‘s challenge winners would get food poisoning, she wasn‘t afraid to make her opinions known.I talked to Monique yesterday about her Top Model experience. Here‘s what she had to say: Read more »
Tyra Banks announced late Thursday evening that, after sixteen cycles of taking unknown models and turning them into slightly-more-known models, she‘s ready to move on to her next competitive reality series, and she‘s turning her search over to the masses on her brand new competitive reality series: America‘s Next Top America‘s Next Top."This is the perfect opportunity for me to tap into my fan base‘s interests, to find out which sector of everyday Americans they‘d most like to see embarrass themselves for the next decade or so," said Banks at the press conference held for a select group of reporters at her private residence. "It‘s been my long-term goal to expand the America‘s Next Top brand to all walks of life, from America‘s Next Top Homeless Person to America‘s Next Top Supreme Court Justice, but I wasn‘t sure where to go with it next," said Banks. "Now my lack of ideas has become its own idea, because we‘re turning my search for a new show into my newest show."  Read more »
Before Wednesday‘s America‘s Next Top Model episode, be sure to check out these photos from the girls‘ double photo shoot week, when they‘ll pose for Nigel and Ford‘s "Warriors in Pink" campaign, and then go to Universal Studios where, as far as I can tell, they will act like crazy, theatrical women of excess (fur! diamonds! lipstick! SHOES!) styled by Gossip Girl‘s Eric Daman.But fashion may take the back burner to drama when Brittani pulls a Meat Loaf on Alexandria at the Nigel Barker shoot. Watch it go down, and see the judging panel aftermath, in these two clips:  Read more »
Mikaela was one of my early picks to go all the way on America‘s Next Top Model cycle 16, but signs pointed the other way early on in the season: Her look was flawless, but the results were not showing up in her final shots. And when she wasn‘t on a photo shoot she just seemed so ... relaxed. So relaxed, in fact, that it seemed we didn‘t get to hear much from her at all, as she kept herself out of the big drama between the other girls. A great strategy for being a human being, but not the best for making soundbites on a reality TV show.So when it came down to the choice between Brittani, who has put up beautiful photos and also had a major blowout at this week‘s panel, or Mikaela, who was showing promise but not results, the judges voted to keep Brittani. And while I didn‘t agree with Tyra‘s choice to tell Brittani that she wished Mikaela had stayed instead (harsh!), I did agree when she told Mikaela she saw a bright future for the 21-year-old Floridan student, who‘s also studying theater.I got the chance to chat with Mikaela yesterday about her Top Model experience. Here‘s what she had to say:  Read more »
Tonight on America‘s Next Top Model: The girls do two photo shoots, one with noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker, and the other at Universal Studios with the only part of Gossip Girl that is any good anymore, costume designer Eric Daman. But neither of those is the big story of the night. The big story of the night is: Will Brittani stoop to Alexandria‘s level and live to tell the tale? Or will Alexandria end up the casualty in this war of the waifs?We‘ll find out. But first: Everyone marks your e-cals, text your Tyra Drinking Game buddies and sext Nigel Barker that you‘ll see him "l8tr than usual," because Top Model is moving to a NEW TIME on April 20. 9pm. That‘s two weeks from now. Don‘t forget it.  Read more »
Next Wednesday on America‘s Next Top Model, the focus will remain on Alexandria and Brittani as the final six go on go-sees and shoot in "eco-friendly couture" at a landfill.Will Alexandria be able to bridge the gap between herself and the rest of the girls? And will Brittani‘s outburst at panel mean she just "signed her ticket home"? Here‘s a sneak peek at the drama that will continue to unfold: Read more »
Mr. Jay is a one busy, talented guy. Not only is he Tyra‘s right hand man as the resident America‘s Next Top Model photo shoot director and the host of Canada‘s Next Top Model, but he‘s also a fashion designer. This week, Manuel, a native Canadian, debuted his Fall 2011 collection for Sears, "Attitude," in his hometown during Toronto Fashion Week.ANTM alums Dani Evans, Aminat Ayinde, and McKey Sullivan joined some of Jay‘s CNTM stars to walk the collection on the runway, sporting a range of dark, tailored pantsuits and blazers as well as more vibrant and feminine coats, scarves and dresses. Check out the whole collection here.  Read more »
Tonight on America‘s Next Top Model: The Alexandria drama rages on (and I do mean "rage," at least where Molly is concerned), and, in a visual metaphor for how this show portrays the fashion industry and young women, the final six will pose in beautiful but completely unrealistic gowns at the garbage dump!  Read more »
She was the "sweeter than sweet tea" contestant on America‘s Next Top Model this season, but Jaclyn was more than just a darling personality: Last week, she won her first (and last) best photo for her jaw-dropping "Crazy for Makeup" photo. Things were looking up!Unfortunately for Jaclyn, she wasn‘t so crazy for maps. So when Tyra sent her out in Los Angeles with only an atlas and a prayer, she only got to two of the four go-sees. That, combined with an underwhelming photo shoot at the local garbage dump, sealed her fate, and Jaclyn was sent home right before the final five got on a plane to Morocco. (Why does it always happen to the nice ones?)I talked to Jaclyn yesterday about her Top Model experience, and she was just as kind and positive as we saw on the show. Here‘s what she had to say: Read more »
Tyra Banks, model, mogul, inventor of SMIZE and keeper of the title of America‘s Next Top Model, is one busy lady. Can we keep up with her? No. But we can try. Here‘s what‘s up with Tyra this week.Previously on Tyra Watch: Tyra talked about Harvard business school and taught us how to dress for our unique body types.It‘s been a couple weeks since we went on Tyra Watch, and SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED since we last caught up with Tyra, you guys! Like, did you see that she is trying to have a baby now? (Or offhandedly mentioned that she wants babies someday, and is "maybe" trying now, which isn‘t even close to the same thing except when a celebrity says it?) Whatever. Let‘s not focus on the particulars. Just picture a Baby Tyra. There, now that you‘re laughing, let‘s see what else is new with Ty Ty: Read more »
Typically, reality series clip shows come to us the week before the finale, and serve to both review what‘s happened so far and ramp up excitement for the season‘s big send-off. But Tyra isn‘t one to do things the normal way -- at least not an ancient 16 cycles into her own show. She likes to change things up, and logic has never been a big factor in her decision making. Hence, here we are, with five contestants left on America‘s Next Top Model cycle 16, and we‘re watching the season‘s clip show. We haven‘t even gotten to the international destination yet, and don‘t try to TELL me, Tyra, that no hilarious outtakes happened after the hapless models landed in Morocco. Travel abroad is when the best, most hilarious mix-ups happen! Yeah, that‘s right, Tyra. I‘m onto you. This episode‘s placement almost certainly has to do with this week‘s new time slot change (as well as an excuse for Tyra to again subject us to her impersonations). But Tyra, ever the spin doctor is calling this our "mid-season recap." Which is just silly. It‘s not your job to recap the show, Tyra. It‘s MY job! And now it‘s my unfortunate job to recap the recap show. So, to save myself from repeating ... myself ... and you guys from reading what you‘ve already read (archive, suckas!), here‘s a run-down of what we learned tonight that we didn‘t already know:  Read more »
Welcome to The GBU, a weekly column coming every Monday where I look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on TV.The clip show is a classic device for TV shows in their later years. By looking back at all the great moments of seasons past, a show can create a new episode very cheaply by reusing old footage. However, this doesn‘t mean the clip show has to be bad. Sometimes, if surrounded by a strong enough story, the clip show can be very effective.  Read more »
On Wednesday, we return to our regularly scheduled new America‘s Next Top Model programming (but at that new time, 9pm! Don‘t forget!), meaning that Alexandria will return to doing what she does best, besides modeling: Mouthing off. See the clip below to see what I mean. Maybe it‘s time for her to investigate a different career path as a director, or the dictator of a small but flourishing island nation. The world is her oyster! (She‘ll slurp it and throw away the shell.) Watch:  Read more »
The CW has granted five of its series early pickups for next season, and one of those pickups is the best news I‘ve heard all day. No, week. No, LIFE: America‘s Next Top Model cycle 17 will be an "all-star edition" starring memorable models from previous cycles.YES!!!!!!!!!!! Tyra, I don‘t know if this was your idea, but if it was, it‘s your best idea since Andre Leon Talley. Harvard done you right, girl. Read more »
Did you know BuddyTV is on Facebook? Did you know we have show specific Facebook Fan Pages too? Well, now is the perfect time to check them out because we‘re currently hosting a big sweepstakes for our old and new fans alike. The prizes: Grand Prize: a 32-inch Flat Screen TVSecond Prize: a $100 iTunes Gift CardThird Prize: 10 lucky winners will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card  Read more »
Just to make up for last week‘s clip show, Tyra‘s given us a double dose of awesome this week: First, the AMAZING news that the next season of Top Model will be ALL STARS. I‘m so excited it‘s probably unhealthy. Second, tonight‘s episode, which takes the final five girls to Morocco! What exotic adventures and model-minded mishaps will occur in this beautiful foreign land? How many different animals and insane Miss J headdresses will we get to see? To the recap!  Read more »
This Wednesday, the Top Model Moroccan (mis)adventures continue, as the girls will learn a mysterious tray-balancing tradition (don‘t forget to buy some candles and a beaded bikini so you can practice along with them at home!) and take to the streets for their photo shoot.At this point in the competition, each of the girls desperately wants to set herself apart from the pack. So in this sneak peek, Hannah does them each a favor and tells each girl what her niche is. Not that Alexandria (sobriety questionable...) agrees. WATCH: Read more »
As the only "fiercely real" (read: plus-size) model in the competition this cycle, it would be easy for us to put Kasia in a box as one specific "type" of model -- and often that‘s what Tyra did, despite her loud and proud efforts to the contrary. But Kasia‘s skills went beyond simply representing the curvier girls, and throughout her time on Top Model she produced some truly gorgeous shots, as well as revealed other talents. Her acting and walking skills, from years of experience working as a professional model in New York, also earned her praise.Unfortunately for Kasia, the composure that made her arguably the most professional of the final five models (both in her experience and her demeanor) may have contributed to sending her home. After a week in Morocco, she ended up in the bottom two against Alexandria, who‘d been told multiple times to adjust her attitude. As seems to happen so often on reality TV, the dramatic contestant survived while the calm, composed girl was sent home. But that doesn‘t mean Kasia didn‘t learn a lot from her time on Top Model, and she‘s more poised than ever to take on the fashion world.I spoke to Kasia after her elimination. Here‘s what she said:  Read more »
Tonight on America‘s Next Top Model: The final four girls, Alexandria, Hannah, Brittani and Molly, continue their Moroccan adventure with Tyra with a tray-balancing walking challenge and a photo shoot in an outdoor market. And speaking of crazy divas who are now in control of young, impressionable lives, did you guys see that Mariah Carey named one of her new twins Moroccan, after the theme of the room where Nick Cannon proposed? WHAT. (Good thing he didn‘t propose in a casino or a Blockbuster or something.) And the other one is named Monroe, after Marilyn Monroe. Again, WHAT. OK, celebrities, it‘s time to chill out with the insane baby names. Like Mariah Carey‘s kids weren‘t going to grow up with enough reasons to seek therapy. Anyway, my point is: I really hope there‘s truth to the rumor that Tyra is trying to get pregnant, because I can only imagine what she would name her child. Back to business: After last week‘s panel, Molly is stoked for her best photo, and "definitely" feels like she‘ll get to the final two. Hearing those ominous words makes me worry she might not. Meanwhile, Alexandria is disappointed in herself for being in the bottom two again, and for having an attitude issue, AGAIN. Hannah does her little "this is your niche" speech, and Alexandria‘s "I want to change the world one day" still makes me laugh.  Read more »
I had a long list of questions laid out to ask Alexandria, the latest model eliminated from America‘s Next Top Model cycle 16. But after watching the confident, confrontational California girl on the show, where she struggled to be understood by her fellow models and was called too controlling by photographers, I probably should have known that Alexandria would take my first couple questions and run with them.And I‘m happy she did, because otherwise we may never have gotten to learn what Alexandria‘s definition of "bitch" is, why she found the Top Model house so stifling, and what qualities she hopes the winner of the cycle will possess. Say what you will about the self-described "lioness" (because she doesn‘t care either way!), but she knows how to make an impression, and a soundbite. And she took some gorgeous photos, too. Cycle 16 just wouldn‘t have been so exciting without her.Here‘s what Alexandria had to say when we spoke yesterday after her elimination:  Read more »
Next Wednesday on America‘s Next Top Model, it‘s down to the final three, which means the girls‘ toughest challenges are yet ahead.The first challenge they‘ll face? A solo photo shoot with Tyra, who will draw on their faces with a marker, lube up their hair and then photograph them looking as gorgeous as they can manage. It‘s the same thing college kids do to their friends when they pass out, but the high fashion version.Watch the clip, and then check out a preview for the episode, which teases the aftermath of all these tough challenges: Lots of tears. Read more »
As I gleefully reported to you recently, the next cycle of America‘s Next Top Model is All-Stars, and I know I‘m not the only one who can‘t wait, judging from all your excited comments!If you‘ll be in Los Angeles tomorrow, you have the chance to not only get the first look at which former contestants have returned for Top Model All-Stars (!), but you can also watch a live fashion show with the girls, and sit in the audience for a live taping of panel (!!!) with Tyra and her judges.Mr. Nigel Barker, noted fashion photographer, posted all the details you‘ll need to attend the taping on his website, plus more enticing information: Special guest Nicki Minaj will be there (perhaps as the guest judge?) and the first 50 attendees will get a free copy of her album and entered for a pair of tickets to a concert in her upcoming tour, among other prizes. Check out the flyer for the show below.  Read more »
Tonight on Top Model: It‘s down to the final three. As their final challenges before the coveted final two, the girls model in three tried-and-true ANTM staples: A video challenge, a romantic shoot with a male model (with noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker) and a beauty shoot with Tyra as both their stylist and photographer. A little strange that Tyra waited until so late in the game to spring these requisite shoots on the remaining girls, and it no doubt makes you wonder, just as I am right now: WHAT, NO MOTION EDITORIAL?!?! Read more »
It‘s not always an advantage for a model to wear her heart on her sleeve, but Hannah Jones, the 20-year-old Texas native who made it to the final three of Top Model cycle 16, proved that it‘s not always the nice girl who finishes last. Final three is quite an accomplishment, especially for a girl with very little modeling experience coming into the show.A scheduling conflict kept us from being able to chat on the phone as we typically do for these interviews, but Hannah was sweet enough to answer some questions for me over email, which gave her plenty of freedom to share her most meaningful thoughts on her Top Model experience, including her favorite moments and what she thinks of the final two girls. Here‘s Hannah: Read more »
This Wednesday, America‘s Next Top Model has its sweet 16 party, as Tyra will finally crown the winner of cycle 16. But will Brittani or Molly take home the title? Their last week in Morocco may be their most stressful. From the press release about the episode:"During the taping of a Cover Girl commercial, onemodel overanalyzes her shoot and the other model‘s nerves begin to getthe best of her.  Later, the girls get a surprise that brings them both totears and participate in a final runway show, where disaster strikes for one ofthe models."No need to wonder what they mean by "disaster": Watch the clip below of the final Vivienne Westwood runway show and you‘ll see for yourself. Read more »
Tonight we‘ll finally learn which girl won Tyra‘s coveted Covergirl, IMG and Vogue Italia contracts, but more importantly, earned the illustrious title of America‘s Next Top Model. But first, they‘ll have to get through a slippery Vivienne Westwood runway show and the always difficult Covergirl shoot. It‘s down to Molly and Brittani, two of this season‘s strongest competitors who each stood out from the pack early on, but in many ways couldn‘t be more different, from their looks to their outlooks.Here‘s the side-by-side rundown on our fierce final two. Who do YOU think will win?  Read more »
Well, this is it. We made it through another season of spinning on this silly little planet, which means another Top Model cycle must come to a close. Like sands through the hourglass, and cetera.To kick off the finale, Tyra gives us a rundown (MINE WAS BETTER) of the two finalists, Brittani and Molly, and I can‘t help but notice that when she says "Will it be Molly?" the editors immediately cut to Mister Jay exclaiming, "Yes!" Or maybe that‘s just wishful thinking, since my pick for the final girl is, by now, very apparent. Molly FTW! (Fair warning, the one I‘m rooting for almost always loses.)It saddens me to say this for the last time until we meet again: "YOU WANNA BE ON TOP? Ohhhh, ladiezzzzzzz!" To the recap!  Read more »
Last night, FOX‘s American Idol rose even further, up slightly from last week, and is sure to soar even higher for the season finale next week. With many of Wednesday‘s big shows out for the summer, Idol had little to no competition going into last night‘s two-hour singing extravaganza. On last night‘s episode, the final three competitors sang three songs a piece -- one chosen by coach Jimmy Iovine, one chosen by the judges and one chosen by the contestants themselves. The episode absolutely dominated ratings, with 24.36 million viewers. Going into the results show tonight, it‘s anyone‘s game. Be sure and check BuddyTV tonight for our recap of Idol, and find out who‘s surviving into the final episodes of the season!  Read more »
At the CW upfront presentations today, Tyra Banks addressed the crowd in promotion of the all-star cycle of America‘s Next Top Model to air this fall, and promised that cycle 17 will mark the end of the show‘s existence as its most basis premise:"We will never have another normal cycle of America‘s Next Top Model again," she said, perhaps the first person in history to apply the term "normal" to the show.Banks did not elaborate, so I guess it‘s up to me to elaborate for her. Here‘s what I‘m guessing she meant (and probably can‘t say in front of people she hopes will buy ad space on her show):  Read more »
Despite ruffling some feathers for complaining too much, it was clear Molly O‘Connell was headed for the America‘s Next Top Model finale early in the season, and along the way she produced arguably the strongest print portfolio of all the models this cycle. But when it came time to turn on the charm in a Covergirl commercial and a final runway show, her competitor and friend Brittani stole the show and the title, and Molly joined the not-at-all shabby ranks of Top Model runners-up like Allison Harvard, Anya Rozova, Raina Hein and many more who have gone on to have great success as models. So Molly has good reason to be optimistic about her future.I got the chance to chat with Molly yesterday about her Top Model experience and what‘s up next for her. Here‘s Molly: Read more »
When I spoke to her a couple weeks ago, ANTM cycle 16 contestant Alexandria called Brittani Kline a "fashion cyclone." The description proved more accurate than Alexandria knew, as Wednesday, we watched the 19-year-old cyclone from Beech Creek, Pennsylvania barrel through the last of her competition to become America‘s Next Top Model, earning the ultimate praise from Tyra Banks and a $100,000 contract with Covergirl, among many more illustrious prizes. Plus, added bonus: Yesterday was her birthday!Today I got the chance to chat with Brittani about what it‘s like to have the title "America‘s Next Top Model" on her resume, where she stands with Alexandria today, her dream modeling job and more. Here‘s our cycle 16 winner: Read more »