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Welcome back, America‘s Next Top Model fans! It‘s Cycle 14, can you believe it? And, just like you and I back when we were 14, the show is going through some "changes." Such as: the first two episodes will be 90 minutes long (because Tinsley Mortimer said so), and, more importantly, Vogue‘s Andre Leon Talley will be the newest judge behind Tyra‘s table. Take our new personality quiz: Which America‘s Next Top Model Judge Are You?Are these exciting changes? Sure. Change is fun. Especially when it involves someone who wears so many ponchos!Are they maturing changes? Of course not. Tyra is still Tyra, and no Vogue editor can keep her from her beloved monster-face-making, human-straddling, screaming-for-no reason ANTM traditions. And Andre also can‘t keep her from picking the weirdest, wackiest "models" to stick into weaves and a house together, because he wasn‘t present at the final casting decisions.And it‘s a good thing he was absent, too, because Tyra is so super hip that she modeled (heh) this cycle‘s casting process after Facebook. "Status: Pending!" "Work on your Net-Walk!" "Upload your profile pic to the chat room..." You get the idea. The idea is that it‘s terrible. In the cycle 14 premiere, we met Tyra‘s lucky 13, witnessed their "fierce" makeovers, and watched them move into their NYC loft, cutting just short of their first photo shoot. That‘s right: no photo shoot, no elimination, and no runway challenge in the premiere. What we DID get, however, were vivid introductions to these 13 aspiring clotheshangers. And, shocker of the century, some of them need therapy, some of them need anger management, and all of them are unintentionally hilarious!Check out Tyra‘s final 13, and each of their shining moments before they fully dive into "Fierceland" next week. (Tyra‘s word, not mine.) Read more »
America‘s Next Top Model cycle 14 kicked off last Wednesday with a 90 minute premiere in which Tyra Banks narrowed down the field of 30-odd finalists to her lucky top 13, who then got their outrageous makeovers and moved into their swanky New York City loft. Someone cried about a haircut, and then, almost immediately, the unnecessary arguments ensued. Yep, this is America‘s Next Top Model, alright.Meet the New Crop of Crazies: America‘s Next Top Model Episode 1 RecapThis week, the models‘ real work begins, when they‘ll go in front of the camera for their first photo shoot wearing only their birthday suits and one accessory. Then, Alexandra learns the hard way that timing can make or break a runway walk. Check out the trailer and two sneak peek videos for America‘s Next Top Model episode 2, "Dreckitude," named after the newest catch phrase of ANTM‘s newest judge (who will also make his first appearance this Wednesday), Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley.  Read more »
Now that Andre Leon Talley is taking over Miss J‘s spot on the judging panel for America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 14, the runway coach has more time on his hands.  He recently came up with a new book titled "Follow the Model: Miss J‘s Guide to Unleashing Presence, Poise and Power." Catch Sneak Peeks of America‘s Next Top Model Episode 2Talking to PopEater about the tome, he echoes the usual Tyra Banks maxims.  "Basically, you can do anything you want without having to be beautiful," Miss J. Alexander declared.  "Whether you‘re black, white, blue, green or purple, too fat, too skinny.  Love yourself on the inside and you can do almost anything on the outside." Read more »
After last week‘s America‘s Next Top Model premiere, a 90-minute mash of casting calls, makeovers and a tiny sliver of drama on the side (I believe the scientific term is a "fustercluck"), who even knew what we were going to get in this 90-minute episode? I didn‘t. You didn‘t. The models and the judges didn‘t, clearly, because the editing made them look CRAZY busy. Which was actually reassuring, because I didn‘t feel alone in my confusion that the format of this show used to be challenge-photo shoot-elimination, but now it‘s photo shoot-elimination-challenge-photo shoot-elimination? But only for this week? Naduwhaaaa? Tonight everybody was like skinny chickens with their heads chopped off, which is a shame because there was a BRAND NEW weave on that head, and now it‘s all dirty and dead.What I‘m trying to say is that there were two photo shoots, a runway challenge, one big fight, two eliminations, and about six billion adjectives spoken by Andre Leon Talley in an hour and a half. Tyra, you crazy for this one!This episode was all about timing. Okay, maybe a fourth of it was about timing. It was also about looking good naked. And then it was about looking good wet while spraying purple Power Ranger goo all over your neck. And also about learning how to take off a coat! And then about "dreckitude," whatever that means. (Apparently it means "being a wreck." Okay? That is total ponsense, you guys. I mean, switching one letter in a word but making it mean the same thing is just frazy, you know? But it‘s Andre Leon Talley, who gets to wear circus tents as clothes and have rooms in his house that no one else in the world has--"c‘est un salON!"--so it‘s okay. It‘s really, really okay. It‘s more than okay. It‘s ukay.)So, here‘s what happened in America‘s Next Top Model cycle 14, episode 2, "Dreckitude!" It would be a St. Patrick‘s Day miracle and also a CURSE if I covered it all, so I‘ll only cover the good bits. And you‘ll click your little leprechaun heels together and be happy about it.  Read more »
Despite being the first one cast out of America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 14, the 18-year-old Gabrielle Kniery already made quite an impression on audiences.  Her biracial beauty stood out, along with her strong personality. See the Best and Worst Photos of Episode 2 "Dreckitude!"Though her performance on the first photo shoot led to her elimination, who could forget her saying, "Whatever you want me to be, I am"?  To hear more of what Gabrielle has to say about America‘s Next Top Model, check out the interview after the jump.  Read more »
"What was she THINKING?"How many times have you found yourself wondering this during an episode of America‘s Next Top Model? Between the crazy comments that come out of Tyra Banks‘ mouth and the out-there make-up, wacky wardrobes and kooky poses that her contestants get into during each photo shoot, you just can‘t help but wonder, for better or worse: what was she thinking?Well, we all know models don‘t get paid to think, so that‘s where you come in: by thinking for them in our weekly Model Mishap Caption Contest! Each week we‘ll post the funniest, weirdest or just plain worst photo from the latest episode of America‘s Next Top Model, and it‘s your job to put words in the model‘s mouth. No rules. Just channel your inner Tyra, and let the fun flow!Post your captions in the comments. The week‘s winner will get special recognition in next week‘s Model Mishap Caption Contest! And ultimate glory, of course. Now, here‘s your Model Mishap Caption Contest for the week:  Read more »
OK, it may not be a full-on "tirade," but Tyra did have a bone to pick with her latest batch of bony model wannabes.PHOTOS: See the ANTM Cycle 14 Models in their latest "beauty shots"During a recent red carpet appearance for America‘s Next Top Model, Tyra chatted about her 13 chosen finalists, admitting that while they may be pretty on the outside, this cycle‘s girls have some ugliness going on inside:"These girls want it so badly," says Tyra. "And there‘s this thing in the house of, ‘Oh you are fake, and you are fake, and I‘m gonna tell you that you are fake, let me tell you what real is.‘ To me, real in the house, this cycle, is rude. So when did real become rude and fake become nice? I don‘t get it."Tyra didn‘t name names, but we have a few contestants in mind who already fit this bill after only two weeks in the competition, and may bring forth the wrath of Tyra if they don‘t tone down their attitudes:  Read more »
Given her unique look, passionate personality and inspiring background (she was raised in a cult, a subject she openly discussed on the show but asked to move on from in post-show interviews), it seemed not just possible, but likely, that Naduah Rugley would rise above the drama, and through the ranks, on America‘s Next Top Model this season.But the judging panel--led by Tyra Banks and newly galvanized by the talkative Andre Leon Talley--had other plans for this articulate 22-year-old mother from San Diego. After two challenging photo shoots that exposed her skin, and her tendency toward "classic" posing, the judges deemed Naduah an unpleasant contradiction between edgy and elegant, and sent her home.I spoke to Naduah last Friday, two days after her second and final America‘s Next Top Model episode aired. Hear and/or read our conversation about her Top Model experience after the jump. Read more »
The universe has realigned itself. America‘s Next Top Model is back to one-hour episodes. We‘re back to the normal and harmonious pattern of challenge-photo shoot-elimination. Tyra has taken back her place as chief of sass in the judging panel. And someone attempting to become a model decided it was a good idea to wear a swimsuit to judging panel.We‘re BACK!I‘ll have you know that my Elton John-inspired headline up there is not just a hollow, clever pun. (Though it is SO clever.) It‘s also a beautifully concise summary of what tonight‘s America‘s Next Top Model episode (which was merely episode 3, though I, like Ren, "feel like I‘ve been here for months") was all about: whining and dancing. More specifically, given the show‘s overall premise--a premise which the show itself often forgets for long spans of time--how whining and dancing affect one‘s modeling. Important issues that definitely needed delving into.So here‘s what happened during America‘s Next Top Model cycle 14 episode 3, "Let‘s Dance":  Read more »
Getting hand-picked for the cast of a modeling reality show probably sounds like the perfect opportunity to many girls trying to break into this harsh, competitive business. But for Ren Vokes, being that extra-special addition to America‘s Next Top Model cycle 14 presented more challenges than she was prepared to encounter, especially as someone who had never really watched the show. After that initial pat on the back for being Tyra‘s special thirteenth contestant, Ren then got shoved into a environment full of suspicious roommates (her competition) and unexpected pressures--one of which was the weight of being "hand-picked" in the first place.All these stimuli in the foreign world of reality television, in Ren‘s words, "drove [her] a little nutty," and after three weeks she decided to leave the show, at the same time that Tyra Banks declared she would have been eliminated, anyway. As far as mutual break-ups go, this was certainly one of the most public.After the jump, read and/or listen to my exclusive interview with Ren to find out more about her Top Model break-down, how she feels after the show and more.  Read more »
This Wednesday on America‘s Next Top Model, Tyra and her judges will turn the models into undead bloodsuckers for a vampire-inspired photo shoot.And judging from the cattiness going on in the Top Model house, turning these pretty ladies into cold, soulless killers ... isn‘t much of a stretch.Watch the trailer for America‘s Next Top Model cycle 14 episode 4, "America‘s Next Top Vampire," and two sneak peeks at the drama coming up on Wednesday. Plus: see Brenda‘s brand-new makeover. Read more »
Here‘s what to catch this week on TV. Monday, March 29Dancing with the Stars (ABC, 8pm): Eleven couples take the floor again for the second week of dancing, but somebody is going to be sent packing on Tuesday.  Read more »
Last week, we introduced our America‘s Next Top Model-inspired ‘Model Mishap‘ Caption Contest, the first installment of which pitted YOU, the intelligent, mature and savvy BuddyTV readers, against each other in a battle to see who could come up with the best butt-crack joke.Needless to say, it was an impressive field of high-quality derriere-related entries, but we managed to pick the winner. And now it‘s time for you to take a crack at it again (heh heh) with our second ‘Model Mishap‘ installment, this time using the ANTM models‘ latest dance-inspired photo shoot.Check out last week‘s winner, and see this week‘s contest: Read more »
This morning, while driving my economical beige sedan, I found myself nodding along to an NPR report about Vladimir Putin, the Russian president who appears quite beige himself, but uses much more vibrant language than ours--he wants to "drag terrorists out of the sewer and into broad daylight," doesn‘t that just paint a picture?--and I didn‘t get bored. Not once. And then I recalled a possible deduction I missed on my taxes this year. "Darn it!"Where was I going with this? (Early on-set dementia?) Oh yes: the time for when I might feel a thrill in my heart and a tug at my loins at the mention of vampires has come and gone. Pop culture moves so fast these days that at the ripe old age of 24, I‘m an old lady who doesn‘t understand things like "Bieber fever," "Twilight fever" or any other sort of sparkly, swirly-haired boy induced fever. I get actual fevers because I spend too much time standing next to coughing people in elevators. And any waning interest I had in soulless bloodsuckers has been sucked out by Hollywood, which has beaten the vampire several inches past its lifespan, and then turned its corpse into a marketing marionette. All this serves to explain why it pained me to see something I love so dearly (America‘s Next Top Model) relinquish its usual unique brand of wacky and tasteless for this played-out brand of wacky and tasteless. I admit I‘m not in touch with what‘s "hip" anymore, but we used to be able to rely on Tyra to design ANTM photo shoots that paid homage to the mysterious landscape that is her brain, not cover models in blood, hire a pale male with fangs and become the last stop on the Undead Express. I don‘t want to say she‘s "better" than that, but ... vampires? COME ON!Anyway, let me put away my orthopedics so I can tell you what happened during ANTM Episode 4, "America‘s Next Top Vampire": Read more »
It‘s been another magical week of captioning the worst photo from America‘s Next Top Model. Ren‘s disco-(un)inspired photo inspired many classic dance-disses, but in the end, a totally original take on her frigid pose won our prize for the best caption of the week. See the winner below!This week: whoo boy, it‘s a doozy. Tyra put the models in a tub full of blood (fake blood ... we think?) to become bloodsucking buddies with a sexy vampire. The result? This is one bath date that makes us wish for a hot shower. *Shudder.*Last week‘s ‘Model Mishap‘ winner, and this week‘s contest: Read more »
After the past two 90-minute Tyra-filled episodes, we get a sigh of relief with "Let‘s Dance" because she won‘t be the only one taking the stage. Cycle 3 contestant Toccara Jones joins the America‘s Next Top Model set tonight and tests our Cycle 14 models on their fashion industry know-how.Test Your America‘s Next Top Model Knowledge with TriviaBut it looks like one model no longer wants to know how to make it big in the fashion industry via Tyra‘s tutelage. On "Let‘s Dance," a contestant considers quitting the competition. If they allow her, does this mean they‘ll bring back someone else? Read more »
Tonight marks several firsts for Cycle 14 of America‘s Next Top Model, so it‘s definitely worth tuning in.  For one thing, a supermodel wannabe will be eliminated at last and allow the others a sigh of relief.  Also, Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley makes his first appearance on the judging panel tonight, owing to the very unique episode title we have. Watch Sneak Peeks of America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 14 Episode 2On "Dreckitude!" the girls will also be having their first photo shoot.  We found out last week that they‘ll be posing in the nude.  While some nail the challenge, others fail and end up being severely criticized by Andre Leon Talley. Read more »
Even though the most obvious answer to that question is Tyra Banks (you knew that was coming), tonight‘s premiere of America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 14 boasted of several eccentric personalities.  They‘re the perfect ingredients for classic reality TV, from the crybabies to the meanies to the downright weird.America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 14 Premiere Recap: Meet the CraziesThere‘s Alexandra, who thought "supermodel" meant drawing a flesh-eating blob on her face.  There‘s also the fierce-looking Naduah, who may have grown up with a bunch of Dementors.  And even Tatianna, who appeared normal at first glance, revealed her highly abnormal job as a volunteer mortician. Read more »
The new crop of America‘s Next Top Model contestants barely escaped elimination last week, but Tyra decided a a surprise double cut tonight would make up for that. Gabrielle,a student from St. Louis, MO, and Naduah, a full-time mother from San Diego, were the first sent packing from America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 14.  See What Went Wrong: America‘s Next Top Model Episode 2 RecapThis week on America‘s Next Top Model, the girls had to perform in two photo shoots and a runway challenge, with nudity, dangerous pendulums, and purple goo standing in their way throughout. Gabrielle was eliminated after the first photo shoot, and later on, Naduah followed. Read more »
The second episode of America‘s Next Top Model caused plenty of jaws to drop and eyes to um, die (thanks to Gabrielle).  But there‘s a lot more that went on behind the scenes, as well as throughout the world of fashion. Enter Our "Model Mishap" Caption Contest! Read more »
After threatening to quit the competition, Ren Vokes was finally given the chance to leave tonight on America‘s Next Top Model. Lacking the desire to remain with the other girls, she told the judging panel what she revealed in the confessional: that it was not her choice to be on the show.Find Out What Happened: America‘s Next Top Model RecapAccording to the 22-year-old Ren, she just joined America‘s Next Top Model to catch the attention of her mother. "I think I‘m doing this for the wrong reason," the ousted model revealed. "I‘m doing it because my mom finally likes me now. ‘Cause she loves this show." Read more »
The audience hardly has any say on what goes on in America‘s Next Top Model, with Tyra dominating the screen and all. But now, we decided to have you users vote on what happened on the latest episode of this Cycle. Recap: Relive the Top Model Madness of Episode 2Below, you can participate in the polls and discuss who you think performed best, and worst, on "Let‘s Dance!" Plus, there‘s a bonus question regarding this week‘s house drama. Read more »
After Ren‘s dreadful departure from America‘s Next Top Model, this Cycle has been robbed of its edgy-looking girls. That‘s probably why Tyra Banks is hoping to have one of them return. Check Out Our Exclusive Interview with RenHere‘s what‘s up behind the scenes of  America‘s Next Top Model today: Read more »
What happens after America‘s Next Top Model remains a concern for many of the fans, which is why we‘re still keeping up with the girls once they‘ve moved on from Tyra‘s grasp. Read on to find out what‘s up.Join This Week‘s ‘Model Mishap‘ Caption Contest Read more »
Spoiler alert!This Wednesday on America‘s Next Top Model, Tyra sends the nine remaining models to an outrageous photo shoot, complete with Gaga-style eyes painted on top of their eyelids, to embody "faux fashion." And we‘ve got their final shots.The surprise--besides their inane outfits? No final shot from Brenda. Read more »
You might just roll on the floor laughing at America‘s Next Top Model tonight, but don‘t we always? Comedian Ross Matthews joins the girls for their photoshoot, making the models lose their focus. If that was their intention, they should‘ve just presented Tyra in another flesh-toned outfit to them.ANTM Spoiler: See the Models‘ Final Shots for TomorrowAnyway, "Smile and Pose" has the remaining contestants cracking up while thinking up a sensual pose for the shoot. To make things even more difficult, they have photographer Nigel Barker standing outside, two floors below the studio. You can catch Krista explain the rules on the sneak peeks after the jump. Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of America‘s Next Top Model was all about faking it. And not just faking little things like "sick" or "orgasm," but faking the big stuff, like chemistry. And talent. And style. And doing it in a painfully awkward and ridiculous way, but just going on and pretending with full confidence that those fake things are real and normal and impressive as can be.It‘s like the show has been watching itself and taking notes!Anyway, here‘s what happened in America‘s Next Top Model episode 5, "Smile and Pose." (More like "Grin and Bear It.") Read more »
America‘s Next Top Model wasn‘t all laughs for Tatianna Kern, as she was eliminated from the competition tonight. The episode had the girls sensually posing alongside comedian Ross Matthews, and although it was fun at first, it didn‘t go so well at panel.Check Out Our Recap of Episode 5: "Smile and Pose"Criticized for being inconsistent with her performance, the 21-year-old Tatianna failed to impress the judges once more and was booted out of America‘s Next Top Model. This volunteer mortician just couldn‘t get past those made-up dead eyes. Read more »
Kansas native Simone Lewis took a risk when she signed on to America‘s Next Top Model cycle 14: with very little modeling experience under her belt, she left her friends and deferred a semester at Duke University to film the show pursue Tyra‘s title.See where Simone stands in our Week 4 Top Model Photo RankingsDespite being eliminated after a vampire-inspired photo that the judges deemed sexy but "contrived," that risk seems to have paid off for Simone. She‘s back at Duke, but plans to continue modeling--and there‘s no question that she‘ll be ready for anything after surviving through Tyra‘s outrageous photo shoots on Top Model.My full interview with Simone, after the jump.  Read more »
Is there any cultural phenomenon more fresh, exciting and bursting with promise than vampires?Well, yes. Practically all of them, at this point. (Sorry, Buffy legacy. And thanks a lot, Twilight.) But you, the BuddyTV community, still found the strength to take last week‘s vamp-inspired ANTM horromance (that‘s the new industry term for horror+romance that I just made up) photo and muster up your best captions in its honor. But only one entry could win our best caption prize, and this week it also happened to be the most upvoted entry. Democracy in action! Check out the winner below.This week: Lady Gaga, Krusty the Clown and Rainbow Bright took turns barfing all over Tyra‘s remaining Top Model contestants, and we‘ve got one of the resultant technicolor terrors ready and waiting for your captions. Last week‘s ‘Model Mishap‘ winner, and this week‘s contest:  Read more »
Tatianna Kern, 21, a student from Ewa Beach, Hawaii, made herself memorable from the first moment she stepped in front of the America‘s Next Top Model judges--not just for her naturally beautiful features, but also because of her chosen profession: volunteer mortician.That willingness to explore where others might be afraid to tread helped Tatianna in the modeling realm as well. Despite it being her first professional modeling job ever, she jumped into the first challenge, a nude shoot, with no fear, and produced a shot that made Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley exclaim, "I would buy it!"I spoke to Tatianna about her Top Model experience, including her elimination this week after a lackluster faux fashion shoot.Read our full interview after the jump. Read more »
Tonight, the remaining contestants (we can call them the Crazy Eight, because duh) will be taken to New York for a "high" fashion photo shoot "underground". Pseudo-irony aside, we‘ll also meet a special socialite who will be teaching these girls what it takes to get into High Society. That‘s right, the CW is merging two of its shows for the sake of an America‘s Next Top Model challenge.Sneak a Peek at the Girls‘ New York Underground ShootOn "New York Women," Jay Manuel brings the America‘s Next Top Model contenders to the subway for their Covergirl ad. There won‘t be a lot of fast-paced action on this episode though, because it‘s drama that goes all the way to the next stop. Warning: teenage angst and tears alert!Recap: Check Out the Drama from Last Week Read more »
Tax Day is upon us once again--the last day for filing tax returns to avoid penalties. And that means the stress levels are likely to rise as you rush to beat the deadline. The whole process is definitely frustrating, but it doesn‘t have to be. After all, there are people in this world who are far more annoying than taxes--and many of them are on TV. Here at BuddyTV, we‘ve listed our picks for TV stars who make tax time a slightly more enjoyable proposition than watching them.Don‘t see your least favorite star here? Sound off in the comments below! Read more »
This lovely, lyrical headline comes from none other than this cycle‘s Queen of Drama Island, Alasia. I fully expect (read: demand) to see it as a graphic t-shirt available for purchase on the Internet before the night is over, because it‘s 2010, you guys, and that‘s just how things that I love happen in 2010: instantaneously, and without much work necessary on my end. (Take note, Internet: I will also accept a fannypack with this phrase emblazoned on the front. Now get to work!) I thought the headline only fitting because tonight‘s America‘s Next Top Model episode, ironically titled "New York Women" (because nothing says cosmopolitan, culture and class like screaming "You don‘t own nothing up in this m-f-er!" at your competition) put the drama at center stage, and no one came out unscathed--except perhaps Alexandra, because who? Does she still exist? I suppose we know she does because she showed up for the photo shoot (unless that was Alexandra‘s ghost!) but in the Battle of Keeping It Real VS. Keeping It Real-er, she was nowhere to be found.Oh yeah, and this show is still called America‘s Next Top Model, so the eight remaining contestants actually did a little bit of modeling. But that‘s not what‘s important. What‘s important is how many times someone called someone else a bitch and in what context and with what adjectives attached to it, and what‘s also important is everything that Andre Leon Talley has ever said in his life, because it‘s all pure, solid, melt it down, mold it into a crown, put it on his head because he is my king GOLD. So let‘s get to the important parts ... now:  Read more »
It‘s another girl down on America‘s Next Top Model, as Brenda Arens was booted out of the show. Throughout Cycle 14, she struggled with her photo shoots and her emotions, which finally got the best of her tonight.Check Out Our Recap of Episode 6 "New York Women"Tyra Banks and the rest of the judges felt that the Houston, Texas native performed poorly on the recent challenge, where the girls had to pose for their Covergirl ad. Brenda lacked the fresh and youthful face that they were looking for, leading to her elimination. Read more »
Clowns are terrifying. This is a fact of the universe that we all just need to "AHHHHH!"-ccept. Which is why I am extra proud of all of you who faced your fears and captioned the crap out of that clown in last week‘s contest. It was a particularly difficult challenge, but you gave it your all, and that‘s what counts. Gold stars for you, clown-captioners, but I also know you can do better. And here‘s your opportunity.This week: We‘ve got a special edition of ‘Model Mishap‘ this week! Since Tyra sent the models down into the New York City subway system to look "easy, breezy and beautiful" this week, we were treated to photos that were, as a whole, boring, borey and boringful. Sooo ... I‘ve got a treat for all you Andre Leon Talley-heads out there. The newest ANTM judge knows his way around a cape, but do you know your way around his brain? Take a shot below.Last week‘s ‘Model Mishap‘ winner, and this week‘s contest:  Read more »
With her delicate bone structure, striking red hair and confidence, Brenda Arens, 23, had all the assets to break out from the crowd on America‘s Next Top Model this season.Latest Episode Recap: "Shut Up, Shut Up, That‘s How Girls Get BEAT Up!" But, as on any reality show worth its salt, stress met her around every corner. A botched makeover, harsh criticisms from the judges, a fellow model who loved to just "poke and poke and poke" and Tyra‘s crazy modeling jobs that required, among other things, nudity and blindness, eventually led Brenda to her personal "breaking point"--at about the same time that Tyra and her judges decided to break it off with Brenda, too.See Where Brenda Landed in our ANTM Week 6 Photo RankingsBut that‘s not the last you‘ll see of this striking mother from Houston. I spoke with Brenda after her America‘s Next Top Model exit about the drama, the judges and her favorite modeling moments, as well as her future in the field. Read our full interview after the jump.  Read more »
We‘re one episode away from the big trip to New Zealand, so we can only expect a big challenge for tonight‘s America‘s Next Top Model. The girls will be getting a "Big Hair Day" makeover, which is just perfect for their enormous egos.Check Out the Girls‘ Final Shots for "Big Hair Day"As we‘ve seen on America‘s Next Top Model, too much self-confidence will always attract envy and scorn from the other girls. We‘re talking about Angelea, of course. The trailer below illustrates what we all know and fear: karma. Read more »
HhhAAAMMmph. HHhhAAwwwrrrrggh. PpppppffffAAAwwhhhhhAAArgh!Oops! Sorry, everyone. I just really needed to cough up that boulder-sized hairball before explaining to you what went down during tonight‘s episode of America‘s Next Top Model: an episode so powerful, so full of joy and stupidity and mega-tons of hair, hair, HAIR! that some of that hair actually transformed into electrons that traveled through my TV and into my gaping mouth (perma-aghast at tonight‘s ANTM amazingness), where they then transmogrified back into real hair and lodged in my throat, collecting in a ball of hair-residue happiness that I have now graciously hawked up all over you, so you too can enjoy its many gifts. And those gifts come in the form of many humorous photos and captions from tonight‘s Star Wars Episode 7: Revenge of Chewbacca‘s Ugly Stepsisters special edition episode of America‘s Next Top Model."Big Hair Day," indeed:  Read more »
Latest America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 14 News>>Keep track of Tyra as she travels to New Zealand and wraps up filming on America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 14. With the Final Six already chosen, there‘s bound to be plenty more speculation and spoilers regarding the winner of this season. Plus, get glimpses of the Cycle 14 models in these news video clips from Down Under:America‘s Next Top Model: Tyra Arrives in New Zealand Shrouded in Secrecy (And Umbrellas) [VIDEO]New Zealanders Go Nuts For Tyra‘s America‘s Next Top Model Visit [VIDEO] America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 14: Tyra in New Zealand (Photos)America‘s Next Top Model 14: New Zealand Reporters Spy Tyra‘s Models in $11 Million PenthouseSpeaking of that last article, there are more photos of the girls that have surfaced online. Now that they‘re in New Zealand, the girls get to enjoy the sun the view straight from Auckland hotel. But the fans are ravenous; they‘re the ones who enjoy this view even more. Read more »
Did you ever end up seeing The September Issue, the documentary about the inner-working of Vogue as they prepped their yearly style bible? If not, I highly recommend taking the DVD out for a spin. Because (besides providing a fascinating look at how scary it is to even look Anna Wintour in the eyes) the film also features some choice moments starring our captionee of the week,  the Head Gay Wizard of Couture himself, Mr. Andre Leon Talley. At one point, he attempts (poorly) to play tennis while wearing what I can only assume is a special-edition Louis Vuitton fleece snuggie. That‘s just to give you a taste for the inner machinations of the man whose brain I asked you all to jump inside this week. That is what we‘re working with here, and that is why he is now Tyra‘s go-to guy for judging panel crazy talk. You all did a fantastic job captioning his caped, raccoon-headed essence. But there can be only one winner, and HE is crowned as our Head Talley-head below.This Week: Tyra dressed the remaining models in outfits made completely of hair. (Whose hair? No one would say. My theory: All of Tyra‘s past weaves and wigs.) But while Tyra was "going green" with her hair recycling project, many of the models were going "gag me." And it‘s your job this week to caption one of these hair-brained, hair-raising hairwads. Good luck! Read more »
One of a few young mothers in this cycle of America‘s Next Top Model, Anslee Payne-Franklin, 23, felt she had a lot at stake as she competed for Tyra‘s title, often saying in her confessionals that she was following her modeling dream in order to give her husband and young daughter a better life. But, as she told me after her elimination on Wednesday, she never could have made it so far if she hadn‘t also been competing for herself.See Anslee‘s final photo in our ANTM Episode 7 Photo Rankings: ‘Big Hair Day‘As they prepare to fly off to New Zealand for the final stretch of the cycle, the final six also lost one of their most outspoken roommates in Anslee. And while she doesn‘t deny any of those big blow-ups with her competitors, including the instant classic "frozen veggies" argument with Alasia, there‘s more to Anslee than the "coldhearted" person Top Model viewers may think they met on TV. See my full interview with Anslee about photo shoots, house drama and her thoughts on being a beauty model: Read more »
America‘s Next Top Model has gone far and gone green, as the Final Six make it to the verdant hills of New Zealand for yet another challenge. If we recall from last week, Tyra and the judges introduced the international destination with the help of sheep. Because of that contrived attempt at foreshadowing, we know what tonight‘s photo shoot will be about.Sneak a Peek at the Girls‘ Final Shots for Episode 8For "Welcome to New Zealand," let‘s hope we don‘t fall prey to the Sandman‘s minions and fall asleep counting sheep. With the girls modeling the same dress, we might just expect something blah. But of course, that‘s practically impossible thanks to this drama-infused bunch of contestants. Read more »
Tonight on America‘s Next Top Model: The final six models fly to New Zealand, where they‘ll live out the rest of the competition, and every New Zealand stereotype that Tyra can conjure up.Their first week down under took them on go-sees to six of Auckland‘s hottest designers, and then put them in a field with Nigel Barker and a sheep named Prince. (The name makes sense: small, hairy, ambiguous sexuality ... )This week also told a tragic tale we‘ll call "The Rise and Fall of Angelea." Like King Lear and Britney Spears before her, the success and power went to Angelea‘s royal head, sending her down a shame spiral and into a pit of full-blown madness. But more on that later. The highlights and lowlights (and rainbow brites!) of America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 14 Episode 8, "Welcome to New Zealand!": Read more »
From the moment she stepped on set in a wig and thrashed on the floor in front of her idol Tyra Banks, Alasia Ballard, 18, was undeniably one of the most entertaining Top Model contestants this cycle--maybe even of all cycles. I mean, she inspired both my favorite soundbite ("Shut up, shut up, that‘s how girls get BEAT UP!") and my favorite fight (when a tiff about frozen vegetables turned into a full-on yelling match about parenting skills) of the cycle. Those are two major achievements--in addition to placing an impressive sixth in the competition.Alasia‘s America‘s Next Top Model Season in ReviewLast night Alasia said her adieu to Tyra and Top Model after a week in New Zealand. She failed to impress the judges in a photo shoot that put the girls, all in the same dress, next to a sheep. They asked for magic, and she gave them monotony. But that‘s certainly not what she gave outside of the photo shoots--or in interviews. Today, after watching her Top Model tale end, Alasia spoke to the media about her role as a drama-magnet, her goal during those crazy photo shoots and what the heck she was thinking when she wore that silver bathing suit to panel.Here‘s what she had to say. Read more »
This season (oh, excuse me, cycle) of America‘s Next Top Model is quickly winding down, which means our fun little weekly caption contests are winding down as well. No--don‘t worry! We still have a few left. But as the competition in the show gets fiercer, our job gets harder ... because these girls kinda sorta know what they‘re doing. Which is why I‘m asking for your best effort on this next caption contest, though I don‘t think you‘ll have too hard a time of it. Last week was indeed a hairy situation, but this week you won‘t get the wool pulled over your eyes. Behold, last week‘s Model Mishap winner, and this week‘s contest, starring Prince! (The sheep, not the androgynous recording artist.) Read more »
With only five left in this Cycle of America‘s Next Top Model, tonight‘s episode might as well be called "Models vs. Models." You can even include Tyra Banks in the battle, since she‘s playing a major role on the upcoming photo shoot. Check Out Backstage Photos of Tonight‘s EpisodeAs we expected, our host will turn photographer for the "Hobbits vs. Models" installment. Much as we hate to admit it, the images she produced came out really well. They might even be considered art by some.Sneak Peek: The Final Shots of "Hobbits vs. Models" Read more »
Tonight on America‘s Next Top Model: The final five get down and dirty, first in a Hobbit hole and then with heavy clay in their hair.It‘s the second to last episode of the season, and the pressure is on for each girl to deliver her best yet. And can you BELIEVE this cycle is almost over? I can‘t believe I‘m saying this, but I‘ve enjoyed ALT‘s crazy-talk and Angelea‘s antics and Krista‘s words of wisdom so thoroughly that this cycle has flown by. All these elements, combined with the sheer ridiculousness of pretty much every photo shoot, has made this season so special. Sniff. And yes, I shall miss Tyra‘s rainbow of judging jumpsuits most of all.But let‘s not get ahead of ourselves. We‘ve still got some of New Zealand to vicariously explore! Down the Hobbit hole we go with Cycle 14 Episode 9, "Hobbits vs. Models": Read more »
With her beautiful face, bubbling-over energy and bouyant attitude, Jessica Serfaty, 18, had no trouble winning over the judges and the viewers of America‘s Next Top Model cycle 14. But what attracted us most actually ended up being her undoing in the final five: after weeks of asking Jessica to get edgier in her photo shoots, Tyra deemed the gorgeous girl "too commercial" for the competition, and sent her home to her young son and husband in Conway, Arkansas.See where Jessica landed in our latest Top Model Photo RankingsI had the chance to ask Jessica about her Top Model experience in New York City and New Zealand. What did she think of all the fighting between the two cliques in the house? Who surprised her most by making it into the final four? And does she plan to embrace her "commercial" image or fight to look edgy and prove Tyra wrong?Here are her answers, plus more. Read more »
Last week, Tyra flew the final six Top Model wannabes to New Zealand, where they frolicked with sheep. I presented you with one of these photos, and you valiantly obliged in captioning it for me. And the winner has been crowned (with a crown made of sheep) below.This week, Tyra wracked her brain for another fitting Kiwi stereotype, and came up with the perfect (perfectly uncomfortable) challenge for her final five: to poise in a Hobbit doorway on the real Shire set from The Lord of the Rings! And, from this week‘s bout of what has come to be the models‘ routine embarrassment, we draw the photo that I humbly ask you to caption once again. It‘s our second to LAST caption contest of the cycle, so make it count. And make each other laugh. Read more »
This Wednesday marks the two-hour finale of America‘s Next Top Model cycle 14, in which the final four models will duke it out for the chance to walk in an Anna Sui fashion show and win Tyra‘s Top Model title. To celebrate this glorious event, I‘m working on a list of my favorite and least favorite photos of the season. But this show isn‘t just about me and what I think with my caffeine-ridden brain that has no modeling or photography experience, but has plenty of experience being superficial and judgmental! It‘s also about YOU and what YOU think! Which is why I want your input: Which photos from this season made you smize with pleasure like Tyra, and which had you screaming "DRECK!" like Andre?Sound off on this season‘s best and worst in the comments, please. To help you out, here are brain-refreshers in the form of every final photo slideshow from the cycle: Read more »
The moment of truth is upon us: tonight, Tyra will crown her fourteenth America‘s Next Top Model champion.But, even with so many cycles under her belt, Tyra doesn‘t always get it right.  Only one girl can be the official winner, but we want to know: Who do YOU think should be America‘s Next Top Model?Vote in our poll below, and check out everything you need to know about tonight‘s special 2-hour finale before it airs at 8pm on the CW. Read more »
Don‘t forget to tune in tonight for the special two-hour finale of America‘s Next Top Model! I‘ll be here at BuddyTV live-recapping all the important action as it happens, and hope you‘ll join me to discuss the night‘s photo shoots, runway shows and the final winner.Tell us who you think should win Cycle 14, and check out all the photos from tonight‘s finale:Vote: Who Should be America‘s Next Top Model?To get us even more excited about tonight‘s big event, the CW has released two clips from tonight‘s plane challenge that is anything but plain: Read more »
Tonight on America‘s Next Top Model: The final four--Krista, Raina, Angelea and Alexandra (who apparently doesn‘t matter because she‘s not pictured here with a bouquet from Andre)--will compete for Tyra‘s title in a whirlwind of photo shoots, runway shows and Covergirl commercials, among other obstacles. Two girls will be eliminated in the first hour, and then, after a runway show for designer Anna Sui, one will be crowned America‘s Next Top Model.Photos and Videos from Tonight‘s Finale:- Final Photos from Tonight‘s Photo Shoot, "Ugly Pretty Woman"- Behind the Scenes Photos from Tonight‘s Finale- Top Model Finale Clips: A Runway Inside the PlaneWho Should Win?In our poll today, an overwhelming 76% of you thought that Raina deserved to be called the Cycle 14 Top Model. But will Tyra, Andre, Nigel and their special guest judges agree? We shall see. (And probably not.)Tonight‘s Recap: LIVE!Usually, my Top Model recaps come after the fact as, to really make the most of every morsel of this revolving freak show, they require hours of terrible joke-making and Photoshopping. But in honor of tonight‘s nail-biting finale, I‘ll be live-recapping this 2-hour sh*tshow like a boss, and I hope you‘ll join me for some (respectful) discussion in the comments. Or, at the very least, some off-color (but no-swear-word) name-calling in the comments. Okay. LET‘S GOOOO! Read more »
It wasn‘t long ago that there were 13 contestants on America‘s Next Top Model, then it was pared down to the Final Four in New Zealand. Before we knew it, thanks to two hours of Tyra madness in the finale, there were two left. And then, there was Krista. Check Out Our Recap of the Top Model FinaleNow though, we might as well relive the Final Four‘s moments throughout Cycle 14. You may be disappointed with the outcome (ahem, ahem) or ecstatic about the winner, but you can‘t deny that the girls gave us some great highlights during their time on the show.  Read more »
The morning after she officially became the fourteenth America‘s Next Top Model, Krista White took time out of her busy day to tell me about her experience on the show and how, even down to the very last minute, she was sure someone else would win the title. Read What Happened: America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 14 Finale RecapCheck out what the tall dramatic beauty from Pine Bluff, Arkansas had to say about her exciting new opportunities, how Top Model changed her life and her attitude and what she hopes young girls can learn from her example. Read more »
After a jampacked two-hour America‘s Next Top Model finale, Tyra‘s two Cycle 14 finalists, Raina Hein and Krista White, stood before her to learn which had earned the title of Top Model. It was a tough decision, and in the end Krista‘s hard-edged beauty won out over Raina‘s unique fresh face. Read What Happened: America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 14 Finale RecapThough the gorgeous, wide-eyed Minnesota native walked away without a crown, she still walked away with a lot, including some advice she‘ll never forget from Tyra Banks, the drive to accomplish her dream as an international fashion model and the bragging rights of being Top Two on Top Model--her favorite show. Read more »
In the first half of Wednesday‘s special two-hour America‘s Next Top Model finale, Tyra and her judges narrowed down their field of four to two--leaving by the wayside Alexandra Underwood, the curvy, quiet (or so it seemed) blond bombshell from Texas.Read What Happened: America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 14 Finale RecapAfter watching the elimination unfold anew, Alexandra took the time to chat with me about her Top Model experience, and surprised me with what she revealed about her struggles in the house, how she‘s different than she seemed on TV and why her elimination wasn‘t fully justified.  Read more »
In the first half of Wednesday‘s special two-hour America‘s Next Top Model finale, Tyra and her judges narrowed down their field of four to two--leaving by the wayside Angelea Preston, the dominating personality of the season who couldn‘t quite dominate her photo shoots all the way to the end.Read What Happened: America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 14 Finale RecapBut don‘t feel sorry for this Buffalo, New York native--she doesn‘t! I caught up with Angelea the day after the finale aired to ask about how she felt to make the Final Four, what changed about her attitude since we saw her on Cycle 12 and her response to Jay Manuel‘s claim that this was the end of her modeling career, not the beginning. Read more »
With Tyra Banks‘ constant promotion of herself, you‘d think she‘d have come up with a memoir by now. However, what the America‘s Next Top Model host is a fantasy trilogy. Wait, was she inspired by New Zealand and its ethereal Lord of the Rings aura?Check Out Photos of the Cycle 14 FinaleIf that‘s surprising enough, read on to find out what her fellow America‘s Next Top Model panelists are up to these days. Broadway might even be in the cards for one of them. Read more »