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Tyra Banks was on the Today Show Tuesday morning chatting about the premiere of The Tyra Show, in which she revealed her real hair, the upcoming season of shorties on America‘s Next Top Model, and even more ways she is trying to open up the fashion world to young women in her signature "real and raw" way.After the jump, check out her appearance on the Today Show, and then the much-anticipated reveal of her real hair! Read more »
The day is finally here! After a whole lot of hoopla from Tyra and her crew about the season of the shorties, America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 13 premieres tonight at 8 PM on the CW! It‘s a two-hour special, with the first half devoted to narrowing down 32 girls to the eventual, final 14 aspiring models. Then, in the second hour, comes a first for ANTM: immediate makeovers! Or "Ty-overs," as they call them (of course). Then it‘s on when the first photoshoot asks the models to reimagine their own baby photos in an editorial photo shoot, and one girl is eliminated when her photo falls short. (Get it? They‘re all short! You get it.) You‘ve seen ANTM premieres before, and this one is just as packed with beauty, outbursts, dancing, singing, screaming, crying, and drama as ever before! All season long, BuddyTV bloggers Meghan Carlson (that‘s me) and Maria Gonzalez will be saturating you with extensive America‘s Next Top Model coverage every single day. Here‘s what each of us are most looking forward to seeing in tonight‘s cycle premiere, and the whole upcoming season of America‘s Next Top Model: Read more »
After so much anticipation for more ANTM in all our lives, after so much speculation about what the eff Tyra is going to do with a bunch of short models in her ranks, and after so much excitement for their stump-tastic critiques and midget-on-midget fighting, it‘s finally here:America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 13: Battle of the Wee Ones. America‘s Next Top Mini-Model. America‘s Next Not--quite-to-the-Top Model. Whatever you want to call it, it‘s here!And, thank God Tyra, this season looks to be just as full of crazies, criers, and princesses as it ever was! Sometimes, it seems, the shorter they are, the harder they fall... on the runway, I hope. Read more »
Hey ANTM fans! Please help me in welcoming our America‘s Next Top Model guest video blogger, professional petite model Isobella Jade! Each week she‘ll be sharing her insights about Cycle 13 with us here at BuddyTV from her vantage point as a pint-size model trying to make it in the industry. By Isobella JadeAs one of the shortest models working in NYC, I do not live and die by America‘s Next Top Model, but the underdog appeal of Cycle 13‘s contestants appealed to me.  It isn‘t easy being a short model even without Tyra‘s photo challenges, and overall I think the girls cry way too much on the show.  However, watching the show‘s premiere and first episode inspired many questions from me, such as: How much could this short model stampede affect the fashion world, if at all? Will Tyra involve any print modeling aspects into the show? When the girls are kicked of, what will happen to them? Will they give up, thinking they truly are too short to try to work with modeling agencies afterward, or will we hear of these girls again?  Read more »
<< America‘s Next Top Model Recap: Le Cycle 13 Premiere, Oh Mon Dieu! (Part Une)It‘s now time for Part Two of the America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 13 Premiere, and THIS is where the real action is: Makeovers! Moving into the house! Real photoshoots with a real photographer! It‘s ANTM bread and butter. And the final 14, while short in stature, look like they‘re going to be just as high in drama as their taller counterparts.The 14 arrive in LA weeks after the casting episode was filmed, and there‘s SO! MUCH! SCREAMING! Except for Nicole, who has not increasedher blood sugar at all since her walking coma performance in casting,but she has confidence! We know this because she tells us, in her dead-inside voice. Maybe I‘ve been watching too much Dexter (Sidenote: I totally have, that show is amazing), but Nicole seems even more off than your usual "shy and awkward" girl. Not saying she‘s going to perform ritual killings in the mansion living room or anything. She‘s more like... an alien from a foreign planet. Like at any moment she‘ll look at Tyra and say "Your ancient customs are strange and fascinating to me, O exalted Earthling."  Read more »
It‘s a bit hard to decide whether aspiring model Lisa Ramos, 19, got a raw deal from Tyra this season on America‘s Next Top Model. On the one hand, after being eliminated at the final casting week, Ramos got a second chance to compete for the ANTM crown when she was called to replace Amber, one of the original final 14 who mysteriously dropped out of the competition. But after just one week in the ANTM with the other models (all 5‘7‘‘ and under this time), Lisa was once again the last one standing in front of Tyra at the final judging when her photo as an unhappy clown didn‘t please the panel. Talk about reopening a fresh wound!Ramos couldn‘t tell me what exactly happened to Amber that allowed her to re-enter the competiton, but the 5‘5‘‘ student from Queens, New York was deservedly positive about the whole experience when I talked to her this afternoon. And why not? She got her face out there, made some great friends in the house, and got to meet Tyra Banks--what else could an aspiring short model ask for? Lisa may not have liked the final photo the judges chose for her (who could blame her?), which ultimately sent her packing, but in the end she learned to never give up on her dream of modeling. Hear more from Lisa below, including who she thinks is the strongest competition left in the running for America‘s Next Top Model, why her final clown photo looked so sad, and what it‘s like to see Tyra in real life.  Read more »
Tonight‘s America‘s Next Top Model episode (8 PM/CW) will have to work hard to live up to last week‘s two-hour crazy and crying-fest, especially with Jesus-freak Amber no longer in the ranks to entertain us. But, not to be outdone by a premiere or a contestant, the original nut-job herself will make sure to infuse tonight‘s episode, "Fortress of Fierceness," with all the Tyra-nnical insanity we know and love, thanks to her newest alter ego, "Super Smeyes."Check out the promos for tonight‘s episode, which hint at a (not so) surprise double elimination! Plus three clips of the 13 remaining contestants practicing their "smeyes" for tonight‘s very Equus-inspired photo shoot. Read more »
Many of you should be happy to learn that Cycle 13 contestant Laura Kirkpatrick, the Kentucky native with an infectious smile and self-professed love for nudity (not to mention serious modeling talent!) has her own blog, Laura‘s Model Life, where she shares her personal take on each episode of ANTM Cycle 13!Head on over to the site for the full adorable Laura treatment, which includes gems such as: Read more »
If you thought all Gossip Girl and America‘s Next Top Model had in common was their mutual network the CW and loves for pretty people... well, think again! Most hardcore Tyra and Gossip fans should know by now that Ms. Banks will be appearing on the college-bound drama as famous movie star Ursula (right), who works with Olivia (guest star Hilary Duff) on a film about Josephine Baker. (Below, check out a video of Tyra behind-the-scenes!)But Tyra‘s not the only America‘s Next Top Model star to appear this season on Gossip Girl! Spotted: another familiar ANTM face on last Monday‘s Season 3 Gossip Girl premiere, when Blair and Chuck scope out a modeling agency go-see for potential foreplay victims. Read more »
"The end of an opportunity, not the end of a dream."That‘s how aspiring model Rachel Echelberger described her time on America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 13, showing all the passion and drive to succeed that judge Nigel Barker and Wilhemina Models president Sean Patterson must have missed when they sent her home last night for lacking "charisma" in her interview. It was a sudden, but not that shocking, elimination, as Rachel couldn‘t come up with a single song lyric to sing... not that that has anything to do with modeling. But hey, it‘s ANTM!Perhaps all it took was one nationally televised mind-going-blank moment for Rachel to come out of her shell. When I spoke with her this morning, she certainly sounded to have a spring in her step and personality to spare, which will serve her well, as she revealed that she‘s moving to L.A. as soon as possible to continue chasing her dream of modeling. Read on for the full audio of my interview with Rachel, including her other nicknames besides "Bambi Eyes," who she think could win this cycle, and what it‘s like to watch yourself on TV! Read more »
Last night on America‘s Next Top Model, the word "boot" took on special significance for contestant Courtney Davies, 22, both as the frustrating cast wrapped around her broken foot... and what she got when that frustration got the best of her during the Week 2 photoshoot. I had the pleasure to talk to Courtney this morning about her untimely end in the land of Tyra, and despite expressing her disappointment--both with herself, and the judging of her final photo--she remained as chipper and adorable as we saw her on the show, and thankful for the overall experience. Even though she felt she was portrayed accurately on TV, Davies admitted that she will never venture into reality TV again--but don‘t count her out in the modeling world! Read on for the full audio of my interview with Courtney, including which model she thinks should win Cycle 13, and what she thought of Tyra‘s whole "Super Smeyes" act, which could possibly go down in the books as the craziest we‘ve ever seen Miss Banks on ANTM. (Yet.) Read more »
Hey ANTM fans! Please help me in welcoming our America‘s NextTop Model guest video blogger, professional petite model Isobella Jade!Each week she‘ll be sharing her insights about Cycle 13 with us here atBuddyTV from her vantage point as a pint-size model trying to make itin the industry. By Isobella JadeSeventy-two years ago, Seabiscuit, the smaller-than-average thoroughbred racehorse, became a champion on the Santa Anita Track. Last night at the Santa Anita, the pint-size hopefuls of America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 13 posed seductively with a horse. The theme of the shoot was confusing. The CW website stated the models were to "give Lady Godiva a run for her money," and I doubt I was the only viewer who expected the girls to be posing with chocolate or candy in their mouths. It was only when I made a video on YouTube with my thoughts on the show that I received a comment that informed me the girls were supposed to BE Lady Godiva, who according to legend rode nude through the streets of Coventry, England.  Read more »
Welcome to our weekly meeting of ANTM-oholics Not-So-Anonymous! (I wrote that on a whim, but now that I think about it... Tyra is kind of like a bad booze habit. I know taking in so much of her in one night is bad for me, but I can‘t help myself. It‘s just... SO. MUCH. FUN!)To begin the episode, Bianca is reeling from her near elimination last week, and vows to never be in the Bottom 2 ever again. Could she be trying to say she‘ll be losing the attitude? NEVER! An ego as well nurtured as hers doesn‘t just disappear overnight. To escape elimination this week, Bianca will need to learn to photograph as well as Naomi Campbell to justify her Naomi-sized ego, or just pray that someone else ends up looking even worse. I‘d go with the latter. And pray HARD. Read more »
There‘s certainly a lot to be excited about on the new season of Ugly Betty, and here‘s another thing we can add to that list.  Reports have it that America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 3 runner-up YaYa DaCosta has been pegged for a role in the hit comedy series. Broadway World reports that the actress, who isn‘t famous just for facing off with Tyra Banks, will be taking over the role of Nico for the ABC show.  The character was previously played by Jowharah Jones in earlier seasons of Ugly Betty, but it‘s going to DaCosta now. Read more »
Tomorrow on America‘s Next Top Model, the ladies meet with Miss J for tips on how to perfect their strut toprepare for their first runway show for designer Kevan Hall. One girlopens up about a former abusive relationship, and petite supermodelJaime Rishar is this week‘s guest judge.Be sure to tune in Wednesday night at 8 PM for "Make Me Tall," andcheck back to BuddyTV for the full recap, post-photo shoot rankings,and interview with the eliminated model!Our Fantasy TV predictions: Read more »
So. The actor Patrick Duffy (of Dallas and Step by Step infamy) and an emotionally sensitive crab walk into Patrick Duffy‘s living room, sit down, and discuss an episode of America‘s Next Top Model that is appearing at that time on Patrick Duffy‘s television.Sorry, did you think that was the beginning of a joke? It‘s not a joke. But it is hilarious. Welcome to the internet. Read more »
For those of you who got to the end of the 2-hour Cycle 13 premiere of America‘s Next Top Model and thought, "I WANT MORE!" well, have I got a very exciting surprise for YOU!Now you get more! Check out these 11 (!) behind the scenes clips from the Cycle 13 ANTM premiere, which are actually pretty fascinating for two reasons:1. Unedited, candid sh*t-talking2. NO TYRA!The clips revolve around the 14 finalists‘ initial makeovers, and then their first photo shoot, in which each girl was asked to reenact one of her baby photos.  Read more »
More America‘s Next Top Model bonus clips for your above-and-beyond enjoyment!This time, check out a couple of the girls‘ audition tapes, including Laura down home on the farm and Sundai‘s full Pictionary experience, plus clips from their first confessionals and runway challenge.What I like best: in the last clip, we see that Bianca‘s got the claws out even BEFORE we caught on that she must have shaved off her kindness along with her hair. Read more »
Tonight on America‘s Next Top Not Tall (At All) Model, Tyra teaches the girls to runway walk and look as tall as possible.But first, Bianca starts us off. Again. She laments her place in the bottom 2 last week. Again. And she vows to never be in the bottom 2 again. AGAIN. (I‘m getting the most amazing sense of deja vu right now. Is this real life? Where am I?)Oh, here‘s something new that she says! "The thing that I know I need to work on is my face."  Read more »
This morning I had the pleasure to talk with Lulu Braithwaite, the 19-year-old aspiring model from Brooklyn who, to the shock of many fans, seemed to go from sweetheart to smack-talker in the blink of an eye last night on America‘s Next Top Model.I had an exclusive chance to ask Lulu about her experience in the Top Model house, including what she thought of her surprising role reversal last night, which she informed me wasn‘t a reversal at all. In a tough competition like America‘s Next Top Model, trash talking happens, and she wasn‘t shy to say that she was a part of it. it turns out shyness just isn‘t Lulu‘s thing: she also informed me that she regularly walked around naked in the house, to the initial shock of a few of her new roommates! After the jump, the full audio and transcript of my interview with Lulu.  Read more »
On next Wednesday‘s episode of America‘s Next Top Model, the 10 remaining models head to a photo studio, where they are presented with a very tall gift with a sign that says: "Pull here."To see what happens next, watch the preview video below for episode 5, "Take My Photo, Tyra!" Read more »
Hey ANTM fans! Here‘s a unique perspective from our America‘s NextTop Model guest video blogger, professional petite model Isobella Jade!Each week she‘ll be sharing her insights about Cycle 13 with us here atBuddyTV from her vantage point as a pint-size model trying to make itin the industry.By Isobella JadeThis week was all about standing tall, on the runway and in front of the camera. The girls faced their runway challenge with pride, even afterlearning they would have to walk with giraffe models. Sundai especially surprised me with herconfident take-no-sh*t expression. Overall, they succeeded: no one fell,and everyone worked it, though Ashley didn‘t have as muchattitude as I hoped, and Erinneeds a lesson walking in heels. Not all made the cut according to MissJ and the editor of Seventeen, Ann Shocket. Ann chose Brittanyas having the best walk, but I didn‘t think her walk was all that. WasI the only one who noticed Brittany almost stepping on the tall girlshe walked with down the runway?  Read more »
America‘s Next Top Model: the (ridiculous) gift that just keeps on giving (the vicarious embarrassment LOLs). So, in the spirit of Tyra, here are many more bonus clips from last week‘s episode 3, "Fortress of Fierceness." Be especially sure to check out the full confrontation between Jennifer and Bianca about "dishes," and that little ol‘ ray of sunshine Laura‘s dinner conversation with the Wihelmina Models President. Read more »
Last week on America‘s Next Top Model, Brittany won the "best runway walk" challenge, receiving the oh-so coveted prize of posing in a prom dress "advertorial" spread in Seventeen magazine along with two pals. She chose Kara and Laura to get high school dance dolled up with her. It‘s not exactly prom season just yet, but we found three high quality photos from the shoot, which advertised Xcite brand dresses. Check out the aspiring ANTM Cycle 13 models working it below! Read more »
This week on America‘s Next Top Model, the 10 remaining petite models of Le Cycle 13 have their toughest challenge yet: posing for the world‘s craziest photographer... Tyra Banks. Tyra will be draping each model in "vibrant fabrics" for this week‘s shoot, and famous petite model China Chow will help guest judge.Who‘s most likely to channel the power of Smeyes, and who is next to say her goodbyes? (Hey, that rhymed!)Don‘t forget to make your America‘s Next Top Model Fantasy TV picks before Wednesday afternoon! Remember, the winner of our league gets a free digital camera!Here are my picks for who‘s safe, who‘s likely to sail through (at least for this week), and who should be scared she‘ll no longer be in the running to be America‘s Next Top Model. Read more »
This week on America‘s Next Top Model, Tyra takes her crazy behind the camera for the 10 remaining models‘ fourth photo shoot, in which they‘ll be wound up in vibrant fabrics and told to "smeyes" from point blank range. Check out the latest sneak peek from the episode after the jump, in which the ever joyful Laura tries her best to impress Tyra, but likely learns the hard way that there‘s no right way to cooperate with crazy.See also:Episode 5 Promo Clip and our ANTM Elimination PicksEpisode 5 Webclip 1: "Take My Photo, Tyra!"  Read more »
There‘s a thin line between spunky and over-reacting to granola bar theft.  If you remember the temper of Brittany "Bre" Scullark on America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 5, you probably won‘t be surprised about her recent brush with the law.According to TMZ, the famed contestant on the hit reality television series was arrested in New York City a couple of weeks ago for her disorderly conduct.  She supposedly lost control at a local Starbucks establishment, when a woman accused her of stealing her laptop. Read more »
This week‘s America‘s Next Top Model episode was full of helpful lessons for life. Not just for models, either. These lessons apply to all of us striving to look our best and most beautiful!All together now: "THANK YOU, TYRA!"Never forget to say those words at least once every day, my dear readers. Every time Tyra‘s ego isn‘t validated, a kitten spontaneously bursts into flames. It‘s in her CW contract. Look it up.But I digress! Here are Tyra‘s lessons of the week, courtesy of America‘s Next Top Model: Read more »
Hey ANTM fans! Here‘s a unique perspective from our America‘s NextTop Model guest video blogger, professional petite model Isobella Jade!Each week she‘ll be sharing her insights about Cycle 13 with us here atBuddyTV from her vantage point as a pint-size model trying to make itin the industry.By Isobella JadeWhat do running and beauty have in common? Well, a lot, if you are on America‘s Next Top Model. The mini-models of cycle 13 got a beating last night racing through Wal-Mart for the CoverGirl beauty challenge. Nigel and his beauty-wife Crissy Barker announced the challenge and prize of getting to be featured on CoverGirl‘s page on and a $1000 gift card. The job: Race through Wal-Mart to different model-prep-stations, tank tops and jeans (did anyone else wonder how all of the girls fit in the same pair of jeans...were they all a size 0 or 2?), shoes (same thing, were the shoes all the same size?), beauty, and photography, in an attempt to prove the importance of hustling to get ready fast before a go-see or modeling casting.The catch was that each station did not have enough items for each model, so the first runners that got to the station could continue on, and the rest got eliminated. They had three minutes to do their face, which makeup artist Sam Fine had sort of, but not really, prepared them for in a quick beauty session before the challenge.  Read more »
Last night on America‘s Next Top Model, a show normally entrenched in mind-numbingly irrelevant issues like "to bleach or not bleach my eyebrows," a rare moment of true moral dilemma graced our screens in an unexpected place (Wal-Mart), during an unexpected challenge for 90-pound humans (a cut-throat relay race through that Wal-Mart). During said race, Aryan Erin (she‘s been bleached to the moon, you see) let her inner line-backer come out and play, pushing and shoving and bruising the competition on her way to the Covergirl aisle. Then she proceeded to bruise their feelings too, purposely sabotaging another girl‘s chance of winning by hiding her golden ticket (her go-see photo), keeping her from crossing the finish line in time."Races don‘t have manners," Erin reasoned later.Beyond the most obvious question about this situation (That would be, "What does a relay in Wal-Mart have to do with modeling?") another quandary presented itself last night. One that, SHOCKINGLY, Tyra never addressed within the hour of the show:If dancing, smeyesing, interviewing, makeup-applying, 8-inch-heel-wearing, and tricking the camera into thinking you‘re taller are all parts of becoming America‘s Next Top Model (meaning, if you couldn‘t tell before, that this show is NOT about who has the purest modeling talent, but who has the "full package") and personality plays a major role in Tyra‘s judging and elimination process of said "full package," well, then shouldn‘t being a decent human being and not physically injuring your competition be part of it, too? Read more »
This morning I had the pleasure to talk to Bianca Richardson, the 21-year-old student from Washington, D.C. and latest eliminee from America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 13. I was initially intimidated to talk with Bianca, given her rather harsh edit on the show as a woman with a hard exterior, who perhaps had an even harder time relating to other people. But I found Bianca to be very open and honest about her experience on ANTM and her goals for the future, and mature about her portrayal on the program, which didn‘t exactly show her full personality, she claimed.Check out what Bianca had to say about her time in the Top Model house, plus who she thinks should win Cycle 13, which photo was her favorite, and more! Full transcript and audio after the jump. Read more »
Usually we hear a lot about the winners of America‘s Next Top Model and what they‘ve been busy with ever since their Cycle ended.  We know how Eva Pigford-Marcille, Whitney Thompson, CariDee English and McKey Sullivan rose to fame outside of the show.  But who‘s really heard about last season‘s Teyona Anderson? Most of us were taken aback by how she beat crowd favorite Allison on Cycle 12, but just how far did she make it afterwards?  Apparently, she‘s still trying to make it in the world of modeling.  According to Today‘s Sunbeam, she‘s busy going from New York to South Africa.  Oh, so that‘s why we could hardly keep up with her.  Read more »
Check out more behind-the-scenes clips from America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 13, where the girls are short in stature, but not short on tension and drama!Tune in on Wednesday at 8 PM to the CW for episode 6, "Dance with Me," in which the 9 remaining models take a surprise trip to Las Vegas for a Cirque du Soleil inspired photo shoot! Read more »
As the BuddyTV writer for both America‘s Next Top Model and Gossip Girl this season, last night‘s Tyra crossover into the Upper East Side was particularly bizarre to me. It was one of those rare but unavoidable colliding of worlds that we all experience now and again. Like when your college friends meet your high school friends, or you see your 5th grade teacher at the mall. It‘s just not right, and yet... it adds a whole new dimension to your knowledge about the world, and sometimes even about yourself.Okay, I may have gone a little too far just now. I did NOT learn anything new about myself watching Tyra embarrass herself as "Ursula" on Gossip Girl. But I did learn something about her: it takes some real bravery to put yourself under the very sharp, very harsh lens of Gossip Girl critics and viewers, many of whom adore the show because they believe it reflects their holy, upper-crusty New York lifestyle.  Read more »
More America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 13 bonus clips for your voyeuristic pleasures! (Oops, that sounded wrong.)This time, check out the fall-out after Lulu was surprisingly eliminated, and the drama that occurred after Erin threw down during the Wal-Mart Covergirl challenge. Read more »
Tonight on America‘s Next Top Model: The remaining 9 models are shipped aaaall the way from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for a Cirque du Soleil inspired photo shoot! (Get it? Because they are short little models. They basically make up their own freak show!)But before we get to that, the girls must undergo their most difficult "modeling" challenge yet, given that it has very little to do with modeling: learn to dance with Benny Ninja and Lil Mama! This modeling teach is about expressing themselves through movement.  Read more »
Hey ANTM fans! Here‘s a unique perspective from our America‘s NextTop Model guest video blogger, professional petite model Isobella Jade!Each week she‘ll be sharing her insights about Cycle 13 with us here atBuddyTV from her vantage point as a pint-size model trying to make itin the industry.By Isobella JadeA Cirque du Soleil themed photo shoot could make a creative, artistic, colorful, and energetic result, but that didn‘t happen last night on America‘s Next Top Model. The cycle 13 mini-models had hair that was bigger than they are, eyes darker than the devil, and the glitz was translated as an impression of a half-naked actress in the musical Chicago or Rent, slinking on stripper poles.  Flying to Vegas didn‘t end up being exciting after all. Posing in three groups of three, the nine remaining America‘s Next Top Model contestants became parts of a Cirque Du Soleil explosion that, in my mind, had nothing to do with being a model.  Also on set were dancers from Cirque Du Soleil sprawled in artistic and clown-like poses.  Read more »
America‘s Next Top Model contestant Ashley Howard has perhaps one of the most bizarre (and lucky) reality TV casting stories of all time: all it took was one glance from Tyra Banks during a taping of The Tyra Show, and Ashley earned herself an appointment to try out for the special short models season of America‘s Next Top Model.Once in the house, as we saw in weeks past, Ashley ran into problems both on and off camera.  As the competition heated up and tensions in the house rose, her dancing background (and lack of modeling experience) began to catch up with her, and after Tyra sent Ashley home for not yet being able to harness her dancer‘s body in the right way for modeling.I had a chance to chat with Ashley this morning about her unique casting experience, how she felt about her portrayal as a "mean girl" in the house, whether she will continue modeling, and more! Check out the full audio and transcript after the jump.  Read more »
She may have risen to the spotlight as a model, but CariDee English has set her heart on being a musician.  The America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 7 winner has already landed herself a gig hosting the reality series Pretty Wicked on Oxygen, which gives personality makeovers to "bad girls."  Still, it looks as though CariDee is going to undergo some changes herself, career-wise.On an interview with, the striking blonde revealed how she‘s currently busy with her show and getting ready recording her album this November.  What‘s actually a bit more surprising is that CariDee English might just be headed for the alternative rock genre. Read more »
The CW has already released the final photos from next week‘s America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 13 episode 7, "Petite Ninja Warriors." It is not for us to question why. But it IS for us to scrutinize them to oblivion before the episode airs, and it IS for us to see which of us is the best at guessing Tyra‘s upcoming call-out order!Check out each of the girl‘s photos below (click through on each for the high-quality version), and then leave a comment with what order you think Tyra will call out the models, from best to worst. This should definitely help all my fellow America‘s Next Top Model Fantasy TV players make their picks for next week. And judging by some of your track records so far this season, you need all the help you can get. (OHHH!)  Read more »
Tomorrow on America‘s Next Top Model, the remaining 8 will be taught the art of ninja warrior combat and suspended from wires to display their skills... with varying results.How do I know this? Well, for starters, I‘ve already seen the final elimination photos from this episode, and asked you to rank them. If you haven‘t done so already, and you‘re okay with being spoiled, head over to the photos and rank away! And be sure to make your America‘s Next Top Model Fantasy TV picks while you‘re at it.Second, I just watched these promo videos and webclips for Wednesday‘s episode, and while one particular model seems to be a barrel of sunshine and giggles as usual (it‘s Laura, of course), Mr. Jay Manuel did not have the nicest things to say about another mystery model...Who will live by the sword and die by the sword this week? Tune in to the CW at 8 PM on Wednesday to find out!  Read more »
Tonight on a Far East-inspired America‘s Next Top Model: It‘s all about battles and karma. The remaining 8 models embark on a harrowing, cut-throat journey called "go-sees," where only the timely and showered survive. And then it is off to the do-jo pho-to stud-io for an even bigger bloodbath! Girls dressed like ninjas, complete with weapons and suspended in the air, in a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon-esque photo sequence.But the go-see challenge and photo shoot aren‘t the only battles being waged on ANTM tonight. Our wee warriors started to show their true colors tonight as a feud of the awkward, gangley ones began between Nicole and Kara, whose dislike for Nicole can be summed up thus: Read more »
19-year-old model Kara Vincent, a student from Fort Wayne, IN, had a unique look that turned the heads of America‘s Next Top Model viewers and judges alike, including host Tyra Banks, who lauded her strong features as some of the most promising this season, which cast only girls 5‘7‘‘ and under. Vincent flew all the way from Costa Rica to Chicago to attend a casting call for Cycle 13. Last night, Kara was the sixth model eliminated from the competition after Tyra questioned her passion for modeling and consistency in photo shoots week to week.I had the chance to have a quick chat with Kara this morning about her experience, and she shared some highs and lows from the competition, from her favorite fellow models and photo shoot to the poor performance in the ninja photo shoot that ended up sealing her fate.Check out the transcript and audio from our interview after the jump. Read more »
Hey ANTM fans! Here‘s a unique perspective from our America‘s NextTop Model guest video blogger, professional petite model Isobella Jade!Each week she‘ll be sharing her insights about Cycle 13 with us here atBuddyTV from her vantage point as a pint-size model trying to make itin the industry.By Isobella JadeDuring the Petite Ninja Warriors episode of America‘s Next Top Model this week, the girls had a go-see challenge. In groups of two, the eight hopefuls were sent to five different castings in a four hour span, in an effort for each of them to live the life of a real model. This challenge inspired me to share a Go-see 101 with you, since the show didn‘t go into detail on the real go-see "day in the life." There is more to a go-see than just showing up!  Read more »
This week on America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 13, the remaining 7 models have their toughest challenges yet: an interview challenge with 90210 star Jessica Lowndes, and a Covergirl commercial that will send one model into a major meltdown.After the jump, catch 2 sneak peeks of the episode, including the aaaaadorable Laura‘s "method acting" technique, and Erin‘s battle to keep her mascara intact.Don‘t forget to make your America‘s Next Top Model Fantasy TV picks before Wednesday! And catch me back here after the episode (8 PM on the CW) with the episode recap, rankings, and more! Read more »
You may have noticed that the contestants‘ heights aren‘t the only things that have changed this cycle on America‘s Next Top Model.For one, the schedule of events seems a bit out of order, which Tyra seemed to have down to a science in the 12 previous cycles. Last week the 8 remaining models went on go-sees, which seemed a bit early in the season, compared to other cycles. And next week, each of the final 7 will try her hand at a Covergirl commercial. Maybe Tyra just decided that the show needed some shaking up. That might explain why the host/executive producer/shining star of the show changed the final song that airs after each model is eliminated. We now hear the show-inspired R&B tune "Top Model", instead of the instrumental "Free For All" to which we‘ve become accustomed over the years. I know I wasn‘t the only one to arch my brow in surprise (not smeyes) when I heard my familiar end credits scored with the words "Top maaaawdul, top maaawdul" at the beginning of this season. Maybe I just fear change, but I‘m still missing the old ending song!After the jump, listen to both America‘s Next Top Model elimination songs, and tell me: which do you like better? Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of America‘s Next Top Model is all about putting your best face forward in front of a film crew:First, the remaining 7 models will be participate in an Insider interview challenge with 90210 star Jessica Lowndes. Then they‘ll each try to remember their lines and look their best in a Covergirl commercial, which leads one model to have a major meltdown!And, last but certainly not least, tonight‘s guest judge will be none other than Kim Kardashian, known for her sense of style and reality star power. Kim‘s no stranger to being in front of the camera, so I can‘t wait to see what advice she gives the girls about how to keep their cool and look their best with the cameras rolling.Check out what Kim had to tell People about her guest judging experience with one of her "idols," Tyra Banks.  Read more »
Tonight on America‘s Next Top Model, we learn about acting, interviewing in front of the "motion camera" (as Tyra calls it) with two challenges designed to torture the 7 remaining tiny models in the competition they thought was about looking pretty: First, a fake interview on The Insider with real TV star Jessica Lowndes! Then a fake commercial for Covergirl to promote their all too real line of "exact eyelight mascara, shadows and eyeliners." You know what else was real tonight? All the awkwardness, embarrassment, and hilarious head-bobs that ensued. Forget already being in front of a "motion camera" 24-7 for that reality show they‘re on--what‘s it called again?--that‘s different. You don‘t have to look those cameras in the eye and read stuff. And reading while smiling, leaning, thinking and smeyezing is hard."It‘s not America‘s Next Top Still Photo Model." -- Tyra BanksI guess that‘s why they call it America‘s Next Top Covergirl, Entertainment Reporter, and Model (TRIPLE THREAT!). Right? Read more »
Check out more bonus clips from this cycle of America‘s Next Top Model. This week (episode 6), the girls reeled hard after a difficult dancing challenge that left Ashley, a dance instructor, questioning her skills. Plus: Jennifer reflects on how she‘d have it in the bag if this were a "Having Fun" competition, Laura speculates on what her boyfriend could have gotten her for her birthday, and more!Check out all the cycle 13 episode 6 bonus clips from America‘s Next Top Model after the jump: Read more »
Last night on America‘s Next Top Model, Erin may have cried so much during her Covergirl commercial that they almost ran out of concealer from all her touch-ups. But she wasn‘t the only one who had a hard time pushing through the video shoot. Even though they had the chance to write their own scripts, each girl had her own challenges with the delivery: from Nicole, who needed to conquer her natural awkwardness, to Brittany, who memorized her script so perfectly that she came off sounding like a robot. There was one clear winner of the challenge, though, and she took to the camera like a bubbly, head-bobbing fish to water.After the jump, revisit each model‘s Covergirl commercial, and see if you agree with my rankings of the best and worst commercials from America‘s Next Top Model Cycle 13 Episode 8, "Interview 101." Read more »
I doubt I was the only viewer shocked to see model Rae Weisz, the 21-year-old mother from Rochester, MN, eliminated last night on America‘s Next Top Model. Up until last night, Rae took some of the strongest photos in the group, and her icy blonde hair and striking features set her apart as one of the more versatile and marketable contestants in this cycle of short-statured models.Unfortunately for Rae, episode 8 of America‘s Next Top Model brought with it the quintessential Covergirl commercial challenge, and--even though hers was certainly not the worst in the bunch--her repeated lack of personality in front of the judges led to her elimination. I had the chance to chat with Rae this morning about her experience in the Top Model house, and she shared the unique way she was cast for the show, her favorite photo shoot and fellow contestants, and why she found it so challenging to reveal herself in front of the judging panel.Check out the full audio and transcript after the jump.  Read more »
Hey ANTM fans! Here‘s a unique perspective from our America‘s NextTop Model guest video blogger, professional petite model Isobella Jade!Each week she‘ll be sharing her insights about Cycle 13 with us here atBuddyTV from her vantage point as a pint-size model trying to make itin the industry.By Isobella JadeAfter seeing Erin totally spaz out on America‘s Next Top Model while filming her Covergirl commercial, I wanted to share with you some on-the-job and behind the scenes modeling tips for getting through the day without crying.Showing up with a clean face isn‘t enough. There are many more things you should have in your Model Survival Bag at every shoot. Here are some things to bring to your modeling bookings:  Read more »
On the next episode of America‘s Next Top Model: Tyra takes this cycle‘s shorter models on an appropriately shorter fantasy trip than usual. Move over Milan and suck it Sydney, because Tyra‘s keeping it domestic, and taking the final 6 to Maui!Check out two sneak peek videos of the surprise reveal of the destination, and next Wednesday‘s photo shoot! (You can probably figure out what it is by now!) Read more »
The New York Post caught up with Tyra‘s right hand man at the Where The Wild Things Are premiere last week, and Mr. Manuel chatted all about the cycle of shorties on this season‘s America‘s Next Top Model.Check out the video for hints from Jay about this cycle‘s winner, the finale runway showdown, and his thoughts on Tyra trying to make "smeyes" happen. Read more »
Jean Patteson of the Orlando Sentinel had a chance to sit down with supermodel and former America‘s Next Top Model judge Paulina Porizkova to talk about her advice to young models, her thoughts on today‘s fashions, and the alleged feud with ANTM host and creator Tyra Banks that led to her dismissal from the show last year.See what Paulina had to say about her disagreements with Tyra: Read more »
Get a behind the scenes look at one of the most difficult challenges that this season‘s shorties faced on America‘s Next Top Model: the go-see challenge. Plus, "good things come in small packages" takes on a whole new meaning at dinner, and Nicole and Laura go nuts over a coconut. Check out more America‘s Next Top Model bonus clips below! Read more »
Tonight on America‘s Next Top Model: The final 6 embark on their exotic trip... to Hawaii. There, they learn how to surf, and to look like different racial identities.No, seriously.It‘s America‘s Next Top Model. With Tyra Banks. Aren‘t you just surprised they didn‘t try out blackface sooner?Here‘s something that actually surprises me: Erin is still in the competition! Can you believe it? Read more »
Last night on America‘s Next Top Model, Tyra took the final 6 models to Hawaii, where they underwent ‘transformations‘ to embody two distinct ethnic heritages for a ‘hapa‘-inspired photo shoot.Since the final photos of the models--who each donned darker hair, painted skin, and color-corrective contact lenses to take on the various ethnic looks--hit the web yesterday, a debate is waging about whether the photo shoot is an intentional publicity stunt (perhaps meant to play off of French Vogue‘s recent Blackface spread that sparked much outrage), an innocent (and some might say successful) attempt to celebrate Hawaii‘s diversity, or just another poorly advised photo shoot from Ms. Banks, just as insulting in its ignorant conception as its offensive execution. Read more »
The shocking eliminations on America‘s Next Top Model continue! Last week it was Rae, and this week another gorgeous model with a strong body of work on the show was sent home: Brittany Markert, the 21-year-old student from Santa Clara, California. Brittany was a quiet killer (in a good way) throughout this season of shorties on ANTM, winning challenges and photo shoots with her sexy gaze and delicate elegance, but not much air time, as she noted in our interview. But once the final 6 got to Hawaii, where Brittany felt her work in this week‘s controversial hapa photo shoot was inspired, the judges saw a model who was falling flat, and she was sent home.I had the pleasure of talking to Brittany this morning about her experience in the Top Model house, and she shared her highs and lows, from her favorite photo shoot to her shocking elimination. Full audio and transcript, after the jump. Read more »
There‘s some nutty news from America‘s Next Top Model today. A veryfamous face will be making an appearance on this season‘s finale. Courtesy of E! Online we learn that none other than EddieMurphy is coming to America...‘s Next Top Model. According to E!‘s exclusive CW source, the famous funny man won‘t besitting at the judges panel for the finale, but rather in the audiencefor the final runway show. Why you ask? Well, it‘s not that Eddie is atireless supporter of 5‘7‘‘ and under models, rather his daughter BriaMurphy will be walking the runway with the ANTM finalists. So the proud pappa will be in the audience to cheer her on. And I‘m sure, if Tyra has her way, in avery camera friendly location.  Read more »
Check out the preview and two sneak peeks of this Wednesday‘s America‘s Next Top Model, when the five remaining shorties will learn the ins and outs of bikini posing from supermodel Marisa Miller, and then take on an underwater photo shoot for their elimination challenge. Which models will keep their heads above water, and which will sink under the pressure? Make sure you make your America‘s Next Top Model Fantasy TV picks before Wednesday! As it comes down to final few, and it‘s anyone‘s guess who will be eliminated next. Read more »
We‘re coming down to the wire on this cycle of America‘s Next Top Model: Short Makeover Edition. We‘ve seen eight photo shoots so far in cycle 13, and just as many challenges meant to test the five remaining under-5‘7‘‘ models on their poise, beauty, random skills, and (oh yeah!) modeling talent. So, now that only Jennifer, Nicole, Laura, Erin and Sundai remain, I ask you, O patient and discerning ANTM fans:Who will be eliminated--and who should be eliminated--before the Final 2 face off in the ANTM finale two weeks from now?It‘s a simple, two-part question, really. But that doesn‘t mean the answer is. Especially when we‘ve got Tyra calling the shots.So, as you prepare to watch tonight‘s episode, "Dive Deeper," or you‘re here after the episode to react to the latest elimination, check out the final photos once again, assess each girl‘s strengths and weaknesses, and let me know who YOU think deserves to reach the runway! Read more »
Tonight on America‘s Next Top Model: The final five models learn the basics of bikini posing from supermodel Marisa Miller, and then use none of those lessons in a cliff-jumping photo shoot challenge. Finally, to complete their metamorphosis from land- to sea-dwellers, Laura, Nicole, Sundai, Erin and Jennifer try for their best mermaid pose in an underwater photo shoot.But before we get to that, let‘s take a look back: remember how Erin was in the bottom two for two weeks in a row during elimination? And how each week the judges expressed their faith in her, even though the girl she was up against consistently posted better photos and had a better attitude during the competition?Yeah. That‘s not about to end anytime soon. But Erin tries her best to look on her version of the bright side, taking her two strikes as a sign that the judges have faith in her, and motivation to become their "golden child."  Read more »
Hey ANTM fans! Here‘s a unique perspective from our America‘s NextTop Model guest video blogger, professional petite model Isobella Jade!Each week she‘ll be sharing her insights about Cycle 13 with us here atBuddyTV from her vantage point as a pint-size model trying to make itin the industry.By Isobella Jade Recently on America‘s Next Top Model, the girls were in bikinis, jumping off cliffs and rolling in the sand with supermodel Marisa Miller. I do like the tips she gave the girls on making a Barbie toe and keeping good posture, but here is some more insight for shorter girls on showing your body as a model. A shorter girl should be targeting commercial print modeling agencies for editorial, catalog, print ads, and also "parts modeling" jobs. Parts modeling is when you use your whole body or its "parts"--hands, feet, legs--to work with brands. You can also use your body to model for editorials in magazines like Self, Fitness, Marie Claire, Glamour and others.  Read more »
Sundai Love should thank her legs. Despite being the shortest model in this cycle of shorties on America‘s Next Top Model, she still managed to outlast most of her competition, making it to Hawaii and the final 5 contestants. In picture after picture, Tyra and the judges commended her for looking much taller than her 5‘3‘‘ frame gave her credit for... and those legs even helped her outrun her competitors in their relay challenge, winning her a $1,000 gift certificate to Wal-Mart.I had the pleasure of chatting with Sundai, 18, this afternoon about her experience on the show, including her literal highs and lows in the competition, from up on a horse to down deep in the ocean. She revealed her favorite models left in the running, what viewers would be surprised to learn about her, and how she plans to harness her youthful image--with hopes of being on our TV screens once more!Check out the full audio and transcript of my interview with Sundai after the jump.  Read more »
Four models--and only TWO episodes--remain in the quest for America‘s Next Top Model, shortie-style edition! And, as last week‘s promo (see the video after the jump) reveals, two of these four girls will be eliminated this week.As we near the end, everyone‘s got a favorite--and a least favorite--for who should be crowned America‘s Next Top Model. So watch the promo and then tell me about Erin, Jennifer, Laura, and Nicole: Who has won your beauty-loving heart, and who can‘t you wait to see go "buh-bye"? Who SHOULD win, and who WILL ultimately win America‘s Next Top Model? Read more »
There‘s so much that goes into becoming America‘s Next Top Model. There‘s that staple: looking beautiful in expensive dresses (which the final four attempt this week--click for their final photos). And there‘s getting through Tyra‘s arbitrary challenges (like, say, doing a Hawaiian hip hop dance) without complaining. And, of course, there‘s being the best Covergirl for the job. Much of the each ANTM cycle is devoted to these lofty tasks, but let‘s not forget the other essential part of an ANTM winner: her runway walk! As you‘ll recall, the final two models always strut in a runway show in the final episode, and how they perform can make or break their chances of winning. Throw in the fact that our models this cycle are under 5‘7‘‘, and will probably be walking with models closer to 5‘10‘‘ in height, and I‘m guessing we‘ve got a very dramatic final face-off coming our way!Check out this great compilation video of the final four models‘ runway walks (or what we‘ve seen of them so far) and decide before the final strut: who‘s got the best walk?  Read more »
It‘s a little odd that America‘s Next Top Model cycle 13 contestant Erin Wagner is giving interviews the day of what I can only assume will be her final episode in the competition. I say that because there are four models left, and I can think of three left who have not been on the chopping block three times in a row, and those three are also not Erin. But Erin‘s an Illinois native, so it makes sense that the Chicago Sun-Times would get the first crack at asking the 18-year-old student about her "most scandalous moments" on this otherwise fairly scandal-free season of ANTM. Despite the outcome of tonight‘s episode (which could surprise us, given the questionable quality of tonight‘s final photos AND Tyra‘s penchant for pulling those fast ones on us) or your opinion of Erin, you‘ve got to admit: she‘s been keeping it interesting!Check out what Erin told the Times about her more "bratty" moments this season on America‘s Next Top Model, and what she sees for herself in the future. I‘ll be chatting with Erin myself tomorrow, so if you have any further questions for her (before or after tonight‘s episode, 8 PM on the CW) be sure to leave them in the comments! Read more »
It‘s the penultimate episode of America‘s Next Top Model cycle 13, and the final four will model for their lives tonight, after an all-important competition to see who can dance "Hawaiian hip hop" the best. Did I say "all-important"? I meant none-important. What IS important is that TWO models will be eliminated tonight, and their fates will be at least partially decided by their performances in tonight‘s photo shoot, in which they must "channel Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes." We already have the final photos from tonight‘s shoot, so if you‘re in the mood for a little spoiler while you watch, check them out! Plus: I‘ve got a video of each girl‘s runway walks so far this cycle, and a pre-episode interview with Erin where she hints, among other things, that she‘s "not one to take rejection lying down." Don‘t say I never gave you anything.In honor of the momentous double elimination, I‘m livethoughting the episode tonight, so follow along with me right here and in 140 characters or less on BuddyTV‘s awesome America‘s Next Top Model Twitter. Read more »
Last night on America‘s Next Top Model, Tyra and her judges narrowed the field from four models to two, leaving bubbly babe Laura and monotone maven Nicole to duke it out in next Wednesday‘s finale.Both models are fan favorites, but when it comes down to strengths and weaknesses, they couldn‘t be more different. Each model has had her shining moments and slight missteps over the course of the cycle, but it will all come down to a final Covergirl commercial and intense runway show to decide this cycle‘s winner. Who has the poise, talent, and grace under pressure to seal the victory?Check out the portfolios of each lovely finalist and decide for yourself: who will be America‘s Next Top Model? Read more »
It‘s a rare America‘s Next Top Model contestant who actually is the way she comes across on television, and Jennifer An, the 24-year-old actress and model from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is one of those contestants. In a good way.On the show, Jennifer was bubbly, friendly, and optimistic, and--even after going through her crushing elimination from the competition just shy of the final two--she‘s just the same over the phone. Perhaps it helps that during last night‘s ANTM episode, she ended up with a gorgeous Pele-inspired photo and a 5-day vacation in Maui. Talk about ending on a high note.I had the pleasure of chatting--and laughing--with Jennifer this morning about her experience in the Top Model house, from her new "BFF forever" whom she met on the show, to how she felt like a "father" (really!) to some of her younger competitors. And she didn‘t just confirm what I already knew (which includes that she loves to laugh). You‘ll never guess what recent movie you can spot her in, and why she thinks she was left out of most of the Top Model house drama. Check out the full audio and transcript of my chat with Jennifer after the jump. Read more »
Compared to previous cycles, this season of America‘s Next Top Model was relatively smooth-sailing in the drama department. It was never boring, of course, but who doesn‘t love watching a good model cat-fight unfold? Nobody, that‘s who.For what little social excitement that came across our screens this cycle, we have contestant Erin Wagner, 18, at least partially to thank. Her wisecracking and brutally honest assessments of fellow models and the show‘s challenges may have rubbed some the wrong way, but her many stellar photos from throughout the competition showed that she had the modeling talent to back up the attitude. She made it to the final four, after all!And, as we know about reality TV, not everything is always as it seems. In other words, as Erin told me this morning: "I‘m not a bitch!" Check out what else Erin had to say about her experience on America‘s Next Top Model, after the jump. Read more »
America‘s Next Top Model boss Tyra Banks has reportedly signed on two new advisors to help her critique her incoming cycle 14 models: model and reality star Kimora Lee Simmons, and Vogue editor-at-large and fashion show staple Andre Leon Talley.As you might recall, Kimora was a panel judge during ANTM cycle 1, but in later years has been rumored a Tyra "frenemy." It‘s just that rumor, in fact, that some sources are saying led to Simmons‘ new assignment at the judging table. Read more »
We all know Miss J. Alexander as America‘s Next Top Model "runway diva extraordinaire," and now he‘s put out a book to help those of us who are catwalk challenged (that includes me!) to channel our inner supermodels, too.The book is called Follow the Model: Miss J‘s Guide to Unleashing Presence, Poise and Power, and Miss J recently sat down with ABC News to chat about his inspiration for the book, his job at America‘s Next Top Model, and the wisdom he received from his grandmother and mother that goes far beyond strutting and posing.Check out the video interview after the jump. Read more »
Check out the promo for next Wednesday‘s America‘s Next Top Model finale for a sneak peek at what‘s in store for finalists Laura and Nicole, including a final Covergirl commercial recording, and an intense runway show... that will also be a sort of reunion!We can‘t wait to see how it all goes down between this ANTM final two, who may be lacking in height, but not in likability! Seriously, when was the last time a cycle finale stressed us out because we liked both of the models so much?!See Laura‘s ANTM Cycle 13 PortfolioSee Nicole‘s ANTM Cycle 13 Portfolio Read more »
America‘s Next Top Model fans, get ready for a Wednesday double-dose: not only will the cycle finale air at 8 PM that night on the CW, but from 3 to 5 PM, The Tyra Show will be exclusively devoted to ANTM Cycle 13. Tyra will bring out all the models from the season, and one lucky lady will receive the distinct honor of "Fan Favorite" for the cycle. Plus: Tyra promises to "set the record straight" about the Hawaiian hapa photo shoot that stirred up controversy over allegations that Tyra styled the final 5 models in blackface.Check out the Tyra Show promo for the episode after the jump Read more »
Tomorrow is the day we‘ve all been waiting anxiously for... the day that Tyra will announce the winner of America‘s Next Top Model cycle 13. It‘s come down to a battle royale between fan favorites and ass-kicking shorties Laura and Nicole, both as well-loved for their quirky personalities as for their gorgeous photos throughout the cycle.The CW has released the models‘ final Covergirl photos from this Wednesday‘s episode, in which both girls must film another commercial for the makeup brand (click for their first attempts), as well as walk the runway in an intense runway show, before the judges pick their winner.If you‘re okay with a bit of a spoiler, check out each model‘s final Covergirl shot, and then tell me which photo is deserving of an ANTM crown. But how to choose?! Read more »