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Have you ever been watching America‘s Next Top Model and thought to yourself, “I really like watching all these attractive models but I just feel like without some math or spelling questions, I‘m not getting all the enjoyment I could out of my TV viewing.”Well, has VH1 got a program for you!America‘s Most Smartest Model‘s premiere episode will air on October 7, at 9pm Eastern. The show will have a group of models, evenly split between men and women, who all think they could be the smartest model in America. They will live together and compete to be named the “perfect combination of Beauty and Brains.”  If you can, tear your eyes away from the photo on the left and click through to learn more about the beautiful brains that will be featured on the program. Read more »
On October 7, VH1 will attempt to find the perfect combination of beauty and brains as it launches one of its most latest offerings, America‘s Most Smartest Model. The search begins with the introduction of its 16 hopefuls, consisting of eight men and eight women, who will be living together and competing for a $100,000 prize, several ad campaign sponsorships and a chance to earn the coveted title of "America‘s Most Smartest Model." Read more »
The premiere of America‘s Most Smartest Model will air this Sunday, but VH1 has already let us get a sneak peak on their VSpot. Initial thoughts? Some things weren‘t a surprise: it‘s pretty much as bad as you could imagine. But some things were unexpected: although there is a clear standout as to the actual smartest person, whether or not the individual‘s modeling skills are up to par is in question and that model might not be the ultimate winner despite the clear lead in the brains area. Read more »
It‘s the premiere of VH1 newest reality show, America‘s Most Smartest Model.  This show is designed to make you feel better about yourself.  Ridiculously good looking people will be shown for the idiots that they are.  Sixteen models (half men and half women) will answer trivia questions posed by Ben Stein.  Let the mockery of hot models begin!Ben Stein promises to prove that models are dumber than a box of rocks.  Mary Alice Stephenson, a modeling guru, serves as host and says the competition is real, even if the show‘s title is a joke.  She talks about Stein‘s many great accomplishments, then one model is awed because it‘s the dude from Ferris Bueller‘s Day Off.  The grand prize?  $100,000. Read more »
Mary Alice Stephenson is the host of VH1‘s new series America‘s Most Smartest Model. It was her duty in the premiere episode to preside over the competition, inform us that, yes, the grammatically-incorrect title was an intentional joke, and ask Andre Birleanu to remove his jacket.These duties might have been tricky for a fashion novice, but luckily Mary Alice comes to the show with some serious credentials. She has been in the industry for 17 years, working as a stylist, creative director and consultant, and she is currently contributing fashion editor at Harper‘s Bazaar.She recently talked about the experience on America‘s Most Smartest Model, including her first – and very negative – impressions. Read more »
The pretty (and pretty dumb) people are back as America‘s Most Smartest Model struts into its second episode.  Last time. Jesse was a little round in the middle, but he was rather smart and very catty, so he got to stay.  Mandy Lynn was dumb as heck and kind of a porn star, but Ben Stein liked her rack, so she got to stay as well.  And Russian Andre threatened to break everybody in half.As the models wake up, they are once again thwarted by the trivia locks on the bathroom and fridge.  Andre hints that in Soviet Russia, bathrooms still have locks on the doors. Read more »
Whatever you think of her - and it would appear some of our readers are not fans - you might be able to see that Mary Alice Stephenson‘s job as host and judge of America‘s Most Smartest Model is a little tricky.  All reality judges have to deal with the conflicting priorities of choosing the person who "best" meets the criteria of whatever competition the show centers on, but at the same time, they have to keep an eye on the drama.  Mary Alice has yet another balancing act, because what is this show, really?  A silly show that the judges still have to sometimes take seriously.  America‘s Most Smartest Model is ultimately all one joke with one punchline and anything beyond that is going to occasionally be an awkward fit.Mary Alice recently talked about some of the more serious, less silly aspects of the show, like Rachel Myer‘s weight and Andre Birleanu‘s controversial pose. Read more »
She seemed to be an easy target for America‘s Most Smartest Model. Mandy Lynn‘s over-the-top sexy look and girlish voice seemed to fall more into the “dumb model” stereotype the show purports to challenge than the “studious brainiac” camp.Nevertheless, she soldiered on in the show (except where cake was involved), even though it seemed clear that she was not a favorite in neither the mental nor the modeling challenges, once Mary Alice Stephenson got it in her head Mandy Lynn needed a makeover.She made it until the third episode, and she recently blogged about her experience on the show on her Myspace page. Read more »
America‘s Most Smartest Model returns for episode three.  Are models dumber than a box of rocks?  For the most part, I believe the answer is yes, aside from Daniel (who is genuinely smart) and Jesse (who is genuinely NOT a model).The models begin tonight‘s episode by pulling out a bottle of tequila, at which point the women start doing body shots off each other.  Hold on, tequila, shots, I recapping the wrong show?  Pickel tells us that Blonde Rachel is horny as all get-out, and then she asks if the house has any condoms.  I doubt she just wants to have a water balloon fight. Read more »
“Purged” model Mandy Lynn recently gave a little insight into her time on America‘s Most Smartest Model, and had this to say about Andre Birleanu: “for the most part he is the aggressive, opinionated guy [you] see on the show that is not an act.”Well, it now a woman is alleging that his “aggressive” behavior crossed the line from annoying to actual assault, and Andre now finds himself in some potentially serious trouble.He has been charged with sexual misconduct and aggravated harassment due to accusations from a 19-year-old actress. Read more »
Previously on America‘s Most Smartest Model: Mandy Lynn was eliminated for not eating cake, Andre was loud and obnoxious, Daniel was super-smart, and Jesse was NOT a model.Tonight‘s episode begins with Andre putting up another trophy on his wall of vanquished foes.  Jesse is lamenting the fact that Mary Alice keeps calling him out for being fat.  Pickel says Jesse is so insecure because he‘s gay, black and fat.  Andres disagrees - it has nothing to do with being gay and black, it‘s all about the fat.  I realize Jesse isn‘t fat in the same way that most of America is fat, but in male model terms, he‘s a whale. Read more »
Previously on America‘s Most Smartest Model: Jesse finally got booted, Daniel continued to be smart, Brett and Pickel were hilarious, Blonde Rachel pouted because VJ didn‘t pick her, and the Aussie and the Russian were quite dominant.Blonde Rachel Myers wakes up cuddling with VJ Logan, which she enjoys because he‘s hot.  They get a note for their Edge Challenge, and Angela Hart reads that it‘s about anatomy, which gives her the advantage since she has a degree in animal sciences.  The note totally mocks VJ and Blonde Rachel‘s own recent study in "anatomy."  VJ steals the lone anatomy book to study, so Andre Birleanu is stuck examining a model of a fetus in the womb.  He‘s offended that the woman is suffocating the poor male fetus, so he takes it out.  That‘s taking misogyny to a whole new level. Read more »
Sacramento native, Jesse Lewis may have gotten the boot on America‘s Most Smartest Model but all the criticism and flak he‘s received particularly from host and judge, Mary Alice Stephenson, hasn‘t eroded his belief in his self-worth.  By the fourth episode, Jesse was out after constantly hearing Stephenson give him grief for his fuller figure.Lewis appears unperturbed and undeterred by his elimination and Stephenson‘s criticisms, as evidenced by his statements in VH1‘s blog interview with him, which was posted last week. Read more »
Previously on America‘s Most Smartest Model: Lisa couldn‘t find a pig‘s balls, VJ was a cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater, and Andre called them both out, though Mary Alice didn‘t seem to care.  In the end, Lisa was purged for being dumber than Blonde Rachel.In the aftermath, Blonde Rachel Myers is jumping up and down with excitement over still being in the house, but she knows she needs to work on her intelligence, so she essentially forces Daniel Schuman (the smartest person in the house, and possibly in all of reality television at the moment) to be her partner for the next challenge, regardless of what it is.  Meanwhile, Andre Birleanu admires his wall of vanquished foes, and gets one step closer to winning the $100,000, which he says in the world‘s worst Dr. Evil impression. Read more »
After several weeks of incredibly underwhelming exhibitions of intelligence, Rachel Myers, aka Blonde Rachel, was finally eliminated from America‘s Most Smartest Model on Sunday. Co-host and fashion industry insider Mary Alice Stephenson said that they had wanted to ask Blonde Rachel to leave early on, but the 27-year-old aspiring model from Palm Springs, California always found a way to redeem herself.However, after bearing witness to Blonde Rachel‘s poor performance during the school‘s geometry sessions, Stephenson said she and co-host Ben Stein knew it was time to send Blonde Rachel home. Read more »
Previously on America‘s Most Smartest Model: Mary Alice hauled orf and unceremoniously eliminated Blonde Rachel for being dumber than a box of rocks.  Then she rewarded Brett and Pickel for being strategic, and yelled at Daniel for being too nice of a guy.Andre Birleanu opens this episode giving a pep talk to Angela Hart.  She‘s eating breaded chicken (for breakfast!) and Andre complains that it smells terrible.  That could be the most un-American thing he‘s said yet.  Daniel Schuman wakes up and sees a birthday cake on the table, calling all the other models in.  It‘s his 24th birthday, and to celebrate, they‘re all getting a night out of dinner and dancing.  Andre doesn‘t really care. Read more »
After Rachel Myers, who is also known as Blonde Rachel, got eliminated on VH1‘s America‘s Most Smartest Model, much hype has been generated over her abrupt sendoff.  When show co-host and fashion expert Mary Alice Stephenson gave her the bad news right after the sixth episode‘s runway challenge instead of the actual elimination round, Stephenson has revealed that it was all for the purpose of drama and despite claiming that she doesn‘t have any personal vendetta against Blonde Rachel, the 27-year-old booted contestant strongly disagrees. According to Blonde Rachel, she was very surprised when she learned that she had to leave America‘s Most Smartest Model.  But what bothers Rachel the most is the fact that Stephenson did not wait until the proper elimination ceremony to get rid of her. Read more »
Previously on America‘s Most Smartest Model: It was Daniel‘s birthday, and while the models went out and got drunk, the evening was actually a surprise challenge that upset Daniel.  He had a supreme hissy-fit that sent him on a downward spiral that ultimately led to his elimination.  Meanwhile, Andre won again thanks to the fact that Mary Alice likes it when he takes his shirt off.For the first time, maybe ever, Andre Birleanu is happy.  His alliance is solid, and they‘ve targeted two models: VJ Logan, who seems to be winning everything, and Angela Hart, who‘s just an obnoxious know-it-all. Read more »
She was given the boot in one of the earlier episodes of America‘s Most Smartest Model, but bikini model Mandy Lynn remains popular with her fans who liked her pre-Mary Alice Stephenson makeover look just fine.Mandy Lynn continues to maintain an active online presence, keeping her fans updated on her latest activities via her website and her MySpace page. In fact, if you‘re a fan, and in the New York City area, you might still have a few hours to catch her at the Manhattan Hawaiian Tropic Zone, where she‘ll be today, November 28, until 9pm Eastern. Read more »
Many viewers of America‘s Most Smartest Model thought the show was no contest. Daniel Schuman seemed to be an obvious pick for a likely win. Not only did he have modeling experience, but he‘s also in the process of pursuing his doctorate in psychology. Despite these qualifications, however, he was eliminated in the seventh episode of America‘s Most Smartest Model. Since then, he‘s had a lot to say about the other contestants and one of the judges of the show, Mary Alice Stephenson. Read more »
Previously on America‘s Most Smartest Model: The alliance of Aussie Rachael, Andre, Brett and Pickel crumbled as VJ and Angela won the Edge Challenge and then soared in the runway show.  Pickel‘s goofiness finally caught up to him and he was purged, ending his love affair with Brett.The contestants are playing with pickles, in memory of their fallen comrade.  Brett Novek is sad to see his BFF go home, but he‘s consoled by the awesome boxing robe he made with Jeff Pickel that won them the fashion challenge.  I hope some clothing line decides to market that, because it looks damn comfortable and I‘d totally buy one.  They get their Edge Challenge telling them to divide into teams of two, but with an odd number, one person is a team of one.  Brett immediately volunteers, saying Pickel will be his partner in spirit.  Every time Brett talks about Pickel this episode, just add "in bed" to the end of it. Read more »
The Pickel was “purged” a couple episodes ago, but if you have been having a hankering for a little more about this contestant from America‘s Most Smartest Model, he‘s given a post-show interview to talk a little bit more about his experience.What‘s going on with Jeff Pickel? For one, he‘s a little confused about Daniel Schuman‘s recent comments about him and Brett Novek. He also talks about how he was presented on America‘s Most Smartest Model, and clarifies what he was really talking about with Jesse Lewis. Read more »
He‘s currently leading in our BuddyTV poll asking "Who is the sexiest guy on America‘s Most Smartest Model?" but unfortunately for Brett Novek, that sexiness didn‘t translate into a $100,000 prize on the show.Nevertheless, he seems to be taking the entire experience in stride.  While no one likes to go home empty-handed, in an interview after he was eliminated from the show, Brett seems to like to take the positive approach to his time competing with his brawn and his brain to be named America‘s Most Smartest Model.   He also shed some light on the evolving saga that is the Brett-Daniel Schumman-Jeff Pickel post-show interview mild slapfest that‘s been taking place, and lets us know that the three boys appear to have made their peace. Read more »
Previously on America‘s Most Smartest Model: The alliance of Brett, Andre and Aussie Rachael fell through as VJ and Angela nailed the Callback Challenge and were declared co-winners.  Brett and Aussie Rachael were eliminated, setting up the final three.Now that we‘re in the final three, the models are suffering from mild delusions.  Angela Hart is turning on VJ Logan for the sneaky way he‘s played the game.  Meanwhile, Andre Birleanu is crowing that he‘s "single handedly" taken down 13 other models.  He looks at all the photos of the eliminated contestants and talks to them.  He says Mandy Lynn has a bright future in adult entertainment, and he has no idea who the orange lady is, but neither do I.  He forgets Angela‘s name, so he goes to ask her what it is. Read more »
It‘s nothing new for a reality TV contestant to complain about his or her portrayal on a show. It‘s actually a good way to extend your fifteen minutes: raise a ruckus about what the truth really is.Rachael Murphy, aka "Aussie Rachael," from America‘s Most Smartest Model, however, has a different beef with the producers of that show. She‘s not so much upset about how she was portrayed ON the show, rather, it‘s how the show was portrayed TO her prior to her agreeing to participate.  Read more »
Last week on America‘s Most Smartest Model, the final female was eliminated as Angela Hart was deemed not model-y enough to capture the title. We have ourselves an old school cold war-style show-down between Russian Andre Birleanu and California Boy VJ Logan.Mary Alice Stephenson recently offered up her thought on the eliminated Angela and the two remaining contestants. Read more »
Tonight brings the finale of the second most popular model-themed competitive reality series, America‘s Most Smartest Model.  Throughout the season, VJ Logan has cheated his way into the finals, being supported by judge and host Mary Alice Stephenson he entire time.  On the other corner is Andre Birleanu, the tough-talking Soviet son of diplomats who has made it his mission to break every one of his opponents.  Helping him is the fact that he has more modeling experience than probably the other 15 contestants combined.Now, there can be only one.  Will pretty boy newcomer VJ take the prize, or will it go to the experienced if difficult Soviet comrade?  Judging by the title of this show, I‘d say VJ takes two out of three ("America‘s" and "Most Smartest"),while Andre wins the "Model" category., Read more »
As we’ve reported earlier, America’s Most Smartest Model Andre Birleanu has been in some legal hot water lately. However, after the initial reports, there was a strange silence from the Birleanu camp, without a lot of additional details or public comments from the VH1 star in response.It now turns out this was not his choice, rather direction from VH1, and the grumpy Russian would appear to be pretty unhappy about it.Andre has said, "VH1 has not allowed me to comment to the press or to clear my name. They tell me not to say anything, but then they don‘t stand up for me." Read more »
Last week, the world of modeling competitive reality shows was in a tizzy when Saleisha Stowers was named America‘s Next Top Model. Fans have accused her of cheating in the competition because of her past connections to host Tyra Banks, and her appearance in a Wendy‘s commercial, which is against the rules of the show. Yesterday, yet another “cheating” model, VJ Logan, was named the winner of a reality show when Mary Alice Stephenson and Ben Stein chose him as America‘s Most Smartest Model.The moral is clear: cheating works. Perhaps this is not the case in all reality shows, but in the cut throat world of modeling, you‘re allowed to take any advantage you can. Read more »
Whether you think it was outright cheating or simply underhanded but permitted scheming, no one can deny that VJ Logan was helped along to an America‘s Most Smartest Model win by a lot of clever – and some say dirty – tactics on his part. Judge Mary Alice Stephenson didn‘t have an issue with them, but some viewers did and would have even preferred volatile Andre Birleanu to VJ. What does VJ have to say about the controversy? Read more »
Angela Hart made it all the way to the final three of America‘s Most Smartest Model. But ultimately, Mary Alice Stephenson just felt she was not as strong of a model as Andre Birleanu and VJ Logan. Mary Alice didn‘t send her off, though, without remarking on Angela‘s musical abilities. They all had learned just how talented Angela really was as a singer and performer, and the America‘s Most Smartest Model judge was “blown away” by her voice.Angela didn‘t win the America‘s Most Smartest Model competition, but she is probably hoping that she can turn her exposure from the show to her advantage in either career. From her own words on her website, however, it would appear that in her heart, she really wants one career more than the other. Read more »
For a while earlier this year, it seemed like there were going to be so many potential rivals aiming to knock Tyra Banks‘ America‘s Next Top Model out of the top spot of the model reality show world, it would just be a matter of time until Tyra had to admit defeat. There was A Model Life and America‘s Most Smartest Model, and then Bravo announced Make Me a Supermodel.Bravo‘s series hasn‘t yet started, but as of now, we‘re not seeing the other two as having made a significant dent in her viewership. It seems right now more likely that dissatisfaction with the outcome of last season might have more negative impact than the competition from a show like America‘s Most Smartest Model. The show did fairly well, but unlike many other reality programs, even with the Writers‘ Guild strike hasn‘t spurred on VH1 to schedule a second season yet. One person sure wants it. Judge Mary Alice Stephenson appears unfazed by the less than enthusiastic response from some of the contestants to her direct style, and is ready to work through another pack of America‘s Most Smartest Model. Read more »
Ben Stein and Mary Alice Stephenson will have to work through another bunch of hopefuls as Vh1 renews America‘s Most Smartest Model for yet another season.  The news dispels speculations that the competitive reality series might not be picked up for a second run given that Michael Hirschorn, head of development at Vh1, made a lackluster and uncertain reply when Stephenson made a hopeful plea to Page Six for the show‘s second season.Giving more confirmation to the upcoming season is the fact that the network is now casting for participants who would soon compete for the title of America‘s Most Smartest Model. Read more »
In December, Aussie Rachael (Rachael Murphy) spoke out about her feeling that she had wound up on America‘s Most Smartest Model through a kind of bait-and-switch tactic. At this time she said, “I didn‘t anticipate for being involved in that kind of a show. It wasn‘t anything like I expected it to be. I was told that it was a show that was to be more structured. It wasn‘t going to be as voyeuristic or invasive…I really wasn‘t told much about the concept of the show. It wasn‘t something that I would have ordinarily signed up for.”Maybe it was sour grapes at being kicked off the show, but her account is backed up by another America‘s Most Smartest Model contestant, Gaston Willig. Read more »
It‘s been a few weeks since the finale of America‘s Most Smartest Model. What‘s been going on with some of the beautiful young things we met on the show? Have they been walking the runway and solving quadratic equations at an even more frenzied pace than usual? Not exactly, but many of the stars are continuing to pursue their careers in the modeling and entertainment industry and seem to be keeping plenty busy.  Read more »
Mandy Lynn didn‘t make it all the way through America‘s Most Smartest Model, and the way she was portrayed on the show certainly seemed to try to make her the butt of the joke at the heart of America‘s Most Smartest Model. The show might have said it aimed to show that there could be a combination of beauty and brains, but it sure got lot of mileage out of showing some of the dimmer moments of some of the contestants. However, no matter the less-than-flattering light she was portrayed in, Mandy Lynn at least has had the business savvy to build her own kind of brand as a lingerie and bikini model. She also developed the internet presence for herself, and, as we saw on America‘s Most Smartest Model, takes a bit of pride in that.  Read more »
Jeff Pickel didn‘t make it to the end of the series to officially become America‘s Most Smartest Model, but he seemed like he was going to do pretty well in the modeling industry even without the title. He‘s appeared in commercial ads for companies like Hyundai, Merck, John Paul Mitchell and He‘s also had worked on the high fashion end for Prada. Now he‘s going to be offering up his model smarts to other fashion hopefuls as he delivers some guidance through a new site, Read more »
When a reality television season comes to a conclusion here in the States, it usually means it starts its second life out in the rest of the world. So while the premise and outcome of VH1‘s reality competition series America‘s Most Smartest Model has been known for weeks in the US, the UK is just started to get its first taste of Andre Birleanu, Jeff Pickel, and Mandy Lynn late last month.And, it turns out, some folks don‘t like that flavor at all. In fact some models were so insulted by the premise of the show they actually staged a protest. It turns out, though, that “staged” is the operative word. Read more »
The race for the presidency is on, and celebrities have been weighing in left and right on who they believe should be the next leader of the country.  While most have been discussing the reasons as to why they are supporting a particular candidate, one industry personality has been quick to comment on one presidential hopeful‘s style on the campaign trail. "We gotta do something with John McCain,” fashion expert and host of America‘s Most Smartest Model Mary Alice Stephenson told the New York Daily News.  “We gotta spiff John McCain up a little bit. I think he could pull off a little Valentino.” Read more »
Mandy Lynn may not have been proclaimed America‘s Most Smartest Model, but she remains a prominent figure in the realm of adult entertainment. Last week, she announced on her MySpace blog that she is once again gracing the pages of Playboy Magazine, this time appearing on the publication‘s Grapevine section. “This month be sure to look for me in Playboy Magazine in the Grapevine section!,” Mandy Lynn wrote.  “Playboy was kind enough to show support for me being eliminated on America‘s Most Smartest Model so check that out…” Read more »
Mandy Lynn, Playboy model and America‘s Most Smartest Model alum, is continuing to rock the modeling world, this time being named Michael Vincent Photography‘s (MVP) Model of the Month.  The 3-time SE Playboy cover model recently participated in a shoot with the famed photographer and said on her MySpace blog that she enjoyed the experience because Vincent, who snaps for such popular adult magazines as Maxim and FHM and whose regular models include Melrose Bickerstaff of America‘s Next Top Model, has a “unique style.” On Mandy Lynn‘s MySpace Page and MVP‘s official site, pictures of the scantily-clad aspiring glamour models have been put on display.  Some of the photos feature Mandy Lynn posing provocatively with CSI actor Gary Dourdan, whose home was used as a location for the shoot. Read more »
Ben Stein, well-known political satirist and co-host of VH1‘s America‘s Most Smartest Model, will be at this year‘s ORT America meeting dinner to serve as the event‘s keynote speaker. The annual event will take place this Sunday, March 9, at the Boca Raton Marriott in Florida. “Ben Stein is most likely familiar to everyone as a comedian in movies and on TV, entertaining audiences worldwide,” Doreen N. Hermelin said, president of ORT America, said.  “Having heard Ben Stein in the past, I am delighted that he will keynote our annual meeting.  I know he will inspire our audience with his witty, hilarious and unique style.  In addition to weighing in on the political year, his knowledge on so many subjects, especially education, will be of great interest to our participants.” Read more »
Both Brett Novek and Rachel Myers failed to win the VH1 reality series, America‘s Most Smartest Model, but their careers haven‘t exactly suffered from their loss.  The two are set to appear in upcoming film productions, with Novek landing a role in the new horror-comedy Penthouse and Myers completing her first short film, the title of which has yet to be revealed. Penthouse revolves three lifelong friends living in a penthouse apartment who begin to clash when one of them tries to move with his girlfriend, and another‘s little sister drops by for a surprise visit.  The movie is written by Corey Large (Chasing Ghosts, Toxic, Loaded) and directed by Chris Levitus. Read more »
Ben Stein, host of America‘s Most Smartest Model, is still taking an active role in promoting his documentary film, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, which promotes intelligent design as an alternative scientific theory to evolution. Yesterday, Stein, who also happens to be a comedian, lawyer and a former White House speech writer, appeared at the Missouri Capitol to screen the documentary for lawmakers.  The film has been highly criticized for asserting that the complexity of life on earth can only be the work of a creator and for claiming that educators and scientists are being persecuted for their belief that there is evidence of design in nature. Read more »
As reported last week, Ben Stein, host of America‘s Most Smartest Model, has been busy promoting his upcoming documentary film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.  Now, he gives his sentiments about his project and why he decided to opt for a theatrical release despite its controversy.Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed has been highly criticized for promoting intelligent design as an alternative scientific theory to evolution and for claiming educators and scientists are being persecuted for believing in this.  With this type of negative buzz, it‘s unlikely that Stein will be getting any kind of recognition or award for his efforts in this film.  Nevertheless, the 63-year-old comedian remains eager to promote the movie and continues to become an outspoken advocate for the creationist intelligent design movement. Read more »
While the America‘s Most Smartest Model host may seem like a jolly old fellow, he recently revealed his serious, more intellectual side when he released his film documentary entitled Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, which hit over a thousand theaters on April 18, Friday.  The documentary, which has been highly criticized since its first promotion was publicized, focuses on intelligent design, and why it seems to be banned from every educational and scientific institute.Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed has aired in approximately a 1,200 theaters nationwide, garnering $3.2 million dollars in the box office, and later on landing on the ninth spot in the weekend‘s top ten movies.  However, it was met with pretty harsh reviews from various entertainment sites and critiques. Read more »
The women of Sex and the City have taken the world by storm.  From their humble beginnings as a highly successful television series on HBO, spanning a total of six seasons.  The series, which became known for tackling women issues in the late 1990s, also placed an emphasis on fashion, as the four women on the show have exemplified their liberal thoughts about sex through their clothing.  This year, Sex in the City has hit the big screen, and more and more women are jumping into the band wagon of redefining a woman’s confidence through clothing.More recently, a judge from the reality series America’s Most Smartest Model has come out with her own views about the film, and how it had affected the American society, as well as women all over the world. Read more »
Andre Birleanu not only made a name for himself as one of the contestants of VH1‘s America‘s Most Smartest Model, but also for allegedly molesting a 19-year-old actress during a party last October at Cipriani Downtown, an upscale Manhattan restaurant.  Now, he is once again the subject of the media as harassment charges against the reality TV star turned model have now been dropped by the New York DA‘s office, according to After the young actress filed a formal complaint against the 25-year-old America‘s Most Smartest Model contestant, Birleanu was arrested and charged with sexual misconduct and aggravated harassment. Read more »
Rachael Murphy, who was often referred to as Aussie Rachael on the VH1 competitive reality series America‘s Most Smartest Model, will be gracing the big screen as she appears in Fruit Chan‘s remake of the Japanese chilling horror Don‘t Look Up. The movie is produced by South Africa‘s Distant Horizon group in association with Japan‘s Action 5.  Set in an abandoned movie studio in Transylvania, which is tainted by an old piece of celluloid containing images of a woman‘s murder, Don‘t Look Up revolves around the unraveling sanity of a director and his crew when spirits from another era invade the film stock of the contemporary production. Read more »
Russian model Andre Birleanu made a name for himself as the fiery breakout star of VH1‘s America‘s Most Smartest Model. Though he finished as the runner-up, his hot-headed temper and intense devotion to his Soviet homeland made him an instant star. However, that name was tarnished when, nearly a year ago, allegations of sexual assault were brought up, leading to a lengthy court battle.Recently, all charges were dropped, and Andre Birleanu spoke to BuddyTV about the case and his career. Andre was quite candid, explaining in great detail the circumstances surrounding the dropped charges, setting the record straight once and for all about what really happened. In part 1 of our two-part exclusive interview, Andre talks about the case and the impact it had on his career. Continue reading to listen to the interview and to read the highlights, and check back tomorrow for part 2. Read more »
Andre Birleanu is a force to be reckoned with. The America‘s Most Smartest Model runner-up is constantly true to himself and refuses to compromise his principals. In part 1 of BuddyTV‘s exclusive interview with Andre Birleanu, we discussed the recently dismissed charges of sexual assault against him.In part 2, we talked more about his future, his career and his thoughts on modeling and acting. Fans of America‘s Most Smartest Model undoubtedly recall Birleanu‘s devotion to his craft and his belief that models are much more than just pretty faces. Here he talks about his time on the show, how people perceive him, and his thoughts on actors taking over magazine covers and modeling jobs. Continue reading for the highlights of this wildly entertaining interview and to listen to it. Read more »
VH1‘s reality show America‘s Most Smartest Model might have ended its run, but its executive producer has something else up his sleeve.  Alex Demyanenko, who also produced other reality shows for VH1 such as Shooting Sizemore and The Rock Life, has just completed production for another reality show, The Cho Life.The show, which features Korean-American comedian Margaret Cho, will be in the veins of the channel‘s other reality programs such as Brooke Knows Best and Scott Baio is 46... and Pregnant, in that it will follow Cho around her daily activities and, definitely, give the viewers an insight into her quirky, if not risqué, sense of humor. Read more »
Despite not being named winner of America‘s Most Smartest Model, Brett Novek has lingered on the limelight, specifically in the movie circuit.  As reported previously, the 24-year-old model has been cast in the comedy-horror film Penthouse, which also stars Kaley Cuoco (Charmed, The Big Bang Theory), Rider Strong (Bones, Veronica Mars, Pepper Dennis), Nikki Griffin (The O.C.), Lochlyn Munro (CSI: NY, Weeds, Smallville) and Jimmy Jean-Louis (Heroes).  On top of that, he has also been tapped for H.U.M.P and Hard Breakers.H.U.M.P. is a comedy about four former CIA operatives who apply their expertise in counter-espionage to being romantic matchmakers.  In the movie, the former Smartest Model contestant plays Beau Lincoln, the son of a rich businessman, who is peddling a highly advanced computer chip known as “Black Magic” on the black market.  The film is currently in production but is expected for release later this year. Read more »