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The Memorial Day weekend, largely considered the kick-off to summer, has come and gone, with backyard barbecues, trips to the beach and seasonal stores once again open for business.But fans know that summer doesn‘t really begin until the nation‘s wildest talent show rears its curly-haired, bespectacled head through the television sets of millions of Americans. Yes, folks, America‘s Got Talent is back for a ninth season, with the entire family returning to guide us through four long months of grueling auditions, performances and live shows until we crown yet another maybe-success story that currently has a roughly one in eight chance of being a sort-of household name. (Looking at you, Terry Fator.) Read more »
What a strange and encouraging episode of America‘s Got Talent! The second installment of auditions bucks the normal trend because nearly every act is great, and it makes for a much more entertaining two hours than what we sat through in the season 9 premiere.I don‘t know if they were focused on reintroducing the judges or just trying to ease us into things, but I was legitimately concerned after the first round that we were looking ahead at a long and sad four months. But these acts really stepped it up and offer a lot of hope going forward. Read more »
And we‘re off to the races for a summer filled with fantastic competition hosted by America‘s new favorite all time host with the most, Nick Cannon. Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B. and Howie Mandel kicked off the premiere two-hour episode of America‘s Got Talent season 9 last night at New York City‘s Madison Square Garden as recapped by my esteemed colleague, Bill King in his article,  ‘America‘s Got Talent Season 9 Premiere Recap: Talent Shines as the Auditions Get Underway‘. As we go forward, Bill and I may disagree (I hope, because that‘s more fun), but we‘ll give your our honest though highly biased opinions, and that‘s a promise. That is. after all, what opinions are made of ... and we all know what they say about opinions. No applause necessary.  Read more »
The America‘s Got Talent audition train rolls on Tuesday, and thanks to brief layovers in Napville and Coffee Junction, I am alert and ready to ride. But first, we all must pay the Howard Stern Troll Toll. The fare? Your soul. Mwahahaha. Or two hours of your time, at least.Unless you‘re DVRing. Then it‘s like $1.35. Or if you‘re just reading, because, I dunno, you love Tim Duncan or have a life or something, then you‘re free, and I‘ll take the dive for you. But Lord knows I‘ll see you on the other side. Read more »
Last night‘s $1.35 audition train for America‘s Got Talent included groups of dancers, all manner of animals, magicians, and singers with stories that plucked at our heartstrings and made music with them. This week is a challenge for those wanting to pick one act above all others because the best acts of the night were from five completely different genres. You see, this is why it‘s tough to have a show whose theme is broad. The Voice is about, well, singing. So You Think You Can Dance is obviously about dancing, America‘s Next Top Model --> young beautiful women and men! Read more »
Well folks, America‘s Got Talent‘s second night of auditions was filled with singing, acrobatting, card-tossing, motor cross stunting, praying, jumping, tapping and baby rapping. Some of the best entertainment involved our judges Heidi Klum who let a magician swipe her bra, Howie Mandel who got a cranial lobotomy via magical massage, and both Howie and Howard Stern who demonstrate their dancing prowess after mere moments of tutelage by an amazing male salsa team, David Leeman. It was good entertainment, folks, and we learned that Howie dances like Martin Short. That was a gas.As my esteemed colleague Bill pointed out in his recap, there was considerable talent in this AGT auditi-sode. While I‘m with Bill on the quality of last nights performances, I didn‘t think even its best selections topped the premiere‘s soul sister operatic singers Acte II, sympathetic singer Jaycob Curlee, and dynamic digital dancers Blue Journey. That being said, night two‘s winners will give their predecessors a run for their money no doubt. Read more »
Okay folks, we‘re in week four of America‘s Got Talent season 9. We‘re not even half way toward the live shows at Radio City Music Hall and the entertainment continues to get better, making it a true challenge to choose an absolute favorite among the top acts of the night.I‘ve watched and re-watched my top five picks (God bless the internet) enough times to burn their images into my screen and I still hesitate to name one performance above the other because they all were off the chain spectacular. Dang it all, AGT, why you gotta be so good?  Read more »
The America‘s Got Talent auditions roll on Tuesday night with an action-packed episode that wows from start to finish. There‘s so much talent crammed into two hours that I‘m actually dreading the inevitable episode that focuses on the hilariously bad acts.I‘m never a fan of the mocking that goes on with the people who over-confidently think they‘re great and then get shot down by the judges and a booing audience, but we‘ve seen so few of them thus far that I genuinely worry a mostly miserable night is on the horizon. Read more »
It looks like Rising Star‘s loss is our gain.To counter the debut of the risky new must-be-watched-live ABC singing competition, the fifth America‘s Got Talent audition show is coming to us on a special night. And "Show Stopping Sunday" is promised to be chock full o‘ talent, complete with attempts at breaking two Guinness world records. So let‘s get to it. Read more »
America‘s Got Talent blessed us with a wacky bonus ‘Show Stopping Sunday‘. It was definitely show-stopping, but I don‘t think we saw the next million dollar act hidden in last night‘s crop. Unless ... wait, I‘ll get to that in a moment. There were a few stand-out acts and two attempts at breaking world records (one succeeded, one failed but was good entertainment anyway), but mostly we saw contortionists, bug lovers, psychics and child choirs. The choir called One Voice was particularly good, but I must be tone deaf because the judges said they were off key through most of their performance. One of their two lead vocalists could have performed all on her own and given another soloist, vocalist Mara Justine, a run for her money. Truly. Do you hear that, parents of the red-headed soloist? Get that little gal an agent. Read more »
Game on, America‘s Got Talent. I can‘t begin to hide my disappointment at Team USA‘s extra time loss to Belgium in the World Cup knockout Round of 16, so I apologize in advance if I just hate everything.I will try to bring a positive attitude and open mind to the acts that advance, but they‘re really going to have to wow me. Any humor I inject will probably be self-deprecating, so I hope everyone is ready for a bumpy ride. Read more »
The Television Critics Association press tour is currently underway, and NBC has announced renewals for its summer reality shows.America‘s Got Talent will return next summer for season 10, Last Comic Standing for season 9 and American Ninja Warrior for season 4. Read more »
The second wave of nominations for the 2014 Teen Choice Awards have been announced. On the TV side, Pretty Little Liars leads the pack with five nominations.Seven shows are tied for second with three nominations each: Glee, Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries, Baby Daddy, Sleepy Hollow, Reign and Chasing Life. Some of the bigger TV categories have shows like Sleepy Hollow, Reign and Chasing Life competing against each other for Breakout Show, and Girl Meets World, So You Think You Can Dance, Under the Dome and others are all up for Choice Summer TV Show. Read more »
When America‘s Got Talent last aired an all-new episode, there were overtures that the sixth audition show was also the last. I even wrote a sentence as such in the recap. But I also knew that the live shows didn‘t start until Tuesday, July 29, and it was only July 1. So I took out the line, just to be on the safe side.The reality? How about a three-week hiatus with repeat episodes and then a recap show highlighting the best auditions that you just spent six weeks watching? Yeah, didn‘t really need to tune in to that one. Read more »
America‘s Got Talent judgement week is finally over. Next step: Radio City Music Hall -- at least for 48 talented singers, dancers, magicians, hand balancers and comedians. Did I miss any categories? It was a long and surprising night for viewers. Not nearly as long for us as it was for all the hopefuls sitting around the judgement auditorium waiting for Nick Cannon to call them to a lonely stage for their final shot at impressing four dour-faced judges. Okay, Heidi Klum, Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, and Mel B weren‘t complete sour pusses, but it was obvious they‘d practiced their intimidating poker faces. For some, that made the experience down right petrifying and it showed in their performances. Ouch.  Read more »
America‘s Got Talent‘s live performances at Radio City Music Hall debuted Tuesday night with the first 12 acts of the quarterfinals. It was a decent night of performances, making it a battle to choose which seven acts we think will get their pink slips tonight.Let‘s look back for a moment to the auditions featured in my ‘One Act to Watch‘ articles and review for a moment. My first pick from the auditions was Miguel Dakota. My first pick from the second week of auditions was Smoothini, The Ghetto Houdini. Third week: soldier singer Paul Ieti. Forth week: 13-year-old singer Mara Justine. I was gone the week of July 1, but I would have featured Jonah Smith as my ‘One Act to Watch,‘ though saying so now after the band has already made it past judgement week sounds a bit like cheating. Well, hell, I‘m sticking with it anyway. Read more »
America‘s Got Talent is live tonight and what better way to celebrate than to go live ourselves? So we‘re live blogging all night. Make sure you refresh your web page frequently and enjoy the ride with us.Yippee Ki-Yay, talent watchers, let‘s hope for an entertaining night of great performances and spectacular screw-ups that will give us a reason to push some acts forward and kick others to the curb because, as we all know, there‘s only one million dollar prize and we gotta narrow it down somehow. Read more »
Welcome, ladies and gents, to the first live results show of Season 9 on America‘s Got Talent. We‘ve whittled the field down to our top 48 (which is just short of the number of members in The Willis Clan), and now it‘s time to whittle it down some more.Twelve acts came to play in the first performances of the quarterfinals on Tuesday, and many thanks to Catherine for admirably filling in these last two recaps. Several of those who hit the stage excelled -- I‘m looking at you, Emily West. You killed it, just like during Judgment Week -- but others fell quite flat and short of expectations. Read more »
The America‘s Got Talent quarterfinals kicked off last week with mostly predictable outcomes, excluding the notable exception of a certain high-flying jump rope team that got the shaft in favor of some always-creepy kid Salsa dancers.I mean, no one under the age of 17 should ever move that fast unless he or she is running from the cops. And usually, under those circumstances, the overbearing and controlling parents aren‘t standing nearby. Read more »
It‘s time for five more acts to advance to the semifinals of America‘s Got Talent, and after the judges got it wrong last week, it will be interesting to see how things play out. Of the first group of quarter-finalists, the acrobatic jump rope team took it on the chin, while a group of creepy kid Salsa dancers who messed up advanced.And yeah, if you expect me to ease up on the kid dancers at any point, you don‘t know this blog very well. Good for them though. Read more »
We‘ve managed to make it through two weeks of the America‘s Got Talent quartefinals without too much controversy, as voters (and to a lesser degree, the judges) have mostly gotten things right."As it should be" got back on track last week, with the deserving Mat Franco, Andrey Moraru and Aerial Animation joining the semifinalists. I would have preferred the Hart Dance Team to Mara Justine, and Acte II, Mara Justine or a blade of grass to Jaycob Curlee, but the American sluts-to-emotion spoke (louder than Jaycob sings, I might add), and so the judges were left with a coin flip. Read more »
America‘s Got Talent sent another 12 live acts into the lion‘s den last night for the world to vote on. At this point, friends, they are all starting to run together for me. We‘ve seen everyone twice by the time they get to the quarterfinals (of which last night was the third installment) except those few lucky bastards that got sent straight through from the auditions, and I‘m wondering if there is anything new at all for any of these performers to offer us. As we‘ve already seen, a free pass to the quarterfinals isn‘t always to the advantage of the performers, as some of them didn‘t get invited back for the semifinals: Act II and Hart Dance Team, for example. We‘ll see how the judges‘ picks pan out as we go forward. But for now, let‘s see how America will vote on this third dirty dozen. Read more »
After a night filled with quality performances, it‘s time to find out which five acts are about to join the semifinals of America‘s Got Talent. And I expect the unexpected, which likely isn‘t a good thing.Unlike the first two sets of quarterfinalists, which were fairly easy to predict, this third group of 12 is wrought with potential upsets. Some may say the choice is difficult because all the acts were just so darn good, and maybe it‘s the pessimist in me, but I‘m going the opposite route. Read more »
Fresh off my first-ever five-for-five prediction perfection, it‘s time for the final group of America‘s Got Talent quarterfinalists to hit the stage for a shot to advance to the Top 24. The voters, the judges and, most especially, me got it right last week, so here‘s hoping things play out as they should once again.There have been very few shaft jobs this time around (Flight Crew Jump Rope! I hope you guys love how much I harp on your untimely elimination at the hands of these judges!), which is both comforting and disconcerting. Because it also means the level of talent isn‘t quite where you‘d hope it would be. Read more »
It‘s the end of an era, or at least the end of the quarterfinals for America‘s Got Talent‘s season 9. The last 12 acts took aim and fired their performances in the direction of all those in attendance at Radio City Music Hall and across the screens of millions of viewers. And those watching at home either found it very easy or very hard to vote this week.Full disclosure, people: sadly, I expected a lot more high-quality entertainment than we‘ve seen these past several weeks, and this week was no exception. Read more »
Wednesday marks a big night for America‘s Got Talent, as voters name four additional semifinalists while the judges somehow get the final say in five others. That means we‘ve got nine acts filling out the Top 24, and the pressure is on...Me, that is. The pressure is on me.  Read more »
The semifinal round of America‘s Got Talent season 9 has finally arrived, with hundreds of auditioning acts whittled down to the final 24. And somewhere in the group is a million-dollar act perhaps worth his, her or its own place under the massive big top that is Sin City.But before the bright lights of Vegas beckon, these performers must first brave the elements and the competition at Radio City Music Hall to survive at least one more week in the quest for fame, fortune and, you know, not having to head to the office in a monkey suit every Monday through Friday. Ahhhh, the American dream. Read more »
The first 12 semifinalists of America‘s Got Talent season 9 performed last night. Once again, America got to vote (or gets to, if you‘re reading this before noon) for their favorite acts to move on to the next round.As Nick Cannon predicted in the first five minutes of last night‘s two-hour competition, the time was going to fly by, and it certainly did. It was, for this viewer, one of the easiest collections of performances to evaluate. We‘re to that point, people, where we‘re no longer asking ourselves who should get another crack at the brass ring, but who shouldn‘t. There is a difference. On one hand, we are looking for who to advance; on the other, we are looking for reasons to kick people out. That second one is the hand we are dealing right now. Read more »
It‘s time to advance the first six acts to the America‘s Got Talent season 9 Top 12, and frankly, it‘s a crapshoot. After 12 semifinalists hit the Radio City Music Hall stage Tuesday night, I was in constant disagreement with the judges and, at least for one act, apparently, America.I knew it was going to be a shaky experience just two performances in, after Howard and Howie poo-pooed the amazing acrobatics pulled off by Flight Crew Jump Rope and then immediately heaped praise on Mara Justine‘s all-over-the-place Kelly Clarkson impersonation. Read more »
I know it seems hard to believe after 18 months and 277 episodes, but we‘re actually hitting the home stretch of America‘s Got Talent season 9. The final 12 semifinalists are about to hit the stage in the hopes of earning a spot in the Top 12, which will be whittled down to six before the last performances for the whole shebang.Which means we only have two weeks left until Nick Cannon goes back to worrying about his pre-nup, Howard Stern goes back to focusing on being the handsome face of radio, Heidi Klum goes back to being gorgeous off camera, Mel B. goes back to bangers and mash, and Howie Mandel goes back to his germ-free bubble. Read more »
Last night‘s America‘s Got Talent semifinals was a mix of the spectacular and the anticlimactic. Going into the event, all 12 acts had a (somewhat) similar chance of getting one of the final six spots in the finals. Last week, I had no problem naming my top four acts right off the bat. But last night, well, I got stuck after choosing my top two. Now, those top two -- which I will share with you momentarily -- were beyond goosebump-inducing; they were mind-blowing. Off. The. Chain. Read more »
Ahhhh decisions, decisions. After a night in which two of the best performances we‘ve seen in the past three months of America‘s Got Talent hit the Radio City Music Hall stage -- destroying seat 642 (can Matty F. just pay that out of his millie?) and plucking a rubber band-like hamstring or two in the process -- we are about to round out our top 12 acts of season 9.And if the voters got it right, the next hour will be satisfying and controversy-free. That‘s not to say things aren‘t open to a bit of interpretation, but if all goes as it should, I can happily live with the results. Read more »
Before I get to the fact that we‘re down to our top 12 acts of America‘s Got Talent season 9 and that we‘re getting ever closer to crowning our million-dollar champion, I first have to address my current situation.Not that anyone would ever (hopefully) question my dedication, but I spent the entire last week moving from the Upper East Side of Manhattan to Astoria, Queens. It‘s three times the space for $300 less, but that is the price of living in the big city. Read more »
Last night‘s America‘s Got Talent Top 12 performance episode was intense as hell. It was two hours of ferocious competition where just about every act outdid themselves. By the end of the evening, AcroArmy, Emily West and Mat Franco were far and away the clear frontrunners in my book. I‘ll just get that out of the way here and now. Any of them could take it next week ... and by "it" I mean the whole million dollars. But we have another three episodes and one hair-raising final round of performances to vote over, so who knows what will happen a week from now?For this article, I‘ve done something a little differently than I had for previous predictions articles. Instead of reading Bill‘s in-progress live blog and recap of last night‘s Top 12, which is what I usually do, I checked in with Bill, but then left the party after the first two performances. This week, I didn‘t want any outside influences to, well, influence, my predictions. As such, I relied on last week‘s rankings once the Top 12 had been determined ... but before last night‘s onslaught of talent. Read more »
Another week, and another 12 acts hit the stage on season 9 of America‘s Got Talent. And now our Top 12 is primed to become the Top 6, meaning there‘s only one performance standing between one of these acts and a whole crapton of cash.And that million-dollar question is which acts are moving on to the finals, and whose Blue journey has come to a conclusion? Read more »
While we‘re still recovering from the Top 12 results aired live on America‘s Got Talent Wednesday night (Miguel Dakota came this close to not making it to the finals and Mara Justine was the very first to get her pink slip. Snap!), there is a lot more to look forward to in the coming week ... even more than you know. And just what do I mean by that? As we all know (yes, broadcasters and recording artists, we have your number), whenever an actor or singer or band is about to come out with something new -- an album, a movie, a series premier -- they have to do the promotional circuit to get the word out. It‘s okay, because how else would we find out when our fave performers are going to be out and about? We‘re busy people, right? Well, it just so happens America‘s Got Talent has snagged a whole boat load of these A-List people to include in their two-hour results finale next Wednesday. Let‘s find out who. Read more »
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! After nearly four months and thousands of wannabes, we‘ve whittled it down to our Top 6, and the time has finally arrived for the final performances on season 9 of America‘s Got Talent. That means one final kick-ass show at Radio City Music Hall is all that stands between one of the finalists and a million buckaroos.And oh boy, had they better bring it. Read more »
Update: Click here to find out who won America‘s Got Talent Season 9>>>I was prepared to put the words ‘major upset‘ in the title for this, my final 2014  America‘s Got Talent predictions article. That was before the action began last night and I watched in awe as the entertainment unfurled. Two hours, a can of Sour Cream & Onion Pringles, a box of Kleenex and 12 performances later, I must confess my heart was full to overflowing and confident that an upset tonight would be next to impossible. Why? Because any of the final three are already million dollar acts.But why the initial preemptive angst on my part? Well, I had it in my head that if Emily West doesn‘t win this competition, it‘s because some hanging chad somewhere disqualified the majority of the votes and she would be unjustly robbed. Read more »
That magical night has finally arrived when we will crown the Season 9 winner of America‘s Got Talent, and if the race were any tighter, Juan Carlos would wear it during his next rollerskating performance.Any predictions I could offer would be like pulling a name out of Mat Franco‘s hat, which would promptly change into a bunny rabbit that knew what card I was holding. It‘s impossible to say with certainty what will or even should happen in a competition closer than John and Andrew‘s erotic platonic dancing and a vote margin skimpier than Maggie Lane‘s operatic bikini. Read more »
America‘s Got Talent ended its ninth season in September, with Mat Franco being crowned the winner. It was a summer full of strong talent, entertaining judges and, of course, one of the best hosts on TV. Read more »