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It‘s summertime, and we all know what that means -- America‘s Got Talent is back! Get ready for some changes in season 8. Not only are there two new judges joining the panel -- Spice Girls singer Mel B and supermodel Heidi Klum, who are replacing the departed Sharon Osbourne -- but when the live shows begin in July, AGT is moving to Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Read more »
America‘s Got Talent Season 8 premiered Tuesday night to 10.9 million viewers, down a smidge from last season‘s opener but also way up from the Season 7 finale. It was still the top show of the night, thanks in no small part to the combination of Howard Stern and some smoking new judges.Nothing against Miss Sharon Osbourne, but even at age 40, Heidi Klum may be the perfect woman. Even if she spells "booty" with an i and says "I had an itch" when she means "I was itching to dance." And I‘ll take Mel B.‘s British accent any day of the week. Read more »
After having been with the show since season 2, Sharon Osbourne left America‘s Got Talent -- for many viewers, the last remnant of the show‘s classic lineup is gone. In the reality television world, that‘s a bad omen: wholesale cast transformations like this, however inevitable, tend to happen once a show has hit its peak and the agents have gotten restless. That leaves many wondering if America‘s Got Talent has still got it, and this season 8 premiere answers with a resounding ... maybe. Kind of. It‘s hit or miss. Read more »
The evening begins in San Antonio, TX, with a singer named Travis Pratt. His audition is quite a surprising affair: he is, to speak plainly, a tall, muscular black dude in jeans and a t-shirt, and he sings opera in a beautiful, classical falsetto. His audition culminates in another twist, as he proposes to his girlfriend onstage. That‘s a whole lot of big TV stuff to front-load an episode with, and it‘s a testament to the talent pool in Texas and New Orleans that tonight‘s episode of America‘s Got Talent never lets up. Read more »
Love was in the air during the second installment of auditions on America‘s Got Talent this week, and I‘ll admit I teared up more times during this episode than I probably ever have during a talent-related reality show (and it pains me to admit this).Many of the quality acts we were treated to in San Antonio and New Orleans really tugged the heartstrings, and others were chock-full of danger. But which one has the best chance of sticking around until the end? It started out with no clear favorite, but after taking stock of the advancing acts, I settled on two. So yes, we have co-acts to watch. Read more »
Having already visited the coasts, the Southwest and the bayou, America‘s Got Talent finally arrives in the Midwest for an audition show in Chicago -- sorry, Rocky Mountain states, guess they‘re saving you for the spin-off. With tonight‘s Voice-dominated schedule relegating AGT to just one hour, we have a high-energy, upbeat evening of one Vegas-ready performer after other. The acts range from circus performers to emotional singers to the single coolest talent in the world: Rube Goldberg machine construction. Read more »
After the cry-fest that was America‘s Got Talent last week, the Chicago auditions treated us to a much less emotional yet still extremely talented group of acts. In fact, with the episode being only an hour long (many thanks to The Voice!), we didn‘t have to sit through a single rejected performance. Eight acts up, eight acts through. No filler, no mess.But which act is the one to watch as the live shows approach? That is both easy and extraordinarily difficult to guess. The one thing I‘m happy about is that after three singers, this week‘s one to watch is anything but. Read more »
When it comes to America‘s Got Talent, I‘m a softy. I like seeing nice, talented people do well, and don‘t really enjoy cringing at crazy acts like, say, a delusional singing mime. In that sense, I‘m having a rough time getting into this sprawling, feature-length New York/Hollywood episode, as its first few successes fail to register and its parades of failure drag on interminably. Thankfully, the show delivers a few highs worth waiting for, but there is a great deal of rough before we get to the diamonds. Read more »
"Hey! What about this? If you had a choice between being the top scientist in your field or getting Mad Cow Disease, which would it be?" This Will Ferrell line (playing Harry Caray) in one of the all-time great SNL skits was my first thought after watching this week‘s auditions on America‘s Got Talent.After two hours of acts from New York City and Los Angeles (again), picking the one act to watch was easier than answering that hilarious question. Sure, there was an abundance of talent, but there was next to nothing that stood out, and I blame the setup of season 8. Read more »
The second wave of nominations have been announced for the 2013 Teen Choice Awards. And it looks like music and vampires are leading the pack, with Pitch Perfect, Glee and The Vampire Diaries receiving the most recognition.Glee is out in front with five (though we can bump that up to six if you count Lea Michele‘s nomination for Choice Style Icon), with their big-screen equivalent Pitch Perfect next with four. The Vampire Diaries follows with three. Read more »
America‘s Got Talent returns to Chicago and San Antonio tonight, and things definitely get interesting. The episode offers a number of unusual acts here, ranging from a giant pooping cat puppet to a pair of four and a half foot Native American crunk rappers -- the latter of which is actually pretty good. Read more »
Good Lord, how many times am I going to have to type out the same cities, just in different combinations? I am just not a fan of the format this season on America‘s Got Talent, and I personally think it‘s affecting the quality of the acts, or at least how they‘re portrayed to us.In seasons past, we‘ve more or less (with occasional exceptions) viewed the performances from each location, as a whole, in one or two complete parts. Therefore, we got to see the best and worst each city had to offer in one or two sittings. That made "the one act to watch" in New York or San Francisco a choice between the upper echelon. But all the jumping around has seriously diluted the talent pool. Read more »
After its momentous premiere, Big Brother generated even more buzz last week when attention focused on racist comments made by a houseguest. It also didn‘t hurt check-ins to have NSFW shenanigans show up on the show‘s live feeds. Read more »
I don‘t know about any of you, but I‘m ready for audition season to be over. We‘ve got more than enough talented acts to choose from at this point, and there‘s no sense belaboring the process with two-hour specials and twice weekly episodes -- alas, that‘s what we‘ve got this week. The audition process seems to be wearing on Howie Mandel as well, as he spends the first part of the episode doing who knows what somewhere offscreen. Read more »
That has to be the longest and lamest headline ever, as the insane city-hopping tour that is America‘s Got Talent continues its audition phase. Thankfully, this repetitious cluster-fudge of travel is almost over, with only one more hour-long night ahead of us, advertised as the best of the best (so what the hell have we been watching??) before we head off to Las Vegas.But before we start whittling down the talented portion of the field even further, what was the one act to keep your eye on from Tuesday night‘s episode? We made stops in Los Angeles, New Orleans and New York City, our third, second and third trips to each city, respectively. Read more »
After a marathon month of nation-spanning auditions, we‘re finally reaching the finish line: this is the last audition episode of the season, and it arrives just in time. The promos bill this episode as the best of the best, but, uh... it isn‘t. It‘s a totally standard evening of America‘s Got Talent. Read more »
It might seem hard to believe, but the America‘s Got Talent train has finally derailed its endless roll around the country. And the next stop is the bright lights, cha-ching and sorta legalized prostitution of Las Vegas. Which is good, because all the advancing acts will have to sell it like their next single-mom utility bill depends on it.Wednesday night marked the end of our annual audition journey, with bits and pieces pulled from Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, New Orleans and San Antonio. I‘m not even sure where most of the acts came from because there was only one general introduction that included all five locations. Read more »
America‘s Got Talent is about to kick into high gear. With the auditions are now over, it‘s time to move on to Las Vegas, where the field will be whittled down to the contestants that America will have the chance to vote for in the live shows. Read more »
Last week, TNT‘s novel-inspired Rizzoli & Isles made its first appearance on the list of top-ten most-engaged shows on TV. Read more »
It‘s been an arduous month of auditions, but at last we have the pay-off: Las Vegas. But unlike the X Factor Boot Camp or the American Idol Hollywood Week, however, that only means a second chance for a few of these acts. Read more »
The Vegas round wraps up quickly, as the final sixty live acts of America‘s Got Talent are decided in tonight‘s hour-long episode. Some were cut without mention, some were passed without ceremony, but tonight we focus on the tiny corner of contestants chosen to perform again exclusively for the judges. Read more »
After what seemed like an endless number of trips through some of America‘s greatest cities (and Los Angeles), we have finally arrived at the live shows of America‘s Got Talent, at the famed Radio City Music Hall in New York City.It‘s quite the upgrade from the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, which they basically still billed as New York City anyway. It‘s like when Kevin McCallister gets off the plane in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York and sees Midtown Manhattan from the airport window. Sorry, Mr. Culkin, both LaGuardia and JFK are in Queens, and Newark Liberty is in Newark. No views like that at any of our airports. Read more »
Get the ambulances ready because America‘s Got Talent goes live tonight. The live shows will take place in New York‘s Radio City Music Hall, where the 60 remaining contestants will perform for live audiences, and we‘ll be live blogging the proceedings right here every week.Meet the Top 60 Acts of America‘s Got Talent >>>The live blog starts now: Read more »
The America‘s Got Talent live season is officially under way, with a rather lackluster group kicking things off at Radio City Music Hall in New York City Tuesday night. But that‘s just fine for me, since none of my "one acts to watch" were among the first 12 quarter-finalists to perform. Just get to wait a little longer to be proven completely wrong, ya know?The biggest surprise of the night had to be the KriStef Brothers, who ramped up the comedy portion of their strongman routine with hilarious and very uncomfortable results. Still, I think they were easily the best act in the show. Read more »
With sixty contestants still in the running, we‘ve got a whole bunch of cutting to do before we get to the America‘s Got Talent semi-finals. That process begins tonight, as four of yesterday‘s acts move on, while the others are sent home. We‘ll be live-blogging those results right here.The live blog starts now: Read more »
Really, America?And the judges? Not you, too. Not like this.50%. That‘s where I stand after the first America‘s Got Talent quarterfinal show when it comes to predictions after both you and the panel of four judges blatantly screwed me over.Branden James, I‘ll give you. I nearly had him in my top four, along with locks Collins Key and The KriStef Brothers. But Anna Christine -- over American Hitmen? Read more »
Since its eighth and final premiere, Dexter fell to eighth in BuddyTV‘s ranking of the top 10 most-engaged shows. Read more »
It‘s the second week of the America‘s Got Talent quarterfinals performances, which mean a dozen more acts take the stage at Radio City Music Hall. This group of routines as a whole isn‘t particularly on point. There are out-of-sync moves, dropping of props and some performances that just fall flat. Only two acts receive positive reviews from all four judges, which means it‘s a long night for the others. Read more »
The lineup for the second group of quarterfinalists on America‘s Got Talent seemed lofty on paper, but nearly all of them underwhelmed or just flat out blew it. That not only leaves a short list of performers deserving to move on, it also leaves the door open for one of those lackluster acts to sneak through.So which four acts are advancing? And which eight have made their last appearance on the big stage at Radio City Music Hall? Here are my predictions. Read more »
Time for another round of acts to get sent home, while a lucky few get passed on to the semi-finals. The evening will feature a performance by Robin Thicke, along with a great deal of time dedicated to Snapple and Orville Redenbacher, no doubt.Our live blog starts now: Read more »
America‘s Got Talent has kicked into high gear now that the live shows have begun at Radio City Music Hall. Heidi Klum and Mel B talked with reports recently, including BuddyTV, about what it‘s like to be the new judges, why they‘re qualified and if a comedian stands a chance at winning. And read on to find out what happens during the commercial break before the judges have to make the final decision of the night. Read more »
America‘s Got Talent jumped in check-ins last week, presumably in anticipation of the results show of the second quarterfinals of the eighth season. Read more »
Suits on USA replaced America‘s Got Talent in last week‘s rankings of TV shows by engagement. Read more »
Howard Stern is killing me.How can the America‘s Got Talent judge who easily gives the most honest, direct and correct feedback during the performances keep screwing up the decision part of the show? For the second straight week, my predictions were only half right, in no small part due to the self-proclaimed America‘s Judge. Read more »
Another 12 acts perform this week, another four acts move on tomorrow -- America‘s Got Talent is officially in full swing. Tonight‘s episode is slated to include a few of the most interesting auditions, including opera singer Jonathan Allen and the kid-spinning gymnastics act Chicago Boyz. Hopefully, that translates to a big night for the show.Our live blog starts now: Read more »
Heading into the third quarterfinals performance show of America‘s Got Talent Tuesday night, my expectations were actually quite low. And that was mainly because, after looking forward to certain acts the previous two shows, I was pretty disappointed, and this crop didn‘t look too promising.But, wow, was I wrong.It was a big, big night, and that unfortunately means no matter who advances to the semifinals, there are going to be some worthy acts heading home. Read more »
Last night was was one of the most competitive nights of quarter-finalists that we‘ve had this season, as favorites like Jonathan Allen and the Chicago Boyz lived up to the promise of their auditions, and contestants like Kenichi came forward as surprise front-runners. Some sort of surprise is all but guaranteed, so pour some Snapple on your Orville Redenbacher and join us for the live blog.The live blog starts now: Read more »
After the strongest group of America‘s Got Talent quarterfinalists hit the stage last week, we‘re poised for another big night on the Radio City Music Hall stage tonight.Two of my "one act to watch" contestants are set to perform, one of whom I project sticking around until the very end. But before we preview the 12 acts that will vie for four spots in the semifinals, let‘s get to the real headline. Read more »
We‘ve reached week four of America‘s Got Talent‘s five-week quarterfinal period, with another 12 acts performing. With three individual singers, a band and a choir slated to perform, it looks like musicians are in for a tough time distinguishing themselves tonight. On the other hand, comedian Taylor Williamson, easily the strongest comedian of the audition period, will stand out by default, but might have a tough time wrangling fans from the bigger, showier acts. I‘ll be live-blogging the proceedings right here.Live blog starts now: Read more »
Boy, did this just get tricky.Normally, I start out these America‘s Got Talent prediction articles by listing the acts that won‘t be moving on and then explaining why. But this time around, I was planning on starting with the two performers who, in my mind, distanced themselves far from the rest of the competition and are so deserving of advancement that it would be a travesty if any other acts were even considered over them. Read more »
Last night‘s competition proved to be a bit of a mixed bag: very few acts received unanimous praise from all quarters, plus some of the biggest crowd favorites wound up getting standing ovations without impressing the judges much at all -- and that‘s to say nothing of the Great BuddyTV Schism of the Part Four Quarterfinals. Thankfully, we‘ll all be united tonight in appreciation of the most resonant marriage of art, entertainment and popular appeal since the Beatles: tonight, we get a performance by the Backstreet Boys.The live blog starts now: Read more »
That‘s what I get for sticking to my guns.After last week‘s quarterfinal performances on America‘s Got Talent, I went half with my gut and half with my heart, and America proved me wrong yet again. Cami Bradley and Timber Brown were locks, but then there were four acts I saw vying for the other two spots in the semifinals. Read more »
This evening marks the end of the regular Top 60 Radio City Music Hall performances on America‘s Got Talent, as another 12 perform and another four advance -- my money is on Sprice being among them. It‘s likely that we‘ll have some sort of wildcard round next week, though the details haven‘t been made public yet -- I imagine we‘ll hear about it sometime tonight.The live blog starts now: Read more »
Okay, so the competition between the fifth group of quarterfinalists on America‘s Got Talent probably wasn‘t rigged. But the deck was definitely stacked to get at least one ballroom dance group, Catapult and a comedian through to the semifinals.And the judges did everything they could do to help make that happen. Read more »
For the past few weeks, we‘ve seen a dozen acts from the America‘s Got Talent top sixty perform, with only four making it through each week -- tonight that stage of the process comes to a close. It‘s still not entirely clear what sort of wildcard segment we might have this year -- blame the late-running judges‘ comments last night -- but whatever we get there, this is the end of normal quarter-final eliminations. Tonight‘s results will feature a performance by Train feat. Orville Redenbacher.The live blog starts now: Read more »
We‘re a month and a day away from the fall premiere of The Voice, and the season is slowly taking shape -- Ed Sheeran is joining Team Christina as an adviser during the Battle Rounds. Check out that and other news surrounding the hit singing competition. Read more »
We‘re finally down to our top 24 on season 8 of America‘s Got Talent -- err, sort of. And we‘ve got a preview of the 12 acts set to hit the stage tonight -- err, sort of.In somewhat baffling moves, AGT has only released the identity of two of the four wildcards, meaning we only know 22 of the top 24 acts. And what is seemingly unrelated is that we only "officially" know 10 of the 12 acts set to perform Tuesday, and even that‘s not confirmed. Then we had a surprising development about an injury you‘ll read about below.The rest of this list has been pieced together from Twitter feeds and speculation, which is also what sustains Howie Mandel‘s career. That and the fact that he created Bobby‘s World and starred in Little Monsters. Read more »
With nearly identical standings from the previous week, AMC‘s Breaking Bad added to its run as the most-engaged TV show last week. Read more »
After last week‘s controversial wildcard selections -- Heidi picked Duo Resonance, while Mel B picked Tone the Chiefrocca -- the big question going in this week is who the other judges will pick. Setting aside the fact that the booty guy is still here, this round will determine the best of the best.Our live blog starts now: Read more »
The first group of semifinalists performed on America‘s Got Talent Tuesday night, and if it‘s any indication of what‘s to come, they‘re going to have to stop calling this the best crop of talent ever in the promos.I know that‘s standard reality TV fodder, but the show was a disappointment as a whole, with only a few acts succeeding in standing out. Read more »
Last night‘s semifinal episode was a somewhat lackluster affair: anomalies like Tone the Chiefrocca and Angela Hoover had minimal promise to begin with, talented acts like Jonathan Allen and Red Panda faltered, and that cute magic kid wrote himself into the world‘s most confusing dating show. Forte, ever the triumphant closer, is the only act that I‘d put any real money on advancing -- the others are all in varying degrees of jeopardy tonight.Our live blog starts now: Read more »
We‘re getting down to the nitty gritty on America‘s Got Talent, with half of our pre-finale field already selected. Tonight, the remaining 12 acts will take to the stage to vie for a spot in the strange post-semifinals, pre-finals top 12 round.It‘s way too difficult to even explain how there can be a round between the semifinals and finals, but the top 12 exists, so let‘s preview who has the best chance to join Innovative Force, Forte, Cami Bradley, Collins Key, Taylor Williamson and Catapult in said round. Read more »
After a remarkable month-long run as the most engaged TV show, AMC‘s Breaking Bad was bested by Big Brother. Read more »
The semifinals got off to a somewhat lackluster start last week, but there are still a few strong acts to get excited about tonight: Kenichi makes his return, the Chicago Boyz are back and if all goes well the KriStef Brothers will be ready to perform as well. To be fair, though, there are also a few less promising acts on the docket -- Marty Brown seriously flubbed his last appearance, and the American Military Spouses Choir has yet to make me feel anything other than guilt at not liking them very much. I‘m always ready to be won over, though, so here‘s hoping it‘s a killer night.The live blog starts now: Read more »
I did it. I finally did it. For the first time in my life, and without compromising my journalistic integrity (11 times for Timber Brown), I picked up the phone and took to Twitter to vote for an act on America‘s Got Talent.I didn‘t feel particularly comfortable doing it, but the guy clearly needed my help. My decision came after a night of semifinal performances perfectly summed up by the first-act spat between Howard Stern and Howie Mandel and subsequent awkward make-up kiss over completely misguided comments. Read more »
After a stacked night of semifinals, this results show is going to be one of the toughest elimination rounds yet. Some acts were revealed to be products of hype and story-telling, while others lived up to the show‘s ecstatic "best of the best" promos: Kenichi in particular emerged not just as a viable front-runner, but as a viable real-world performing artist able to innovate continuously, while even the judges seem to have run out of patience with the troop deification act American Military Spouses Choir. Whoever makes it through, this will finalize our Top 12 lineup.Live blog starts now: Read more »
After 11 months, 57 rounds and 145 episodes (or at least that‘s what it feels like), America‘s Got Talent season 8 is down to its final 12 acts.And while I think America got it wrong in eliminating Timber Brown, wasting my first-ever 11 votes and denying me elusive perfection in the process, this is who you decided you wanted to give a shot at winning a million bucks. And to be honest, the competition for a spot in the finals is wide open.UPDATE: For those of you wondering how President Barack Obama‘s prime-time speech about the Syrian conflict will affect AGT (obviously people can‘t vote for acts they can‘t see!), the show will begin immediately after the speech on the east coast. This also means the episode may run past the normal end time, so if you‘re relying on a DVR, make sure you set it to record the 11 p.m. half hour as well. Read more »
Tonight marks the beginning of the America‘s Got Talent not-quite-the-finals Top 12 phase: tonight and tomorrow, the dozen remaining acts will again perform, and will once again be divided in two. Is this extra segment between the finals and the semifinals really necessary? I guess that depends on your perspective: if you‘re an artist trying to come up with a mind-blowing new creative content every two weeks, this is probably getting pretty stressful. If you write recaps for a popular television website, you‘re probably getting a bit weary. But if you‘re a rich dude getting Snapple money for every minute of air time, then this Top 12 is the TV event of the summer!Our live blog starts now: Read more »
As perfection has eluded me through five rounds of America‘s Got Talent quarterfinal predictions and two additional semifinal rounds, I have but one (not so) bold prognostication when it comes to the six finalists: this is not the week that trend will change.This is not because I lack faith in my fortune-telling abilities; quite the contrary. In fact, I predicted you would take the poll at the bottom of this article, and then some of you would comment (but not you!). I also know who should advance and who I want to advance, but in such a wide-open field after a night packed with talent, we could be in store from some crazy surprises. Some of which I won‘t like at all. Read more »
There is a clear division between the final six acts set to take the America‘s Got Talent stage at Radio City Music Hall tonight for one final performance and a shot at a million bucks on the line. But surprisingly enough, talent might not be the deciding factor.That‘s because we‘ve got three acts who, ability- and performance-wise, stand head and shoulders above the rest. However, the other three, or at least two of them, seemingly have rabid fan bases that will vote in droves regardless of the quality of the routine. You could even make the argument that all three are lucky to even make it this far. Read more »
It‘s the finale week for America‘s Got Talent season 8, which the means the Top 6 have only one more performance to persuade viewers that they should win the top prize. BuddyTV, along with other reporters, spoke with the finalists about who their influences are in their genre of talent and their thoughts on making it to the very end. And read on to find out more about Taylor Williamson being bullied in high school, and what it‘s been like for Forte to be on the show while trying to get to know each other along the way. Read more »
Having stuffed an apparently crucial intermediary Top 12 segment in after the semifinals, Season 8 of America‘s Got Talent will at last announce its finalists tonight. With no judges‘ picks this time, the finalists will be chosen entirely by viewer votes -- that‘s certainly Jimmy Rose‘s last best hope for a million dollars, unfortunately.Our live blog starts now: Read more »
Kenichi Ebina deserves to win.I know I usually start my America‘s Got Talent predictions by breaking down who I don‘t like, but this is the finals and it doesn‘t seem right to approach it that way. Read more »
It‘s been a long road to the finals: we‘ve had to suffer a fair number of lame joke contestants, a good many segments evangelizing popcorn and sugar juice, and increasingly hollow claims that this is the best season of the best show in the best country on God‘s green earth, but at the end of the day, we‘ve got a decent Top 6. For my money, it‘s a pretty solid line-up: while I might have had other favorites along the way, we‘ve got a diverse selection of performers who are all capable of delivering big tonight. Well, all except one -- but I imagine we‘ll get to that.Our live blog starts now: Read more »
This is the end: we‘ve seen all the performances, the people have voted, the Orville‘s been popped and it‘s time to announce a winner. Last night was a strong though largely safe showing for the top six, most memorable for Taylor‘s meta-humor and Kenichi‘s grand finale projection routine. The musicians were all well within their respective wheelhouses, and Collins Key is still a little too post-millennial MTV for the old folks like me -- that is, older than their teens. I can‘t make a prediction with any real confidence, but I can say that I‘d like to see Kenichi win this thing and Taylor be his runner-up: when you recap shows like this, you get really used to formula really quickly, and it‘s always a joy when someone manages to surprise you with some actual creativity. That‘s just my opinion, though -- I know a good many Americans who prefer clean-cut polite young Southern white Christian veteran coal-mining country singers who love their mamas, so we‘ll just have to see who comes out on top.The live blog starts now: Read more »
Pretty Little Liars took a hiatus last week, causing the show to drop completely off this week‘s list of shows with the most check-ins on BuddyTV Guide. Read more »
Whether it‘s American Idol, The Voice, The X Factor or America‘s Got Talent (or even scripted musical shows like Glee), certain songs seem to pop up quite a bit. And it‘s no wonder why: if it‘s a popular tune right now or if it‘s a classic that everybody knows and loves, it‘s bound to surface time and again.But one thing is for sure, when a song has been performed over and over again, there‘s usually one or two that stand out above the rest. And that‘s where today‘s Battle comes in: "When a Man Loves a Woman" is the song I‘m bringing up because it was performed brilliantly during the Top 16 of The X Factor season 3 this week. Read more »
The nominations have been announced for the 2014 People‘s Choice Awards.Glee leads the pack with eight nominations, including Favorite Network TV Comedy and nods for Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, Jane Lynch and Lea Michele. Both The Big Bang Theory and Grey‘s Anatomy come in second with five nominations each, and How I Met Your Mother, Supernatural, Castle, The Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries all have four. Read more »
The past couple years have seen some turnover at the America‘s Got Talent judges‘ table. But when the Simon Cowell-created competition series returns next summer, there will be familiar faces on the panel. Read more »