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And so America‘s Got Talent begins again! It wouldn‘t be summer without America‘s Got Talent, and I‘m not sure what it will be without Piers Morgan. Probably better, despite that terrible ad with the three judges and Nick in the car "attracting" talent. Ugh, what is that about. Will we get confused with a Howie and a Howard? Will the audience know whose name they‘re supposed to chant? Will Howie finally give up that annoying, little brother prankster bit he has worked so hard to craft over the years? Only time will tell.With Howard Stern as the new judge, I was hoping there would be a little less bullsh*tting, less "this is what makes this show so great," "the level of talent on this show is unbelievable," etc. But it looks like he‘s being paid enough to say all those things anyway. And it also looks like all the judge and Nick Cannon on-stage hijinks and the mocking attitude will continue on as well. But maybe lots of people will fall down and risk death. That‘s all we can hope for! Read more »
Night 2 of talking about Howard Stern begins now! Did I see a water-skiing squirrel? I want two hours of that. Do we need to go to San Francisco to see it? The judges did, but tonight we don‘t. Howie doesn‘t want us to forget about him, though, so he showed up in a jet pack. What the hell? Let‘s just let that one slip by like a slow fart.Alright, San Francisco, what you got? An artist who has teamed up with a dance group. That‘s interesting! David Girabaldi and his CMYKs hit the stage with the most interesting live art we‘ve seen. Way better than sexy catwoman painting on her own. David starts painting and it immediately looks cool, as the CMYKs set up paint and break dance around a little bit. David is the star, though, so that‘s why the CMYK‘s belong to him. I really liked it, and so did the crowd. Vegas! Read more »
As it enters its seventh season, many aspects of America‘s Got Talent remain nauseatingly the same. The audience over-reacting, and its love of chanting things, Nick Cannon coming out on stage to wrangle some more attention, Howie Mandel‘s potty jokes--it‘s all expected at this point. We‘ve even come to expect a few unlikely heroes, ordinary looking people with extraordinary voices, grandmas doing something outside their expected abilities, street artists getting their big break. But one thing is fresh, new, and exciting this season: Howard Stern. Initially, I was concerned that with Piers Morgan leaving the "serious judge" spot, things would only stay the same with any replacement. But Howard is a welcome addition to the AGT judges panel. Piers tended to focus more on his mock rivalry with Howie, which got old before it even began. He also REALLY liked a few special types of acts: dance groups, children ballroom dancing, and anything else humorless and fuddy-duddy-ish. But now Piers Morgan is gone, Howie has no one to play pranks on, and Howard Stern is keeping it remarkably real.  Read more »
The first week of America‘s Got Talent season 7 has passed, providing us with a bevy of performances, from a singing bird lady to a scorpion swallower to a rapping 80-year-old "Granny G." Plus, we got to see new judge Howard Stern in action (and he was surprisingly a welcome addition to the table). With a talent competition as large as this one, going on its seventh season, you have to really stand out to not only make it past the first auditions (to Vegas, where the contestants will perform again to make it onto AGT‘s live shows) - you have to somehow distinguish yourself from the crowd of already high talent. Here‘s a look back at some of the standout performances from the first week of auditions.  Read more »
If there is one truth to life, it‘‘s that there is an award show for everybody. Thus, we have the Teen Choice Awards, a competition whose winners are chosen solely by voters between the ages of 13 and 19. What will this year‘s teens be honoring? Keep reading for the first round of 2012 Teen Choice Award nominees. Read more »
Yes, America‘s Got Talent, we know you have Howard Stern. But I guess his newness isn‘t wearing off yet because the first two minutes were devoted to his epic arrival on this show. Things will NEVER be the same! Meanwhile, Nick Cannon is being dropped off on the tops of different buildings to ask is the city he‘s been deposited into has talent. Does New York have talent? Does it have great pizza!?After the standard five to ten minutes of judge worship, the auditions are underway. "Acrobatic Dunk Team," The Flyte Cru is up first. A stage hand warns them not to fall off the edge of the stage as so many before them have done. I‘ll tell you this much: these guys love dunking. They don‘t give a rat‘s ass about the other elements of basketball, except maybe the outfits, but they love to dunk the ball. Howie said no, Howard said yes, and Sharon loves everything so it‘s a yes. She‘s the Flyte Cru‘s fairy godmother!  Read more »
We saw the first part of the New York auditions last night, and I sincerely doubt anything will be as great as those dogs jumping and flipping around, but hey, I‘m willing to see what else New York has to offer. Nick is ready, the judges are ready, Howard‘s parents are ready, the crowd is ready. Let‘s get to the talent already!Ronald Charles sings and dances, but doesn‘t really do either particularly well on stage in front of the judges. Sharon and Howard buzz him quickly, and then Howie followed suit after Ronald started "singing." Howard brings his father up on stage, and said, "don‘t be stupid, you moron," then told Ronald Charles he should be thinking about making a living. Howard‘s father should be a regular on this show. Read more »
This week America‘s Got Talent sought out The Big Apple for the best talent. While there was the usual assortment of mediocre dance groups, singers and generic performers, there were a few acts that stood out - either because the talent was of such a high caliber or the uniqueness of the act (or both). Amongst acts like a 21st century ventriloquist and a guy brutally, repeatedly smacked in the nuts, here are some of this week‘s standout talents.  Read more »
For a long time, there was one major singing competition show: American Idol. Then last summer, NBC‘s The Voice joined the U.S. screen with relative success and later in the fall, Idol‘s Simon Cowell attempted to bring his British franchise The X Factor stateside. This year Idol and The Voice went head to head, inspiring comparisons and an inevitable rivalry for the top spot in the reality singing genre. With ABC joining the popular category with its new show Duets (premiering tonight) and Cowell rebooting X Factor with new judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato for its second season, the competition amongst the competition shows is getting heated - and the new judges on the block aren‘t afraid to defend their latest crop of shows.  Read more »
The 2011-2012 TV season has officially come to a close,  the Nielsen ratings are in and for the first time in nine years, the most-watched show of the season isn‘t American Idol.The FOX reality juggernaut, which has been the highest-rated show in total viewers and the coveted 18-49 demographic for the past eight seasons, was dethroned in both categories by NBC‘s Sunday Night Football.  Read more »
We get it, America‘s Got Talent, you have Howard Stern. Now let‘s see some talent! Nick Cannon is riding on a swamp boat, so we must be in Florida. How do we have the budget for this? Maybe they collect a dollar from everyone who shows up to audition, that would be good money.The first audition of the night is an "urban glee club," called Inspire the Fire. They would be right for The Sing-Off, except they also dance! It was relatively underwhelming for me, in that neither the singing nor dancing was particularly exciting. But their message is positive, so we‘ll see them again in Las Vegas. Howard‘s style seems to be to say, "normally I hate [the type of act you‘re doing], but I loved this!" Read more »
The most unique act from season six of America‘s Got Talent was without question Team iLuminate, the dance company that fused performance with technology to literally glow in the dark and earn a third-place finish. What happened to this groundbreaking troupe and where are they now? I connected with iLuminate founder Miral Kotb to find out."Appearing on America‘s Got Talent last summer was an amazing experience, one that really catapulted us to a whole new level," she said. "Performing on television enabled people from all over the world to watch and get to know our act, and we now have loyal fans following us from across the globe."It was a door-opening experience for Miral and the hard-working folks of Team iLuminate, which has since traveled the world both for performances and technology rentals.  Read more »
After Monday‘s lackluster episode, I am ready to see some REAL talent. I want to be shocked, I want to laugh, and I want to be impressed! No pressure, random Tuesday night episode of America‘s Got Talent! Tonight they‘re in St. Louis (again), which makes me think that they gave us the good St. Louis episode in the first week and this one could be another clunker.The first act up is a puppeteer, Tom Bonham. Howie looks amused, the audience is booing. He‘s mostly just moving things around with wires and sticks. Howie laughs AT it. "It is atrocious, but I love it," Howie says. Howard turns on a dime, after giving the puppeteer the X, and the audience isn‘t sure how to feel. It‘s officially a no.  Read more »
Though there was some decent talent this week on America‘s Got Talent, overall it was a bit of a flat week, as far as standout, $1 million acts go. So instead of the usual standout performances of the week, here are some superlatives to highlight the acts that, for whatever reason - talented or not - grabbed our attention.  Read more »
Everything‘s bigger in Texas, but is the talent? And so on and so forth. Nick Cannon is on a train, wearing a cowboy hat, for the Austin, Texas auditions that promise to be the "most dangerous" and probably have the most singers we‘ve seen yet. Howie has germ issues but for some reason he‘s OK riding a longhorned cow into these auditions? All I ask is that you be consistent, Howie.The first audition is a little kid in a mariachi band, Sebastian Cruz. I mean, his band is behind him, "El Charro de Oro," but it‘s all about the little kid. He‘s good, too, maybe one of the most talented children we‘ve seen on this season so far. Who raised this adorable child? I would call this a novelty act, maybe not a million dollar Vegas act, but it definitely deserves to move on.  Read more »
When award nominations go out, Community gets ignored. That‘s how it works, right? Apparently that‘s not precisely true anymore -- Community leads all shows in the Critics‘ Choice Television Award nominations with a total of six nominations. Check out all the nominees here! Read more »
Last night, tonight‘s episode was hyped as containing the audition that we‘ll all be talking about tomorrow. That‘s a lot of energy dedicated to America‘s Got Talent, at least in my life. But hey, I am pretty sure I saw that water-skiing squirrel, and I will never deny that some space in my life/heart. We‘re back in Austin, Texas for some more weirdness. The first act up is The Aurora Light Painters, who move lights around quickly and "paint" with them. The music in their intro package tells me this will be a big flop, because it‘s kooky music. They‘re from San Francisco but they‘re having a REALLY fun time in Austin. I bet they are. Sharon looks concerned. I‘m delighted that the act is actually great and delightful and unique. They were right, it was science and it was magic! I loved it. They‘re in! Read more »
Though last week was a bit of a lull in terms of overall talent (no offense, Tampa - you might fare better in the next round), this week Austin brought it big time. Sure, there were the usual duds (sorry, Lulu), but there were plenty of standout acts that had us captivated, shocked and tearing with emotion. Here are the top standout performances of the week.  Read more »
I really thought the America‘s Got Talent auditions would be over now. I mean, as far as I‘m concerned, they could be. But no, the auditions continue in Tampa Bay, FL. Will tonight‘s auditions have an audition that everyone will be talking about tomorrow? I don‘t know about that. There‘s pirates and a fake Osbourne couple and now, a child dance troupe.The Untouchables, offshoot of The Miami All-Stars, hit the stage first. They are 8-13 years old, and it just reminds me that I‘d rather be watching Dance Moms. These kids are good, though, and there‘s not too many of them like there were of the Miami All-Stars. It was a dynamic performance, with lots of fringey pants to look at. They‘re going to Vegas, and why wouldn‘t they? Read more »
America‘s Got Talent only aired one episode this week, giving us half the auditions and (inadvertently) more time to focus on the real AGT news of the week: the Tim Poe controversy. For those of you who haven‘t caught up with the many stories that have circulated about this stuttering country crooner from last week, here‘s a rundown of Poe‘s whirlwind week.  Read more »
In its bid to become the largest awards show that ever was or ever will be, the Teen Choice Awards have announced their second round of nominees. On the TV side of things, the new nominees include summer shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Teen Wolf, as well as stars like Joseph Morgan (The Vampire Diaries), Dianna Agron (Glee) and Shailene Woodley (The Secret Life of the American Teenager). Keep reading for all of the new nominations. Read more »
The intro to this episode of America‘s Got Talent tells us that "they went big" and now they have "one last chance." What does that even mean? Does it mean the Vegas round is coming up finally? After this last audition show? But before any of those questions are answered, it‘s a review of all the places the auditions have been over the last thousand months. So where are we now? San Francisco? Oh, who cares, a pig is wearing a tutu! Pigs are really smart, y‘all, and Smooch Piggy is about to prove to everyone why you should feel bad when you enjoy bacon. Or so we thought. Smooch doesn‘t do a whole lot except lie down, walk around, and bit a horn. Howard reluctantly gave her an X. Smooch was tired from the holding room! Howard said he was feeling crazy, but after a no from Howie and a yes from Sharon, it was as no.  Read more »
Nick Cannon is on top of a rock formation, looking out into the canyon below, and I am nervous. He does a lot of things that I would consider unsafe, but I err on the side of caution. Anyway, it‘s my favorite week of America‘s Got Talent programming! It‘s Vegas Week! No more Nick Cannon jumping on stage, no more Howie making fun of people who don‘t know they‘re being made fun of. We‘ve narrowed it down to some good acts, and now the actual talent show part begins.OK, there are still a few clunkers left, but that keeps things interesting enough. The judges approach the hoard of acts from a balcony. They didn‘t throw crumbs at them from above, that I know of. The acts are in two groups: the judges‘ favorites and the standby acts. The judges‘ favorites will perform first and the standy acts will perform after for any spots left. Some acts aren‘t even in either group, they are getting cut without performing or anything. They just dressed up and flew to Vegas for no reason.  Read more »
45 seats remain ... still. And we will continue to see some of the craziest talent and the willful manipulation of judge power tonight as Las Vegas Week continues on America‘s Got Talent! This season is so good, there‘s an entire magic category. Look at all these illusionists! I adore the mind reader/mentalist, Eric Dittelman. He has Sharon write down the name of her first crush, then mix up the letters in her mind. He takes some letters, then writes it down. He did it! I want more.Then a magician made a helicopter appear, and Justin Riviera did a bad, weird box trick and we could see his foot. Spencer Horsman, young escape artist, is about to attempt the most dangerous escape ever. Just the prep for this escape is making me nervous. Spencer sits in a box full of water, blindfolds himself, and only his hands remain above water and the box. He only has a minute and 25 seconds before they send the medics in, and I am freaking out. Spencer, you‘re too young! Read more »
Tonight, 150 contestants will perform for 20 remaining spots in New York. These are the "standby" acts that inexplicably got a chance over the Bandbaz Brothers. At 1:00 am, performance day, Turf is performing on the Vegas strip. the next morning, he is late to the stage and a producer has to come get him. Nick Cannon goes to the group to pep them up. They are more than just "standbys" to him.Magic is up first, much to my delight. The first act is Hawley Magic, who does a double levitation. Howard wasn‘t impressed. Giani is a mentalist, but not as good as Eric Dittelman. He wrote down his "predictions" of what the three judges would say, but oddly wrote "Bilan" instead of "Milan" for Sharon‘s place. "There‘s no place called Bilan," Sharon tells him. Read more »
The America‘s Got Talent quarterfinals are here, and in New York for the first time. There was a "red carpet" countdown special that was absolutely unbearable. If I wanted to see Howard and Sharon treat a blackhead in Howie‘s ear, I would reach into a box of MY NIGHTMARES. Nick Cannon grew out his hair a bit, and he‘s looking a bit wider. Fatherhood has been good to him, maybe.We can barely hear Nick over the roar of the crowd at this new New York stage. It‘s a good thing we don‘t really need to hear anything that happens in the first ten minutes of this show. It‘s been a while, so I was pleased by the reminder that the judges can still X contestants. They can still exercise their inordinate amount of power.  Read more »
The second show of the season seven quarterfinals has begun. I guess I‘m excited? I‘m not going to over-exert myself; we‘ve got a long road ahead of us. Nick‘s shirt and tie combo make me nervous. Howie warns tonight‘s acts that if they don‘t "step it up" and "give it their all" they could be going home. Yeah, that‘s how reality TV works!LionDanceMe is a dance/danger act that may not be able to step up their game and give it their all. They keep falling off those poles and hurting themselves! We‘ve never seen the act in its entirety, so they have that going for them, but I have a sneaking suspicion it‘s really just them jumping around on those poles. It‘s cool, but it lost some energy for me along the way. I wasn‘t entirely sure what my incentive to keep watching might be. "I know it‘s LionDanceMe, but who cares?" Howard summed up. Read more »
The best part of last night‘s performance show was either Donovan & Rebecca, or Howard & Howie. Howard, just calling a spade a spade and noting everything that has made me uncomfortable about America‘s Got Talent for years, made television history and he put Howie Mandel and his stupid hat in their place. Nick Cannon did a good job hosting last night, too.The first result is coming at us fast. Tim Hockenberry and Turf are first to the stage. It could be either of them! Sharon says she can not predict who will move forward, and neither can I. It will be both of them maybe? I like Turf‘s jacket. Nick Cannon says, "wow ... BOTH OF YOU ARE GOIN‘!" Nice one, Nick, you almost had us there. He wanted to start things off on a high note, evidently. Read more »
Nick Cannon, in yet another blue velvet suit, tells us that all 12 acts are having "a great time" in the green room. Oh yeah, I bet they‘re just loving the way you shut them all in the same tiny room and made them dress the same way they were dressed last night. There‘s two dogs in there, for god‘s sake. And what do they have to eat? To sustain them? A bowl of Orville Redenbacher popcorn that Nick Cannon will undoubtedly jokingly "eat" and spill on the floor. The dogs are going to eat it.The first group of acts released from the green room are Michael Nejad, Shanice & Maurice, and Nikki Jensen. So this is pretty clear: it will be Sharnce & Maurice. Michael Nejad got three X‘s last night! There‘s no hope for him. Nikki Jensen was pretty, but a bit bland, and everyone raved about the father-daughter duo. So let‘s get on with this result, after a bit of Howard Stern grandstanding. Shanice & Maurice Hayes are moving forward, of course. I don‘t think they will win.  Read more »
Nick Cannon looks smooth tonight in resort casual! After Howard tells us he thinks tonight will be truly spectacular, Nick introduces The Untouchables, the spawn of The Miami All-Stars. "We work so hard it‘s not even funny," a child who has never held a steady job tells us. These kids are good, though, I won‘t deny them that. My interest has been piqued by different stuff we‘ve seen from The Untouchables so far on this season, but in the end it is still children ballroom dancing, which Piers loved and I do not. They‘re good, but I don‘t know that this was their best or most thrilling performance.Howie asked them if he should wear a hat or no hat. Yeah, that‘s relevant feedback, Howie. Thanks for that. Read more »
The lead up to the show made last week look like some sort of life or death colosseum, and I‘m not complaining. I‘m also delighted that this week‘s line-up is pretty loaded with good acts. It‘s good news for us tonight, and crappy news for us tomorrow night, as we have only four to move forward this week. Why do they always load the last Quarterfinal show like that? It‘s not fair. At least I‘ll see some guy get  hit in the nuts tonight, right?The first act of the night is David "The Bullet" Smith, who will fire himself through a field goal. It looks like the firing of the cannon isn‘t even the most dangerous part, it‘s whether or not his net will catch him. Why not just fire yourself into a trampoline? Just kidding, it‘s a terrible idea. I‘m sure NBC‘s net will hold. We can‘t have a death so early in the show. He pumps the crowd up with cheerleaders and a football that he doesn‘t throw. I just hope he clears the goal, right? He did, football in hand! Still yelling! I was concerned, because he almost yelled too soon. We got to see a lot of replays, and everyone will move inside to see the glory of Sharon‘s long, flowing white dress.  Read more »
Though America‘s Got Talent has been doing well in its seventh season, veteran judge Sharon Osbourne might not return for the next season.  Read more »
If there‘s one thing the judges could agree on last night, it‘s that this fourth quarterfinals show was packed with talent. Almost preposterously so, actually. I have a feeling most of the wild card acts will be coming from people who don‘t make it through this week. Howie tried to spin this week‘s events into a positive "on what other show can you complain of too much talent!" But for real, man, that was so messed up stuff.Ulysses, Olate Dogs, and David "The Bullet" Smith are first up to the plate. I hope to god that it will be Olate Dogs, particularly against guys whose talents are cheesy singing and staying alive, respectively. Olate Dogs will move through! No question! I am so delighted. Everyone go rescue a dog today! Read more »
Sharon Osbourne, one of America‘s Got Talent‘s long-time judges, is officially leaving the series as a result of NBC‘s treatment of her son. As first reported by the New York Post, Jack Osbourne was in talks to star in the network‘s new reality series Stars Earn Stripes (a show about celebrities compete in military training exercises), but according to the AGT judge, he was fired two days before he was to start filming.  Read more »
August 14 will forever be known as the night America‘s Got Talent went to the birds (and by "forever," I mean until Wednesday at roughly 2pm). Just one bird, actually. As if the hockey-like season wasn‘t long enough, we were treated to a YouTube-Snapple crapfest in our post-Olympic return to live performances. Tuesday marked exactly three months and 22 episodes since the premiere, and for the better part of two hours, the best act was a cockatoo named Kitten who flew from the top a building and through the audience to trainer Clint Carvalho. When a gust of wind can blow a door shut and not only derail your act, but also threaten your talent‘s life, something tells me the act is lacking a bit. Or maybe that‘s just the danger of it.Carvalho even touted the "Evel Knievel" of birds as "freefalling" 130-feet to start the trick. Um, Clint, the bird has wings. It‘s not like we‘re hoping a parachute opens. It‘s a bird, for crying out loud, which makes the whole "plummeting to earth" thing a bit less suspenseful. And is it supposed to be ironic that the bird is named after something that eats birds? Read more »
We‘re making our way through the quarterfinals and Nick Cannon is really trying to make the long process enjoyable for everyone, despite "the best behaved judges in the business" (even Nick can‘t say that with a straight face). This includes Howie, who thankfully has lost the hat from last night, but unfortunately is still spouting his unending commentary, including a plug in for the Olympics ("I have to say: Go for the gold!") Nick tries to move right past this, and onto the results!  Read more »
Tonight is a night of second chances. Acts that blew it or just didn‘t get by for one reason or another are back tonight for a second shot at relative glory. Each judge gets four acts to bring back, and I‘d be willing to be most of them are from that last quarterfinals show. I‘d forgotten how much I despise Howie and his Twitter handle.The first act, Spencer Horsman, belongs to Howard. He‘s backstage being locked up in a metal suit. How many times can you escape? He‘d better do it in front of us this time. Ooh, he‘s escaping from a tank of wet cement! I like that. It also has a steampunk theme, so that‘s fun. I used to be pretty jazzed on this act, but I feel like there‘s only so many times we can watch Spencer‘s dad control his 90-second murder. It was still exciting, though! Howard notes that Spencer brought a real sense of danger, and we don‘t fast-forward through the act. Read more »
Nick Cannon‘s looking good this time, as he warns us that the Wild Card acts are "all smiling and laughing for now," but only four of them will be allowed to continue on and the rest of them will be devastated. They had all pretty much given up whatever they were doing until they heard they would be allowed to be on the Wild Card show. I hope they don‘t all go back to wandering the streets when this is over.Sebastien El Charro de Oro, Bandbaz Brothers, and Ben Blaque are first to the stage. I have a sneaking suspicion it will be Ben Blaque? But I want it to be Bandbaz Brothers. Sebastien El Charro de Oro will move forward, much to my surprise. I‘m not sure I approve of this, but I have no say in the matter whatsoever.  Read more »
OK, how did America‘s Got Talent get Gabby Douglas? And if Nick Cannon tries to draw a correlation between her Olympic Gold Medal and the YouTube Acts on AGT, I will crap a brick. Right out. Nick also promises us Karmin, "one of the funniest guys on the internet," and a Howard Stern-centric clip package. This is not how I wanted my Olympic Summer to end.The first acts up on stage are Cast in Bronze, Reverse Order, and Academy of Villains. This one will go to Academy of Villains, I‘d bet. It certainly will not go to Cast in Bronze, although I would definitely hire it/them for my Labyrinth-themed party. Alright, everyone tried their best, but who tried their bestest? Academy of Villains. I live for any slow-panning shots of that Cast in Bronze guy, though.  Read more »
How long have we been watching this show? 8 months? A full human gestation period? It feels like a long time, and I blame Gabby Douglas for that. It‘s the beginning of the Semi-Finals tonight, and only three from this week will go through. I hope some acts get mad X‘s.The first act is Andrew de Leon. We just saw him! Last week! I was not impressed! This week he‘s wearing a Black Swan inspired outfit and singing "Ave Maria." There‘s a bit of a croak to his voice starting out, and I‘m sort of wondering when America will get over their rally cry for Andrew that originated in his audition. I do think this was far better than last week, though. It didn‘t sound crazy, it sounded pretty. He hit all the notes, too, so the night is off to a good start. Howie loved it, Howard thinks sometimes it‘s getting strange and too much about the Story. I love Howard, I‘m glad he‘s being straight up. Sharon suggested not wearing all the makeup and contacts, which would strip him of all the "talent."  Read more »
We‘re finally at the point where America‘s Got Talent. Before, America had a bunch of assholes, but we‘ve waded through that to get to the real acts, and now I don‘t have as good of an idea of who will move through this time. Only three move on! Less judge pandering! I‘m all in favor of this, but less in favor of all the filler lined up for tonight.The host of Family Feud (yes, it‘s still on), and Nick Cannon‘s dad in a movie, Steve Harvey is here to give his opinion on the acts. WTFE. Filler. This is the least-funny, Family Feud Filler I have ever seen.  Read more »
The semi-finals continue tonight, and they contain some of my favorite acts in contention for the Season 7 title. I guess the finale has six acts in it? I thought it used to be only four, but maybe I don‘t actually know anything. What I do know is that Nick Cannon really has some endurance. He‘s still enthusiastic about all these people and all these judges.Sharon loves All That but I think they‘re Just Okay. Tonight they‘ve promised "a trick that will blow your minds." They‘re dancing in a pyramid, and then they set their clogs on fire. It sounded like a cooler idea than it ended up being translated on stage, I think. Might as well make use of all the pyrotechnics and special effects AGT has to offer! They clogged in some water, which was perhaps even more dangerous. I agree that they stepped up their game, but I‘m just not sure a clogging act will make it to the finale, no matter how many elements they incorporate. Sharon liked the leather, Howard appreciated the way they took direction, and Howie just wanted to make a joke about them "flaming." Cute. Read more »
With very little fuss, we‘re getting right to the results tonight! All That!, Shanice and Maurice hayes, and Lightwire Theater come out on stage and of course Lightwire Theater will move to the Top 4. Up next, Jacob Williams, David Garibaldi and his CMYKs, and Sebastien El Charro de Oro hit the stage next. I have a feeling this one will go to David Garibaldi. They put on such a great show, and went last! I‘m not sure why Nick Cannon prefaced this result with "in no particular order," but he did. David Garibaldi and His CMYKs are moving forward, naturally.  Read more »
What horrors does the Season Finale of America‘s Got Talent have in store for us tonight? Thankfully, the show is only one hour long, but tomorrow night‘s results show is inexplicably 2 hours long. Gotta make room for Justin Bieber and the "worst of auditions" compilation piece, I suppose. Nick Cannon wore a tux for tonight! That was cute of him.I thought the contestants might get more than a minute and a half for their final performances, but no, we have to fill the hour with a lot of dumb baloney and less actual talent. Plus, I‘m worried for the Olate Dogs ... I don‘t want them to get too tired. Read more »
Are you feeling sentimental about America‘s Got Talent, now that we‘re at the finale results show? I‘m not. And my sentimentality isn‘t helped by the fact that it‘s underscored by "Home" by Phillip Phillips, winner of American Idol. But whatever. Winners‘ song! If anything, this montage has made me realize just how long we‘ve all been on this "journey." I‘m tired, America, I want to go "home."OK, now the really weird part of the show starts. The Top 6 acts perform with popular music artists, which won‘t really work for everyone. The first one is David Girabaldi painting in the background to Flo Rida. And he‘s painting Flo Rida, as Flo Rida ignored him. It was a fail. I guess at the end, Flo Rida painted a half-hearted stripe of blue. Flo Rida, you will not be a CMYK any time soon. Read more »
The People‘s Choice Award nominations for 2013 have been revealed, and oddly enough, the People‘s Choices have very little in common with actual ratings.  Read more »