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The lights, the drama, the X‘s! It‘s all happening tonight with the premiere of America‘s Got Talent Season 6. I‘m not even ashamed to say I‘m glad it‘s back, even though I know we‘re in it for the long haul. It‘s just so weird and enthralling. You never know if someone who‘s not a singer might win.The first round of auditions starts in Los Angeles. All our buddies are back: Piers, Sharon, Nick, and Howie. I‘ve really come around on Howie Mandel, have you? It may take another several months. He‘s back on the, "I‘m annoying, aren‘t I, Piers?!" train. Have you ever wondered what it‘s like to go to one of these shows? BuddyTV‘s writer Meghan can tell you all about it.  Read more »
The NBA finals game last night between the Heat and the Mavericks did not draw too much attention away from the premiere of America‘s Got Talent, which beat the game‘s ratings by a small margin.The Heat/Mavericks game had 13.9 million viewers, a respectable number (and up 22% versus last year‘s Lakers/Celtics game). But America‘s Got Talent swept the evening with 16.71 million viewers, up 17% versus last year‘s season premiere. Acts on Talent offered singers, dancers and a guy juggling live stun guns.If you missed Talent‘s LA and Atlanta auditions, check out our recap! Read more »
Some days you want to have deep, philosophical discussions about the meaning of life, and some days you just want to watch people falling down. Today is one of those latter days. After two people fell off the America‘s Got Talent stage in Atlanta alone, I thought you might want to watch it happen again. I know, I know, it‘s awful. But it is also funny. I give you three people falling off the AGT stage.Primitivo Montoya cartwheels off the stage after half of a less-than-spectacular song and dance routine Read more »
Which judges may or may not be returning? How is Scotty doing as an artist after the big win? What show was Lauren Alaina rejected from before American Idol? Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed are engaged?! All this and more as we catch up with American Idol in the wake of Season 10. By the way, they‘re auditioning for Season 11, so apparently that‘s happening.Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed Might Be EngagedAfter a "super cool" two months of dating, American Idol finalist Paul McDonald and his Twilight star girlfriend, Nikki Reed, showed up at the MTV Movie Awards together, and Nikki Reed was sporting a sparkly ring on a very noteworthy finger. Is it an engagement ring?  Read more »
America‘s Got Talent has it all: the crazy, the awesome, and the weird. It also has giant rooms full of people who don‘t even get to see the official stage, but I guess that might fall under "weird"? In case you were wondering why Nick Cannon is on top of the Space Needle, America‘s Got Talent is auditioning in Seattle. OK, that doesn‘t really answer why or how he‘s there, but it‘s a start. Don‘t hurt yourself, Nick! You‘re a dad now, so you can‘t just go around climbing Space Needles willy-nilly. Read more »
The fourth NBA finals game between the Heat and the Mavericks on ABC took the night, with ratings across the board on NBC down from last week. America‘s Got Talent and The Voice both struggled.On ABC, the Heat/Mavericks game had 15.62 million viewers, up 17% versus last year‘s game four between the Celtics and the Lakers.  Read more »
Everything is bigger in Texas, but does that include the talent? The first act up in Houston is a Texas knife-throwing, gun-slinging, Wild West duo. The Rhinestone Ropers were amazing! He threw knives at her, then shot at her, then spun her around and threw knives, and then she shot some targets WHILE SPINNING! Finally, something all three judges can agree on. Mona Lisa, a twin singing duo killed us softly with their song, then Charles Peachock put on a really cool juggling/light act. The Purrfect Angelz came to "rock this crowd," and rock the crowd they did. It was all kinds of sexy and strange.  Read more »
So America‘s Got Talent is back in Seattle. I‘m not sure why this episode wasn‘t combined with the other Seattle episode, but I think we‘re just supposed to accept that (and the fact that the next episode will be in Atlanta again). Up first we have a guy who wants to break a record and do something the judges will never forget. They see a lot of auditions, though.The awesome thing is that this guy blows up hot water bottles until they explode. That‘s what he holds the record for. And really, who knew that hot water bottles could get so big? It didn‘t explode, disappointingly, and it upset Piers. Read more »
With the NBA finals over, you‘d think our summer shows would perform better, right? Not the case this week. Two big shows, America‘s Got Talent and The Voice, were actually down versus last week.  Read more »
This week America‘s Got Talent is back in Atlanta, and things get very, very disturbing. I kind of hate the dull acts we‘ve seen a million times before, like dance troupes or cute kids, but tonight we get something totally different. There‘s something weird, something disgusting and a version of Celine Dion‘s "My Heart Will Go On" that is so astonishingly awful that it will make you envy those who were fortunate enough to die when the Titanic hit an iceberg, because at least they never had to witness this performance.If you don‘t like the grotesque and strange acts, tonight we also meet 11-year-old Anna Graceman, who is positively fantastic, which isn‘t easy for me to admit since I really hate kids.  Read more »
Two premieres joined America‘s Got Talent and The Voice last night. They might not be threatening the current kings of Tuesday ratings, but hey, at least there‘s something else on!  Read more »
Last night I had the honor of recapping my first episode of America‘s Got Talentthis season, and was pleasantly surprised by how weird some of the actswere. Tonight, however, is a different story. The actual talent ismediocre at best, the bad acts aren‘t amazingly awful, and the onlydecent moment is a male pole dancer who looks like a background extrafrom Queer as Folk.  Read more »
President Obama‘s address on the situation in Afghanistan last night, while brief, still managed to push our Wednesday night programming back 16 minutes. As a result, the ratings below are a little iffy, but still give us a good benchmark for how these shows are doing. FOX‘s So You Think You Can Dance dropped considerably, declining at least 10% versus last week‘s Wednesday episode. The dancing competition brought in 6.48 million viewers, fairly low for its timeslot (which is currently being dominated by NBC‘s The Voice).  Read more »
You‘re reading this on BuddyTV, which means you‘re probably familiar with all the things we do on this site: bring you the latest in the world of television, from which House star is appearing on The Good Wife to who got the shocking boot on last night‘s So You Think You Can Dance. Yeah, I think you‘re quite familiar with that. So, let‘s see how much you learned this week, shall we? Read more »
America has been diagnosed with Talent, and the only prescription it can get is MORE TALENT! Or more SOMETHING (whatever it is that happens on America‘s Got Talent). We‘re in New York (again, right?) and the first act is husband and wife doctor duo, Rak and Tak. Their "talent" is singing, though. Not saving lives. As doctors, it should really be their duty never to sing for people, because it‘s painful and it‘s not helping anyone.Next up, we have a dangerous motorcycle act. I think "danger acts" are great for this show, but they‘re not my personal favorite thing to see. It probably took about four hours to set up, so it better be good! Or at least as good/dangerous as that guy who blew up hot water bottles. This is one act that I hope does not fall off the edge of the stage. They drove their way straight to the Las Vegas quarter-finals. Read more »
Last night, The Voice hit its highest audience in four weeks, while America‘s Got Talent remained steady, winning NBC the night by a longshot and leaving most other programming in the dust. A few shows that enjoyed decent premieres last week saw dips this week, as expected.  Read more »
America‘s Got Talent: the show that threatens to "unleash the talent," then makes you wish for stricter talent leash laws. After the typical Howie Mandel buffoonery, the first act of the episode is duo Eric and Christlo. The audience booed their singing and dancing to TLC‘s "Waterfalls," but come on. Great song choice, and I appreciate their enthusiasm and hair. Howie kept from pressing his X because he likes to egg people on needlessly.What a way to start things off. Chris, the Boy with the Wire Hair did "hair hanging," and I just don‘t understand why the audience booed him. He wasn‘t THAT bad! Jenny Rocha and the Painted Ladies danced with big fake butts, making America proud. Magic of Mystique did some entry level magic, but at least his face was painted to make him look like ... a dog? We‘ll never know.  Read more »
NBC won the night handily with the season finale of The Voice and a fresh episode of America‘s Got Talent. ABC‘s Love in the Wild also premiered, and did fairly well for its timeslot. On FOX, So You Think You Can Dance continued its slow, painful ratings decline, slipping even further down the slope. But with The Voice over, will the former summer giant regain some footing in its timeslot? Let‘s look at the numbers. Read more »
One hour of America‘s Got Talent is a lot. Two hours is pushing the limit. But three hours of crazy acts and Howie Mandel‘s grating personality? NBC is in direct violation of the Geneva Convention for this one.  Read more »
The second two hours of Tuesday night‘s marathon, three-hour borefest on America‘s Got Talent was devoted to the Las Vegas callbacks. The callbacks are a bit like waking up the morning after a drunken one-night stand. You thought you went home with Taylor Lautner, but it turns out it was Taylor Hicks. At the time, it seemed like a good idea to say "Yes" to some of these crazy people, but now that the actual competition is upon us, there are regrets.  Read more »
It was a good night for NBC. Last night, America‘s Got Talent saw its highest ratings in more than five years, and it‘s second-highest ratings ever. Aside from FOX‘s MasterChef, most programming was dominated by repeats.Let‘s take a look at the numbers! Read more »
Oh man I love Las Vegas week. In any given show, I love Vegas week, but especially the America‘s Got Talent Vegas week. We‘ve cut through most of the crap, and we get to see people step up their respective games. And tonight: DANGER ACTS! There‘s only 17 remaining spots to compete in the endless semi-finals, and it‘s time for the standby acts. First: magicians! And the magicians will drop things and make fun of each other backstage, which might be the best thing to come out of all this. The magician who won his place in Vegas by folding up a lady is next to perform. The peanut gallery of other magicians on standby agree that they have never seen what he‘s doing before (a floating box with his folded up lady in it!). Read more »
Agreed, the point of reality TV competitions is to give the spotlight to a bunch of unknowns who are hoping to make it big in Hollywood. But they wouldn‘t really get anywhere without the guidance of professionals. We‘re dedicating this to the hosts and judges of reality television, who have given their support to dreamers all over the country. There‘s Big Brother‘s Julie Chen, the judging panel of America‘s Next Top Model, probably not Idol‘s Simon Cowell, and more.   Read more »
As expected, the finale of The Voice left plenty of unclaimed viewer territory for FOX‘s So You Think You Can Dance, which saw a huge boost in ratings. The former summer giant might continue regaining ground over the next few weeks as viewers continue shifting, but only time will tell. Shows across the board dropped otherwise, with America‘s Got Talent dipping a surprising amount after last night‘s stellar ratings performance. Let‘s take a look at the numbers.   Read more »
Another week of television has passed, which means it‘s time for us to act like our beloved grandparents: we sit back, we relax, and we look back. And we take a quiz that determines if we paid attention all these years -- or, in this case, all this week. It‘s pretty much like the crossword. Or Sudoku. You get the idea. Read more »
I came into this episode three minutes late, but it doesn‘t appear that mattered, because four minutes in, we were still applauding for the great and powerful judges, who appeared in a shower of flames. But you know, the 12 acts appearing tonight will have to leave it all on stage, Nick is wearing a blue jacket, so on and so forth. The Miami All-Stars are up first. They‘re a big group of ballroom dancers. But can they re-work their routine to new music that has been cleared? Are the Kings of Leon to blame? I‘ve never been a huge fan of ballroom, so I can‘t say that an even larger group than normal doing it is appealing to me, personally, but it was fine. Piers loved it, naturally. Howie and Sharon thought it was hot. There‘s just ... so many of them.  Read more »
Last night, FOX got a big ratings boost from the MLB All-Star Game, and likely won the night. But that didn‘t stop NBC‘s mighty America‘s Got Talent from winning the 9pm timeslot. Let‘s take a look at the numbers. Read more »
The first live results show of America‘s Got Talent season six is here. There‘s a lot to like about this round of results shows: the performances, the Orville Redenbacher room, the ease of predicting which acts will go through. Let‘s play this first round together.The Fearless Flores Family, Duo Aero, and Snap Boogie are the first group to receive results. If I had to guess, I‘d say it will be Snap Boogie. Or just not Duo Aero. Piers, like me, is surprised to see the Flores Family and Snap Boogie on the stage on the same time. After panning across the faces of all seven people on stage, Nick announces that Snap Boogie is moving forward.  Sorry, motorcycle danger act, it looks like America didn‘t want to see what would happen if you put one more person on a motorcycle, or whether or not your hair would get caught in something. Read more »
Last night, Big Brother 13 had its Wednesday-episode premiere, and boy did it ever. Big Brother enjoyed its best ratings for a Wednesday premiere since 2003. This supplied some stiff competition for NBC‘s America‘s Got Talent and FOX‘s So You Think You Can Dance. Love in the Wild too saw a considerable drop.Let‘s take a look at the numbers.  Read more »
Whew -- that was one crazy week, yes? Someone broke up with someone. Someone joined CSI. Someone joined Castle. Someone sang on America‘s Got Talent. Someone returned to So You Think You Can Dance. And I have yet to talk about the Emmy nominations... Read more »
Twelve more acts perform on this episode of America‘s Got Talent for a chance at a million dollars (and a Vegas act? Or is that still not the case anymore?). Sharon‘s bones are telling her the bar will be raised even higher this week.Attack Dance Crew is first to the stage. The producers have decided that large dance groups are a good way to open the show. The back story with these guys is that Howie doesn‘t like/"get" them. I get what Howie‘s saying about it seeming a little cheerleader-y, but these guys are good! I like them better than the Miami All-Stars, who made it in last week. Piers wasn‘t "massively keen" on the choreography and thought it could have been tighter. Piers needs to go home and watch Strictly Ballroom (like he does every night, or every night he‘s not watching Shall We Dance). Sharon thought it was OK, and Howie agreed with Piers. He still doesn‘t get it.  Read more »
The second group of twelve acts waits backstage in the Orville Redenbacher Popcorn Room (the Poppin‘ Room?), and only four of them were good enough to move forward (maybe less?). Nick describes last night as "a roller coaster ride," but I describe it as a disappointment overall. It was also awkward, with Piers trying so hard to be cruel. I really got uncomfortable. But Piers regrets nothing.Up first is The Rhinestone Ropers, Thomas John, and Silhouettes. So, clearly Silhouettes is moving forward. But for the record, I voted for the Rhinestone Ropers, because I thought they could do better. Two disappointments and the best act of the night--the results seem pretty clear! It‘s so obvious that it made Sharon laugh. Props to Thomas John for his feigned shred of hope, though. That was funny. Silhouettes moves forward. Read more »
The premiere of CBS‘ new reality series Same Name (and an accompanying plug on Big Brother) has put David Hasselhoff back into the spotlight, or whatever defines "spotlight" at the moment, which is a Twitter trending topic.Anyway, it‘s not that he was gone for a long time. Sure, he left America‘s Got Talent a couple of seasons back, and sure, he only lasted one week on Dancing with the Stars. But surely whenever you hear the Baywatch theme tune you have flashbacks of Mitch Buchannon holding that red floater thingie? Or maybe you watch the recent remake of Knight Rider and can‘t get the original Michael Knight off your head? Read more »
Y‘all, we live in the land of the free and the home of the TALENT. It is also the home to our host and one third of the judging panel. Why are there two British people on America‘s Got Talent? No time to think about that, we have 12 more acts to see. Up first are the Summerwind Skippers. They are a jump rope team from Idaho. Tonight, they need to be better than "really good." They added dancers for effect, which is almost always a sign of an act that isn‘t good enough and will only get more confusing. To be fair, though, they have a lot of cool tricks and some I‘ve never seen before. Piers said he enjoyed it, Sharon also thought it was sexy.  Read more »
The votes are in! Which four acts will be moving forward to be beaten out by the four acts that move forward next week? Let‘s get real for a second: next week is stacked. Oh my god, just when things were getting real, there was a whole segment dedicated to promoting that Smurf movie. Kill me now. Let‘s pretend that brand integration never happened. Ian Johnson, Summerwind Skippers, and Purrfect Angelz are first to the stage. It could or couldn‘t be any of them. Nick announces that the act moving on is ... NO ONE! They‘re all out. What a bummer. Piers thought it might have been Summerwind Skippers but he was wrong. Read more »
I wish I could say that another week has finished, but it‘s been quite crazy here at BuddyTV HQ over the past few days -- thank you, Comic-Con -- that it‘s safe to say we‘re still in a bit of a hangover. And yet there are more things around the corner: Lady Gaga was on SYTYCD, Rachel continues her onslaught on Big Brother, and Ashley was a step closer to finding (really?) her true love on The Bachelorette. Read more »
The last group of 12 from the Las Vegas round performs tonight and it is going to be a doozy. Nick Cannon had to come down from a crane because of the first act. So there was no huge fanfare for the judges, which I was ok with. Oh man, blunder of all blunders. My boyfriend, the Kinetic King, had an absolutely disastrous performance. I mean, it was literally the worst thing I have ever seen happen on live TV. He gave up halfway through, just saying, "oh well." Then a confused Nick Cannon came in and kicked over a stack of cups. Oh man, that was such a bummer. He is still my boyfriend, though. Man, that is unfortunate. At least he embraces the fact that it failed big. I might have to watch it over and over again. Read more »
This week‘s performances were so good, I have no idea who will be moving on (and who will get a second chance in the Wild Card show). At the beginning of the results show, we were forced to relive the Kinetic King‘s total and utter failure. Ouch, my embarrassment hurts. First to the stage for results are Frank Miles, Avery and the Calico Hearts, Taylor Davis, and Fatally Unique. Four acts, eh? I hope Frank Miles is in, or maybe Fatally Unique. Fatally Unique moves on, proving that America loves large dance groups this season. I hope they bring Frank Miles back for a Wild Card show.  Read more »
Another crazy week has gone past this flat-screen in front of me. (Of all of us, really.) Ashley got tired of the him-or-him? question and settled for a cupcake. The guidos decided to trace their roots and ended up doing more of the same. And we‘re a little (emphasis on little) closer to how Ashton Kutcher will end up with Charlie Sheen‘s shoes on Two and a Half Men. Read more »
The YouTube round is one of my favorite nights of the America‘s Got Talent quarter-finals. And that‘s saying something, because there are so many more nights than you would think in the quarter-finals. Last season, YouTube gave us Jackie Evancho, but more importantly, we got to see some really weird stuff not translate to live performance.Tonight there‘s magic, dancing, and the obligatory dog act. But it‘s a bulldog on a skateboard, you guys! There‘s nothing better than that. It‘s cute that Nick Cannon acts like the three judges actually watched thousands of videos to choose these acts. It‘s also cute that the judges still think this is all about them.  Read more »
Last night we found out that Piers doesn‘t like anything. What will America like? It‘s time to find out on the America‘s Got Talent, YouTube Special results show! Oh man, I can‘t wait to see Gabe in the What‘s Poppin‘ Orville Redenbacher segment. Going with tonight‘s "YouTube Stars" theme, Rebecca Black is performing (please let her perform "Friday" and not "My Moment" or whatever her new song is. First up to the stage are mega-groups Gymkana and Powerhouse. I hope it‘s Gymkana, but Powerhouse must have wrangled a lot of votes, based on size and sway alone. Piers thought both acts would go through, but I feel like he doesn‘t really know what we like to vote for. Gymakana moves on to the semi-finals.  Read more »
It‘s the Wild Card Show on America‘s Got Talent, so 12 lucky acts get a second chance. The first act is The Kinetic King! I‘m so glad he is getting a second chance, after his epic disaster the first time. And Piers Morgan, of all people, brought him back.The Kinetic King will reign again. I love him! He rides a Segway! It‘s going, it‘s going! Things are actually happening this time! It is so thrilling, just based on what we‘ve seen and not seen in the past. I‘m just so glad something happened.  Read more »
For eight acts, this second chance is their last chance: it‘s the America‘s Got Talent Wild Card Results Show! Of all the things that have been "Poppin" in the Orville Redenbacher room, this group might be one of the Poppinest. Howie promises to be surprised tonight.First to the stage, three of Sharon‘s acts: Shevonne, Yellow Designs Stunt Team, and West Springfield Dance Team. Uh oh, two of the Teams are going against each other! This is unexpected. Everyone looks more normal without their stage makeup. West Springfield Dance Team moves on. Aww, Yellow Designs Stunt Team! Sad.  Read more »
Television personalities have been having an odd week. David Letterman was threatened with a jihad. Anderson Cooper got the giggles over a news story. Piers Morgan had his guest shout accusations of rudeness before she abruptly walked away. What could possibly be going on in the world of personality-driven, almost-news television? Read more »
To paraphrase SpongeBob SquarePants, "another week, another seven nickels!" And sure, while last week saw a bunch of finales -- and this week, too -- there was still a lot going on our televisions. Life at the Big Brother house continued while werewolves killed each other on Teen Wolf. Twelve talents got another shot on America‘s Got Talent, while Emma (or Sutton, who?) got into some new trouble on The Lying Game. You get the idea. Read more »
Things are about to get pretty real, because America‘s Got Talent has stepped it up AGAIN! This means that the acts that are only OK will finally be going home, and the favorites from the beginning will move up where they belong. I‘m talking the likes of Sandou Trio Russian Bar and Team iLuminate, performing tonight! Oh, and most of the acts will/should add fire.Sharon explains that she doesn‘t want predictability and the judges don‘t want safe. Zuma Zuma is neither of those things. But will they add more fire? One of the members of Zuma Zuma actually died from falling during their act. What the hell? This is even without fire, which they DID add. They stacked some chairs/men and limboed under some fire. Despite adding fire and tiger print, and stacking men like Jenga blocks again, I didn‘t think it was as exciting as the last performances they‘ve done. In their defense, those were actual chairs stacked up on four glasses. "It‘s very dangerous," they assure us.  Read more »
The first round of semifinals had zombies, dancing, moving pianos, and "the biggest suicide mission we‘ve ever had on this show." Just under half of these acts will move through tonight. There are very few certainties in this world, but one of them is that Piers will make fun of Nick Cannon‘s polka dot suit.Tonight we get Demi Lovato, a hip hop group, and (yes!!) Prince Poppycock. And boom, Piers makes a comment about the suit. After the judges make statements with plenty of superlatives ("the most talented ..." "the toughest competition," etc.), Nick brings Sandou Trio Russian Bar, Zuma Zuma, Matt Willhelm, and Team iLuminate to the stage. So definitely Team iLuminate, right? I must have been looking away because I didn‘t see Matt Willhelm fall that bad last night. That‘s not so good.  Read more »
NBC has announced the guest performers who will be appearing in the last few weeks of this season of America‘s Got Talent, and the list looks... interesting, to say the least. Apart from last year‘s winner Michael Grimm, and last year‘s runner-up Jackie Evancho, we can expect appearances from jazz icons to arena rock gods to circus people. Read more »
Because The Kinetic King is performing tonight, so Nick Cannon is lowered by a ... rope? Crane? Who cares, it‘s not like we can understand what‘s going on anyway. Bring on The Kinetic King! Ahhh that picture of him when he was a kid, looking exactly the same! He promises he‘ll be bringing out the big sticks. Woo-hoos across America. Everyone had to put on their goggles in his honor. It‘s working! It‘s working SO WELL! This would only be better if Nick Cannon hadn‘t inserted himself into the act. "Oh yeah," The Kinetic King says. Fatally Unique has an energy that West Springfield Dance Team does not, and they don‘t have a coach, right? To strengthen the comparison, they‘re doing a sort of horror genre dance, too. But they‘re crazy Hannibal-types. Something West Springfield has not thought of. They have some more cheer-type tricks, and I think I prefer them.  Read more »
America‘s Got Talent offered so much talent this week, that the viewers may have trouble deciding which five acts can move on. But somehow, the votes are in. The first group to receive results is made up of Gymkana, Steven Retchless, and Silhouettes. This is not a total mystery; it must be Silhouettes. So Silhouettes moves into the finals. The rest of the results could be surprising, though.Grandma Smage joined Nick Cannon and the acts in the Orville Redenbacher, just in time to make that guy in Gymkana feel even worse for bringing their act to a standstill by catching on fire. Then David Guetta performed with Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj. David Guetta is one freaky dude. Read more »
America‘s Got Talent just got serious! It‘s finally down to Season 6‘s Top 10 and what I consider the best show of the whole season. It‘s not too drawn out, and we get to see the best ten acts of the whole season. No more stalling, this is pretty much it. Okay, a little more stalling. The Top 10 acts had to hang out with the judges for a while in this weird segment. Why do we have to watch this? This show would be so much better without so much judge involvement. At least we got to see what Michael Grimm has been up to (touring with Stevie Nicks) since he won Season 5. Turns out the guy is still wearing hats. Expensive hats. Read more »
A week ago, Piers promised one of the best, most talented nights America‘s Got Talent has ever seen. Then the actual performance show happened and he was just not having it. I feel like there are three acts that will clearly move forward, so tonight is all about that one, fourth spot. Who will it be? All four spots in the Season 6 finale will be filled tonight! Nick Cannon promises it will be "devastating."Update: the goldfish from Landon Swank‘s magic trick is living at Howie Mandel‘s house. ANYWAY, Smage Bros. Riding Shows and Team iLuminate are first to the stage. It‘s gotta be iLuminate, right? Even though I like me some Smage. The first group in the finale is: Team iLuminate! I think they‘re in a great position to win it all. Read more »
The viewers have chosen their final four, and the selected acts performed. But how did they do? Did anyone blow it with their final performance? It‘s been known to happen. Who‘s the favorite to win? Who is the judges‘ favorite? All these speculations and more as we examine why your favorite may or may not win.Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.Why he could win: He had a slight misstep in the quarter-finals when he involved the dancers, but his final performance of, "My Way" received praise through the roof. It was clean, classic, and elegant, with Landau, a white suit, and a full orchestra. No one saw Landau coming, nor did we expect him to be such a talent. He has a touching story, and we really root for him. Landau is just a real, sincere guy, and we love that about him. Read more »
Finally, (finale), there are only four acts left to perform. NBC couldn‘t stretch this into two hours if they tried, even with seven segments of the judges being "wacky," so the performances are a benevolent one hour, before we pull teeth for two hours in the results show! Before we can look forward, we have to look back. HAVE TO. Audition montage! We re-visit the auditions of the four acts that remain, and say goodbye to all the acts we‘ve eliminated with our own phones. After looking back, all I have to say is that the finale results show absolutely must include a performance from Sam B.  Read more »
The finale is upon us. Four acts remain but only one can win a headlining act in Las Vegas and that big, fat check! After last night, there is only one question: are there any clip packages left to air? I‘m sure they can find some, maybe a clip package saluting the season‘s best clip packages! Anything can happen, it‘s the America‘s Got Talent Season 6 Final Results!Or did you just tune in because you thought Minute to Win it was on, and then you saw Nick Cannon and demanded to know where that stud muffin, Guy Fieri is? No, no one did that. Guy Fieri has the night off; he‘s trying to get TGI Friday‘s to make him a P‘Zone. On with the Talent! Did I hear that Queen Latifah is performing? Read more »
Wednesday night was full of reality TV with the finales of America‘s Got Talent and Big Brother 13 as well as the premieres of Survivor: South Pacific and America‘s Next Top Model. But when the dust settled on the ratings, the returning reality shows hit new lows while the new comedy Up All Night had a solid debut.  Read more »
The people have spoken, and this year‘s nominees for the People‘s Choice Awards are an interesting mix of popular programs and CW favorites.  Read more »
The last of the originals has gone.Piers Morgan has announced that he is stepping down as judge on NBC‘s summer talent search America‘s Got Talent next year, to focus on his work on his CNN talk show Piers Morgan Tonight. Read more »
It‘s official, the King of All Media is coming to NBC. On his radio show Thursday morning, Howard Stern announced that he will be replacing Piers Morgan as a judge on the upcoming season of NBC‘s hit competition, America‘s Got Talent.  Read more »
Howard Stern joining America‘s Got Talent as a judge isn‘t the only change you can expect to see when the NBC talent competition returns in the summer. The show‘s creator, Simon Cowell, revealed that he‘s planning to add a fourth judge to the show. Read more »
Tonight‘s edition of Buddy Bites kicks off with a trip to the hospital -- and no, I don‘t mean Seattle Grace. Read more »