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The fifth season of America‘s Got Talent is off to a good start this week after its Tuesday kick-off beat an Idol-less episode of Glee and improved on its 2009 opening, with some 12 million viewers.Don‘t forget to catch: ‘America‘s Got Talent‘ Season 5 Recap: Welcome, Howie and ‘America‘s Got Talent‘ Recap: There‘s a Drought in DallasThe most notable change this season, of course, is the replacement of David Hasselhoff by Howie Mendel, whose debut was generally well received. Speaking of The Hoff, the Baywatch alum is headed back to daytime drama as he is set to reprise his ‘70s role on The Young and the Restless this month. Read more »
Last night America‘s Got Talent visited New York City where you‘d expect to find a large number of interesting acts. The acts were interesting alright, so interesting that some didn‘t even get their full 90 seconds of fame. Here‘s a look at the best of the worst acts from last night‘s episode.   Read more »
Performing stand-up comedy is hard. Performing stand-up comedy for an America‘s Got Talent audience, that savage group of opera-loving, comedy-hating "gladiators," is harder.Last night during the New York auditions, comedian Doogie Horner took on the challenge anyway, and within seconds of starting in on his jokes, experienced what is possibly the worst booing a comedian has ever faced. But Doogie didn‘t back down--instead, he turned their knee-jerk hatred right back on the audience, and in the end one legitimately funny man trying to make something of himself in this world triumphed over thousands of jerks who will boo a poor guy for no reason because that poor man‘s Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan, says they should.Even if you‘re not a fan of America‘s Got Talent, this moment is worth the watch:  Read more »
Last night on America‘s Got Talent, one of the actually talented contestants, Alice Tan Ridley, proved that star-power runs in the family: She‘s the mother of Oscar-nominated Precious star Gabourey Sidibe, and she can belt out Etta James‘ "At Last" like nobody‘s business.Watch Alice‘s performance below:  Read more »
While many are still waiting on pins and needles to find out who will replace Simon Cowell as judge on American Idol, many tuned in Tuesday to view the premiere of the fifth season of the reality/talent show America‘s Got Talent (NBC), along with its newest judge Howie Mandel. Fans won‘t have hard time adjusting to Mandel as he seems like an easy transition from the Hoff. Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan return to round out the judges‘ roster while Nick Cannon returns as host. As always, the two-hour premiere showcased auditions, this time in Los Angeles at the Orpheum Theater, from ordinary people with extraordinary and, at times, just plain odd talents, as each hope to hear that he or she is "going to Vegas!"And, as always, the talent came from a hybrid of interesting people with varying abilities, from the normal to the bizarre, as in the Chainsaw Chicks, who tried to literally chainsaw blocks of ice into ice sculptures (spoiler alert: they fail).The highlight from the first hour was the dance duo Future Funk, comprised of a 5-year-old and a 9-year-old who pop-lock and break-dance better than most kids under the age of 10, mainly because they were oh so adorable.The second hour was a bit more interesting as somehow Maricar - a hot woman in a Catwoman costume (complete with whip) painted a sub par self-portrait while seductively dancing to the Pussycat Dolls‘ "Don‘t Cha" - made it.Also, another questionable "made it" contestant was Ronith, 58, an actor originally from India who did not-so-convincing impressions of Marlon Brando, Clint Eastwood, Sean Connery and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes, he was rather entertaining and the audience loved him as did two of the judges. But, still, really?The real highlight of hour No. 2 was the inspiring and emotional New Directions Choir, an A cappella group of former homeless U.S. veterans. One of its members was homeless for 20 years; another for 10. They sang "Ol‘ Man River," eventually delivering a standing ovation from the audience and, not so surprisingly, all three judges. New Directions is one act to watch as it could be the frontrunner this season.Another could-be frontrunner is 30-year-old Michael Grimm, a guitar-playing blues singer who grew up poor and on welfare with his sister. Grimm said he‘s doing Talent for his grandparents who "lost everything" in Hurricane Katrina. Howie‘s response to Grimm‘s audition: "You really do have talent."America‘s Got Talent continues with auditions in Dallas tonight at 9pm EST. Read more »
The fifth season of America‘s Got Talent continued tonight with auditions from the Big Apple, but the city that gave us Christina Aguilera, Al Pacino and The Marx Brothers was running a little light on undiscovered stars. There were a couple of truly unusual acts and a few that got in thanks to the good will of Sharon Osbourne or Howie Mandel but there‘s one thing you could say about all of the acts - they were entertaining. Read more »
The second round of auditions of the fifth season of America‘s Got Talent aired Wednesday. And yes, the spark, talent and craziness was still there. But the auditions were just, for lack of a better word, meh. They were still entertaining nonetheless. The goodNo single act stood out as much as New Directions Choir and Michael Grimm did in Los Angeles. But ArcAttack, a technological performance group, was the most unique of the auditions.ArcAttack is comprised of five men Normal 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 11.1287 0 0 0 - two engineers, an electrician, a counselor and a janitor. Three play instruments while two put on a light show using electricity."If MIT had a marching band, this would be it," said judge Howie Mandel. Of course, the group is headed to Las Vegas.If any Dallas act comes close to standing out as much as the acts in Los Angeles, it‘s Taylor Matthews. The 18-year-old sang an acoustic version of "Over the Rainbow." Matthews didn‘t seem confident when he first stepped on stage, giggling nervously every three seconds. But once he started singing and playing his guitar, all of the nerves went away."Are you still nervous?" Sharon asked the Louisiana native after his performance."I‘m shaking like a dog," he said. Shaking like a dog all the way to Vegas thankyouverymuch. The most bizarre act that made it to Vegas came courtesy of Ms. Donna, a 57-year-old half-blind psychological examiner whose talent is twirling flaming Samoan knives. The judges and host Nick Cannon kept ducking their heads in fear every time she twirled with her flaming knives.Donna made it through, although Howie said "no, just for your own safety."Other acts headed to Vegas include dog act Muttley Crew, funk band Le Freak, 11-year-old rapper CJ Dippa and 25-year-old plus-sized burlesque dancer Erin Go Braughless.The badWithout missing a beat, Talent had its share of bad auctions.It was bad enough that self-proclaimed singer/actress/model Jenna Adora Somar thought she was already a star. But she made a horrible song choice during her audition, fittingly singing "You‘re No Good." Piers and Sharon each gave her a no; Howie, instead, tipped her cash (she wore way too much makeup and a mini dress that was two sizes too small). Sharon told her that the only thing missing from her act was a pole. Oh my.The grossClearly, some acts make it through to the auditions round just for the "WTF?!" factor.Hence the "genital daredevil" Jeremy Kinison, better known as Cut Throat whose talent was setting his family jewels on fire with firecrackers with help from last-minute assistant Nick Cannon.Sharon and Piers hit the buzzer before Nick ignited the lighter. But Howie waited patiently to see Cut Throat go all up in flames while Nick yelled "Howie, hit the buzzer!" Sharon eventually hit Howie‘s buzzer herself thus sending Cut Throat home.The ratingsTuesday night‘s premiere drew in 12.3 million viewers, higher than Fox‘s Glee, which drew 9.45 million. Talent also beat out the season openers of Fox‘s Hell‘s Kitchen and ABC‘s Wipeout.America‘s Got Talent continues next week with auditions in New York City Tuesday and Chicago Wednesday.  Read more »
It was the final day of auditions in New York on America‘s Got Talent and it‘s clear that the judges have a very different idea about what kind of acts would make it in Vegas. Bad singers and boring balancing acts made it into the next round when in reality there was only one shining star.  Read more »
Chelsea Handler is fond of saying that all the crazy people live in Florida and after watching the Orlando America‘s Got Talent auditions, I think she‘s right. I guess the folks who entertain at the theme parks couldn‘t get off from work because what we got on the stage was pretty slim pickins.  Read more »
Tonight was a special two-hour episode of America‘s Got Talent. The first hour showed us some of the auditions in Orlando and the second hour gave us the truly strange acts in Portland. As usual, the auditions brought out nearly all of the emotions, from pure enjoyment to pity to total confusion. Yes, folks, this was a good night for AGT.The most moving and wonderful acts were those that made us smile, brought tears to our eyes and made us thrilled for the contestants heading to the competition in Las Vegas. Read more »
Last night‘s episode of America‘s Got Talent was filled with highs and lows from the Orlando and Portland auditions. The show‘s host Nick Cannon allowed himself to be put in harm‘s way several times. Thank goodness he didn‘t suffer any injuries!!I think I speak for many people when I say that the Haitian singing group, Harmonik, brought a tear to our eyes when they played and sang Hallelujah as a tribute to their homeland. Their heartfelt performance tells me that it might be tough to beat them because they have such a noble win the money, take it back to Haiti and rebuild the country. All I can say is "Wow!" I wish them the best. Read more »
Not even a full day after Larry King officially announced he will leave CNN after 25 years on Larry King Live, rumors are already flying that America‘s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan will take King‘s place (and attempt, and inevitably fail, to fill his suspenders) in the fall.Still, it could be worse: Last night King said his ideal replacement is American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, saying "he‘s curious, he‘s interesting, he‘s likable," and thus proving that Larry has never actually watched an episode of American Idol.(Just kidding. But not really. You know how I feel about the Seamonster.)Daily Radar reports that Morgan has reportedly "been negotiating with CNN for weeks and the $10 million deal is all but inked, according to a source familiar with the situation," but CNN president Jon Klein tells the Los Angeles Times that they are not in negotiations with Morgan, as has been reported. "There are any number of talented people out there," he said. Read more »
#12  Nathaniel Kenyon  If he hadn‘t gone last, I would have forgotten it even happened.#11  Paul Safy Jr.  This one I wish I could forget, but instead it‘s haunting my dreams. Aghhh the shadow dancing!  Read more »
Bad news, America, you only get to choose three of the four acts that move on. The fourth will be chosen by the likes of Piers, Sharon, and Howie. They‘re not completely useless yet! But at least forty-five minutes of this show will be completely useless. We can‘t just get results anymore these days.First to the stage are Nathaniel Kenyon, Airpocalypse, and Sally Cohn. The first act to move on to the semi-finals is Nathaniel Kenyon. You did it, tweens! I guess I should have seen this coming. Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of America‘s Got Talent gave us the Chicago auditions. Before discussing the acts, I just want to share some thoughts about this season so far.First of all, I think Howie Mandel was the perfect choice to fill the third judge position. He brings just the right amount of child-like wonder and snarky goodness to the show. He‘s terrific. Read more »
Last night‘s episode of America‘s Got Talent gave us some extremely good acts too. All of these acts will be seen again when they perform in Las Vegas.First out of the gate was a familiar dance crew named Strykers All-Stars. They competed in the third season of MTV‘s America‘s Best Dance Crew and they really do have talent. Here‘s their amazing performance: Read more »
Last night‘s episode of America‘s Got Talent took us back for more acts auditioning in Portland. There were more of the odd acts, but some amazingly good acts too.Sisters Christina & Ali stole our hearts and brought tears to my eyes when they sang beautifully despite their cystic fibrosis. They are truly an inspiration: Read more »
It was a long road to the Top 48 acts (made longer by Nick Cannon‘s backstage mug-athons and commentary) but we finally made it. America‘s finally got talent. Mostly talent, and still a couple acts that make you go "hmm." Twelve of the Top 48 finalists go on LIVE tonight, and I believe it because of the weird sound error right at the beginning of the intro (did anyone else notice that?).  Four of Twelve will move on after tonight (because of AMERICA). Also, now that we‘re in the finals, the people seated behind the judges look extra crazy.Up first is the Kung Fu Heroes. If you liked The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as a kid, you will like this act, because it is like the Power Rangers but plus whips and minus Putties. The judges didn‘t like it as much because it felt more like an exhibition and it reminded us that these guys are basically six of that weird kid you knew in high school who was really into martial arts and anime. Read more »
Okay, are we over the whole child star debacle yet? (Christina & Ali, Future Funk) Good, we‘ll deal with them later. For now we have twelve more acts to hate or love. We might not always agree on the acts, but can we at least agree to dislike Nick Cannon? No? You loved the movie Drumline? Okay, fine, that movie was awesome.Cheer SF is short for Cheer San Francisco, and they "really love" cheerleading. They also moved on automatically in the Las Vegas callbacks. I‘ve seen Bring it On, so it was just okay for me. A lot of spunky walking around to do this thing or that. And did Piers and Sharon "X" them? I thought that wasn‘t a thing anymore. And I don‘t like when a group comes back with "well, I think America would disagree." Read more »
After what proved to be a more or less impressive season, America‘s Got Talent has identified the top 48 acts that will advance to the live shows. As usual, there were clear shoo-in‘s to qualify to Hollywood, and then there were decisions that left us screaming heartfelt WTF‘s to our sets. Hours of deliberation boiled down to 48 acts. Already, the internet is abuzz with how the judges made some "wrong" decisions. Style Pros Crew, for instance, got the boot while less notable acts such as AscenDance gets to dance another day. And don‘t even get us started on Carlos Aponte from Puerto Rrrrico, who didn‘t make it, and the hand whistler from the Portland auditions who did.For the rest of the acts that made it, click after the jump: Read more »
Seemingly in answer to ABC‘s The View, CBS is currently crafting an all-female talk show to replace As The World Turns. The series is the brain-child of Sara Gilbert (Roseanne), and will star Julie Chen (Big Brother), Holly Robinson Peete (Celebrity Apprentice, Hangin‘ with Mr. Cooper), Sharon Osbourne (America‘s Got Talent), Leah Remini (King of Queens) and Marissa Jaret Winokur (Hairspray) as her co-hosts on the series that will "examine topical events and contemporary issues through the eyes of mothers," according tothe CBS press release confirming the pick-up. I say "seemingly," but in truth, the series sounds exactly like a younger (aka no Barbara Walters or Joy Behar), Hasselbeck-less version of The View, just with a more direct mommy-slant.  Beyond the expected guest interviews with entertainers and newsmakers," the intrepid celeb-moms will also shoot "live remotes from the field," and broadcast "personal home footage," presumably of their adventures in mommy-dom.What‘s exciting about the series is the combination of funny (Gilbert), loud-mouthed (Osbourne, Remini) and theatrical (Winokur) personalities they‘ve got signed on. Plenty of potty-training talk is sure to go on--but plenty of potty-mouthed tirades will ensue, too. We hope.Sounds like Gilbert and CBS have got the formula all figured out, but one essential element is yet missing from the pitch: What to call this daily morning mom-fest?  Read more »
Last night was mostly mediocre, punctuated by a few good acts, and I do mean a few. Hopefully America voted with its brains this time. For the record, I agree with all of Piers "the hater" Morgan‘s buzzes last night. I would also see a movie where Ronith played all the parts, regardless of whether Ronith knew what was going on or not.The first group called up is comprised of Ronith, The Mona Sampath Dance Company, and AscenDance. My money (all of it) is on AscenDance. Yay, I win all of my money. AscenDance will climb/dance another day. This act was the obvious choice. The next three will be interesting. Read more »
According to Nick Cannon this week, "it‘s time to unleash the talent."  Oh, now it‘s time? It‘s good that he gave us two weeks of leashed talent to prepare. It is also good that Nick is dressed like an old-timey gangster tonight. And Sharon is dressed like the ocean (all of it).The South Philly Vikings are an appropriate opening act, even though I don‘t entirely understand what it is (because I‘m not from South Philly I guess). Apparently South Philadelphia is like Star Trek meets Transformers meets a rave, and it is also the birthplace of all generic gangs of bad guys from nineties movies.  But it was cool and fun to watch for 90 seconds, even though Piers thought it was kind of stupid. But let‘s hear it for "entertainment," for lack of a full understanding of what the hell this is. Read more »
So, Chipps Cooney is obviously moving on tonight, right? Do we really need the full hour to reveal that America has voted him into all four top spots? If you watched the show last night, you know that I am kidding.  I‘m excited to see who moves forward tonight, though, because this week it isn‘t as obvious as it was last week. After some banter to make the judges feel more useful, we welcome the first group of three.The South Philly Vikings, CJ Dippa, and Haspop are out first. I think it will go to Haspop, and I hope it will be anyone but CJ Dippa. Someone needs to knock that kid down a peg. Sharon is "absolutely shocked" about this grouping. Really? CJ Dippa looks worried/constipated, but before our brains explode, Nick Cannon announces that the first spot belongs to Haspop.  Go get your white vest and your Bedazzler, this man is about to become a sensation.  The South Philly Vikings and CJ Dippa are escorted offstage before we have to see anyone cry. Read more »
I have been waiting for tonight, not just because it concludes the quarter-finals, but because there are some specific acts I know we‘ve all been waiting to see (Prince Poppycock, ArcAttack, and Mary Ellen).  I‘m also interested to see Strikers All Stars and MURRAY. I feel . . . ambivalent about seeing Da Maniacs, but I‘ll keep an open mind. They do seem hilarious. One of you mentioned last week in the comments that not all of these acts could contend on America‘s Best Dance Crew because of age restrictions and I hadn‘t thought about that, so I‘ll stop with the "why not that show" business. Piers gave them the first X of the evening (not the last, I‘m sure), but they made me laugh and I think I liked them even more than some of the more technically advanced dance groups. Howie said (somewhere within that string of nonsense) that their performance was somewhere in the middle, and it probably will be. Read more »
After the obligatory judge banter, Nick Cannon brings out the first group of three: Doogie Horner, MURRAY, and Mary Ellen.  Tonight will be a test of faith, because there is no God if Mary Ellen moves on. This one is obvious, MURRAY moves on, and graciously helps Mary Ellen find her way off stage (awkward). After a performance from Taio Cruz, we see the second group, containing Taylor Mathews, NU Covenant, and Lindsay Stirling.  This one is also an obvious choice, but I‘m sad because I thought these acts were all sort of mediocre so it means one of my favorite acts won‘t make it through. Unsurprisingly, Taylor Mathews moves on and increases my excitement for some Taylor Mathews-Debra Romer babies. But we will never really know what age Lindsay Stirling is.  My guess is anywhere between 18 and 27, but that all depends on how far Mormon Cryogenic technology has advanced. Read more »
Apparently four of the YouTube acts will move on to join the other (real) acts tonight.  I was unaware of this, I thought it was just one, and I feel a little cheated because some of these acts were just not good at all. And then next week there‘s "another twist" (my guess: they‘re bringing back 12 of their favorite acts that didn‘t make it through for another chance).The first group consists of Pup, Pizza Patt, Maestro Alexander Bui, and Austin Anderson (four?). My guess is that Maestro Alexander Bui will move on, although you can never really underestimate America‘s sympathy for dogs. Sharon, who loves dog acts, says she has no idea what‘s going to happen. I forgot she gave Maestro Alexander Bui the X. Sure enough, the first act moving forward is Maestro Alexander Bui. Pup and Austin Anderson looked like they knew they didn‘t stand a chance. Read more »
Criss Angel is here tonight (on the show, not in your house but wouldn‘t that be terrifying). But on with the show, the first group is Kruti Dance Company, Michael Grasso, Swing Shift Sideshow, and Rudi Macaggi.  This one‘s got to go to Michael Grasso. Yes! Michael Grasso and his disappearing ladies move on. There is justice in the world.And now Criss Angel will try "something that has never been done before," will he make YOU "Believe"? Too much time was spent with the judges buckling him into the straightjacket and mugging. Now Criss will attempt the upside-down straightjacket escape in under one minute. He seems like a douchebag, I hope he doesn‘t make it, but he wiggled around and got out. Then some magic priests locked him in a box, some flash pots went off, and he switched spots with a sexy animal girl. You kinda had to be there, but you‘re probably glad you weren‘t. Read more »
Consider the stakes raised! It‘s the highly-anticipated America‘s Got Talent Wild Card show, or as I like to think of it, the dreaded return of the child acts. How much more heartbreak can these children take? And tonight, the judges will bring some much needed (and previously absent) reality checks for the contestants. First up is Kruti Dance Company, who were not very good the last time we saw them, but managed to pull it together and make it a bit more traditional (what Sharon wanted to see) this time. It was good, but still not my favorite thing or something I‘m dying to see again. Read more »
Look how far we‘ve come, America. Remember when this show started? I‘d look it up, but it‘s only on the Mayan Calendar (at least we know the show will be over by 2012). But now we‘re finally at the semi-finals, and the strange and sometimes cringe-worthy chaff has been separated from the mostly talented wheat. It‘s business time.The first act vying for a spot in the Top 10 is Anna and Patryk. In the comments one of you suggested I watch myself try to ballroom dance in the mirror and decide if I still think Anna and Patryk are the creepiest thing I‘ve ever seen. You were right, there are some things I can‘t un-see now, but this week Anna and Patryk are doing a paso doble, which is not only sexually loaded but very angry. It‘s a tie! First of all, it was to the song "Paparazzi," which Kate Gosselin has already laid claim to in the ballroom world. Second, Patryk is still just a little bit better than Anna. Howie said tonight it wasn‘t creepy, and I agree. Piers is really over-selling them, though, and that alone is starting to get weird. Read more »
This week was, for the most part, a bit of a clunker. Somewhere in the back of our minds, we remember voting in some really good acts, acts we believed in, but most of them must be performing next week. This week really belonged to Prince Poppycock and Michael Grimm (and Anna and Patryk if you ask Piers Morgan‘s diary/blog/voicemail/picket sign).The first group on stage is ArcAttack, Dan Sperry, Future Funk, and Kristina Young. I‘m thinking this spot belongs to ArcAttack, based on how last night went (the only group Piers didn‘t X). Poor Kristina Young. Howie predicts that it will be Future Funk or ArcAttack, but I feel like Future Funk is getting more annoying than cute these days. In a messed up and unpredictable move, NO ONE from this group moves forward. Howie asks, "is that real?" It is. There‘s five more spots, who could they possibly belong to? I‘m bummed, I liked ArcAttack and thought they were at least in the top five. Read more »
It‘s a busy day for TV news with a ton of casting announcements and renewals. Let‘s get into it.  Read more »
After announcing tonight‘s performing acts, America‘s Got Talent flashed the title, "UNLEASH THE TALENT," letting us know that for some reason, tonight will include a disproportionate number of the acts we‘ve been waiting to see.Without further ado, Alice Tan Ridley is up. I‘m a big Alice Tan Ridley fan and she sounded great tonight, but I thought the song choice was a little dated, as were Nick Cannon‘s shoes. Regardless, we love her and want her to do well. Read more »
Tonight is going to be huge. It‘s the first results show I can‘t predict with certainty. Last night was the most talent we‘ve seen in one episode yet and it was the first show to actually excite me.  Let‘s get these results!The first group on stage is Debra Romer, Michael Grasso, MURRAY, and Nathaniel Kenyon. Since they mixed up the results last week, I‘m not sure how many (if any) will be moving into the Top 10, but ideally it would be Michael Grasso and MURRAY, or at least one magician. I do not think Nathaniel Kenyon and Debra Romer will move forward. Nick announces that Michael Grasso is moving on, and the big magician rivalry has come to an end (FOR NOW). At least we‘ll get to see some more magic in the finals. Read more »
Tonight, the talent has finally been whittled down to ten mostly talented acts. The Top 10 Acts will perform for America‘s votes tonight, and only America‘s votes! Finally we call the shots without the judges!  I‘m mad with power. Also, there‘s been some confusion (mostly on my part) as to what the winning act receives outside of money. They will headline the America‘s Got Talent tour, which has a stop in Las Vegas, from what I can discern. I was under the impression that it stops there and stays there for a while, but maybe that‘s not the case.  Anyway, the Top 10 perform tonight in addition to Enrique Iglesias, who I hope is performing while Jeremy VanSchoonhoven does bike tricks on his head or something.After that completely inane "AGT goes to dinner" clip package that ate up some of tonight‘s extra time, it‘s time for Studio One Young Beast Society to perform. I think this week they may have focused too heavily on the tricks; their dancing wasn‘t as tight as we‘ve seen them. But the tricks were good. We‘ll see if it was good enough! Read more »
We have reached a crucial point in American history, we are nearing the finale of America‘s Got Talent, where the top four acts will compete one last time for the million dollar prize and a headlining act on the America‘s Got Talent tour. Paul Revere‘s ride has nothing on Jeremy VanSchoonhoven‘s ride, and one might think Isaac Newton discovered gravity just so that some fraternity brothers could fight it. From the shot heard ‘round the world to the voice heard ‘round the world (I‘m talking about Jackie Evancho), these are great moments in history (that I have now bastardized). And now, before history is made once again, we get some more details on this season of America‘s Got Talent straight from the horses‘ mouths.America‘s Got Talent judges Howie Mandel and Piers Morgan don‘t agree on much. But when they joined forces for a media conference yesterday, they were able to agree that Jackie Evancho is amazing. In case you can‘t get enough Howie and Piers (don‘t worry, the bickering is limited) or if you want the inside scoop from two of the judges, here‘s what they had to say. Read more »
Ten will enter, four will leave! While last night was not AGT‘s best night for fashion (see: Jackie Evancho, Taylor Mathews, Jeremy VanSchoonhoven), it was its best night for talent yet. And it‘s only going to get better because next week is the finale we‘ve been anticipating since before we grew these long white beards. I also eagerly anticipate this week‘s "What‘s Poppin" Orville Redenbacher green room segment.This season, there isn‘t a clear frontrunner, as Piers Morgan and Howie Mandel expressed in a conference call yesterday. Also, they cleared up the whole "Vegas act" debacle a little bit.  First to the stage are the two sparkliest acts: Michael Grasso and Prince Poppycock, two acts totally worthy of the finale in my opinion. Like, wow, right away; Piers says he is "shocked." The first act moving into the finals is Prince Poppycock.  I‘m so glad he‘s moving forward, but sad to see Michael Grasso go, he had a lot of flare. Prince Poppycock encourages us by confirming that "life is magical" and for once I actually believe it. Read more »
Tonight is the crowning moment. We‘ve been voting all summer long to determine who has the most talent in America this season. Before you tune into tonight‘s America‘s Got Talent season finale, enter to win tickets to see the Top 10 live. 23 cities, 6 days and 1 chance to win from BuddyTV!Earlier this week we announced that we‘re giving away tickets to the first ever America‘s Got Talent Live tour. Today we tell you exactly how you can win a pair of tickets to a show near you.  Read more »
Update: Click here for full details on how to enter.We are just days away from crowning the next winner of America‘s Got Talent, but the talent won‘t be gone for long. America‘s Got Talent is going live. Kicking off on October 1, AGT joins the likes of American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars with its very first tour. What‘s even more exciting than seeing the dynamic group of talent in your hometown? BuddyTV is giving away tickets! We‘ve got a pair of tickets to 23 of the 25 cities, and entering is going to be easy. But we‘ll tell you more about that Wednesday morning so remember to check back.   Read more »
Tonight, in a refreshing change of decorum, Nick Cannon brought out the final four acts for extended praise instead of the judges. Even though the show is only an hour tonight, there is still a fair amount of obligatory reflective fluff. Because giving each act ten minutes would be preposterous, I suppose. Sharon is looking like she just stepped out of the Emerald City but I‘m not mad at it.So what is Prince Poppycock going to do tonight? After perplexing me yet again with how different he is out of costume, Prince Poppycock brings us a delightful narrative about rescuing a princess, who is suspended by wires. He‘s also going back to old-school opera (arias?), which I like but often makes true opera afficionados angry. Don‘t make the opera people angry, or Piers, who gave Prince Poppycock an X. Sharon, on the other hand, gave him a standing ovation. I‘ll give Piers this, it was a little weird and less fun than normal. I agree with Piers that it took itself a little too seriously. Did he blow it? Read more »
Last night the America‘s Got Talent finals gave us four of the strongest acts we‘ve seen. There is no runaway favorite this season, and all four acts have support. After watching the whole season and reading your comments, here is why your favorite from the final four might or might not win.Prince PoppycockWhy he could win: He is a great showman and has brought audiences to their feet with his show-stopping medleys and costumes. He managed to win over audiences no one thought he could (husbands, "Middle America," conservative types) with his clever performances and great voice. Over the past weeks he has garnered a strong fan base who would vote him through to that headlining spot. Read more »
We will find out the answer to that question after an hour and fifty-five minutes of (presumably) crap. Crap that I will watch for you, so that you can fast-forward or tune in at 9:55/8:55c to find out who wins. Results shows, what are you going to do.Click here to find out how you can win tickets to the America‘s Got Talent Live Tour.After the standard review of what happened last night, the four final acts are trotted out on stage for our review. BUT THEN, Prince Poppycock performed a medley with Donna Summer and it was epic insanity. I like to pretend that someone was just flipping through the channels and found this with no prior knowledge. They would either find it incredibly strange, or the best thing they‘d ever seen (although if they were watching TV in Europe it would be just any other program. European TV is nuts). Read more »
Like it or not, Michael Grimm got the most votes and is the winner of America‘s Got Talent. The soft-spoken, laid-back singer from Louisiana proved to be as humble as ever this afternoon in a media conference call held in the wake of his big win. Here‘s what the singer had to say (or had to keep from us, in some cases) about the win and about competing with fan favorite Jackie Evancho.What does the win mean to you?"It means the world to me, I‘m so excited to get down to Mississippi and start on plans for a house for my grandparents. I can‘t really express how I feel through words." Read more »
Michael Grimm, the surprise winner of this season‘s America‘s Got Talent, added to his public successes when he asked his girlfriend to marry him The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Read more »
Take a quick minute to catch up on the latest TV news in 300 words.More Bret to ComeRock star turned reality sensation, Bret Michaels, has announced details for his new reality show. Instead of courting bus loads of women on Rock of Love, or vying for a seat next to Donald Trump on the Celebrity Apprentice, Michaels will be getting the old "this is what my life is like" treatment. His new show for VH1, titled Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It, will focus on the rockers personal life as he juggles life as a father, lover, rocker and bandana wearer. Michaels says this show is different from his previous reality TV ventures because this will be "unprotected reality." He is really trying to pull the no holds barred angle when it comes to his show, but "unprotected reality?" Unless his show is live (wouldn‘t that be rad?) it will be as canned, produced and addictive as the rest of them. [People] Read more »
It is the considerable opinion of BuddyTV that the people should not be allowed to vote. This morning the 2011 People‘s Choice Award nominees were announced and the choices are less than inspired. Sure, like a broken clock, some of the choices show an impressive exhibition of taste (nominating Ian Somerhalder‘s highly entertaining performance on The Vampire Diaries), but mostly, it‘s an embarrassment. Read more »
Here‘s what‘s new in the tv-related world!AGT Star Jackie Evancho Debuts at No. 2 on Billboard 200This makes her the youngest solo artist ever to have a Top 10 album. Now we have numbers to back up our "I told you so," except we‘ll be saying "I told you so" to nobody because we all knew this would happen. It‘s not much of a surprise, especially since it‘s a Christmas EP and who doesn‘t want to listen to an angel sing about the Holidays? The EP also includes a DVD of Jackie Evancho‘s performances on America‘s Got Talent. It‘s the perfect gift for my dad, if only he knew what iTunes was. [Zap2it] Read more »
Thanks to an interview with an astronomer, the Internet has gone crazy over new truths written in the stars. Instead of the 12 zodiac constellations we‘ve all known and loved, it turns out that there‘s a 13th zodiac sign out there. And it‘s called Ophiuchus. Weird... Read more »
The show opens with Nick Cannon on a "webcam." He‘s just like us! Tonight 12 YouTube acts will compete for a spot with our current Top 16.  Did I see a dog act? "America" selected one of the Top 12, and the judges chose the other 11. After the obligatory five to ten minutes of judge worship (and Howie re-affirming that being on stage is terrifying and the internet is America‘s toughest anonymous critic), the show is underway. PLUtonic, from Tacoma Washington, is a college acapella group. Oh boy, we knew there would be at least one (some group who missed the boat for The Sing-Off). I was fully prepared to not like them but they sounded good (way better than NU Covenant did last week). And I like their "groovy geeks" vibe; their performance had a sense of humor to it. When it comes to PLUtonic, I agree with Sharon, who hates acapella groups but found them extremely likable. Read more »