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While she didn‘t win the whole thing, Susan Boyle‘s standout performance on Britain‘s Got Talent is rippling all the way to the US.  America‘s Got Talent  judge Piers Morgan says the 47-year-old‘s now globally famous numbers, viewed millions of times on YouTube, has influenced scores more in America."From the moment Susan Boyle exploded onto the world‘s radar, I noticed on the America‘s Got Talent audition trail that we were getting suddenly thousands more people turning up, so that had a very big effect on the quality of the auditions.  It‘s by far the most talented collection of acts we‘ve ever had." Read more »
It seems as if America‘s Got Talent cannot be spared from Susan Boyle‘s meteoric rise to worldwide recognition.  After the plump 47-year-old‘s introduction to American audiences via YouTube, the expectations are understandably high for the fourth season premiere of America‘s Got Talent, set to kick off tonight with a two-hour premiere 9pm on NBC.Other than the change in the hosting duties with rapper and Mariah Carey hubby Nick Canon, the NBC talent search will remain basically the same, with judges David Hasselhoff, Sharon Osbourne, and Piers Morgan commenting on each performance.  The format of the show, including the audition and elimination process, will also be similar with the last three seasons.  Predictably, crazy and weird acts will go side-by-side with touching stories and unfound talents. Read more »
Thanks to Susan Boyle, America‘s Got Talent is relevant! Theshow that has already rewarded a ventriloquist and an opera singer isback to try and find another American with an obscure talent that noone really cares about. The Susan Boyle Effect is sure to play out thisseason, as a ton of hopelessly unattractive people will try to proveit‘s what‘s on the inside that matters.Sadly for them, they probably missed the finale of Britain‘s Got Talentwhere Boyle lost to a dance troupe and proceeded to get checked intothe hospital for exhaustion while cursing her way across the country. Beauty may only be skin deep, but just like fried chicken, the skin isthe best part. Read more »
Looks like new host Nick Cannon will be bringing more to America‘s Got Talent than his hosting skills.  In an interview with MTV News, the rapper and actor says he‘s definitely hoping that wife Mariah Carey can grace the NBC talent show."They keep asking me that -- I don‘t know. It‘s a possibility. She loves the show," he said.  "She has a hot new album coming out.  It‘s the hottest show on TV so why wouldn‘t that work out?  So hopefully the timing works out and she does get to come represent." Read more »
There were a lot of awful performers on the season 4 premiere ofAmerica‘s Got Talent, but in between the crap were some genuinely greatacts, and a few that were vastly overhyped.  Check out video clips fromthe best performances of the show. Read more »
On the season 4 premiere of America‘s Got Talent, viewers were emotionally manipulated into loving Voices of Glory, a trio of siblings whose mom was in a coma after being hit by a drunk driver.  If you‘ve seen the Saturday Night Live skit where Snoop Dogg competes in a rap battle while sitting in a wheelchair, you understand the basic premise of America‘s Got Talent - saddest story wins.It‘s sad that the theme song for this show is the most entertaining part of it.  Also sad is that there seems to be no rhyme or reason for these audition shows, because episode 2 starts back in Seattle with a creepy German hausfrau who talks about how sweet her little kids are.  Then she walks out dressed like a dominatrix.  And then she yodels.  It‘s the weirdest, silliest thing ever, and I was laughing the whole time, which must be a good thing.  The judges loved it too, and the Yodeling Dominatrix is going to Las Vegas. Read more »
So much for the Susan Boyle phenomenon. Judging from the ratings of America‘s Got Talent‘s two-hour kick off Tuesday night, Susan Boyle and her so-called SuBo effect did little to boost the show‘s popularity across the Atlantic.  The show reeled in some 11.3 million viewers, numbers which are good enough for the night‘s most watched shows, but nonetheless registered a 12 percent drop from last season‘s premiere. It was also the show‘s worst ever opening ratings. Read more »
Despite the apparent letdown in terms of ratings that the fourth season premiere of America‘s Got Talent has shown Tuesday, there may yet to be some light in the horizon.  Some critics say that all the dance acts on the show were better than Diversity, the winner of the last season of Britain‘s Got Talent and the conqueror of worldwide celebrity Susan Boyle.We previously reported that the NBC talent show hoped the popularity of the plump 47-year-old would translate to better ratings across the ratings, but instead America‘s Got Talent‘s viewers dipped 12 percent from last season‘s opener at 11.3 million.  While the figures led all shows for the night for the peacock network, it was the lowest for AGT since its 2006 debut. Read more »
Following judge Piers Morgan‘s erroneous prediction that the Susan Boyle phenomenon will send America‘s Got Talent‘s ratings through the roof, the Brit tells The Futon Critic that he thinks it‘s best for the NBC talent show to retain its format and rules in reference to the kind of acts that they permit on the show."I think it is part of the genius of the franchise.  I think if we try and sanitize it too much or try and, you know, fix things or eliminate certain categories of people, you know, young kids or older people or, you know, anything like that that you get into difficult areas.  I mean, the point of the show is it‘s just an old fashioned variety talent show.  Nobody‘s forcing these people to come on and audition.  No one‘s holding a gun to their heads, they do so entirely voluntarily.  You know, they‘ve all lived the dream, they all want to have that dream." Read more »
While there‘s no question that Susan Boyle did a reasonable impact on the Got Talent world after her stunning run on Britain‘s Got Talent, judge Piers Morgan is posing a question to sister show America‘s Got Talent, where he‘s also a judge."Have you got anyone who can beat our Susan?" he said. Read more »
It‘s time to start week two of the dumbest show on Earth, America‘s GotTalent.  I say dumbest not because it isn‘t entertaining, but becausethere‘s no point.  The judges are allegedly looking to give someone onemillion dollars and an act in Las Vegas.  If that‘s the case, why woulda 62-year-old woman dancing make the cut?  It‘s amusing, but I can paytwo dollars at any state fair to see that kind of generic blandentertainment.When David Hasselhoff expresses amazement when the old woman can dancewithout being out of breath, we‘ as a country have lowered the standardby which we judge talent.  In the old days, you had to have ademonstrable skill to become famous and acclaimed.  Now all you need isa big butt, a sex tape, or a catchphrase like "That‘s hot." Read more »
Despite the 10 percent drop from last year, the two-hour premiere of America‘s Got Talent still managed to become the most watched program of the week, marking the first time NBC edged out perennial ratings king CBS. America‘s Got Talent, moreover, helped summer rookie The Philanthropist draw 7.1 million viewers, good enough to easily become the most successful pilot this summer.  A repeat of NCIS was good enough for second spot at 11.1 mil, just a little below half-a-mil behind AGT.  Two specials for recent newsmakers Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson also made dents on the ratings list, placing 8th and 13th for ABC and CBS respectively. Read more »
There was a moment during tonight‘s episode of America‘s Got Talentwhen I had faith in the system.  A rather ordinary magician with ageneric sob story did a traditional and dull trick.  The judgesrecognized that they liked him and his story, but there was nothingspecial about the act.  The Hoff said no.  I thought for a moment that,for once, the show would rise above being a stupid personality contestand actually reward talent.That dream died, because the other two judges said yes.  Despite sayingthat his act was boring and they‘ve seen the same thing by many otherpeople who they didn‘t put through, they put him through because theyliked him.  This is not a talent show, it‘s a damn popularity contest.  Read more »
Hard-pressed to discover its own elusive Susan Boyle, America‘s Got Talent, some observers say, may have found what it‘s looking for in the person of an unemployed chicken-catcher from Mayfield, Kentucky. Thirty-five-year-old Kevin Skinner strutted into the stage in a gray wool jacket and washed up jeans. In the introduction, he said he plays the guitar and writes songs.  "In the country, things move just a little slower than they do in the big city. I‘m a down home kind of country boy. I like hunting fish. It can get real interesting. It‘s nice to sit out on the porch. You know, a good place to gather all your thoughts and maybe even count some stars.  When I go out on stage, I hope that the crowd will like what I‘m doing." Read more »
After the stunning debut of Kentucky chicken catcher Kevin Skinner on America‘s Got Talent, the NBC talent show remain virtually untouched on the top of the ratings totem pole as it upped its 11.3 mil showing on its debut to nearly 13 million viewers last week.Some critics say Skinner was the Susan Boyle America‘s Got Talent was looking for after the 47-year-old Scottish singer shot to worldwide fame on Britain‘s Got Talent‘s last season. Skinner, whose simple demeanor, heavy southern accent, and profession elicited a few giggles from the crowd, surprised everyone when he started strumming his guitar and singing the first few lines from Garth Brook‘s "If Tomorrow Never Comes. Kevin Skinner "moved" everyone, said judge David Hasselhoff. Read more »
Thanks to the spotlight cast on Kentucky chicken catcher Kevin Skinner, America‘s Got Talent has clearly gotten more attention at least compared to its lackluster debut exactly a couple of weeks ago. Some critics are saying, however, that Kevin Skinner is still not the surprise heaven-sent act (as epitomized by Britain‘s Got Talent‘s Susan Boyle) that America‘s Got Talent is on the lookout for. While Skinner, 35, has gotten raves from all over cyberspace, everything has been pretty low key and centered on the US for the former chicken catcher. Susan Boyle, meanwhile, shot to international fame virtually overnight as videos of her audition featuring Les Miserables anthem I Dreamed a Dreamed were viewed, on last count, tens of millions of times on YouTube. Skinner, who surprised judges and audiences alike with his mellow and heartfelt rendition of Garth Brooks ballad If Tomorrow Never Comes, has yet to achieve similar fame. Read more »
I never considered myself a prude until tonight‘s episode of America‘s Got Talent.  I have a pretty open mind and I‘m willing to watch just about anything.  But then I saw TJ and the Little Mamas.First of all, calling a group of girls, ages 6-9 "Little Mamas" isalready disturbing.  At first I thought TJ and the Little Mamas was theepisode title fr the latest edition of Dateline‘s To Catch a Predator. But no, it‘s an act on America‘s Got Talent that somehow made it to Las Vegas.  Read more »
I‘ve been critical of America‘s Got Talent over the past few weeks,mostly because I have standards.  I‘m not going to ooh and aah over acute little kid just because they have charisma, because being likeableis not a talent.  I also won‘t applaud a comedian who was cut during the audition process of a reality show, about comedy, even if she is old.  But finally, on the sixth audition episode, America‘sGot Talent showed some real promise with the genuine talent of Acrodunk.These men are acrobats who do aerial stunts using a trampoline and abasketball.  At first I thought it was just some silly dunking, butthen they delivered intricate choreography bouncing the basketball fromperson to person while jumping, flying and keeping some incrediblecoordination.  It was poetry, and most importantly, it was actualtalent.  Read more »
With hubby Nick Cannon taking on the hosting duties for America‘s Got Talent, Mariah Carey has confirmed that her highly anticipated "Obsessed" video will premiere on the NBC talent show on July 15. The diva announced via her Twitter page that her fans will get to see the final product of the video that featured her dressing in drag where some says she impersonates rapper Eminem. "Just wanna let you know that the world premiere of the ‘Obsessed‘ video is on ‘America‘s Got Talent‘ (hosted by NCx0x) Wednesday night, July 15th!" she wrote. Read more »
Still no Susan Boyle moment on America‘s Got Talent, but critics say a high-flying, slam-dunking group from Houston provided the highlight for the night on last week‘s America‘s Got Talent. Acrodunk, who sashayed into the stage with their attitude, said they‘re worth more than a million dollars and wowed the judges, the audience, and the critics with their acrobatic, almost physics-defying stunts. While there have been trampoline-jumping basketball acts in the past, Acrodunk did it with such precision and finesse that they can have a show of their own, rather than relegated to halftime fillers. Read more »
It‘s nothing of a shocker, but performances courtesy of a high-flying slam-dunking act, a funny grandmother, and a cancer survivor cum opera singer boosted America‘s Got Talent dominance last week en route to its topping the ratings board.America‘s Got Talent‘s Wednesday night episode was the highest-rated program - repeat or new episode - of the week with 11.9 million viewers, while its Wednesday edition is at the third spot with 10.6 mil. A repeat of CBS‘ NCIS squeaked in at number 2 with 11 million. This top three lineup has not changed in the past couple of weeks, although NCIS and AGT would sometimes switch for the second and third spots. Read more »
There was another Kelli, a lesser known one, on the debut season of American Idol, and appearing last night on America‘s Got Talent, Kelli Glover says the NBC talent competition is her final shot at achieving her dream, six years after reaching the semifinals on Idol."After American Idol, I went to this emotional thing. It was really tough. I really wanted that. I really thought that it was my chance, but it was just so devastating. It made me not want to sing anymore," says Kelli, adding that she temporarily gave up on singing and worked in a casino. "This is the last chance. I‘m getting older. I really want to do something in music, and now I‘m here. I want to prove to American that I can really do it." Read more »
Finally, Susan Boyle on America‘s Got Talent?Less than a month after America‘s Got Talent kicked off its 4th season, the NBC talent competition saw what is so far touted to be the closest it has come to approximating the Susan Boyle effect. Forty-three-year-old radio technician Kari Callin from Seattle walked up the stage in a nondescript red sweater and simple jeans and told the judges that she had once auditioned for a cruise ship and was turned down even before she opened her mouth just because of the way she looked. Read more »
Britain‘s Got Talent sensation Susan Boyle has granted her first in-depth interview to NBC Today show co-host Meredith Vieira, a few months after finishing second on the British reality show, in an effort to further boost the ratings of her original show‘s stateside counterpart America‘s Got Talent. AGT, which also airs on NBC, is set to air its final audition episode this week before they narrow it down to the top 40 acts.The excerpts of Boyle‘s first post-Britain‘s Got Talent interview will air on Today, but the whole thing can only be seen on America‘s Got Talent, to solidify the link between the two talent shows and perhaps rub off a little of Boyle‘s popularity on AGT. Boyle‘s videos on YouTube were streamed some 200 million times. On the other hand, while America‘s Got Talent remained to be the most popular show this summer, its ratings showed a slight drop from last year. Last Wednesday, it reeled more than 13 million viewers. Read more »
It‘s not as glamorous as it looks, says Britain‘s Got Talent runner-up and worldwide sensation Susan Boyle in her first tell-all interview after her whirlwind stint on the British talent show that for a while landed her in a London clinic due to fatigue and exhaustion."The impact, like a demolition ball. You know, and anyone who has that kind of impact - finds it really hard to get a head around it," Boyle told Meredith Vieira of the Today show, where snippets of the interview will be broadcast. The whole thing will be aired on Britain‘s Got Talent‘s stateside cousin America‘s Got Talent, also on NBC. Read more »
Comedy-magic act Nathan Burton, who recently appeared on NBC talent show America‘s Got Talent, extended his multi-million dollar contract with Flamingo Las Vegas to headline in the hotel casino for three additional years. Burton was on America‘s Got Talent‘s debut season and made a return on the show‘s fourth."America‘s Got Talent is the most incredible experience of my life," he said. "The show has changed the life of Susan Boyle and now me. I want to thank Simon Cowell and the executive producers for this life changing experience." Read more »
From anonymity to superstardom. In a nutshell, that‘s how interviewer Meredith Vieira described the pop culture phenomenon that is Susan Boyle, in her first post-Britain‘s Got Talent interview, which aired on last night‘s America‘s Got Talent. The final audition night of the NBC reality show was cut short to give way for the interview, but no one is complaining."It was necessary at the time," Susan said in reference to her admission to a private mental facility in London just to get away from the media frenzy and take a rest. "She was completely and utterly exhausted," said Britain‘s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan. Susan, however, also showed that she can be incredulously funny. When she was shown a Susan Boyle doll, she took it and started singing, "Isn‘t she lovely, isn‘t she wonderful." Read more »
After 10 episodes of auditions and rejections, the fourth season of America‘s Got Talent is set to shift to high gear next week as the over 160 acts that made it through the preliminary rounds get narrowed down to a Top 40, the group which will figure in the live performance rounds.On the last episode of America‘s Got Talent, nine more acts advanced to the second round, including acrobats Beale Street Flippers, 8-year-old singer Ciana Pelekai, family hip-hop dance troop and season 3 returnees SQ Entertainment, and burlesque dancers The Lollipop Girls. Read more »
A few days before America‘s Got Talent moves to the real competition, that is, the top 40, observers note that only one act has went over the one-million mark on YouTube, refuting predictions that the so-called Susan Boyle phenomenon will rub off on its stateside cousin.Kentucky chicken catcher Kevin Skinner, 35, surprised everyone with a heartfelt rendition of the Garth Brooks ballad If Tomorrow Never Comes and so far is the lone season 4 act whose video has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube. The number, however, remains a far cry from the initial 20 million overnight hits for Boyle, a number which eventually ballooned to a staggering 200 million.  Read more »
If you don‘t know it yet, overnight singing sensation and Britain‘s Got Talent runner-up Susan Boyle made her first post-BGT appearance last week on the show‘s stateside cousin America‘s Got Talent. Much has been said about how delightfully funny and unassuming the 48-year-old turned out, but perhaps unbeknownst to many, the interview eclipsed a supposed news conference by President Barack Obama.According to published reports, the US president was once again wooing the broadcast networks for a primetime spot, but both NBC and Fox weren‘t as willing this time. The Susan Boyle interview, the full version of which aired on America‘s Got Talent, was at 9pm, while Obama‘s address became its lead-in at 8pm. NBC and Fox didn‘t want the Boyle interview and So You Think You Can Dance, respectively, preempted for the news conference, set to be about health care. Read more »
As of press time, the top 40 of America‘s Got Talent is just 14 acts short of being complete, but the most surprising elimination, some says, is Kari Callin, the radiology technician from Seattle who reaped comparisons with Britain‘s Got Talent alum and global singing sensation Susan Boyle because of their similar storylines.Callin, 43, sang "Somewhere" from the musical West Side Story in a mid-July audition on America‘s Got Talent and immediately, people started comparing her to Boyle. "You‘re going to go back to that same cruise ship and you‘re going to charge that guy $40,000 a night. And he‘s going to pay it, because you deserve it. Fantastic," judge David Hasselhoff has said, in reference to Callin‘s story about her applying for a cruise ship job and the person in charge dismissing her based on her looks. Read more »
Shortly after wife Mariah Carey debuted her Obsessed music video on America‘s Got Talent, the show‘s host Nick Cannon had a few vague if not evasive tweets for rapper Eminem, who in his recently leaked song The Warning continues to threaten the Grammy-winning singer."Those who feed into negativity must examine there purpose on this earth," Cannon‘s first tweet said Friday. This was followed by "No one but a fool would measure their satisfaction by what the world thinks of him" and "Quote of the day: "Be effective by being selective." Read more »
America‘s Got Talent season 2 winner and now Vegas headliner Terry Fator is set to make the show and stage that started it all. The ventriloquist known also as The Human Jukebox will bring two of his most popular puppets, Maynard Thompkins and Duggie, on the upcoming Wednesday episode of America‘s Got Talent.Fator, 44, is set to do a little magic act and appear in two places at once: onstage at The Mirage hotel where he headlines and moments later at the America‘s Got Talent stage. The return, marked with performances of Aaron Neville‘s Don‘t Know Much and Sweet Home Alabama, is pre-recorded in Los Angeles. Read more »
In one word, gone.Believe it or not, the act I was looking forward to the most on Tuesday‘s America‘s Got Talent was Manuela Horn, the six-feet-two-inches yodeling dominatrix. See, I bet you wouldn‘t even come close to stringing the words "yodeling" and "dominatrix" if it weren‘t for her. Such is her originality. On Tuesday‘s show, we got at most what seemed like a two-second to her yodeling, before the third buzzer was buzzed and minutes later, she would confirm what we thought: "I am devastated." Read more »
America‘s Got Talent revealed the first five acts to move to its season 4 semifinals. Some were shoo-ins, expected and arguably well deserved, while others are more prone to debate. Acrodunk, for instance, was a given after the electrifying performance they delivered the night before. Some AGT fans may be a little skeptical at first if they can improve on what they showed during the auditions (what else can they do, really), but they surprised everyone when they combined good music, exciting choreography, and just plain spunk to get the votes.Also making it to the semifinals were Drew Thomas Magic, Kevin Skinner, Grandma Lee, and Arcadian Broad. This means that some of the acts eliminated include Manuela Horn, Breaksk8, Lake Houston Dance, Mosaic, The Platt Brothers, Thia Megia and the Diva League. Read more »
Checking out last week‘s article on the first batch of acts to advance on America‘s Got Talent, I honestly find it hard to believe that among the five, it‘s septuagenarian comedic act Grandma Lee whom people - or BuddyTV readers at least - will not put through to the talent show‘s semifinal round. Alongside Grandma Lee, the other four who made it through include Acrodunk, Drew Thomas Magic, Kevin Skinner, and Arcadian Broad.Surprising, because all the America‘s Got Talent judges applauded the efforts of Grandma Lee who, despite apparently lacking any new material whatsoever, still managed to make a lot of people laugh if only for her great comic timing. That being said, some critics have pointed out that Grandma Lee will need to come up with new material if she were to sustain a Vegas act, which was the point of the whole show. If you think about it, will she able to do nightly Vegas shows telling the same old jokes - pun not intended? Read more »
Did Alizma blow it or what? Last night on America‘s Got Talent, triplet violinist act turned sexed-up strippers Alizma decided to ignore judge Piers Morgan‘s advice and sing their hearts out. As a result, three girls, three buzzers. From promising to preposterous, Alizma violated a card rule on America‘s Got Talent: if something‘s working, don‘t change it. You can improve on it, but don‘t change it.During their first America‘s Got Talent auditions, Alizma was an adorable bunch; talkative and sometimes their high-pitched voices and bickering got a little annoying, but you forgive them because they were blonde and pretty and adorable and came in three. In fact, the second they stepped into the stage, the Polish triplets got generous hoots from David Hasselhoff and the audience. When they started answering the judges‘ questions, they became even more endearing. And guess what: they‘re actually talented. Read more »
On no. Not again. A week after America‘s Got Talent chose Arcadian Broad over Thia Megia, it picked a very confused dog over a guy who can sing beautifully and play the piano. Judge Piers Morgan promised - nay, threatened - that "If Charles DeWayne does not go through tonight, it will be the biggest scandal in the history of America‘s Got Talent." So when frisbee-catching dog act Tony Hoard & Rory met the singer come judges‘ choice time, we all know where that was going. After all, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff were all praises for the dog, despite the numerous (and obvious) flubs it had during the performance that mostly had to do with the Tony‘s throwing (which he admitted to be a little "off"). Surely, it had nothing to do with the fact that Tony Hoard and Rory‘s act opened with the all too familiar Baywatch montage plus the requisite theme blaring all throughout. Read more »
It‘s unclear whether NBC talent show America‘s Got Talent can quickly recover from the hoopla caused by last week‘s judging. If you watch this summer‘s biggest show but somehow missed it, frisbee-catching dog act Tony Hoard and Rory was ushered to the show‘s semis while admittedly gifted singer Charles DeWayne was sent home. Everywhere you go last week, there was uproar / racket / whatever when judges Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff opted to see the cute dog advance rather than the singer when it was clear that the former was something you can see in any park or beach some random Sunday morning.In preparation for what can very well be another judging failure on Wednesday‘s show, at the very least America‘s Got Talent has lined up pretty decent acts to perform on the results show. American Idol alum (and himself victim of unfair judging, this time courtesy of the voting public) Daughtry is set to perform their single No Surprise, while High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale will sing It‘s Alright, It‘s Okay. Read more »
I don‘t really know if we can put all the ruckus from last week‘s dog-over-singer fiasco behind us, but that‘s last week. But after watching tonight‘s episode, there just might be hope on America‘s Got Talent, but it‘s not with the judges, but the acts. And the dancers shone on tonight‘s show brighter than any frisbee-catching dog act will.Yes, it was the dancers‘ night tonight on America‘s Got Talent. Right off the bat, Illinois dance group Footworkingz blew the living daylights out of me and the viewers and the judges. While I tried to ignore host Nick Cannon‘s pronouncing the -s on Illinois, Footworkingz donned cool black-light shoes that totally worked and accentuated their, well, foot work. In the introduction, they did say something about achieving a certain number of movements in 60 seconds (or thereabouts). And they sure walked the talk, so to speak - their dance steps were almost lighting quick but still not losing the synchronicity. Read more »
Of course, the judges put FootworKINGz through tonight on America‘s Got Talent. They probably learned their lesson from the backlash that the show gets whenever they would pick something cute over something really talented. On tonight‘s America‘s Got Talent, two talented dance acts - FootworKINGz and Pixie Mystere - landed on the dreaded fifth and sixth spots; dreaded because your fate hangs in the balance and it‘s not American who‘ll decided but three judges. It wasn‘t an enviable place to be in, though, as both groups performed splendidly on last night‘s show. I‘m sure that given the option, the judges would likely withdraw one slot from the last two weeks just so both FootworKINGz and Pixie Mystere can reach the semis. Read more »
After Mariah Carey, LMFAO, Penn and Teller, Daughtry, and Ashley Tisdale, country singer Reba McEntire is the next in line to take on the America‘s Got Talent stage for its results show Wednesday. McEntire, 54, is widely considered the queen of country.McEntire is set to perform her new song Consider Me Gone on the 9pm telecast of America‘s Got Talent. Keep On Loving You, her 31st album which was released last week, is expected to debut at the top of the charts. Consider Me Gone is the second track off of it. Read more »
Not to take anything away from Ishaara, who was incredible too, but it was stunning soprano Barbara Padilla who clearly won the night on America‘s Got Talent. The final set of acts performed last night on the NBC talent show, including yet another dog (Spy), a percussion group, and more acrobats. Yet it was Barbara Padilla who stole the show when she sang Andrea Bocelli‘s Con Te Partiro giving everyone goose bumps in the process. Also, she oddly reminds me of Grey‘s Anatomy‘s Callie (Sara Ramirez).Padilla, who was visibly thrilled after the America‘s Got Talent started showering her with praises, is also a cancer survivor and doting mum. There you have it, America. Talent plus good storyline equals America‘s Got Talent success. Read more »
And then there were 20.The final entrants to join the America‘s Got Talent season 4 top 20 were named last night, and it just proves that good storylines really go the distance on the NBC talent show (and that people actually listen to the judges). That, and cute kids. The five acts that advanced from last night‘s episode include kid ballroom dancing couple Eric and Rickie, Seattle singing sisters EriAm Sisters, percussive quartet Recycled Percussion, opera singer cum cancer survivor Barbara Padilla, and struggling singer and guitarist Drew Stevyns. Read more »
America‘s Got Talent skids into high gear this week when the semifinal round kicks off. Throughout the quarterfinals, there have been shoo-ins to the next round, while there were acts that were given less than unanimous tickets by the judges.The composition of this year‘s America‘s Got Talent top 20 is as varied as ever, with singers, dancers, a comedian and a dog act or two. How would you rank this year‘s semifinals batch? It‘s important to remember what the show is looking for: an act to headline in Vegas and sustain a 90-minute show. Much of the hype surrounding some acts is oblivious to this little detail, sadly. As for me, here are my rankings. Read more »
Oh boy.The first batch of semifinalists performed tonight on America‘s Got Talent, and it was a good show all in all. Yet catching everyone‘s attention was dancer Arcadian Broad sort of revealing that the producers made him do High School Musical. Or not exactly made, but gave him a hand in doing the number. Nevertheless, props for saying something that might do him more trouble than good. Host Nick Cannon then goes on stage to clarify that the performers have the final say on how their numbers will shape up. Read more »
For the record, I do not doubt Kevin Skinner‘s - uh - heart. I‘m sure this person is very genuine and very nice, but is America‘s Got Talent all about storylines? If he sang that song in front of American Idol judges, he‘d get hell from Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson. On the other hand, this show‘s judge (Piers Morgan) gave him a standing ovation and said that the former chicken catcher is his favorite to win the whole thing.Come results show, all the judges‘ fawning over Kevin Skinner paid off, as he safely sailed through to the next round. Joining Skinner are fellow singers The Texas Tenors, The Voices of Glory, comedian Grandma Lee, and dancing sisters The Fab Five. I don‘t know about you, but this list screams overrated to me. Read more »
Despite the judging hullabaloo of late (plus the Arcadian "They Made Me Do HSM" Broad controversy), America‘s Got Talent still is the most popular show this summer, and the ratings seem to be on a rise even. Just to get you up speed, the judges picked the following acts to advance last week: Kevin Skinner, Voices of Glory, The Fab Five, Grandma Lee, and Texas Tenors. That means previously thought invincible frontrunner (one of the handful) Acrodunk got the boot, so did Paradizo Dance. There was much furor over some of the acts on this first batch, especially former chicken catcher Kevin Skinner, who was hailed by AGT judge Piers Morgan as "the one to beat" - despite what critics said was a lackluster, off-key performance of "Always on My Mind." I personally thought it was nothing special, but what I do know about country music. So I‘ll shush on that one. Read more »
After tonight‘s episode, it‘ll be a travesty if this season of America‘s Got Talent doesn‘t end in a Barbara Padilla - Kevin Skinner showdown. That much is clear, after both became the sole sure bets on their respective performance nights; Kevin, last week and Barbara tonight. I still don‘t understand this "connection" and "heart" some people speak of when they try to defend the hype surrounding Kevin (maybe because I don‘t own such brand of "heart"), so I‘m going to go out on a limb here and say that Barbara will defy the odds and make it two years in a row for the opera people.Sure, Barbara owed it to herself that she wins this season, but for the most part, it also has a lot to do with the other America‘s Got Talent acts sucking big time. Read more »
In one word, the guy‘s hot, but let‘s not dwell on the obvious.The finale cast of America‘s Got Talent is complete. Joining the first batch of finalists from last week are: Barbara Padilla, Hairo Torres, Recycled Percussion, Lawrence Beamen, and - Drew Stevyns. Yes, the singer-guitarist from Maryland makes it, perhaps to the chagrin of those who decry his being not a great singer. But news flash, people, Kevin Skinner isn‘t either, and he‘s being touted by the judges and some fans as "the one to beat"  this season. Read more »
So after all the hoopla that some raised regarding Drew Stevyns‘ supposed ripping off of the Seether arrangement of Careless Whisper on America‘s Got Talent, I tried listening to both versions of the song. Truth be told, the arrangement sounded identical, and even the manner by which the songs were performed are also very similar.However, in an interview with the Baltimore Sun, Drew Stevns, for his part, doesn‘t deny that what he sang on America‘s Got Talent this week was actually Seether‘s version of the song. Did he remember to mention this to the judges? He remembered, but when he did, it was too late. Read more »
"The American public sway toward the singing acts," says America‘s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan, which probably explains why more than half of the acts we‘ll see on the talent show finale are singlers, including frontrunners Barbara Padilla and Kevin Skinner, plus Lawrence Beamen, Drew Stevyns, the Texas Tenors and the Voices of Glory. Clogging sisters the Fab Five, musicians Recycled Percussion, break dancer  Hairo Torres, and comedian Grandma Lee complete the America‘s Got Talent top 10. How will you rank this year‘s final batch? My ranking is after the cut. Read more »
Barring any unexpected turn of events, opera singer Barbara Padilla will most probably win America‘s Got Talent. And it‘s not only her talent and storyline that are pushing her to the top, it‘s also her attitude. Let‘s face it. The American audience is an emotional one (read: Kanye West), and while they may be discerning enough to pick based on ability, someone‘s attitude also gets in the way - either for better or worse."Sometimes I feel like they‘re mistaking me for somebody else or something like that. It‘s very surreal. But it‘s fun. It‘s an adventure," says Padilla, who is up for competition in the NBC talent show‘s finale on Wednesday (where Susan Boyle is also set to perform, by the way).Don‘t forget to catch: Ranking the ‘America‘s Got Talent‘ Finale Acts Read more »
I remember reading somewhere that America‘s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan lamented the exclusion of Acrodunk in the show‘s finale, where six out of the ten acts were singers. What about variety, he asked, rather grimly. For me, the finale was a battle between some singers and a very endearing comedian.Grandma LeeRyan Seacrest, booby fairy, small appliance, and Simon Cowell, Grandma Lee surely had new material, but she also didn‘t drop the Piers act because it worked for her. Finally, I already know she‘d say it, but when she did, it was still funny. "Cut the crap." Speaking of crap, let‘s move on to Kevin Skinner. Read more »
In other news, he can‘t sing.Or maybe he can on second thought, but put right beside Barbara Padilla or even lowly Drew Stevyns, the America‘s Got Talent 2009 winner is simply a notch below. Like other people, there was, I concede, something special about him the first time he performed on the America‘s Got Talent stage. But as the competition went on, it was clear that his talent, heart, spirit, or whatever metaphysical entity people have been assigning it, is simply not worth a million dollars.Where‘s Kanye when you need him? Read more »
America has spoken. Former chicken catcher from Kentucky and country "singer" Kevin Skinner is adjudged winner on America‘s Got Talent. What are the implications of that - Kevin Skinner is the best talent America can offer this season.Now watch Kevin Skinner‘s final performance on the show. Now tell me if that‘s talent. Read more »
I‘m pretty relieved that the victory of Kevin Skinner on America‘s Got Talent didn‘t go unnoticed - but just the same, he won, and there were a lot of acts whose one chance to make it big went up in smoke because Mr. Skinner is apparently the best amateur act that America can come up with today.In other news, Kevin Skinner, America‘s Got Talent season 4 champion, recently talked to Entertainment Weekly, and he revealed that he thought the thing that made him win was his connection with the audience. Read more »
Oh, here we go again, with all this talk of Simon Cowell leaving American Idol... the last we heard, his brother Tony confirmed that he will leave to prep for the American version of The X Factor, and just as quickly, most are betting that America‘s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan is taking his place.Piers, well, wouldn‘t comment much.  Read more »