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Tonight‘s America‘s Got Talent takes us to New York for one last time. Since we are still in the audition stages, we will undoubtedly have to suffer through many no-talent hacks who just want their three seconds of fame, such as 49-year-old Perry Zanett who dresses up like the Burger King and recites Shakespeare. He gets immediately booed off the stage, and the judges give him three X‘s right away.We get few more crazies, such as a guy in an inflatable theater, another guy who goes by Sweet-Lou who attempts to "sing," and a whole circus full of freaks doing...something. Read more »
America must really have a heck of a lot of talent, because the audition rounds for America‘s Got Talent have been going on for approximately 200 years.  Tonight finally marks the last of the audition rounds, meaning that we‘re nearly done suffering through Burger Kings who recite Shakespeare and retail clerks who dance to Lionel Ritchie songs.  On this week‘s episode, the Hoff and his two cohorts judge MySpace submissions, which brings out a whole new breed of freaks, weirdos, and Tila Tequila wannabes.  Who will have what it takes to make it to next week‘s Las Vegas callbacks? Read more »
America‘s Got Talent made reality TV history recently when season 2 winner Terry Fator, a ventriloquist from Dallas, TX, signed a five year performance deal with the Mirage Casino and Resort in Las Vegas worth over $100 million.  According to the show‘s producers, that makes Terry one of the most successful competitive reality contestants ever.Can America‘s Got Talent work its same magic this year?  Well, it‘s certainly going to try.  Tonight begins season 3‘s country-wide auditions, in which singers, dancers, magicians, contortionists, and, well, anyone with talent will try out with the goal to entertain America, win the $1 million prize money, and get a shot at being the next Terry Fator with their very own show on the Vegas strip. Read more »
When insurance salesman Neil E. Boyd took to the stage at the close of last evening‘s America‘s Got Talent season premiere, he opened his mouth and let flow an affecting, gorgeous rendition of Giacomo Puccini‘s "Nessun Dorma.” The viewing audience rose to their feet almost immediately, followed by a standing ovation by the cranky judges themselves. For a man who grew up poor and tearfully credited his mother for all he now has, it was quite a moment to share with an adoring American audience.Only some of that home audience was feeling nothing if not a sense of complete déjà vu. A year ago to the day, contestant Paul Potts of Britain‘s Got Talent‘s first season sang the exact same song to a similarly adoring audience and went on to win the whole shebang. With this and other similarities between the two Got Talent shows, some viewers suspect producer shenanigans with how the show is cast. Read more »
America‘s Got Talent returned last week with an exciting, talent-packed episode that had judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff traveling to New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles to audition Americans and see who has the most entertaining act.  The auditions varied from incredible, like opera singing insurance salesman Neil, to dreadful, like a pair of Romanian twin "singers" with smoker‘s voices and very little in the way of musical ability.This week the judges will travel to several more cities and sit through even more amazing, adorable, absurd and awful auditions to determine who will get sent to the Vegas callbacks.  There, the contestants will audition again in hopes of moving on to the finals where they will have a chance to win the $1 million prize and a $1.5 million contract to perform on the Las Vegas strip. Read more »
For two weeks in a row, America‘s Got Talent judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff sat through auditions in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago in hopes of finding the best talent in America.  Last week they found an impressive Young Elvis impersonator and an even more impressive Russian Bar Trio, amongst several others. What other show would feature such wildly different and yet talented acts?This week the judges are finally moving on to new cities as America‘s Got Talent moves the auditions down south to Dallas, TX and Atlanta, GA.  More acts will try out in these down home locations, and while many will be completely off the wall and fail miserably, many more will prove they have a unique talent and be sent on to the Las Vegas callbacks.  $1 million and a show on the Vegas strip is on the line -- who will rise to the top? Read more »
Last week, America‘s Got Talent judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff headed to Dallas, Atlanta and back to Chicago in hopes of finding the best talent in America. There they discovered an astounding Frank Sinatra vocal mimic, a sword swallower that made Hasselhoff cringe so hard that he hit his buzzer by mistake, and an adorable little boy who sang "Ben" to an adoring studio audience.This go around, it‘s time to view more auditions and see the performer that commercials have been hailing as mind-blowing all week long.  The ultimate winner will win $1 million and a show on the Vegas strip, and real talented people are giving it their all to earn the prize.  Who will move on to the Vegas callbacks for their shot at the big money? Read more »
We‘re only four weeks into America‘s Got Talent and already the series is full to bursting with talented folks vying for the $1 million prize and their chance to have a show on the Las Vegas strip. Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff seem to pleased with most of the people they are putting through to the Vegas callbacks, but are any of these auditioners the next Terry Fator? Fator, last year‘s winner, is an extremely talented ventirloquist who has been such a draw in Vegas that he recently signed a five-year contract worth over $100 million. He set the bar incredibly high -- can any of the new auditioners shown so far leap above it? Read more »
It‘s Tuesday, and that means it‘s time for some more America‘s Got Talent fun.  Judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff are still traveling back and forth from city to city to find the latest and greatest American talent.  Last week, a man set the stage aflame, an 11-year-old girl did an amazing contortionist routine, and a man from humble beginning wowed audiences with his singing talent.This week the auditions continue to find the next great act to have a show on the Vegas strip alongside Bette Midler, the Blue Man Group, Rita Rudner and Terry Fator.  There‘s a million dollars on the line as well, and the talent lining up for their chance at the America‘s Got Talent prize is only getting better and better. Read more »
The audition rounds of America‘s Got Talent have finally come to an end, which means that every act we see from here on out should have at least a modicum of talent.  That‘s assuming that judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and Michael Knight, aka the Hoff, were actually paying attention when they let people through to Vegas.  It‘s possible they were zoning out, thinking of the olden days of Baywatch, The Osbournes, and whatever Piers Morgan did before becoming the low-rent version of Simon Cowell.  If that was the case, we may have to suffer through more shaky singers, cheesy magicians and wacky celebrity impersonators.Tonight‘s two-hour episode sends all the America‘s Got Talent hopefuls to Las Vegas, where they‘ll compete in the hopes of securing a place in the top 40. Read more »
The sadistic programming execs over at NBC are under the impression that we need three-and-a-half hours of America‘s Got Talent this week.  Maybe these episodes are meant to tide us over during the Olympics, which begin tomorrow and will preempt the show until August 26.  Sure, people doing gymnastics and running track is impressive, but what will we do without our Ozzy Osbourne impersonators and four-year-old singing sensations?  Where are their gold medals?On Tuesday‘s episode of America‘s Got Talent, the 113 acts were whittled down to 60.  Tonight, the top 40 will finally be determined.  Will Man Tina and Boy Britney both make the cut? Read more »
I‘m always slightly wary when decisions are left in the hands of the American public, which is why I never watch the People‘s Choice Awards.  The people believe that Stargate Atlantis is the best sci-fi show on television and that Rascal Flatts is the best band on the planet.  That scares me.  In my quest to ensure that mediocrity not be rewarded yet again, it‘s time for me to weigh in on America‘s Got Talent.  Due to an injury sustained by one of the people in the top 40, America gets to decide which formerly ousted act should come back and take the final spot.  Viewers can currently vote for one of eight acts over at, but who truly deserves the honor?  Let‘s take a look at the nominees. Read more »
Michael Phelps is old news.  The guy may have won eight gold medals and broken all kinds of records during the Olympics, but his accomplishments seem unimpressive now that America‘s Got Talent is back.  Sure, Phelps has abs of steel and a face like butter, but how can he compare to the cheerleading squad known as the Dallas Desperados Dancers?  Or famed sideshow performer George the Giant?  The AGT top 40 truly showcases the most amazing talent America has to offer.With that sarcasm out of the way, let‘s move on to tonight‘s big return of America‘s Got Talent, which features performances from 10 of the top 40 acts. Read more »
Last night on America‘s Got Talent, over 10 million viewers watched as 10 of the top 40 acts performed for our amusement.  Some of the performances were legitimately entertaining, such as Jessica Price‘s moving rendition of "Time After Time," and others were completely underwhelming, such as DC Cowboys reenacting the end of The Full Monty without any stripping.  Tonight‘s installment gives us 10 more performances and also reveals how viewers voted after last night‘s episode.  Will anything be as thrilling as watching Shimshi the magician do a flip and kick a card in mid-air?  Let‘s find out! Read more »
I have quite the epic love/hate relationship with NBC.  If NBC and I were characters on a TV show, we‘d be the couple who bickers non-stop before eventually falling into bed together for a wild night of passion.  I have to respect the network for supporting shows like Friday Night Lights, 30 Rock and The Office, but I also loathe them for resurrecting junk like American Gladiators and Knight Rider when they could be taking creative risks.  NBC has a split personality, and that makes our relationship rather complicated.As if to prove that they have no desire to fix this problem, NBC has announced that they‘ve ordered more episodes of one of their best shows and one of their worst.  The good news is that Chuck will have a full second season consisting of 22 episodes.  The bad news is that America‘s Got Talent won‘t be going away anytime soon. Read more »
Last week on America‘s Got Talent, we watched for four excruciatingly long hours as 20 members of the top 40 attempted to entertain us.  Some of the acts were horrendous, such as George the Giant, who pretended to be a piñata, let children beat him with baseball bats, then appeared shocked when the judges booed him.  Other acts were just strange, such as the group of seven-foot-tall inflatable animals known as the ZOOperstars.  Amidst all the insufferable pseudo-talents that made me long for the sweet release of death, there were a few performers actually worthy of praise.  I won‘t be forgetting Jessica Price‘s touching rendition of "Time After Time" anytime soon.On tonight‘s episode of America‘s Got Talent, 10 more acts take the stage and attempt to win over the Hoff and his British comrades. Read more »
Last night on America‘s Got Talent, seven terrible acts made fools of themselves in front of a nationwide audience, while three others actually displayed some genuine talent.  I already mocked the talent-free nobodies in my recap last night, so let me remind you of the people who left a good impression: Flaming baton twirler Jonathan Burkin is "the best baton twirler in the world" according to David Hasselhoff, SickStep acted out the greatest moments from Step Up 2 The Streets with panache, and Sarah Lenore made me enjoy a Dixie Chicks song for the first time in my life.  They all deserve plenty of praise.Tonight‘s episode of America‘s Got Talent features performances from the final 10 acts in the top 40.  Are there still some crown jewels to be found among the other, lesser gems? Read more »
Last week on America‘s Got Talent, 20 members of the top 40 performed, and most of them were memorable for all the wrong reasons.  Let us never speak again of Flambeaux, the Taubl Family, or Bruce Block‘s dwarf and pony jamboree.  Tonight‘s unnecessarily lengthy episode will reveal the final members of the top 20, and allow 10 of them to sing, dance, and impersonate dead celebrities for our amusement.  We‘re almost to the point where contestants with actual talent will dominate the show.  What a crazy concept! Read more »
Last night‘s episode of America‘s Got Talent was more torturous than usual, which is an amazing accomplishment for a show that struts out no-talent hacks week after week.  Nobody lived up to expectations during Tuesday night‘s performances, though some acts fared better than others.  Queen Emily has pipes, even if her attempt to tackle Mariah Carey didn‘t prove it, and Paul Salos is charming, though his latest Sinatra interpretation was no "My Way."  Both of them were certainly better than ZOOperstars, who must have dosed me with magical sleeping powder through my television set, or Daniel Jens, who only seems to be in the top 20 because he‘s a former Iraqi soldier. The remainder of the top 20 perform on tonight‘s episode of America‘s Got Talent.  Unfortunately, they might pale in comparison to former AGT winner Terry Fator, who will stop by to wow everyone with his ventriloquist act. Read more »
Last night‘s episode of America‘s Got Talent was fairly impressive.  Eli Mattson, SickStep, Donald Braswell, Nuttin But Stringz and Jonathan Burkin all turned in performances that ran the gamut from solid to amazing.  That‘s in stark contrast to Tuesday night‘s episode, where pretty much everyone phoned it in or attempted things beyond their skill level.  There were a lot of good performances this week, but not everyone could make it through to the top 10.  On a special half-hour episode of America‘s Got Talent tonight, Jerry Springer finally unveiled the top 10 acts that will compete for a show in Las Vegas.  Read on to see if your favorites made the cut. Read more »
America‘s Got Talent spent about 87 years boring us with audition rounds, and now that the top 10 are finally decided the season will be over in just two weeks.  I think this show has its priorities out of whack.  For further proof that something is amiss in the AGT studio, nine out of the final 10 acts are singers.  That‘d be nice if this were American Idol, but surely America‘s Got Talent should celebrate a more diverse array of performance styles.  Did the likes of Kaitlyn Maher and Joseph Hall really deserve to make it to the finals over SickStep and Jonathan Burkin?  I think not.Tonight‘s episode features performances from the top 10, and tomorrow night five acts will be sent packing.  Now is the time to vote for your favorites, and by favorites I mean Eli Mattson.  Vote for him or face my wrath! Read more »
Last night on America‘s Got Talent, nine acts attempted to wow us with their vocal gymnastics, while Nuttin But Stringz tried to earn votes by mixing violin bowing with a dash of Cirque Du Soleil.  In our poll asking BuddyTV readers which act gave the best performance, 37 percent of you voted for Eli Mattson, 22 percent voted for Nuttin But Stringz, and 11 percent cheered on possible ringer Neil E. Boyd.  On tonight‘s mercifully short episode of America‘s Got Talent, Jerry Springer revealed the top 5 acts that will compete for a show in Las Vegas.  Did your favorite make the cut, or are we doomed to hear Kaitlyn Maher stumble through another Disney ballad?  Read on to find out. Read more »
After an entire summer of crazy acts that included a group of people in floppy animal costumes, a little girl who beat up pirates and a flaming baton twirler, we‘re finally nearing the end of America‘s Got Talent.  Jerry Springer unveiled the top five acts last night, and here‘s who we‘re left with: Hip-hop violinists Nuttin But Stringz, soul singer Queen Emily, opera singer Neil E. Boyd, Julliard-trained singer Donald Braswell, and singer/piano player Eli Mattson.  I know who I want to win (Eli all the way!), but who has the best chance of running off with the grand prize?  One million dollars and a Las Vegas show are on the line, so it‘s time to take a look at the finalists and guess who will win the big money. Read more »
We‘re finally down to the top five finalists on America‘s Got Talent, which means we no longer have to see four-year-olds butchering the greatest hits of the Jackson 5.  "I‘ll Be There" and "ABC" should be safe this week, unless Donald Braswell decides to do something crazy.  Tonight‘s episode features performances from all the remaining finalists, and afterwards it‘ll be up to America to decide who should win the competition.  Who deserves one million dollars and a show in Las Vegas?  Everyone knows I‘m pulling for Eli Mattson, but I‘ll happily settle for anyone who‘s not a bombastic opera singer. Read more »
Audiences are often skeptical of reality competition shows.  The Internet breeds all kinds of rumors and conspiracy theories, and people often gather to speculate about whether a particular show is fixed or if the judges are pulling for a certain contestant.  I still remember the throngs of people who were convinced that the American Idol puppet masters were angling for David Archuleta to win season 7, which didn‘t end up happening.The latest rumor floating around is that opera singer Neal E. Boyd has been picked to win season 3 of America‘s Got Talent since entering the competition.  BuddyTV caught up with AGT judge Piers Morgan on the red carpet of the NBC Fall Premiere Party, and he was happy to shoot the theory down with his usual sharp wit. Read more »
The season finale of America‘s Got Talent airs Wednesday at 9pm, which means it‘s a perfect time to look back at the all-time best performances from the top five.  I‘ll be the first to admit that some of the finalists don‘t provide the type of entertainment I‘d pay money to see, but there‘s no denying that all of them are talented and worked hard to make it this far in the competition.  Below you‘ll find clips of my favorite performances from each of the America‘s Got Talent finalists, and then you can decide for yourself who deserves one million dollars and a show in Las Vegas. Read more »
After hundreds of auditions, dozens of hyperbolic remarks from the Hoff, a handful of treacly ballads from Kaitlyn Maher, and one rendition of a song named after George Clooney, the season finale of America‘s Got Talent is finally here.  This entire episode could likely be condensed to a one-minute YouTube clip that shows the winner being crowned, but this wouldn‘t be America‘s Got Talent without tons of delicious filler.  Tonight‘s hour-long extravaganza will show us some highlights and lowlights from the past season, and will cap things off with Jerry Springer revealing who wins one million dollars and their own Las Vegas show.I‘ll be updating with my live thoughts throughout tonight‘s episode, so keep refreshing the page for updates.  I‘ll gladly suffer through the filler so you don‘t have to, all while wearing my bedazzled Eli Mattson t-shirt. Read more »
Last night‘s anticlimactic finale of America‘s Got Talent was seen by over 12 million people, but I‘m sure only a fraction of them were happy to see Neal E. Boyd run off with the grand prize.  I‘m still upset that the snooze-inducing opera singer beat out worthier acts like Nuttin But Stringz and Eli Mattson, and it‘s impossible to convince me that the result wasn‘t fixed by the producers.  While simmering in my giant pot of anger, I decided to look back on the past season of AGT and find the five most bizarre performances of the season.  Unlike last night‘s results, rewatching these weirdos brought a big smile to face.Pull up a chair and read on to see clips of the most memorably insane acts of the past season. Read more »
Season 3 of America‘s Got Talent finally came to an end last week, and already the details about the show are starting to slip my mind.  I still remember that Neal E. Boyd won the competition under questionable circumstances, and I remember thinking that more interesting talents like Eli Mattson and Nuttin But Stringz were robbed by the opera singer.  Other than that, the entire season has become a blur of bizarre auditions and hyperbolic remarks from David Hasselhoff.  The problem with reality competition shows is that my interest in them completely disappears the instant a winner is crowned.For those who aren‘t experiencing America‘s Got Talent memory loss, you‘ll be happy to hear that the top five performers will be appearing at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Friday, October 17. Read more »
Oh, the things that happen to those who win something like America‘s Got Talent.  Winning a million dollars, as well as a show in Las Vegas, is surely something that will change an amateur performer‘s life forever.  At the beginning of this month, opera singer Neal E. Boyd was named the winner after a nationwide vote, and since then he has gone leaps and bounds.The performer had a show last week at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, and it was a well-attended affair, with around 5,000 people paying to watch him.  Outside of shows, the Missouri native is talking with managers and record labels, pretty much leaving no time for himself.  He almost didn‘t make it, even, to ceremonies that his alma mater, Southeast Missouri State University, organized in his honor. Read more »