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America‘s Got Talent is back and, if you take a look at our image right here, that also means that The Hoff is back (and this time he‘s not on the ground trying to eat a cheesburger).  Brandy is gone and in her stead comes Sharon Osbourne, who will often speak at pitches only dogs can hear.  This should be a whole lot of fun.  If we can get one contestant as good as Bobby Badfingers, this will be a good season.  What follows are my live thoughts while watching the episode.Apparently, after America‘s Got Talent became popular in America, the show went on to go global.  Jerry Springer, it‘s good to have you back, sir.  Read more »
It was a successful Tuesday night for NBC, as the second season premiere of America’s Got Talent rose to the top of the summer ratings charts. The show brought in an average of 12.9 million viewers, half a million more than last season’s debut. Moreover, based on the Nielsen Media Research, the show achieved a 4.3/12 rating/share in the Adults 19-49 demographic. The figures also reveal that, so far, America’s Got Talent has beaten other equally popular reality competitions that premiered some weeks before, including the third seasons of the Fox Network’s So You Think You Can Dance and Hell’s Kitchen. Among the other shows that America’s Got Talent bested in the ratings game are the series premieres of CBS’ Pirate Master and ABC’s The Next Best Thing. Read more »
The glorious display of American talent that is America‘s Got Talent airs its third episode of its second season tonight.  And, of course, we are here to provide a live blog of all the action.  David Hasselhoff is, as they tend to introduce him, an international superstar.  He demands you watch.  What follows are my live thoughts while tonight‘s monstrous two hour talent extravaganza. Read more »
Originally aired on Tuesday, 06/12/2007 Episode Rating: ** (2 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: Two more hours of the talented, the weird and the merely mediocre on the third episode of America‘s Got Talent.Episode Highlights: Sharon Osborne, David Hasselhoff and Piers Morgan are back for another series of auditions. There are a few diamonds in the rough, but it‘s a lot of rough to get through. Jerry Springer: shirtless.  Read more »
America’s Got Talent judge David Hasselhoff has obtained a priceless gift in time for Father’s Day as he has been awarded sole legal custody of his two teenage daughters by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Mark Juhas on June 15, 2007. The 54-year old actor-singer has celebrated the news with reporters after leaving the Los Angeles Court. "The judge said, ‘Enough is enough,‘ " Hasselhoff has disclosed to the media. Read more »
Originally aired on Tuesday, 06/19/2007 Episode Rating: ***(3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: America‘s Got Talent heads to Chicago, and finds some solid talent and some of the usual oddities.Episode Highlights: Dissent between the judges happens again, with David Hasselhoff temporarily walking out on Sharon Osborne and Piers Morgan. Jerry Springer is happy to be back on home ground. There are some real contenders among the talent found on this stop.  Read more »
Originally aired on Tuesday, 06/26/2007 Episode Rating: ***(3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview:  America‘s Got Talent makes its way to the Big Apple for the final set of auditions before heading to Vegas.Episode Highlights: New York City has its predictable share of both nutcases and talent. Squabbling between the judges again results in a David Hasselhoff walk out. A previous season‘s oddball gives it another shot. Read more »
Live Nation, the world’s largest live music company, has lined up today’s most popular youth celebrities to head their summer teen tour, NextFest.  Teen pop duo Aly & AJ, Corbin Bleu (High School Musical) and Drake Bell (Drake & Josh) will be joined by the first winner of America’s Got Talent, Bianca Ryan, in the said tour. 12-year-old Bianca Ryan became a household name when she successfully beat nine other finalists in the debut season of America’s Got Talent.  Her rendition of “I Am Changing,” a song from the Broadway musical, Dreamgirls, was enough to win the approval of the judges and the viewers’ votes.  She was proclaimed the first winner of the reality competition last August. Read more »
It was Las Vegas call back night for the 70 America‘s Got Talent hopefuls.  Tonight, judges David Hasselhoff, Piers Morgan, and Sharon Osbourne will send half of them home.  Tomorrow, the remaining 35 will be trimmed down the final 20 who will step up and compete. The competitors are split into two groups, the musical acts and the variety acts - thrills, chills, and spills await. Read more »
Yesterday the America‘s Got Talent judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and David Hasselhoff winnowed through 70 hopefuls, putting 35 through to tonight‘s round.  This evening, the judges had to cut 15 more acts to get the 20 America‘s Got Talent semifinalists that audiences would begin voting on next week.  Some of the cuts were surprising, as were some of the keepers. Read more »
Episode Overview:  Tonight, the final ten semi-finalists on America‘s Got Talent get their shot to show America that their act is worth a million dollars, and we learn the results of last week‘s voting on the first set of ten.  The new batch has some strong talent, but there are also a few disappointing clunkers.  Did your favorite from last week make it through to the next round?  Read on to find out!Once again, Sharon Osborne, David Hasselhoff and Piers Morgan are sitting, buzzer at the ready, waiting to evaluate the next set of semi-finalists.  However, just like last week, as host Jerry Springer reminds us, their opinions are now just that: opinions.  The final word belongs to the public, and so now the last group of semi-finalists have their chance to win the hearts of the audience. Read more »
Episode Overview: With the auditions over, and the 20 semi-finalists selected, it‘s time to see the first ten semi-finalist performances on America‘s Got Talent.  Will nerves get the better of some of these amateur entertainers?  And now, judges no longer have the power to control their fates.  It‘s now the viewer‘s opinion that counts.Tonight, we will see the first half of our set of semi-finalists.  Of the semi-finalists, only five will be able to move on to the next round, so the stakes are high.   Read more »
Episode Overview:  America has voted and tonight on America‘s Got Talent, not only will we find out who the final ten acts are, we will also get to see them perform.  Every act tries to surpass its previous performance.  Some blow the judges away, while others‘ efforts fall a little flat.America‘s Got Talent doesn‘t believe too much in delayed gratification, and for this, the viewers can be grateful.  The show gets right into things, with host Jerry Springer starting the night off by announcing which five of the ten acts that performed last episode will make it through. Read more »
Episode Overview: Tonight on America‘s Got Talent, the Top Ten get trimmed to the Top Eight.  And as though that wasn‘t enough to deal with in one night, each act has to perform immediately after learning their fate.  Will the high-stakes cause some performers to falter?  Also, the judges‘ critique have had an impact on more than one act, as they make adjustments in hopes of winning America‘s vote once again. Read more »
Episode Overview: Tonight on America‘s Got Talent, we learn which of the final eight were selected by America to move on to the final four. And, as each selected acts is announced, they have the chance to perform one piece selected by the judges for them, and one they select themselves. This will be the final four‘s last chance to perform for your vote…which one will be the million dollar performance?Last week, the final eight were announced: singers Robert Hatcher, Julienne Irwin, Jason Pritchett and Cas Haley; beatboxer Butterscotch;  ventriloquist/singer/impersonator Terry Fator; big girl burlesque singing group The Glamazons; and martial arts/dancing group Sideswipe. Half of these acts will have one more shot to win one million dollars, but the other half comes to the end of the road tonight. Read more »
Episode Overview: There are no illusionist acts in the final four of this season of America‘s Got Talent, but NBC is about to perform some magic of its own: spinning two hours of material from essentially one piece of information.  All there really is to do tonight is find out which of the four acts - Cas Haley, Butterscotch, Terry Fator, or Julienne Irwin - won the million dollars, but we have a lot of talent - and "talent" - to witness before we get there.Oh, and the Hoff performs.   Read more »
Tonight is the live 2-hour finale of NBC‘s America‘s Got Talent.  The night will feature celebrity appearances from Sean Kingston, UB40, Taylor Swift, and even The Muppets.  Viewers can look forward to performances by Stomp Out Loud and The Hoff himself.  We‘re covering the finale live, as well, and fans can feel free to post their thoughts throughout the night! Who will win?  Butterscotch, the beatboxer/singer?  Cas Haley, the musician/singer?  Julienne, the singer?  Or will it be Terry, the ventriloquist?  One thing is sure.  In two hours time, a new winner will be named so let‘s get going!  Read more »
Ventriloquist Terry Fator has come a long way from performing at Butte High School and Butt Central‘s graduation parties.  On August 21, he was crowned the new winner of America‘s Got Talent, becoming the recipient of the million-dollar cash prize.  His success has his manager, John Raymond, drowning in emails and messages from Fator‘s eager supporters. “I‘ve got 400 e-mails in my inbox and another 200 phone messages to return,” Raymond told The Montana Standard.  “You know when they say you take three steps forward and 10 steps back?  That‘s what I have.  I answer [to] a few messages and get 20 more when I‘m responding." Read more »
Although Julienne Irwin was not hailed winner of the second season of America‘s Got Talent, she was able to fulfill a dream she aspired long before becoming a finalist on the NBC reality program.  As a baseball fan, the 14-year-old singer from Bel Air, Maryland had set her eyes on singing the national anthem at a Baltimore Orioles game. Fantasy turned into reality when she was given the opportunity to perform at the Orioles-Red Sox matchup on Sunday, September 9. Irwin‘s interest in baseball sparked at an early age while watching television with her father.  Eventually, she and her father followed the Orioles to many games, traveling to cities with historic baseball stadiums. Read more »