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The word on the street is: street dance will be taking MTV by storm, as America’s Best Dance Crew returns for its third season.  Featuring nine dance crews from all over the United States, the Randy Jackson brainchild is setting up the search once again.  Mario Lopez is back as host, and Layla Kayleigh remains to be the backstage correspondent.  Despite the familiar faces, expect a few surprises tonight when you set your eyes on the stage.Returning judges for this season‘s first episode of America’s Best Dance Crew are rapper Lil Mama and hip-hop choreographer Shane Sparks.  Unlike the previous two seasons though, JC Chasez will not be appearing in the premiere.  However, taking his place is Rynan Paguio and the rest of season 2’s JabbaWockeeZ.  Read more »
America‘s Best Dance Crew is back. The season 3 premiere aired last night on MTV at 10pm. This season‘s premiere was different from the previous seasons in that they left off the auditions for the top nine spots. Season 3 started off with nine crews hailing from all over North America: four crews representing the state of California, two crews representing the Sunshine State and one each from New York, Alabama and Puerto Rico.After everything was said and done, the Puerto Rican crew G.O.P. Dance, which stands for Group of Peace, was booted off the show as the first crew to be eliminated while the other bottom two crews (Fly Khicks and Boxcuttuhz) survived for a chance to prove themselves next week. Read more »
There‘s more to expect on this season of America‘s Best Dance Crew, as JC Chasez admits that things are kicking into high gear this time around.  He admits that the crews will be pushed to their limits, and that audiences will witness stunts they‘ve never seen before.  “It‘s very exciting -- for the judges and for the fans too,” JC Chasez said in a recent interview with PopWrap.  “I knew that there was an amazing team behind the show and that everyone involved was amazing, but I was a little nervous.  I don‘t consider this to be reality TV because it‘s more of a talent competition.”  Read more »
I had the pleasure to get on the phone with Jeff ‘Phi‘ Nguyen, a member from the Season 1 champion Jabbawockeez from the MTV show America‘s Best Dance Crew. In this exclusive interview, he talks about what the Jabbawockeez been up to since winning the America‘s Best Dance Crew Season 1. He also gives his opinion on what he thinks about this season and who his favorites are. Read more »
TV Guide recently talked to Mario Lopez , the host of America‘s Best Dance Crew, digging up a few hints on what the show‘s third installment has in store.  Branded as the “most physically demanding season yet,” the competition is going to get tougher and Lopez reveals why.  “I think it‘s gonna be the best season yet,” Mario Lopez said excitedly.  “I think we have crews with amazing, different kinds of styles and great backstories and just forms of dancing we‘ve never seen before — everything from clogging to contortionism to girl breakdancers.  I like it.”  Read more »
I had the pleasure to get on the phone with Lando and Lydia, two members from the Boxcuttuhz Crew from the MTV show America‘s Best Dance Crew. Boxcuttuhz were the second crew to get eliminated from the show. In this exclusive interview, The two members talk about the highlights and low-lights of being on America‘s Best Dance Crew. Many fans were saddened with them getting kicked off the show. They also give their opinion on who they think is the best crew and who they would like to win it all. Read more »
It might be too early to predict who‘ll snag the title of America‘s Best Dance Crew, but master choreographer and series judge Shane Sparks might have a few ideas in mind.  He recently had an interview with Zap2It, revealing some of his insights on how the show‘s going so far. “I think America‘s finally getting it right right now.,” he exclaimed.  “[T]hey all have to come up out of their element and show a different side.  The one or two or three that impresses us the most are gonna be the ones I feel like will last on the show the longest.”  Read more »
I had the pleasure to get on the phone with Jeff, a member from Team Millennia from the MTV show America‘s Best Dance Crew. Team Millennia was the third crew to get eliminated from the show. In this exclusive interview, Jeff talk about the highlights and low-lights of being on America‘s Best Dance Crew. I also had a chance to ask Jeff if he felt that Team Millennia was treated unfairly because how Lil Mama felt about the Ringmasters. Read more »
After making it to the top three of America‘s Best Dance Crew‘s second season, the group Fanny Pak has been keeping themselves busy ever since.  Despite having their own things to take care of, they managed to find the time to show up backstage on this season of the reality dance competition.  During the taping of last week‘s episode, Fanny Pak gave a little advice to the season 3 crews, as well as updated fans on what they‘re up to these days.  It seems as though Fanny Pak still can‘t leave their America‘s Best Dance Crew past behind.  They‘ve been watching the show intently, even admitting that they have their favorite already. Read more »
Being the runner-up to the second season of America‘s Best Dance Crew has given SoReal Cru a boost in their business.  Even though their stint on the reality series is over, they can‘t help but return to the show, claiming that they haven‘t had a wink of sleep ever since they left.  During the recent America‘s Best Dance Crew performance, SoReal Cru dropped by to update their fans on what‘s going on with them.  Also, they took pride in a little routine they prepared for the episode itself.  Read more »
I had the pleasure to get on the phone with a couple members from Ringmasters from the MTV show America‘s Best Dance Crew. Ringmasters was the fourth crew to get eliminated from the show. In this exclusive interview, the members talked about how Flexing got started in their neighborhood. Also, they talked about the relationship between Lil Mama and the Ringmasters growing up in the same area and having the same dreams to do it big one day.   Read more »
This week on America’s Best Dance Crew it was the battle of the sexes challenge. To start off the show the guy and girls teamed up and did an opening performance that got a standing ovation from the crowd.Fly Khicks has been living in the bottom lately but survived each week and kicked off Ringmasters and Dynamic Edition. It seems like Fly Khicks perform the best under pressure and this week wouldn’t be anything different as Mario called Quest Crew’s name meaning that Fly Khicks was once again in the bottom two. Read more »
Quest Crew killed it last night on America’s Best Dance Crew. I think last night was the toughest challenge by far for the crews. The objective for the first part of the challenge was that the crews must incorporate some of hip-hop‘s most difficult styles in the Hip-Hop Decathlon Challenge which included, threading, housing, cutting, krumping and waving. Also, the challenge was longer than usual.After last weeks challenge Beat Freaks received the most votes and were safe from elimination which meant they were first to perform. After watching the episode a couple times I felt like they kind of played it safe and Lil Mama even said that this wasn’t their best performance. I guess that didn’t matter since they already made it to the finale. I thought their routine was tight and clean but nothing that would knock your socks off. I would give them a B-. Read more »
I had the pleasure to get on the phone with Tallie, a member from Strikers All-Stars from the MTV show America‘s Best Dance Crew. Strikers All-Stars was the sixth crew to get eliminated from the show. In this exclusive interview, Tallie talked about his experience being on America‘s Best Dance Crew and what happened with Mike during his last performance. He also chatted about his tough decision to stay with his crew after hearing that his marching band was going to perform at President Obama‘s inauguration. Read more »
For the third season of Randy Jackson Presents: America‘s Best Dance Crew, nine of the most-talented dance crews have been selected to go head-to-head, putting everything on the line to impress audiences and judges.  And after seven episodes, we‘re down two our final two: the Quest Crew versus the Beat Freaks.  For the first time in the show‘s history, the show will wrap up with a finale that will pit an all-male crew against an all-female group.  Which crew will walk away the winner? Read more »
Tonight is the finale of America’s Best Dance Crew, the best dancing show on the planet. ABDC flew by this season with only nine crews making it onto television instead of the previous 12 crews. The finale will consist of two crews from Los Angeles, California, Quest Crew and Best Freaks. Beat Freaks is the first all-female crew to make it to the finale in three seasons. Quest Crew is an all-male crew consisting of several members who previously competed on So You Think You Can Dance. Even though you can’t dance like them you can become one of them by playing our new personality quiz: Which America‘s Best Dance Crew Are You. Who knows, you might even be season 1 champ JabbaWockeez or season 2 champ Super Cr3w. How cool would that be? Play the personality quiz and see who you are. Read more »
I had the pleasure to get on the phone with the winners of the hit show ‘America‘s Best Dance Crew‘, Quest Crew. Quest Crew was the third all-male crew to win America‘s Best Dance Crew along with season 1 champ, Jabbawockeez and season 2 champ Super Cr3w. They talked about their time on America‘s Best Dance Crew and how it was a challenge trying to keep up with Beat Freaks. Read more »
After a hard-fought season, the Los Angeles-based Quest Crew took the title last night on the season 3 finale of America‘s Best Dance Crew. For fans of the show, this came as know surprise as Quest Crew was an early favorite, particularly with their gravity-defying, mind-blowing performances from last week‘s episode.Quest Crew joins JabbaWockeeZ and Super Cr3w as the winner of America‘s Best Dance Crew. It‘s the third straight time an all-male crew has won, though for the first time, an all-female crew, Beat Freaks, made it in to the finals. While the judges pegged them as an early favorite, Quest Crew still took the title. Read more »