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A Saturday afternoon is an unusual time to premiere a casting special for one of MTV‘s better and more popular shows, America‘s Best Dance Crew. Just as strange is the fact that it‘s a two-and-a-half hour long episode in which we‘ll meet the dance crews competing in season 2, followed by an hour-long special in which season 1 winner JabbaWockeeZ and Shane Sparks perform a dancing tutorial.I‘ll admit to not watching America‘s Best Dance Crew (or ABDC) from the start, but many of my colleagues at BuddyTV raved about the amazing dance moves, so I checked out the finale and was simultaneously terrified and in awe of the JabbaWockeeZ. The most surprising part was how much fun everyone seemed to be having. It‘s not a competition so much as an exhibition, a chance for people to do what they love and to entertain audiences. Read more »
Xtreme Dance Force was one of the 10 crews selected out of 14 that auditioned Saturday during the special live auditions for the second season of America‘s Best Dance Crew.  Now, this group is stepping up to the challenge in attempt to win the $100,000 grand prize and to prove they have what it takes to become America‘s Best Dance Crew. Consisting of hip-hop dancer Robert Lewis, 19, and six other guys, Xtreme Dance Force has made their debut on America‘s Best Dance Crew wearing white shirts and shoes, and dark blazers and jeans, which easily distinguishes them from the rest of the groups on the competition. Read more »
Today is the deadline for casting your votes for your favorite dance group on America‘s Best Dance Crew . If you watched the season 2 casting special last Saturday, you can support the group that blew you away before the polls close at 5pm on MTV‘s website. Then watch the second season premiere on Thursday, June 19 at 10pm ET/PT to find out if your favorite crew made the cut. Read more »
It‘s show time this week for Randy Jackson Presents: America‘s Best Dance Crew, when season 2 of the reality competition kicks off Thursday, June 19.  The season actually got underway two weekends ago, with the live casting special, which took place June 7 from 2-4:30pm.  Following the live casting call, first season winner JabbaWocKeeZ shared the spotlight with judge Shane Sparks to give viewers their very own private dance lessons.  Conspicuous during their instructional routines was the absence of one JabbaWocKeeZ member, and we have the story on why the group was a man short.In other news, we have some updates on preparations behind the scenes for Thursday‘s second season premiere, as well as the skinny on a possible name change this early in the game. Read more »
Shane Sparks is extremely excited about the new season of America‘s Best Dance Crew. Talking to him the day before the season 2 premiere June 19 at 10pm on MTV, the choreographer is nothing but energy when discussing the crews and challenges that lie in wait for them.BuddyTV spoke to Shane Sparks about America‘s Best Dance Crew, finding out why he feels he‘s better suited to judge this show than So You Think You Can Dance, previewing what fans will see from the various challenges this season, and even boldly declaring his excitement for one particular dance crew this season in particular. Continue reading for the full transcript and the chance to listen to the interview. Read more »
The auditions for America‘s Best Dance Crew 2 are over, and this week it was time for the crews to find out their standings with the public and deliver another performance. For two crews – Fanny Pak and Distorted X – it‘s a matter of life and death as they had to compete to remain on the show. Although the other crews might not have fighting to make it through that particular episode, they were still fighting for your votes to carry them through the next. So of the Top 10, which crews had the best and worst performances of the evening?  Read more »
After the live casting special nearly two weeks ago, America‘s Best Dance Crew is finally ready to begin! The top 10 crews are set, the judges are excited and the host is People magazine‘s hottest bachelor alive. Mario Lopez brings out the crews, and the winner is Super Cr3w, with a huge karate chop from one member that knocks the others down.Mario says the top five vote getters from the casting special are definitely safe while the bottom five are in danger. Tonight‘s performance is Crew‘s Choice, meaning they get to pick their own songs and moves. Read more »
On the first episode of the second season of America‘s Best Dance Crew, Distorted X became the first crew eliminated. The Houston septet features five women and two guys, though during the live casting special, judge Shane Sparks made the mistake of calling them an all-female crew. It was an honest mistake, as the ladies of Distorted X are a force to be reckoned with. Sure they‘re beautiful and sexy, but as JC Chasez said on more than one occasion, they bring it just as hard as anyone when they perform.BuddyTV spoke to Lindsay and Sayree, two members of Distorted X, following their elimination. The two spoke about how Distorted X got its start just a few short months ago, the perceptions of women in dance crews, their close friendships with the other crews and the future of Distorted X. Continue reading for the highlights and a chance to listen to the full audio of the interview. Read more »
As America‘s Best Dance Crew bids farewell to its first casualty this season, judge JC Chasez, upon sizing up the talent in this bunch and comparing it with their maiden season, saids there is more promise this year. reports that Chasez made this observation moments before America‘s Best Dance Crew started filming its first episode after the live casting special."There‘s more talent on this first show than there was on the last first show, because the first season gave us exposure.  People lined up to get into this one.  So I think these ten are maybe stronger than the eight we started with last time around." Read more »
In America‘s Best Dance Crew 2, the judges Shane Sparks, Lil‘ Mama and JC Chasez are there to act as a final check on the opinion of the people. Shane Sparks, at least, has already tipped his hand as to which way his thoughts are leaning so far, telling BuddyTV in interview, “Super Cr3w, Super Cr3w, Super Cr3w, that‘s all I have to say.” However, with their strong and entertaining performance last week, it‘s unlikely that Super Cr3w will need to cash in any judge‘s good will just yet. I can‘t imagine the public will put them in the bottom for this week‘s episodes. I mean, come on: Ninjas and James Brown. You just can‘t say no to that: it‘s been proven by science. So who could land in the bottom? Read more »
Last week America‘s Best Dance Crew kicked off season 2 with a strong show that saw Distorted X go home while Fanny Pak was in the bottom two. The judges want the contestants to bring it hard, just like host Mario Lopez‘s abs. Seriously, one week ago the dude was named People‘s hottest bachelor, now he‘s posing shirtless for the TV Guide cover. It seems to me like someone has enrolled at the Matthew McConaughey School of Publicity. Next up: star in some really bad romantic comedies and befriend a uni-testicular celebrity. Alright, alright, alright! Read more »
From the beginning, the judges on America‘s Best Dance Crew seemed biased against Sass x7. It wasn‘t because they were the only all-female crew, but the fact that their background was from being on the Rutgers dance squad. On a show featuring mostly hip hop crews and dances, the slightly cheerleader-esque moves and routines of Sass x7 fought an uphill battle to get respect.The New Jersey crew was eliminated in last night‘s second episode. BuddyTV spoke to Julia Swartz, one of the members of Sass x7, to talk about her experience on the show. Julia talked about how it was MTV that approached them about being on the show, the struggles fighting off the cheerleader image, and her fondness for the Fat Darrell. If you want to know what that means, continue reading for the highlights as well as the mp3 audio file to listen to the interview. Read more »
This week on America‘s Best Dance Crew 2, the crews had a video challenge. They had to incorporate dance elements from videos - mainly R&B and pop – into their own styles. Shane Sparks thought it was the best episode yet. There were definitely several groups who landed in my Best spot with ease and with routines that both nailed their task and showcased the particular personality of the crew. One crew tried its best but still lands in the Worst…but for the rest of the show, in reviewing the routines again, I felt like the overall episode was less impressive than it seemed on first viewing.  Read more »
Last week on America‘s Best Dance Crew 2, Sass x7 was sent home while once again Super Cr3w appeared to be one of the strongest teams to take the stage. This week, the teams will be vying for a spot in the Top 7. Did Xtreme Dance Force‘s strong performance last week redeem them in the eyes of the public? SoReal Cru has impressed Shane Sparks, but their routine had a few flaws and one never knows how forgiving the public will be. Supreme Soul did really well last week, but as the judges pointed out, what was difficult about their routine was also subtle, so it‘s unclear if it had enough flash to keep them safe. Fanny Pak seemed to charm their way out of the bottom, but will their quirkier style be their secret weapon or potential downfall?  Read more »
Let freedom ring, because on this Independence Eve it‘s time for another installment of America‘s Best Dance Crew. Sass x7 is gone, so now it‘s time for the judges to find another punching bag. If Shane Sparks gets his way, I suspect the rich white boy band kids are going to be in trouble.Each week they announce the safe crews differently, and this week we‘ll get the top and bottom four. The challenge this week is “Rock the Title,” where crews must create routines that visually represent a specific song title. Read more »
This week on America‘s Best Dance Crew 2, the crews had the challenge of taking a song title and incorporating the theme of the title into their song, including a moment of transformation into that theme. Which crews hit the mark and which fell flat of the remaining eight crews? Did the right crew – Xtreme Dance Force – get sent home from the show this week? And can Super Cr3w be stopped? On this episode of America‘s Best Dance Crew 2, I felt like there were a bunch of Bests and a bunch of Worsts and no one really landed in the middle for me.  Read more »
It‘s not easy being a white, upper-class male. That may sound absurd, but on America‘s Best Dance Crew, it seemed to be true as Xtreme Dance Force was routinely dismissed by the judges as just a “boy band.” The guys kept dancing, switching up styles and facing a wide range of challenges from week-to-week, dancing to styles they weren‘t familiar with and songs they‘d never heard. Yet despite proving themselves as a serious dance crew, it was hard to wipe off that label they willingly accepted: the boy band.BuddyTV spoke to JC Renzetti and Nick Neri, to of the members of Xtreme Dance Force, about their time on the show. Among the things they discussed were the possibly unwise decision to accept the boy band moniker, the origins of Xtreme Dance Force, and their future plans. Continue reading for the highlights and to listen to the full audio version of the interview. Read more »
Thus far the eliminations on America‘s Best Dance Crew have been well-rounded: one crew from the East, Midwest and South divisions have been sent home. Will that equity continue, sending one of the West Coast crews home?This week on America‘s Best Dance Crew it‘s all about speed. The songs are sped up and crews must show off their lightning fast moves.  The hard part is they must do a transition from slow to fast. Read more »
This week, the remaining six crews are angling to stay in the competition on America‘s Best Dance Crew 2. Last week, Philly boys Phresh Select were sent home, and Supreme Soul managed to win over the judges for another week. But did they win over America and get enough votes to stay safe? Fanny Pak has been the quintessential critical darling but can‘t seem to consistently get the same love from the public. Which way will the public land this episode? Super Cr3w had a solid job, but this was the first episode where the “wow” factor wasn‘t quite as high as it‘s been in the past. What looks likely to happen this week?  Read more »
Janet Jackson night on America‘s Best Dance Crew begins with all the remaining dancers doing a group performance to “Rhythm Nation.” Wow, Eva Longoria is in the audience and is incorrectly identified without the proper hyphenate. This show must be quite the hot ticket, which makes me even more excited that I‘ll be visiting the set on Tuesday as part of the Television Critics Association press tour. Hopefully I‘ll pick up a move or two from Super Cr3w. Read more »
Well I was definitely blindsided by this episode of America‘s Best Dance Crew 2. I would never have put either A.S.I.I.D. or Super Cr3w in the bottom, much less both of them. I was really disappointed that this match-up sent A.S.I.I.D. home. While they sometimes had technical issues, they were so entertaining, and I feel like the show lost one of the more interesting crews when their banner fell. This episode was surprising in another way too. I would have thought that an episode centered on Janet Jackson, a dancer with such strong signature moves who also makes great dance songs, would have generated much more exciting routines. But as each crew noted they wanted to live up to her standards, maybe her precise and controlled style was actually more of a constraint. The routines were overall fairly strong, but I felt like no crew truly cut loose and brought the wow factor. Nevertheless, I‘ll try to pick some Best and Worst performances.  Read more »
I feel completely unequipped this week to make any kind of prediction for America‘s Best Dance Crew 2, seeing as how completely off my spidey sense was last week. Two crews I thought were safe wound up being in the crosshairs. Super Cr3w slipped all the way down to the bottom two, and A.S.I.I.D. was sent home. Meanwhile, the two crews that I thought for certain weren‘t winning enough fans – Boogie Bots and Supreme Soul – shot up to the top two. America, you are full of surprises! What does your voting have in store for us this week on America‘s Best Dance Crew 2?  Read more »
The America‘s Best Dance Crew set is smaller in person. When I sat in on rehearsals for this week‘s episode during the Television Critics Association press tour, my first reaction was that there are fewer seats than I‘d imagined, and they‘re much closer to the stage than they look on TV.A similar thought ran through my mind when Lil‘ Mama came out. I should‘ve guessed from her name, but I wasn‘t expecting the 18-year-old judge to be so tiny, especially given her big, often outspoken voice during the episodes. Still, looking up at the five remaining banners and getting a sneak peek at what‘s in store for the crews tomorrow was a great experience. Read more »
Two short days ago, I was hanging out on the stage of America‘s Best Dance Crew, gazing up at the five remaining banners and previewing Supreme Soul‘s routine for tonight‘s performance. It was quite a thrill and I can‘t wait to see what the other crews have in store for tonight‘s “Bring the Beat” challenge with the crews taking on different sports events with props.Mario Lopez is in the house and wearing quite a tight t-shirt. I‘m also proud to announce that fanny packs are finally back for my favorite crew, who are thankfully safe.  Could those ‘80s-loving fools actually be America‘s Best Dance Crew? Read more »
The finale for season 2 of America‘s Best Dance Crew aired last night. Or at least, it should have been. The judges all agreed that Supreme Soul and Super Cr3w were the two groups they expected to see in the finale, so it was quite the shock that they were the two bottom crews, leading to Supreme Soul‘s elimination.BuddyTV spoke to Bionic, one of the members of Supreme Soul, about the elimination and the time on the show. He talked about how the crew felt during the final show, his reaction to the belief that Supreme Soul was too cocky, and how the crew choreographed its routines. Continue reading to listen to the interview or to read the highlights. Read more »
Reality competitions like America‘s Best Dance Crew 2 sometimes walk a fine line. On the one hand, you need to set up some creative limitations in order to have each week be different. On the other hand, sometimes you get a little gimmicky, as in the case of this week. I didn‘t mind the use of props or the need for the crews to use their motions create their own beats, but both at the same time? It seemed like a bit much for one very brief dance routine. I think the overabundance of requirements for this show actually hamstrung at least one of the crews, and this week, that‘s where I‘m going to start, with the crew I felt had the weakest performance first.  Read more »
Life after Dancing with the Stars has been fruitful for Mario Lopez, who joined the ABC dance competition series during its third season.  After earning second place with professional dance partner Karina Smirnoff, the 34-year-old actor has landed a hosting gig on the MTV reality show America‘s Best Dance Crew and has taken over the role of Zach in Broadway‘s A Chorus Line.  Now, he has been named as main new host of the syndicated entertainment news magazine program Extra. The former Dancing with the Stars contestant joined Extra in January 2007 as a co-host to the show‘s weekend edition as well as a correspondent for the daily program.  He is now expected to take over the anchor chair on September 15 as the show begins its 15th season. Read more »
America‘s Best Dance Crew 2 has been moving along at a rapid clip. It seems like the season just started yesterday, but already we are at the episode that will determine the final three. With Supreme Soul‘s departure last week, we have Super Cr3w, Fanny Pak, SoReal Cru and judges‘ least-favorite Boogie Bots left in the competition. Which crews look likely to land in the bottom two this week on America‘s Best Dance Crew 2?  Read more »
Last week a major upset occurred on America‘s Best Dance Crew when Supreme Soul was eliminated. The judges even said they expected Supreme Soul to be in the finals with Super Cr3w, and Lil‘ Mama called America out, telling them to vote out Boogie Bots. Did America listen?Tonight‘s episode of America‘s Best Dance Crew features Missy Elliott as the final four crews perform to her songs and she even does a live performance herself. On a personal note, I‘ll be in Los Angeles over the weekend for the Teen Choice Awards, where America‘s Best Dance Crew is up for five awards, so hopefully I‘ll be able to catch up with some of the stars like Lil‘ Mama or even season 1 winners JabbaWockeeZ, themselves nominated for two awards. Read more »
Once the Boogie Bots landed in the bottom two on this week‘s America‘s Best Dance Crew 2, it was as good as over for them. I have said on multiple occasions that that it‘s impossible to feel unhappy while watching this show, as the earnest efforts of the crews are just so joyful, but I think I have to revise that. No, they were not the best, but man, did the Boogie Bots sure get roughed up by the judges over the past few weeks!  It made me feel sad to see how hurt and even a little demoralized the Bots seemed to be. I do think the right crew went home, but what a bummer. So you probably don‘t have to guess very hard to figure out who landed in the bottom for my Best and Worst picks of this episode, but that still leaves three crews vying for the top. Who was my Best?  Read more »
On last week‘s episode of America‘s Best Dance Crew, Lil‘ Mama effectively signed the Boogie Bots‘ death notice by calling them out as a crew that doesn‘t excite her. America listened, voted Boogie Bots into the bottom two, and the judges promptly eliminated them from the competition.Despite the harsh words in recent weeks, Boogie Bots started out strong, using their Transformers-inspired moves to impress the voters and the judges. BuddyTV spoke to Miguel Almario, a member of the Boogie Bots, about Lil‘ Mama‘s comment, the things that led to their elimination, the origins of their dance style and their future. Continue reading for the highlights or to listen to the interview. Read more »
Just before the Boogie Bots were ousted from America‘s Best Dance Crew, the final four of the Randy Jackson competition on MTV were able to get out of the hotel rooms, rehearsal spaces, and the sound stage which they called home for several weeks.  They trooped to the Dodger Stadium on July 30 to perform between innings.The crews arrived well before the scheduled game at 4pm, when the stadium is still understandably empty.  All of them are amazed at the size of the venue, and are awed at performing in front of such a large audience. Read more »
This week on America‘s Best Dance Crew 2, the three remaining crews – Fanny Pak, SoReal Cru and Super Cr3w – will have to tackle not one, but two challenges at they battle their way to the top two. This week‘s challenge will be focused on ‘80‘s music and dancing, so it would seem to be a slam-dunk for ‘80‘s lovers Fanny Pak. Not so, they told MTV‘s Remote Control Blog, saying despite their love for the fashion exemplified in their name, their dancing itself isn‘t actually from that decade. ““This week‘s challenge is going to be harder for us than everybody thinks,” they told the blog. So what could be the outcome for this round of America‘s Best Dance Crew 2?  Read more »
It‘s ‘80s night tonight on America‘s Best Dance Crew. Tonight, the three remaining crews will each have two challenges, the Groove Step Challenge, and the Dance Movie Challenge.In the Groove Step Challenge, the crews will have to build a routine around an ‘80s dance move of their choice, but they‘ll also be given an additional restriction from Layla Kayleigh. In the Dance Movie Challenge, they will be assigned a scene from an iconic dance movie, which they must update into a new routine. Read more »
This week‘s episode of America‘s Best Dance Crew 2 ignited some passionate unrest amongst viewers. SoReal Cru once again remained safe, while two of the judges‘ darlings, Super Cr3w and Fanny Pak, had to compete against each other for the remaining spot in the top two. Many couldn‘t believe that Fanny Pak got the boot after their incredibly creative Flashdance routine, but I ultimately in the end, it came down to something that has been kind of a central question of America‘s Best Dance Crew 2 all season, and in naming my Bests this week, I‘m going to admit I‘m not quite sure what the answer is.  Read more »
Despite getting booted out on the seventh episode of America‘s Best Dance Crew, the Boogie Bots‘ Bryan East, 21, has nothing but kind words on the MTV show.  And why not?  Despite being the youngest group in the competition, they have lasted well into the final stages of the competition and even got to jam with guest rapper Missy Elliot on their final night. "It really was probably the biggest learning experience of my life," the half-Filipino says.  "We grew a lot as a group together; individually we matured a lot more and learned a lot about Hollywood ... everything that goes along with the entertainment industry, the good and the bad.  We definitely had to deal with it." Read more »
The second season of America‘s Best Dance Crew has been hard to watch, not because the dancing is bad, but because it‘s so good that I hate to see some of the most amazing crews eliminated. That happened again last week when Fanny Pak, the endlessly creative ‘80s-inspired team, was eliminated. Fanny Pak‘s imaginative storytelling combined great choreography with hilarious set-ups, but that came to an end when an epic battle with Super Cr3w didn‘t go their way.BuddyTV spoke to Fanny Pak about their time on the show. The crew was laughing and talking over each other quite a bit, once again reminding me that the crews on this show are just about having fun and doing what they love. Fanny Pak also spoke about their favorite routines, their inclusion of the judges in some dances, and plans for the big West Coast group dance at the finale. Continue reading for highlights of the interview or to listen to Fanny Pak. Read more »
This week on America‘s Best Dance Crew 2, the remaining two crews have their last chance to dance for the votes of the public. Super Cr3w is the darling of the judges, but has landed in the bottom when it comes to the vote of the public in previous weeks. That said, it seems possible that fans of Fanny Pak might now switch their vote to that crew‘s buddies Super Cr3w. SoReal Cru has never been in the bottom, but their routines haven‘t always been as explosive or creative as some of the other crews. Will SoReal Cru be able to bring up their difficulty level and win over more respect from the judges, and maybe those fans who are looking for more wow factor from the crews? Will Super Cr3w be able to stay tight as a team yet still show the heart that can win over the viewers? We won‘t know the results of America‘s Best Dance Crew 2 until next week, but this week we do at least have an advance look at what the challenges will be.  Read more »
America’s Best Dance Crew has reached the final two. Either Super Cr3w or SoReal Cru will win season 2. I mean no disrespect to SoReal, but Super Cr3w better win this. After the eliminations of Supreme Soul, A.S.I.I.D. and Fanny Pak, the jaw-dropping tricks and routines of the b-boys from Vegas are the single best thing left.Tonight it’s all about one last chance to win over the viewers on America’s Best Dance Crew. The show starts off with an introduction of the two starting line-ups. Voting, which began after last week’s episode, remains open throughout this week as well. Both crews perform three times. Read more »
This week on America‘s Best Dance Crew 2, SoReal Cru and Super Cr3w had three chances to perform to win the hearts of the voting public. The crews worked through three challenges, one incorporated global dance, one that let them design their own dance craze to an original song, and one that would be their last chance to show the audience why they should be America‘s Best Dance Crew. I was originally considering making this Best and Worst column even-handed and equal, picking one Best and one Worst from each crew. But you know what? One routine was so far out ahead of anything else I saw that night, I just can‘t do it. I have to pick just one.  Read more »
As the second season of America‘s Best Dance Crew draws to a close, the people behind America‘s Best Dance Crew Live have decided to bank on a growing popularity and add more cities to the current itinerary.  The 2008 North American tour now includes 25 cities this fall.  The latest additions are Las Vegas, San Diego, Phoenix, Grand Prairie, and Houston. The tour will kick off in Miami on September 18 and will run for five weeks across the country all the way to October 23 when it ends in Houston, Texas.  It will feature five of the most popular dance crews from the show‘s first two seasons as they battle it out a la the normal America‘s Best Dance Crew each night, live.  Most notable, of course, of the line-up is season 1 winner JabbaWockeeZ and b-boys on wheels BreakSk8.  Three spots are still up for grabs. Read more »
Tomorrow night, we will see who will win the title on America‘s Best Dance Crew 2.  SoReal Cru is coming into the finale never having landed in the bottom.  Super Cr3w, on the other hand, has fought their way back from the bottom a few times, all the while the judges expressing their disbelief that the American public put them there.We‘ll learn the results tomorrow, and we will also have the chance to take a look back at the crews that fought for the title, but saw their banner fall.  I‘m taking a look back now at the performances throughout this season and making my picks for the top ten overall performances on America‘s Best Dance Crew 2.  Will they be yours? Read more »
It‘s finally here, the season 2 finale of America‘s Best Dance Crew! This rushed second season has been extraordinary, thanks to creative and brilliant performances by groups like Fanny Pak, A.S.I.I.D., Supreme Soul and Super Cr3w. Tonight one of two things will happen: either Super Cr3w will win or injustice will prevail. I have nothing against SoReal Cru, but the fact remains that they are just a really good dance crew while Super Cr3w is something special, a group that makes me stand up and take notice.For this very special America‘s Best Dance Crew finale, I‘ll be providing live commentary as the vanquished crews return one last time to wow us and Randy Jackson shows up in his contractually obligated finale appearance. Read more »
This week, we saw the finale of America‘s Best Dance Crew 2, and the b-boys from Las Vegas, Super Cr3w, took home the title, defeating SoReal Cru‘s Southern style. But we didn‘t all tune in just to watch the winners being announced. It was also a chance to see the fallen crews once again, and see how they would perform teamed up with the other crews from their region in the country. Did any of the routine uncover some geographic hot spots for developing a hit America‘s Best Dance Crew performance?  Read more »
America‘s Best Dance Crew reached a fitting conclusion last week as Super Cr3w took the title. The judges said Super Cr3w was the favorite for most of the season, and in the end, America agreed. Now on tap for the winners will be an MTV special this weekend in which they‘ll dance with season 1 winners JabbaWockeeZ. They‘re also prepping for the America‘s Best Dance Crew live tour while still under the daze of winning.BuddyTV spoke to the guys from Super Cr3w about their win, their dangerous routines, their favorite competitors, their plans for the tour and how they really feel about JabbaWockeeZ. Continue reading to listen to Super Cr3w or to read the highlights of the interview. Read more »
I don‘t know much about dance, but based on my knowledge of reality shows, I can only assume that the dance world is very small. This might be surprising given the shear volume of dance shows on TV. 2008 has already seen at least a half dozen different reality competition shows exclusively about dancing, but the overlap and interconnectedness of talent in terms of judges, hosts and contestants is rather astounding.This realization finally crystallized in my mind when I noticed that the new cast of Dancing with the Stars features three sets of related professional dancers. Alec Mazo and Edyta Sliwinska are husband and wife, Derek and Julianne Hough are siblings and new professional Corky Ballas is Mark Ballas‘ father. This alone should prove that the world of professional dancing is an incestuous endeavor, but there‘s so much more. Read more »
With barely a week after America‘s Best Dance Crew wrapped up its sophomore season and crowned Super Cr3w as its latest winner, MTV released the details for those crews who would like to follow in their footsteps.  A lot have been happy with the decision and commented that so far, America‘s Best Dance Crew is two for two, with huge fan favorite JabbaWockeeZ winning the first season.The dancing competition courtesy of American Idol judge Randy Jackson is definitely coming back for a third season, as it announced the cities it would visit for its open casting calls.  They also put up some information on its website, such as how exceptionally good groups can actually be assured of getting a chance to perform in front the judges if they impress them via a 1-minute video showing off the performance of their hottest routine. Read more »
Season 2 of America‘s Best Dance Crew may be over, but today Mario Lopez and the rest of the gang returned for one last show. Five crews from the first two seasons competed to win your votes to appear on the MTV Video Music Awards September 7. In addition, the two winning crews came back one last time to perform together and give us all a preview of the excitement coming on the America‘s Best Dance Crew live tour.The show started off with a thrilling performance by JabbaWockeeZ and Super Cr3w as they danced to a remix of Queen‘s “We Are the Champions.” The song was rather lame, but the dancing was tight. JabbaWockeeZ delivered their trademark somewhat creepy style (complete with masks), smoothly proving why they won. Then Super Cr3w did their spectacular b-boy tricks. The routine culminated with a JabbaWockee spinning on his head while Do-Knock from Super Cr3w flipped over him, highlighting their beautiful ability to mix their styles. Read more »
Now that the dust has settled, B-boys Super Cr3w joins the ranks of Jabbawockeez as winners of America‘s Best Dance Crew.  Beating out aggressive-pop and Houston-based SoReal Cru, the Las Vegas-based group got the majority of the reported 39 million votes that proved America‘s Best Dance Crew can compete with the barrage of dance shows that seem to bombard TV sets today.  They get $100,000 and, of course, the title and bragging rights of being America‘s Best Dance Crew.  The win also earned for Super Cr3w a spot on the accompanying tour that will take off September 18 in Miami.“Our initial reaction was utter and total excitement,” Mike of Super Cr3w told HipHopDX.  “Almost like tears of joys.  Words can‘t even explain what if felt like because we‘ve been working so hard and we felt like we just deserved it.” Read more »
As America‘s Best Dance Crew prepares to kick off its nationwide tour, the show creators (not to be confused with the producer, American Idol judge Randy Jackson) Howard and Karen Schwartz tells aspiring dance crews that options are practically limitless if you want to try your hand in this field."What people don‘t understand is that everything that has entertainment has a little dance behind it," Howard said.  "You got movies, commercials, TV, videos, video games – all these things have dance." Read more »