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Ah, yes, it‘s finally here, fans. The day you‘ve all been waiting for. Simon will be making fun of hopeless, yet optimistic contestants. Randy will repeatedly say "dog". Paula will be offended at the cruelty of Simon‘s comments. Ryan Seacrest and his ever-present smarminess will envelop the homes of millions of Americans. A few great singers will come out of the woodwork and bring great joy to viewers. It‘s American Idol, folks. At this point, we all know exactly what we‘re getting. The formula is in place and, unlike other reality shows, there are no twists of consequence. We will get to know a group of talented hopefuls, watch them as they progress through various states of judging and voting. We will all have our different favorites, those we inexplicably root against, and those who we can‘t believe are still in the competition.  Read more »
American Idol begins in Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes, my father‘s birth, Prince, the Golden Gophers, and, perhaps most important, a very silly accent. The premiere episode begins with a quick recap of Taylor Hicks winning last year‘s American Idol, followed by Ryan Seacrest giving American Idol props for its status as a massive cultural phenomenon.Yeah, we get it, American Idol, you‘re kind of a big deal. No matter how often they ram this fact into my brain, it still astonishes me when they show all the stadiums full of people trying out. Is this a commentary on how delusional Americans are, most of these contestants truly believing that they, in fact, could be the next American Idol? Or is it statement of hope, an optimistic look at the state of the American psyche? Regardless, this audition show, like all the others, is full of weirdos.  Read more »
Oftentimes, the American Idol auditions can be more entertaining than the actual Hollywood Idol competition. Watching the hordes of people line up outside, the sheer magnitude of it all can be mind-boggling. The best part of the audition process is the unpredictability of it all; the American Idol producers have no idea how good or bad a certain hopeful may end up being. Sometimes you get Kelly Clarkson, sometimes you end up with WIlliam Hung. With this in mind, the American Idol premiere in Minneapolis, Minnesota last night was something to behold. Typically, you take the good with the bad in the auditions and end up with a relatively equal mixture. There are highlights and lowlights. Unfortunately, last night‘s Idol contained far more lowlights that highlights.Here‘s a brief look at what went down in Minnesota: Read more »
The American Idol: Seattle Auditions will live in infamy. It seems to be the consensus worst audition location in American Idol history. Being a Seattle native and current resident, I am unsure of how to feel about this. There is talent here. Tons of important and popular bands and artists have come from this great city. We all know this. Why didn‘t these people show up to audition, then?Self-importance. Any moderately talented Seattle musician likely believes that they are too good for American Idol. Depending on your outlook on like, this may be true. I certainly don‘t hold it against anybody that didn‘t audition. Another bothersome aspect of the episode was the general ugliness of the participants. We‘re not LA or Miami, but we have our share of lookers. You‘re just going to have to trust me on this. Anyway, let‘s take a look at the notable auditions from last night. Read more »
For a full recap of this episode, click here.Tonight‘s American Idol, featuring the auditions in Seattle, may have been the worst episode of American Idol ever. And, by that, I mean that it also may have been the best. I live in Seattle, was born and raised there, and it brings me great sadness to see such a horrendous assortment of degenerates and misfits grace the audition stage. Really, truly, this was the worst batch of contestants in the show‘s six-year history. We‘re going to have a quick rundown of tonight‘s show, complete with highlights (of which there were few) and a look at the general ineptitude of Seattle‘s Idol hopefuls. The weather was rainy the first day Idol was in town, and I have to presume that this kept the good looking people indoors and aways from the auditions. If you were unfamiliar with Seattle prior to the episode tonight, you‘d probably think that we‘ve suffered from an obesity influenza and that gargoyles had infested the breeding pool. Here‘s a look at some of the notable moments of tonight‘s American Idol.  Read more »
Due to American Idol, Seattle now has the stereotype of being a city that cannot sing. Whether this really is true or not, last night‘s Idol episode only benefited from that assumption.The judges seemed very frustrated by those they were being presented with. For a while, it appeared as if nothing would please them. Unlike Minneapolis, the contestants in Seattle lacked extreme, definitive quirkiness, but they sang with identical determination and stubbornness. One man, a hair-stylist by trade, bragged about looking like Idol icon, Taylor Hicks; sang nothing like Hicks; and nearly had security set on him when he attempted to give Simon a new hair style! For the viewers‘ entertainment, like in Minneapolis, a performer showed up dressed as an American flag. The season prior, he came dressed in his police uniform, but he bombed both auditions. Read more »
Ah, Memphis. Memphis, Tennessee. Home of the blues and Elvis Presley. One would think that Memphis would be a bastion of talent for American Idol, full of great, undiscovered singers who just need that one break that would allow them to set the world on fire. But, unfortunately, this is an American Idol audition episode, and we all know what that means. A few nuggets of gold surrounded by a whole sea of crap. Not to sound terse, but these audition episodes are really starting to test my faith in the competence of the people of our country. Are these the people who (some already adults) are going to be growing up and making important decisions? Are these people pro-creating? I know (well, I hope) that lots of these hopeless contestants are acting, simply pulling a joke, wanting to be on TV. But, the problem is, they all feel genuine. And, don‘t kid yourselves, this is a problem. Read more »
I think almost all hardcore fans would agree that Kelly Clarkson is the only true American Idol. Not only because she was the first Idol chosen, but because she‘s had the best career, has the most talent, and just seems the most American.Before you get all riled up in what I mean, let me explain. She‘s from Texas. And as we all know - you don‘t mess with Texas. I don‘t know much about the state, and what I do know is from "The Yellow Rose of Texas". But I do know that Texas = America, plain and simple. Are any of the other idols from there? No, case closed. Read more »
You might semi-recognize this title as American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino‘s recent biopic on the Lifetime channel, only the actual title was, "Life Is Not a Fairy Tale." But I think for Fantasia, at least in her most recent years, her life has definitely been some sort of Cinderella story. Fantasia (or as I like to call her, Fanny-Tastic) was raised in North Carolina with her parents, and began singing gospel in the church with her family at an early age. They made a few CDs, did a few tours, and BAM -she had been bitten by the bug. (Of course, the fact that her cousins are musicians K-Ci and JoJo, probably didn‘t hurt either.) Read more »
Rubeeeeeeeeeeen Studdard!! When I hear this name, I will always associate it with Ryan ‘Seacrest Out‘ Seacrest, chanting it in this fashion. And I doubt that if you saw the title of this article, you read it any other way. It‘s Ruben‘s calling, his mantra. If I were to ever go to a show of his, I would most definitely shout out, "Rubeeeeeeeeeeeen Studdard!!" - before getting knocked in the ribs by the person standing next to me, that is.  Read more »
At least 20,000 people (probably more) showed up to audition for American Idol in New York and there were many a freak among them. There were some winners out there, but, like most auditions, the losers were far more abundant. The funniest aspect of this episode, however, had nothing to do with those auditioning. It came to light that the judges, after the first day of auditions, went out drinking till 3AM.This is no big deal. In fact, I would expect no less. But, Simon Cowell missed the first half of the second day tryouts because of his hangover. I can‘t imagine how hungover he would have to be to miss the auditions. There had to be people from FOX at his hotel room with a car waiting for him. Was he really that sick? Did the FOX brass decide that they‘d rather sacrifice a half day without their star judge than have him show up half-drunk? Was he simply not presentable? Here‘s a recap of all the featured auditions from last night‘s American Idol: Read more »
Here‘s the thing: the editing of American Idol can be baffling. We don‘t know what time of day each person is auditioning, we don‘t know the context (Did they sing after someone terrible? Somone great?), and we don‘t get to see their entire audition. One thing that is telling is the punchiness of Paula. Now, I‘m not going to say "drunkeness", because I don‘t want to jump to conclusions. However, she does begin slurring her words at some point during the day and it can be jarring when one sudition she‘s slurring and the next she‘s articulate. Anyway, here is my quick rundown of all the notable contestants from tonight‘s show before the full recap tomorrow: Read more »
After the Seattle American Idol auditions, things had to get better in Memphis, right? Right? Well, for all the talk of how bad the city of Seattle sung in their auditions, I‘m going to have to say that Memphis was worse. I know I wasn‘t in the editing room and that this episode was only an hour, but besides a few winners (and there were two REALLY good auditions in Memphis) it still felt like the contestants were uniformly bad. Seattle may have had more "characters", but Memphis had just as many poor singers. I‘ll have a more comprehensive recap of the night‘s events tomorrow morning, but, for now, here are some quick bullet-type thoughts about the episode: Read more »
Kevin Covais made it to the final twelve on last year‘s American Idol, ultimately bowing out in 11th place. A sixteen year old at the time of the competition, Covais is one of the youngest finalists to ever grace the screen on American Idol. Currently finishing up his senior of high school in the state of New York, Kevin sat down with us at BuddyTV in anticipation of the show‘s sixth season. Kevin, still young, looks to have a nice career ahead of him in the music industry. We talked about how he got started in music, who his inspirations were, his experience with American Idol and how the show changed his life.How did you get started initially with singing? How old were you, how did that all come about? Read more »
Taylor Hicks is one of several American Idol contestants from the good ol‘ south. He was born in Alabama to parents who would later divorce. He discovered through the harmonica that he had perfect pitch, an amazing asset to have if you‘re a musician. He kept up with music throughout college by joining a band, but left it and Auburn University after three years. He went on to record a demo, but never received a recording contract. So in 2005, when his half-brother suggested he audition for American Idol, Taylor thought it sounded like a pretty good idea. He auditioned and, as all of America knows, was voted in by only two judges - Simon said he would never make it to the final round. (And if you‘ve been watching any of this season‘s episodes, you know that‘s the number one comeback to Simon, after a negative comment. Very fun for him, I‘m sure.) Read more »
I said it last night and I‘ll say it again: the Birmingham auditions were the most disappointing American Idol episode of the season. And it‘s not very close, either. The vibe I got from the episode was bizarre. Everyone was lucid and I felt like we were all stuck in some insane small-town horror film where everyone is so nice that it‘s creepy. All in all, just the weirdest episode of American Idol I‘ve ever seen. Here‘s why:1) Every single contestant who was given a verbal smackdown by Simon or Randy took it well, most of them even thanking the judges. Thanking them for what? If someone just told you you sucked at life, what on earth could you possibly thank them for?2) The judges sent through to Hollywood a couple of contestants who really weren‘t very good, especially a girl who probably only made it because of a sob story she told.3) Paula mysteriously disappeared after the first day of auditions. Seacrest said she had some "family obligations". Hmm, since when does "family obligations" mean "rehab"? Read more »
The American Idol audition tour made its way to Birmingham, Alabama tonight and the results were underwhelming. The one hour episode had the least amount of tryouts of any show this season. Apparently, the Idol producers didn‘t get the requisite entertainment value from auditions that they usually do. This was exemplified by the fact that even the worst singers, who got verbally abused by Simon and Randy, were polite and thanked them. No blow-ups. Good for the judges, bad for FOX.Birmingham had over 11,000 people turn out for the American Idol auditions, which may seem high for a city‘s that isn‘t that big, but we need to remember that three major American Idols have come from Alabama: Taylor Hicks, Bo Bice, and Ruben Studdard. The pedigree is there, but tonight‘s episode did not show it. There were a couple of notables, but mostly it ranged from mediocre to horrendous.My quick thoughts on the episode can be found below.  Read more »
For anyone who watched last night‘s American Idol, I‘ve got a question for you. So, the show kicks off and we see the requisite 10-15,000 prospective American Idols all gathered up. We get that "cool" panning shot that circles around the stadium, letting us know that, yeah, a lot of people turned out to audition. Last night, they gathered the crowd at the Rose Bowl. When Seacrest said this and I saw it with my own eyes, I thought, "Wait, where are the auditions with the judges going to be held?" Then, they announce Downtown Los Angeles (the worst major Downtown in the country, by the way) as the actual location for the tryouts. This is baffling.For those familiar with LA, you know that the Rose Bowl is in Pasadena, which can sometimes be as much as a 45-minute drive from Los Angeles. Did they bus people in from there to Downtown? Was American Idol just using stock footage because they wanted the Rose Bowl involved? Did they hold the initial tryouts and the judges auditions on different days? I‘m guessing that some minor research would easily yield answers to these queries, but I‘ve got better things to do. Like mock bad singers. A complete look at every featured contestant from last night‘s American Idol is below: Read more »
After snagging an Golden Globe, a SAG Nomination, and finaly an Oscar nomination for her role in Dream Girls, American Idol‘s Jennifer Hudson is arguably one of the most successful losers to come from American Idol. But according to the new issue of Essence, leaked at National Ledger, Hudson claims American Idol producers were abusive to contestants. For more, read on... Read more »
Chris Daughtry, former American Idol season 5 finalist, has sold over one million copies of his rock band Daughtry‘s self-titled debut album. The album was released on November 21, 2006 and has recently climbed to No. 1 on the Billboard charts, becoming the fastest selling debut rock album in Soundscan history. Read more »
According to RealityTV magazine American Idol producers may have already made their first cut in the person of Sean Michel, the Fidel Castro look alike that floored the judges in Memphis with his powerful performance of Johnny Cash‘s ‘God‘s Gonna Cut You Down‘.   Read on to find out what it was American Idol‘s powers-that-be allegedly had issues with. Read more »
American Idol went home to Los Angeles tonight, searching for its next great singer among the best and the worst of what Southern California had to offer. This episode had its fair share of interesting components, not the least of which being the very first person to audition for Paula, Randy and Simon. This man, whose real name is Martik but goes by "Eccentric", had the most bizarre package of crazy that I‘ve seen this year. I try not to throw the word "crazy" around much while describing the American Idol auditions (although I inevitably do), so believe me when I say the Martik was a freaking nut job. This is all presupposing that Martik wasn‘t faking it. He may just be an incredible actor. I hope that‘s all it was and that the real Martik was drinking beer and laughing his ass off with his buddies during tonight‘s show. I‘ll explain his "act" in more detail during tomorrow‘s full recap but, in brief, let‘s just say that he declared himself a Panther Impersonator/athlete/model/dancer/singer/author/choreographer. And that is almost an exact quote. Below are some brief highlights from American Idol‘s Los Angeles auditions: Read more »
American Idol has finished up their 2007 city auditions.  For a significant portion of viewers, the audition episodes are the highlight of the season.  The reasons are simple; it‘s the only time we get to laugh at bad singers and it‘s always fun when someone we don‘t expect to be good knocks it out of the park.  The auditions, on FOX‘s part, are shamelessly staged, the preliminary tryouts only allowing in the very best of the contestants, the very worst, and the ones with great stories.  I always worry that FOX would much rather show us someone really bad rather than really good, which, if you‘re worried about ratings, would be a wise move.But American Idol doesn‘t need to worry about ratings!  They‘ve done it.  They‘ve conquered the world.  How about showing more of the quality auditions rather than those of the wince-inducing variety?  Last night, San Antonio was the site for the auditions and, judging by the way the hour played out, there weren‘t many notable auditions.  The show easily had the least amount of auditions stretched out over an episode of any episode all year, with a couple of the auditions dragging on far too long.  Tonight comes the “best of the rest” audition episode, which is a compilation of all the best unseen footage from all the audition cities.On to the recap: Read more »
American Idol finishes up its country-wide search for America‘s next pop star with a stop in San Antonio, Texas.  Although this is the final city American Idol will be visiting this year, it won‘t be the final audition episode.  Tomorrow night FOX will air a "best of the rest" audition episode, composed entirely from footage we haven‘t seen.  Below are my quick thoughts on tonight‘s San Antonio auditions.  I‘ll be back tomorrow with a full recap of the episode. Simon arrives jet-lagged because he had just flown from London to San Antonio, which is a pretty long flight.  The first person to audition, a big ol‘ Texas dude who liked to yell and wore fatigue pants, was welcomed by slurred words from Paula.  Seriously, I wish I knew what Paula was taking.   Read more »
The dust has barely settled on American Idol‘s Texas auditions and already two of the golden tickets may have been yanked. According to Pegasus News the first to fall was Akron Watson.  Akron showed up with his cousin to audition for American Idol,  after his cousin‘s pitiful audition, Akron poured it on, having to burst into a second song to seal his place on American Idol.  Within hours of getting his golden ticket, however, Akron‘s chance for Hollywood was retracted.  Since then a second golden ticket may have been revoked in the personage of Ashlyn Carr.  Read on for all the sordid details about what may, or may not, have cost these two Texans their chance at fame and fortune on American Idol. Read more »
Here‘s what tonight‘s episode of American Idol was, if you were unclear:  we‘ve got all the best unseen footage from all the audition cities, which is a nice way for FOX to wrap up this portion of the season.  It allows their editors to cut out auditions during each episode, knowing that they can put it back in the "best of the rest" episode.  Anyway, these are my quick, off-the-cuff thoughts from tonight‘s "best of the rest" episodes. The worst dressed girl in the history of mankind comes in and sings a ridiculous version of some unknown song.    Then she cries on her way out.  Tami from Memphis came in, looking normal (except for the lip ring and the fact that she works as a petty cab driver).  And, wow, she has a surprisingly great voice.  Kind of a Janis Joplin-lite, with a bluesy twang.  She goes through to Hollywood.  Read more »
We are officially done with auditions.  It‘s been exhausting, hasn‘t it?  This being my first year covering American Idol, the intensity and loyalty it takes to weather the month-long audition marathon has left me beaten and battered.  Yet, I loved every second of it.  We give Simon and Randy a lot of crap for laughing during auditions and generally being mean to the contestants, but I‘m actually surprised at the restraint they show.  If I‘m fed up with the delusional contestants after watching eight episodes from my couch, I can‘t imagine how tired the judges are after the hundreds of auditions they have to endure.  Isn‘t it incredible that the judges can make it through the seven city stretch without being heavily medicated? (Oh, wait.  Don‘t answer that.)Last night‘s episode highlighted unseen footage the best of the best and worst of the worst from all the cities that FOX didn‘t have time to show during the previous seven episodes.  Overall, it felt similar to any of the other audition episodes, except that the best weren‘t as good as the best from the other episodes.  The worst were still painfully horrendous, which was expected.  Here is a look at all of the featured performers from last night.  Read more »
 Ace Young became part of American Idol season 5 with his witty talent and strong stage presence which positively gained him national recognition. Named one of People Magazine’s “Hottest Bachelors” of 2006, this American singer-songwriter and actor proves that he has what it takes to make it far in this industry. Read more »
Despite having a gloomy past, Kellie Pickler rose to stardom and fame as she became part of the fifth season of the reality show American Idol. And although she is faced with mounds of offers and projects, she remains grounded and modest, evident in her generosity towards charitable organizations. Moreover, her quirky personality, not to mention her pretty face, makes her an immediate crowd’s favorite.  Read more »
American Idol‘s season 5 contestant Bucky Covington says he is grateful for judge Simon Cowell’s piercing criticisms despite other contestants‘ fear and detestation of the brutally frank judge. Covington, who ranked 8th place on the popular reality show, acknowledges his personal gains for the biting criticisms. "Because of him being mean, millions of people watch that show…So I say ‘thank you‘ for being mean. You turned on a lot of people to this show, and because of that a lot of great things happened to me." says Covington. Read more »
Carrie Underwood, American Idol season 4 winner, took home three Grammys on Sunday at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards. One for Best New Artist,  one for Best Female Country Vocal Performance, and one for Best Country Song, turning out to be the most recent of the American Idol winners to conquer the music industry’s most cherished prize.Unlike American Idol’s first winner Kelly Clarkson, Underwood did not fail to acknowledge the popular show that brought her to stardom. Upon Underwood’s acceptance of the trophy, she expressed her gratitude towards God, Idol creator Simon Fuller and others, saying "I owe everything to American Idol."  Read more »
Former American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler once again faces an ordeal concerning her father. Pickler’s dad, Clyde Raymond Pickler Jr., was charged with misdemeanor assault by the N.C. Police. The official report from the Stanly County, N.C. Sheriff’s Office says that Clyde Pickler was arrested on February 7 in Albemarle, North Carolina, for supposedly attacking a female companion with a steak knife.  Following the assault, he was charged with misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon, misdemeanor assault on a female and a misdemeanor charge of communicating threats. A trial date was set for Feb. 28.  Read more »
I‘ll admit it,  Patrick Hall was one of my favorite contestants from American Idol season five, mostly because he was a fellow ‘working musician‘, which for me, made him the most ‘real‘ of the contestants.  Week after week Hall struggled with the falseness factor of American Idol, which might have been irritating to American Idol‘s judges, but was awesome for Patrick fan‘s like me.    Randy would often reference Patrick‘s club work a touch of condescending, as if the struggles and rigors of the ‘real-world‘ music industry couldn‘t prepare an artist for the ‘big‘ time of studios full of pitch correction and thousand dollar air-brush artists touching up your face shots.  Sure, Hall could have played that game, strutting and putting on the false attitude that ‘endeared‘ us to folks like Kellie Pickler and Taylor Hicks, but he kept it real instead.  A few months back, I was pleasantly surprised to find Patrick Hall had released a new single and video on MySpace which seemed to poke fun at the very same factors that Hall resisted during his stint on American Idol. Read more »
American Idol finally gets to Hollywood.  172 contestants have made it to the Southern California, 114 of them female.  This means the chopping block will coming down hard on the ladies tonight. What follows are my initial thoughts while watching the episode. All 172 contestants have gathered to eat breakfast.  Invigorating. Only the ladies will be singing on the first day.  Each girl will sing for about 30 seconds, and that is all they will get.  No judges feedback.  Girls are put in groups of six.  Only then do they hear the results.  The first six girls come up on stage to hear the results from their "line."  Simon tells them that they‘ll all be going home.  First six girls, all eliminated.  This is partly because there are way more girls than guys, but probably also to light a fire under everyone else. Jory Steinberg, a girl the judges loved from New York, was a part of those first six girls who got eliminated.  I think she got screwed. Read more »
American Idol‘s audition episodes lasted about a month, bringing fans exactly what they expected: a slew of awful, embarrassing, delusional auditions that we all laughed at, and then the good auditions, the undiscovered talent.  I feel like I‘ve spent far too much upon the awful, forgoing the auditions that will matter in the long run. So, today‘s top ten list will take a look back at the eight audition episodes and pick the best of the best (with YouTube videos!).  The title may be a little misleading; I‘m only focused on this year‘s auditions.  The list is biased, because, well, it‘s mine.  I took into account a couple of things, but mostly it was the combination of the quality of the singing with the originality.  Extra points were also given arbitrarily, based on things like looks, song choices and beat boxing ability.  Forgive me if you believe my reasons are trivial. Read more »
American Idol kicked off the Hollywood portion of the contest last night and the results were, well, a little bizarre.  Nothing that happened, per se, was that weird, just the decisions that the American Idol producers made in the editing.  Why would you spend eight different episodes over an entire month on the individual auditions, and then rush through the next three rounds of auditions in one hour?  Don‘t you think that a four day process, that sees the field pared from almost 200 contestants down to 40, deserves more than one episode?  But this is exactly what happened last night.  The hour was a whirlwind, no time allowed for the viewers to catch their breath, a constant stream of reintroductions, brutal eliminations, and joyous celebrations.  The faces were familiar, but not that familiar.  I would much rather have split this episode into two, allowing us to watch more of the group auditions.  Read more »
Seems two of the contestants who were rumored to be cut from American Idol,  Sean Michel and Ashlyn Carr, were alive and well in the competition yesterday as we all saw on the first half of American Idol‘s Hollywood week.  The Houstonian online which broke the story of ‘supposed‘ criminal charges lingering in Carr‘s recent past retracted their story and posted a correction just a few hours ago.  Of course in the ensuing days between, their erred version of the events caused much undue speculation. Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of American Idol is going to trim the field from 40 down to 24.  The final 24 will be comprised of 12 men and 12 women and these will be the contestants who perform in front of a live national audience.  Hopefully, American Idol will take the time to let the viewers get to know some of these finalists, rather than rush through the whole thing like last night.  These are my quick thoughts while watching the episode.Here‘s how tonight‘s show will go down.  Each of the remaining forty are called into a room alone with the judges, who tell them whether or not they‘ve made it to the final 24.  The judges have already made their decision, so there is no leeway when they enter that room. Read more »
Last night‘s episode of American Idol was nothing more that the unveiling of the final 24 contestants.  That‘s it.  There were no performances (only snippets) and only minor commentary from the judges. This whole thing could have been summed up in five minutes, with the judges either simply announcing who made it, or just posting a written list indicating who got cut and who didn‘t, like after high school sports tryouts. That being said, I really enjoyed the episode.  Why not devote an hour to introducing your top 24 finalists?  You‘re American Idol, you can do whatever you want.  It gave us a nice frame of reference on everyone, especially those contestants we‘d never seen before.  There were some curious decisions, however.  A few of the female finalists seem to have gotten extra points for their looks.  I‘m not complaining, but there may have been some more deserving candidates.  Read more »
After much rumors and speculations about Paula Abdul’s “erratic” behavior, the American Idol judge spoke to Us Weekly magazine in the Feb. 16 issue."I‘ve never been drunk. I have never done recreational drugs," says Abdul. "Just look at my 20-year career. Tell me someone who is into partying or doing drugs that could have done that." Read more »
It‘s that time of year again.  Time to pick your early projection for American Idol winner.  True, we are still at the top 24, but seriously... raise your hand if you have ever picked the winner at this stage of the American Idol game (raises hand.)   In fact, I‘ve picked two American Idol winners at the beginning of competition week and one earlier (Taylor Hicks, and Fantasia Barrino.)  So you may want to listen to what I have to say here, or not.  But no matter how you cut the American Idol 24, I‘ve got my eye on Sligh.  Chris Sligh. Read more »
American Idol begins its Hollywood performances tonight, with the top 12 males all hitting the stage in front of a live national audience.  Tomorrow, the top 12 ladies will perform and on Thursday FOX will run a live, one-hour Results Show.  So, take a chance to familiarize yourself with the Idol top 24 hopefuls before the next two episodes.   Read more »
Jennifer Hudson, American Idol season 3 finalist and Golden Globe Winner, is scheduled to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine’s March issue. The March issue of the famous magazine focuses not just on fashion but also it makes a tribute to women’s triumph and influence, calling it the “Power Issue.” The much awaited issue is scheduled to hit the newsstands on Tuesday, February 20. Hudson, the 25-year old Oscar-nominated actress, is the third African-American celebrity to be on the cover of the renowned fashion magazine. And because of this, spectators can’t help but compare the promising young talent to other established celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Halle Berry, who also graced the cover of the magazine since its foundation in 1892. Read more »
Chris Daughtry, fourth place finalist on season 5 of American Idol, is crabby despite his rock star status, best-selling album, and his swarm of fans worldwide. Recently,  Daughtry was asked to play at a lunchtime-set at the Children’s Hospital of New York-Presbyterian but was not in a charitable mood. He canceled the scheduled Q&A session and when a hospital employee requested him to sign some pictures from American Idol for the hospital scrapbook, he uttered out loud, ‘‘How did they get all these cheesy photos?‘‘ Read more »
American Idol kicks off its live Hollywood auditions tonight, featuring performances by each of the top 12 guys.   This is where the men (and women) separate themselves from the boys (and girls).  Hopefully, we‘ll have some good performances tonight, although I do think the crop of girls is a lot better than this group of guys.  Here are my quick thoughts from the episode. Hello, live band. The guys are introduced, each mugging into the camera. Ryan tells Randy that he‘s been taking heat for being meaner this year.  Why hasn‘t Ryan asked Paula about her taking heat for being drugged up?  Oh, wait.  She isn‘t on drugs.  She doesn‘t drink either.  According to her publicist. Read more »
American Idol host Ryan Seacrest is uncomfortable watching episodes of American Idol Rewind, a syndicated version of the popular reality show featuring episodes starting from its first season. It also features the former American Idol host Brian Dunkleman who left the reality series to pursue other endeavors, as well as the three notable judges, Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell.Seacrest says, "I look back at it and I have a laugh and really enjoy the way we looked, the things that we said," Seacrest told the New York Post. "My hair and my clothes are embarrassing at times, I can‘t believe I went out of the house that way." Read more »
Although there has been a lot of speculation circulating about Michael Jackson’s appearance on the infamous reality talent show American Idol to restore his career, sources say he won’t be gracing the show in the near future.According to The New York Post, Jackson sought the help of Simon Fuller, creator of American Idol, to conjure his comeback, resulting to much buzz that the King of Pop would also emerge on this season’s American Idol as a guest performer. Read more »
I think it‘s safe to say that last night‘s American Idol was a disappointment.  The performers knew it, the judges knew it, and if the audience was paying attention, they knew it too.  I‘m hoping that this was all a result of nerves, that the top 12 guys who sang last night are going to improve by leaps and bounds each week.  To be honest, however, I didn‘t see the potential.  One interesting aspect of the Top 12 Guys performances that we saw last night was the venom being spewed both by Simon and towards Simon.  Ryan Seacrest was visibly miffed by Simon‘s “negativity” during the show, which is something that continues to baffle me.  Let the man speak his mind.  Isn‘t it hypocritical to encourage Simon to be brutally honest, which helps ratings, only to have your host berate him for it on live television?  I‘m looking at you, FOX.  I agreed with Simon most of last night: the performances were bad.  Here are my grades for each of the twelve men who sang last night: Read more »
Despite winning two Grammy’s, Carrie Underwood, winner of American Idol season four, is quite apprehensive when it comes to her next album. In November of 2005, Underwood released her first album, Some Hearts, which established her as a multi-platinum selling artist. The American country music singer and guitarist swept all three major music awards, including an American Music Award, eight Billboard Music Awards and two Grammys. The album sold over three hundred copies in the first week and has since been certified quadruple platinum. “Jesus Take the Wheel,” the first single, reached #39 on the Billboard Country Chart in its first week, setting a record, and then continued to top the charts for six consecutive weeks. Her other singles such as “Some Hearts,” “Don’t Forget to Remember Me,” and "Before He Cheats," aslo topped the airwaves. Read more »
Jennifer Hudson, finalist on American Idol season 3 and Golden Globe winner, is incredibly busy nowadays. With countless of interviews, appearances, and upcoming projects, she rarely has a few minutes to spare. She says, "I‘m tired, but I‘m hanging in there.”Hudson, a 25-year old singer actress, has made such an impact on the entertainment scene after her exposure on American Idol. Apart from winning a Golden Globe, SAG and BAFTA awards, she is also an Oscar nominated actress for her remarkable performance n the movie Dreamgirls. Read more »
American Idol’s temporary extension to a three day a week program is bad news for the big networks. The Thursday 8:00pm slot is already hotly contested now that American Idol, the show called everything from the jack-hammer to the 800-Ton-Gorilla, is going to be asserting itself into the contest, all bets are off for the big three. Read more »
The top 12 ladies perform tonight on American Idol.  These are my quick thoughts while watching the episode. All right, c’mon ladies, show me something.  I know you’ll be better than the guys were last night, the question is by how much. We get a recap of each and every male performance from last night.  Again, not the best night for the dudes.  Simon ripped into a lot of the guys pretty hard which, hopefully, will light a fire under them. Tomorrow, two guys and two girls will be leaving us.  On the guy’s side, I’m predicting Sanjaya and Paul Kim will be heading home.  I’ll probably be wrong.  Read more »
Tonight, Fantasia Barrino, winner of American Idol season three, will appear on the first live results show of American Idol’s sixth season. Moreover, the network has announced that she will also bear some “special news” on the show. Barrino, a 22- year old African American singer, earned four Grammy nominations for her first album Free Yourself. She was also named number one artist of the Adult Urban Company for 2005. In addition, she harbored numerous music awards since her win on the third season of the popular reality talent series. After her Idol stint, she landed several projects which includes American Dreams, The Simpsons, and an autobiography, Life Is Not a Fairy Tale: The Fantasia Barrino Story. Read more »
American Idol has launched now launched an online game., an online video company, has signed a multiyear license for American Idol from Fremantle Media for the United States. "The idea behind the game is to really re-create the experience of going before the ‘American Idol‘ jury…Players will create a personal avatar and dress them in costumes and then use the cursors on the keyboard to sing and dance to the music," said Robert Norton, vice president of business development at Read more »
AOL has a sweet poll up right now on their site where you can vote on who your favorite American Idol currently is.Here‘s the link:  American Idol Poll: Who‘s Your favorite American Idol?The poll is cool for a couple of reasons.  First, you don‘t merely vote for one Idol contestant.  You get to rank, 1 through 12, each of the remaining contestants in both the male and female groups.  It‘s also, for me at least, a nice visual picture of where the Idols truly rank.  It can be a little unweildy trying to keep track of so many Idols in your mind.  There are too many, and seeing it all laid out if fron of you, with everyone‘s pictures, is a good way to keep track of where everyone stands.  Check it out if you have the time. Read more »
This season, the ladies of American Idol are better than the guys.  It‘s as simple as that.  What we saw Wednesday night was in an entirely different dimension that what we saw on Tuesday.  The men on Tuesday were timid, amateur-ish, cocky, and disappointing.  The judges (Simon and Randy) were harsh in their criticism of the men, but rightly so.  Last night, however, was an entirely different story.The top 12 ladies of this season‘s American Idol absolutely blew away their male counterparts.  Although not all of the performances were stellar, the best were professional quality, and even the lower echelon of the songs performed displayed the immense potential of their singers.  Only one performance was straight-up bad (we‘ll get to that in a second), and even that wasn‘t a total train wreck.  Like yesterday, I‘ve given out grades for each performance.  Check them out below.  Read more »
Simon Fuller, creator of American Idol, has coupled together with FremantleMedia to generate a special summer program called Idol Camp that would cater to aspiring pop stars between ages 12 to 15, those who are just too young to be on American Idol. Currently, American Idol only accommodates hopefuls who are between the ages of 16-28. With Idol Camp, youngsters are accepted to train in preparation for their goals of becoming a future idol by making the most out of their summers by taking part in this art-filled endeavor. Read more »
The slaughter has begun.  American Idol had its first Results Show last night, which is a nice way of saying the souls of four Idol hopefuls were unmercifully crushed.  As sad as this scenario is, it makes for somewhat riveting television.  Ryan Seacrest began the night by letting us know all the guest singers who will be appearing on American Idol this season.  The list is formidable:  it includes Bon Jovi, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Tony Bennet and Barry Gibb.  Next we were treated to the group song, which was “Sowing the Seeds of Love” by Tears for Fears.  I‘ve never been a fan of the group songs.  It feels like a second-rate musical with the cheese factor turned up to 11.  Last night was no exception. Read more »
Here we are folk, the first American Idol Results Show of the season.  Who will be the four people kicked to the curb tonight?  Based upon the how the judges felt, it would probably be Sanjaya and Paul Kim.  For the girls, it would be Antonella for sure (but America may save her for her looks) and either Alaina or Amy.  Here are my quick thoughts from the episode. Guest singers for this season include Jon Bon Jovi, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Tony Bennet and, most interestingly, Barry Gibb of The Bee Gees.  Impressive line-up, if I may say so myself.  I guess it‘s pretty hard to turn down appearing in front of thirty million people. Ah, it‘s the dreaded group song.  They sing “Sowing the Seeds of Love” by Tears for Fears.  I can admit it: I really like Tears for Fears, especially that song at the beginning of Tears for Fears.  The guys actually sound much better during their brief solos here in the group song.  I‘m sorry, I know lots of you love the group songs, but their corniness is overwhelming. Read more »
Four American Idol contestants were eliminated from the show last night by the votes of America, paring the field down from 24 to 20.  We at BuddyTV were fortunate enough to be allowed to listen in to a live telephone conference with each of the eliminated contestants.  Theose contestants were Paul Kim, Amy Krebs, Nicole Tranquillo, and Rudy Cardenas.  Here is a recap of what transpired:Paul Kim:On Tuesday, a raspy Paul Kim did not have his best performance.  He admits as much.  To what does he owe this failure?  In a press conference this afternoon Paul noted that he couldn‘t blame his performance entirely on bronchitis - he also didn‘t get his top choice of song.  Having submitted his favorites, he was unable to get his top five picks and was thus forced to go with a song that was not as desirable for him.  Despite this set back he‘d love to have an album and an acting career in the future. Read more »
Despite initially shooting down the idea as a rumor, it now appears that Michael Jackson is in serious negations to appear on American Idol. The gloved one met with American Idol creator Simon Fuller in Las Vegas to discuss multiple options for reigniting Jackson’s career, and an appearance on American Idol was definitely amongst them? Says who? Read on to find out. Read more »
Last night, former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Dreamgirls.  In her acceptance speech, a seemingly-surprised Hudson said tearfully, "Oh my God! I have to just take this moment in. I can‘t believe this - I didn‘t think I was going to win. Look at what God can do!"She previously won a Golden Globe for the same role of a singer in a 60‘s R&B group who is pushed aside when someone more glamourous (Beyonce Knowles) comes along. The story is inspired by the real-life Supremes.Jennifer Hudson‘s own story is pretty much what dreams are made of. She had never acted before when she first auditioned for the part of Effie White, but beat out over seven hundred other hopefuls, including American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino. Read more »
American Idol contestant Antonella Barba is an attractive girl.  Those who have been following the supposed “scandal” involving Barba may think this statement is obvious, or inconsequential, but they‘re wrong.  It may be the most important fact when discussing the nature of the “scandal”, what the ramifications will or should be, and what it all means.  You‘ll see what I‘m getting at in a second. First (for those of you who haven‘t had access to the internet tubes for the past week), is a brief rundown of the situation involving American Idol hopeful Antonella Barba:Antonella Barba, a 20-year college student from Jersey, is a top 20 finalist on American Idol.  After last week‘s episodes aired, a topless photo of Antonella hit the internet.  But, it wasn‘t really topless.  It was of Antonella and a group of friends on the beach, all covering their breasts with their hands, presumably while sunbathing.  Scandalous?  Not really. Read more »
American Idol contestant Antonella Barba is now the talk of the town ever since her controversial pictures surfaced on several websites. The initial photos that surfaced were mildly scandalous, showing Barba, 20, and her friends topless at the beach and Barba consuming alcohol while being underage. Even more recently, photos from an anonymous source on various gossip blogs contained much illicit exposure of an alleged Barba engaging in a number of sexual acts and titillating poses, exposing much of her private parts. Ultimately, this prompted much speculation and rumors over her fate in the popular show American Idol. Read more »
And we‘re back for another week of American Idol.  The top ten guys perform tonight, with the top ten girls performing tomorrow.  On Thursday, two more men and two more women will be eliminated.  Let‘s see if the guys can pick it up from last week.  What follows are my quick thoughts while watching the episode.  Ryan Seacrest gives a shout-out to Jennifer Hudson, giving the old “this really validates the quality of the talent”.  I guess you could say that, I‘d more call it an indictment of the American Idol voting system, which saw Hudson get voted out way too early.  She‘s an incredible singer. Phil Stacey is up first.   I don‘t know this song.  It sounds like a Genesis song or something.  He sounds really good, actually.  Maybe not the most difficult song to perform, but he‘s nailing it.  Well done, Phil.  Randy and Paula really love him.  Simon doesn‘t hear anything unique.  Whatevs, Simon. Read more »
Ex Beatle Paul McCartney and besieged former pop idol Michael Jackson are the two biggest names in negotiations to appear on Fox‘s powerhouse American Idol, but a huge list of confirmed celebrities has already started making its rounds.  Some of those appearing will be taking on mentor roles, overseeing the American Idol contestants efforts through a themed week.  For instance, it is rumored that Jon Bon Jovi will be the guiding force through American Idol‘s hard rock week that Chris Daughtry would have loved.  Read on for more big names. Read more »
Well, that was impressive.  The American Idol guys, who sucked so horribly last week, came back with a vengeance on Tuesday, with exponential improvements across the board (except for Sanjaya).  Whereas a week ago it didn‘t look like any of these guys could compete with the ladies, it now seems like a somewhat fair fight.  American Idol is up in the air again.The ladies will perform tonight, and it will be interesting to see the direction they take.  Will they improve, just as the guys did?  Or will they fall back to the pack a little bit.  I‘m guessing that they‘ll improve, but not by as much as the guys did last night.What follows are my completely biased performance grades for wach of the male performances last night.    Read more »
There has always been speculation surrounding the authenticity of American Idol’s Katharine McPhee’s breasts, which has undoubtly brought annoyance to the former Idol runner-up. To prove her point, she let America’s Next Top Model’s Tyra Banks feel her breasts to verify that they are bona fide on yesterday‘s episode of The Tyra Banks Show. Read more »
The top ten ladies of American Idol hit the stage tonight, and with the guys stepping it up last night, the ladies have some pressure on them.  How will the ladies do?  Will Seacrest bring up Antonella Barba‘s internet pictures?  Will Ryan and Simon get into an on-air slap fight?  We shall se.  These are my quick thoughts while watching tonight‘s episode. Randy is wearing a mid-90‘s Hawaiian shirt that‘s more than a little silly. Gina Glocksen is up first and she dedicates her song to her boyfriend.  Awww.  Gina‘s wearing a tight red dress that she she doesn‘t look too comfortable in.  Gina sings what sounds like an 80‘s power ballad.  She‘s got a big voice, like everyone knows, but she doesn‘t do it for me.  Well done, but I don‘t see Gina going too far in the competition.  Judges like it, don‘t love it. Read more »
The top ten girls performed live on American Idol last night, and the results were about as expected.  It wasn‘t as jarringly great as their first week of performances were, but it was impressive nonetheless.  Every girl who gave a poor performance last week improved, and the girls we expect greatness from didn‘t disappoint. As I‘ve been doing the day after each live performance episode, I‘ve given grades to each singer based on what they did last night.  Here they are:Gina Glocksen: BGina‘s big voice will continue to advance her in the competition (I think), but I‘m not the biggest fan in the world.  Gina needs to work on becoming a better overall performer, because right now she‘s relying completely on that voice.  She was pretty good last night, however.  Read more »
After much buzz over the controversial photos of American Idol season 6 semi-finalist Antonella Barba, Nigel Lythgoe, producer of American Idol, has declared that despite the surfacing of her titillating photos, she will not be disqualified from the popular reality show. The producer adds, "It won‘t effect anything, Antonella is about her looks and her talent and that‘s the only thing that will effect her journey on American Idol… her fate is in the voters‘ hands.” Read more »
It may feel like I‘m flogging a deceased equine with a two by four, but there seems to be a little meat left on this Antonella Barba story.  I‘ve already written more words on Barba than should be necessary, but judging by our readers‘ reactions and the media hoopla surrounding Barba, there are still some matters to discuss.Last night‘s American Idol came and went with nary a mention of Antonella‘s internet “scandal”, the show deciding to go the “pretend nothing happened” route.  This is probably the correct decision by FOX, given that a majority of viewers likely know nothing about these illicit pictures.  The matter should sort itself out tonight, when, in all likelihood, Antonella will be eliminated from American Idol.  But, it‘s not a certainty that she‘ll be voted out.  She definitely deserves to get the boot after her performances the last two weeks, but America tends to love the heavily scrutinized and the publicity that Antonella is receiving for her photos may get her enough votes to stay in the competition.  Of course, if American Idol had their way (and they usually do) Antonella would remain on the show and continue to generate publicity.  I guess we‘ll see tonight. Read more »
American Idol had a bad night.  There‘s not much more you can say.  It‘s not American Idol‘s fault; the blame deserves to be placed squarely on the shoulders of the American voters.  Leaving the elimination decisions up to the couch jockeys of America lends itself to the occasional unfair decision, but what happened last night was almost beyond comprehension.  Only one of the four contestants eliminated was deserving.  The other three were the victims of some terribly sick joke.It‘s not that big of a deal; out of the three who were dubiously kicked to the curb last night, none of them were going to win American  Idol.  The angering thing is that there were two clear cut singers who completely deserved to be eliminated, and weren‘t.  First, let‘s look and who was sent home last night. Read more »
Time for our second live results show on American Idol.  The field will be slashed from 20 down to 16, with two more guys and two more girls leaving the competition.  What follows are my quick thoughts while watching the episode.Four more cuts need to be made tonight on American Idol tonight, and here are my pre-show fearless predictions: Sanjaya Malakar and Jared Cotter. will going home on the guy‘s side, with Alaina Alexander and Stephanie Edwards eliminated on girls‘ side.  Of course, it‘s a crapshoot at this point.  Antonella and Alaina deserve to be eliminated, but both are good-looking, so they might be safe. Read more »
Four American Idol contestants were eliminated from the show last night by the votes of America, paring the field down from 20 to 16.  We at BuddyTV were fortunate enough to be allowed to listen in to a live telephone conference with each of the eliminated contestants.  Theose contestants were Nick Pedro, Alaina Alexander, AJ Tabaldo, and Leslie Hunt.  Here is a recap of what transpiredNick Pedro: He thought maybe not enough people voted, maybe they assumed he was safe. Song choice is probably the key thing. He didn‘t think he sounded like a crooner, but he went back to the judge‘s suggestion and did the "Fever" song and got a really good reception. "Hopefully it‘s the beginning of a few other things."  Read more »
Remember Franchelle "Frenchie" Davis? She was booted from the 2003 edition of American Idol for having topless photos taken in her youth, which were not even available on the Internet anymore. So why did she get the boot when Antonella Barba is allowed to stay? Because she‘s black and Barba is white, say Davis‘ supporters, who are planning a protest on Tuesday morning at the American Idol Kodak Theater in Hollywood.   The "Anti-American-Idol" rally was organized by civil rights activist Najee Ali, of Project Islamic Hope, who says the producers are clearly biased. The protest promises to include unnamed "celebrities and community leaders" as well as Tarvenia Jones, a producer on American Idol in season one.  Read more »
Is Antonella Barba really out of harm’s way? Yes! Well, at least for now. After two weeks of eliminations by American call-in voters, the controversial American Idol contestant remains safe despite her much talked about provocative photos and poor singing performance."I thought you were worse then last week," Cowell told Barba. The two had some awkward exchange of words. "Simon was wrong about Jennifer Hudson, so hopefully..." said Barba before Cowell interrupted her. "Let‘s be absolutely clear, okay? We put Jennifer Hudson in American Idol. The American audience voted her out," he reacted. Read more »
After American Idol season 5 finalist Katherine McPhee made public that her breasts are all natural on The Tyra Banks Show, fellow Idol finalist Kellie Pickler remains silent about her rumored breast implants. Last Thursday, Pickler guest starred on live results show, wearing a plunging dress, to promote her debut album called “Small Town Girl.” Ryan Seacrest was stunned at the considerable size of Pickler’s chest compared to what the viewers were used to seeing. "Have you spent your money on anything since you left us?" asked Seacrest. "Shoes... imagine that," Pickler responded obliviously to what the host was asking about. The host asked once again, “Just shoes?” Read more »
A few weeks back, Oscar winner and former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson made shocking allegations of everything from brainwashing to abuse going on behind the scenes at America‘s number one talent show.  Surprisingly, she stood alone in those allegations against five seasons of Idol contestants including the hosts of American Idol rewind who immediately jumped to American Idol‘s defense and dismissed her claims as "looney".  Now, Jennifer Hudson has focused her dissatisfaction with the American Idol experience squarely on Judge Simon Cowell, accusing him of costing her chance to win American Idol,  and Simon has responded. Read more »
The term “Power Rankings” gets thrown around a lot, and we have a preconceived notion of what it signifies: the listing, in order of quality, of teams/people who are in competition with each other.  If you are #1 in a particular power rankings, that means you have the best chance of winning whatever competition you are being ranked for.  However, in a majority of rankings, this is irrelevant. Power Rankings are most often employed in the sports world, but the problem with ranking sports teams is that “best” is not subjective in sports (unless we‘re talking college football).  One team will eventually win the championship.  While one person will win American Idol, the results are based on pure subjectivity.  This is why we can do an American Idol Power Rankings, and they can be at least somewhat relevant.  Read more »
The Top 8 Guys perform tonight on American Idol.  It will be interesting to see who steps up, who falls back and who surprises us.  These are my quick thoughts while watching the episode. Seacrest tells us that one of the most important Idol announcements will be made on Thursday.  I don‘t believe you, Seacrest.  Blake Lewis hits the stage first.  He sings a song I don‘t know.  It‘s actually a pretty cool Reggae song.  Blake is doing a great job on the song.  This is one of the most interesting, creative, enjoyable Idol performances I‘ve ever seen.  Randy and Paula love it.  Simon doesn‘t go too far, but mildly praises him, says that he‘ll for sure be back next week. Read more »
American Idol season 4 winner Carrie Underwood is bound to perform live on the results show of the sixth season of American Idol on Thursday, March 8 at 8PM on Fox. Underwood’s appearance on the popular reality talent show will mark the elimination of 4 more contestants, trimming the competition down to 12 from its current 16 finalists. Underwood, a 23-year old Oklahoma native, was born on March 10, 1983. She started her interest in singing by performing in talent shows and in church during her younger days. She studied at Checotah High School where she became salutatorian and attended Northeastern State University where she acquired a degree in mass communication, specializing in journalism, and graduated magna cum laude. In addition, she previously participated a number of beauty pageants in her university and was even chosen as Miss NSU runner-up in 2004. Read more »
During what was a generally underwhelming performance by the eight remaining male competitors on American Idol, I came to a jarring realization: none of these guys are great.  Really, not one of them has shown the audience anything to suggest that they could be a worthy American Idol champion.  Sure, there is some potential here and there, but it‘s just that: potential.  Without the performances to back it up, untapped potential is worthless.  There were a couple of good performances last night, but most were bland and uninspiring.  I‘m still trying to hold out hope for massive improvement, but, realistically, I know that‘s probably not going to happen.  Here are my grades for each singer last night. Read more »
To pay tribute to the up-and-coming star Jennifer Hudson, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley declared March 6 as “Jennifer Hudson Day.” According to the mayor, Hudson’s journey to fame and stardom serves as an inspiration and positive encouragement for anyone who has a dream. Hudson, a 24-year old native of Chicago, was born on September 12, 1981. She gained attention as one of the finalists on the popular talent reality show American Idol season 3. Even though she did not win on the show, her career flourished after her stint on American Idol. She starred as Effie Melody White in the musical film Dreamgirls where she won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, a BAFTA and a SAG Award. Ultimately, she is considered the third African-American to grace the cover of Vogue magazine. Read more »
After a third round of open performance, the American Idol guys are not fairing well with viewers, or odds makers alike.  That‘s right, it‘s that time of year again, time for the bookies to start giving their odds on favorites for American Idol.  It‘s a tricky business, with a sordid history; sometimes the online betting parlors nail the American Idol race head on,  sometimes they completely miss the mark.  This year, though, just about everybody agrees that the next American Idol isn‘t going to be a guy. Read more »
The top 8 girls make one last attempt to convince audiences to put them in the American Idol top 12.  Here are my quick thoughts while watching tonight‘s episode. Ryan Seacrest is wearing a turtleneck and Simon is showing a gross amount of man cleavage.  Interesting choices, guys.  Jordin Sparks starts the night off with a little Pat Benatar.  I know I‘ve been jones-ing for some Benatar lately.  How about you?  The song feels a little too big for her at the beginning.  It was pretty good, got better at the end.  Randy likes it, but Paula goes crazy over it.  Simon brings us back to earth. Carrie Underwood will be singing on the show tomorrow night.  She‘s good.  I‘m mildly excited. Read more »
When someone asked the notorious American Idol judge, Simon Cowell, who among the contestants and winners has got “big heads,” Cowell straightforwardly cites Jennifer Hudson, American Idol season 3 finalist, and Taylor Hicks, season 5 winner, as examples. During a panel discussion on the Paley Festival, Cowell can’t help but compare the two “ungratefuls” with other American Idol contestants and winners who had his vote of confidence from the beginning of their Idol journey. "[Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson] loved him. I couldn‘t stand him. I didn‘t get it…At the end of the day you have to find a bona fide recording artist. Just because you win the show doesn‘t mean you will sell a lot of records. Chris [Daughtry] is the one who sold the albums, not Taylor Hicks,” said Cowell. Read more »
It’s true! Jennifer Hudson, American Idol season three finalist, is on seduction…that is Imari Seduction, the new scent from Avon Products Inc. The Academy Award-winning actress and singer is now the new endorser of the Imari brand, Avon’s largest and best selling fragrance since its launch 20 years ago. Avon Products, Inc., an American cosmetics, perfume and toy seller, has captured markets worldwide in over 135 countries with sales of $8.1 billion as of 2005. But apart from its corporate pursuits, the company has also been involved in a number of philanthropic causes, primarily centered on women’s empowerment and health issues. With this in mind, the company chose Hudson to be its representative and endorser. Read more »
Despite her string of mishaps, American Idol’s notorious judge Simon Cowell remains unsympathetic towards the troubled Britney Spears. Cowell, British artist and repertoire, American Idol judge, and executive for Sony BMG, is known for his straightforward and brutally honest comments. He told London Mirror, Spears just need to “snap out of the zone,” as does Robbie Williams. Read more »
Oh, you American Idol ladies.  I pity most of you.  It‘s over.  It‘s a two-woman race, and there‘s no way that‘s going to change.  Melinda Doolittle and Lakisha Jones will be fighting it out to the end.  No one else has a chance.  I‘m trying not to be cynical here, but Melinda and Lakisha just have a million times more to offer than even the next best singer (Jordin Sparks).  Some of the girls may end up turning in great performances, but their peak isn‘t close to the heights Melinda and Lakisha have already hit on their worst nights.  What follows are my performance grades for each female last night.  Read more »
Tonight, we‘re all going to learn who gets to hit the big stage next week.  The American Idol Top 12 will be announced by the time tonight‘s show is over.  Who is it going to be?  Is Antonella done?  How about Sanjaya?  What‘s this big announcement we‘ve heard so much about?  Wow, a surprising amount of taste shown by the American Idol producers.  The requisite group song that they kick off the results show with is “Stuck in the Middle With You” by Steelers Wheel.  Millions of Americans just had visions of ears being cut off and, worse, Michael Madsen. Okay, so we have the SUPER IMPORTANT AMERICAN IDOL ANNOUNCEMENT THAT WILL KNOCK THE EARTH OFF ITS AXIS AS A RESULT OF ITS IMPORTANCE coming up later tonight.  I remain skeptical, but we‘ll see. Read more »
Sanjaya Malakar, in a baffling result, has made it into the Top 12 of this season‘s American Idol.  I‘m not an Idol historian; this is my first full year watching the show.  However, I feel confident in saying that Sanjaya will be the worst singer to ever make it into an American Idol top 12.  Before we go on, I want to say that my intentions are not malicious towards Sanjaya.  I actually feel bad for him.  Unless he‘s completely delusional (which, I suppose, is possible), it must be heart-wrenching to perform every week when you know that you are, by far, the worst singer that will hit the stage that night.  And this isn‘t just one person‘s opinion.  I bet if you asked one million musicians and music experts about who was the worst male singer on American Idol these past few episodes, one million of them would say Sanjaya.  Read more »
American Idol’s semi-finalist Antonella Barba has been offered $500,000 by an online adult DVD renter called SugrarDVD. According to, her first gig, if she accepts the offer, would be to host a launch party for the company’s new video-on-demand service. Barba, 20-year old New Jersey native, is studying architecture at the Catholic University in Washington, D.C. Aspiring to be a star, she went to New York to audition, made it through to Hollywood and became a top 24 finalist. She remained a “hot item” in the media ever since her provocative pictures surfaced the Internet. The pictures showed the American Idol finalist and her friends topless at the beach. Read more »
Last night on American Idol, Antonella Barba’s performance of “Put Your Records On” has sparked much negative feedback on her “poor” execution. With this, American Idol notorious judge, Simon Cowell, anticipates the end of Barba’s American Idol journey.Cowell straightforwardly told Barba, "You‘ve gone as far as you can go Antonella. I mean the reality is -- and I think you know this yourself -- which is you are surrounded by some pretty amazing girl singers. And I don‘t know how much more you could do to be honest with you because I don‘t think your voice is going to get any better." Read more »
Well, that was a surprising episode.  Last night‘s American Idol Results Show eliminated four singers from the show, cutting the remaining contestants down from 16 to 12.  These eliminations were nothing short of shocking.  But, we‘ll get to those in a second.  First, let‘s take a look at your 2007 American Idol Top 12. Read more »
The big announcement on American Idol last night had been built up for a few episodes by Ryan Seacrest. I was skeptical as to the impact such an announcement would make, assuming it would be of the "twist" variety or the appearance of a big-name guest singer. However, Idol surprised me with the announcement of American Idol Gives Back, because this actually may turn out to be a big deal.American Idol, being the galactic super power that it is, has the clout needed to make a positive impact in the world if it so chooses. And it looks like this is exactly what it sets out to do. On the upcoming Top 6 performance show, American Idol will set out to raise millions of dollars to help quell poverty in Africa and here in the United States. The details are still somewhat vague, but this is what we learned from Ryan Seacrest last night. Read more »
Last night, the Top 12 finalists were selected on American Idol, which meant that 4 had to say good-bye.  We at BuddyTV were fortunate enough to be allowed to listen in to a live telephone conference with each of the eliminated contestants.  Those contestants were Jared Cotter, Antonella Barba, Sabrina Sloan, and Sundance Head.  The following is a recap of what transpired:  Read more »
Jennifer Hudson, American Idol season three finalist, has acquired another award to include in her collection. Apart from her Academy Award, Golden Globe, Oscar, BAFTA and SAG Award, she is now the recipient of the Sammy Davis Jr. Award for Entertainer of the Year at the 21st Anniversary Soul Train Music Awards.The Soul Train Music Awards is an annul award show that pays tribute to the best in Black music and entertainment. Held in Paramount Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, California, it showcases musical performances by various artists. Read more »
While no one was terribly surprised with Antonella Barba‘s leaving American Idol last week, many were stunned by Jason "Sundance" Head‘s elimination, including the judges. "I was openly shocked with Sundance leaving," says Abdul, who thought he had a chance to win. "It breaks my heart." Read more »
Rosie O’Donnell is once again the talk of the town. After releasing some daring statements on her talk show The View, she gets a dose of her own medicine. American Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe counter attacks Rosie O’Donnell for making noise over the Frenchie Davis-Antonella Barba issue. O’Donnell’s talk about the show being biased, calling American Idol “racist” among other things have thrust the exec to respond in turn. Lythgoe said, "Without wishing to add to the obvious self-promotion of Ms. O‘Donnell, I feel as though I must refute her absurd and ridiculous claims that ‘American Idol‘ is racist and/or weightiest. Ms. O‘Donnell has, once again, spoken without thought or knowledge. Viewers need only look at the show tonight to realize that ‘American Idol‘ constantly confirms to America that talent has nothing to do with weight or color." Read more »
Underneath Simon Cowell’s brutally frank persona is a benevolent soft spot for animals. The notorious judge on the reality talent show American Idol has signed with PETA to form a new public service announcement to make the viewers aware of the dangers of leaving dogs in hot vehicles. "Maybe some people are surprised that I like animals, but there‘s quite a difference between telling someone who‘s a useless singer, ‘You‘re a useless singer‘ and drowning a puppy," said Cowell. "I once had an incident with a guy who auditioned [for American Idol] who actually admitted that he likes killing animals... he didn‘t go through." Read more »
It may go down as the worst season of American Idol ever, but don‘t tell the audience that.  Viewers are still turning to FOX by the mega-millions to watch this years talent afflicted gaggle of contestants warble their way through butchered pop anthems, quite a few of them are also lining up at their friendly neighborhood online bookie to place bets on who will take the American Idol contest.  Sure, there are a couple of really talented singers on this years contest (and I stress ‘couple‘), and that is making the odds-makers job all that much easier.  As a matter of fact, this is the first year where odds making for who will be axed in what order are a prevalent part of the American Idol betting game.  Read on to see the top five, according to the betting community. Read more »
We‘re down to the top 12 singers on American Idol, and I thought it was about time for another edition of the American Idol Power Rankings.  These rankings have gotten a little bit easier since last week, but are still difficult to put together.  What I focused on this week was having an extremely clear criteria for the rankings.  The singers are listed in order of who has the best chance to win. Read more »
American Idol hits the big stage tonight with an epic two-hour episode that will see performances by all 12 remaining singers.  We‘re going to try a newer, sort of live blog format, so everyone can follow along as the broadcast progresses.  With that in mind, feel free to comment below on the action (and forgive any minor typos; they‘re only temporary). “This is American Idol!” excalims Mr. Ryan Seacrest.  Are you all ready out there?  This two-hour marathon will be nothing short of exhausting.  This is the first American Idol episode in the big theater.  And it is BIG.  It‘s got all sorts of sparkly lights and whatnot.  Lots of moving parts. Almost enough to give me a seizure. Wow, three more months.  American Idol goes on forever.  The band is bigger than it was in previous weeks.  This is good, I suppose.  First time the guys and girls will be performing on the same night.  Randy thinks the guys need to step up. Read more »
Well, that was an interesting show.  The theme of last night‘s American Idol performance episode was Diana Ross.  Diana showed up to help all the contestants and, as a requirement, everyone had to sing a Diana Ross song.  Everyone.  I understand that Diana was prolific in her own time, but still, with the judges constantly critiquing song choice, it seems unfair to place such strict boundaries for choosing songs to perform, especially this late in the game and with the stakes so high.  The result was a night of mostly unmemorable songs, with a couple of winners thrown in.  Granted, that‘s not much different from your typical night of performances this season, but I think it took away the opportunity for some singers to surprise us.As we‘ve done throughout the Hollywood rounds, I‘m going to give out my performance grades for all twelve singers from last night.  I was a little disappointed overall, but I attribute that to the Diana Ross experiment.  She‘ll be performing live on tonight‘s results show; it‘ll be interesting to see if she has anything left in the tank.   Read more »
Jennifer Hudson, finalist of American Idol season 3, is once again the subject of buzzing news. According to MSNBC, there is a possibility that the former American Idol contestant might play the role of rhythm & blues legend, Aretha Franklin, in her upcoming production, which features her autobiography.Hudson, a 24-year old native of Chicago, has acquired numerous awards for her role as Effie Melody White in the 2006 musical film entitled Dreamgirls. After her stint on American Idol, she has garnered an Academy Award, an Oscar, a Golden Globe, a BAFTA and a SAG Award. Given her credentials and her controversial status, her name surfaced as one of the options for Franklin.  Read more »
Every day may be a winding road for Sheryl Crow, but none of them lead to American Idol.   The bluesy pop idol had nothing but bad words for American Idol and its contestants in a recent MSNBC interview decrying the contests blatant commercialism and the participants wacky antics.   Does this mean we won‘t be seeing a Sheryl Crow night anytime soon on American Idol?  Read on to see what Sheryl has to say about America‘s number one singing contest. Read more »
You can cut the tension with a knife.  Who will be cut?  Will Sanjaya finally take the walk, or will someone else improbably take the walk?  Maybe one of the two, Haley and Brandon, who committed the idol cardinal sin of forgetting their lyrics,  something the voting populace is usually not very forgivable about. Read more »
Sanjaya Malakar seems like a nice enough guy, but listening to him warble is pure torture.  He surely is not an American Idol.  Yet, week after week the waifish wannabee squeaks by.  They tell us that it is in the votes, but how could that be?  If the studio audience of American Idol is any indication, most of America was in shock after he cleared yet another hurdle last night to stay in the competition for another week.  With so much public opinion poised against him, what is keeping Sanjaya in the American Idol game? Read more »
The frequent disputes and torments on and off camera has led American Idol judge Paula Abdul to express her sentiments regarding her relationship with American Idol’s notorious judge, Simon Cowell."Simon will do things that people have no idea about…When the camera isn‘t on me, (he) isn‘t watching the performance, he‘s poking and prodding me," said Abdul. "He‘s caused me a lot of problems. ... In the middle of me trying to figure out how I‘m going to say something that gives someone dignity walking off that stage, I‘ve got the antagonistic brother goofing on me, trying to throw me off." Read more »
It‘s been some time since American Idol favorite Mario Vazquez left the contest for ‘personal reasons‘, leaving a host of questions in his wake.  When it was later suspected that Vazquez was homosexual and had been forced from the competition, Vazquez and American Idol producers alike were incredulous, yet tight lipped on the mythological ‘personal reasons‘ Vazquez had sited.   Now, a former American Idol employee is coming forward after being in two years of failed negotiations with American Idol over alleged sexual harassment from Vazquez, and the battle looks headed for court.  If a trial exposes pressure on Vazquez to leave over the allegations,  could it also expose more dirty back stage dealings involving the producers? Read more »
Last night on American Idol viewers saw the first elimination in the Top 12 as Brandon Rogers was sent home.  Brandon was in the bottom three with Sanjaya Malakar and Phil Stacey and though many people thought that Sanjaya would be going home, it was Brandon that was ultimately eliminated.  BuddyTV was part of an exclusive press conference with Brandon this morning and the following is a recap of what transpired: Read more »
The controversial American Idol judge, Simon Cowell, is once again the subject of hot news. In an interview with Anderson Cooper on the CBS program, 60 Minutes, he candidly spoke about his proud achievements as far as record selling is concerned. When asked about his monetary contributions for Sony BMG Cowell stated, "In terms of selling records yes. I sell more records than Bruce Springsteen. I mean in the last five years, I‘ve probably sold over 100 million records… If he got $100m, I should have got $500m. I mean $100 million deal... that‘s a great deal. For him it‘s a good deal.” Read more »
Is it because of call centres in India? DialIdol? Or is it all a big con by the show‘s producers to create more buzz? Speculation runs rampant about just exactly how Sanjaya Malakar has managed to stay in the running so far on American Idol, as he‘s clearly lacking in the talent displayed by even the worst of the other contestants. Now it turns out radio shock jock Howard Stern has been encouraging all of his Sirius satellite radio listeners on The Howard Stern show to vote for the worst contenders in this season‘s American Idol, with Sanjaya Malakar first on the list. The self-proclaimed "King of All Media" Stern says Sanjaya is his "favorite contestant," and would like it if he won, precisely because Sanjaya is annoying and has no ability to sing.  Read more »
American Idol judge, Simon Cowell, has tapped a variety of fields in the music and television industry. Now, he dives in another venture as he infiltrates the drama world by generating a scripted drama series for British TV.Cowell, a 47-year old TV personality, is known for his inclusion on the reality talent show American Idol where he has popularly established himself as a notorious and brutally frank judge. He was also a judge on several other shows like The X Factor and Pop Idol. In addition, he worked as a producer in America’s Got Talent and Celebrity Duets. At present, he is also an executive for Sony BMG in the United Kingdom.  Read more »
In assessing Sanjaya’s odds of hanging in for another week on American Idol we decided to consult the experts: the bookies of the internet gambling world. So far, they have not failed to at least entertain us with their American Idol predictions, which is more than Sanjaya can say. If what they say is true this week, Sanjaya fans (all six of them) can look forward to Sanjaya hanging in for at least three more weeks of American Idol competition. Why? Read on to find out.  Read more »
Not a whole lot of movement on the American idol Power Rankings this week, but that is to be expected after the performances we saw last Tuesday.  The Diana Ross experiment was a bust, at least to me, because it seriously hindered the flexibility of the performers.  While there were a few surprising outings, the performances were largely what we expected from the contestants.  Hopefully, we‘ll see some experimentation tonight.Click below to get to the rankings. Read more »
All right, time for the American Idol Top 11.  Will Sanjaya finally make it impossible for America not to kick him off?  Please make it so.  These are my quick thoughts while watching the episode. Ryan discusses forgetting the lyrics with Randy.  Concensus: inexcusable.  Paula discusses a naked Simon.  Consensus: Paula is not sane. Nice!  The theme of the night is "The British Invasion".  We get a montage of The Beatles and all those British knock-offs that followed them over to America.  If they all choose good stuff, this could be one of the best batch of songs ever sung on an American Idol performance show, especially for the guys.  You‘ve got The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Zombies, all sorts of good stuff. Read more »
American Idol finally gave us a show worth watching all the way through.  I was impressed.  After last week‘s Diana Ross debacle, the contestants stepped up their game and put on the most entertaining show of the season.  Hey, even Sanjaya was passable! (Well, kind of.)The Top 11 Performance Show had the theme of “The British Invasion”, which was an immaculate choice, giving every contestant a well of great songs to choose from.  We saw some performances that were true to the originals and we saw a few that put their own spin on the classics.  As we do after every performance show, we‘ve graded every song in a completely biased manner.  Is there any other way? Read more »
Taylor Hicks, American Idol season 5 champion dishes out on how he achieved his physically fit body. Since his inclusion on American Idol, the former winner has lost 22 pounds, trimming down his weight from 215 pounds to 193 pounds.The Alabama native also stressed that he follows a “serious exercise regimen,” which consists of running for 45 minutes every other day. He also notes that he likes to disguise himself with a hat to become unnoticed. He explained, "I‘ve walked through a thousand fans and nobody notices…I just take off running. I‘m scared about running because I might not ever come back! I would be like Forrest Gump; Run all over the country... pop up in some cool coffee house in Seattle with just my guitar." Read more »
Oh Chris, Oh Chris.  Is it really a good idea as an American Idol contestant to give a shout-out to Vote for the worst? Speculation is running rampant as to whether or not Chris‘s ‘Hi Dave!‘ on last night‘s American Idol, which brought chills from the judging row, was the shout out webmaster Dave Della Terza has been asking for to indicate that a contestant is a VFTW reader! One thing is for sure, Simon didn‘t seem happy at all when he said ‘We‘ll talk about this later.‘  Read more »
Who will be sent home tonight on American Idol?  Here are the main contenders, in my mind (this was written before they announced the bottom three, mind you): Phil Stacey, Sanjaya Malakar, Gina Glocksen and Stephanie Edwards.  Really, I think it‘d be a huge upset if it wasn‘t one of them.  Sanjaya is the one who should be going home, but we all know that probably isn‘t going to happen, as evidenced by the crying little girl last night.  What follows are my quick, unfiltered thoughts as I watched tonight‘s episode.  And we‘re off.  Ryan introduces the clips of each contestant‘s performance.  Watching the clips, it makes it that much more clear that the overall quality of last night crushed any other night this season.  Read more »
Defying any sort of rational anlaysis, Sanjay Malakar lives to sing another week on American Idol.  Talent-wise, you can make a great case that Sanjaya should have been booted weeks ago, during the Top 24 episodes.  Heck, I‘d be willing to say that Sanjaya should not have even made it into the Top 24.  But that is neither here nor there; Sanjaya is still around, to the bemusement of any relatively sane objective observer.  His voice is weak, his performances have ranged from flat-out terrible to bizarre to yesterday‘s somehwat-passable-but-still-bizarre.  What more do the voters need to oust him from what has been dubbed a singing competition?Of course, American Idol is not, by any means, a singing competition, no matter how many times Simon Cowell says otherwise.  It is a popularity contest that masquerades as a singing competition.  People have to make an impact to get their votes, they have to fill a niche, they have to appeal to a broad audience in ways the other contestants don‘t.  That‘s one thing you can say about Sanjaya: he certainly isn‘t like any of the other contestants. Read more »
Last night on American Idol, Stephanie Edwards was sent home.  Based on the judges negative comments, Stephanie knew that she would probably be in the bottom three but still wanted to make it to the Top 10.  We at BuddyTV were fortunate enough to be a part of a live press conference with Stephanie this morning.  The following is a recap of what transpired: Read more »
Stephanie Edwards‘ dismissal from the American Idol proceedings last night was met with mild surprise and general indifference.  It‘s gotten to a point where no one is surprised that Sanjaya is still around, and unless the eliminated singer has the potential to win the whole thing, there really isn‘t much to get upset about.  Unfortunately, this seemed to be the mood with Stephanie‘s departure from the program.Since last night‘s elimination episode, countless newspaper and online articles have attempted to trumpet the elimination as a “surprise” or a “shocker”, but it really wasn‘t.  Yes, it‘s still shocking that Sanjaya is still on the show, but it‘s become clear that he‘s created some phenomenon that is beyond the comprehension of a mere mortal like me.  So, on that front we just have to move on.  For Stephanie Edwards, I‘m having a hard time feeling much of anything after her elimination. Read more »
In a brash move, FOX is foiling attempts by ABC to steer Dancing With the Stars clear of American Idol by extending their singing competition by seven minutes, cutting briefly into Dancing With the Stars introductory moments, and possibly the first performance.   The confrontation will take place Tuesday, March 27th when former No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani will be guest coaching on Idol in an attempt to achieve the impossible:  transform Sanjaya into a real singer. Read more »
Some of the most fun I have here at BuddyTV is reading the comments left by you, the users.  And especially during American Idol, we‘ve been getting a ton of user comments.  Sure, sometimes I read things like "You suck, Oscar Dahl," or "Blow it out your ass, Oscar."  That‘s never fun but, for the most part, the comments are enjoyable.  So, today we‘re going to start what will hopefully become a weekly feature on the site: the comments of the week.This week we‘re going to focus on some of the comments we recieved for my Wednesday article on Sanjaya Malakar, entitled The Sanjaya Situation, Redux.  Without further ado, here are the best (and worst) comments of the week: Read more »
Sanjaya Malakar‘s continued presence on American Idol is apparently driving some people right over the edge. One fan has found herself so upset about Sanjaya that she‘s allegedly going on a hunger strike until "American Idol voters wise up, and stop voting Sanjaya through each week." "I have not been contacted as of yet by any American Idol camp or anyone associated with Sanjaya stating that he is going to leave the show in order for my strike to end," says J on her MySpace blog, Starvation for Sanjaya ( Read more »
The people behind American Idol did not foresee that the show’s season six would be a very demanding installment. The national songwriting contest, which was originally intended to determine the song of the top two finalists on American Idol’s May 23nd finale, may not materialize since American Idol producers are swamped with other endeavors.Last August, it was disclosed that the national song-writing contest would be open to both signed and unsigned songwriters, and that millions of viewers will hear the winning song during the finale episode of American Idol’s sixth season. In line with this, American Idol creator Simon Fuller affirmed that it would significantly help determine the song that would ideally match the finalists. Read more »
Let‘s face it,  American Idol is huge, but in the grand scheme of things it hits, at its best, around ten percent of the American population.  So it is conceivable, out of the around 300 million people in the USA alone, that there could be an anti-American Idol audience out there every bit as large.  Imagine, if you will, that the anti-idol press after years of trying, and after gathering support from folks like Shock Jock ‘Howard Stern‘, has finally reached enough of those people who just despise American Idol to finally make the difference.  Why is this worth re-speculating yet again?  According to a couple of American Idol fan sites, an alleged ‘insider‘ has been sending around a statement that claims Sanjaya pulled ahead in the wake of Howard Sterns call for votes, as in... to the winners slot. Read more »
The American Idol Power Rankings make their return, and with a few shake-ups in the order.  Last week saw the incredible Sanjaya saga continue, as he stayed alive on the show once again, much to the chagrin of anyone who takes American Idol seriously (which no one really should, though millions do).  Should Melinda stay in the top spot?  Where should Sanjaya be?  Who should be the highest riser? Read more »
American Idol kicks back up tonight, and I couldn‘t be more excited for the next stop in the Sanjaya Malakar saga.  If he walked on stage dressed in a turtle costume and hopping on a pogo stick, then sang "Hava Nagila", would he still make it through to next week?  Anthing‘s possible at this point.Anyway, Gwen Stefani (you know, the former member of a good rock band who sold out and started making pop songs about Japanese school girls) will be joining us this week.  Which should be fun.  What follows are my live, unfiltered thoughts while watching the episode. I‘m going to try and update as the show goes along. And it begins.  We‘re live from Hollywood.  Seacrest asks whether the crowd likes Gwen Stefani.  I think the maniacal yelling means yes. Read more »
The top 10 American Idol hopefuls sang songs under the tutelage of pop star Gwen Stefani last night, and the results were underwhelming (at least compared to last show).  There were no great performances, insomuch as a typical Melinda Doolittle performance isn‘t considered great.  In truth, all of her performances have been great, but we‘re used to that level from her and, therefore, they‘ve begun to sound typical.As we‘ve been doing for the last month or so, I‘ve given each singer a grade for their performance last night.  This is not like the NBA Slam Dunk Contest; I‘m not going to give a bunch of A‘s just because I can.  I‘ve yet to give an A-plus, though I‘m hopeful it will happen at some point this season (I‘m looking at you, Sanjaya).  Check out the grades below. Read more »
Last week, the odds makers were unanimous with their American Idol predictions: there was no way in the name of bad music that Sanjaya would be voted off.  This week, surprisingly, they have changed their tune putting Sanjaya back in the number one spot for most likely to be shown the door.  Why the sudden turnabout?  Do they think the growing campaign to foil American Idol by voting Sanjaya to the top is losing strength?  Do they know something we don‘t?  If not Sanjaya, who do they suspect will be the next to be sent home from the American Idol stage? Read more »
After correctly predicting that, beyond all odds, Chris Sligh would be ejected from American Idol, I‘m feeling a little invincible in the prediction department tonight.  But there is an uneasiness that accompanied that little burst of adrenaline you get from being right against the odds;  the fact that part of Chris Sligh being voted off American Idol would be connected to a vast conspiracy within the halls of FOX to have Sligh cut for cavorting with their enemy, VoteForTheWorst. Read more »
Sanjaya Malakar winning American Idol is a worst-case scenario for FOX.  It would single-handedly undermine any credibility the show has as a legitimate venue for talent.  FOX, therefore, is in an interesting situation right now.  Do they milk all this Sanjaya mania as long as possible and hope that voters eventually come to their senses?  Or, do they try and guard against the possibility that he might actually win the whole thing, and try to bury him, PR-wise?  I don‘t know what FOX will do, but for those questions to even be relevant, we need to believe that Sanjaya has a chance to win American Idol this year. The scary thing is, I actually believe this could happen. Read more »
Okay, who gets to make it into the top 9 on American Idol?  Is the infamous Sanjaya Malakar going to stay alive one more time in the face of overwhelming criticism and backlash among Idol purists?  Or, will he benefit from the reverse fandom of those anarchists over at VotefortheWorst and from those inexplicable true fans that he has somehow accumulated over the season?  My guess is that Sanjaya stays alive one more time.My predicition: Phil Stacey gets eliminated.  After his exquisite performance last night, this would not be just, but justice has not been a common theme this season.  What follows are my live, quick thoughts for the episode that I will be updating live as the episode moves along.  If anything, we get a performance from the still-lovely Gwen Stefani tonight, so it can‘t be all bad.  The thoughts are below; feel free to comment and give us your two cents. Read more »
Despite the announcement of American Idol producer Ken Warwick regarding the possibility of not pushing through with the songwriting contest, another American Idol producer makes a contradicting yet positive statement. Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe explained, "Hopefully they‘re still going to do the [songwriting] competition... it isn‘t really anything to do with Ken and I. It‘s to do with 19 [Entertainment] and 19 Music, which is a separate area. I do believe the songwriting contest is going to continue. Keep your eyes on the website..." Read more »
Sanjaya isn‘t going to take insinuations that his continued presence on American Idol is a fluke, and he‘s sending his family out to prove his point!  For a while now, Sanjaya has been the whipping boy of the entertainment press.   There isn‘t even the slightest attempt, it would seem, to find good in his American Idol performances anymore.   And why should we?  With the strength of Howard Stern‘s humongous audience, and the unwaivering support of anti-idol phenomenon, nothing we can say out here in the press is going to slow this train down.  Despite the obvious impact of these campaigns to snipe the American Idol contest in favor of the waifish warbler, Sanjaya‘s family wants it known that their boy is winning this all on his own. Read more »
As millions of American Idol viewers swarm to Thursday night with hopes of seeing Sanjaya finally hit the road, the ratings swell has reached an early season high.  American idol normally does not hit its twenty five million viewer nights until the final six or so, but as fascination with the tone deaf teen keeps the show omnipresent in the entertainment news, so do the rubberneckers amass with hopes of witnessing his imminent demise.  Which raises a good question, does Fox want Sanjaya off the show at this point? Read more »
American Idol unites the nation? I can‘t imagine it. But the Middle Eastern version of the show, called "Star Academy," has brought a lot of people in Iraq together. The show, broadcast from Lebanon, featured contestants from several nearby nations. The Iraqi contestant, Shada Hassoun, won on the finale last week, beating out the other finalists from Egypt, Lebanon, and Tunisia. For months, fans in Iraq have been following the show in hopes of Hassoun winning. In Baghdad, people were spending large percentage of their monthly wages on the costly text votes, and whole neighborhoods kept generators running after hours in order to watch more of the American Idol-like show‘s finale, despite electricity shortages.  Read more »
This week, legendary crooner Tony Bennett visits American Idol and its remaining contestants, ostensibly to impart some wisdom to the kids.  The real reason Tony is there is, I would guess, to promote an album, but this seems ridiculous course of action for an elderly, distinguished man like Tony.  Perhaps he just loves the show.  That would be both more forgivable and inexplicable, but I‘m betting it has something to do with an album.  The real question, though, is this:  What, exactly, is Tony Bennett going to teach these nine young, naïve singers?        Read more »
Forget the efforts of Howard Stern, VoteForTheWorst, and the decentralized ‘hey vote for the bad kid‘ grassroots campaign that has lifted Sanjaya from most likely to dissonate his way off American Idol, to the one most likely to win; to listen to American Idol‘s executive producer Nigel Lythgoe, it‘s not only possible - it‘s perfectly explainable.  With not only cynical public sentiment calling Sanjaya as the first tone deaf American Idol champion, but online polls such as AOL‘s Pick Your Favorite carrying Sanjaya as the likely winner, is Lythgoe preparing us for the worst, or does he have a point? Read more »
Ken Warwick is one of four people who know the actual voting results in American Idol, but he didn‘t spill any secrets this morning.  In a press conference earlier today, Ken made it clear that America only needs to know who is in the bottom three.  He also addressed other controversial voting issues, the Sanjaya situation and Simon being "full of it." Read more »
It‘s gotten to the point on our American Idol Power Rankings where I have to stop treating Sanjaya‘s continued existence on the show a fluke.  He wasn‘t even in the bottom three last week and, considering that the power rankings are supposed to be an objective view of the contestants who have the best chance to win, we are going it have to come to terms with the very real possibility that Sanjaya might win American Idol. Read more »
I’ve been reticent to give credit for keeping Sanjaya Malakar on American Idol, just because they seem like such an easy scapegoat.  However, given Sanjaya’s recent rise in popularity (and his absence from the bottom three last week) we’re running out of culprits who deserve blame for Sanjaya remaining on the show.  We have to begin looking for what is sparking this Sanjaya phenomenon.  VoteForTheWorst can no longer be ignored. Read more »
Sanjaya is a nice lad.  I always feel I have to say something nice before I start cutting.  He‘s a nice lad, but he can‘t sing for beans and has some of the weirdest hairstyles I have ever seen (which I am convinced is a plot by American Idol producers to keep him in headlines.) Now you can own your own piece of American Idol‘s most prized contestant, or so the auction claims.   Hey, it totally looks like his hair!  I think I actually recognize that curl pattern. Read more »
One of the big stories this week, leading up to tonight‘s American Idol performance show, has been what kind of hair Sanjaya Malakar will be sporting when he comes out to perform.  Personally, I‘m hoping for a shaved head, but realistically, I don‘t think it‘s possible to top the absurdity of last week‘s pony-hawk.  Anyway, tonight should be an interesting episode, considering it‘s do-or-die time for a number of performers.  With a poor performance, I think Phil Stacey, Gina Glocksen, Haley Scarnato, or Chris Richardson could be sent home. So yes, I think only the clear cut top four (Melinda Doolittle, Jordin Sparks, Lakisha Jones, and Blake Lewis) are completely safe this week.  What follows are my quick, unfiltered thoughts while watching tonight‘s edition of American Idol (updated in real-time).  Read more »
When it was announced that Tony Bennett was going to be showing up to mentor the American Idol contestants this week, I let out a little groan. This is not because I despise Tony Bennett (for an 80-year old, he‘s pretty damn cool), but because I knew that each singer would be forced to perform an old-timey song. You can call them the best songs of all-time, but they are going to sound outdated to the vast majority of American Idol‘s audience. Also, the judges have been emphasizing "sounding modern" the whole season. It‘s hard to sound modern when singing Duke Ellington. Every week, the contestants should be able to pick any song they want.  This way, the show becomes more unpredictable and it gives all contestants a better chance to succeed.  Enough with these theme nights that narrow down the available options.  Read more »
So, who is it going to be tonight?  This should be one of the more interesting eliminations on American Idol this season, just because there are so many plausible candidates.  Will it be Phil Stacey, who turned in the worst non-Sanjaya performance last night?  Will it be Haley Scarnato, who has survived despite not being as good a singer as a number of the previously eliminated singers?  Could it be Gina Glocksen, whose style isn‘t as clearly mainstream as the other contestants?  Or, wlll it be Chris Richardson, who was at the bottom two weeks ago, but rebounded to safety last week?  Or, is it possible that the masses have come to their senses and finally eliminated Sanjaya Malakar, easily the worst singer to ever progress this far into an American Idol season?Those are the five who I believe could possibly go home tonight.  That means that there are more possible eliminees, than contestants who are safe (those being Melinda Doolitle, Blake Lewis, Lakisha Jones, and Jordin Sparks).  My prediction: Phil Stacey hits the road tonight.  We shall see.  What follows are my quick, spur of the moment thoughts while watching the episode. Read more »
Kelly Clarkson cemented her fame as American Idol‘s first winner partially by rebelling against that success.   After Clarkson‘s first album failed to meet expectations, the singer dumped her American Idol sponsored recording contract for an independently negotiated deal resulting in the album tauntingly titled ‘Breakaway‘, a caustic departure from the more sycophantic title of her debut ‘Thankful‘.  Subsequently, American Idol‘s first daughter briefly created chaos when it was announced she would not allow songs from ‘Breakaway‘ to be used in the American Idol song book. Read more »
UPDATED - After having a few hours to digest Gina‘s elimination last night, the masses are still letting their voices be heard.  We‘ve had an overwhelming number of comments since last night‘s show, and we‘ve decided to post the best comments from all of our users.American Idol moves into it‘s Top 8 with one singer (Sanjaya Malakar) who doesn‘t have any business being there and one other who is getting by on her skimpy outfits (Haley Scarnato).  Phil Stacey sticks around despite giving everyone a mediocre performance last night.  The eliminated singer, Gina Glocksen, was truly one of the better pure singers on the show, but apparently that doesn‘t count for much at this point.It‘s not so much that Sanjaya is still alive that is frustrating, it‘s the fact that he‘s not even sniffing elimination.  For the second week in a row, Sanjaya wasn‘t even in the bottom three!!!  How is that possible?  Anyway, all you readers out there seem to be up in arms as well, as evidenced by your comments on our recent American Idol articles, especially tonight‘s American Idol: Top 9 Results Show Quick Thoughts.  Here is a sampling of what all you BuddyTV users have had to say about tonight‘s show: Read more »
Tuesday night on American Idol, Gina Glocksen showed a different side of her rocker self and the judges seemed to appreciate that she showed off her vocal skills.  America disagreed, however, and though this was her first appearance in the bottom three, Gina was ultimately sent home.  BuddyTV was part of a press conference with Gina this morning and the following is a recap of what transpired: Read more »
Sanjaya Malakar is no Fred Astaire.  This should be self-evident.  However, Sanjaya tried to channel the late, great dancer/singer/actor with his rendition of “Cheek to Cheek” on Tuesday, a song made famous by Astaire in the 1935 film “Top Hat”.  You may have seen the Astaire version in "The Green Mile", where it was featured in one of that movie‘s more emotional scenes.  The song, accompanied by Astaire‘s dancing, makes for an incredibly beautiful scene in "Top Hat", an iconic scene, one that is subtle and moving and flawlessly executed.Kind of the exact opposite of Sanjaya‘s performance on Tuesday‘s American Idol. Read more »
People think that all of the anti-Sanjaya press must be having a huge psychological impact on the plucky talent impaired waif.  If I am Sanjaya Malakar, here is what I‘m doing right now:  Laughing.   Why?  The anti-Sanjaya campaigns, large and small, have done more for this kid‘s career than America Idol will ever do, and I am sure he knows that.  Whether he wins, or gets voted off next week, Sanjaya will be a household name for the history of this show.  Somehow, the concept of Sanjaya as an affront to the perceived ‘standards‘ of American Idol has elevated the debate over good taste.  Is it cheating?  Is it teenage lust?  Does it matter?  Look at the offers that were presented to Antonella Barba following her mildly controversial stint with American Idol. Read more »
Apparently KFC‘s been trying to convince Sanjaya Malakar to get a haircut. The controversial American Idol contestant was offered a deal by KFC last week - a free lifetime supply of KFC Famous Bowls if he would "don a bowl hairdo during one of your next nationally televised performances." He didn‘t, obviously, and now KFC‘s upping the ante.KFC President Gregg Dedrick has written a second open letter to Sanjaya, congratulating him on avoiding another round of elimination and asking him again to get his hair cut, this time offering him five thousand dollars and his own commercial. Read more »
Well, this is something.  Thanks to the camera-wielding ninjas employed over at, we have photographs of American Idol contestant Chris Richardson hitting the town with Lauren Conrad, of Laguna Beach and The Hills fame.  Lauren Conrad, who has been in the news lately for a rumored sex tape featuring herself and one of her former cast mates, is a big name in some circles.  I‘m not a Laguna Beach guy (which shouldn‘t really even need to be said), but I‘m not oblivious to its (and The Hill‘s) popularity.  Read more »
Now that we‘re down to the final eight on American Idol, things are becoming more clear.  There is a solid top 4 and bottom 3.  And then there‘s Sanjaya.  Sanjaya is unrankable, really, because he exists on an entirely different plain of reality than the other contestants.  He‘s in a whole other competition, governed by different rules and observed by a peculiar subset of viewers (inexplicably genuine Sanjaya lovers or sadistic VoteForTheWorst Sanjaya supporters).  Since these rankings are supposed to be based on the premise of “who is most likely to win” and not who I deem my favorite, I have placed Sanjaya far higher than he deserves. Read more »
Last night‘s American Idol performance episode was utterly bogged down by the “Latin Night” theme unfairly thrust upon the contestants, a cruel and stifling umbrella which forced most singers to choose songs totally out of their wheelhouse.  The notion that American Idol producers want the singers to branch out is fine, but I don‘t see the logic in hurling them into a near impossible corner to back out of.  Latin music is great and all, but it‘s a highly specialized arena, and is pretty much entirely performed by Latinos.  I‘m not saying that only Spanish-speaking humans can succeed in singing Latin music, but just that it‘s unlikey any of the remaining American Idol contestants will ever sing a Latin song again.Anyway, I‘ve given out grades to every performance from last night.  Here they are: Read more »
Jennifer Lopez comes to American Idol tonight, presumably to make it seem like Sanjaya isn‘t that bad of a singer.  Really, what is J-Lo going to teach the contestants about singing?  If she wants to show them some dance moves, fine, but these final eight contestants are almost all better singers than she is.  Anyway, my feeling is that today is a contest mainly between Haley Scarnato, Phil Stacey and Chris Richardson.  Whoever puts on the worst performance out of those three is probably the one to go home on tomorrow. Unless Sanjaya finally gets removed, but we all know that isn‘t going to happen.What follows are my quick, unfiltered (and live!) thoughts while watching tonight‘s episode. Read more »
It is American Idol night, and that can only mean one thing.  No, not another sly Sanjaya headline. Betting time! This year the online odds-makers have been doing a slightly worse than usual job at predicting who will go home on American Idol, but this week some are just way out in never-never land., for instance, predicting Lakisha will go home?  Get out of town!   I have a feeling Lakisha will be soulfully doing her thing in the American Idol competition for quite some time. Read more »
Well, that was quite a show tonight.  Latin night turned out to be quite a disappointment, but the big story was...(drum roll please)...Sanjaya Malakar.  Big surprise, right?  American Idol has its share of Sanjaya-bashers and Sanjaya-lovers, but tonight it was the lovers who came out of the woodwork and let their adulation flow.  Here are the best user comments of the night. Read more »
American Idol‘s sixth season has faced an interesting dilemma: the bad singers are more dynamic and intriguing than the good singers.  When Melinda Doolittle comes on stage, it‘s not to fevered anticipation.  Melinda (despite being a legitimately great singer), does not excite viewers in the way that past American Idol champions have.  I guess you could call this the curse of consistency; we know what we‘re getting with Melinda and, therefore, it‘s become a little blasé.The most anticipated performance of every recent American Idol episode has been, hands down, from Sanjaya Malakar.  It‘s a sick world we live in where this is the case, but it is undoubtedly so; Sanjaya is the most interesting performer on the show.  Now, don‘t confuse “interesting” with “good”.  Sanjaya‘s appeal (to the objective viewer) is more of the “train wreck” variety than the “personification of beauty” variety.  The whole Sanjaya phenomenon is inherently absorbing, if only because it is so continually mystifying. Read more »
Okay, prediction time.  We‘re going to be updating live throughout tonight‘s American Idol live results show, starting at 9PM ET/6PM PT.  But, until then, let‘s hear your predictions for tonight.  For me, there are four contestants who are almost certainly safe tonight (Melinda Doolittle, Jordin Sparks, Blake Lewis and Sanjaya Malakar), one who is probably safe (Lakisha Jones), and two who are the likeliest to go home (Phil Stacey and Haley Scarnato).  My prediction: Phil Stacey gets eliminated tonight.  Nothing really substantial to back that up, just a gut feeling.   What are your predictions and why?  At the end of the night, the best predictions and rationales will join the best overall comments from the night in their very own article.What follows are my quick thoughts and live results as the show goes along. Read more »
Last night‘s American Idol results show saw the departure of Texan Haley Scarnato, much to the bemusement of teenage boys across the nation.  Haley‘s Idol legacy will be one of mini-skirts and disappointing performances, but she was certainly likable and had what some would call an "infectious charm".  We listened in on Haley‘s press conference this morning and recorded anything of note.  Check out the info below. Read more »
It‘s a sad day when the last bastion of eye candy is eliminated from a reality TV show.  In Survivor, it‘s always devastating when that last “hot” contestant is voted off the island.  Same goes for Big Brother, The Amazing Race, and The Apprentice.  The difference between American Idol and those other shows is that looks often play an active part in a contestant‘s longevity on American Idol, whereas on the other shows it is almost never an issue.  When America is voting, it helps to be attractive.  Haley Scarnato wasn‘t, by any means, a terrible singer.  She was okay, and I still maintain that she was better than she let on, but we can never know that for sure.  However, what is abundantly clear is that Haley‘s strict adherence to a mini-skirt only wardrobe helped her  advance to the American Idol top 8.   Read more »
It is probably a shock to you all to read those words, but it is totally authentic sentiment, I assure you.  Sanjaya does deserve to win American Idol, and I have some very sound, rational reasons for saying that.  Before I get into it though, meditate for a moment on what American Idol is to you.  Did your favorite win?  Were you shocked when Chris Daughtry was voted off American Idol even though he was the single contestant that most resembled a true rock star?   What about Bo Bice?  Didn’t Bice have that Southern Rock thing down?  None of them had what Sanjaya Malakar has, though, I am sad to say – the makings of a pop star. Read more »
It‘s incredible how many Sanjaya Malakar supporters have come out of the woodwork over the past American Idol week, and the degree to which all those Sanjaya bashers have gone away, apparently silenced by his surprisingly solid performance on Tuesday.  In honor of Sanjaya‘s newfound support, here are a few of our best pro-Sanjaya user comments. Remember, we‘re going to be posting the best American Idol user comments from all of you a few times a week, so post away. Read more »
Jennifer Hudson now has another high profile ex-American Idol contestant in her ‘I hate the people that launched my career‘ club, none other than ‘Princess P‘ Paris Bennett!   Paris called into a radio station to say that American Idol was a joke and she and some other, unnamed, former contestants were out to bring the show down.  Using the power of VoteForTheWorst to help Sanjaya win, Paris hopes to prove how American Idol is ‘losing its taste‘; obviously referring to the millions of people who kept her on the show long enough to gain national recognition. Read more »
It‘s been a rough week for American Idol.  First the ongoing confusion over the seemingly indestructible mediocrity of Sanjaya, and Idol‘s seemingly defensive legitimization of the dissonant teen.  Then Paris Bennett‘s strange attacks on the veracity of the show receiving unsolicited, and unintended, support from Idol‘s most vocal judge Simon Cowell.  Now a new sex tape from season two contestant Olivia Mojica promises to keep the shows title and the word ‘porn‘ in close proximity for at least the rest of the season.  Is all of this negativity having an impact on American Idol‘s ratings? Maybe the four-million viewers American Idol is down from last season could tell us. Read more »
Fame is a funny thing.  Once you get a taste, you only want more.  The issue of “fame” as an attainable entity in our society has been complicated in recent years by reality TV.  Whereas once fame had to come from real talent, talent that was first recognized by people who recognize talent for a living, fame can now be found by most anyone willing to submit themselves to the rigors of reality television.  These people can become famous without demonstrating any sort of sustainable quality taimed to entertain the masses.  You can act like yourself (or a parody of yourself) on a popular show and, voila!, people recognize you on the street.  The problem is, of course, that once your alloted time has passed, and you‘re no longer on TV once a week, that fame disappears as quickly as it arrived.  With American Idol, it is admittedly a little more complicated than the type of fame garnered from Survivor or Big Brother.  Idol contestants supposedly have the talent to become stars once they‘re off the show.  That‘s the whole premise of American Idol.  Unfortunately, this fact creates delusional former contestants, many of whom are convinced that pop stardom awaits them, that the American Idol pie is big enough for them to slice off a significant piece.  Read more »
American Idol‘s Simon Cowell has said that if Sanjaya Malakar wins, Simon himself will leave the show. Is this just an "idle" threat? Maybe not. After all, the show that American Idol was based on, Pop Idol, had Simon Cowell as a judge, but rumor has it he left because he didn‘t like the way the audience voted. He created his own show, X Factor, and was then sued by Simon Fuller, creator of both Pop Idol and American Idol. So would Simon really carry out his threat? It‘s looking more and more like Sanjaya might be sticking around.  Read more »
If it has to do with Sanjaya Malakar or American Idol, then it‘s news.  The great city of Federal Way, Washington (Sanjaya‘s hometown) is refusing to have a city-mandated Sanjaya Malakar Day.  According to local news, “That city‘s manager says Federal Way has more important things to deal with and won‘t push to give the 17-year old a proclamation.”  How dare they deny the citizens of Federal Way a tangible way to celebrate their beloved son?  What kind of sick, depressing world do we live in?   Read more »
Not a whole lot of movement in the American Idol Power Rankings this week, but that‘s to be expected after how last week played out.  I don‘t think it‘s fair to shuffle the deck significantly after the remaining singers were placed in the difficult position of performing Latin songs, a genre unfamiliar and out of the comfort zone for every single one of the singers.  Haley Scarnato probably deserved her elimination, and this week it is almost a certainty that Phil Stacey will get the boot. The only way Phil sticks around would be a terrific performance from him, coupled with an apocalyptic showing from Chris Richardson.  It‘s possible, but if you‘re laying some money down on BoDog this week, the smart bet is for Phil to get the boot.  The Sanjaya situation is another issue to keep a close eye on.  His performance last week was as solid as we can expect out of him, and we‘ll see if he can keep it up.  I‘m guessing he can‘t. Read more »
Forget those sexy pics of American Idol‘s embattled warbler Sanjaya Malakar‘s sister, it‘s Sanjaya himself Maxim finds hot, as a chick!  As if the world hasn‘t insulted Sanjaya enough, Maxim just had to throw more fuel on the fire (read that as, ‘cash in on‘) that has become Sanjaya.  I personally feel a little ridiculous for the amount of attention I lavish on the dread Malakar, the scourge of American Idol, but there is just something about the dude that makes him an inexhaustible source for pithy barbs, and new allusions for ‘tone deafness‘.  But make him chick of the day?  C‘mon guys, that‘s a little too high up the harsh meter. Read more »
It‘s that time again!  Time to take a look through what some of you readers have had to say about American Idol!  We‘ve chosen the most though provoking comments.  Will Sanjaya win?  Will Simon quit?  How about that Princess P? Here‘s what you had to say about American Idol. Read more »
It‘s the American Idol Top 7!!!  Everyone get excited.  The favorite to get eliminated this week is Phil Stacey, and it‘s not even close.  I really, really can‘t see anyone else getting the boot.  Perhaps Chris Richardson or, if she puts on a horrendous performance, Lakisha Jones.  What follows are my live thoughts while watching tonight‘s episode.  Hmm, it looks like it is “Country Night” tonight.  STOP WITH THE THEME NIGHTS!  It‘s killing me.Tonight‘s mentor is Martina McBride.  I‘m not familiar.   Read more »
I like slam dunk contests.  This should go without saying, given that dunk contests are generally epic displays of supreme, rare athleticism. Now, since these events are technically “contests” they have to be judged.  Herein lies the greatest dunk contest problem: the judges.  You see, the judges are given scoring cards, numbered one through ten (ten being the highest).  This is not Figure Skating; decimals are not allowed.  Historically, any number under four is not utilized, a score of 4 only given to missed dunks.  So, really, it‘s a seven number scale on which to judge.  But, when looking deeper, you see that completed dunks are never judged lower than a 7, regardless of how unoriginal or easy they may be.  Paula Abdul would feel right at home judging a dunk contest.  Dunk contests suffer from over-judging, in that pretty good dunks can receive eights or nines.  There‘s no room for the difference between good/great/spectacular dunks.  The results are muddled, because the judges are too polite.  American Idol often suffers from this politeness.    Read more »
Country Music night, like Latin night, gave the remaining American Idol singers a chance to sing in a genre that they may not have been comfortable with.  Thankfully, last night wasn‘t the train wreck that Latin night was.  With the whole spectrum of country music to work with, most of the Idols chose songs that suited them and it was, overall, a pretty solid night.  Except for Sanjaya.  Nevermind his performance, which we‘ll get to later, but Simon‘s reaction was priceless.  He absolutely ripped Sanjaya a new one.  Frankly, it was about time.  Simon‘s intention, I presume, was to make people stop voting for Sanjaya.  I don‘t think verbal abuse is the right way to go, however.  It will only galvanize Sanjaya‘s un-ironic fan base, and those who found voting for Sanjaya funny before will only find it funnier now.As always, I‘ve graded every singer‘s performance from last night: Read more »
  American Idol will have it‘s final six by the end of the night.  The odds-on favorite to be eliminated tonight is Phil Stacey, but we could be in for a surprise.  The way I see it, there are three truly safe contestants (Melinda Doolittle, Jordin Sparks, and Blake Lewis), two that are total question marks (Lakisha Jones and Sanjaya Malakar), and two who seem the most likely to get the boot (Chris Richardson and Phil Stacey).  I think that Sanjaya is still safe, but I hope I‘m wrong.  Chris probably deserves to go home more so than Phil, but Phil has been wallowing in the bottom three for a while now and it just feels like his time.We‘ll find out soon enough.  What follows are my live, unfiltered thoughts while watching tonight‘s results show. Read more »
It has been a long and interesting road with our man Sanjaya Malakar.  Who would‘ve thought that, after his fluke-ish inception into this season‘s top 24, that Sanjaya would become, far and away, the biggest story of American Idol‘s sixth season?  Not I.  I‘ve written tens of thousands of words on Sanjaya Malakar, so I‘m finding it difficult to sum up his time on American Idol with any sort of brevity.  But, here goes:The case of Sanjaya Malakar is both complicated and unique, where his appeal and lack thereof was wholly dependent on the two opposing views of his quality: the group who legitimately liked/loved him and the group that despised him and thought he was ruining the show.  His continuing presence on the show was a complete fluke, and is the likes of which we will probably never see again.  Here are the four major components that allowed to Sanjaya to progress to the top 7 on American Idol: Read more »
Short skirts might have helped before, but those near Daisy Dukes weren‘t enough keep Haley in the American Idol game as she amazingly was cut in favor of the dread Philferatu.  And what about Sanjaya?  Nah, he was safe, worse yet, if you‘re doing the math, Sanjaya was actually in the top five!  It isn‘t looking good for American Idol, but at this point I‘m on autopilot!  American Idol fans are reacting with some pretty wild opinions.   Check em out below: Read more »
For some it came as a relief and for others it was a disappointment but either way it was the end of Sanjaya Malakar‘s American Idol experience last night.  While the judges have consistently been unimpressed with Sanjaya, America continued to keep him in the competition despite Simon‘s "horrendous" comments.  BuddyTV was in on an exclusive press conference this morning with Sanjaya and the following is a recap of what transpired: Read more »
American Idol is known the world over as the most powerful force on television.  On the surface, American Idol is a simple talent competition ending with the promise of fame and fortune.  In reality, it is a crucible for type a personalities willing to do whatever it takes for their space in the spotlight.  When you bring large groups of that kind of personality together, you‘re going to have issues, and when you have issues, you‘re going to have scandals.  So, join BuddyTV Senior Writers Oscar Dahl and Jon Lachonis for a trip down memory lane as they examine American Idol‘s seven deadly sins! Read more »
It finally happened!  Sanjaya has been voted off American Idol!  In a week that saw an incredible 38 million votes, the majority of American Idol viewers did not favor Sanjaya and the mythical strength of the pro-Sanjaya movement proved to be just that, a myth.  Was it expected?  Well, I know it was expected weeks ago, but did anybody think it could possibly happen this week?  Let‘s take a look back at some of your best comments leading up to this historic elimination. Read more »
The Sanjaya experience is over, as far as the competition side of American Idol is concerned – we still have the tour – the weirdness, on the other hand, continues full tilt.  The recently ousted Sanjaya has started releasing his post American Idol wave of sound bites and they are both heartwarming at times, and at others just plain weird.  Hmmm, sort of like his American Idol performances?Entertainment Weekly caught up with Sanjaya to discuss his ouster from the show, Vote For the Worst, and where he will go from here.  First suggestion:  fortuneteller.  According to Sanjaya, it was no surprise that his number was finally up. Read more »
After a string of rumors following Jennifer Hudson, American Idol season three finalist, she finally fights back with dignity. Her failure to mention American Idol in her acceptance speech when she won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress, whether deliberately or not, has sparked a lot of negative publicity for Hudson, specifically pertaining to her “ingratitude” for the show that allegedly escalated her to stardom, American Idol. And when she finally mentioned American Idol when she received her Oscar Award, she depicted the show as a “stepping stone” which further aggravated her negative publicity. Read more »
This week big stars compete on American Idol, as the hit show takes a break from the ongoing competition to bring us a two-night special on April 24 and 25 to help raise money for charities in the US and Africa. American Idol executive producer Ken Warwick says he can guarantee the show will contain “humor and a few shocks. I know it will also move people to give generously.”The two-day special promises performances of “inspirational songs” by many A-list stars, and viewers will vote on the Tuesday show to narrow it down to six by Wednesday. Quincy Jones will be writing a special song for the top six. Read on to see a list of stars who’ll be appearing on the show!  Read more »
Sanjaya Malakar is a pretty big deal.  You can‘t go anywhere without hearing a Sanjaya reference, or seeing an appeance by the Amercan Idol teenager himself.  Saturday Night Live had a Sanjaya parody in this weekend‘s opening monologue.  Surya from The Apprentice: LA had an extremely lame Sanjaya joke on last night‘s live finale.  And, tonight, Sanjaya himself will appear on the Late Show with David Letterman to recite the top ten list.  The whole Sanjaya phenomenon has received a preposterous amount of media coverage, but I‘m interested to see where it goes from here.  How long will Sanjaya remain in the public eye?  Will he be an afterthought in a few weeks‘ time?  Or, like so many of his supporters have intimated, will he go on to be a teen idol?The silliness of it all makes me believe that Sanjay‘s fifteen minutes will soon be coming to an end.  I just can‘t envision him making and selling a record, appearing on TRL and going on tour.  It seems unfathomable.  However, he does seem to have a loyal fan base who are willing to overlook his glaring inadequacies as a singer.  I have no doubt that he‘ll be signed to a recording contract, and that whichever company he strikes a deal with will want to cash in on his current level of fame by cooking up an album as quickly as possible. Read more »
Now that Sanjaya is gone, the rankings can at last achieve some semblance of clarity.  He was such a wild card in terms of fan support and voting that it skewed any insights we could have had on the chances of the remaining singers to win.  Now, I think I have a pretty good idea of how things will play out.The most interesting wrinkle (besides Sanjaya) during last Wednesday‘s results show was the inclusion of Blake Lewis in the bottom three, along with Lakisha.  Phil made the top three, somehow, after spending a month in the bottom.  On one hand, this was a complete surprise given the past weeks‘ occurences.  On the other hand, he deserved to be safe after he gave his best performance of the season during country night.  Read more »
The first week of American Idol without Sanjaya!  It‘s in one sense liberating, and in another deflating. At least we don‘t have to struggle for new iterations of ‘tone deaf‘.  American Idol also kicked off its humanitarian efforts while managing to get a full set of performances out of the remaining American Idol hopefuls.  General feeling, it was a mess.  I know they are trying to do something great, and for all that matters will do something great with this thing, but it would have been wise to give the competition a little respite.  Read on for the quick performance ratings. Read more »
Idol Gives Back kicked off last night, and the vague promos led me to believe that there would be no elimination this week on American Idol.  With all the names of performers and celebrities set to appear on the show, I didn‘t think there‘d be any time for our top 6 to bestow their vocal gifts upon the masses.  I was wrong.  They‘ll take care of all the celebrity appearances and whatnot tonight, during the two-hour results show.  Bono will be appearing, which is what I‘m most looking forward to.  I‘m guessing the top 6 won‘t get a whole lot of screen time tonight with all the stars that are set to appear.  Then again, they only need to be on screen for 90 seconds, which is more than enough time for an elimination.So, how was the first episode of American Idol without Sanjaya?  Quite good, actually.  A couple of mediocre performances, but those were off-set by a couple of great performances.  As always, I‘ve given out grades for each of the contestant‘s performances.  They are as fair as I can make them.  Read more »
American Idol brings out both the best and worst in our BuddyTV commenters.  Most of the time, we receive insightful, funny, enlightened comments.  Occasionally, however, the discussion will devolve into finger-pointing and offensive comments.  Last night we had some good discussion over the respective quality of the remaining contestants‘ performances on the Idol Gives Back performance show.What follows are a few of the best user comments from last night.  Read more »
When we say the worst singers of American Idol, we don‘t really mean the worst.  William Hung will not grace this list, nor will Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum from this season‘s Seattle auditions.  We‘re talking about relatively poor singers who actually fooled the judges and America into thinking they were good.  All of the members of the following list actually made it to the Hollywood rounds, much to the bewilderment of any human able to view the Idol proceedings objectively.  Another name you won‘t see, despite these arbitrary parameters we have set, is the immortal Sanjaya Malakar.  Why not?  I mean, he certainly is one of the worst singers to ever grace the Hollywood stage.  Well, frankly, we‘re a little tired of writing about him.  And, it gets exhausting reading all of the pro-Sanjaya comments that we receive in droves any time we disparage him in any way.  And, well, there are more than enough other bad singers to discuss. Read more »
Ryan Seacrest began the night by proclaiming that tonight would hold the most shocking result in the history of American Idol.  Did the actual results live up to this billing?  Not really.  The twist wasn‘t really shocking.  In fact, by the end you could sort of guess what the twist would be.  For those of you who have not yet watched tonight‘s episode or do not want to know what the twist was, read no further. Read more »
American Idol should never have a two-hour results show. However, if you‘re going to have a two-hour results show (and, thus, have one hour and 58 minutes of filler), you might as well have it be for charity and involve a cornucopia of celebrities and rock stars.  Tonight is Idol Gives Back, and all the proceeds from tonight will benefit the fight against poverty in Africa and the US.  Apparently, Ellen Degeneres is going to be sharing some of the hosting load tonight, which could be interesting.  I‘ll be live-blogging the proceedings in a relatively live fashion, so check back throughout the show for updates, especially near the end when someone is about to be eliminated tonight.  My early prediction: Phil Stacey is going home, although he shouldn‘t. Read more »
American Idol put on a show tonight that should help countless lives across the globe.  They raised tens of millions of dollars to help quell poverty both here in our own country and abroad.  So, why is everyone so upset?Well, when you‘re the biggest show in the world and you promise an elimination, people get angry when there is no elimination.  You, the readers, have sounded off on tonight‘s twist.  What follows are the best user comments of the night. Read more »
When Seacrest told us at the outset of last night‘s two-hour Idol Gives Back extravaganza that the result would be the most shocking in American Idol history, I was skeptical at best.  What could possibly be so shocking?  We knew that under no circumstances would Jordin Sparks or Melinda Doolittle be going home.  Even if Blake Lewis was eliminated, it wouldn‘t be earth-shattering news.  However, by the end of the night, the distinct vibe of charity and goodwill made it fairly clear to the insightful viewer what the twist would be (that that no one would be eliminated).The bigger ramification of the twist is that two contestants will now be eliminated next Wednesday, incorporating the accumulated vote totals from both this week and last week to determine who those two people are.  Who will be the two to head home? Read more »
American Idol‘s two-hour Idol Gives Back sparked much debate over their decision to eliminate no one last night.  The night raised millions of dollars for a good cause, but did they betray fans by revealing the "twist" at the end of the show?  Were they unnecessarily cruel to Jordin Sparks, who must‘ve thought she was eliminated?  BuddyTV users let their voices be heard.  These are the best comments regarding what happened on last night‘s show. Read more »
Jessica Sierra, formerly an American Idol top-ten finalist, has been arrested in Tampa, Florida. Sierra was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, possession of cocaine, as well as introduction of contraband into a detention facility.Sierra, a season four American Idol contestant who finished in tenth place, was arrested on Sunday at the Hyde Park Cafe in Tampa after allegedly throwing a cocktail glass at the head of another customer, Wisam Hadad, 28, leaving him with a cut over his eye. Police aren’t sure yet whether she knew the man. When the police arrived, she was “belligerent and uncooperative,” and apparently kicked the squad car’s windows so hard they threatened to put her in leg restraints. The police reportedly found a bag of cocaine in her purse, although she denies it was hers. Read more »
Sanjaya Malakar became the subject of news ever since his inclusion on American Idol season 6. And now that he’s finally eliminated off the popular talent competition, the hype about the controversial former Idol contestant just got bigger and more intriguing. With the media digging up dirt on the controversial singer, it was discovered that Malakar’s family was involved with some kind of farming…marijuana cultivation that is! According to, Malakar’s mom, Jillian Blith, and his stepfather, Charles Quist, were both arrested and charged with unlawful manufacturing of controlled substance in February 2005. It was reported that 310 marijuana plants were actually found in the family’s garage. In addition to his mom and his stepfather, his sister Shyamali, who also auditioned for American Idol season 6 was arrested and charged with possession of controlled substance. Read more »
With no recent eliminations on American Idol, television writers like myself are in dire need of alternate Idol news to fill the greedy void.  Thankfully, the Idol franchise is as scrutinized as the best looking girl at the bar, generally producing juicy bits of news on a regular basis.  Waking up this morning to check the internets, I found that Idol had not disappointed.  It‘s not often I get to discuss the marijuana harvest of my home state (Washington) or political backlash in the great state of Kentucky, but American Idol is, as we know, an all-encompassing phenomenon.  Does the phrase” all publicity is good publicity” remain apt if you‘re already a worldwide hit?  American Idol doesn‘t need more buzz; it‘s already saturated with noise.  Therefore, regardless of the exposure, I‘m guessing the powers-that-be aren‘t too pleased with some of the recent news stories to infiltrate the zeitgeist.  Let‘s take a look at some of the notable happenings: Read more »
Despite the fact that no one was eliminated on American Idol last week, we still have some movement in the power rankings.  This is due in part to the performances last Tuesday, but also due to a general shift in power at the top of the heap.  We have a new number one in the rankings this week, and it‘s something I never thought would happen.  American Idol is embarking on an interesting week, with two contestants set to go home on Wednesday.  Who will it be?I‘ve got some ideas.  Now, granted, I‘ve tried to predict the eliminated contestant every week and every week I‘ve been wrong.  However, I‘d argue that my reasoning in all cases has been sound and some of the departures have been surprising.  Since last week‘s votes will be added to this weeks‘, I‘m not sure if the person who was supposed to be eliminated will be able to save themselves.  You see, the emphasis by Idol last week was on getting as many votes as possible, since those votes translated into charitable donations.  I‘m expecting far fewer votes to be cast tonight. Read more »
Odds makers in the online betting world are now favoring teen powerhouse Jordin Sparks as the clear winner for American Idol season six.   Apparently, concerns that Melinda Dolittle may have been among the lowest in votes last week had American Idol bookies scrambling to adjust their odds.  Meanwhile, Lakisha Jones is dropping slowly into the ‘not a chance‘ category.  But does it all mean anything?  What is the track record like for American Idol odds makers? Read more »
So, for the second week in a row, we get to see the top 6 perform on American Idol.  I think the top three of Melinda, Jordin, and Blake are safe, regardless of what happens this week.  That means, there is one spot ofr moving on between Phil, Chris, and Lakisha.  I think Chris and Phil are battling it out for that one spot, and that Lakisha has already sealed her fate.  However, I‘ve been wrong in my predictions every week, so you never know.  What follows are my live, unfiltered thoughts whil watching tonight‘s show.And here we go.  The top 6 are performing...again.  And, it is Bon Jovi night.  I‘m not sure what this is going to entail, but you can expect me to be disappointed. Read more »
Well, you all had a lot to say about tonight‘s American Idol performance show.  We saw a lot of good performances on that stage this evening, and I can‘t remember a better all-around performance night this season.  Our users had a lot to say, and most of it seemed to revolve around my lack of knowledge regarding Bon Jovi.  So it goes.We‘ll be doing this for every episode, so if you want your comments posted, let your voice be heard. Read more »
The American Idol top 6 contestants were given a second chance to impress viewers last night, and that they did.  Whichever two singers are eliminated later today, it won‘t be because of their performance last night.  Most everyone gave one of their better performances, a fact that I found surprising considering it was on Bon Jovi Night.  None of these final six contestants are what you would call “rock singers”.  But, it all turned out pretty well.As we‘ve been doing all season, what follows are my grades for every performance last night.  Since I‘m not a robot, the rankings will be biased, whether it is conscious or not.  Ultimately, for this week, I‘m not sure how much last night‘s action really changed anything.  Viewers are fans of who they are fans of, and they‘ll vote for those people.  One performance probably isn‘t going to change that.  On to the grades: Read more »
So, this is it.  The big one.  A double elimination.  Are you excited?  If you‘re a fan of American Idol, then you should be.  Although my feeling is that three of the remaining six Idols are completely safe from elimination (Melinda Doolittle, Jordin Sparks, and Blake Lewis), there could always be a big-time shocker.  But I doubt it.  Therefore, then you have to believe that the two people to go home will be from the pool of Phil Stacey, Lakisha Jones, and Chris Richardson.  So, here‘s my fearless prediction: Chris Richardson and Lakisha Jones will be shown the door.  Who do you think will be eliminated?I‘ll be updating with my live thoughts in real-time throughout the show, so stay tuned if you want to know what‘s going down. Read more »
American Idol eliminated two singers last night, setting up a formidable final four.  Early in the season, it looked as if the overall quality of singers was down from previous years and, while this may be true to an extent, these last four contestants could all probably hold their own on most seasons.  Our users had a lot to say about both last night, and what they think will be happening over the rest of the season.As always, if you want your comments posted in their own article, comment away, either in our articles or in our forums. Read more »
Barring an epic shock, tonight‘s double elimination on American Idol was not going to be an earth-shattering event.  There seemed to be a clear top three among the fans and the judges: Blake Lewis, Melinda Doolittle, and Jordin Sparks.  After that, I sure wasn‘t going to be surprised by any elimination tonight.  And I wasn‘t.  However, now that we have our top four, the overall picture has gotten clearer.  Next week could be interesting, though.  I know who I think will be going home, but I‘m not going to proclaim it a certainty.  To me, the likeliest candidate for elimination next Wednesday is Lakisha Jones.  This is contingent, however, upon Lakisha reverting back to her typical, underwhelming self.  She has been prone to flashes of brilliance, as we witnessed yesterday and a couple times earlier in the season, but she has yet to put together a string of great performances.  She‘ll need to if she wants to stick around. Read more »
American Idol brings the dream of super stardom within reach for a select group of contestants every year, yet paradoxically it is sometimes the show‘s most infamous losers that go on to garner the most success.  Now perhaps "loser" is too strong a word in this case, many argue that American Idol exposure alone can bring success, yet that has not been proven by the odds.  Here are four individuals that did find phenomenal success - of one form or another - in the wake of failing to become the "American Idol." Read more »
At first, I didn‘t believe this story, but then I saw it on MSNBC and, since they‘re a relatively respectable news source, we have to assume it‘s a little bit valid.  Here‘s the story: Tony Bennett, the legendary old crooner, wasn‘t impressed with Simon Cowell or the way the kids were treated in general during the week he visited American Idol.  Now, the Simon Cowell thing makes some sense; even though I like the guy, I can understand why someone wouldn‘t.  However, Bennett‘s purported issue with the treatment of the contestants is unreasonable.Anyway, here is Bennett‘s quote, from Time Out Magazine: Read more »
Rosie O’Donnell, comedian, television personality and co-host of the award-winning daytime talk show The View, described American Idol as “racist” after the buzzing protests over Frenchie Davis‘ disqualification vs. Antonella Barba’s continued inclusion on the show. Frenchie Davis, a 27-year old native of Washington, D.C., is a former American Idol season 2 contestant. She was disqualified from the talent show after the surfacing of her topless photos on the Internet in 2003. Davis’ ineligibility to pursue the competition rouses a lot of controversy with today’s season 6 Idol contestant Barba, 20, who has been the talk of the town these past few days ever since her controversial pictures appeared on several websites. The photos showed Barba and her friends topless at the beach, as well as Barba consuming alcohol while being underage. In addition, photos from an anonymous source on various gossip blogs contained much illicit exposure of an alleged Barba engaging in a number of sexual acts and titillating poses, exposing much of her private parts. Read more »
Rosie has a new enemy: Paula AbdulThis is great. There are few things on TV nowadays that are quite as entertaining as all these Rosie O‘Donnell antics that just keep popping up. Just when I thought that celebrities may have learned a lesson from her, what do I find on the news? American Idol‘s Paula Abdul giving a drunken tirade to the anchors of Q13 Fox in Seattle. Here‘s the video: Read more »
According to the Associated Press, Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick, who produce American Idol, have declined production positions for this year’s Emmy awards.   Originally the dynamic duo of talent contests were set to produce this years awards presentation but have now pulled out citing the rigors of their current demands.  Read more »
American Idol scandal magnet Antonella Barba, and current contestant Blake Lewis, may have a little love connection going on according to People magazine.  Apparently, last week Blake closed his American Idol performance by blowing Antonella, who was in the audience, a kiss that she caught and returned.  Antonella was an infamous flirt amongst the contestants, could that flirting have grown into something a little bigger? Read more »
Miss Sanjaya Malakar? Don’t worry. As usual, American Idol will be touring with a series of live concerts all around the US. The schedule’s been announced for the annual American Idol tour – the top ten finalists will be starting the tour in Florida this summer. Read more »
I‘ve never been a fan of theme nights on American Idol.  I understand their necessity;  FOX likes to help promote whatever visiting recording artist they have on the show that week and it adds some semblance of structure to the proceedings.  However, I would prefer it if the contestants were allowed to choose any available song every week.  It would take clever planning by the singers and would allow for an entertaining diversity in music every week.  There is a certain unfairness to forcing a genre on all your contestants.  Sometimes a type of music is completely outside of one performer‘s comfort zone while perfectly suited for another.  That‘s not fair. Read more »
These power rankings get easier as the American Idol season goes along.  If you asked most viewers to rank the top four remaining contestants in terms of who has the best chance to win, I think a majority would look the same as my list.  Since I base these rankings on who I think will win (and not who I think is best), I end up having to go against my gut at the top of the list.  Remember, this is not an objective singing contest, no matter how badly we want it to be.  The best singer doesn‘t always win.  One of the biggest speculative questions among the online Idol community this week has been whether three girls can make it into the final three.  Although I think it‘s unlikely, it is certainly a possibility.  I don‘t believe the final three is preordained at this point.  Tonight‘s performances are significant and will ultimately be the deciding factor in who goes home tomorrow.  That might sound obvious, but there have been a lot of times where I didn‘t believe that specific week‘s performances were a big enough factor in the vote.  Read more »
American Idol season four winner, Carrie Underwood has been triumphant in nearly all aspects in her life, evident in her being hailed winner of the popular talent competition and her acquisition of numerous awards from various award-giving bodies. However, there is one aspect of her life that could use some luck…her love life.Previously, the American Idol champ has been romantically linked to Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboy quarterback, and British singer Oliver Trevena. But all the hype never really materialized. Read more »
Hey, everyone, it‘s Disco Night on American Idol!!  The Bee Gees‘ Barry Gibb will be mentoring the performers tonight, who will be singing two songs each for the first time.  What follows are my live thoughts while watching the episode.And we‘re off.  Seacrest gives a typically vanilla intro that I didn‘t pay attention to.  I‘m actually excited about the two performances for each singer thing.  All four of these contestants are good singers, the first time all season I‘ve actually looked forward to all the songs. Read more »
After the success of her second album entitled “Breakaway,” which sold 6 million copies in the United States and 10 million copies worldwide, Kelly Clarkson, the first winner of American Idol, looks forward to the release of her third album entitled "My December," which will be available on July 24, 2007.Although “Never Again,” the first single from "My December," has aired on the radio just a month ago, it has already risen into the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100, following the pace of her previous hits “Since U Been Gone,” “Because of You,” and “Walk Away” among others. The American Idol champ claims that “My December” is her most personal album yet since she has either written or co-written all the songs. Read more »
That was a bit of a disappointment, wasn‘t it?  American Idol‘s disco night had potential, and I thought these final four contestants would step it up and give us a bevy of good to great performances.  Unfortunately, the general feeling after last night‘s show was one of indifference. Nothing heinously awful, but nothing that we‘ll look back on fondly in a couple weeks, let alone seasons to come.  It‘s incredible that we saw better performances on Bon Jovi night than we did on Barry Gibb night; disco seemed to play to these performers‘ strengths far more than rock.  But, there‘s no going back now, and we have to sift through the relative mediocrity of last night. Read more »
Perhaps best known as American Idol‘s Antonella‘s less successful, but equally flirtatious friend, Amanda Coluccio has turned to MySpace to launch her career.  The singer who did not make it into the twenty-four, but did make Hollywood week, is striking some provocative poses and slithering through some sexy lyrics in an attempt to get her big break.   If you count Myspace friends as the mile markers to success, the former American Idol hopeful has  a long road ahead of her. Read more »
It‘s been a long road, hasn‘t it?  At the outset of the Hollywood rounds, these are probably not the three you would have predicted to make it to the finals.  Since American Idol hasn‘t yet aired on the west coast, I‘ll refrain from mentioning who was eliminated until after the jump.However, tonight‘s show was almost entirely filler and Seacrest even admitted as much.  We got one of those terrible Ford commercials, a blatant Fantastic Four cross-promotion, and a somewhat depressing guest performance by Barry Gibb.  On the other hand, Jessica Alba was in attendance, which is never, ever a bad thing.  But, what about the results?  Read more »
A good singer will go home tonight on American Idol.  Will it be Blake Lewis?  Lakisha Jones?  Will we get a shocker like last year and see one of the favorites (Melinda Doolittle, Jordin Sparks) hit the road.  Barry Gibb will perform something, and Ryan Seacrest will give us the results.  Other than that, expect a lot of filler, a cheesy commercial featuring the four singers, and whole lot of commercials.  What follows are my live thoughts while watching the episode.  If you want up to the minute results, this is your place.  Also, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.  We‘ll be publishing the best comments in a separate article later tonight.  Read more »
Well, the results have come in and our users have let their thoughts be known.  Lakisha Jones has been sent home, and some of you American Idol fans are upset.  However, the majority of you seemed to be pleased with the result.  Blake Lewis certainly has his share of fans out there, and your voices have been heard.  Here are some of our user comments from the night. Read more »
We at BuddyTV we‘re privileged to listen in to the weekly American Idol  press conference with the eliminated contestant.  This week it is Lakisha Jones who, in a mildly surprising vote, was ousted from the competition last night.  As we‘ve been doing with these press conferences, here is the lowdown on what Lakisha said:Lakisha thinks that starting out as the early favorite hurt her on the show.  She believes that with the different styles of music, you can‘t always have those big songs that seem to suit her best.Lakisha says that Simon, in fact, is a good kisser.  Read more »
What has American Idol done wrong in its six year life span?  The answer: plenty.  On the whole, Idol has matured over the years, and generally learned from their mistakes.  But, to learn from your mistakes, you have to make mistakes, and that‘s what we‘re here to talk about.  The biggest shams to ever hit American Idol are well-known, but fans tend to have strong opinions on things that worked and things that didn‘t.  Saying that, we want to hear your opinion.  Which if the following instances, in your eyes, weren‘t really travesties?  What did we miss? Read more »
Blake Lewis, a top three finalist on American Idol, is from Bothell, Washington, a suburb of Seattle. Why is this important? When American Idol gets to their top three, that means it is time for the contestants to travel back home and be received like royalty, with parades and radio appearances and TV coverage. Take Blake Lewis‘ schedule for today: First, an 8AM local TV talk show appearance. Next, a stop for interviews on four different radio stations. After that, a free 45-minute concert at Westlake Center in Downtown Seattle. Then, a 4PM parade down Main Street in Bothell, WA. And, finally, Blake is scheduled to sing the National Anthem at Safeco Field for the Mariners-Yankees game. Being that BuddyTV is located in the beautiful city of Seattle, it was only natural that we would head to Downtown Seattle for a first-hand at today‘s free outdoor Blake Lewis concert. It was a sight to be seen. In addition, we have a an exclusive video of the concert and the entire mp3 audio of the concert.  Read more »
While it is almost too close to call, the online gambling odds seem to weigh in favor of Melinda Doolittle being voted off American idol this week, leaving a  Blake Lewis Vs. Jordin Sparks showdown for the coveted "Idol" credentials and recording contract.  It‘s no secret that best singer does not necessarily win the contest, and at this point the final three seems cut from the obligatory legitimate talent, Doolittle, the traditional secondary legitimate talent, Sparks, and the freaky guy with the ardent fan follow - and talent - Lewis.   Seeing one of the more traditionally talented singers go down to leave it a contest of uniqueness vs. the tried and true is practically poetic. Read more »
As it goes every year, the American Idol top three traveled home last Friday to both film a segment for Wednesday‘s show and be showered with unconditional, overly enthusiastic love by their hometown brethren.   Blake Lewis left Hollywood for Bothell, Washington.  Melinda Doolittle skipped to Tennessee.  Jordin Sparks fled to the desert of Glendale, Arizona.  Each were received with an excessive, yet endearing modicum of praise in the form of free concerts, streets bearing their name, parades, and more local news coverage than that kid who got stuck in the well. Here‘s a look at what each finalist had waiting for them when they arrived home: Read more »
No, another former American Idol contestant’s not the perpetrator. Alexis Lopez, who appeared on the first season of American Idol five years ago, was among the employees of a California restaurant that was held up at gunpoint this weekend. The robbery occurred late Saturday night / early Sunday morning at an IHOP on Devonshire Street in Granada Hills, California. Officer Billy Joe of the Los Angeles police’s Devonshire Station said that the armed robber hid inside the restaurant before they closed for the night.  Read more »
Could American Idol be rigged?  The notion is ridiculous to fans, but a boon for cynics; a contestant shuttled in by American Idol‘s biggest sponsor, innocently recognized for her famous heritage, and now the reveal that she actually met the American Idol judges in advance of the competition.  Suspicious bloggers are putting Jordin Sparks under the same microscope Tom Lowe was examined with when it was revealed he was a backup singer that frequented Simon Cowell‘s record label.  There is no doubt that Jordin is phenomenally talented, but her spot in the competition earned by nefarious means?  Let‘s examine the evidence. Read more »
After receiving more than 200 e-mails from around the country asking the city of Federal Way to pay tribute to Sanjaya Malakar, the city decided to honor the former American Idol contestant after all despite its previous reluctance. Last month, Federal Way Town Manager Neal Beets made public that the city had “more important things to deal with and won‘t push to give the 17-year old a proclamation.” City Mayor Mike Park also commented previously that the city had never proclaimed anyone with a “special day” in its 17-year history. But On Wednesday, May 9, the former American Idol season six contestant was given an unexpected homecoming ceremony that changed the history of Federal Way. Read more »
Surprisingly, these have been the most difficult American Idol rankings of the season to comprise.  The competition is so fluid at this point; depending upon tonight‘s performances, any of the remaining three singers could be eliminated.  Fans are mostly cemented into the corner of one singer at this juncture and will stay there no matter what happens.  That makes ranking the contestants near impossible.  Without access to previous voting totals, how is one supposed to separate these singers, all popular and distinct from each other? Well, let‘s just see what happens.  These rankings do not reflect personal opinions, they are meant to be an objective look at who appears to have the best chance of becoming the next American Idol.  Feel free to comment below and tell us who you believe will come out on top and who will be eliminated tomorrow. Read more »
American Idol tour tickets will go on sale Saturday for an estimated forty-seven venues coast to coast.  The American Idol tour will include the top ten finalists performing solo and as groups, headlined – naturally – by the winner of this years contest.  The American Idol tour has proven to be a secondary break out opportunity in itself, Chris Daughtry dominated last years reviews with his ‘made for the arena’ rock and roll , which helped to keep Idol’s most successful runner up in the news. Read more »
American Idol fans have cast their votes, and tonight we will know which two contestants will be battling it out for the rights to call themselves the “American Idol.”  Without question, the cutting of the third is one of the most intense moments in a season of American Idol.  As the contest winnows out a season’s worth of pop idol wannabes the bottom three represent the last odd numbered split of a LOT of votes.  If votes equaled album sales, every person in the final three would be a superstar.  This year it is Jordin, Blake, and Melinda rising from what has, arguably, been a lackluster base of contestants.  How do they compare to previous top trios? Read more »
Here‘s one thing you can say about last night‘s American Idol top three performance show: no one shot themselves in the foot.  All three of the singers showed why they have made into this season‘s top three.  On the other had, there were no legendary, epic performances that we will remember for seasons to come.  This is a little disconcerting.  This is the time of the American Idol competition when we expect the finalists to step up and give us something memorable.  Nonetheless, it‘s hard not to be pleased by the songs last night.  There was a certain across the board professionalism from the singers that hadn‘t previously been seen this season.  They all came out and gave good to great renditions of three separate songs, impressing the crowd, and receiving nary a discouraging word from the judges.  Simon even seemed to be a bit miffed that he had no choice but to continually dole out praise.  As always, here are the performance grades, given out as objectively as possible. Read more »
Here we go, it‘s the American Idol top three performances.  Tonight, more than any other night, the performances matter for these three.  No one is automatic going into the next round, and anyone who comes out firing can solidify a spot in the finals.  What follows are my quick thoughts while watching the show.  Feel free to let your opinions be heard in the comments section below.Ryan starts us off, showing each of the three finalists at their make-up station, all in a row.  They look a little nervous.Wow, I wasn‘t aware of that.  Each of the contestants are singing three songs.  Three songs each! One chosen by the judges, one by the producers, and one by the singer. Read more »
Randy Jackson, successful music producer and famed American Idol judge, has teamed with NBC to create a Hip-Hop dance reality series for NBC‘s Fall schedule.  The series, which Jackson will executive produce, is entitled World Moves.  The announcement took place during yesterday‘s upfronts, when NBC announced its 2007 Fall schedule.  Jackson will partner with the creators of the World Hip Hop Championship to orchestrate the live reality show.World Moves will focus on teams consisting of five to seven members, highlighting both the live dance performances and the behind-the-scenes personal drama.  Teams will be eliminated via online, text message, or phone voting.  The show does not have a specific premiere date, or even a prospective time slot, NBC saying only that World Moves will premiere in late Fall. Read more »
Here we are everyone, on the cusp of the biggest American Idol elimination of the season.  And, not only is it the biggest, it has to be the most up-in-the-air.  Some say Melinda Doolittle is gone, some say Blake Lewis, and some even say Jordin Sparks.  From what I‘ve read by everyone‘s comments in the past week is that there is no concensus regarding these final three.  Each group of fans are as passionate as the others, each trumpeting their favorite singer as the best.  When technical abilities are similar in music, it becomes almost totally subjective.  Whoever America likes the best will make it to the finals.  I‘ll be updating throughout the live show tonight, so feel free to check back often.  Also, let us know your thoughts and reactions below.  Read more »
If you don‘t want to know the results of tonight‘s American Idol results show, do not read any further.  Seriously, stop now and do not ruin it for yourself.  That‘s right, I‘m talking to you, west-coasters (and our Hawaiian friends).  No matter what happened tonight, it wasn‘t going to be totally shocking.  There was a solid rationale to be applied to any of the singers‘ departure, and no one had positioned themselves ahead of the others.  Again, don‘t read any further if you don‘t want to know who was eliminated tonight. Read more »
This morning, the general consensus on these here internets seems to be that Melinda Doolittle‘s elimination from American Idol was a “shocker”, or “completely unexpected”, or even an “unjust abomination of galactic proportions”.  Of course, media outlets want people to read their articles, so expressing dismay and surprise over the Idol result is understandable, but true outrage is a bit misguided in this situation.There are a lot of Malinda Doolittle fans out there, and rightly so.  Melinda was the best pure vocalist on American Idol this season and was one of the best to ever grace the Idol stage.  She was versatile, incredibly consistent, and exceedingly likable.  Her fans can‘t understand how this happened, how the best singer could be eliminated after seeming destined to reach the finals since early in the season.  Well, actually, it‘s pretty simple. Read more »
Melinda Doolittle‘s elimination is still sending shock waves among the American Idol‘s fan circles. Whether you agree with the result or not, you have to agree that Melinda was an incredible pure singer.  Melinda answered questions from the press this morning, and we were there to listen in and jot down the most important and interesting bits.  Here are the quick bullets points:-Melinda thinks that, first off, Jordin and Blake were great performers, and that that is probably the main reason she voted off.  She admits that she may have received a lot of the older vote, people who, although passionate, weren‘t as vote-crazy as some of the younger voters.   Read more »
For many fans, last night‘s American Idol results show was a shocking disappointment.  Melinda Doolittle was considered by a large portion of viewers to be the best singer remaining on the show and the favorite to win it all.  These things happen on American Idol, however, and the elimination of Melinda will just go down in American Idol history as another of its various surprising results.  Below, you will find a sampling of the hundreds of comments we‘ve received on BuddyTV regarding last night‘s show.  Read more »
American Idol hosted a press conference earlier this morning with Blake Lewis, one of the two finalists on this season‘s American Idol.  During the call, Blake was down-to-earth, answering questions candidly and not giving the typical cliche, canned answers that we are all so used to.  He had a few interesting tidbits about his musical past back in great Pacific Northwest, and his former friendship with the members of Maroon 5.Here are some of the highlights from the press conference. Read more »
It would be cynical to say that the performance episodes of American Idol don‘t matter at this point.  They do matter, just less than we‘d like to believe.  The vast majority of American Idol voters have already made up their minds on who they will vote for next Tuesday evening.  What this means is simple: the winner of American Idol has, probably, already been decided.  We sure don‘t know who that winner is going to be, but there are some informed predictions that can be made.  Here is one:Jordin Sparks will be your next American Idol. Read more »
Petty Officer Third Class Phil Stacey is so dedicated to Navy life that he was willing to give up going on tour with his fellow American Idol Top 10 finalists this summer if necessary. But he won’t have to; People magazine reported this week that the Navy had given official permission for Stacey to go on tour with the American Idols Live concert tour. "It is absolutely true," Navy spokesman Bob Anderson said. "They‘re working on the logistics right now: what he‘ll be paid, wear, stuff like that."  Read more »
Blake Lewis has a better than average chance of winning American Idol, and no it has nothing to do with Vote for the Worst.  The fact of it is, Blake brings a quirky self-ness to the contest that Jordin Sparks has no weapon against.  Yes, we will argue ad nauseam about who is the ‘better singer’ of the two, but the fact of the matter is that vocal ability is only part of what makes for an American Idol champion.   No doubt, some will pivot the laser beam on commercial appeal; yeah, ask Chris Daughtry if that equation makes any sense, or better yet, ask  Taylor Hicks. Read more »
American Idol’s acerbic judge Simon Cowell says he’s not as mean as people think he is – or as smart. Cowell says he doesn’t know who will win this season of American Idol, Blake Lewis or Jordin Sparks, as he sees the pros and cons of each. "For Blake, he‘s a brilliant entertainer, but the negative is he‘s not a fantastic singer,” Cowell said during a press conference“The advantage for Jordin is she is a great singer and the negative is she hasn‘t done one performance yet which I can remember as a ‘wow." I can‘t call it at this stage."   Read more »
American Idol got it right when they hired their judges. They aren‘t perfect (not even close, actually, but nor should they be).  However, the density of their appeal cannot be overlooked.  The judges add to the proceedings on a number of different levels, including musical expertise, comedy, unintentional comedy, intra-judge conflict, judge/contestant conflict, judge/Seacrest conflict, etc.  Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Paula Abdul all serve wildly different purposes, but they are all necessary.  They are the stars of the first month of the season, serving as Idol‘s placeholder appeal while viewers get to know and identify their favorite singers.  Without the right combination of judges, it‘s hard to say what would‘ve become of Idol. Read more »
The table is set.  Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis are our two, quasi-unlikely finalists and their face-off tonight will play a part in deciding the American Idol champion.  The conclusion, however, may very well be foregone (barring, of course, a monumental choke by one of the two singers on live television tonight.)  There probably isn‘t a significant population of undecided voters still out there, and the two performers are going to have a difficult time swaying viewers to their side at this late juncture.  Blake and Jordin are so vastly different in their styles that it doesn‘t really make sense to compare and contrast the two.   If you‘re a Jordin fan, no matter what Blake does tonight, your sensibilities will still lie in the Jordin camp, and vice versa.For all the uproar over Melinda Doolittle‘s elimination from the show, this final two is the right final two.  They are both viable commercial entities.  If this sounds cynical, it isn‘t meant to.  Melinda was a great singer, but not much else.  She was a little boring, but everyone liked her, so people fooled themselves into believing that she might actually win this thing.  Melinda didn‘t stand a chance.  Read more »
Over the course of her tenure as a judge on American Idol, Paula Abdul had unluckily endured a series of odd injuries and unusual complaints. While her addition on American Idol had never been proven to cause the ill-fated incidents, one might wonder on the probability of Abdul’s recurring injuries. Most recently, she took a bad fall over the weekend as she was trying to avoid stumbling over one of her dogs. Unfortunately, her plunge resulted in a broken nose.Abdul’s representative told E! News, "She tripped to avoid stepping on Tulip, one of her Chihuahuas. She is fine. This will have no effect whatsoever on her appearance on American Idol tomorrow and Wednesday for the finale." The representative also mentioned that the 44-year old TV personality was not hospitalized for her injury. Read more »
Two singers, three songs each.  That‘s it.  Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks will compete for the American Idol championship tonight in part one of Idol‘s two-night finale.  Part two comes tomorrow night in the form of a two-hour long extravaganza.  It will be indulgent and exhausting but, in the end, our new champion will be crowned.  Tonight, six performances will be crammed into a one-hour show.  Starting at 8PM ET/5PM PT I‘ll be here to give live, up-to-the-minute updates throughout the show.  Big question of the night: How will Paula Abdul‘s broken nose look? Read more »
Blake Lewis does not want to win American Idol and American Idol does not want Blake Lewis to win  American Idol.  Are we clear?There has been much talk of late regarding the ramifications of a Blake Lewis victory come tomorrow night on American Idol.  The issue has nothing to do with Jordin Sparks, so we‘ll leave her out of this for now.  There are, then, two issues to discuss.  One, the reasons Blake Lewis doesn‘t want to win and, two, evidence that Blake Lewis is not trying to win. Read more »
American Idol, like all reality shows, has a wide spectrum of alumni.  There are those former Idols who have gone on to bigger and better things, those who have won awards and topped the charts.  And, then, there are those others who have flopped, been arrested, or simply disappeared from the public eye.  Having almost been through a full six seasons, there is a huge pool of former contestants to look at when asking the question: who are the best Idols ever?  On the eve of crowning the season six American Idol champion, we‘ve decided to look back on the first six seasons with one thought in mind: if American Idol were to do an All-Star show, who would be in the top 12?  What would a dream season look like? Read more »
It wasn‘t all that exciting, was it?  Sure, both Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks performed admirably, but was there any sort of urgency on either of their parts?  They both looked resigned to their fates: Blake to the second place finish he probably wants anyway, and Jordin to being the next Idol champion.  Realistically, last night‘s performances weren‘t going to have a real effect on the voting.  That die had been cast long ago.  Jordin‘s people love Jordin and Blake‘s people love Blake.  Allegiances were not going to be swapped.So, then, what were the ramifications of last night?  We heard the songwriting contest winner‘s tune, and it was pretty bland.  The song, however, is a perfect one for Jordin (weird) and so far from Blake‘s preferred genre that it‘s not even funny.  Hopefully, we‘ll never have to hear Blake sing that song again.  Since you can‘t really judge the two based on that song, we‘ll just be looking at the first two tunes when giving out the grades. Read more »
Every January, there is hope.  Endless auditions provide a multitude of seemingly able singers, people who, under the right circumstances, could end up winning American Idol.  Unfortunately, disappointment comes fast for the majority of the Idol contestants.  More or less, this is what American Idol is about.  The failure to live up to expectations vs. the ability to exceed them.  Each contestant sets a bar for themselves when their initial audition airs.  Sometimes that bar can be changed, but oftentimes it will create a precedent that the singer will never again live up to. Read more »
Jordin Sparks, the 17-year old from Glendale, Arizona, has won season six of American Idol.   Tonight‘s epic two-hour finale was a suspenseful one but, in the end, it was Jordin who beat Blake Lewis, the finalist from Bothell, Washington.  Jordin was the overwhelming favorite to win the competition coming into the finale but, as fans of Idol know, anything can happen.  However, it was the favorite Jordin who America gave their votes to and she is the newest winner of American Idol. Read more »
It‘s been a long five-month journey, but we‘ve finally reached the trail‘s end.  American Idol will crown its sixth victor this evening and it will be either Jordin Sparks, the teen sensation from Arizona, or Blake Lewis, the human beat-box from the great Pacific Northwest.  The odds-on favorite appears to be Jordin, but weirder things have happened.  I will be updating the live blog here throughout the show and will have the final results posted just seconds after Mr. Ryan Seacrest announces them to the world.  What follows are my live, almost totally unfiltered thoughts while watching tonight‘s two-hour American Idol finale. Read more »
Sanjaya Malakar will not be appearing on this list.  One of the biggest problems with American Idol is how little time the singers get to learn songs that they are, at the least, not intimately familiar with and, at the worst, totally out of their comfort zone.  For competition‘s sake, this is not a big deal.  However, for audiences, it waters down the quality of the performances.  We never, really, get to see these singers at their peaks.  There‘s a reason that when past Idol contestants come back and perform they sound so damn good.  It‘s because the songs are perfectly suited for them and they‘ve had ample practice time. Read more »
Kellie Pickler attracted much attention as a contestant on the fifth season of Fox’s American Idol. Recognized for her Southern charm and bubbly personality, she reached the semi-finals round and was never found in the bottom three except during her elimination in week 10 of the competition. The country music singer finished in sixth place. Read more »
Elliott Yamin propelled to fame as a finalist in the fifth season of American Idol. During his time on the show, he received a number of outstanding compliments despite his little experience in entertaining. He ended up being in a respectable finishing place and became the first and only, so far, male contestant to rank third place on the popular singing competition. A week after his elimination, he returned for the season finale, where he performed a duet with six-time Grammy Award-winning R&B and hip hop singer, songwriter and producer Mary J. Blige. His rendition of “One” was considered by the judges as one of the highlights of that evening. Read more »
Leading up to the American Idol, indeed as far back as the final four, many Blake Lewis supporters suggested that the unique performer probably did not care about winning the contest.  The presumption was that a performer as unique as Blake would be underutilized by American Idol’s pop saturated producers, and like Chris Daughtry, Lewis would be better off to channel his uniqueness into a more creatively compatible venue.  Read more »
Looking at it realistically, American Idol doesn‘t need to improve itself.  The show is fine the way it is.  If you were the most successful reality show in the history of the medium, if you were by far the most watched TV show on the planet, if you had created and nurtured a number of current pop stars, would you change?  No, probably not.  There‘s no need, right? Actually, there‘s something to be said for constant change and improvement.  Although Idol has still been the number one primetime TV show in the US this past year, the ratings have stumbled a bit.  American Idol would be served well if they decided to add some new wrinkles to the show.  TV longevity is often borne out of a show‘s willingness to change throughout the years.  There‘s a reason the shelf life of prime time game shows is so low: they stay the same.  Never underestimate the short attention span of us TV viewers. Read more »
Tamyra Gray, who finished in fourth place on American Idol‘s inaugural season, will be joining the cast of Rent on Broadway in New York City.  Tamyra will be playing the role of Mimi Marquez, a heroin addicted stripper.  She was set to make her first appearance in the heralded musical today.Tamyra Gray, who famously sang “A House is Not a Home” on Idol, has had one of the more interesting careers of any former American Idol contestant.  Take a look at these accomplishments: Read more »
Does FOX know about this? Can you believe they‘re allowing their Idols to roam free on network television, traveling to whichever network happens to tickle their fancy?  But, it‘s all true.  American Idol finalists Blake Lewis, Melinda Doolittle, and Jordin Sparks will be featured on NBC‘s 4th Annual Macy‘s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular.  Sounds pretty spectacular, right? Read more »
With the finale of American Idol barely a week gone by, news about champion Jordin Sparks is still in demand.  However, with the Idol participants preparing for the American Idol tour and with producers placing all the singers on a short leash, there aren‘t a whole lot of major newsworthy items floating about.  Instead, there have been a number of mini-stories that have been making the rounds in the media over the past few days regarding Jordin Sparks.  None are earth-shattering, and none are all that controversial.Jordin Sparks isn‘t likely to cause much controversy in her career.  She‘s a nice girl, a churchgoer, someone who isn‘t going to be found partying at LA hot spots in the wee hours of the night.  But, she did do a number of interviews over the past week and the media has done their requisite digging, and these are a few of the things we learned: Read more »
So, here‘s your crazy, bizarre, unfathomable, apocalypse-inducing, cringe-worthy, utterly baffling news of the week:Earlier today, at the annual Wal-Mart stock holders meeting at the Bud Walton Arena in Fayettville, Arkansas, Jordin Sparks, Jennifer Lopez, and comedian Sinbad provided entertainment for the thousands of shareholders in attendance. Let that sentence sink in.  There are so many ridiculous parts to it that I have no idea where to begin. Those are three artists that I would never expect to take the stage together.  Now, J-Lo and Jordin, sure, they were together earlier this season on American Idol, but together with Sinbad? Really? Read more »
Nowadays, there are many ways to hack and get a hold of private and confidential information from audiotapes and videos across the Internet. But when it’s pertaining to a celebrity, the buzz that comes with it is especially controversial. Most recently, another Internet leakage has been committed and its victim comes in the form of American Idol judge, Paula Abdul.A phone call, in which Abdul can be heard sobbing and bad-mouthing a former spokesman, Howard Bragman, and discussing her various health problems with a group of publicists has unfortunately made its way onto the Internet, and has left Abdul deeply hurt over the publicized conversation. Read more »
Correspondents, talking heads, pundits, mental midgets; whatever you want to call them, it‘s becoming all too common for someone on a cable news network to spout a totally ridiculous opinion just to stir up some controversy.  A couple weeks back, on FOX News, MeMe Roth from the National Action Against Obesity group, came on Neil Cavuto‘s show and said that Jordin Sparks should not win American Idol because she is obese and it sends the wrong message to American‘s youth.  Child obesity (and obesity in general) is a serious issue in our country, and MeMe Roth may have had good intentions, but there are much better examples of obesity than Jordin Sparks.MeMe Roth said, “When I look at Jordin I see diabetes, I see heart disease, I see high cholesterol.  That‘s what‘s so sad about this.  She is not the vision of health; she is the vision of unhealth.” Read more »
Katherine McPhee, season 5‘s American Idol runner-up, has signed on to star in an independent film, entitled “The Last Caller”.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is “a coming-of-age tale about a self-obsessed woman (McPhee) who searches for love, hope and meaning during a few random events with other urban seekers.”The film is supposedly a dark romantic comedy, which is probably the reason the film is independent (big-budget Hollywood romantic comedies tend to be of the “light” variety).  This will be the first starring role for McPhee, who has acted before on stage and has appeared in one film, the 2006 movie “Crazy”.  Read more »
The sixth season of American Idol was not without its own share of scandals, and this year, it was brought about by Antonella Barba, a 21 year-old aspiring singer from Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Barba became the center of attention when pictures of her posing provocatively spread through the internet. At the time, Barba was a semifinalist on American Idol and was struggling to get a spot on the Final 12. Since American Idol decided not to disqualify her from the show, Barba was compelled to keep performing, and although British judge Simon Cowell praised her for the way she was handling the issue, Barba was not spared from Cowell’s brutally honest remarks. Ultimately, Barba failed to make it to the finals, but her elimination gave her the opportunity to finally bring herself out of the limelight. Read more »
Today was a day with a dearth of American Idol news.  This is more often than not the case at this point of the year, but since everyone loves their Idol, stories emerge where there wouldn‘t normally be stories.  This is not necessarily a bad thing; people need their fixes wherever they can get them.  For Idol fiends, the fact that Paula Abdul is considering adopting a baby might just be interesting.  So, on a day when people are flipping out about Paris Hilton leaving jail (although no one should be wasting any energy even thinking about that vacuous waste of space), the major Idol news is as follows: Paula Abdul wants kids and, if she can‘t find a suitable man before she is physically unable to bear here own little Laker Girl/Boy, Ms. Abdul would seriously consider going the Jolie route and adopting a kid.  I offer you these quotes: Read more »
Taylor Hicks, the winner of American Idol‘s fifth season, has found a release date for his upcoming memoir.  The book is entitled “Heart Full of Soul” and will be released to the public on Tuesday, July 10.  The book will be released by Rand House Publishing.Taylor Hicks memoir is an “inspirational memoir about finding your voice and finding your way.”  Fair enough.  The silver haired blues singer has found mild success since winning Idol, but has been overshadowed a few fellow members of season 5.  Chris Daughtry, the fourth place finisher, has especially taken the world by storm, selling over two million records.  Katherine McPhee and Elliot Yamin haven‘t had Daughtry level sales, but both have done quite well.  Hicks, however, is the first to write a book. Read more »
Nothing you are about to read is surprising.  A record label wants to control a young, profitable artist.  A studio head is only interested in making money.  We‘ve been here before, and it all makes sense, and former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson isn‘t a hero for calling out Clive Davis and RCA in the July issue of Elle magazine (which she has).  One way or another, it‘s all publicity, and controversy in the name of record sales.  Clarkson is probably correct in everything word she says, but that doesn‘t mean she had to say them.  The main point of contention between Clarkson and her record label and (mainly) Clive Davis is this: the label was not happy with the direction Clarkson‘s new album “My December” had gone, wanted her to re-cut some songs, make the whole thing more pop-friendly.  Clarkson took offense, especially because “My December” is Kelly‘s first record in which she has either written or co-written all the songs.  She felt disrespected as a female song-writer and has declared her complete and utter indifference to making money, stating she only wants to write and sing the music she wants to sing.  Fair enough, right? Read more »
Taylor Hicks, the silver haired winner of American Idol‘s fifth season, is set to sing the national anthem this Thursday for game four of the NBA Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and Cleveland Cavaliers.  The game will be held in Cleveland at the unfortunately named Quicken Loans Arena in what will likely be the final game of the NBA Finals.  The Spurs have beaten down Lebron James‘ Cavaliers in the first two games and it‘s hard to imagine the totally over matched Cavs winning a game, even at home.  Read more »
Constantine Maroulis, the sixth place finisher on the fourth season of American Idol, has been biding his time.  The typical route for Idol finalists is to record and release an album as soon after the show as humanly possible, allowing them to ride the wave of fame that Idol bestowed unto them.  This often leads to a rushed and mediocre release; Constantine had other ideas.  The thirty one year old Brooklyn born rocker of Greek descent has taken a couple of years to find his voice and craft an album that he is truly proud of.The album, entitled “Constantine”, will hit stores on August 7.  The first single from the album, "Everybody Loves" is currently available for download on iTunes.  Read more »
After getting into a “My December” album feud with RCA chairman Clive Davis and after making a decision to depart with her manager Jeff Kwatinetz, American Idol’s first champ Kelly Clarkson has now postponed her upcoming summer tour.The former American Idol winner’s tour has been originally scheduled on Wednesday, July 11 at Portland, Oregon‘s Rose Garden Arena and covers more than 30 cities before Saturday, September 29 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Read more »
With American Idol in full swing, it‘s always good to hear from the Idols of years past.  You remember Melissa McGhee from last season‘s American Idol top 12.  Not expected to be a finalist, Melissa fought her way all the way through to the final twelve, impressing millions of viewers along the way.  Melissa stopped by and talked to us today about what‘s going on in her career and her thoughts on this season‘s Idol hopefuls.I read somewhere that you’ve been singing since you were 4 years old?  Is that true?Yeah, actually, that’s the first recorded time, I should say.  That’s the first thing we have on a tape. Read more »
Anthony Fedorov placed fourth on season 4 of American Idol, and he‘s been in the public eye ever since.  Blessed with a great voice, we should be hearing from Federov for years to come.  Anthony took time out of his busy schedule to talk with us at BuddyTV recently.  We discussed this season of American Idol, as well as his time on the show and what he‘s up to currently.BuddyTV: Have you been following American Idol at all this season?Anthony:  Actually, I have been.  I’m doing this column for, Entertainment, and I’m judging the judges.  So I have to watch it every week and make comments on their comments. Read more »
Jordan Segundo, the pride of Hawaii, was a fan favorite back in season 2 of American Idol. Making it to the final 32, Jordan‘s impressive crooning melted the hearts of many a female fan, and opened the door for Jordan in his career. Now going to school full-time, as well as writing and performing music, Jordan is continuing his quest to become a well-known star. Jordan was kind enough to sit down and talk to us about his career, his future, and the new season of American Idol. Can you give us a little bit of background about life before Idol? What exactly were you doing? Read more »
With the audition episodes of American Idol underway, it‘s worth looking back at what is probably the most famous audition in the history of American Idol. Yes, I‘m talking about the infamous William Hung. William was unabashedly himself during a rendition of Ricky Martin‘s "She Bangs" and became an overnight sensation. Ironically, William may now be more famous than Ricky Martin. Although his unique brand of musical genius was snubbed by the American Idol judges, William Hung became an hugely popular, sparking a legion of loyal fans, as well as a record deal. William was kind enough to sit down with us here at BuddyTV for an exlcusive interview. What are you up to these days, William? Read more »
American Idol has always been able to attract a massive number of viewers to tune in to its’ annual season finales. So what is it exactly that caused this year’s recently concluded American Idol’s significant ratings slip? Host Ryan Seacrest has an idea. Read more »
Although he was unable to become the fifth winner of Fox’s popular reality competition, American Idol, Elliot Yamin has done well in launching a career outside of the show, having released his self-titled debut album, in March. The 28 year-old singer had no formal training in singing prior to his participation in the fifth season of American Idol. Nevertheless, he managed to make it all the way to the Final Three with Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee. Having finished in third place, the show offered him a recording contract, but Yamin decided to sign a music publishing deal with Sony/ATV instead in December 2006. Read more »
Jordin Sparks, winner of the sixth season of the world‘s biggest TV show American Idol, is in preliminary talks to sing the national anthem at the next Super Bowl.  Super Bowl XLII (or 42, for the laymen) will take place next year in Glendale, Arizona at the aptly named Cardinals Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals.  The game will air on FOX.Now, both Jordin‘s management team and the NFL have chalked this story up to rumor, but considering that the official announcement won‘t be made until the fall, what else could they say?  The mere fact that they didn‘t outright deny the story makes one believe that the story could be very real.  After all, why wouldn‘t it be?  Jordin Sparks singing the national anthem makes too much sense.  Consider: Read more »
Since being crowned the second winner of the hit reality competition, American Idol, Ruben Studdard has established himself well in the music industry. He has released three albums since his participation in the show, with the first, Soulful, making Platinum and the second, I Need An Angel, making Gold. In July, Studdard will begin working on his fourth album. He also has plans of doing a duet with another American Idol winner. Read more »
A musical entitled “Idol: The Musical” is moving to an off-Broadway engagement on Manhattan‘s 45th street this July.  The musical, about a group of teens who idolize former American Idol contestant Clay Aiken will begin a test run at the 45th Street Theatre on July 5th.  The off-Broadway engagement will be produced by Todd Ellis and will be produced by Bill Boland.  “Idol: The Musical”, which has a book by Boland and music written by Jon Balcourt, recently had a run of performances up in Syracuse, New York.The press notes for the musical describe it as such: Read more »
Paul Potts, up until a few weeks ago, was a manager at a cell phone store in Wales.  Paul is not an attractive man, certainly not someone you‘d expect to become a television hero, a bona fide star, but that‘s exactly what he‘s become.  I‘m telling you this to set up the video we‘re about to show you, because it is absolutely one of the greatest moments in the history of reality television. A little background: this is from the show Britain‘s Got Talent, an offshoot of America‘s Got Talent, which was created by American Idol‘s Simon Cowell.  Unlike the American version, however, Simon Cowell actually judges Britain‘s Got Talent, along with Piers Morgan and a British lady named Amanda Holden.  Below is the video, and please pay close attention to the skepticism on Simon and Piers faces before Mr. Paul Potts displays his “talent”. Read more »
Former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson has admitted that she once suffered bulimia, an eating disorder.  This confession, obviously not an easy one, comes from an interview Clarkson did for the upcoming August issue of CosmoGirl magazine.  This comes on the heels of a turbulent couple of weeks for Kelly Clarkson, marred by the cancellation of most of her upcoming tour.  All told, this story is the story of a woman, Kelly Clarkson, stable and honest enough to open up about her past in an admirable way.  The term "role model" probably gets thrwon around too much when it comes to celebrities, but if you‘re an adolescent girl, Kelly Clarkson is a pretty good person to look up to. Read more »
After taking legal action against American Idol fourth season finalist Mario Vazquez, Magdaleno Olmos, the program’s former assistant production accountant, was ordered to arbitrate his harassment suit by the Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael C. Solner on Wednesday. In March, a lawsuit was filed by Olmos in the Los Angeles Superior Court for complaining he was sexually harassed by the American Idol contestant, who reportedly withdrew from the competition before the finals began due to “personal reasons.” According to Olmos’ attorneys, however, Vazquez’s departure from the competition was involuntary and was a result of Olmos’ claim. Read more »
Despite not winning the second season of American Idol, Kimberley Locke has done well for herself. Not only has she attained considerable success in the music industry, she has also become an advocate of living a healthier lifestyle. The 29-year-old singer from Tennessee recently shed almost thirty pounds, thanks in part to her involvement in the fifth season of Celebrity Fit Club. She was one of the eight celebrity cast members of the show, with a starting weight of 176 pounds. By the season finale, she weighed only 149 pounds. Read more »
American Idol‘s Paula Abdul is facing a breach of contract suit for her upcoming reality show, titled Hey Paula! The lawsuit charges the American Idol judge and business partner David Russo of cutting a deal with Bravo for the arranged series while leaving out the production company that allegedly conceptualized and developed the idea. Read more »
Today is the big day for American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson: her third full LP, “My December” was released for sale to the general public in the United States, and the reaction thus far has been somewhat mixed.  More so than any other time in Clarkson‘s young career, her name is shrouded by controversy of late.  Most of Clarkson‘s summer tour was canceled, she‘s publicly feuded with her record studio head and music industry legend Clive Davis, and she is quite outspoken with the media, even recently admitting to a teenage bout with bulimia.  All will be forgotten, however, if Clarkson manages to sell a few million copies of “My December.”Critical reaction has been guardedly positive.  Let‘s take a look at a couple of reviews. Read more »
Earlier today, FOX announced its 2007 audition cities for American Idol.  There are some notable omissions, as FOX is attempting to branch out and find some new blood for season seven of the galactic superpower that is American Idol.  For one, neither New York nor Los Angeles are listed as audition sites.  However, Idol will be in cities in close proximity to those former audition stalwarts.  Instead of New York City, auditions will be held in Philadelphia, just a couple hours away.  Similarly, auditions will take place in San Diego, a couple of hours down I-5 from Los Angeles (depending on traffic).Full audition schedule: Read more »
In case you didn‘t get enough of Paula Abdul during the 4,000 hours of American Idol that FOX aired last season, Bravo has you covered.  Tonight at 10PM ET/PT, Bravo will air the first installment of Hey Paula, a new reality show that follows Paula as she gallivants around the country, keeping up appearances and acting as you‘d expect a single, middle-aged, rich, and famous lady to.  There is no gimmick to the proceedings, this show is of the Osbournes/Anna Nicole Smith Show variety, meaning it is purely a voyeuristic endeavor, giving adoring viewers an inside look at the machinations of Paula‘s life away from American Idol. Read more »
It’s been only a month since she was hailed winner of American Idol season six and yet Jordin Sparks‘ calendar is already crammed with a debut album and a concert tour. Sparks, a 17-year old native of Phoenix, Arizona, is a singer who has been exposed to numerous singing competitions prior to her participation on American Idol. She has received awards and honors as Coca Rising Star 2002, Country Thunder Young Guns Second Place Winner, Plus-size model search winner, and in the Glendale Youth Fest Teen Talent Show. Read more »
Carrie Underwood can do no wrong.  American Idol winner, millions of albums sold, hit singles, awards, and, now, the title of World‘s Sexiest Vegetarian.  PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) received tens of thousands of online votes for their annual Sexiest Vegetarian contest, and Underwood beat out stars such as Kristen Bell from Veronica Mars and Bryce Dallas Howard, who appeared in Spider-Man 3 this summer and also happens to be Ron Howard‘s daughter.  The male winner for World‘s Sexiest Vegetarian was The Tonight Show with Jay Leno band leader Kevin Eubanks.  This is actually the second time Carrie Underwood has won the PETA contest; she won the poll in 2005 as well.  Last year, it was Veronica Mars herself, Kristen Bell, who won the honor.  Underwood stopped eating meat at the age of 13.  She explains her reasons: Read more »
On Monday, former American Idol finalist Jessica Sierra pleaded not guilty to a felony battery charge brought upon her earlier this year.  The hearing was held at the Hillsborough County Court. Circuit Judge William Fuente scheduled the 21-year-old singer’s next trial date for October.  John Fitzgibbons, Jessica Sierra’s attorney, said to The Tribune that he hoped the case would be resolved “amicably.”  He also said that his client has gotten a lot of support from her fans via phone calls and letters. Read more »
Air travel can be a stressful enterprise.  Just ask the one and only Clay Aiken, American Idol runner-up.  It‘s being reported today that over the weekend Clay Aiken was involved in a dispute with a woman while aboard a Continental flight to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Details are vague, but the gist seems to be something like this: Aiken was resting his foot on the armrest of a woman sitting next to him.  The woman took offense, and out started a fracas.  There didn‘t appear to be much physical contact, although there were allegations of a “minor shove” towards Aiken.  With America on Terror Alert: Color Periwinkle, or something to that effect, the FBI immediately became involved upon hearing reports of the in-air incident.  Passengers on the Tulsa flight were not allowed to exit the plane immediately, but instead were questioned by the Feds.  No arrests were made.  Aiken was on his way to a concert in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Read more »
Former American Idol finalist Katharine McPhee recently made the cover of Stuff magazine.  In the accompanying interview, McPhee talked about several topics, including her provocative pose on the cover of her self-titled debut album."People made a big deal out of [my album cover being racy]," McPhee told the men’s magazine.  "They said, ‘She‘s a slut, blah blah blah.‘ But I‘m really not showing that much skin. It‘s all suggested." Read more »
If American Idol was a show judged by experts in as objective a way as possible, Sabrina Sloan would have at least made the top 6 last season.  Sabrina Sloan, a 27-year-old from California, has an incredible voice and it was shocker when America eliminated Sabrina from the competition after making it into the top 16 on American Idol.   Thankfully, we haven‘t heard the last of Sabrina.  She stopped by BuddyTV recently to discuss her time on the show and what she‘s got coming up in the future.Below you will find both the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
Die-hard fans of American Idol will be delighted to know that their favorite show is about to make waves in the fashion industry.  Recently, FremantleMedia, the show’s producer and licensor, made a licensing agreement with Lyric Jeans, Inc. in order to create a “lyric-inspired” American Idol clothing line. For those who are unfamiliar with the company, Lyric Jeans, Inc. specializes on designing clothes to reflect a particular song.  Their unique designs allow wearers “to express themselves through the words of their favorite song.”  The company is currently affiliated with a number of recording companies, including Warner Chappell, EMI, Universal, Sony/ ATV and BMG. Read more »
Katharine McPhee, runner-up to Taylor Hicks on American Idol‘s fifth season, has just signed on for a new college comedy from Adam Sandler‘s Happy Madison productions and Columbia Pictures.  McPhee is set to portray a pregnant hippie student, who is also a member of the worst, most pathetic sorority on campus.  Earlier in the summer, it was announced that McPhee would be making her film debut in the independent feature The Last Caller.  That film, in which McPhee will play a down and out woman who searches for love, will film in New York this fall.  The sorority comedy, as-yet-untitled, will being production on July 23. The premise of the Happy Madison production revolves around a former Playboy bunny (the vastly underrated and under-utilized Anna Farris) who is kicked out of her Playboy mansion living quarters and is forced to move-in as house mother for the nerdiest sorority on campus.  Read more »
These kind of things are bound to happen.  Some “news outlets” will report that a major change is on the way for American Idol and it will turn into a big national story.  So, let‘s try and nip this in the bud: As of right now, Paula Abdul has not been fired and Sharon Osbourne has not been hired as the new judge on American Idol.  Some sites are reporting such a personnel change is imminent, but it‘s not.  If you like Paula, then you can relax.  If you wish Paula were fired, you‘re going to have to be patient.  Although the reports of Paula‘s firing have no basis in reality, it‘s still an interesting topic of discussion for a Monday in July.  These rumors bring up two pertinent questions: Should Paula Abdul be fired from American Idol?  And, if Paula were to be fired, would Sharon Osbourne be a good replacement? Read more »
Early this month, Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo announced that someone was trying to blackmail her into giving up her crown by threatening to release embarrassing photos posted on her Facebook social networking page.  Polumbo admitted that some of photos showed her acting in an unladylike manner, but the Miss New Jersey pageant board decided not to disqualify her because the photos did not feature nudity. 21-year old Antonella Barba found herself in a similar situation while she was a semifinalist during this year’s American Idol.  Although no one was attempting to blackmail Barba, a set of photos that showed her posing provocatively spread throughout the internet, creating some negative publicity for both Barba and the show. American Idol producers decided not to disqualify Barba, but she was eliminated right before the Finals. Read more »
At the recent FOX press tour, American Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe admitted that he and other producers made mistakes with American Idol last season.  The biggest regret, in Lythgoe‘s mind, was the amount of time spent featuring celebrity guests, rather than getting to know the individual contestants.  Nigel Lythgoe, who along with his Idol duties is the head judge and executive producer of So You Think You Can Dance, a show that he says Idol can learn from.  Here are a few of his remarks. Read more »
While their nominations might not get quite the same amount of speculation and attention as do the noms for comedy and drama series or individual actors, reality programs are still part of the Emmy Award night. And with reality shows appearing to have outlived all the “This is just a fad” predictions, and finding themselves fairly firmly entrenched in nearly every network‘s schedule, the competition for the gold statuette can be just as fierce as any Survivor challenge. Reality television awards are divided into two categories, Reality-Competition Programs, and plain ol‘ Reality Programs. The nominations for each category bring some heavy-hitters, some old contenders and a couple of new faces. Read more »
American Idol is a little like Susan Lucci.  Idol hasn‘t reached the sort of award futility that Lucci endured, but it has to be just as painful.  Idol is the biggest show in the world, a ratings monster, a cultural phenomenon which has created numerous pop stars.  The only thing it hasn‘t accomplished, it seems, is the recognition that comes with an Emmy win.  The “Outstanding Reality-competition Program” category was introduced into the Emmys in 2003 and American Idol has been nominated every year since its inception.  It‘s also lost every year to The Amazing Race.  Why is this?  And, is this the year that trend comes to a screeching halt? Read more »
American Idol host Ryan Seacrest is juggling multiple projects, including moderating the highly-rated reality competition, heading his own radio show in Los Angeles and hosting the E! network‘s E! News.  However, amidst his busy schedule, Seacrest has given some thought to something more personal: having children of his own. "I think it would be tough, but I definitely look forward to a little girl and a little boy," Ryan Seacrest told In Touch Weekly in the magazine‘s July 23 issue.  "I want more than five but less than 10." Read more »
Season seven of American Idol officially got underway today, although the first episode is still six months away.  It‘s not hard to envision a very cranky and jet-lagged Simon Cowell stepping out of his epic trans-Atlantic flight, cursing the fact that he has to go back to work.  It must be weird preparing yourself for weeks of verbally demolishing the hopes and dreams of today‘s disillusioned youth.  Or, maybe it‘s easy for him.  He is Simon Cowell, after all.  All the “Paula ABdul is being replaced" speculation has ended, seeing as all signs report to Paula‘s appearance. The San Diego auditions are taking place at Qualcomm Stadium, former home of the San Diego Padres and current abode of the San Diego Chargers.It‘s fitting that San Diego Comic-Con ends the day before American Idol auditions begin in the same city.  Comic-Con attendees are typically the type of people who scoff at the popularity of America‘s erstwhile reality phenomenon.  Meanwhile, I see most American Idol hopefuls as the type who have never heard of The Watchmen, don‘t watch Battlestar Galactica, and couldn‘t pick Stan Lee out of a line-up.  Maybe I‘m wrong.  At the least, it‘s a gross generality.  Read more »
Former American Idol contestant Corey Clark was arrested early Monday morning in Arkansas after police found drugs and drug paraphernalia in his car.  He is currently being held at Pulaski County Jail pending a court hearing sometime today.  Clark is also being held in regard to an outstanding warrant stemming from a missed court appearance in Arizona.  The Arizona charge involved trespassing.  Corey Clark was a contestant on the second season of American Idol, but was ultimately disqualified for failure to report to producers a previous arrest.  After being kicked off the show, Clark accused Paula Abdul of striking up an affair with him.  Abdul was cleared of all accusations. Read more »
It was announced yesterday that season six American Idol finalists Sabrina Sloan and Sundance Head will record a duet album on Universal Records Motown.  The record company has signed a deal with Sabrina Sloan, who will first record the duet album and then follow it up with her first solo record.  The duo is set to hit the studio in mid-August and are targeting a November 2007 release date.  It is reported that just days after Sloan‘s elimination from American Idol, representatives from Universal Motown contacted Sloan‘s camp about a possible record deal.  Read more »
American Idol will be honored as part of the Creative Arts Emmy ceremony for their fundraising effort titled “Idol Gives Back.”  As part of the off-air portion of the Emmy awards, the show will be honored with a special Governors award for the innovative effort that helped to raise mega-bucks for societies struggling with poverty. Read more »
Early last month, FreemantleMedia and 19 Entertainment launched the American Idol-inspired performing arts youth summer camp, and recently, the producers of the hit reality series announced that they are considering expanding the duration and locations of Idol Camp in the coming years. "So much funding for performing arts programs has been drying up over the last few years, so we are really just trying to fill that gap and encourage kids to extend themselves, take risks and pursue their dreams,"  FreemantleMedia director Felicity Carr told Reuters.  "Ideally I would like to see our program reaching all around the U.S. and also touching kids from a whole variety of backgrounds and different cultures." Read more »
The numbers speak for themselves, American Idol exposure is not worth its weight in gold. Gold records that is. The mantra amongst everyone from the contestants to the judges to the producers is that one does not need to win American Idol to achieve enormous success. Is the value of American Idol‘s exposure over-rated? With Chris Daughtry the only authentic mega star to be produced outside of the shows final three, and sagging sales for those who make it all the way to the top, one has to wonder. Read more »
Clay Aiken, who began his rise to fame on the second season of American Idol, attempts to have a successful career by creating a his own path and remaining true to his eccentric and quirky style. After landing 2nd place on American Idol, Aiken has released a series of albums with rocketing sales. Although his fan base is largely comprised of oldies, he has still managed a successful post-Idol career compared to other runner-ups on the show. Read more »
This Seacrest fellow is going places.  Just days after American Idol host Ryan Seacrest was announced as host of the next Super Bowl, Seacrest has been handed the keys to the 59th Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards.  It will be the first time Seacrest has hosted a major awards show.  The Emmys will air Sunday, September 16, on FOX.Executive Producer of the Emmy telecast, Ken Ehrlich, said of the appointment, “This year‘s show will be different in a number of ways; the freshness, enthusiasm and professionalism that Ryan brings to everything he does will be a perfect match for some of the innovative things we have planned. I‘ve watched Ryan‘s growth on live events with great delight, and we‘re going to have a great time with him on the Emmys.” Read more »
A few days back, Simon Cowell announced that after the 2010 season of American Idol, he will leave the show that made him famous.  Cowell says that he will turn his attentions to his music and television companies, and even begin making movies.  Cowell said, “I run a record label, I run a TV company, we‘re making movies now - I love that part of my life. I probably get more satisfaction from making a show than being on a show.”  The decision to do only three more seasons of American Idol isn‘t an arbitrary one: he has three more left on his contract.  While this may be a disappointment to fans of Idol, it‘s also probably a good thing.  No one likes to hold on to a high-profile gig for too long, especially when it happens to be a gig on the biggest show in television history.  This does bring up some interesting questions.  Can Idol survive without Simon Cowell?  And, will Idol last past 10 seasons anyway?  Read more »
Blake Lewis, runner-up on last season‘s American Idol, has signed his first record deal.  The beat-boxing specialist from Bothell, Washington has inked a deal with Clive Davis‘s Artista record label and will release an album later this year.  Lewis was a surprise finalist on this past season of American Idol and while he was destined to lose to the safer and less unusual Jordin Sparks, he gained a loyal base of fans during his time on Idol.  It‘s being mongered in a few places that the album is provisionally titled “Audio Daydream (ADD)”, but who knows whether that‘s the truth.  Earlier this summer, Lewis explained what fans can expect from his debut. "It‘s your favorite ‘80s mix tape - very inspired by Michael Jackson, Prince, Erasure, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, the Cure. It‘s all over the map, really - very influenced by ‘80s hip-hop, old school breaks, whatever." Read more »
You know you‘re famous when a vow of chastity makes the news.  Perhaps I am perpetuating the problem, that is, if you consider this type of news a problem.  Anyway, American Idol champion Jordin Sparks recently stated in an interview that she would wait until marriage before having sex.  She said the choice was borne out of a conversation she had with her parents when she was 13-years-old. Sparks explained, “My parents gave me a purity ring and talked to me about waiting until I‘m married to have sex. It wasn‘t forced; it just made perfect sense. It‘s going to be awesome to say to my husband that I waited my whole life for him.” Read more »
Kelly Clarkson had originally scheduled a monster of a summer tour where she would play arenas and large venues across the country.  Poor ticket sales and lukewarm reception to her newest album, My December, prompted Clarkson and her team to cancel those summer tour plans.  Since that time, Clarkson has ended her feud with Clive Davis and fired her manager for mis-reading fan interest in a tour.  Now, finally, Kelly Clarkson fans no longer have to worry: the former American Idol champion has announced a 23-date Fall tour that will kick off at the Turning Stone Casino in New York on October 10 and end December 3, at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.  Here‘s the full list of concert dates and venues: Read more »
The top ten finalists from American Idol‘s sixth season embarked on the Idols Live Tour in the beginning of July with the expectation that they would be welcomed with enthusiasm as previous Idol tours.  For some reason, this isn‘t happening.  Attendance on the current American Idol tour is down a striking amount.  The combination of Jordin Sparks, Blake Lewis, Melinda Doolittle, and Sanjaya Malakar appeared poised for a successful tour.  Unfortunately, through thirty concerts, there have been exactly zero (0) sellouts, which is shocking.  Read more »
The Creative Emmy Awards were presented this past weekend.  These are the less sexy awards that are deemed not important enough to televise during the actual Primetime Emmy Awards.  But, they are Emmys nonetheless.  Prior to this weekend, American Idol had been in the midst of Emmy Award futility, the likes of which hasn‘t been seen since Newhart, which went 25 nominations without a win.  Idol has been nominated 21 times in a variety of categories with zero victories.  That‘s tough to swallow.  Finally, this past weekend, American Idol won its very first Emmy, thanks in part to Celine Dion and Elvis Presley.  American Idol won the Emmy for Outstanding Technical Direction for its "Idol Gives Back" fundraising special, which included a duet between Celine Dion and a computer illusion of Elvis Presley.  Read more »
Jennifer Hudson, former American Idol contestant and Academy Award winner for her work in Dreamgirls, has signed for a supporting role in the upcoming Sex and the City film.  The long in the making movie, which was reliant on all four ladies (Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Catrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis) agreeing to go through with the project. Hudson will play Sarah Jessica Parker‘s assistant in the film.There‘s no word yet on just how big the part of the assistant is, but for Jennifer Hudson to choose it as one of her first post-Oscar roles, you‘d have to assume it‘s a somewhat significant role.  The problem is, it doesn‘t sound like one.  Is she going to play the “sassy assistant” or is she going to play the “shy assistant”?  Are there any others?  I‘m a Jennifer Hudson fan, and thought she was remarkably good in Dreamgirls, so I hope it‘s a solid part. Read more »
There was a fair amount of skepticism regarding FOX‘s choice to hand over the Emmy hosting reigns to American Idol host and friend of the Teeny-bopper Ryan Seacrest this year.  There was no controversy, per se, because it‘s really not that big of a deal.  It‘s not like Seacrest‘s Emmy appointment was out of nowhere, either.  FOX has been known to shamelessly flog its own assets and as the best host on the FOX network, it was wholly reasonable that he host a major award show.  The only problem was that the trend for major awards shows has been to hand over hosting duties to comedians.  Ryan Seacrest is no comedian.  Read more »
Despite his detractors, Sanjaya Malakar is still determined to pursue his music career.  After participating in the American Idols Live! Tour 2007, a summer concert tour which ended yesterday, the 18-year-old former American Idol finalist will now take on his first album.Malakar, who gained national attention on American Idol season 6 by advancing to the 7th place with public votes despite many criticisms, is eager to chase his musical passion and tap on other opportunities that come along his way. Read more »
It was hinted at during last night‘s American Idol results show and FOX has out out a press release this morning: sometime in the near future, there will be an American Idol for bands.  The working title, according to the press release, is The Search for the Next Great American Band.  You can go to for application forms and eligibility/submission rules.  This seems like the obvious next stop for the most dominant TV franchise the universe has ever known, but I‘m a little skeptical about how the Idol producers will pull it off.  Read more »
Hot on the heels of Carrie Underwood‘s American Idol legitimizing Grammy win comes rumblings from across the pond, Britain‘s Daily Star to be precise, that American Idol judge Simon Cowell has planted a contestant.   Live competition has not even begun and we have already lost an alleged three American Idol hopefuls, could the supposed Cowell Idol implant be the next to resign from competition?  And would such a resignation impact Cowell‘s position on the show? Read more »
Adam Lambert is the most polarizing, most talked about contestant on American Idol 8.  His combination of epic talent, over-the-top vocals and his musical theater-influenced style of performing have made Adam Lambert a contender to actually win American Idol.  He‘s certainly got people talking.  Below, you will find everything you could possibly want to find out about Adam Lambert.American Idol 8: Adam Lambert Has Photos of Him Kissing Another Guy. Errr...American Idol 8: Analyzing the Top 13 - Adam LambertAmerican Idol 8: Analyzing the Top 13 - Main PageAmerican Idol 8: The Official Top 13 Slideshow  Read more »
There is no escaping the constant fear of Sanjaya.  It‘s not that Sanjaya Malakar is a scary fellow, or an intimidating presence.  In fact, if one were to bump into Sanjaya on the street or at a party, he would probably be scared of you, regardless of who you are. The real fear is this: that he will never, ever go away.  He has already exceeded what any rational pundit would have guessed was his staying power.  He is an anomaly, someone whose appeal is altogether indescribable and unknowable, kind of like Carrot Top or Stephen A. Smith.  Sanjaya will be going out on the American Idol tour soon, after which he will likely cut an album with the highest bidder.  After that, it‘s anyone‘s guess.  He could become a national pop icon.  He could star in a renowned Nickelodeon comedy about a singing hairstylist.  He could go on to become the US diplomat to Cote D‘Ivoire.  You never know.  Everything about and surrounding Sanjaya has been a complete mystery.  For example, there‘s this story that surfaced today: Read more »