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American Idol is back! The show that launched Scotty McCreery into country stardom and Lauren Alaina into relative anonymity is returning for its eleventh season. And this time, it promises to be more secure in itself. The judges all know what role they are here to play--Steven‘s the kooky one! Randy‘s the "real" one! J. Lo is the pretty one! And the nice one. And the one not doing Que Viva! The Choice with her now-ex-husband Marc Anthony anymore. BUT ANYWAY! Are you excited? Did you miss it? Did you watch X-Factor in the hopes that it could fill the Idol-shaped hole in your heart only to realize that without Ryan Seacrest and Randy Jackson a competition-based reality show can only hope to be second best?  I am, I did, and I didn‘t watch X-Factor. I like to keep my American Idol experience as pure as possible, so I saved myself for today. And now I will unleash a recap with so much pent-up, raw enthusiasm, it will quickly become unbearable. Or maybe I just need to calm down because it‘s just the auditions and I don‘t need to get worked up until the Hollywood rounds? Worked up or not, onward!  Read more »
American Idol season 11 (or one-one, as Randy Jackson seems determined to call it) is off, and the race to win is on. The two-hour premiere in Savannah had plenty of good singers, a few bad ones, and my favorite contestant of all, Ryan Seacrest‘s doppelganger.  Read more »
Next stop for American Idol: Pittsburgh, PA! Will Pittsburgh shine as brightly as the South? Maybe not, since Pittsburgh only gets an hour. Ryan claims it is "the city of champions," but it‘s also American Idol‘s first time in Pittsburgh. All I know is that they love the Steelers so ... eugh.The good news about Pittsburgh is Heejun Han. My favorite contestant EVER. But I‘m getting ahead of myself, let‘s file him under "The Good." Read more »
Whew. One week of American Idol down, then. So, how are you doing? Feeling delicate after all that singing and planking and dreaming? Well, say hello to this morning‘s Idol roundup, then. Should be a bit sobering. Read more »
Something unusual happened in Pittsburgh on American Idol this year. We saw a lot of good singers.Usually there are a handful of truly awful "jokes" thrown into the mix, but not this time. The worst thing we saw in Pittsburgh was some coal miner who thought "Hallelujah" was the song from Shrek. I know he didn‘t make it to Hollywood, but I would‘ve kicked him out as soon as he said that without even needing to listen to him sing.  Read more »
Football and American Idol: could there be a more perfect pairing? The answer is yes, because I don‘t know how big the overlapping section of the Football and American Idol diagram is. It could be all Scotty McCreery fans. Was anyone else out there just waiting for the football game to end? Or maybe most of the TVs went off right after the game ended, in which case, are you reading this because your curiosity got the better of you? I won‘t question it. Idol‘s ratings are down, and I‘m just not sure if this is the right ploy to boost them.And please observe Ryan play-acting in this promo picture above. What a jerk. So, this audition is in the USS Midway, which means it will be loud, difficult, and obnoxious. The most obnoxious thing about these auditions, though, will be all the Steven Tyler antics we will be subjected to. Let the Top Gun jokes begin! ... :( Read more »
American Idol had a big night on Sunday with its special San Diego auditions, airing after the exciting NFC Championship game (go Giants!). And now they‘re going to do it all over again.  Read more »
It‘s been a busy weekend on the Idol-sphere, yes? We had Sunday night‘s audition episode (which will be aired again tonight), we had the ever-changing Top 24 spoilers, and we have this, everything else that we can‘t fit, in yet another American Idol roundup. Game face on. Read more »
Do you believe in a just and merciful Nigel Lythgoe? I suppose I do, because tonight‘s episode of American Idol auditions is only an hour long. A more vengeful, Old Testament Nigel would have stretched the Aspen, CO auditions into two hours, but here we are. What type of Ryan Seacrest do you believe in? I‘m sorry, I shouldn‘t just assume you believe in a Ryan Seacrest.So, they "finally" made it to Aspen, where it‘s great to vacation but few people are likely to live. These auditioners will prove YOU (me) wrong! Randy thinks "we could find a winner here," but we all know that nothing Randy says means anything anymore.  Read more »
Another round of casting bits, then? Tonight, we have lots, including a new mystery character on Once Upon A Time, a Buffy alum heading to Grimm, and two athletes taking a trip to Hawaii. But let‘s begin in a courthouse... Read more »
American Idol in Texas, y‘all! I wonder if they told that guy behind Ryan‘s left shoulder to quit making that face, but he just kept making it anyway so they used the take where he made it the least. So, Houston. Would you spend that much time outside in Houston by choice? I don‘t know that I would. Even the judges didn‘t; they are in Galveston!So, Houston, do we have a problem? A couple, but also a few solutions! Read more »
While we‘re still waiting for Adam Lambert‘s new music video -- it should be out today, and once it‘s out, we‘ll post it here -- here‘s what else is going on in the American Idol universe. There‘s a bunch of relationship items, oddly. Read more »
Ahh, Hollywood week, we meet again. Well, we‘ll meet again next week. For now, though, another trip round the world of American Idol, beginning with a music video we‘ve been waiting for so long for... Read more »
Meet me in St. Louis for the last stop on the American Idol audition tour! If you have trouble finding me, keep looking! Stay there FOREVER. Also, never give up on your dreams. Carrie Underwood didn‘t, and now she doesn‘t have to drive a tractor and smell like farm animals anymore. Let that be a lesson to all you animal-smell folk out there.Ryan Seacrest lifted up the tape for those people like it was Wal-Mart on Black Friday. Thankfully (maybe not), no one was trampled or pepper sprayed. Look how beautiful Jennifer Lopez looks for Day 1! And please don‘t forget that Carrie Underwood auditioned here. Don‘t ever forget it! And stop driving that tractor already, it gives people the idea that you‘ve given up on your dreams. Read more »
UPDATED: All of the Top 24 performers have been revealed.Remember when we all had to wait for a few weeks until we found out who made it to the American Idol semifinals? And then the concept of spoilers were introduced...Yes, here we are again -- American Idol spoilers time! The show has selected its top 12 ladies and top 12 gents over the weekend, and the folks over at The Idol Pad have season 11‘s Top 24.Read our recap of the San Diego auditionsOn the list are some familiar names, or at least those who we have seen in the first three audition episodes. (And some of them are our picks!) So, the list so far: Read more »
First there was Portland, then Portland was cool, then there was Portlandia, and now I‘ll eat my hat if we don‘t hear "put a bird on it" or see it on someone‘s sign at these auditions. Historically, the Northwest has not been a great reality TV audition city, but maybe some talent will come out of the Portland woodwork for American Idol‘s first time. How do you feel about these "auditioners record themselves" segments? I kind of like them. It seems less forced, predictable, and set up than the packages the producers put together with a camera crew. They also seem less forced than Ryan‘s "my sweater‘s stuck in the door!" bit.  Read more »
We‘re in the middle of a really busy couple of days on the American Idol front: we‘ve had Idol alumni taking over the Super Bowl, and tonight we‘ll see another Idol alumni take over Broadway... sort of, on NBC‘s Smash. Speaking of Smash, have you seen our review? Or have you seen the pilot? Also, are you on Karen Cartwright‘s side? Were you going, "no, Karen, DOOOON‘T!" in that one particular scene?Anyway. Idol news. Let‘s go. Read more »
Tonight on American Idol, we finally head to Hollywood! Ahh, Hollywood, home to more drama (and, in this year‘s case, more injuries and medical emergencies) that are somehow more tolerable than during the audition episodes. But before we get to that, another look at the wide world of Idol. Yep, it‘s wide.  Read more »
American Idol Hollywood Week is finally here! The preliminary auditions are over, and now we get a brief glimpse into what the contestants are like under pressure before FOX dresses them up and edits them into neat and tidy packages. The drama, the rapid-fire eliminations, the tears, the heroes; I love Hollywood Week. Have you seen all the people collapsing and falling in the previews for this one? Hell. Yes.As a side note, why would Howie Mandel organize a flash mob to reunite a biological father and son? Oh, because flash mobs solve everything. I forgot. Anyway, wheel out the stretchers--Hollywood Week is upon us. Read more »
There‘s no denying that American Idol season 11 contestant Reed Grimm has a gimmick that works. When he first auditioned in Pittsburgh he delivered a scat-filled performance of the Family Matters theme song that won the judges‘ hearts. Then, in the first round of Hollywood Week, he almost sheepishly announced he would sing "I‘ve Got a Golden Ticket" from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  Read more »
Let‘s talk about how American Idol left us last time. They spent a lot of energy building up to this poor girl, Symone Black, falling off the stage, and promoted it like it was a comedic event. They use it as an instance of Hollywood Week "pushing some to the limit," in "the most intense Hollywood Week ever." And right after she fell off stage, they asked us to tune in for this episode to find out what happened to Symone. That is flat out awful, slimy, and I feel bad for looking forward to her falling all night.So, Symone, if you are out there (and I hope you are OK!), I‘m sorry. I‘ll have to spend the next several weeks convincing all of you guys that I‘m not made of stone again, and that might impede the way I enjoy Hollywood Week. But anyway, medic please! Back to Hollywood Week. The rest of the people in her line circle up in prayer, and the medic (or probably a producer) calls for, what else, a Coca Cola! Preferably in a glass with a logo, people! She got her Coke, though, she‘s FINE.  Read more »
This morning‘s American Idol roundup, inevitably, kicks off with Whitney Houston, who passed away on Saturday in Los Angeles. It‘s mostly about her, really. Just goes to prove what former Idol judge Simon Cowell was talking about hours after her death: many female singers looked up to her. Anyway. Let‘s begin. Read more »
Group performances, group performances! Ryan Seacrest tells us that "not everyone will survive" this one. Is he serious? Does he mean someone will actually die? Lord, I hope not. Just say what you mean, Ryan! Anyway, I love the group performances because it is the one time in the entire season that terrible group performances will be judged accordingly. After this week, everyone will be forced to say that group performances like "The Top 10 Sing Hits from Rascal Flatts!" are great. They won‘t be great, though.So the night before the group performances was full of crying and puking (so much puking!), but now it‘s time to hear what they‘ve come up with. Will the cowboy get his way over Heejun Han? Will Jessica of The Betties just burst into tears again because she‘s so tired?  Read more »
They‘re going to Vegas! Does this mean anything to you yet? I‘m not sure what I think about this "Las Vegas Round," as this is just the second one we‘ve seen, but I‘m all for more group performances and quotables from The Vocal Coach from Hell. So, on with two hours of the flash and lights of Vegas!The first face we see in the episode is Heejun Han‘s, so things are off to a good start. 70 singers remain, and this vocal coach will yell at all of them! They will be singing music from the 1950‘s and 60‘s. On the bus, Cowboy Richie almost punched a girl IN HIS SLEEP. Read more »
It‘s definitely the beginning of the end for American Idol. After spending the last nine TV seasons as the most-watched show on television, the singing competition is suffering a giant ratings loss this season, while NBC‘s up-and-coming The Voice is taking over.Wednesday night‘s episode of American Idol, where part of the Top 24 was revealed, averaged about 15.9 million viewers over its two hours according to early numbers, though the final numbers may be a bit higher. That‘s down nearly three million viewers from last week and is way down from past seasons. But worst of all for FOX, it‘s also worse than this week‘s episode of The Voice.  Read more »
Last time we left American Idol, we were still waiting to hear the fate of Adam Brock. Did you have another sleepless night? Follow up question: was it because you were having waking nightmares about "White Chocolate" and the fear of him going "eeeeeheeeeyaaowww" in your ear kept you wide-eyed with the sheets pulled over your head? Just me? OK.Adam was looking at a picture of his daughter backstage, and he wants more than anything to be a singer. Those statements were related in his head. Steven Tyler tells Adam that, of course, he is in the Top 24. Jennifer wipes tears from her eyes. Lucky for her Revlon makeup doesn‘t run! "Tell our daughter she‘s going to see her dad on TV!" Adam tells his wife. No, don‘t tell her that! That‘s embarrassing.VOTE: Who Is Your Favorite Season 11 Guy?>>VOTE: Who Is Your Favorite Season 11 Girl?>> Read more »
Hey, American Idol fans! We‘re one step closer this week as the 40 or so remaining contestants are whittled down to 24 or so. American Idol is two hours tonight, and a total of six hours next week, but on the upside, at least no one will accidentally watch Mobbed. ("At least they didn‘t call it Flashed!" - a mom).Jennifer wore her green sparkly dress this year (again?), and you just know she was saving it for the Green Mile episode. Oh, and this time they are surrounded by a LAKE OF FIRE. Two days before the final judgment, on January 19th (that is recent!), the remaining contestants arrived at The Wynn hotel to perform their solos. They were then "treated" to a performance of Le Reve by Cirque du Soleil, and would soon perform and discover results on the same gaudy stage.  Read more »
After 13 episodes of auditions, Hollywood Week and Vegas performances (more than any other season), American Idol has decided the Top 24 singers who will compete for America‘s votes. But that‘s not the end of the story.  Read more »
Those American Idol finalists are working overtime this spring, popping up like weeds on a variety of TV shows.  Read more »
Let‘s hear it for the boys! Tonight is the first of many nights of live performances for American Idol‘s eleventh season. Tonight more than ever, song choice is crucial because their numbers will be cut in half on Thursday. Unless we‘re going to continue playing so loosey-goosey, because some mystery 13th gentleman will be revealed tonight and it‘s probably Jermaine Jones. I mean, anyone but Richie, please.But it‘s probably Jermaine, because he had the most heartbreaking goodbye, and the coolest mom. If you have any early favorites, you‘d better hope they got half as much camera time as Heejun Han, who could sing "She Bangs" in the style of William Hung and we‘d still vote him through. Yes, I love him that much and I‘m not ashamed to say it. I want him on this show to make it enjoyable for me for as long as possible!  Read more »
The competition has begun on American Idol season 11, and that means on Thursday, the dreams of half the Top 13 guys will be crushed.  Read more »
Now just the girls. After being somewhat nonplussed by the Top 13 guys‘ performances, I‘m ready for the ladies to kill it. I‘m hoping there‘s a mix of song choices this year, rather than the ever-popular slough of ballads. I think the crowd favorites going into tonight are Skylar Laine and Jen Hirsh, maybe Shannon Magrane. The other girls haven‘t made much of an impression, at least not on the editing team that compiled the auditions up through Las Vegas. I think I might be rooting for Jessica Sanchez and Erika Van Pelt, just based on the snippets of their solo performances we‘ve seen. Basically, it‘s still anyone‘s game and it‘s the girls‘ opportunity now to give us something to get excited about.There‘s also a Baylie, a Hailey, a Holly, and a Hallie and I am not sure I know the difference yet. Parents, whatever happened to nice, sensible names like Anne and Jane? Or even fancy names like Ermengarde? No one would dare bully an Ermengarde. But similar names and hair colors aside, let‘s get to it. Read more »
After two nights and four hours of American Idol performances, the Top 25 are done and it‘s time for nearly half of them to go home.  Read more »
Tonight is the night when 25 become some number between 10 and 14. Such excitement! All bets are off, anything can happen, jokers are wild, etc. We have our predictions for which guys and which girls will be voted into glory, and also who the judges may pick for the remaining 2-4 spots. I think it was easier to determine which girls would be safe, due in part to the judges realizing they needed to be you know, JUDGES. They gave such positive feedback to all the guys that we had to determine entirely on our own which were the best singers and no offense, America, but I don‘t totally trust you yet. Not that Jennifer or Steven have proved trustworthy or reliable judges either ... Randy, you‘re our only hope.Maybe it‘s because I only had candy and coffee for lunch, but I‘m genuinely excited to see how things turn out. And I‘m nervous for some of the contestants. And my leg won‘t stop shaking. Don‘t worry about it. Read more »
After a brutal first results show that sent 12 singers home, American Idol has determined the Top 13 and the race is on to win. Guys have won in each of the last four seasons, so will history repeat itself, or will a girl finally break through?I successfully predicted 12 of the Top 13 (picking all of the Top 10 and two of the Wild Card picks), so I‘m feeling pretty good about my take on American Idol season 11. Let‘s look at the contenders to see who has the best shot of winning. Showdown: Who Will Win Season 11?>> Read more »
The Top 13 are chosen on American Idol, and now it‘s time for the country to get to know and love these singers. Some of them have been featured prominently throughout the auditions while others only recently made their presence known.  Read more »
There are SO many good Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston songs! Why can‘t they have a week each? I would love to hear some guys sing some Whitney. Oh well, I have to get over it now or else I won‘t be able to focus on the enormity of song selection laid out before us. This is the perfect week to show the audience a little more about yourself as a contestant, while still demonstrating versatility. With that in mind, here are my suggestions/predictions for the first week of the American Idol finalist performances. Whitney Houston song picks for the girls:  Read more »
If you want to put money on who will win American Idol season 11, Phillip Phillips is your best bet, literally. Online gambling site has set odds on this season‘s Top 13 on American Idol, and Phillips is the favorite to win at 7:2.  Read more »
The game is afoot on American Idol and it is time to send home the first singer from the Top 13. Well, sort of.  Read more »
It all starts now: the Top 13 have been chosen, and starting tonight, they will sing for our amusement as we pick them off one by one. They wore us down with last week‘s six hours and now we belong to them.There can only be one Season 11 American Idol, and I have a feeling that this season it will be a girl. I mean, it better be! We‘ve elected 5 guys in a row; but this year the girls are bringing the heat. I‘m ready to see one go home tonight. Like, don‘t even bother performing, Jeremy, we just don‘t have the energy for it. (But please do, because I‘m sure you‘ll do a good job and be really nice and supportive to all your fellow competitors, much to Jimmy Iovine‘s chagrin).  Read more »
American Idol season 11 frontrunner Phillip Phillips was rushed to a medical facility early Thursday morning for treatment. According to TMZ, the singer was complaining of intense abdomen pain and was taken to see a doctor. The most likely cause of the pain is gallstones, as TMZ has learned that Phillips was similarly hospitalized in January.  Read more »
Well, "America," if that is your real name, the Top 13 have performed for your votes and one will go home tonight, but not for lack of trying. Everyone tried SO hard last night, that is undeniable. But some were better than others, several tried too hard, and some were just beaten by a really tough song catalog. One might suspect that Elise Testone didn‘t try as hard as the rest of her competitors, and we‘re still trying to figure out whether she gives a rat‘s ass about this whole competition or not. It‘s one of the best things about her. In a "one-time only twist" (Nigel trying to figure out what will work to mix up the show while keeping the ratings), the bottom girl and guy will each be revealed tonight, and the judges will choose who stays and who goes. We think it might be Jermaine, because he "thought it was pretty good," then basically shrugged and walked off stage. And he went third! I suspect that, despite a reaching performance from Shannon Magrane, the judges will make an effort to keep the girls around this season.  Read more »
This week, the Top 12 will sing songs from the year they were born. This week is also known as the "you are old/crotchety" week, as we realize that the majority of the contestants were born in the 1990‘s. The 90‘s! If Stephanie Tanner had a dance to a song from the year you were born, you are young as hell. If you grew up with Stephanie Tanner, you are old as hell. That is how this week works. This is also the week the contestants take chances with songs they were too young to appreciate when they were at the peak of their popularity, so hopefully they have heard of some of these people.So, without further ado, here is what I would like to hear the Top 12 sing, and occasionally what I think they will actually sing. And now, a journey through the late 80‘s and early 90‘s: Read more »
In a surprise twist to this season of American Idol, TMZ is reporting that contestant Jermaine Jones has been disqualified and will leave the show during Wednesday night‘s performance episode.  Read more »
This week, the Top 12 sing songs from the year they were born. This can either act as a demonstration that the late 80‘s and 90‘s were not a great time for music, or it can allow some to shine by making a dated song their own. Each of the early weeks has its own pitfalls that the contestant needs to avoid--singing the same type of song week after week, not making the song their own, and as always, song choice. The only reason I‘m giving it such gravity is because I‘ve been reading the Hunger Games trilogy and now I see each of the Top 12 as tributes, and Ryan Seacrest as the Head Gamemaker. Or maybe Caesar Flickerman. But I digress.The drama has started tonight before we even get a chance to hear them sing, because TMZ is reporting that Jermaine Jones will be kicked off for lying about his criminal past. Where do we go from here? Will he still sing? Only time/Ryan Seacrest will tell.  Read more »
This week American Idol has already had one elimination with the disqualification of Jermaine Jones, but now its time to eliminate someone else. Probably.  Read more »
Tonight marks a results show that, from the outset, I could care less about. While my colleague John Kubicek predicts that Erika Van Pelt will be going home, I think we‘ll still go through all the motions, only for Ryan Seacrest to reveal that no one is going home. American Idol has a schedule to stick to, people, and a lineup of guest performances for Thursday nights and no outstanding warrants (even four of them) will get in the way of that. Still, American Idol is not without its sense of drama, or cruelty, so I think Ryan will reveal who WOULD HAVE gone home had the British gods of reality television not smiled upon them this fifteenth of March.But why? Why drag it out so long? Last night‘s performances were a perfect demonstration of why we need to comb through these contestants a little more--I don‘t want to have to listen to 8-11 ballads anymore. I was secretly pleased to not have to hear Jermaine‘s--or anyone‘s rendition of "Somewhere Out There." Last night was a tour through Snoozeville, population: THESE GUYS. As sad as I am to see Jermaine go under such circumstances, I say get rid of another one tonight and save the extra week for when we care a little more. Eliminate six of them and make the show an hour again; I‘m feeling crazy! Read more »
May is just around the corner, and with it comes the end of many TV shows. Today FOX has released its season and series finale dates, including the end of House, an early finale for Raising Hope and a new time for the Glee season 3 finale.  Read more »
If we can get over Billy Joel being kind of a creep, we can look to his fun song catalog. OK, I‘ve just pored over the Billy Joel songbook and I have a different conclusion than the word "fun." It can be fun, yes, but it‘s not completely malleable to everyone. Honestly, I feel a little annoyed and exhausted by Billy Joel as a theme week. It just doesn‘t make sense for so many of the contestants. It barely makes sense in a singing competition. But they have to choose SOMETHING. If it was good enough to make a mostly-dancing Broadway musical out of, it‘s good enough for American Idol I suppose. Why can‘t we do an Abba week? It just seems like more of a challenge for the band than the singers. Here‘s what I‘ll pick for them, albeit at times an arbitrary choice.  Read more »
I‘m not entirely sure whether or not to be excited for Billy Joel week on American Idol. I like some of his music, but his best songs are the ones that heavily feature the piano, so I‘m curious to see how this will translate to a singing competition. My song suggestions caused a bit of a stir in the comments, but mostly because I flippantly called Billy Joel a creep. To backtrack, the music is the important thing here and I‘m not sure if musically, this is the right theme for a bunch of teenagers. It appears that the people who love Billy Joel don‘t think these kids can do him justice, and the people who don‘t care for his music don‘t want to hear ten covers of it. Another thing I‘m curious about is P. Diddy mentoring on Billy Joel week, but stranger things have happened.I‘m glad I was wrong last week when I thought American Idol wouldn‘t send anyone home on Thursday due to Jermaine Jones‘s swift disqualification. I was even more pleased to see that Shannon Magrane failed to garner a sufficient amount of viewer votes, or the judges‘ save. I guess they‘re still doing that save thing. But on with the show that no one wanted to happen.  Read more »
Sorry, American Idol fans, but I couldn‘t resist an obvious headline. The Top 10 sang the songs of Billy Joel, and it was an interesting night to say the least. There were radical makeovers, former favorites stumbling, a very grouchy Steven Tyler and a surreal performance art piece that might be the strangest and greatest thing ever to be on this show.  Read more »
While Billy Joel week wasn‘t the most anticipated theme week of American Idol Season 11, it was certainly the most underwhelming so far! Granted, there were a few standout performances, and a few stood out for the wrong reasons, but most of the contestants seemed to fall right in the middle of the pack. And the middle isn‘t the best place to be, because it means you weren‘t memorable. For that reason, John and I think DeAndre will be leaving us tonight.A few things to look forward to tonight: a performance from Season 10‘s Haley Reinhart, and a performance from Lana Del Rey. Both are sure to be entertaining in their own right. Haley is showing the contestants what can happen for them, even if they don‘t win, as long as they agree to play by the rules. Lana Del Rey will show the contestants what happens when singing meets laboratory science. Read more »
This week, the Top 9 will ask themselves the question: "who is my idol?" and I doubt Phillip and Colton will be allowed to answer, "I‘m my own idol." You gotta be an original while singing someone else‘s music! Anyway, the theme this week is nice and broad: Songs from Your Idols! So the Top 9 will choose someone they want to sing a song from, and sing it. Does it matter if they‘re honest about whether or not the artist is a real idol of theirs? Probably not.As a jumping off point for my suggestions, I used the question on each contestants‘ fan page, "who are some of your personal musical influences?" Regardless of what they choose, I‘m sure this week will spring back from the balladic dregs of Billy Joel week. Here are my picks for the Top 9:  Read more »
Another week, another theme, although this week promises to be much entertaining than Billy Joel week. The theme, "songs from your idols," is much more broad and allows the contestants to sing pretty much whatever they want. If they pick a bad song this week, it‘s completely on them. I mean, seriously, you could say pretty much anyone is your idol just to sing a certain song, and many contestants have gotten away with it in past seasons. So, it‘s open season here on American Idol and the Top 9 had best take advantage of it! If it‘s a bunch of ballads again this week, I will eat my hat. That is a very real threat, and I hate the taste of hat.  Read more »
It‘s time to make some hard choices on American Idol. By the judges‘ accounts, nearly everyone delivered their best performances this week, and that means it might be time for a shocking elimination, and maybe even the use of the Judges‘ Save.  Read more »
Scotty McCreery is back in the house tonight, y‘all! Holding his microphone all weird and singing about young boy things with an old man voice. Also, someone will be eliminated for choosing the wrong personal idol. Wouldn‘t it be great if their personal idol could eliminate them in person? Like, if DeAndre goes home, Eric Benet would come out of the audience and say, "sorry, man, but at least you‘re not a sex addict ... yet!" and then he‘d wink at the camera. Cut to commercial! John and I think DeAndre could be going home tonight, even though he may have reached a personal best with his performance.After all the tears shed, and all the standing and sitting the judges did last night, someone will have to go home. It‘s the same every week--someone‘s gotta go! It‘s time to let Jesus and/or the voters take the wheel. Read more »
Somewhere, right now, a Cowboy named Richie is feeling relieved. His Hollywood Week nemesis, Heejun Han, has been vanquished. It was bad enough for Richie when Heejun made the Top 24, and then the Top 13 and he didn‘t, but he couldn‘t bear the thought of Heejun winning American Idol. Little does Richie know; despite a short stint on the American Idol live shows, Heejun Han will leave a lasting mark on Season 11. I am sad to see Heejun leave. He was, in my opinion, the most entertaining contestant from beginning to end. He had my favorite audition, possibly of all time. It was the only one I told people about this season, and I still laugh whenever I remember how he didn‘t want to stand next to Ryan Seacrest and his small head because "the comparison is too great." Read more »
This week, the Top 8 are singing songs from the 1980s! This is an exciting, broad theme, and if the judges were saying how hard it is to choose a song from a single year, imagine having a whole decade to choose from. And what a decade! I love music from the 1980s. People just wanted to dance and party and snort cocaine (allegedly ...). Gwen Stefani will be the mentor this week, so we have all the makings for a great week. Think of all the options we have! Madonna! Michael Jackson! Someone has to sing Hall & Oates. Please! Regrettably, this would have been a great week for Heejun. Is there anyone left who could sing "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins? I want to hear it. There‘s just not enough Kenny Loggins love on this show. Here are my suggestions from the vast list of songs the contestants have in front of them. It‘s going to be a good week.  Read more »
Put on your acid wash jeans and your spandex because this week, the American Idol Top 8 take on hits from the 1980s. It should be a great week for people like me, who love the ‘80s. So many great choices! I‘ll be so disappointed if no one sings a song by Hall and Oates. But there are only 8 solo performances, so I should probably prepare myself for disappointment. I hope they won‘t try to throw duets or trios at us again--save that mess for the results show! But, according to recent spoilers, they are singing duets and I‘ll have to settle for The Pointer Sisters instead of Hall and Oates. And no one is singing any Tears for Fears? I‘m flabbergasted. A wasted opportunity, Top 8! At least someone is singing "Flashdance ... What a Feeling." Read more »
Tonight the American Idol Top 8 will take on songs from the 1980s with help from mentors Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal from No Doubt. I‘m not entirely sure what insight No Doubt could offer on music from the ‘80s that an actual ‘80s musicians (like, say, Stevie Nicks) couldn‘t have offered, but whatever.  Read more »
American Idol is due for a shocking results show this week. It‘s the fifth week since the Top 13 was revealed, and last season at this time was the elimination of Pia Toscano. Will we have another result that shocking? If so, unlike last year, the judges still have their Save and could very well use it tonight.  Read more »
By 2013, I predict there will be no undiscovered singers left in America. That‘s where we‘re heading with today‘s news that ABC has ordered a new singing competition series for the summer.Duets will take four celebrity judges and have them pick two contestants each. The celebrity singers will perform duets with their partners and America will vote for the best pair. The judges include Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles, Lionel Richie, Robin Thicke and American Idol‘s Kelly Clarkson.  Read more »
This week, the Top 8 performed songs from the 1980s and, unlike weeks past, there was a clear division of talent. Some people were amazing, and some failed to live up to ghosts of performances past. And some contestants sounded just too much like previous performances. Phillip Phillips is becoming a notable offender of sounds-the-same syndrome. The big question tonight is: who will go home? Or will the judges use the Save? I think the real problem at hand is that NO ONE SANG a Hall and Oates song. Maybe they‘re saving that for an entire Hall and Oates themed week! In my dreams.Tune In to American Idol on the BuddyTV Guide App and chat with other fans during the episode, and you can also share your thoughts on the episode directly to Facebook and Twitter. Read more »
Well, the final American Idol Wild Card pick has left the competition. After Jeremy Rosado and Erika Van Pelt were eliminated, we knew it was only a matter of time before we said so long to DeAndre Brackensick. DeAndre showed promise, but mentor Jimmy Iovine noted after his final performance that DeAndre was "not great" and "growing marginally." It seemed the 16-year old couldn‘t keep up with the rest of the competition.DeAndre Brackensick made it to the American Idol green mile episode last season, with very little screen time to call his own, and in the final cuts the judges determined that he wasn‘t ready. He stood out in the Season 10 group round, for his group full of youngsters (and their moms) who sang "Somebody to Love" by Queen. DeAndre wrangled some more screen time in Season 11, but wasn‘t able to get into the voters‘ Top 10 after the Top 25 performances.  Read more »
This week, although American Idol has yet to announce it officially, the theme may be "Songs From This Decade." So apparently the contestants have a whole two and a half years to choose from, seeing as we‘ve barely started this decade. This is a good test, because it will indicate to the judges what type of contemporary artist each contestant might be, and it will test their modern relevancy. This will be a good week for Colton Dixon, and probably Jessica Sanchez. It will be an OK week for Skylar Laine, Hollie Cavanagh, and Phillip Philips, although Phillip would really shine in a ‘90s week. I‘m a little concerned for Joshua Ledet, who might not have a lot of soul music to choose from, and Elise Testone, who has more of a classic rock/Janis Joplin feel. I mean, will the contestants be allowed to use autotune?Here are my song choices for each contestant in the Top 7 this week. I hope next week is "Songs From the Movies" so I can hear that song from Once again and again. Do you think this week they‘ll have Skylar sing "Need You Now" as a duet with someone? Also, this week marks the likely return of a glut of Adele songs. While we‘re making requests, I think the group number should be "We Are Young," by Fun. But it will probably be the Ford Music Video, won‘t it?  Read more »
Although American Idol tried to keep it a secret, word got out that the Top 7 are singing "Songs from This Decade" this week. And what a decade its been! These last two and a half years have been legendary in the music business, no? But more importantly, this theme gives the Top 7 an opportunity to show what type of artist they‘d be if they were to get a record contract, but no time machine. How can they handle the hits of today? Is there a place for soul artists like Joshua Ledet?Zap2it has a leaked set list, which indicates that the duets and maybe a trio will be happening tonight. It looks like we‘ll be hearing some Kelly Clarkson, some Bruno Mars, that Gotye song that‘s getting a lot of play this week, and even some Lady Gaga. While Haley Reinhart‘s performance of "You & I" was great last year, the judges criticized her for singing a song people didn‘t know yet. Well, we know it now! I‘m assuming it will be this season‘s Haley, Elise, taking it on this time. Read more »
There is an 86 percent chance that no one will go home on tonight‘s American Idol results show. Otherwise, it will be Hollie Cavanagh‘s time to go.  Read more »
It‘s the song that you can‘t escape. Gotye‘s "Somebody That I Used to Know" is like an airborne virus, infecting everyone it comes into contact with. You don‘t need to listen to the radio or even know how to pronounce the Australian artist‘s name (it‘s got-eee-ay, if you‘re interested). The song is as much a part of you as your own soul.  Read more »
The annual "OMG!" moment of American Idol has arrived. This week the Top 7 performed songs from this decade and the singer with the lowest number of votes was Jessica Sanchez, who the judges frequently praised as having the best voice in the competition.  Read more »
American Idol has reached a crucial time in the results shows. Not only are we down to the final 7, leaving a relatively clear dichotomy of top and bottom contestants, but the judges only have two more opportunities to use the Save, or lose it FOREVER (a season). So, obviously, they will use it. John Kubicek and I predict that if anyone but Hollie is singing for the Save tonight, they will use it, and if she is eliminated tonight, they‘ll use it on that strong Top 6 to give everyone another week to sing. We‘ve got a schedule to stick to.Last night, at the end of a mixed string of performances, Jennifer Lopez admitted that viewers are probably just voting for their favorites at this point. Does that mean there‘s little a contestant can do to fall OUT of favor with their fans? Will Jessica Sanchez‘s fans forgive her for wearing that terrible white bodysuit thing during her trio performance? Or does it just mean that underdogs need to give them a reason to vote? Also, as a side note, I simply don‘t agree with Jimmy‘s comparison of Colton and Phillip. They are completely different artists, and Colton cares way more about this whole thing than Phillip.  Read more »
American Idol is now in the second season of its newest judging panel, and I think it‘s time for another change. This week, with the judges using their Save on Jessica Sanchez, Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler seemed particularly annoying.  Read more »
Since James Brown is dead, I think someone should officially name Ryan Seacrest the Hardest Working Man in Show Business. The host of American Idol, E! News, his own radio show and various red carpet telecasts, as well as future Olympics correspondent for NBC, has landed yet another gig. Seacrest will host FOX‘s upcoming 25th Anniversary Special, airing Sunday, April 22 at 8pm.  Read more »
This week, TVLine has announced that the theme is "Now and Then." If it were songs featured in the movie, Now and Then, I would be elated, but this is not the case. "Now and Then" apparently means Billboard hits from 2000-2012 and "soul" songs from the past. It‘s so broad, in fact, that the contestants can pretty much sing whatever they want. Really! "Soul songs from the past"? What does that even mean, other than they want to ensure Joshua a spot in the Top 6?Each contestant will sing two songs this week, which means we have a pretty packed episode ahead of us. 14 songs! And no duets, thank god. Here‘s what I would like to hear each contestant sing in this very broad week:  Read more »
For the second time, the American Idol Top 7 will take the stage Wednesday night thanks to the judges saving Jessica Sanchez. It also means the show will be jam-packed as each singer will take on two songs (that‘s 14 in total for those of you who failed math).  Read more »
Before you get excited, this week‘s theme "Now and Then" does not refer to the movie starring Christina Ricci and Rosie O‘Donnell, among others. I wish. No, the Top 7 (revisited after The Save) are performing twice tonight; one song from this century/millennium, and a "soul" hit from yesteryear. It‘s pretty wide open, which is why I‘m surprised to see such weak choices in the recently-revealed set list. 2 Gaga songs? Adele again? "Fallin" by Alicia Keys? My choices were much better, if you ask me. And no one did! Although it looks like, out of 14 songs, one of my choices (Otis Redding‘s "Try a Little Tenderness") squeaked in.Will Jessica Sanchez enjoy a week of bottom two backlash in both her judge feedback and viewer votes? Will Elise choose a song she likes enough to do well this week? Twice? Will we be able to understand more than 90% of the lyrics in whatever Phillip Phillips chooses to sing? Will Colton Dixon get the standing ovation he practically demanded? Have we already forgotten about DeAndre Brackensick? All these questions and more will be answered this week as the American Idol Top 7 take on songs from "Now" and "Then"! Read more »
There WILL be blood on tonight‘s American Idol results show. OK, maybe not blood, but definitely tears.  Read more »
Everyone on a singing show thinks they‘re the next Adele. The British singer is insanely talented, and her Grammy-winning single "Rolling in the Deep" is an instant classic. So naturally, everyone has to cover it.  Read more »
One week after the American Idol judges used their Save on Jessica Sanchez, viewers were treated to another shocking outcome. Only this time, there was no reprieve.In a surprise twist, Colton Dixon found himself in the Bottom 3 for the first time all season, and then, even more surprisingly, he was eliminated.  Read more »
Tonight, without question, 7 will become 6. There are no more saves, no more second chances, and hopefully no more performance episodes packed to the brim with frantic performances. So many of them just went by too quickly, didn‘t they? It made me uncomfortable. I gave my best shot at ranking all 14 performances, and I disagreed with the judges quite a bit. Maybe they were right and I was way off base in my judgment, but Jimmy Iovine will clarify all of that tonight. He is always right!I think Elise will go home. Her time on American Idol may just be up, as it seems she is the only remaining contestant that voters are judging on a week-to-week basis. John thinks it will be Hollie, as this season has tended toward a pattern of a contestant delivering their best performance right before they‘re booted. I think we may see Colton in trouble tonight, too. My parents, who watch the show on occasion, thought his jacket made him "look like Satan. Not that we actually know what Satan looks like." They don‘t care for Phillip, either, but find him relatable. That‘s really his charm, isn‘t it? He‘s just like, some dude you know. Read more »
This week on American Idol, the Top 6 will sing songs by Queen. When I heard this, at first I was like, "yeah!" because Queen is awesome and has some great music. But then I remembered the six contestants we‘re left with, and I am not sure I can see this going well for all of them. I do think it could be a good week for Elise, and Phillip again (as usual, it seems). I‘m sure Skylar can turn something out, too, but I‘m interested to see how Hollie and Jessica, and Joshua, take on this challenge.Here are my choices for what they should sing. I figure they‘ll each perform twice so my picks have a good shot this week! As good a shot as any. I hope they don‘t sing duets again. One thing is for certain: whoever sings "Bohemian Rhapsody" will perform last. And the group number very well may be "We Are the Champions."   Read more »
This week‘s Buddy Bites includes a controversial casting scoop, an exciting new series and a bunch of baby news. Read on to find out more. Read more »
Welcome to this week‘s Music Show Battle! Two weeks ago, on a whim, I posted an article about how every single singing show (American Idol, The Voice, Glee, etc) performed Gotye‘s "Somebody That I Used to Know" in the same week. The following week it was Adele‘s "Rolling in the Deep" that became the de facto song of the week. It became obvious to me that this should be a regular feature, since every week at least two shows use the same song.  Read more »
Hey, American Idol fans! If you can‘t bear the next several hours waiting for American Idol to begin, or you‘re just curious to know what you‘ll be subjected to tonight, American Idol just tweeted this picture of tonight‘s set list. It looks like they‘ll be taking on songs from Queen AND the odd "Contestant‘s Choice" category. All bets are off! Here‘s the set list: Read more »
The name of the game on American Idol this week is "Queen," followed by Contestant‘s Choice alriiiiiight. Please pretend I said that in a roller rink DJ voice, then played the Ghostbusters song. I made suggestions for who should sing what Queen song, which were quickly dispelled by actual song choices. I think this will be a difficult week for Jessica Sanchez and Hollie Cavanagh, who may or may not be singing "Fat Bottomed Girls" tonight. No, there‘s no way.Watching American Idol live? Don‘t forget to Tune In on the free BuddyTV Guide App while you‘re watching. Read more »
This season of American Idol is harder to predict than ever. Typically guys dominate, yet the last three singers sent home were men and now women outnumber men in the Top 6 for the first time since season 3.  Read more »
Tonight, in addition to finding out who is leaving American Idol, we will be treated to a performance from Stefano Langone. Yes, THE Stefano Langone! And some person named "Katy Perry" I guess. This week, the contestants performed songs from Queen, and songs of their own choice. The judges rose to their feet no fewer than three times, and I wasn‘t sure how to feel about any of it. John thinks that, based on stats, Skylar will be going home tonight. I think, based on anger, it will be Elise. That "what the other contestants think of you" clip package did her no favors.Tune In to American Idol on the BuddyTV Guide App and chat with other fans during the episode, and you can also share your thoughts on the episode directly to Facebook and Twitter.  Read more »
What led to Elise Testone‘s ultimate demise on American Idol? What didn‘t?! Elise seemed to have the cards stacked against her from the beginning, and made matters worse by growing more and more aware of it as time went on. She had a semi-regular spot in the bottom three until this week, when a good performance of Queen‘s "I Want it All" wasn‘t enough to save her from the lasting impression left by a confusing performance of "Bold as Love" by Jimi Hendrix.Elise Testone auditioned in her last year of eligibility for American Idol. The age cutoff is 28 years old, because on the brink of 30, your attractiveness to the world EXPIRES apparently. Elise was well aware of this, but she auditioned, possibly on a lark or a dare from her band. Ah, what the hell, right? And Elise was (is!) great. She‘s a great singer, but she‘s an old soul, and she became less and less accessible with every performance. Read more »
This week the American Idol Top 5 are taking on British songs and music from the ‘60s, continuing the show‘s newfound tradition of ramming two unrelated themes together (see last week‘s Queen and Contestant‘s Choice).  Read more »
It‘s May, everyone! And that means we‘re closing in on the final four weeks of American Idol season 11. In today‘s News Round-Up, we know who will be this week‘s guest mentor (as well as a returning alum in a couple weeks), the Idol Tour dates have been announced (the same with Carrie‘s new tour) and the last music sales. Read more »
In the late 18th century, America kicked England‘s butt in the Revolutionary War. Now they‘re finally getting their revenge because it‘s British Week on American Idol. It makes me wonder if Pop Idol in the U.K. ever does American Week. I also wonder if Hollie Cavanagh is actually a mole sent from Liverpool to steal our nation‘s singing competition secrets. To make tonight‘s episode even more enjoyable, sing "For British eyes only!" from Arrested Development every time Hollie walks on stage.  Read more »
If there‘s one thing we can all agree on, it‘s that Phillip Phillips SHOULD go home tonight on American Idol. Even if you‘re a die-hard P2 fan, you have to acknowledge he wasn‘t in the same league as everyone else this week.  Read more »
Welcome to another edition of Thunderdome! It seems only appropriate to start this week‘s Music Battle with a Mad Max reference, because this week is all about Tina Turner.  Read more »
This week the Top 5 on American Idol proved that they are not just the best final five ever on the show, but that they are among the greatest musicians in the history of time and space. At least that‘s what the judges believe.  Read more »
Even though I wasn‘t surprised she ended up in the Bottom 2 last night, it was disappointing to see this year‘s country darling Skylar Laine become the next eliminated contestant on American Idol season 11. But as she sang last week during Queen Week, the show must go on... Read more »
This week, the theme for the American Idol Top 4 is "California Dreamin‘" or "Songs from the Golden State." What does that even mean? For the first time this season, I‘m dumbfounded. Maybe I‘m still sad about the tragic loss of Skylar Laine from the competition. But seriously, what does it mean? Should I look up musical artists from California (born in California? They have a timeshare in California?) and then go through their song catalogs? Or is it songs ABOUT California? In that case, it could be a lot of Beach Boys and a little Katy Perry/Snoop Dogg. Or maybe it‘s songs written in California. It could be anything. Well, California needs to get over itself. What about songs from/about Arizona? North Dakota? With such a vast selection, I‘m not going to bother with song suggestions. They always pick the wrong ones anyway. Instead, I am going to propose a list of themes I would like to see American Idol take on.  Read more »
In today‘s News Round-Up, we‘ve got an update and clarification on this week‘s two themes that the Top 4 will perform. David Archuleta has a new album coming out later this year, while Adam Lambert‘s new album is streaming online for free. And Carrie Underwood reaches yet another milestone in her career. Read more »
Tonight the American Idol Top 4 take on the most random themeS of the season. Not only will they perform duets, but they‘ll also sing songs written by Californians and songs they wish they‘d written. So basically, anything. Next week I‘m sure it will be songs that include the word "dog" in the lyrics and songs from albums that have flowers on the cover art.  Read more »
The summer‘s most ridiculous new dating game show has a cast, and it‘s so wonderfully absurd. When FOX‘s Voice-esque dating game show, The Choice, premieres on Thursday, June 7 at 9pm, it will bring some rather notable stars. According to EW, celebrities like Joe Jonas, Rob Kardashian and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino will be looking for love.  Read more »
I‘m still upset about Skylar Laine. My colleague, John Kubicek, covered American Idol last week, so that I could cry privately and curl up next to a bottle of wine after the results show. Eventually the wine and tears tasted the SAME. This is my shocking result/devastation for the season. I understand that only one can win, but I thought it would be more of an interesting race to the finish. Phillip Phillips is practically lapping three equally-deserving contestants in the votes now, and these last three weeks are just a courtesy. I guess I‘m rooting for the Joshua upset now? Or have I just been brainwashed by the standing ovations? Skylaaaaaarrrrrr.This week, the Top 4 sing, at least for one category, "songs from the Golden State." I don‘t know what that means, so I suggested other themes I would like to see on American Idol. I‘m so tired of wanting Jessica Sanchez to choose the right song then watching her choose something terrible. And, in case John and Jimmy didn‘t drive it home enough last week, Phillip should have been in the bottom. This week has three non-themes. The California one, duets, and "songs you wish you wrote." There are some decent songs on this set list spoiler, but none that I care to see because Skylar won‘t perform any of them.  Read more »
It‘s the end of the road for Hollie Cavangh on American Idol. That‘s the general consensus going into tonight‘s results show, and I‘m not sure anything can stop that inevitable conclusion.The sweet young girl got the most negative feedback this week and she‘s been in the bottom five of the past six weeks (I guess Elise Testone‘s vacation home was a timeshare).  Read more »
Over the past month there have been many Music Battles between The Voice and American Idol. They‘ve done Adele, Whitney Houston and Tina Turner, but this week is quite possibly the hardest one yet.  Read more »
Two girls, two bros, three stay, one goes! Imagine that little rhyme in cut-out magazine letters and you‘ve got yourself a serial killer. Tonight we find out the Top 3 contestants who will return to their hometowns as "heroes," in a segment that will hopefully fill any time that may have been occupied by a Rock of Ages or Coca Cola promotion. We also get performances from former winner David Cook (yay, is my understanding), and the enchanting Jennifer Lopez. I honestly can not wait to see how this J. Lo performance pans out. I‘d like to see her in a giant shoe again, like she was for that mediocre performance of "Louboutins" once upon a time. Even though I‘m still depressed that Skylar is gone, and last night‘s "California" theme depressed me even further, I have found a way to carry on. Whatever the outcome, tonight‘s result will not devastate me nearly as much. I think Hollie will go, but I‘ve thought it before and been wrong. John also thinks it will be Hollie. But who knows? Jessica could be eliminated for that second dress alone! One billowy sleeve ... pshaw. Have the judges been over-hyping Joshua, making people think he is safe or wanting to vote for others to teach the judges a lesson? Did the female viewers get so caught up in their love for Phillip that they threw their phones through a window in a fugue state and weren‘t able to vote? Do you think he even cares if he wins? Anything could happen, but I think we all know the most likely outcome.  Read more »
So Close But So Far Away: The Hollie Cavanagh Story. I fully expect that to air on Lifetime never (unless she blows up after this which, who knows, she totally could). Last night, Hollie Cavanagh was eliminated from American Idol, but she made it to the Top 4 and had quite the "Idol Journey." She started out strong, blowing us away with a selection of diva songs, but faltered right around "Jesus Take the Wheel."Hollie had a voice as clear as a bell, and always surprised us with how much power a girl of her size could produce. But she couldn‘t quite make The Climb to the Top 3 (see what I did there? Yeah you did). Here are 5 reasons I think Hollie Cavanagh was eliminated. Read more »
Three contestants remain on Season 11 of American Idol: Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet, and Phillip Phillips. For the Top 3 episode, the judges will choose songs for Jessica, Joshua, and Phillip, and they will return to their home towns as heroes. Then maybe they‘ll sing songs about their home towns? I don‘t know. Jimmy Iovine told us, possibly in a lie, that he has no idea who will win this season (and he knew Scotty would take it last season long before he was crowned). I have an inkling, but it‘s definitely a close race. Here‘s my estimation on why your Top 3 favorite will or won‘t win it all:Phillip Phillips  Read more »
American Idol Without JLo?Do you remember after season 10 ended there was much speculation on if Jennifer Lopez would return to the show? She even brought up her trepidation to the press, saying how she had other projects she might work on instead. Well, now she‘s at it again. Read more »
We‘re in the home stretch! Speaking of home, that‘s where the Top 3 remaining contestants are going (or have returned from, if we‘re talking real time). They have successfully completed the "Hometown Hero" level of this game, and we‘ll watch the results of that interspersed with the judges‘ song choices for them tonight. I bet Phillip‘s visit will be endearing, as he revisits the pawn shop (and probably ignores his poor girlfriend who he already shrugged off once on live television). Joshua‘s visit will be fun, because his family is funny and has really latched onto that whole crayfish thing. I have no idea what Jessica‘s visit will be like, because we don‘t know much about her except that ... she has school? She‘s a good singer, though, and that‘s all that matters. I‘m curious to see what the judges will choose for the contestants since Joshua has already chosen every great song for himself over the course of the competition. Who do you think will win? Is it still a close race? Read more »
It seems as though the scales of the American Idol finale will stay in the favor of the men. In the past 10 seasons, 60 percent of the final two singers on American Idol have been male (that number jumps to 75 percent over the last four seasons). And here we are once again, with two guys and a girl at the end.  Read more »
No more drama! The American Idol Top 2 are revealed tonight. Who will join Phillip in the finale? Have we all pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that he will win? You can just tell by the sound of female screams and panties dropping in the audience, and all the girls pressed up against that chain link fence for a sniff of that grey shirt! This week, the contestants went home, Jimmy Iovine sent them the latest product he‘s pimping out, and then he chose the best songs for them. The contestants, without a doubt, chose the worst songs of the night for themselves. They need help. But who needs the most help? Who NEEDS Idol? That‘s the person who should win.American Idol alum and runner-up Adam Lambert performs tonight, along with Lisa Marie Presley. It‘s a celebration of pompadours.   Read more »
If there is one truth to life, it‘‘s that there is an award show for everybody. Thus, we have the Teen Choice Awards, a competition whose winners are chosen solely by voters between the ages of 13 and 19. What will this year‘s teens be honoring? Keep reading for the first round of 2012 Teen Choice Award nominees. Read more »
I want answers! We all want answers. How is it that Joshua Ledet, the soulful, emotional, lovable contestant from Louisiana was eliminated just before the finale? He‘d made it this far, why not all the way? Take consolation in this: at least we will be spared a re-creation of his "You‘ve Lost That Lovin‘ Feelin‘" duet with Phillip Phillips.Though Jessica Sanchez is certainly one of the most vocally talented contestants American Idol has seen, viewers were surprised when she took the spot in the final 2 many of us had assumed would go to Joshua Ledet. He has consistently delivered, and brought the judges to their feet more than any other contestant this season. So why was he eliminated? I have 5 guesses. Read more »
Finale ThemesAre you wondering what the musical themes will be for next week‘s Top 2? Nigel Lythgoe took to Twitter to make the announcement. The first song will be chosen by the contestants themselves as a reprise of their favorite tune they‘ve already performed on the show. Another will be chosen by Simon Fuller, the creator of American Idol. And the final song will be their individual winner‘s single. Speaking of the finale, last year‘s winner Scotty McCreery will stop by to perform (most likely to sing the season 11 exit song). Read more »
Tuesday night‘s American Idol performance finale was the end of the road for hopeful Idols Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips. All their singing done, they talked post-show about being on the verge of victory - and were joined by Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery, who chipped in his own thoughts.  Read more »
Previewing Tonight‘s FinaleTonight, American Idol will crown an 11th winner, and we all know by now it‘ll be Phillip Phillips. So let‘s instead focus on everything leading up to that crowning moment, the two hours of filler full of performances. There have been two high-profile deaths in the past couple weeks: Donna Summer and Robin Gibb. Idol will be paying tribute to both of them, with the girls focusing on Summer and the guys on Gibbs/Bee Gees. Read more »
Predicting American Idol this season has been nearly impossible. Jessica Sanchez almost went home during the Top 7 and now she‘s in the finale. Colton Dixon and Skylar Laine left the competition before Hollie Cavanagh. And despite being the judges‘ overall favorite, Joshua Ledet couldn‘t even make it to the end.  Read more »
Hundreds of performances later, it has all come down to this. Season 11 of American Idol will crown a winner tonight, after two hours of complete, star-studded nonsense. It is so evident to me that Phillip Phillips will win, that I have decided to view the entire finale episode as a party for him. Nigel Lythgoe‘s desperate bid to keep Phillip Phillips happy. See this? It‘s all for you, Phillip!Phillip had the far superior Winner‘s Song, and therefor a better lasting impression on the voters. As though people didn‘t know who they were going to vote for before they watched the final performance episode! But maybe it swayed some people to vote who might not have voted for anyone otherwise. I know I certainly fell under the spell! So now we sit back and relax as our fallen heroes perform for us one last time this season, then see if Jessica Sanchez can maintain composure.  Read more »
American Idol welcomed back some familiar faces for the season 11 finale, including Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams from season 10. Here‘s what Haley, Casey and more had to say before the show‘s big finish.  Read more »
It‘s official: Phillip Phillips is your next American Idol. Here‘s what he, runner-up Jessica Sanchez, and music producer Jimmy Iovine had to say after the results were announced...  Read more »
Wednesday night‘s American Idol finale had its fair share of guest performers. Aerosmith, Chaka Khan and John Fogerty all visited the show - and stopped by afterward to talk with me.  Read more »
For a long time, there was one major singing competition show: American Idol. Then last summer, NBC‘s The Voice joined the U.S. screen with relative success and later in the fall, Idol‘s Simon Cowell attempted to bring his British franchise The X Factor stateside. This year Idol and The Voice went head to head, inspiring comparisons and an inevitable rivalry for the top spot in the reality singing genre. With ABC joining the popular category with its new show Duets (premiering tonight) and Cowell rebooting X Factor with new judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato for its second season, the competition amongst the competition shows is getting heated - and the new judges on the block aren‘t afraid to defend their latest crop of shows.  Read more »
Who would ever have guessed that a novelty name would take one man and his guitar so far in a singing competition? No, of course Phillip Phillips is more than just a funny name from a novel I would have written when I was 12. He means so much to us now! And who would have guessed that Jessica Sanchez would be taking him on in the finale? Granted, Jessica is one of the strongest voices this season, but I was so convinced it would be Joshua Ledet, that I spent most of the last week completely denying his elimination and thinking it would be a Phillip/Joshua finale.Whoever you think is in it, or whether or not they deserve to be there, the final performance episode is here. It‘s only an hour tonight, praise Nigel Lythgoe and Ryan Murphy. Last season, this episode was not a particular highlight. We were introduced to the contestants‘ "Winner‘s Songs," which were both relatively terrible. And the judges were over-enthusiastic as usual, and we all just bided our time until the guy won out over the girl he was competing against. I expect we‘ll see/experience much of the same tonight!  Read more »
The 2011-2012 TV season has officially come to a close,  the Nielsen ratings are in and for the first time in nine years, the most-watched show of the season isn‘t American Idol.The FOX reality juggernaut, which has been the highest-rated show in total viewers and the coveted 18-49 demographic for the past eight seasons, was dethroned in both categories by NBC‘s Sunday Night Football.  Read more »
A Phillip Phillips Health UpdateAfter the confetti fell last Wednesday and another season of American Idol came to a close, word went around that Phillip Phillips‘ kidney stone surgery was scheduled for this Tuesday. Tuesday has come and gone and nothing has happened yet. His girlfriend tweeted recently that "Phillip‘s surgery is not [on Tuesday]. He will be fine when it is scheduled and is excited for tour. Thanks for your concern and respect."Now TMZ (who has constantly had the inside Idol scoop this year, obviously courtesy of Nigel Lythgoe) is reporting that they could not go through with the surgery as planned because Phillip has come down with a fever: Read more »
On Monday, June 11, 2012, a huge milestone was celebrated: the 10th anniversary of American Idol‘s debut. As we all know, 11 seasons later, Idol has made an enormous impact on this country and the world, on the music charts, at the box office, award shows and elsewhere. It started out as a summer show that hardly anyone expected would take off in the way that it did. Read more »
Carrie Underwood Scores 10th Platinum SingleLast month, Carrie Underwood‘s new album, Blown Away, debuted on the charts at #1 and held there for two weeks in a row. Now, more good news heads her way, as her label Sony Nashville sent out a press release announcing that Carrie‘s single "Good Girl" has been downloaded 1 million times and is now certified platinum. This is her 10th digital single to meet or exceed platinum status. Read more »
Who needs The Glee Project when you already have American Idol? According to TVLine, American Idol season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez is in talks to land a recurring role on Glee‘s upcoming fourth season.  Read more »
The second season of Smash just got a huge boost as the NBC musical has cast Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson in a recurring role.  Read more »
Jennifer Hudson is a StarJennifer Hudson keeps moving up the ranks in the entertainment biz every time we log onto the Internet, it seems. After coming in seventh place on American Idol, she went on to star in Dreamgirls and walked away with a Golden Globe and Oscar. Now she will be recognized for her work in a big way next year.Oscar-Winner Jennifer Hudson Joins Smash Season 2 >>> Read more »
Kelly Beats CarrieEver since Carrie Underwood won season 4 of American Idol, there was no question that she could very well rival the biggest Idol star at the time, Kelly Clarkson. Since then, both have soared to the top and stayed there, with Underwood overtaking Clarkson in total album sales (13,205,000 and 11,664,000 copies sold, respectively). But now the original Idol can claim the top spot in a different area. Read more »
Here we go again. For the second year in a row, Jennifer Lopez is very openly and publicly admitting that she might not return to American Idol for another season. But we all know how it turned out the first time: she was in the middle of contract negotiations and kept mentioning to the press the possibility of leaving. So FOX made her an offer she couldn‘t refuse ($20 million), and voila, she was back. Read more »
An American Idol judge is officially leaving the show, but it‘s not the one you might think. On the same day that Jennifer Lopez hinted that she may be leaving the show, Steven Tyler has officially announced that he is quitting American Idol after two seasons as a judge.  Read more »
One day after Steven Tyler officially announced that he was leaving American Idol while Jennifer Lopez hinted at a possible exit as well, J. Lo has made a more concise announcement that she is exiting the show as a judge,  Read more »
It‘s good to be the king. The 2012 Emmy Award nominations were announced Thursday morning and four-time Drama Series winner Mad Men and two-time Comedy Series winner Modern Family remained the top nominees.  Read more »
The big news of the past week has been the announcements that both Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are leaving American Idol. And then the rumor mill continued on with countless names for who could replace them (and possibly Randy Jackson, if he leaves as well -- but we shouldn‘t get our hopes up just yet). But why did they actually leave? Read more »
Let the American Idol overhaul begin! Following a huge drop in ratings, the loss of Jennifer Lopez and Steve Tyler from the judges‘ panel and getting snubbed by the Emmys in favor of The Voice, American Idol is changing things up a bit for season 12.The show will offer new ways to audition, including a small town bus tour, online submissions and "Nominate an Idol."  Read more »
It‘s official: Pop superstar Mariah Carey, who is one of the biggest selling artists of all time, is joining American Idol as a new judge in season 12. FOX made the official announcement today at the Television Critics Association‘s summer press tour. Read more »
With Mariah Carey bringing the pop and R&B, will there be a splash of country added into the mix when American Idol returns for season 12 next year? According to Deadline, the show is "seriously considering" hiring country singer Brad Paisley to be a new judge. Considering Idol has had massive success with country music winners (Carrie Underwood and Scotty McCreery), this seems like it could be a good fit. (Hiring Carey was obviously done to one-up the big female stars on The Voice and The X Factor, and maybe they want Paisley on board to counter The Voice‘s Blake Shelton.) Read more »
At the Olympics, we all want to find out who‘s going to earn the gold, silver and bronze medals. But it‘s not just the athletes who are finding success, as we‘ve just found out. American Idol winner Phillip Phillips‘ song "Home" was used to introduce the US women‘s gymnastics during coverage on Sunday and Tuesday, and with that stellar exposure, "Home" leapt to the #1 spot on iTunes. Read more »
It looks like American Idol is inching closer and closer to hiring Brad Paisley as one of the new judges to sit alongside Mariah Carey. Ever since BuddyTV reported on this news, more reports are confirming that Paisley is the one they‘re closing in on. According to Country Vibe, "Brad and his people will indeed be in Los Angeles this week meeting with top Idol executives about having him join the show." Read more »
A Jo Bro could be judging American Idol next season. Following the exits of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, the singing competition is looking for new judges, and 19-year-old Nick Jonas is being considered for the job. How do we know? He tweeted it over the weekend.  Read more »
Slowly but surely, American Idol is inching their way closer to having the judges panel locked in and set for season 12. After last month‘s announcement that Mariah Carey is joining the show, Us Weekly is now reporting that R&B/rap artist Nicki Minaj is in the middle of finalizing her contract to become one of the new judges as well. This marks the first time since season 9 that two women will be seated at the table at the same time (Kara DioGuardi and Ellen DeGeneres, and before them, DioGuardi and Paula Abdul). Read more »
In all the excitement and buzz over Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj (and all the other names floating around) becoming new judges on American Idol, the question still remained on if the sole original judge, Randy Jackson, would stick around or if the producers would end up deciding to go in a completely new direction. We now have an answer. Read more »
Part of the contract that American Idol finalists must sign says they cannot join a record label outside of the ones associated with the show until the contract expires. Well, that date has now passed, and this year‘s seventh place finalist, Colton Dixon, has announced he has signed with EMI CMG Label Group/Sparrow Records, a label that focuses on Christian music. This comes as no surprise, as Colton himself has hinted that this is the musical direction he wants to take with his career. Read more »
The judging panel on American Idol next year will be a mash-up of pop, R&B/rap and country. And now, there might also be the addition of a Latin artist into the mix, as Enrique Iglesias has been offered the fourth and final spot at the table that will consist of Mariah Carey and, once confirmed, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban. According to EW, "We‘re hearing Iglesias has received an offer for about $4 million per year, on par with Urban‘s deal," though Deadline has different figures ($10-12 million for Iglesias and $3-5 million for Urban). Read more »
Randy Jackson is like a boomerang. Just when you think he‘s out, he comes swinging back in. We learned in the past couple weeks that Randy Jackson would be moving into a mentor position on American Idol, and that Enrique Iglesias received an offer to fill the fourth and final spot at the judges table. Read more »
Carrie Underwood‘s Blown Away Goes PlatinumThe first single from Carrie Underwood‘s Blown Away, "Good Girl," hit platinum status back in June. And now, three months later, the album itself has been certified platinum, having shipped 1 million copies. Read more »
After weeks and months of rumors and inside sources reporting on all the behind the scenes negotiations, the judging panel for American Idol season 12 has not only been confirmed, but the newly unveiled foursome have already completed their first day on the job together. Read more »
It seems that there is no shortage of controversy when it comes to The X Factor, which returned for its second sophomore season earlier this month with new judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato. In this week‘s roundup, we find out why Mariah Carey isn‘t on The X Factor‘s judging panel, why Simon Cowell would want to pay for Spears‘ wedding and why an eliminated contestant contemplated on suicide. Read more »
Kelly Clarkson‘s Stronger Goes PlatinumIt was only last week that Carrie Underwood‘s latest album Blown Away hit platinum status. And now Kelly Clarkson‘s Stronger has also just been certified platinum. RCA Records made the announcement via Twitter: "Congrats to @kelly_clarkson who‘s album #STRONGER album has officially gone platinum!" Read more »