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After flaunting her dance moves on the fourth season of Dancing with the Stars, professional boxer Laila Ali has signed on to join Hulk Hogan, wrestling icon and star of the reality series Hogan Knows Best, to co-host the return of American Gladiators.One of NBC‘s latest midseason primetime offerings, American Gladiators is a competitive series that matches contestants against each other, as well as the show‘s own gladiators in a contest of strength and agility.  The series originally aired in 1989 and has been revived by NBC for a 2008 airing, with open casting calls currently taking place for this new version. Read more »
American Gladiators is back!  NBC announced that the resurrected reality competition series will return to air on Sunday, January 6 on prime time NBC.  The reincarnation of the ‘90s late night guilty pleasure will be hosted by former WWF wrestler Hulk Hogan and boxer/famous daughter Laila Ali.  It hasn‘t been announced which Sunday show NBC will be replacing American Gladiators with or which time slot it will air in, but that news should come soon.  Maybe NBC hasn‘t decided yet.  You may have seen the new promos for American Gladiators either during the Macy‘s Thanksgiving Day Parade or Monday‘s episode of Heroes.  For a loyal American Gladiators fan like myself, I couldn‘t be more excited for the show‘s return.  Read more »
Despite rampant optimism over the last couple weeks, the writers‘ strike looks no closer to ending and NBC‘s mid-season schedule makes that abundantly clear.  NBC has loaded up on reality fare, devoting at least one hour every night to reality shows.  Nearly a third of NBC‘s prime-time schedule will be of the reality variety.  New additions coming early in 2008 include American Gladiators, 1 vs. 100, and Celebrity Apprentice.  Also, a new season of The Biggest Loser will air and Deal or No Deal will continue with new episodes.  Read more »
As previously reported, NBC has announced its primetime revival of American Gladiators, which will premiere with a special two-hour broadcast on Sunday, January 6 at 9pm ET/PT.  Though the network hasn‘t released an official list of participants, the names of the new gladiators are starting to trickle out one by one as the taping of the show is already underway.Similar to the original American Gladiators franchise, which aired on syndication in the U.S. from 1989 to 1996, NBC‘s revival will feature amateur male and female contenders pitted against gladiator professionals.  The show will follow 12 gladiators, six men and six women, as they take on contestants both male and female.  This time, in a new twist, the players will be given the opportunity to train for their match, while viewers will be given a glimpse of their personalities prior to the actual competition. Read more »
Following the release of the names of most of the male and female participants on NBC‘s upcoming primetime revival of American Gladiators, new details about the identities of the remaining male gladiators have surfaced the internet. As reported last week, five male gladiators have already been named, which leaves Toa and Hammer as the unnamed gladiator and the unnamed alternate gladiator, respectively.  Now, curious fans can get to know the persons behind these aliases. Read more »
Following NBC‘s official announcement of the fresh batch of warriors, consisting of six men and women, to battle on American Gladiators, the news about their contenders are gradually surfacing the media.  One of the first contenders to grace the ultimate “David and Goliath battle” is professional skateborder Chad Knight, who is expected to appear on  the premiere episode airing on Sunday, January 6. Read more »
American Gladiators is what it is.  Cheesy fun, with underdog contestants, awkward interviews and sometimes gripping action.  After tuning in to the two hour premiere of the new American Gladiators (the original closed down shop 13 years ago) last night, one thing was clear – the show is almost exactly like the original.  Format is the same, most of the challenges are the same, and it‘s as corny as it was in 1988.  It‘s amazing what the writers‘ strike has turned prime time TV into: a series that was on Saturdays at midnight in syndication is now a prime time event.  That being said, I wouldn‘t be surprised if Gladiators becomes a significant hit in this current reality TV-infused network landscape.  The show has its merits - anything that involves an excess of tight spandex usually does. Read more »
In an unexpected move, NBC has decided to offer its owned and affiliated stations a second run of the first three episodes of its latest reality TV revival of American Gladiators for non-primetime broadcast on the weekends of January 19-20, January 26-27 and February 2-3. The idea behind the network‘s decision comes from the recent NBC Affiliate Board meeting, which aims to increase the new show‘s audience sampling. Read more »
After the successful premiere of NBC‘s American Gladiators and the promising debut in its regular time slot last Monday, the competitive series will attempt to flex its ratings with tonight‘s new episode.Read on to find out what‘s in store for the third episode of American Gladiators. Read more »
On Monday, Craig Plastis, Executive Vice President of NBC‘s Alternative Programming Development and Specials, announced that the network has picked up a second season of its latest reality series, American Gladiators.  The show premiered on Sunday, January 6, and has continued to draw in strong ratings for the network. "American Gladiators has delivered everything we were hoping for and has come out of the gate as a top contender," Plestis said.  "We couldn‘t be more pleased with the audience reaction to this top-notch show all ages can enjoy." Read more »
Who could have predicted this, right? If you were to tell me six months ago that NBC would revive my childhood favorite American Gladiators, make it a prime time event and that it would become a major hit for a network in desperate need of such a hit, I would‘ve told you to put down the bong and take a nap.  It‘s astonishing, really, that American Gladiators, the formerly syndicated late-night cult hit featuring ‘roided up beasts beating the crap out of Joe Six-Pack in a series of contrived athletic events, is now receiving over ten million viewers per episode in prime time.  In some ways, it makes me really happy.  In others, it makes me question where this country is going.  Mostly, it‘s just nice to have Assault back in my life.  On the heels of Gladiators‘ ratings success, NBC has already green lit a second season that will air this summer in the weeks leading up to NBC‘s coverage of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.  Along with NBC pillaging the country music reality series Nashville Star from sister network USA, the Peacock has designated their summer programming as “NBC‘s All-American Summer.” Read more »
Beginning on February 4, American Gladiators will expand to 90 minutes.  On February 4 and February 11, Gladiators will start the night off at 8pm on NBC, run for 90 minutes, and will be followed by 90-minute versions of Deal or No Deal.  This is in anticipation of Gladiators‘ first season finale.  The two-hour finale is set for Sunday, February 17.  It will begin at the special time of 7pm, and will be followed by the tw- hour TV movie/backdoor pilot for the reincarnation of Knight Rider.  Medium, which is going to be pre-empted on January 28 thanks to the State of the Union Address, will not return until February 18, where it will begin a six week run of new episodes. Read more »
Would you like to be pummeled by a series of otherworldly behemoths for a chance to become one of the behemoths who perform said pummeling?  NBC has just announced the dates and locations of open casting calls for this summer‘s second season of American Gladiators.  They are casting for the next batch of American Gladiator contenders and, if you live in one of the selected cities, you can show up in person and show off your Gladiator potential.  The big twist for this new version of Gladiators is that the winner of each season is given the option of becoming a Gladiator themselves for the following season.  There are a lot of men and women in their mid-twenties right now who have the chance to realize their childhood dream of appearing on American Gladiators.   Read more »
By at least two very significant measuring counts, numbers seem to indicate that American Gladiators, which has received a new spin, is back with a vengeance.  For one thing, it packs a hell of a wallop in viewership, as one half of NBC‘s one-two punch on Monday nights. And if the turnout in Colorado for the tryouts in preparation for American Gladiators‘ second season is anything to go by, the re-imagined 1990s physical contest is only going to pick up steam. Read more »
Monday night saw the first semifinal round episode on the modern re-imagining of American Gladiators.  Two women and two men battled it out for the chance to get through to the finals.  Shanay Novell went up against Siene Silva, while Evan Pollard faced off with Anthony Abbatemarco in the special 90-minute installment. In the women‘s competition, Shanay, the wellness trainer, came out on top after both women went through Hit and Run, Hang Tough, the Gauntlet, the Joust, the Wall and finally, the Eliminator.  Both competitors were neck-and-neck until Shanay fared slightly better during The Gauntlet.  She finished off her opponent by completing The Eliminator with a time of less than two minutes. Read more »
Last week, Evan Pollard and Shanay Novell came out on top as the first to enter the finals of the re-imagined American Gladiators first season.  Novell went toe-to-toe with Siene Silva before edging her in The Gauntlet and then finishing her off with an under-two-minute performance in The Eliminator.  On the men‘s side, Pollard squared off against Anthony Abbatemarco, who was injured in The Power Ball challenge.  Pollard eventually powered himself to a win via impressive turns on The Wall and The Eliminator.Part two of the semifinal round was scheduled for last night, pitting 25-year old high school history teacher and wrestling coach, Alex Rai, against youth minister and triathlete Andy Konigsmark.  In the women‘s competition, 32-year old former Portland Trail Blazer dancer, Monica Carlson, was up against rehab doctor and reigning Miss Fitness America, Venus Ramos. Read more »
After seven weeks of intense and grueling competition, the winners of the revived reality competition American Gladiators will be determined tonight during the show‘s two-hour first season finale. The four finalists are fighting for some major prizes, including a 2008 Toyota Sequoia and $100,000.  Most importantly, however, the top man and woman will get to join the show in its second season as a gladiator. Read more »
It‘s amazing how the first season of the re-imagined American Gladiators has come to a close.  Last night showcased the finale of the reality competition‘s maiden offering, even as tryouts have been underway to find hopefuls for season 2. Ahead of last night‘s finals, American Gladiators host, Hulk Hogan, spoke to The Globe and Mail about the show and his take on some of its challenges and what draws audiences to it. Read more »
Are you ready for some more American Gladiators?  The NBC revival of the brutal reality competition show will premiere its second season on Monday, May 12 at 8pm with a two hour premiere.  After that, American Gladiators will settle into its Monday 8pm time slot with 90-minute episodes.  Gladiators averaged around 10 million viewers per episode in its first season, making it NBC‘s most successful new show of the 2007-2008 television season.  Gladiators will be one of six reality shows to grace NBC‘s summer schedule.  Read more »
Hulk Hogan is everywhere.  The man had his own VH-1 reality series (Hogan Knows Best, though next season will feature his daughter and will be called Brooke Knows Best), hosts NBC‘s American Gladiators and is a tabloid regular thanks to his divorce proceedings with his long-time wife.  It was announced today that Hulk will be heading up another TV show, this time on Country Music Television (or better known as CMT): Hulk Hogan‘s Celebrity Championship Wrestling.  The series, for which eight episodes have been ordered, will feature celebrities pitted against each other, training with former wrestlers as they prepare for wrestling bouts.  Hulk will act as one of the judges. Read more »
As reported previously, the second season of American Gladiators is scheduled to premiere on Monday, May 12.  While viewers will get to see the 12 original gladiators again, they will also be introduced to three new warriors that will take on 40 new fierce competitors.The only male contender to take on the gladiators during season one, Rocket returns on the second season of American Gladiators to once again prove his worth into the arena.  Also known as Evan Dollard, this first season winner is describe as the one ruthless competitor who will charm viewers with a blinding smile right until the moment he roars up like lightning to toss his contenders to doom. Read more »
American Gladiators returns with a new season that promises new challenges, new warriors and a new arena.  Tonight, fans will enjoy two hours of unstoppable gladiator action beginning at 8pm on NBC. As reported previously, NBC has already unveiled three new gladiators who will make their debut on tonight‘s premiere episode.  Rocket, season 1 male winner Evan Dollard, Jet, season 1 female winner Monica Carlson, and Phoenix, newbie Jennifer Widerstrom, will join the team of existing warriors to take on 40 new fierce competitors. Read more »
In case you haven‘t heard, NBC has come up with a concept that allows fans of American Gladiators to square off for a chance to win an official autographed Joust Stick and other top prizes.  Using an interactive social gaming application on Facebook, users can exchange blows with gladiators, their friends and the entire Facebook community. "This innovative game offers viewers the chance to enhance their gladiator experience by indulging in a full-spectrum fantasy competition that will challenge their minds but fortunately, leave them relatively unbruised," NBC chief John Miller said in a statement. Read more »
If you didn‘t catch yesterday‘s episode of American Gladiators, then you missed the very special sneak peek of the new Hulk Mega Hands, which is expected to hit store shelves nationwide in October. The promotion was part of a special The Incredible Hulk-themed episode of American Gladiators in line with launch of Universal Pictures and Marvel Studios‘ new action-thriller The Incredible Hulk, which hits theaters on Friday, June 13.During the special episode, American Gladiators featured the popular Hulk Smash Hands, which included sound effects such as growls, wall crashes and a warning to enemies to avoid making you angry, that activate when the fists bash into anything. Read more »
To promote the upcoming release of Hellboy II: The Golden Army, the film‘s distributer has teamed with NBC to create promos for the movie featuring NBC show stars. These hilarious and brief clips have been airing between their hit summer series like America‘s Got Talent and are so unexpected that they‘ve caught the attention of many TV viewers.Two of the clips feature Hellboy and Chuck‘s Chuck (Zachary Levi) hanging out and playing video games. Seeing as how both have experience being involved with top secret government agencies, and how both are just big kids at heart, their not-so-unlikely partnership is especially amusing to watch. Read more »
Tonight, all mayhem finally comes to an end as American Gladiators airs its two-hour finale tonight from 8pm.  Two competitors—one among the men, and one among the women—will come out as winners, and win $100,000.  Tonight‘s finale will feature the third semi-final round, which will determine who among the remaining semi-finalists will swing into the finals.Will Ally Davidson, who clocked a 2:07 in the Eliminator, be able to hold on to her position in second place, or will either Abbe Dorn or Annie Castellano best it and get the chance to face Tiffaney Florentine in the women‘s final?  Are Randee Haynes or Mike Gamble strong enough to be able to face Tim Oliphant in the men‘s final, or will Brick Reilly—a last-minute substitute for Alexander Coats, who left when his finger was dislocated again—be able to stand his ground?  All these will be answered tonight. Read more »
Even though Terry Bollea starred on the reality series Hogan Knows Best and hosted the comeback series of American Gladiators on NBC, he will always be remembered as the wrestling legend Hulk Hogan. Staying true to his roots, the 56-year-old wrestling icon has announced today in a press conference that "Hulkamania" is here again. Hulk Hogan has signed with Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling (TNA), consequently adding yet another level of star power on Spike TV‘s Thursday nights.  Read more »