Articles for American Dad Season 4

The third season of FOX‘s American Dad begins airing tonight with an episode entitled "Vacation Goo."  When Francine finds out that all of their family vacations are just fake memories Stan created by sticking them in goo, she demands a real vacation, preferably a cruise.However, when the vacation seems too good to be true, Francine grows convinced that the CIA is behind everything and causes the entire family to suffer the consequences.  Meanwhile, Roger tries his best to become the greatest actor who has ever lived. Read more »
I‘m a Family Guy fan.  Ever since that very first episode FOX aired after the Super Bowl a few years back and the Kool-Aid guy jumped through the wall of the Quahog court house, I was hooked.  The show has its detractors, and gripes that Guy is non-plot centric and that the jokes are uniformly random are valid, but a comedy‘s supposed to make you laugh, and more often than not that‘s what Family Guy does.  When American Dad came on to the scene, it just felt like a lesser Family Guy, a vehicle for all of the parent show‘s rejected jokes, Family Guy‘s B-sides, the minor leagues.  I never got into it.  Family Guy was enough.  However, when we got the chance last week to be present for a special American Dad table read at the FOX Fall press junket in LA, featuring the entire cast in person, I jumped at the chance.  How could I not? Read more »
This coming Sunday, fans can expect another round of hilarity as FOX brings forth another segment of its satirized animated comedy, American Dad.  Bringing more bawdy humor are Stanley “Stan” Smith, the head of the Smith household who works for the CIA, his devoted and stereotypical trophy housewife, Francine, their ultra-liberal daughter, Haylie, their clever but social outcast son, Steve, the sadistic and perverted family pet goldfish, Klaus, and sarcastic and flamboyantly effeminate space alien, Roger, in the episode entitled “Dope & Faith,” which airs on October 14.Read on for a sneak peek on the upcoming episode of American Dad. Read more »
American Dad fans can expect another satirical episode exploding with humor as the Smiths deal with opposing family issues and the pursuit of some intimate fondling.  Comedy ensues when Stan looks for his “birth in-laws” in the episode entitled "Big Trouble in Little Langley," which is scheduled to air on November 4 on FOX.Read on for more American Dad spoilers. Read more »