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Megan McTavish was let go from her position as head writer of All My Children in May.  The 58-year-old, who joined the writing staff of the popular daytime drama in 2003, was often criticized for her dark and plot-heavy storylines that left fans distraught and dissatisfied.  Following her firing, producers of the show decided to bring in two soap opera writing veterans, Barbara J. Esensten and James Harmon Brown. Esensten and Brown have been known for their work on such daytime series as Guiding Light, Loving, The City, Port Charles and Days of Our Lives.  Although met with some skepticism at first, the two writers have been working hard to carry out their plans for All My Children. Read more »
Colin Egglesfield‘s acting career began when he took a year off from college before heading to medical school.  That year turned into life of modeling, acting, and eventually his current role of Josh Madden on All My Children, son to the famous daytime diva Erica Kane (Susan Lucci).  Colin talked to BuddyTV about how he got started, his experience in the world of daytime television, his dreams of appearing on Lost, and his new clothing line he designed.Below you will find a complete transcript of the interview as well as the mp3 audio file. Read more »
Ambyr Childers recently turned 19-years-old and currently plays Colby Chandler on the daytime soap oepra All My Children.  As an athletic child, she segued her abilities into an acting career, and soon thereafter appeared in the David Spade film Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star.  Ambyr spoke to BuddyTV about how she got her start in acting, what it‘s like for a young actress in the entertainment industry, and what‘s in store for her character on All My Children.Below you will find a complete transcript of the interview as well as an mp3 audio file. Read more »
All My Children is about to lose some of its cast members by the end of the year.  Beginning the exodus is cast member Justin Bruening, who has already taped his final scenes with the ABC soap. Following months of speculations, an All My Children spokesperson has confirmed that Bruening, who plays James "Jamie" Martin, will exit the soap as he has not opted to renew his contract.  Bruening‘s departure hasn‘t exactly been a secret as rumors about his departure have been circulating the news since early this year.  On the other hand, Bruening isn‘t the only cast member expected to exit the series.Read on to find out who else is leaving All My Children. Read more »
Former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star, Sarah Michelle Gellar, was quoted last week in the British newspaper, The Sun, that growing up as a child star on ABC‘s All My Children kept her on track.  Gellar, who starred on the daytime soap from 1993 to 1995, said that growing up on the AMC set protected her from the excesses that have led the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears into headline-grabbing notoriety.The 30-year-old actress, who won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Leading Actress in a Drama Series for her role on All My Children, said that working as a young actress taught her how to be disciplined. Read more »
Recently, a storyline anchored on Spike (played by Alexander, Benjamin, and Caleb Eckstein) going deaf due to a car accident was launched on ABC‘s All My Children.  Co-head writer James Harmon Brown has been referring to the story as “Crash,” not because of the nature of the accident, but because it is similar to the Academy-Award winning film of the same name.  Like the movie, Brown said that the events following Greenlee‘s (Sabine Singh) decision to kidnap Spike will become interconnected when the particular storyline reaches an end.“If you saw the movie, you‘ll recall that all these incidents somehow at the end connect,” Brown told Soap Opera Digest.  “At the end of this whole story, just about every character on [All My Children] is going to be connected to it in some way, all stemming from Greenlee having made the decision one day to take Spike.  Relationships are formed, relationships are shattered, business alliances you never would have dreamed of come to pass...  The story will involve Adam, JR, Tad, Krystal and everybody else.” Read more »
Actress Sydney Penny recently ended her maternity leave and is expected back on All My Children by the end of this month.  Despite having been off the set for nearly three months, the 36-year old actress has been relishing the time she has been able to spend with her new baby boy, Chasen. “I‘m just enjoying this time with the baby.  It‘s the best.  I can‘t believe it‘s happening!” Penny told TV Guide while she was still on maternity leave, adding that Chasen has been behaving really well. Read more »
All My Children will be getting some new characters to spice up the buzzing metropolis of Pine Valley.  With the expected exit of several actors of the soap, head writers are bringing in new eye candies to fill up the ensemble. The long-running soap has been a starting point for many celebrities, launching the careers of Mischa Barton, Kim Delaney, and Sarah Michelle Gellar just to name a few.  Also hoping for more exposure are newcomers Billy Miller and Sterling Sulieman. Read more »
Stars of the daytime drama series, All My Children, are starting the summer by appearing at several events, including a number of fundraisers and charitable causes. The Country Music Association’s Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee, which is scheduled on the week of June 9th, will have Colin Egglesfiend, Justin Bruening and many of the other All My Children cast Members as its participants. The festival will hold a variety of events, including an hour and a half long autograph-signing session at the Exhibit Hall on June 8th. Read more »
Eden Riegel, who is most known for playing Bianca Montgomery on ABC’s All My Children, will reportedly reprise her role in August. However, her return to the show will not be long-term, as she is only slated to make a cameo appearance. According to the new head writers of All My Children, Riegel’s character will call Kendall Hart Slater (Alicia Minshew) from Paris, where Bianca is currently residing. Although not much is known about what the conversation will cover, it is certain that what the two characters will talk about will have a significant effect not only on the extended Kane family, but also on the Montgomery and Lavery clans. Read more »
All My Children fan favorite Sydney Penny gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Thursday, May 31st. This is the first child for Penny and her husband, producer Robert Powers. Weighing in at 7 pounds and measuring up to 19 inches, the baby has been given the name Chasen August. Although the daytime soap decided not to write Penny’s pregnancy into the story, avid followers of the show did not miss the 35-year-old’s growing belly. There is, however, an upcoming episode wherein Penny’s character, Julia Santos Keefer, dreams that she is carrying the child of her lover, Jamie Martin, played by Justin Bruening. Julia has gotten pregnant in the past (she was raped by Louie Greco), but she decided to terminate the pregnancy, to the great disapproval of her devout Roman Catholic Mexican-American family. Read more »
At last week’s 34th Creative Arts Daytime Emmy Awards, the ABC network’s All My Children received the award for Outstanding Achievement in Technical Direction/ Electronic Camera/ Video Control for a Drama Series. This was the only win for the daytime drama series, despite having been nominated in multiple categories, including Outstanding Achievement In Hairstyling For a Drama Series (the award went to As the World Turns) and Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction/ Set Direction/ Scenic Design for a Drama Series. Read more »
New cast members have been added to All My Children following the introduction of a storyline concerning Kendall (Alicia Minshew) and her son, Spike, who lost his hearing in a car accident.  The daytime drama has brought in deaf actors and actresses, one of whom is Bob Hiltermann. Originally from Germany, Hiltermann made his American film debut on Children of a Lesser God, a love story about a speech teacher (William Hurt) who falls in love with a deaf woman (Marlee Matlin).  He also appeared in Bridge to Silence and the television series, Sirens. Read more »
After much speculation, a spokesperson for All My Children has finally confirmed that Alexa Havins, known for her portrayal of Babe Carey, will be leaving the daytime drama this fall.Taking over the role is actress Amanda Baker, though the 27-year-old actress is currently starring in another ABC soap opera, General Hospital: Night Shift, wherein she plays student nurse Jolene Crowell. Bakers additional acting credits include One Tree Hill, Surface, Palmetto Pointe and Campus Ladies. Read more »
On Friday, September 14, actress Stacy Haiduk will return as Hannah Nichols, Zachary Slater‘s (Thorsten Kaye) ex-lover, on ABC‘s hit daytime drama, All My Children.  Viewers last saw Haiduk in May, but before she left the show, the 39-year-old actress told executive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers of her desire to return to the show. “I just told her, ‘This is so much fun.  I‘d love to come back.  I have no idea how this works, but...‘  And she said, ‘You know, let‘s see what happens.‘  I‘m very blessed that I got ‘Hannah comes back!‘  It‘s pretty awesome,” Haiduk told Soap Opera Digest. Read more »