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NBC’s new dating reality show Age of Love premieres Monday, June 18. NBC’s previously been quite mysterious about the show‘s premise, promising only that it would present "a new twist on the reality dating show format." Finally, more details have been revealed about the concept of the show, as well as the identity of “one of the world‘s most eligible bachelors.”The “twist” of the show is that the women are divided into two groups, the “Kittens,” women in their twenties, and the “cougars,” in their forties. The two groups of women will not know about each other at the beginning of the show. Both groups, plus the man whose heart they’re hoping to win, will live in a Los Angeles high-rise leased by NBC for the series. As in The Bachelor, at least one woman will be sent home each week. Age of Love’s bachelor is Mark “Scud” Philippoussis, a 31-year-old professional tennis player from Melbourne, Australia, who currently lives in Las Vegas.  Read more »
On NBC’s new dating show, Age of Love, eligible bachelor Mark Philippoussis will have to choose between women who are all younger (“kittens”) or older (“cougars”) than he is. Let’s take a look at some of the women he’s known to have dated already. Philippoussis, who is 30, has been linked with a number of well-known women in the past – all of whom were the same age or younger than him.   Read more »
NBC‘s newest dating reality show, Age of Love, has revealed identities of the 13 women who will be vying for the love of one man. Similar to the premise of The Bachelor, Age of Love follows the quest for love of Mark Philippoussis, a 31-year old professional tennis player from Melbourne, Australia, as he attempts to find his match in a group of women from 21 to 48 years old. "This summer we are bringing romance back to NBC by trying to answer the simple question, when it comes to love, does age matter?" said JD Roth, Age of Love‘s executive producer. "The answer is... love is ageless... you can‘t ignore pure chemistry. And as a viewer, it doesn‘t matter what age you are, there are women to root for and against, and that makes for great story telling." Read more »
Originally aired on Monday, 06/18/2007 Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview:  Tonight is the premiere episode of the latest "social experiment" dating program, Age of Love.  Tennis star Mark Philippoussis will meet and date a group of women, The Bachelor-style, but with the distinct difference of having two very different age ranges: women in their 20‘s (Kittens) and women in their 40‘s (Cougars).Episode Highlights: Mark meets the first set of women - the Cougars - and learns about the twist in the show. After he‘s recovered from that, he starts to relax and gets to know the women, and has his first group date. But the Kittens are on their way to mix up the dating pool!   Read more »
The new NBC reality competition, Age of Love, premiered Monday night, with former All My Children star Mark Consuelos as its host and Australian tennis player Mark Philippoussis as the eligible bachelor. The women who are battling for the tennis star’s affections have been divided into two groups. The Cougars, who are composed of women in their 40s, were introduced to Philippoussis during the series premiere, while the Kittens, who are composed of women in their 20’s, will begin appearing in the show next week. With the manner in which the women have been divided, the series is aiming to answer whether age truly is a factor in making a connection and building a lasting relationship. Read more »
Jodie, a vice president of a commercial real estate company, became the first lady eliminated from the new NBC reality show, Age of Love.  Jodie was one of the "cougars" a set of over-40 women attempting to woo Mark Phillipousis, a professional tennis player.  Not only do they compete against one another, they have take on a group of twenty something "kittens".  The jury is still out on Age of Love, but the early returns have looked promising.  Jodie took some time to speak with us about her time on the show.Below you will find both the written transcript and the full mp3 audio. Read more »
As far as being the subject in a science experiment goes, Adam Johnson got pretty lucky.  Adam Johnson will be featured in a one-hour special entitled Science of Love.  The show airs tonight, June 25th at 10PM ET/PT after Age of Love on NBC.  Adam Johnson, a journeyman NFL player, will find out who is able to pick the perfect woman for him: a group of experts using science, or himself.  Adam took some time to speak with us recently about his experience on the show.Below you will find both the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
NBC’s latest reality series, Age of Love, will be aired in Australian airwaves beginning July 12th. The show, which features Australian tennis player Mark “Scud” Philippoussis, will be shown every Thursday night on the Seven Network. It is slated to fill in the channel’s 8:30pm timeslot, from where it will be competing with the Nine Network’s new big-budget drama series, Sea Patrol. The said schedule only applies to Sydney and Brisbane. Read more »
Originally aired on Monday, 06/25/2007 Episode Rating: *** (3 stars out of 5) Episode Overview: Mark Philippoussis has his first opportunity to really see the differences in the Age of Love as he spends some time with the 20-something Kittens.Episode Highlights: Although Mark certainly sees the appeal of the younger women, he doesn‘t hear it; their first encounters are little awkwardly silent. Mark finds himself appreciating the company of the older women more than he anticipated. However, a smaller group date with the younger women finds him making some connections despite the initial awkwardness.  Read more »
Originally aired on Monday, 07/02/2007 Episode Rating: ** (2 stars out of 5) Episode Overview:  The "social experiment" that is Age of Love continues, with Mark Philippoussis starting to possibly show his hand as to his preference between the two groups of women.Episode Highlights: Mark has a simultaneous date with both a 40-something and a 20-something...and by the end of the date, it‘s clear, between these two women at least, which age range has really caught his eye. It‘s also first kisses time - one sizzles, one fizzles. And we look to be on the verge of another first: will one of the women turn Mark down during the elimination?  Read more »
NBC has already aired three episodes of Age of Love, but the new reality series has yet to acquire a significant viewer count. Monday’s episode averaged a series-low of 1.8 rating in the adults 18-49 demographic, according to Nielsen overnights.  The figures show a 22 percent decline from last week’s 2.3 average and a 28 percent decline for the series premiere’s 2.5 average. Read more »
Episode Overview: The ladies compete in a triathlon to win a date, and one woman suffers an injury.  They head to the tennis court to compete on Mark‘s playing field, then have one-on-one meetings with Mark before two more get eliminated.  Lots of K-I-S-S-I-N-G ensues.Four years ago, Mark Philippoussis was in the finals of Wimbledon, losing to Roger Federer.  This weekend, Federer won his fifth straight Wimbledon title, and now Philippoussis is making time with a bunch of women on a reality show.  The folks over at VH1‘s Best Week Ever would call that a "downgrade." Read more »
Tessa, an executive assistant from Peoria, Arizona, became the third 20-something “Kitten” eliminated from the new NBC reality series Age of Love this week. The show pits the Kittens against the Cougars, a group of women in their 40s, for the affections of 30-year-old professional tennis player Mark Philippoussis. In her final episode, Tessa sprained her ankle and was seen talking up another contestant in her one-on-one date with Mark. Tessa took some time to speak with BuddyTV about her experience on Age of Love and her dreams of continuing to work in the entertainment industry.Below you will find both the written transcript and the full mp3 audio: Read more »
NBC’s Age of Love has made Australian-born Mark Philippoussis a familiar face in television, but many are still awaiting his return on the tennis court.  This year’s Hall of Fame Championship in Newport commenced on July 9, but the thirty-year old former Wimbledon and US Open Finalist did not  show up at the tournament to defend his title.His absence at Newport has led some to assume that Philippoussis is still unprepared to resume playing tennis.  His last professional tournament was at this year’s Hopman Cup.  He emerged victorious from his first match against Dmitry Tursunov, but was forced to retired when he suffered a knee injury during his match with Jerome Haehnel.  His surgeon, Merv Cross, gave him a four-to-six-week long post-operative recovery period.  Now, more than six months later, the Age of Love star still has yet to make a comeback. Read more »
Kelli Brook, the real estate agent and former Los Angeles Raiderette became the third “cougar” eliminated from NBC’s Age of Love last week. The 40-year-old admitted that she didn’t think things would work out with the young tennis star, but wished she could have stayed on the show a little bit longer. Kelli took some time to stop by BuddyTV the other day to talk about her experience on the show and to share her insights on dating and love. Read the full interview transcript and listen to the mp3 audio below. Read more »
Episode Overview:  Tennis only involves one ball, so Mark Philippoussis is being seriously challenged in Age of Love as he has to do some crazy juggling to manage all these 20-something Kittens and 40-something Cougars.  The editors of the program have to do some fancy handiwork as well; it‘s already seeming pretty clear who has made the strongest impression on Mark, yet with so many players on the court, viewers still have to be convinced that there is some serious competition at hand.   For some women - Cougar and Kitten alike - it‘s all a little too much, and we have one meltdown and yet another threat of a walk-off.Our hero, Mark Philippoussis, is joined by Mark Consuelos to discuss the next stage of the competition. Every time Mark C. appears, one gets the distinct impression that he might be feeling slightly emasculated having these “Let‘s talk about what girls you like!” conversations with Mark. He seems eager to butch it up, dropping his voice an octave or two and making sure the pepper the conversation with guy-speak like “man” and “bro.” Read more »
It was reported earlier that tennis player and Age of Love star Mark Philippoussis failed to defend his title at this year’s Hall of Fame Championship in Newport.  However, the 30-year-old has insisted that the sport remains a priority in his life, even claiming that he has been working with tennis champion Andre Agassi in order to prepare for next month’s Montreal Masters. Nevertheless, his absence at Newport has caused his ranking to slide down even further.  On Monday, Philippoussis, who is known in the sports world as “Scud,” slipped to a 13-year ranking low of 370th.  At this point, the only thing that can help revive his career is the injury ranking protection he earned following an injurious run at this year’s Hopman Cup. Read more »
Episode Overview:  Cougars and Kittens in the wild!  Mark Philippousis takes the remaining five women on Age of Love - three 40-somethings, two 20-somethings - on a camping excursion.  When the booze flows, the inhibitions drop.  Bare behinds are displayed, tears are shed, and one woman makes an unexpected appearance in Mark‘s tent.  Will he ask her to leave?After the last elimination, Maria has to do some damage control, both to the other women and in interview. She had once again spent the run-up to the elimination declaring how she was going to take herself out of the running…but once again, all Mark had to do was offer up some bland reassurances and she giggled like a schoolgirl and skipped back to the group of waiting women.  Read more »
She was the fourth to be eliminated from NBC’s new dating reality series, Age of Love, but Adelaide Dawson is not complaining.  Not only does she claim she wasn’t playing to win, she also says that the show’s eligible bachelor, Mark Philippoussis, is not exactly her ideal guy. "I didn‘t see it as a competition,” Dawson told the Herald Sun.  “I thought I would have a go because, you never know, I might like this person, but he wasn‘t my type.” Read more »
Sometimes, it‘s just not meant to be.  Mary Sanks, a model/lab technician, was one of the younger ladies (or "kittens", if you prefer) vying for the affection of Mark Philippoussis, professional tennis player, on Age of Love.  Unfortunately, Mark wasn‘t really all that into her.  It‘s hard to tell why.  Mary is a beautiful, seemingly kind, lady.  Nonetheless, Mary was afforded very little alone time with Mark during the filming of Age of Love.  So, not only did sparks not fly, they didn‘t get the chance to fly.  That‘s the way it goes sometimes.  Mary was kind enough to talk with us recently about her time on the show.Below you will find both the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
Episode Overview:  With only four ladies left - evenly split between the 40-somethings and the 20-somethings - Mark Philippoussis has to get even more serious about the next elimination. But once again, the women themselves are looking critically at the situation on Age of Love and wondering if it‘s right for them.  Tonight, two women - one Cougar and one Kitten - take control of the game and call their own shots.Cougar Jayanna may have left last week, but her words are still echoing around the women‘s apartment. Literally. Her diatribe against Kitten Amanda is being shown to the women on video. While Amanda‘s tattling on Jayanna was potentially bad form, Jayanna‘s on-tape characterization of Amanda as “desperate,” accurate or not, seems pretty tacky in response. One would hope with age would come the knowledge that name-calling under any circumstances is just unseemly.  Read more »
Megan, the 21-year-old Kitten from Age of Love, admitted she was a little surprised she made it as far as she did in this competition. After making it into the top 3 the other night, Megan couldn’t muster up the courage to overcome her fear of flying, and had to pull herself out of the competition. Megan stopped by BuddyTV yesterday to talk about her experience on the show, what she really thought about Mark, and how she feels about some of the things people are saying about her on the internet. Read the full interview transcript and listen to the mp3 below.  Read more »
After making it all the way to the top 4, Maria Rangel, the photographer from Playa Del Rey, California, called it quits by eliminating herself from the Age of Love on Monday. But what was her motivation behind it and why did she wait this long to make her move after threatening Mark to do this twice before? Maria took some time to talk with us at BuddyTV about how she really felt about the show and why she did what she did. Read the full interview transcript and listen to the mp3 audio below.  Read more »
At last year‘s Hopman Cup, Age of Love star Mark Philippoussis hyperextended his right knee, tearing the cartilage in the joint. He has had to sit out for so long that, as we recently reported, his ranking has taken a serious tumble – 205 spots to 370th. Since that last report, he‘s actually slipped even further, to 382nd. However, despite the questions about his commitment that have always plagued his career, he still claims that tennis is his priority, even while he spends his recovery exchanging massages and indulging in televised make-out sessions with Cougars and Kittens. He‘s been training with Andre Agassi‘s former fitness trainer, Gil Reyes, and has said that he‘s just waiting for the all-clear from his trainer before returning to competitive play. The question is: as he works towards that return, will we be able to witness it? One news outlet says possibly.  Read more »
Last night, NBC aired the season finale of Age of Love, it‘s newest reality dating show, and BuddyTV users responded in droves.  The last episode saw 30-year-old professional tennis player Mark Philippoussis choose 25-year-old Kitten Amanda Salinas over 48-year-old Cougar Jennifer Braff.  It was the result many people expected, despite NBC promos heralding a shocking twist.Almost universally, BuddyTV readers resented this outcome.  Jennifer Braff has plenty of fans out there, and some of you even thought it was a good thing she lost.  Others simply thought Mark and Amanda deserve each other, as you don‘t like either of them.  But overall, most of our readers objected to the set-up and execution of Age of Love, finding fault in its casting choices, even offering up a few ideas on how to improve it.  Read below for a sampling of your opinions: Read more »
Episode Overview: We are down to the final two women on Age of Love.  Due to the conceptually-fortunate turn of events in the previous episode, the final two are neatly and conveniently split between a 48-year-old Cougar, Jennifer Braff (Jen), and 25-year-old Kitten, Amanda Salinas.  It‘s seemed pretty clear since about Episode Three who Mark Philippoussis really had his eye on, is it possible NBC is about to pull off the twist of all twist and give us a completely unexpected ending? Read more »
I‘m not gonna lie.  I‘m in a little bit of a fight with NBC.  They promised me on their Age of Love finale teaser commercials that the ending would surprise me.  And they lied.  It did not surprise me.  Or you.  It did not surprise anyone.  We all saw it coming that Mark was going to choose Amanda.  No surprise there.  After all, Amanda had orchestrated the exit of many of the women vying for Mark‘s heart.  She played every card as perfectly as any girl could, making it an easy win for her.From the beginning, the show looked interesting.  I was curious who a 30-year-old man would pick.  Once I knew he really wanted kids, I was pretty sure a 20-something would win but part of me was secretly hoping a 40-something would blow him away.  From the minute Mark saw the 40-year-olds coming his way, he began to sweat.  They managed to win him over quickly but just as they did, the show threw a wrench in their game plan by inviting a bunch of younger ladies to join the fight for Mark‘s heart. Read more »
The start of a new relationship can always be an uncertain time.  For participants in a dating show, it is uncertain to the hundredth degree.  If you are one of the women or men in the crowd vying for the one bachelor or bachelorette, you have to deal with watching him or her dating multiple people - sometimes in the middle of the date they are on with you.  If you‘re the one doing the choosing, well, that‘s a little bit easier, but there are always the doubts about the motivations of that group of women or men.  Are they angling for your heart or just more camera time?And if you both make it through all that and decide that you‘ve actually maybe found soon as you both agree to give the relationship a go, you‘re separated for sometimes months until the show‘s finale airs.That was the case for Amanda Salinas and Mark Philippoussis from NBC‘s Age of Love.   When the show‘s finale aired on Monday, the two were finally able to reconnect in person.  It was the first time the two had been together since taping wrapped in May.  And so, fans and skeptics alike wonder, how did that reunion go?  Read more »
Jennifer Braff, the 48-year-old Cougar, was the runner-up on the season finale of the NBC reality dating series Age of Love.  In the final episode, 30-year-old professional tennis player Mark Philippoussis chose 25-year-old Amanda Salinas instead, though Jen is quite fine with it.BuddyTV spoke with Jennifer Braff to discuss her experience on the show.  She talked about her time on the show and her connection with Mark, her feelings towards appearing on another dating show, her future plans which include finishing a book she‘s writing, and her history of dating much younger men, including some younger than her 25-ear-old son.Below you will find a complete transcript of our interview as well as the mp3 audio file. Read more »
To the viewers, there didn‘t seem to be too many surprises in last week‘s finale of Age of Love.  30-year-old tennis star Mark Philippoussis chose 25-year-old Amanda Salinas over 48-year-old Jennifer Braff.  Philippoussis had not known that there would be any women in their 40s competing for his heart but tried to give them the benefit of the doubt throughout the season.  However, his dreams of starting a family gave the younger women quite an advantage.  But while the viewers seemed to know it was coming, did the other women of Age of Love?  We asked Jen, Megan, and Maria to sound off on their feelings towards Mark and Amanda, the newest reality television couple.Believe it or not, runner-up Jennifer Braff was mostly surprised that she wasn‘t chosen by Mark.  "I did know that I could be eliminated at any time," Braff said.  "It felt like I wasn‘t even there, though.  When he finally told me, it was a letdown.  I think I let out a breath." Read more »
Many viewers noted that host Mark Consuelos seemed to be absent from the last few episodes of Age of Love, but he was still engaged enough to blog about the experience for NBC. Mark is husband to soap actress and daytime chat show host Kelly Ripa and father to three children, so he has some perspective on what it takes to make a relationship work once the initial excitement of a new romance has worn off. So what does he think about Mark Philippoussis‘s choice of 20-something Kitten Amanda Salinas? Read more »
With the lack of love directed at Age of Love, it‘s quite possible its first season will be its last. But if NBC decides to give it another go in the future, there are a few improvements they will have to make if they want folks to tune in again. The main one? If you‘re going to call the show Age of Love, and make age the central dividing characteristic, at least make it a fair fight.  Read more »
In last week‘s season finale of the NBC dating series Age of Love, 30-year-old professional tennis player Mark Philippoussis chose to pursue a relationship with 25-year-old Amanda Salinas over 48-year-old Jennifer Braff.  Amanda had made an early connection with Mark and, on the night the finale aired, the two were spotted together in Las Vegas to celebrate.Are they still together and do they have a future together now that the cameras aren‘t rolling?  Amanda spoke to BuddyTV and answered these questions, as well as a few about her future plans and her feelings on her competition on the show.  Below you will find a complete transcript as well as the mp3 audio file of the interview. Read more »
Earlier in the week, a story popped up on Yahoo News saying that tennis star Mark Philippoussis had broken off his relationship with girlfriend, Amanda Salinas.  The next day, the story had magically vanished and NBC refused to comment on the status of their relationship.  Last month, Philippoussis chose Salinas over the much older Jennifer Braff on NBC‘s summer romance reality show, Age of Love.  If the story is true and if the couple truly are no longer together, one can only ask: is anyone surprised?  Very few reality couples make it after appearing on a dating show together.  The Bachelor is a perfect example of couples who can‘t seem to get it together.  In fact, the only long-lasting relationship to come out of that show is that Trista and Ryan Sutter from The Bachelorette.  Recent bachelor Lorenzo Borghese couldn‘t work things out with the woman he chose, Jennifer Wilson.  He even tried to date runner-up Sadie Murray and that fizzled quickly as well.  Here are the top three reasons why it jut never works out. Read more »
After serving as a host on the reality dating show Age of Love, Mark Consuelos will soon take the lead in Husband for Hire, a new original movie for the Oxygen cable channel.  Set in New Mexico, the upcoming feature is written and directed by Kris Isacsson, along with producers Tim Perell and Howard Gertler of Process Media, which is credited for movies such as My Sexiest Mistake, Tempting Adam and Romancing the Bride."Husband for Hire, with its hilarious, gorgeous cast, is a perfect romantic comedy for Oxygen," Debby Beece, Oxygen‘s president of programming and marketing, said in a statement.  "This will be our fourth original movie with Tim and Process Media, and nobody knows our audience better than them." Read more »
After much buzz about the cloudy status of her relationship with Age of Love star Mark Philippoussis, Amanda Salinas has finally broken her silence and reveals that they are still very much an item. Salinas, a 25-year-old financial planner‘s assistant from Nashville, Tennessee, met Philippoussis, the 30-year-old Australian tennis player, on the reality dating show Age of Love where he chose her over 48-year-old Jennifer Braff.Three months after the reality series wrapped up, Confidential reveals that the couple‘s relationship is stronger than ever. Read more »
While Age of Love was possibly successful in finding tennis star Mark Philippoussis a mate, it‘s looking like the show might not necessary have been a rousing success for his career development. His behavior and persona on Age of Love turned off a lot of viewers. While he did find some new fans from the audience, it doesn‘t seem likely there will be enough of a positive response demanding more reality time with Mark. And the stint on a reality dating show certainly didn‘t impress the tennis world which has already had its doubts about his commitment to the sport.However, Mark is determined to refocus his career on tennis, and he‘s starting to make the comeback he promised earlier this year. He might have found love with Amanda Salinas, but he remains passionate about tennis, saying "The biggest thing for me is I love the game and I miss the game." Read more »
Nowadays, Vanessa Hudgen‘s steamy photos aren‘t the only ones floating around the internet.  Jennifer Braff, a contestant on Age of Love, is also getting lots of hits with her naked pictures that are now creating much controversy.Braff, 48, was known as a runner-up on the reality dating series, Age of Love.  She was beaten by Amanda Salinas, 25-year-old hockey team dancer who was chosen by 30 year-old Australian tennis star Mark Philippoussis in the finale. Read more »
Jayanna Howeton may not have been the perfect match for tennis star Mark Philippoussis, but this does not mean she did not find love through NBC‘s Age of Love.  Shortly after she was eliminated, Howeton was reacquainted with an energetic and “great-looking” gentleman she had featured on her audition tape for the reality dating series. “I am with someone now,” Howeton told, explaining that at the time of their fateful first encounter, her new man was involved with someone else.  “Ironically, a week after I left the show, I was standing in line at a night club and he was behind me, we started talking and I found out he was single. Read more »
No one but Mark Philippoussis himself knows how hard it really was to choose from among 13 women and then from between the eventual two finalists during his recent search for lasting romance on the reality dating show, Age of Love.  However tough it was to find his heart‘s true preference, the Australian tennis star may have an even more daunting task when he finally embarks on a comeback in professional tennis. As we reported last month, Philippoussis will begin his return to the professional men‘s tour via the Stanford Championships senior‘s event to be held in Dallas from October 17-21.  The Texas tournament will mark the Aussie Scud‘s debut in the senior circuit as a preparatory step for getting back in the ATP circle.  When Philippoussis finally does realize his intended comeback to the ATP tour next year, among his first opportunities will be the Australian Open, which is the first grand slam event in the yearly ATP calendar. Read more »
Mark Philippoussis has not played tennis since his knee injury at the Hopman Cup back in January but has seemingly found love in a seven-episode reality series called Age of Love.  For a brief period, he became the center of attention of the show where women in their 20s, as well as women in their 40s, compete for his affection.  But now that the 30-year-old Australian tennis player has chosen his ideal girl in the form of 25-year-old Age of Love contestant, Amanda Salinas, he soon has to make his professional tennis comeback and face the challenges that lie ahead on the court. Read more »
After his controversial stint on Age of Love, Mark Philippoussis was more than eager to get back in the court to engage in some hardcore tennis action.  His efforts to get back in shape after his knee injury back in January proved to be successful as he made a victorious return to tennis when he beat former Australian Open champion Petr Korda at the Stanford Champion Series tournament in Dallas, Texas yesterday.As reported previously, Philippoussis was supposed to take on Mats Wilander at the Stanford Championships.  But due to Wilander‘s lingering lower back injury, he was forced to withdraw from the event and was consequently replaced by Korda of the Czech Republic. Read more »
After learning about their “stronger than ever” romance from Confidential just nearly two months ago, many are speculating that Mark Philippoussis and Amanda Salinas, stars of the realty dating series Age of Love, are no longer together.  Controversy has sparked after Philippoussis‘ agent refused to comment on whether the couple is still an item. Australian tennis player Philippoussis met Tennessee cheerleader Amanda Salinas on Bachelor-style dating show Age of Love, where he chose 25-year-old Salinas over 48-year-old Jennifer Braff. Read more »
Jennifer Braff has not let losing NBC‘s Age of Love get in the way of accomplishing her goals.  The 48-year-old model, who was recently featured on the TV Guide Channel‘s latest special, Sexy Stars of Reality TV, has penned two books, both of which help older women like herself regain and maintain their youthful sexiness. “I know there are many women out there that want [sexiness, excitement, and youthfulness back in their lives],” Braff told Reality TV Magazine.  “I received thousands of letters after doing Age of Love stating that I helped them in those ways.  One woman still writes me and since watching me on the show and getting back into the gym, has lost 18 pounds.  A couple wrote that I helped save their marriage.” Read more »
Every cloud has a silver lining, and for Age of Love runner-up Jennifer Braff, the silver lining turned out to be getting the opportunity to achieve her ultimate goal of reaching out to women everywhere. The 48-year-old model and executive assistant, who came close to winning tennis star Mark Philippoussis‘ heart on the NBC reality dating series Age of Love, is planning to use her newfound fame to help women both physically and emotionally. Braff told Reality TV Magazine last month that she would like to host her very own makeover show for the “new 40‘s plus woman.” Read more »
Age of Love bachelor Mark Philippoussis will be participating in this year‘s Celebrity Challenge at the Formula 1 ING Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.   The 31-year-old Australian tennis champion will be joined by other celebrated athletes from a broad range of sports, including ALF, rugby, netball, athletics, soccer, surfing, cricket and basketball. "Having a passion for cars and motor sport, I am really looking forward to the opportunity to be part of all the GP action," Philippoussis said.  "As a Melbourne boy, it will be great to see the city come alive for this event." Read more »
Tennis champion Mark Philippoussis is gearing up to race at the celebrity event at this year‘s Australian F1 Grand Prix, which kicks off on Thursday, March 13. Philippoussis, whose career also includes a reality TV run as the eager-for-love bachelor on NBC‘s Age of Love, will be racing despite a knee injury that has forced him to walk with crutches for the past weeks. Apart from this week‘s F1 event, Philippoussis is also looking forward to getting back in the court to secure a more glorious and fitting end to his sports career. Read more »
Oh, for the love of Ray J. When will people learn that little good follows you (and those you encounter) around once you‘ve appeared on any form of reality dating show?Hewlett Packard CEO Mark Hurd was forced to resign Friday following sexual harassment allegations from Age of Love contestant Jodie Fisher, 50, who competed on the 2007 show for the love of Australian tennis player Mark Philippoussis against a bevy of "kittens" (gals under 30) and "cougars" (women over 40). Read more »