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A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila is the first bisexual dating reality series from MTV.  Debuting on October 9, the show, consisting of 10 episodes, will feature 32 men and women competing for the affections of 25-year-old entertainer, Tila Nguyen, aka Tila Tequila.Following the premise of other dating series, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila will have the 16 men and 16 women living under the same roof as Tila.  They will spend their time on the show trying to impress Tila and each week, some of them will be axed from the competition. Read more »
Do you like reality dating shows, but wish there was a lot more bisexuality?  Then A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila is the show for you!  The openly bisexual MySpace phenom Tila Tequila is playing the bachelorette to 16 straight guys and 16 lesbians.  I‘m sure this will be a respectful documentary exploring important issues of modern human sexuality.She‘s eager to start the experiment, and when the men roll up, they began chanting her name and basically behaving like yahoos.  Instantly I realize some of these guys are total losers based on their professions.  Lance is a professional clown and Mike B. is a pizza delivery guy who sleeps on his parents‘ couch.  An Italian dude named Domenico just wants to have sex with her, then Eddie sings her a crappy original song and says he‘s a virgin. Read more »
Some people have, in fact, made a career out of reality TV. Flavor Flav, for example, got his start in the genre with The Surreal Life, moved on to Strange Love, and now has two seasons of Flavor of Love under his belt. Christopher Knight was, of course, a TV veteran due to The Brady Bunch by the time he showed up on The Surreal Life, but he still was able to parlay that – and his new relationship with Adrianne Curry, into two seasons of another reality show, My Fair Brady.Some individuals, however, aren‘t moving from show to show as a celebrity or well-known personality. That is to say, the fact that they‘ve appeared on shows before isn‘t necessarily part of the story for the next show, as it was in the cases mentioned above.There is at least one such individual on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. The show will be his third shot at reality show fame. Read more »
Previously on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila: 16 straight guys tried to woo Miss Tequila, including one live-action version of Super Mario named Domenico, who has a fondness for Italian flag speedos. Sixteen lesbians also tried to win her over, mostly by dressing up in sexy outfits. After five of each group were eliminated, Tila invited everyone to the pool, where the two groups got their first look at each other and were told the twist: Tila is bisexual and dating all of them.We begin right away as the two genders mingle with one another.  For the most part, it goes over pretty well, but there are a few awesomely ignorant people.  Ashley and Domenico don‘t understand it, and neither want to share their woman with another woman, unless it‘s at the same time.  Brandi takes on Domenico, mocking his little package in his speedo.  Lala is not really into sharing either, proving that the ignorance doesn‘t fly one way.  Ryan breaks it down easily: Tila will have to choose which one she prefers, the penis or the vagina.  That‘s followed by a brilliant moment where he says he prefers the penis, and while it‘s obvious he means he would prefer if Tila chose a penis, his comments could easily be taken out of context. Read more »
Previously on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila: straight men and lesbians faced off for Tila‘s love. Antagonistic Marcus, virgin Eddie, butch Steffanie and uncompromising Lala all went home. Southern boy Ashley and Italian Domenico forged an unlikely friendship, and the 17 remaining contestants prepared to move in together.Everyone rolls up to move into Tila‘s mansion, and Rob the wrestler is excited to be living with all these lesbians.  Tila Tequila lays down the only house rule: no hook-ups that don‘t include her.  Domenico proves smart, saying that this is only a concern fo the lesbians, because the guys are not gay.  That theory will be tested throughout the episode. Read more »
The girl just can‘t help it. Tila Tequila has said of her internet-found fame, “I didn‘t join this thing thinking, ‘OMG I SOOOO HAVE TO GET A MILLION FRIENDS ON [MYSPACE]!‘ Yea right! It was more like someone invited me to join and I was like k wutever....another stupid lame online community. Who would‘ve known that my profile would turn into some kind of weird ‘Tila Phenomenon!‘”And once again, as Tila has branched out into the new venture of her bisexual dating show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, she has started yet another frenzy, although this one isn‘t quite as uniformly positive. Read more »
We are still all wrapped up in the continuing unfolding drama of A Shot at love with Tila Tequila, but for the participants, including the bisexual Internet star at the heart of the show, life after the show has already started.In the past few weeks, Tila has had a few happy events, both professional and personal. For one thing, it was her birthday on October 24.  Read more »
Previously on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila: Lesbians emasculated straight men in a game of Truth or Dare. Ashley whooped some ass, and Little Italy (aka Domenico) ratted out Steven and Rebecca for canoodling, and in the end, Rebecca went home but Steven didn‘t.This week on A Shot at Love: reality show greatness.  People stepping on lizards, candle wax being dripped on some dudes package, sensual massages, and a meltdown that could be among the greatest ever on all of reality TV. Read more »
We‘re all pretty used to seeing people do crazy or outlandish things on TV, but Ashley‘s meltdown on the last episode of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila was still somewhat surprising.For one thing, the show is such a string of gimmicks designed solely to entertain (“Will the bisexual self-promoting internet star pick a guy or a girl from the group all sleeping together in the same giant bed? Let‘s have a pie-eating contest – snicker, snicker – and find out! The winners get to dress up like angels and the loser get whipped by Tila!”), the viewer might be forgiven for thinking that actual human interaction isn‘t really one of the things being served on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. Read more »
Previously on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila: Brandi squashed a Heaven Lizard, Tila dripped candle wax on Ryan‘s bulge, and Ashley freaked the hell out, sending Bobby to the hospital,  in one of the single greatest meltdowns I‘ve ever seen on reality TV.People aren‘t feeling all that good in the Shot at Love house in the wake of Hurricane Ashley.  Bobby is perfectly safe, but he got some ambulance alone time, so it worked out well for him.  Ryan wants everyone to relax, and his idea is waking people up with an air horn.  God, he‘s totally that guy who‘s really a douchebag, and everyone around him knows it and doesn‘t even try to hide their disdain, but he still thinks everyone loves him. Read more »
We are five episodes in to A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, and have eight hopefuls left, four men and four women. The big gimmick of the show is the men-vs-women component, as Tila tries to decide who is the right person for her regardless of gender.Reality dating shows are notoriously terrible at finding love for their stars, but is it possible that the wider variety offered up to Tila has meant that this show will be one shot, no chaser? Read more »
Previously on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila: Michael B. got his balls waxed, then got eliminated, as did virginal Ashli (the elimination part, not the ball waxing). With male Ashley already gone, the fighting fell to the women, and Vanessa started coming to a boil.A Shot at Love is averaging about one all-out brawl per episode, and the previews have already spoiled that we‘ll get another one tonight. Sadly, we have to wait until the end.  In the meantime, we get a disgusting eating challenge Read more »
Quite a few bisexual and lesbian women have passed through the America‘s Next Top Model house over the past nine cycles. Tyra Banks, though, doesn‘t really spend too much time getting to know the contestants beyond learning what buttons to push to best elicit tears in the elimination panels.So she apparently still has some questions about how this whole bisexuality thing works. Luckily, Tila Tequila made a recent appearance on Tyra‘s talk show to explain her dating life as represented by A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. Read more »
Drama and a little bit of chaos are things that viewers would typically witness on a reality dating show.  But in this week‘s episode of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, viewers got a taste of some fierce catfighting between contestants Brandi and Vanessa who were both at the brink of elimination. Tila Tequila, singer, model and now the star of A Shot at Love, dishes out her sentiments about the intense drama between the two girls in her official website where she also explains why she opted for Brandi and Vanessa to be the last two standing. Read more »
Previously on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila: Steven was eliminated and made a classy exit.  Vanessa was eliminated, and grabbed a chunk of Brandi‘s hair, taking her down.  CAT FIGHT!   Vanessa claimed no one loves Tila more than she does, while Brandi cried, wanting to leave.  Now, the exciting conclusion!If you tuned in just three minutes early, you caught the epic cat fight again during a rerun of last week‘s episode.  In the "previously on" package, we see it again.  Tonight‘s new episode of A Shot at Love begins in the aftermath as Brandi begs to leave and Vanessa begs Tila not to pick Brandi.  Tila is also crying, because the girl she picked to stay is still leaving.  Black and white flashbacks show the cat fight again.  It‘s like Tila‘s very own Zapruder film. Read more »
To many spectators, MTV‘s A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila is like any other dating show with a bunch of nonsense reality stars and a lot of distasteful content.  But for some, they consider this show as spring of hope and not just a source of entertainment pleasure. To the fans of Tila Tequila, the star of the show who is also known as Tila Nguyen, her rise to fame represents a cultural breakthrough.  With a little help of technology and a few million cyber friends on MySpace, the 26-year-old model has swiftly catapulted to self-created stardom, which eventually led to a bisexual-themed television concept.  As the star of A Shot of Love, she embarks on a quest to look for her ideal match, regardless of gender, and at the same time, attempts to become a positive role model to her fans, especially bisexuals. Read more »
With the unexpected success of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, MTV is eyeing a second serving of the bisexual-themed reality dating series.  But as previously reported, rumors have surfaced that Tila Tequila isn‘t coming back to embark on yet another quest as she has seemingly found love with someone she has chosen on the show. In an interview with TV Guide‘s December 2 issue, Tila Tequila, also known as Tila Nguyen, gushes about her new found match, as well as her new found fame. Read more »
Previously on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila: Dani was awesome, and Tila Tequila surprised us all by refusing to let Brandi back into the house. Domenico, the last entertaining person in the house, was kicked out so Tila Tequila could visit the families of the four remaining daters.Bags are being packed, and everyone is pretty upbeat about the opportunity to take Tila Tequila home.  For the men, Bobby is worried that his family isn‘t quite as affluent as Ryan‘s (who, as you‘ll learn in this column, grew up in my hometown of Flemington, New Jersey, which is indeed quite affluent).   Dani is stoked to show off her hot possible girlfriend to her firefighter buddies. Read more »
Domineco Nessi turned out to be one of the best cast members on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. He had a lot rolled into one Italian meatball: class clown, snitch/instigator, and, by the end, a surprisingly lovable schlub.So lovable, in fact, he might just be getting his own show in which he, like Tila, will be looking for love. Unlike Tila, however, it looks like he‘ll just stick with the ladies. Read more »
A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila was a bit of gamble for MTV. Its eponymous lead might be an internet sensation, but would all those online fans turn into regular viewers when their MySpace friend appeared as a walking, talking, dating TV personality?Just in case the draw of Tila Tequila wasn‘t enough, MTV had another angle with which to draw viewers: the bisexual dating show. It could appeal to viewers out of sheer novelty, a desire to see which sex would prevail or just out of pure voyeurism.But now a source says that this angle was entirely fabricated.  Read more »
Previously on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila: Tila visited the homes of her final four. Bobby was poor but good, Amanda was noble and fun, Dani‘s grandma was awesome, and Ryan‘s parents were rich conservative people from my hometown. As such, Ryan was eliminated.The final three pack their bags to head off to Cancun.  Bobby is excited to be the last man standing.  I‘m so accustomed to reality show villains that I‘m thrown by the fact that these final three seem to get along well and enjoy hanging out with each other. Read more »
As BuddyTV recently reported, the New York Post says a source close to A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila claims that Tila is not a bisexual and that, in fact, she has had a boyfriend the entire time. Well, with the finale of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila set to air on December 18, and the final two so neatly split between male Bobby and female Dani, those kind of rumors are not the kind that can‘t be addressed, so Tila recently offered up a rebuttal via her MySpace page. Read more »
A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila has, despite the critical beating it‘s taken, won a lot of fans.  The show has catapulted Tila Tequila from internet phenomenon with questionable career path to reality TV phenomenon with questionable career path (this is a kind of step up, in case you were wondering).With the attention has come that critical backlash however, and recently, another new development, rumors in the media. Those things, however, are not why she‘s feeling ambivalent at times about her very own show. Read more »
Rather than find out if Tila Tequila is straight or gay by picking Dani or Bobby on tonight‘s episode of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, we‘re treated to a clip show.  It‘s basically an extended edition of "The Hangover," hosted by Ryan Stout.  I love him and hate him all at the same time, because all he does is snark on the show, and if he‘s here to do that, why do you need me?We start with lesbians doing body shots and they let pizza delivery boy Michael B. do his first ever body shot, simply because he has no game.  This show started with 32 people, so I really have no idea who the heck half these people are. Read more »
This year was a banner year for the star of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. She filmed the reality show, she apparently found love on the show (or so we‘re being told), she‘s been releasing singles for her upcoming album…all that‘s left for her to do is start a clothing line and release a perfume and she will have officially completed all the demi-celebrity clambering-towards-fame required activities.Not as crucial as those, but still important, is a hosting gig at some kind of award ceremony. But right now it‘s holiday season, and so instead, the A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila star‘s next big push towards fame will come in the form of hosting MTV‘s New Year‘s Eve Show. Read more »
In tonight‘s finale of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, the bisexual MySpace queen must decide between small town boy Bobby and butch fire fighter Dani. Clearly the fan favorite is Dani. Two weeks ago I asked you who you thought would win, and with more than 2,000 votes in our BuddyTV poll, 70 percent chose Dani. However, that doesn‘t make it so.Arguments can be made in favor of either contestant.  As we prepare for the finale, let‘s take a closer look at who has the better shot at winning A Shot at Love. Read more »
Next Tuesday, the finale of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila will air, and Tila Tequila will have to finally decide which gender will get his or her shot at love. We‘ve got a sneak peek into that final episode where the two contenders battle to win her heart.Will it be Dani, the lesbian who has charmed so many viewers, is an actual hero for a living (she‘s a firefighter), and has so far not only seemed to keep on good terms with most of the other housemates for the most part, but actually rose above the usual reality show politics to refuse to dog on anybody else to Tila?Or will it be Bobby, who…is male? And…um…is good-looking and seems, you know, nice enough in addition to having boy parts? Read more »
For a moment, it looked like we were in for a huge twist on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, but then, no.  It goes exactly as I thought, where the sentimental choice is the loser while the dull, safe one wins.  It‘s a bit depressing, but ultimately unsurprising, and it looks like Tila will now have an even more difficult time fending off those hetero rumors.The final episode starts as Dani and Bobby get along surprisingly well. Bobby even comments on how similar they are, then he makes a comment about how gay he‘s acting. First up, Tila Tequila wants to show her final two a bit of her world, so she takes them into the recording studio where they each write their own song to sing with her. Bobby‘s is very poor, and the best he can claim is that, on a scale of 1-10, at least it wasn‘t a 0. I couldn‘t put it better myself. Then Dani comes out and kills it, putting on a full gangsta demeanor. Tila is dam impressed at how cool Dani actually is. Read more »
Well, here we are, the season finale of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.  When this little dog and pony show began, who could imagine it would be as popular as it is?  Things are down between Bobby and Dani, the man and the woman, the small town boy and the fire fighter, the dainty, feminine looking one...and Dani.I‘ll be here throughout the episode updating with my live thoughts on what is sure to be an exciting finale.  Earlier today we put up a poll, and thus far, a slight majority of you think Dani will win, while a bigger majority think she should.  Lots of Dani confidence out there. Read more »
Last night‘s season finale of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila had the chance to shock viewers by featuring a lesbian love connection, but instead Tila chose to stick to the hetero world by choosing safe, boring Bobby.  Almost two-thousand fans have voted in our poll, and over 64 percent of you think that Tila would have found her real shot at love with Dani.  Read on to see what fans have to say about Tila‘s controversial final decision. Read more »
Well, the fans have weighed in on the finale of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, and the winner, Bobby, and runner-up, Dani, debriefed after the experience on the Hangover show. Heck, according to one of our readers, even President George Bush weighed in with his thoughts on who should win.But what of the teeny-tiny Tila at the center of the show? Well, she‘s offered up a slightly bitter reaction to the reaction, including the subtext that fame is apparently a worthy substitute for her own love (project much, Tila?), and disappointment that she‘s been the target of some hatin‘ due to her pick on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. Read more »
Back when A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila first started, there was quite a bit of hand-wringing from cultural critics about what the show meant for the already – in their eyes – morally-barren and intellectually-bleak landscape of American TV. As one critic put it, “The latest sign of the apocalypse is the debut of A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila…”The viewers carefully considered the thoughtful arguments, and responded, “Whatever, haters!” and A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila became a surprise success. The series averaged 6.2 million and became MTV‘s most-watched series. The finale even beat out broadcast in the 12- to 34-years-old demographic, and was MTV‘s second-highest rated show this year, only edged out by the Video Music Awards.And all this means that Domenico Nessi‘s spin-off show is a go! Read more »
On A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, no one became a bigger fan favorite than Dani.  The butch lesbian fire fighter from Florida, Dani‘s warmth, kindness, and compassion came through on what was theoretically a tawdry, sex-filled television series.  Though she didn‘t walk away with the shot at love, Dani left the show with dignity, grace, and a whole slew of fans.BuddyTV spoke to Dani about how her life has changed dramatically since being on the show, her reaction to the hordes of straight female fans who say they‘d go gay for her, and what Dani‘s good friend and fellow contestant Domenico is really like.  Continue reading for the full transcript, as well as the audio file of the interview. Read more »
Previously on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, Tila inexplicably chose Bobby. WTF?Tonight on A Shot at Love The Final Round, all the contestants are assembled together for the first time since taping the season. Everyone is getting rowdy at the beginning. Wow, there are a lot of contestants. I‘m going to have trouble keeping them straight (ha!) so forgive me if I‘m slow with their names. As everyone is getting introduced, Amanda seems to be the only one cheering for herself. Scout, Chaos and Alex are not in attendance, and Brandi is backstage, waiting for her chance to bitch-slap Vanessa. Read more »
Reality TV romances are notoriously high-risk endeavors. Bret Michaels is in for round two of Rock of Love, having failed in his first attempt. Age of Love‘s Mark Philippoussis and Amanda Salinas have likely slipped out of love as easily as they slipped out of our collective consciousnesses. And it seems like we‘re always hearing of one Bachelor break up after another.. Heck, the latest Bachelor Brad Womack didn‘t even choose a lady! And honestly, is Tiffany "New York" Pollard good for anybody?The question now is, will A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila be any different? Read more »
Odds are, Tila Tequila is your friend.  The Maxim model and aspiring singer is best known for having more than 2 million friends on MySpace.  The twist with this Tequila is that she‘s a bisexual, and on her new MTV dating reality show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, that sexual preference is on full display.  Tila is at the center of a Bachelor or Flavor of Love or type show, the only catch is that of the 32 potential suitors, half are straight guys and half are lesbians.  A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila premieres tomorrow night at 10pm on MTV.Tila spoke with BuddyTV about her new show.  Tila spoke about her relationship history with both men and women, how the contestants responded when they learned of each other, and how often she still checks her MySpace page.  Below you will find a transcript as well as the mp3 audio file of the interview. Read more »