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The TV season began long ago, in the warmer days of September.  Yet, one of the most beloved and little-watched comedies on television has yet to grace us with its presence.  This changes tonight, when 30 Rock takes its rightful place on NBC‘s Thursday night line-up.  30 Rock returns to its 9:30pm time slot tonight, a spot that was taken over by the special prime-time editions of Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update for the past three weeks.  30 Rock star Tina Fey has become a national rock star thanks to her portrayal of Governor Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live during the campaign season.  NBC is hoping that Fey‘s new-found visibility will translate to improved ratings for the series which, despite universal praise from critics, has yet to find a solid audience. Read more »
Despite losing the elections, GOP vice-presidential bet Sarah Palin ought to be congratulated at least by the people behind 30 Rock for bringing more eyes to the critically acclaimed show.  While it is true that it really deserves the attention, especially after notable Emmy wins by the writing team and its star and creator Tina Fey, it was Fey‘s hugely popular impersonation of the Alaska governor and her infamous one-liners involving Alaskans and their ability to see Russia from their houses which created a buzz for the show.Eventually, 30 Rock stayed true to its promise.  Its October 30 premiere attracted 8.7 million viewers, up by some 20 percent from its 6.5 million numbers last season.  The other critically acclaimed NBC series The Office also enjoyed a boost in its viewership, with 9.5 million people, its biggest audience this season.  This is a good sign considering its former gem Heroes is suffering a fall in its third season.  Overall, though, CBS still won the week with an average of 11.4 million viewers.  ABC held the second spot with 10.1 million, while Fox rounded up the top three with 9.5 million.  NBC is fourth with 7.5 million, followed by the CW, My Network TV, and ION Television. Read more »
It is already old news that a lot of big stars are gracing the set of 30 Rock for this season.  Last episode alone, Liz (Tina Fey) found herself sitting beside Oprah Winfrey on her flight back to New York from Chicago.  For tonight‘s episode, it is Friends star and former Mrs. Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston who will make an appearance on the critically acclaimed series.More than that, Aniston reportedly wowed the cast and crew of 30 Rock so much that the top guns at NBC are considering asking her to return for more episodes.  Regular cast member Jane Krakowski tells Ok! magazine, "We‘d love to have her." Read more »
On the last episode of 30 Rock, Jennifer Aniston came for a visit as Liz‘s (Tina Fey) former roommate Claire Harper.  Fortunately or unfortunately, she developed a stalker-ish kind of obsession toward Jack (Alec Baldwin), at one point dressing like a French maid (and kissing him) and singing him happy birthday when it‘s not his birthday.  Meanwhile, asked how kissing the former Friends star was like, Baldwin sarcastically said, “It was painful. I mean, every man who‘s had to make out with her in TV and movies — I don‘t know how they do it."Delving on the question further, Baldwin was asked whether or not he agreed on the premise of that episode: that unstable possibly deranged women are better lovers.  "That‘s assuming I‘ve been with crazy women,” he said.  “If I answer that question in the affirmative, that would type a woman I‘ve been with as being crazy, which I don‘t really feel like doing.  But I hear it‘s true. I hear from my friends it‘s true." Read more »
Most people associate Tina Fey for her hilarious impersonations of Sarah Palin and her work on 30 Rock, a sitcom loosely based on her experiences at Saturday Night Live.  But there‘s so much more to the 38-year-old comedian.  Fey tells it all in Vanity Fair‘s January issue, where she also appears on the cover.As a writer, comedian, actress and producer, Fey has won five Emmys, a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award.  After serving as writer on Saturday Night Live in 1997, she was eventually promoted to the position of head writer in 1999 and was added to the cast of the sketch comedy program in 2000. She left Saturday Night Live to create her own television series called 30 Rock, where she plays Liz Lemon, the head writer of a fictional sketch comedy show.  Though the sitcom struggled in the ratings for two years, it was deemed a critical success, winning seven Emmy‘s last fall and catapulting Fey into red-hot territory. Read more »
The year is almost over, and BuddyTV wants to know which shows were your absolute favorites from 2008. We have a huge Showdown featuring 48 of the top shows of the year, from reality staples like American Idol to smash hits like CSI. You can vote for your favorite cult shows like Supernatural, or a small comedy like It‘s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  We have shows still going strong like Grey‘s Anatomy and shows canceled before their time like Jericho.VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE SHOW OF 2008>> Read more »
Tonight‘s installment marks 30 Rock‘s Christmas-themed episode.  Everyone is eager to take a break from work and has something special to look forward to for the holiday.  But as expected, things don‘t always go as planned especially when the cast and crew of TGS with Tracy Jordan are forced to ditch their plans to produce a last minute “Christmas Special.”Read on to find out what‘s in store for tonight‘s 30 Rock episode. Read more »
The Golden Globe Awards honor the best in both television and movies, and though they‘re not taken as seriously as the Emmys or the Oscars, they‘re still a lavish, star-studded affair.  However, the glitz was put on hold last year due to the writers‘ strike, forcing the producers of the show to cobble together an awkward news conference to announce the winners.  This year, with no strike in sight, the Globes are back to being as glamorous and exciting as ever.  The ceremony is set to air on NBC on Sunday, January 11 at 8pm, and is bound to be attended by a cavalcade of big stars.The nominees for the 66th Annual Golden Globes were announced this morning, and below you‘ll find a list of all the television categories.  Shows like True Blood, Mad Men, 30 Rock and The Office received multiple nominations, while other critically acclaimed shows were surprisingly omitted. Read more »
After being honored with an Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for one of three guest appearances on the NBC sitcom 30 Rock as Colleen Donaghy, Elaine Stritch has certainly become the perfect foil to Alec Baldwin‘s character Jack Donaghy.  The 82-year-old actress was first introduced in the episode “Hiatus,” which aired on April 26, 2007 where she visited son Jack who ended up in the hospital.  She then returned in last December‘s “Ludachristmas” episode and was last seen gracing last night‘s installment. Read more »
As reported previously, Salma Hayek has been added to 30 Rock‘s guest list this season.  Tina Fey, who plays Liz Lemon and serves as executive producer of the sitcom, was reportedly so desperate to get Hayek on the show that she called her personally to invite her to come on board.  At the time, details about the 42-year-old actress‘ appearance were scarce though it has been said that she has signed on to appear for more than one episode and that she won‘t be playing herself but will star as a character.Now more details about Hayek‘s guest stint has emerged and according to The Sun, there‘s even an embarrassing scene between the gorgeous actress and lead male actor Alec Baldwin. Warning: This article contains spoilers!!! Read more »
Last time we saw 30 Rock, the Christmas spirit took over everyone.  Liz tried to fulfill children‘s wishes, Jack‘s plans for a holiday away from his overbearing mother were foiled due to a freak accident, while the TGS crew was forced to give up their plans to produce a last minute Christmas special.  This week, the New Year brings something new for everyone in the episode called “Senor Macho Solo.”Read on to find out what‘s in store for tonight‘s 30 Rock episode. Read more »
There‘s no doubt about it.  30 Rock is one of the best comedies on the air right now and the show‘s recent Golden Globe victory validates my opinion even more.  But while Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) and Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) have always had the spotlight on them, the success of 30 Rock can also be credited to other characters of the show. But none is so funny or so flat-out weird as the strangely compelling and insane Tracy Jordan.  And part of the effect is in the excellent delivery from actor Tracy Morgan, who seems more than a little bit like his character in real life.Each week, Jordan does his best to play a successful African-American movie star with a reputation for unpredictable, highly erratic behavior.  This reputation is well-earned and much of it is an intentional attempt on his part to maintain his "crazy" persona in the eyes of the media.  From running down the 405 in his underwear while repeatedly shouting "I am a Jedi," doing the robot walking backwards into a Starbucks while holding a dog that he had apparently stolen (although this was in fact misinterpreted as an act of normalcy), to biting actress Dakota Fanning on the face, the character of Tracy Jordan has liberally entertained viewers with his hilariously quotable lines.  To commemorate the self-centered, prima donna, I‘ve gathered some of my favorite and memorable Tracy Jordan moments on the show. Read more »
From NBC‘s official press release:Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) fights for the staff‘s right to flu shots while Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) looks for creative ways to spend time with Elisa (guest star Salma Hayek).Chris Parnell guest stars. Read more »
During Thursday‘s TCA Winter Press Tour, new primetime entertainment president Angela Bromstad announced that NBC has renewed The Office and 30 Rock for the 2009-2010 season.  This means we get to enjoy another year of unprecedented comedy that only the TGS crew and Dunder Mifflin employees could deliver. None of the orders is much of a surprise.  The Office has emerged as one of TV‘s funniest and sharpest shows, proving to be popular with adults 18-49.  30 Rock, on the other hand, is a five-time Golden Globe Award winner and a nine-time Primetime Emmy Award-winning comedy series.  Both shows have been well received by critics. Read more »
From NBC‘s official press release:Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) ropes Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) into accompanying him on a business retreat, while Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski) decides to take a method approach to becoming Janis Joplin.Chris Parnell guest stars. Read more »
Producers of 30 Rock have searched far and wide to find Frank Rossitano‘s mother and now, they‘ve finally found their woman. According to Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello, legendary Broadway actress Patti Lupone has just been hired to play the resident pigpen‘s mom.Lupone is perhaps best known for her role as Eva Perón in the 1979 musical Evita.  Her much-lauded performance earned her a 1980 Tony Award for leading actress in a musical, among other honors.  Apart from being a theater actress, Lupone also worked in films like Summer of Sam, Driving Miss Daisy, King of the Gypsies, Nancy Savoca‘s 24 Hour Woman, Family Prayers, Bad Faith, and City by the Sea.  On TV, she appeared as Libby Thatcher the television drama Life Goes On and was nominated twice for an Emmy Award for the tele-film The Song Spinner, and her guest appearance on Frasier.  Most recently, she appeared on Ugly Betty as the mother of Michael Urie‘s Marc. Read more »
The 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards were held Sunday night at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. All the big-name actors and actresses were there to honor and celebrate their fellow players in film and television. Slumdog Millionaire continued their Cinderella story, winning the award for Best Ensemble Cast in film, while 30 Rock, Mad Men and John Adams continued to garner high praise in the television categories. Read on for the full list of winners, as well as BuddyTV‘s picks for the Best and Worst Dressed stars at the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2009! Read more »
From NBC‘s official press release:Why is Tracy (Tracy Morgan) causing city-wide mayhem?  Will Jack (Alex Baldwin) and Elisa (Salma Hayek) take the next big step in their relationship?  Find out when Salma Hayek, Larry King and Meredith Vieira guest star. Read more »
On tonight‘s 30 Rock season 3 finale - "Kidney Now!" - Jack‘s (Alec Baldwin) will try to connect with his biological father (guest star Alan Alda) but his health hangs in the balance just as they start to build a relationship.   Meanwhile, Liz (Tina Fey) starts to gain a reputation for being a relationship expert after an appearance on a talk show, despite her own many failed relationships.  As for Tracy (Tracy Morgan), he is invited to speak at his old high school during graduation, and Kenneth helps him overcome some embarrassing moments from those turbulent years.The season 3 finale of 30 Rock will feature Sherri Shepherd, Sheryl Crow, Mary J. Blige, Elvis Costello, Clay Aiken, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, and other surprise musical guests.  On one promo, Aiken, Costello, and Blige are being blackmailed by Jack to do a concert for Jack‘s father.   On the last episode of the NBC comedy, Liz concocted a Mamma Mia-like scenario to help Jack find his father.  Meanwhile, Tracy looked like he found his illegitimate son, but Pete and Liz had something else in mind. Jenna reluctantly shared credit for a new TGS catchphrase with Liz. Read more »
After its initial announcement last month about the shows it would pick up, today NBC revealed its official 2009-2010 schedule and also made several official cancellations.My Name is Earl and Medium are both gone, though there are possibilities that both shows could be picked up by rival networks.  For My Name is Earl, it‘s especially difficult since the season ended with a cliffhanger.More Fall Lineups:FOXABCNBCCBSThe CW Read more »
After 16 years of filming Late Night with Conan O‘Brien, tonight the redheaded funnyman begins his new gig as the host of The Tonight Show. He‘ll be joined by Will Ferrell, musical guest Pearl Jam, and will have former Late Night co-host Andy Richter by his side once more.In anticipation of his Tonight debut, many of Conan‘s celebrity friends--including 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin, Apprentice host Donald Trump, and others--offered words of encouragement and advice to O‘Brien, who will have all of America watching to see how he makes the gig his own.As O‘Brien recently told the New York Times, "There‘s an opportunity toput my stamp on this show. I‘ve got an ego, and I want to do my Tonight Show." Read more »