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The sophomore season of 30 Rock kicks off in potentially higher gear tonight with the special guest appearance of iconic funnyman, Jerry Seinfeld.  Seinfeld is the first in a long line of high-profile celebrities to be featured as guests in this new season for the NBC comedy.  It‘s expected that his turn on the struggling show will be mutually beneficial for himself as well as the series. Tina Fey, writer, star and producer of the young series, and the rest of her 30 Rock co-horts are hoping that big-name guests like Seinfeld will help plant 30 Rock more firmly among viewers.  For his part, Jerry Seinfeld will likely make the most of his 30 Rock stint to promote his upcoming animated feature entitled Bee Movie. Read more »
When 30 Rock premiered last September, the expectations weren‘t too high. NBC was releasing two new shows about the behind-the-scenes antics of a sketch comedy show, and all the network‘s eggs were placed in the basket of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.While Studio 60 went from brilliant to awful in about two or three episodes, 30 Rock chugged along, the little engine that could. Early episodes were nothing special, but as the actors settled into their roles and the writers began exploring the characters, things started to click. Hilarious guest appearances by Dean Winters, Will Arnett and Elaine Stritch helped a lot, and by midseason, it had transformed into one of the funnier shows on TV. Read more »
The cast and crew of 30 Rock still feel the need to broaden its audience despite its successful win at the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series.  In an attempt to boost ratings, the NBC show is rocking its guest lineup beginning with award-winning comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who kicked off last night‘s premiere episode. Seinfeld, whose guest role on 30 Rock marked his first appearance on a primetime television series since his own self-titled hit show went off the air in 1998, is just one of the many high-profile celebrities geared up to grace season 2. "We‘re very hopeful the show will expand its audience base," NBC Universal Television co-chairman Ben Silverman, who engineered Seinfeld‘s appearance, said in a statement.  "The Emmy is a clear public validation of what we believe is the superlative creative merits of the show. We‘re praying it does super-well, but even if it does just OK, we have real faith in it."Read on to find out more about 30 Rock‘s star-studded guest list. Read more »
30 Rock begins its sophomore season in full force, guest starring comedy legend Jerry Seinfeld in its season premiere. The NBC sitcom is careful, however, to not depend entirely on Seinfeld‘s cameo to carry the weight of the entire show and makes sure to give its regulars the screen time fans of last season have sorely missed over the past few months. Read more »
CSI: versus Grey‘s Anatomy.  That‘s always the big one on Thursday nights, yet it doesn‘t really deserve much analysis anymore.  Both are going to have huge numbers, will be close to each other in overall viewers, but have wildly different demographics.  Even if Grey‘s Anatomy falls short of CSI‘s audience, Grey‘s will always fare better in the demographics that matter, especially 18-49 year olds.  The biggest news of the night was probably 30 Rock, whose season premiere with guest star Jerry Seinfeld gave 30 Rock its biggest audience ever. Read more »
As reported previously, many notable celebrities will be gracing the second season of the Emmy Award-winning NBC sitcom, 30 Rock.  But among the many names mentioned, fans are raving about the much awaited guest appearance of Carrie Fisher, who is most famous for her portrayal of Princess Leia Organa in the original Star Wars trilogy.  See how this massive “force” stirs up the SNL-esque sketch comedy show in the fourth episode of the season entitled “Rosemary‘s Baby,” which is scheduled to air on October 25.Read on for more 30 Rock spoilers. Read more »
Continuing its cameo-driven second season, Will Arnett and Rip Torn both return in this week‘s 30 Rock, revisiting their previous roles as chief rival and boss, respectively. Additionally, we saw Kenneth help reunite Tracy with his wife, Jenna come to terms with her new body type and Liz continue to struggle with her day to day life.The episode opens in Jack‘s office. Jack has just bought an expensive steak but is unable to eat it due to his recent heart attack. Because of this, he asks Liz to eat the steak in front of him so that he can watch her enjoy it. Though initially confused, she agrees and scarfs down the cut. While Liz stuffs her face, Jack reveals that, based on an article he read, he believes that his boss, Don Geiss, is thinking about retiring in the near future and, in order to not seem weak, he needs to keep his recent heart attack a secret. Read more »
The second season of 30 Rock is not only getting funnier but getting bigger as well.  After learning about this season‘s array of notable guest stars, the NBC sitcom is now reportedly casting for Liz Lemon‘s (Tina Fey) family.Viewers were able to get to know Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) a little bit better when the show introduced his very eccentric Irish-American family, characterized by a great deal of drama and internal strife.  As the show tramples onto the coming episodes, it will soon get to know Liz on a more personal level as it features her mom, dad and an older brother, who‘s been “off” since a skiing accident in his youth. Read more »
Steve Buscemi guest stars in this week‘s 30 Rock as a private investigator hired to search through Jack Donaghey‘s mysterious past. Meanwhile, Tracy Jordan deals with a wife that is determined to never leave his side as Jenna struggles to keep the weight that has given her a recent boost in popularity.We open in Jack‘s office as Liz interrupts a conversation between Jack and his assistant, Jonathan. Jack is apparently up as a possible candidate for the position of president at G.E.  Because of this, the company is currently researching his past, looking for anything that could possibly embarrass them. So, Jack has hired his own private investigator to find anything incriminating before the company does. He rationalizes this by comparing it to Liz seeing a psychiatrist. Read more »
As part of NBC‘s "Green is Universal" initiative, 30 Rock will be integrating some environmentally conscious messages in its storylines this coming November.  The sitcom, which will kickoff its eco-friendly episode on November 8, will be joining a roster of the programs, including The Office, My Name is Earl, and Las Vegas, just to name a few, in running the network‘s campaign. Warning: May contain spoilers Read more »
Another week, another guest star, another hilarious show. In its fourth episode, 30 Rock features Carrie Fisher as Liz Lemon‘s childhood idol, an edgy comedy writer from back in the day. As Liz spends her time trying to look good in front of her former role model, Jack and Tracy work on getting to the bottom of one of Tracy‘s many, many psychological issues while Jenna and Kenneth bond during an adventure of their very own. Read more »
This week, NBC is celebrating environmentalism with Green Week, in which all the shows adopt eco-friendly storylines to promote green themes. While some shows may see this as a challenge, 30 Rock leapt at the opportunity and created yet another winning episode.Much like previous episodes, turning product placement into a gag, this Thursday‘s 30 Rock, “Greenzo,” is all about NBC head Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) forcing an eco-friendly mascot on his network: Greenzo, played by Friends alum David Schwimmer. To see video clips of Schwimmer‘s appearance on this episode, continue reading. Read more »
As part of NBC‘s "Green Week", tonight‘s 30 Rock gave us twice the usual guest stars, with appearances by both Friends star David Schwimmer and Vice-President Al Gore. Not only that, but it also managed to give nearly every member of its talented cast a time to shine as we are introduced to Jack‘s latest idea, "Greenzo", the world‘s first non-judgemental, business friendly environmental advocate. We also learn that the cast and crew of TGS know how to party.  Read more »
Guest starring Edie Falco of Sopranos fame, along with a handful of Saturday Night Live cast members, this week‘s 30 Rock dealt with the paranoia caused by Homeland Security as Liz Lemon is haunted by the suspicious behavior of her neighbor. As Liz wrestles with her conscience, Jack explores some forbidden love when he falls for a Democratic Congresswoman from Vermont. Read more »
It‘s no secret or a newly-unearthed fact that, while deemed obtrusive and disruptive by viewers, commercials are the lifeblood of television programs.  However, recent marketing deals have broken from traditional advertising convention, as evidenced by an episode on NBC‘s 30 Rock. Not content with merely placing ads for its telephones in spots during 30 Rock‘s time slot, Verizon Wireless has found a way to embed itself into the program proper. Read more »
In this week‘s 30 Rock, Jack Donaghey struggles with the problems regarding his secret relationship with Democratic congresswoman, Celeste Cunningham (Edie Falco) as Liz Lemon tries frantically to keep cast members Tracy and Jenna under control. Even the writer can‘t really seem to get along. Fortunately for everyone, Political Consultant and "Ragin‘ Cajun" James Carville happens to be guest starring and is more than willing to offer everyone his expert advice. Read more »
The holidays have arrived for the Liz, Jack and the rest of the TGS staff as Andy Richter and Elaine Stritch guest star on this week‘s 30 Rock. As rest of the staff prepare for their annual "Ludachristmas" party, Tracy is forced to rethink his holiday plans after being put under house arrest and forced to wear an ankle bracelet programmed to go off if any alcohol is detected in his system. Meanwhile, both Jack and Liz‘s parents come into town to visit for the holidays. Read more »
Earlier today, NBC announced its Thursday night schedule for the month of January.  With the strike decimating NBC‘s must-see comedies, Thursday nights in early 2008 are not going to look very familiar.  This NBC announcement also reveals when the final episodes of 30 Rock, My Name is Earl, Scrubs and ER will air.  The NBC two-hour comedy block on Thursdays will be reduced to one hour in early 2008 to make room for The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition.   Read more »
ABC really wants to torpedo the premiere of The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition.  Following NBC‘s announcement that they were moving back The Celebrity Apprentice‘s premiere one week (from January 3 to January 10) to avoid college football and the final pre-strike episode of Grey‘s Anatomy, ABC announced today that they were moving back the final pre-strike episode of Grey‘s Anatomy to December 10 as well.  Both shows are set to air at 9pm.  Both of these announcements are accompanied by major shuffling of air dates for ABC and NBC shows.  Here‘s a look at where the final pre-strike episodes of some of ABC and NBC series will now fall.  Read more »
With television now coming upon the third month of the writers‘ guild strike, all but a handful of shows have been on strict repeat mode for a month now.  Among the last few standing with remaining new material still to air is NBC‘s 30 Rock. The Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning comedy is scheduled to broadcast what stands to be its last original episode for the current 2007-2008 season on Thursday, January 10.  One of the mainstays on 30 Rock is Judah Friedlander, who plays TGS writer, Frank Rossitano.  He may be one of those who might actually have something to be grateful for as the writers‘ walkout continues. Read more »
The final pre-strike episode of NBC‘s Emmy-nominated comedy series, 30 Rock, is airing this week. According to NBC, Thursday‘s broadcast will follow Jack (Alec Baldwin) as he tries to make his long-distance relationship with C.C. (guest star Edie Falco) work, while Liz (Tina Fey) tries her hand in real estate. To find out more about this week‘s serving of 30 Rock, read on. Read more »
30 Rock gave its farewell tonight, airing its final scheduled episode of the season. In fact, the episode was apparently so affected by the writer‘s strike, that the writer‘s didn‘t even get around to naming it before heading off to the picket lines. That being said, the show still gave us the laughs and entertainment fans have come to expect from the sophomore sitcom as Jack and Liz struggled with balancing their professional and personal lives as Jack tries to make time for his girlfriend (Edie Falco) and Liz attempts to venture into the world of home-ownership. The show even featured Motown legend Gladys Knight and her song "Midnight Train to Georgia", though that statement may be somewhat misleading. Read more »
2007 was a rough year for 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan.  He and Sabina, his wife of 21 years, separated, an experience which he likens to having a “death in the family."  He was also ordered to wear an ankle bracelet for an additional 80 days last September as a result of his failure to comply with an agreement to abstain from alcohol. Still, the new year means a fresh start, and it seems Morgan is ready to do just that. Although he is currently going through a divorce, Morgan, who plays notorious celebrity Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock, says that he and his Sabina are in good terms. Read more »
Alec Baldwin has had a successful career in the film industry, but being a big movie star didn‘t dissuade him from signing up for a regular television stint -- a starring role on the Emmy Award winning comedy series, 30 Rock – nor did it stop him from agreeing to continue on with the gig. “I think everybody is very grateful to come back and do it again, and hopefully do it after that,” Baldwin told The Wave Magazine.  “I mean, if you get lucky and this thing runs and run and runs, it‘s a great opportunity.” Read more »
The winners of the annual Peabody Awards, which honor the absolute best and brightest in electronic media, were announced today.  Over the years, the Peabodys have become known as the most prestigious award that can be bestowed upon a television show.  Last year, winners included Friday Night Lights and The Office, while past ceremonies honored shows as diverse as Battlestar Galactica and South Park.  It‘s not an easy award to win, which is why any series that picks one up gets an immediate boost of critical respect.  Today, five more shows were added to the ever expanding list of winners. Read more »
“25 Super-Hot Moms, 50 Eighth-Grade Boys.  No Rules.”This is the premise of Jack Donaghy‘s fictional NBC summer reality series, MILF Island, whose season finale is the focus of tonight‘s post-strike return of 30 Rock.  MILF Island is a sad commentary on the current state of network reality fare and it produces unspeakable hilarity in 30 Rock‘s triumphant return.  Would MILF Island, hypothetically, be any more morally reprehensible than The Moment of Truth or A Shot of Love at Tila Tequila?  Probably not, and this makes the episode that much better.  What we see of MILF Island is quite Survivor-esque (instead of extinguishing the losing MILF‘s torch, for instance, the MILF‘s must burn their bikini tops), with most of the action taking place at “tribal council.”  It‘s good to have 30 Rock back. Read more »
After entertaining viewers with a shortened season of indelible characters and a gleeful satire of corporate media, the award-winning series 30 Rock wraps up its sophomore season tonight with the episode “Cooter.”Read on to find out what‘s in store for 30 Rock‘s season finale. Read more »
30 Rock aired its second season finale yesterday, and the story was typically finale-like.  There were “big questions” facing our protagonists, ranging from “How do I get fired from my government job?” to “Am I pregnant?” to “How best do you record the dialogue for a pornographic video game?”  The meatiest part of the finale involved Alec Baldwin‘s Jack Donaghy and his foray into government work.  At the end of last week‘s episode we learned that Jack had been appointed by the President to serve in the Department of Homeland Security.  What followed was a wonderful skewering of the Bush presidency, but more importantly, might tell us something about Alec Baldwin‘s future life plans.  Read more »
Today NBC announced a more detailed schedule for its Fall premieres, including a few changes. The Molly Shannon/Selma Blair sitcom Kath and Kim will move from Tuesdays to Thursdays, leaving room for The Biggest Loser to gain 30 extra minutes. Also, the new series America‘s Toughest Jobs from the producers of Ice Road Truckers, will premiere this Fall as opposed to next Summer, which NBC originally planned.Additionally, NBC announced premiere dates for all of its shows. Heroes is returning one week later than previously announced and 30 Rock fans will undoubtedly be upset, and with good reason. Read on to see the new NBC Fall 2008 schedule and premiere dates. Read more »
Check out the BuddyTV personality quiz, "Which 30 Rock Character Are You?" Simply answer 15 carefully constructed questions which will calculate the character on 30 Rock that you are most like?  Are you an immature, yet somehow successful, man-child like Frank?  Or, are you self-absorbed and oblivious like Janna Maroney?  Or perhaps you are hopelessly neurotic and self-conscious like Liz Lemon?  Take the quiz and find out. Read more »
With the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences releasing the top 10 finalists for Outstanding Comedy and Drama Series last week, awards fanatics can now feel like they‘re a part of the nomination process. In recent years, the Emmys have complicated their process a bit, adding in panels, episode judging and weighted ballots to determine who will be deemed the five best shows of the season.Thanks to the intrepid reporting of Tom O‘Neil at, we also know the specific episodes submitted for consideration by each show. Over the weekend, panels gathered in Los Angeles to view one episode submitted by the top 10 finalists for Outstanding Comedy and Drama Series and then ranked them from best to worst. With the episode titles, you too can determine which episodes are your favorites, and with BuddyTV‘s newly expanded Video feature, you can even watch a few of them right here for free.  Continue reading for the Outstanding Comedy Series episodes. Read more »
The list of acting finalists for this year‘s Emmy Awards is nearly complete thanks to Tom O‘Neil at Gold Derby. He has already uncovered all the major Drama categories, and now he has both Supporting Actor and Actress categories on the Comedy side. The lists are largely dominated by NBC, thanks to three apiece for past Emmy champions The Office and 30 Rock.Continue reading for these top 10s and a little analysis. Read more »