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Oh, let me add another thing to the title: another explanation. After all, last time we saw Jack Bauer--eight months ago, roughly--he was infected with a lethal pathogen, already shivering, and just managed to shimmy himself out of Hodges‘ little mess. Well, Kim probably took that experimental stem cell treatment, and it probably went successfully, and the Bauers are probably trying to settle down and enjoy things as they come......or not. The world needs Jack again.  Read more »
The first two hours of any 24 season has always been the one that sets almost everything up: the target, the threat, and the people going against the threat. And, of course, the personal stakes--in this case, Jack Bauer settling down and flying to Los Angeles with Kim, only to find himself sucked into an assassination attempt. So, watching those two hours of scrambling felt more like revisiting an old friend rather than seeing someone born.What I‘m interested in is the new CTU. The only familiar face there is Chloe--and she‘s obviously struggling to keep up. Her exasperated face is adorable in a way, sure, but it also is annoying--but only if you consider that everyone there seems to be so caught up with themselves. New working culture, yes. Another enemy? Perhaps.  Read more »
As expected, Jack Bauer is alive, for one more day on the action. Kim just said she wouldn‘t let him go. Ahh, the things I wouldn‘t understand at the moment.That aside, I think we‘re pretty set for the next 22 hours on 24‘s eighth day. An assassination attempt on President Hassan, a "once-in-a-lifetime" Middle Eastern leader who‘s willing to take down his country‘s nuclear program for peace in the region. Oh, and is also having an affair with a reporter, who‘s now in CTU custody, accused of having a hand on the assassination plot, and is not doing herself any favors by lying about the affair.  Read more »
One of televisions most anticipated premiers is just days away. The 24 two night, four hour event is coming and we know you‘re ready for it. But, do you want to take your fandum one step further? Do you think you have what it takes to write about the show so that fans are sitting on the edge of their seat, hooked on every word, as the re experience episodes of 24? Read more »
Does anyone really know the difference between orange and blue andyellow on the Department of Homeland Security‘s color advisory system? Of course not, but if Jack Bauer were running things, we‘d all knowjust how scared we should be of terrorists.If Jack Bauer ran Homeland Security, we wouldn‘t have colors, we‘d havefive levels of "Damnit," Bauer‘s favorite phrase to express just howmad he is at the terrorists.  Here are Jack Bauer‘s five warning levels:  Read more »
With a fresh Fox News deal under her belt, a best-selling biography on the bookshelves (plus a new InTouchmagazine cover!), and a firm RSVP to be the special guest at nextmonth‘s Daytona 500, Sarah Palin‘s 2010 agenda is becoming clear:Total. Media. Saturation.Aspart of her goal to appeal to Americans of all politicalbeliefs, Palin hopes to transcend her lowly "ex-Governor" status to becomea true pop icon, in what we‘re calling the "Backwards Schwarzenegger"maneuver (or "B.S." for short), using the one medium we all know, love,and worship above all others: TELEVISION! Read more »
Four hours into day 8 of 24, Anil Kapoor is playing with gravitas like there‘s no tomorrow, and Freddie Prinze Jr. is still trying to keep up. I know I said he‘s doing fine after the premiere last week. But after an extra two hours (not to mention his efforts to save President Hassan from a bomb) it just doesn‘t feel right. At least not yet.Apart from the threats to the peace process and all the personal baggage it threatens to reveal, though, there‘s one thing that‘s got me spinning: an evil Renee Walker!  Read more »
Interested in writing about your favorite show? Click here for details.Poor Jack Bauer. Just like Michael Corleone, every time he thinks he‘s out they pull him back in. But this time, ironically, it‘s a family member who pushes him back into the jaws of public service.Our first glimpse of Jack this time out is in an unfamiliar domestic setting: he‘s watching cartoons with his adorable blond granddaughter who can‘t bring herself to call him Grandpa because he doesn‘t look like one. In one sentence we find out that the pesky bioweapon that infected Jack last season is no longer an issue (24 sometimes finds it easier not to sweat the details), so Jack has decided to take Kim up on her offer to move to Los Angeles for full-time grandpa duty.  Read more »
Beth Recaps last night‘s 24. If you‘re interested in becoming a BuddyTV Fan Columnist, click here. Ziya, Renee‘s Russian mob contact, is still bleeding out after she severed his thumb in order to remove his probation bracelet. We know that Renee‘s actions are really troubling Jack because they manage to elicit a couple of really primo "dammits" before the night is over. He says he‘s calling Hastings back at CTU to pull the plug, but she points out that he would have done the same, a charge he really can‘t refute. Renee also states that she‘s the only chance they have of finding the uranium, so he finally relents. According to Renee there are two things Ziya likes: 13-year-old girls and money. Cute as Renee is, she can‘t pass for a teenager, so she‘ll hook him in with the promise of mega-millions in commissions for brokering the weapons deal.  Read more »
If you‘re interested in becoming a BuddyTV Fan Columnist, click here. More than most other shows, 24 has been synonymous with its main character. The supporting players near, dear, and not-so-dear to Jack Bauer have alarmingly limited shelf lives, so he‘s been the one constant throughout. No matter what happens, we viewers have known that he can be counted on to come through when he‘s needed. But this season there‘s a new sheriff in town, and her name is Renee Walker.Renee is the closest Jack‘s had to an alter ego. She‘s fearless, unhesitating, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get results. But it‘s a reflection from a twisted funhouse mirror. Jack goes to extremes because he believes in a higher cause. Renee pushes the envelope because she doesn‘t believe in anything.   Read more »
I think now is the best time to express my little frustration over the photo to the right--the storyline between Dana/Jenny and her ex-boyfriend Kevin. What we discovered last week: she was an accessory to some crime, and served in prison for a short while before joining CTU under a new identity. What I don‘t understand: is this: how come the CTU, a very sensitive organization who surely checks the background of anyone who enters it, not find out what makes Dana tick? I mean, Hastings knows why Chloe took the job, and they know what Jack Bauer has done. And yet they don‘t know that Dana isn‘t Dana?Then again, they didn‘t really know that Renee can do such tasks--nor even knew that she was abused by that Vladimir dude, which explains for all those scary deeds before her cover was finally established. (When she finally got in, I didn‘t heave a sigh of relief. I got more scared.) So, CTU, you have a lot of work to do. And writers, I hope the Dana Walsh story ends up somewhere. Now, if Kevin is part of the bigger conspiracy...  Read more »
Renee is back in with the Russian mob, but Jack knows a crispy critter when he sees one and calls Brian Hastings to demand that she be pulled out NOW. Following the grand tradition of 24-Characters-Who-Ignore-Jack-At-Their-Peril, Hastings brushes him off. When Bauer argues there are other ways to make Vlad talk, Hastings retorts that they don‘t do that anymore. No siree bob, not when they have The Full Biometrics Package in their bag of tricks.In another corner of CTU, Dana runs across info on $120K in drug money being stored in an evidence warehouse. Since this meets the stringent six-figure criteria established by sleazy ex Kevin, she calls with details and asks him to meet her to pick up a key card she‘s forging. Maybe Dana goes along with him because she finds it a pleasant distraction compared to Arlo‘s never-ending supply of sleazy come-ons. The Chloe we know and love is reawakened when she puts him in his place without even breaking a sweat.  Read more »
If you‘re interested in becoming a BuddyTV Fan Columnist, click here. Multiple storylines have been a staple of 24 since Day One. In many cases they serve the show well by keeping it fast-paced. The best ones dovetail with the main story arc in some way to give it a new wrinkle or a different perspective. One of the better examples is Martha Logan‘s mental illness in Day Five. Her character was a constant wildcard in President Logan‘s White House.  Read more »
Six episodes in, I still can‘t understand where the Dana Walsh storyline on 24 is leading us.Sure, I trust that something will happen in the next few episodes--something that will make me understand why I should care for Dana‘s problems with her stalker former boyfriend Kevin and all the rhetoric about assisting robberies from within a government agency--but right now, I just don‘t get it. There‘s still no clear connection between Kevin and the bigger threat. Maybe there is no connection, but maybe it‘ll have a huge personal impact on Dana and her future marriage with Cole. If that‘s where were going, though, it wouldn‘t be that satisfying.  Read more »
It‘s no secret that Kiefer Sutherland wants to see a movie version of 24--in fact, he‘s had ideas in his head way before the eighth season began shooting. With talk that this season of the hit Fox series is its last, a movie seems more than plausible. Finally, it seems they‘re taking that step.Sources told Entertainment Weekly that Fox is in negotiations with screenwriter Billy Ray, who wrote thriller State of Play, to write a script for a possible movie. But that doesn‘t immediately mean we‘ll see Jack Bauer on the big screen, though: reports say that network bosses want to see first whether the show‘s ratings would sustain another season of the show. While ratings have been down compared to last season, 24 is still one of Fox‘s biggest shows.  Read more »
As soon as Renee entered the canvas in this season of 24 Jack pegged her as a ticking time bomb. But who knew less than a third of the day would be over when she detonated?First we check in at the U.N., where President Taylor‘s appeal to the nations involved in the peace treaty has apparently been well-received. But the British delegate suspects there‘s something more going on, and she confides in him that nuclear rods are also in play.   Read more »
Every 24 fan recognizes the initials CTU. Since Day One, even in the times when Jack was not officially an agent, the Counter Terrorist Unit has been the nerve center of the show‘s action. When it was disbanded last season, Bill, Chloe and Tony cobbled together a de facto unit that served much the same purpose. The government has now officially reconstituted CTU, but nearly a third of the way through Day Eight I‘m wondering why they bothered.  Read more »
Looks like Jack Bauer isn‘t really invincible: Entertainment Weekly reports that production for 24 has shut down shortly to enable star Kiefer Sutherland to undergo surgery for a ruptured cyst near his kidney.The cyst ruptured earlier in the week, according to reports, but shooting for the series continued without him until Friday, as he wasn‘t required. Production was later suspended as Sutherland was the center of some scenes; it is expected to resume later this week.  Read more »
A recurring lesson on 24: nobody underestimates Jack Bauer‘s magical powers. Sure, his stab wound was just a flesh wound, but he did get past the lethal pathogen in the last season. He‘s been through worse.Renee, on the other hand... her magical powers include giving Vladimir some instant eye surgery.  Read more »
Kevin and his buddy Nick are celebrating last week‘s score at the lamest strip club ever. C‘mon guys, this is New York and you have $120K burning a hole in your pocket, you can do better. Dana thinks she‘s off the hook but Kevin‘s decided this is too sweet of a set-up to stop now.Meanwhile, Bazhaev is not happy to hear about Vlad‘s death. Not out of any burst of human emotion, but because he still doesn‘t know who‘s blabbing about the nuclear rods. Jack tells him intel was intercepted from Farhad Hassan‘s camp, but Bazhaev‘s spidey sense is tingling and he thinks Jack‘s a cop. After all, he‘s dealt with KGB so he knows law enforcement is capable of anything.   Read more »
We‘re now one-third of the way through Day 8 on 24: long enough to establish the principal players and set the general story arc in motion, but still plenty of time for introducing new characters and staging some major plot twists. As we approach Act II, here‘s my wish list for what I‘d like to see in the next few hours:1.  Give Chloe some action, and I don‘t mean with Arlo. She‘s too good and beloved a character to waste on occasionally covering for Dana. It‘s not even like she NEEDS to be covered, since her absences have been met with hardly more than raised eyebrows. We saw that look in Chloe‘s eyes when Renee asked for her help. I‘m confident that the writers didn‘t bring her back just to sit in conference rooms and take debriefing statements.  Read more »
The TV season is just getting started, but today FOX announced thefinale dates for the 2009-2010 season including the end dates forAmerican Idol, Glee, Bones, and 24. Shows will start wrapping up in April with the Wanda Sykes show bowing out first on April 9, while Glee will be the last show to wrap up on June 8. Seeing that Glee doesn‘t start new episodes until after Wanda Sykes has had her last, the long stretch of finales makes sense.  Read more »
First off, what did you make of last week‘s 24? Jack Bauer finally kicked ass, and lots of it. Did that work? President Hassan is looking more ridiculous than ever, so much that I want to hate him for arresting anybody that‘s not him. Did that work? Sergei was finally arrested for selling uranium and wearing an apron as Jack was tortured. What about that?The final twist where Josef end up turning on his father--the very thing he wanted to do--by pushing with the trade, the very thing he didn‘t seem to want to do?  Read more »
Katee Sackhoff has signed on for the lead role in a yet untitled pilot for ABC.Sackhoff, best known as Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica, will be working with producer Richard Hatem, who previously worked on the set of Supernatural and Tru Calling. In the pilot, Sackhoff plays a beautiful female detective who teams up with a disgraced former cop to solve crimes and, in the long run, uncover the conspiracy that led to the former cop‘s downfall.  Read more »
So in the space of eight hours Jack‘s been stabbed (in the gut, mind you) and shot, yet I‘ve seen people in worse shape after a spirited game of Scrabble. Yes, once again he‘s ready to put CTU on his shoulders while he fights for truth, justice, and the American way.But first we check in on Sergei, who phones Josef to plead with him to surrender the rods. You know these two really have a bad relationship when Josef‘s cell phone doesn‘t recognize his dad‘s number. Upon hearing that immunity is in place he agrees to come in, but Farhad and his men shoot him down. Josef‘s phone is still live so CTU is able to get a voice print on Hassan‘s voice.  Read more »
The spectacle of guest stars on The Vampire Diaries just keeps getting better. When the series returns with new episodes beginning March 25, The O.C.‘s Melinda Clarke and General Hospital actor Stephen Martines will be spicing things up in Mystic Falls. But that‘s not all, according to Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello, who reveals that 24 actor David Anders will also be joining the Vampire Diaries cast for a multi-episode arc.  Read more »
Enjoyment of 24 has always been directly proportional to the viewer‘s suspension of disbelief. The greater your capacity, the more you‘re able to buy into it. The tone of the show has always been totally serious without a trace of irony, but sometimes even the staunchest fan (such as your loyal correspondent) has to wonder how they play some scenes with a straight face. Here in reverse order are my top five head-shaking, jaw-dropping, WTF moments and plotlines from Day Eight:  Read more »
An admission from yours truly: I wrote about a different episode of 24 last week. That preview should‘ve been for tonight‘s episode. No wonder I was looking for the Taylor-Hassan meet-up--that happens tonight, not last week. So, the sudden turn of events will happen tonight.Although you can say there was a sudden turn of events last week, too, albeit in a different front altogether. Yes, Dana is so screwed. Or maybe I should say Jenny is so screwed. Cole has found out about her, and he‘s squished the potentially messy situation between his fiancé, the logical Kevin and his more stupid companion. Only it doesn‘t feel so tied up to me. Think about this: they‘re missing in action! Just when the CTU needed more men to follow up Josef being killed, and Sergei being arrested, and Farhad being betrayed!  Read more »
Not much action in this hour. This is one of the points where the chess pieces get moved around the board in preparation for the next crisis.The first one (queen or pawn, take your pick) is Kayla, who gets her promised visit with Tarin. He tells her that Bashir, one of the security guards, is going to help him escape, and she agrees to meet him afterwards. Now for another romantic coupling that‘s not going as well: Dana tells Cole to leave and she‘ll take the blame for the murders. Of course he‘s much too gallant for that and tells her they‘re going to make like the whole thing never happened.  Read more »
No other show revolves so completely around a single character as 24 does with Jack Bauer. With a constantly revolving cast of supporting characters to fill, the producers throw their net far and wide to get an intriguing variety of actors. All branches of show business have been represented: movies (Dennis Hopper, Jon Voight); television (Rick Schroder, Zeljko Ivanek); stage (Cherry Jones, Jayne Atkinson). We‘ve seen cult favorites (Michelle Forbes, Callum Keith Rennie), soap opera crossovers (Reiko Aylesworth, Rena Sofer), before-they-were-bigs (Leighton Meester, Daniel Dae Kim) and foreign favorites (Rade Serbedzija, Jurgen Prochnow). Here in no particular order are five guest stars I‘ve found especially memorable for either good or bad reasons:  Read more »
It took a while for this to happen, but finally, this season of 24 has begun to kick some serious ass.And it‘s pretty obvious what the reason was: we did not see much of the drag that is the Dana Walsh storyline. We only saw Dana and Cole try to clean up their impossible-to-clean mess once, and only in that moment did I feel a bit down. Imagine seeing that in between Farhad‘s death, Jack‘s "hail Mary" and Marcos‘ little tactic.  Read more »
This episode really ups the emotional ante on the season as see the devastating effect the day‘s actions have on an individual level.As Marcos is hunkered down in the hospital chamber, his fellow terrorists have walked him through an intricate diagram of the circuit configuration on the explosives. A green light shows he‘s already through one of the four circuits needed for manual detonation. Thanks to the oxygen-rich environment, a low-speed drill is needed to get through the door so ETA is roughly 40 minutes. Chloe‘s background check shows that Marcos‘ dad was a college professor who was vocal about his criticism of US government. In a nice nod to back story it‘s revealed that he was imprisoned during the Islamic round-up in Wayne Palmer‘s administration and the subsequent black-balling drove him to suicide.Don‘t miss some of 24‘s most notable supporting characters.  Read more »
It looks like this is it for Jack Bauer.Variety reports that Fox are ready to pull the plug on 24, ending the show‘s successful run after this, their eighth season.Fan Columnist: Upping the emotional ante Read more »
This week I‘m facing the classic good news/bad news scenario. Monday‘s episode of 24 was the most emotionally engaging of the season for me, but on the heels of that comes news that Day Eight could be Jack Bauer‘s last on FOX.For now I choose to focus on the positive. This episode, with its primary focus on Marcos and his suicide mission, was like a mini-movie. The major threat of the nuclear bomb was still in the background but the action was on a smaller scale, which gave us a look at how events of the day had an impact on an individual as well as national level.Read more about the possible end to 24  Read more »
Why did you have to die, Rami Malek?Okay, so the actor didn‘t die. His character did. You know, Marcos, he who locked himself up in an oxygen chamber and was almost saved by Jack until a remote trigger left him for dead? That explosion sucked. I wanted to see him in future episodes. Instead we have his flesh littering a hospital room. Read more »
OK, so maybe it wasn‘t on a par with Air Force One going down or the assassination of David Palmer in terms of shock value. But Monday‘s events certainly did change the landscape of Day Eight.After Hastings briefs CTU associates on the kidnapping he asks Chloe to run point with NYPD. But she defers to Dana, citing the latter‘s qualifications. Why on earth is Chloe being so supportive of Dana? At the other end of the spectrum we have Arlo, who kvetches about all the changes.   Read more »
Random thoughts, questions and musings as we hit the halfway point of Day Eight:1. Where‘s Renee? I like the character and the actress, and I was looking forward to a season of Jack‘s yin to her yang. Right now it‘s looking like she was brought in just to kick-start the plot, but I‘m hoping we haven‘t seen the last of her.2. Presidential family drama is always part of the mix on 24, and this season is no exception. But this time it‘s not the American president involved. Omar Hassan and his family have been the driving force behind most of the action, from his treacherous brother to his estranged wife to his imperiled daughter. Which means ... Catch up on 24 with this week‘s recap: The Legend of File 33   Read more »
Can‘t we just all announce that this season of 24 is the last?I mean, that rumor‘s been circulating for a while now, and there‘s been talk lately that Fox is considering finally cancelling the show--ratings are dropping and production costs as rising--paving the way for a big-screen adaptation.  Read more »
We‘ve reached the halfway point on this season of 24 and, let‘s be honest, it doesn‘t seem that things have changed for the better. In fact, things have gotten worse. I mean, a completely disabled CTU? An EMP fizzling out every bit of spaceship-like technology the CTU has in order to prevent this nuclear threat from going kaboom in the middle of Manhattan? Worse, the peace process -- the one thing President Taylor wanted to keep going -- is left in ruins thanks to developments in the past twelve hours? Yes, I think we are indeed screwed.Okay, I must be exaggerating, but it seems rogue elements of the IRK have the upper hand now. They can easily smuggle the nuclear rods into Manhattan, and it‘s a matter of time before they devise the bomb and attack America. But wait, we still have Jack Bauer! We are saved, right?  Read more »
Moles in CTU are as common as pharmaceutical saleswomen on The Bachelor, but it doesn‘t make them any less exciting.  The latest hour of 24 featured the season‘s biggest twist as a major character was revealed to be a mole working with the terrorists, and somehow, I didn‘t see it coming.SPOILER WARNING: Do not read this article if you haven‘t seen the latest episode.  Read more »
A Chloe-centric hour, the return of Renee, AND a payoff to the Dana story? And I thought the last two episodes were exciting.Hastings is running a preliminary damage assessment after the EMT detonation and he doesn‘t like what he hears. All comm is out and CTU is completely dark, literally and figuratively. He assembles division heads for an old-school briefing using paper and pen. Before sending Kayla back to meet her family he gives her the good news/bad news that boyfriend Tarin is still alive but he used her to compromise CTU.Haven‘t seen last night‘s episode yet? Watch the excitement here  Read more »
As you learned here on BuddyTV, this may be 24‘s last season. Even if it sticks around for a couple more years, Renee, who made a triumphant return to the canvas this week, no doubt represents Jack‘s last best hope for a permanent relationship. It‘s certainly fitting, considering that of all the women in Jack‘s life she is the best match.The first was Nina Myers, although the personal part of their relationship happened before we met the characters. No doubt she was Jack‘s equal in terms of smarts, resourcefulness, and fearlessness. One small problem: Nina cast her lot with the forces of evil. It‘s only speculation, but I suspect that she even feigned romantic interest in Jack because it suited her purpose.  Read more »
The clock will stop picking this year for Jack Bauer.  Today FOX announced that 24will be done after its current eighth season.  The network released anofficial statement in which they made it clear that the decision to end24‘s eight-season run was made jointly by the network, studio and producers, including Kiefer Sutherland.The possibility that this would be the show‘s last season has beencirculating for a while, but this makes it official.  After eight longdays and 192 real-time hours, Jack Bauer‘s adventures will end with thetwo-hour season and series finale May 24 at 8pm on FOX.  Read more »
After thirteen hours, finally, we get some sort of pay-off to Dana Walsh‘s stupid, dragging storyline: she‘s a mole within CTU! Why didn‘t we see this coming?Or, the question is, was the storyline about Kevin and her engagement to Cole shattering--that damper of a storyline that really dragged the first episodes of this season down--worth it?  Read more »
Jack Bauer lives by one simple doctrine: the ends justify the means.  The iconic 24 character will end his eight-season run this year, but not without plenty of accomplishments.  Sure, he‘s saved countless lives and stopped dozens of terrorists, but his biggest legacy will be the lengths he went to in order to protect the country.  Read more »
Another high-octane shoot-out, this time in the bowels of Manhattan, plus sedition amidst top-level Presidential advisors. All this action is making it even more bittersweet that this is Jack Bauer‘s last day on our TV sets.Thanks to his flak jacket, Jack sustains only bruises. Chloe manages to locate the escaping terrorists via satellite, but Dana jams the feed long enough to allow them to get away. Samir demands that she get him NYPD patrol patterns and checkpoints but she says her instructions are to help him, not to blow her cover. Which begs the question: just who exactly is giving Dana her marching orders?  Read more »
The return of the brilliant Gregory Itzin as Charles Logan got me thinking about the portrayal of Presidents on 24. Jack Bauer has been the only constant character on the show, but the office of the President has been a crucial part of each season as well. It‘s fascinating that minorities have been consistently portrayed as paragons while the traditional figures (translated: white males) have been shown as weak, paranoid and narcissistic.Some people have gone as far as to say that 24 has been instrumental in paving the way for acceptance of an African-American president, and I think there‘s at least some truth to that. David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert), President of Days One through Three, was the type of man anyone would hope to have running the country: compassionate and caring, yet strong enough to make the tough decisions. Interestingly, his Lady Macbeth wife Sherry was his polar opposite, ruthless in her ambition. It was her death that ironically provided the impetus for his decision to leave the office.Catch up on Jack Bauer‘s Top 5 Human Rights Violations  Read more »
Who among you saw the possibility of President Hassan holding a gun coming?For me, who was introduced to Anil Kapoor only through Slumdog Millionaire, I definitely did not.  Read more »
Tragically, 24‘s ticking clock went silent tonight. Will that happen again before this season concludes?Having learned that he is the ransom for the rods, Hassan knows he can‘t put thousands of innocent people in jeopardy. He goes all Jack Bauer, locking the others up and surrendering to Bishop, sole remnant of Brucker‘s "crack" team. Weiss makes the call informing Samir, who naturally demands proof that Hassan is in their custody. Hearing Omar‘s voice satisfies him enough to notify Tarin to disarm the bomb with a lucky 7 seconds left on the clock.  Read more »
24 status report: Nuclear rods recovered? Check. President Hassan dead? Sadly, check. IRK insurgents snuffed? Thanks to Jack, check. So this part of the storyline has come to an end, but of course there are still eight hours left in this day. What now?Judging by the previews, the action will shift to the ramifications of what appears to be the aborted peace agreement. The Russians seem to be the new major players, but in the 24 universe there‘s always one prime mover behind all the shakers. Jack alluded to this as well in his speculation regarding Dana and who was paying her. Check out this week‘s episode recap  Read more »
Each season of 24 is easily set up into three parts, each with its own threat. The first eight episodes had the CTU going after Sergei Bazhaev and the nuclear rods. The next eight episodes had the CTU going after Samir and the nuclear robs, which already was a nuclear device. Now we‘re hitting the final eight episodes of the season--and with the world a shambles, after the death of President Hassan and his peace treaty--who will we go after?It‘s pretty easy to assume that we‘re still going for Samir. President Hassan‘s murder is not something that President Taylor will let slip, especially considering that Jack got so close to saving him. Also, the move makes things a bit more complicated in the international arena: President Taylor can still wage war against Kamistan, after rogue efforts within the country subverted what could be a breakthrough in world affairs.  Read more »
Last week I rhetorically asked how many more silent clocks we‘d have before the end of the season. Sadly, Monday night we got the answer that they‘re definitely not over.Jack offers his apologies to President Taylor about failing to keep Omar Hassan alive, but she says there‘s no blame to bear. Unfortunately, she feels she does need to dissolve the peace accord, a decision Bauer urges her to reconsider.  Read more »
Job. King Lear. Kenny from South Park. When it comes to tragedy, none of them have anything on Jack Bauer. Every move he makes is with the good of others in mind, but when it comes to Mr. Bauer karma‘s always on a holiday. The question has been in the back of my mind throughout 24‘s run, but it‘s really come to the fore with news that this is the final season: Will Jack ever find happiness?24 has never wanted to be the typical action TV series where the hero beats the bad guys and gets the girl without so much as a scratch on his ruggedly handsome face. Think Sophie had a tough choice? Literally every day of Jack‘s life he‘s had to compromise the safety of someone he holds dear in order to keep the rest of the world safe. That‘s the path he accepted, and that‘s part of what made him such an iconic character in TV history.  Read more »
I was surprised to see two silent clocks in a row, but I‘m more worried about Jack. He took President Hassan‘s murder hard. His method of dealing: having sex with Renee. Minutes later, she was shot by a sniper and dead on the operating table. After everything he‘s done to avert (unsuccessfully, at the moment) this crisis, he‘s gotta snap, right?Elsewhere, President Taylor isn‘t happy to wheel President Logan in. Yes, he‘s this slimy dude who made things complicated a few seasons back, and now he‘s trying to get back on track by making the Russians agree with the peace treaty--the very treaty they‘re trying to subvert. A part of me thinks President Logan‘s serious with this, but considering his deep connections to Moscow, you can‘t help but think he‘s involved in all this, too. But hey, you don‘t hatch two really evil plans in your lifetime, right?  Read more »
Jack Bauer looking for revenge. Charles Logan looking for vindication. The fireworks from this collision course are just a matter of when, not if.Jack is questioned by a nurse about Renee‘s family, but he‘s too distraught to give much of an answer. Another one kindly offers him some clean clothes she got from an intern. When Chloe calls expressing sympathy, all he wants are answers to his own questions. He learns that Renee recognized the phony EMT as a Red Square member and demands to know where Bazhaev is being held. Chloe‘s reluctant to compromise her new duties but finally tells Bauer that the Russian is downtown being arraigned.  Read more »
Not long after I declared Allison Taylor to be a President in the David Palmer mold, she goes and finds her inner Charles Logan. Her decision to ignore the criminal activities of the Russians in favor of a renewed peace accord flies in the face of what has been her mostly transparent administration.Alarms started going off when she agreed to let Logan keep the details of his "negotiations" with the Russians to himself. Just the idea of meeting with him triggered her gag reflex, so it‘s surprising she was willing to defer to his wishes. In the past she‘s insisted on being fully informed by those around her.  Read more »
Suddenly I believe General Brucker when he said that President Taylor‘s idealism is her biggest weakness.Only this one is a really weird case. Her willingness then to see New York suffer a nuclear attack because she isn‘t willing to pander to terrorists makes sense. Her willingness now to tolerate Russia‘s involvement in President Hassan‘s death just to push through with the peace deal? Not so. Having a peace deal with one naughty signatory is the epitome of unusual.  Read more »
Chloe working against Jack? Not only does that say the end of 24 better than anything, it‘s also one of the Biblical signs of the apocalypse.With the Air Force arriving to take down Jack and his hijacked chopper, he lands on a nearby roof. The pilots try to maintain visual surveillance but he descends the fire escape and blends into the crowd before NYPD can get to him.   Read more »
Since this is the last season of 24, unanswered questions take on even more urgency. We don‘t have the safety net of hoping to see them addressed in future days. With five hours to go, here are the issues I would most like to see resolved: Catch up on 24 with the recap: Follow the Bouncing Peace Agreement Read more »
Chloe can‘t bring him back, and is now forced to go up against him. I guess we can make it official: Jack Bauer has gone rogue.Although I totally get where he‘s coming from. Imagine being betrayed by your President, the one person you‘re loyal to? She wants peace and you want justice, and even if he perfectly knows that those two don‘t mix, he decided to take on a hint of idealism anyway. Now he has a huge bag of weapons and a plan: take Dana Walsh, retrieve the evidence, and expose the truth to the world.  Read more »
So tell the truth: how many of you let out even the smallest cheer at the end of this episode? Be honest. I‘m not here to judge.The hour begins with the conclusion of the press conference about resumption of the peace agreement. At least President Taylor still has the decency to look sheepish as Dalia Hassan sings her praises. Meanwhile, Charles Logan gets word that Dana is proving to be, not surprisingly, a tough nut to crack. When his aide Jason asks for confirmation that she‘s to be killed once they have the files, he agrees ... with him having plausible deniability, of course.  Read more »
Despite his numerous violations of the Geneva Convention and other human rights standards, Jack Bauer has always been about justice. Any torturing and maiming he‘s conducted has been in pursuit of the greater good (to borrow a phrase from Charles Logan) of keeping America safe. Even the killings he‘s committed, such as those of Ryan Chappelle and Curtis Manning, were motivated by that end result. But in this final season, 24 has not only muddied the waters between justice and revenge, they‘ve dived head-first into the deep end.  Read more »
The question after last week‘s 24: what‘s stopping Jack Bauer now? He‘s already killed Dana despite getting the evidence, and it seems he‘s hell-bent on following the trail, possibly all the way to Moscow.And now the competition is getting tougher: there‘s President Taylor, who‘s virtually bowing down to President Logan, and then there‘s the new CTU head they‘ve installed, who‘s just in there to save certain people‘s behinds rather than save the day.  Read more »
The additional parental advisories were barely a tip-off to the Tarantino-esque violence in this episode. But this time, Mr. Blonde merely sits on the sidelines.Cole is taken in cuffs to identify Dana‘s body while Jack speeds away in a cab. The file on the memory chip shows Dana and Pavel, the Russian hitter, having a highly incriminating conversation. He sends the file to his buddy Jim to see if he can identify Dana‘s boss.  Read more »
Summer is upon us and that means it‘s time to mark our calendars and bid farewell to some of our favorite shows, including Lost, Grey‘s Anatomy, Glee, and 24, just to name a few. To help you plan your TV schedule, here‘s a rundown of shows that are about to wrap up and their respective finale dates. Read more »
Yikes. There really is no stopping Jack Bauer.And while I‘m used to him doing really icky things to get what he wants, the way he tortured Pavel made me cringe. Was I the only one who did that? Or is it because we all thought he wouldn‘t do that again--I mean, we began this season with him settling down to a quiet life, and now, that‘s beyond an afterthought. It‘s all forgotten.  Read more »
Jack Bauer once made the poignant observation that his biggest regret is that the world even needs people like him. Those of us who love 24, though, wouldn‘t have it any other way. Here in ascending order is my list of the five most memorable baddies who have made Jack possible.5. Philip Bauer (James Cromwell), Day SixJack‘s battles have often had a personal stake, but having his father on the other side added a layer of irony. The senior Bauer was invested in his family legacy enough to kidnap his grandson, yet icy enough to order the death of son and cohort Graem (Paul McCrane), who suffered from a terminal case of Second-Best Sibling Syndrome. Read more »
While putting on his carefully chosen tie, Charles Logan watches President Taylor‘s press secretary making the announcement about Ethan Kanin‘s retirement and Logan‘s participation in the peace process. He gets a call from Jason, who has found Pavel looking not so hot. (Insert your own "spilled his guts" joke here.) Pillar again urges him to distance himself from this hot mess, but Logan won‘t let anyone rain on his parade.Jim heads back to his Fortress of Solitude to fix the location of Logan‘s cell phone. Meredith continues to press Jack for answers but his priority is keeping her alive long enough to make the incriminating video public. He tosses her cell phone and tells her to contact someone she can trust, who turns out to be her editor.  Read more »
The biggest question surrounding the end of 24 is what happens to Jack. It‘s already been discussed in this space whether he‘s destined to walk off in the sunset happily, sadly, or not at all. But there have been other characters embraced by fans who are floating around somewhere in hi-def purgatory. With two hours remaining it‘s not realistic (nor likely) that we‘ll get resolution on them, but here are five other members of the 24 universe who could use some closure.1. Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard)Tony is second only to Jack in terms of popularity with the 24 faithful. Most of us were devastated when he turned and prayed that it was just part of some complex plot. Alas, Bad Tony turned out to be the real deal, and he was ostensibly carted off to prison. It made for good story, but now our last image of Tony is as a traitor. It would be nice to get even a hint that he‘s back to the guy we all know and love.  Read more »
I remember myself in 2001, when I first heard of the main concept of 24: a real-time action drama  documenting the events of a whole day, with each episode dedicated to one hour of that day. I thought it was cool. I also wondered whether the show would last, as you can only do so much in a space of 24 hours without looking ridiculous.The show ended up lasting eight seasons. Sure, there were big hits and there were huge misses, but throughout the better part of ten years Jack Bauer managed to get himself into situation after sticky situation, and wiggle himself out of it. Sometimes he got out without a scratch, but most times he had to give up something for the greater good. There was Teri. There was Audrey. He even had to give up his liberty at one point, but it was all for a cause he strongly believed in.  Read more »
Please forgive me if I leave anything out. I had a hard time reading my notes after the tearstains got them all smudged.Cole heads over to face Jim, who immediately makes him as CTU and wipes his system. They end up in a Mexican standoff but Ricker finally agrees to help, telling Ortiz about Jack‘s tape incriminating Logan. Read more »
One day after the controversial and divisive Lost series finale, another revolutionary Emmy-winning drama, 24, goes off the air with a much quieter and subdued finale.  It‘s a shame that the end of Jack Bauer is shadowed by the end of Lost, but it‘s also a good thing, because the series finale of 24 was a bit of a dud.While the final hours of this season have been as tense and exciting as any past year, the end was a surprisingly dull and repetitive. Three CTU agents and the president help Jack Bauer flee to avoid criminal prosecution? If you think I‘m talking about the series finale, I‘m not. I‘m referring to the end of season 4, when Chloe O‘Brian, Michelle Dessler, Tony Almeida and President David Palmer helped Jack fake his own death. Get the full finale recap here>>> Read more »
Now that Jack Bauer has completed his last mission, we have to wonder what the cast will do now. They are all so very talented and even though some of the cast members will take a bit of time off to relax, others have already jumped into new projects.Kiefer SutherlandKiefer Sutherland, who played the amazing and brave Jack Bauer, has no less than five movies in the works. I guess Kiefer has that in common with Jack. He gives his work everything he‘s got. Here are the movies in which we can watch for him: Read more »
Yes, it‘s finally over. We didn‘t have as much time as Lost fans did to anticipate the end, but whenever a series is beloved as much as these two, the series finale is always a subject of great debate.The topic has already been addressed here with one person‘s thoughts. BuddyTV‘s John Kubicek felt the episodes were, in his words, "a bit of a dud." Mr. Kubicek is obviously a knowledgeable and passionate 24 fan, and no doubt many fans share his reactions. Let me present my opinion, or as I like to call it, the right one. Read more »
Early Saturday morning, film and TV star Dennis Hopper died at the age of 74.  His death came after a long-time battle with prostate cancer.The Oscar-nominee rose to fame with roles in such classic films as Easy Rider and Blue Velvet.  Most recently he made a splash on TV as the star of the Starz original series Crash.  He also had a memorable role as terrorist Victor Drazen on the first season of 24.Hopper‘s death early Saturday morning came while he was surrounded by family and friends.  He is survived by four children, two grandchildren, four ex-wives and his estranged wife.(Image courtesy of  Read more »
I think I‘ve gotten so used to seeing Gregory Itzin play the bad guy on television that I can‘t imagine him doing otherwise. He was, of course, sleazy former president Charles Logan on 24. And sure, you can say his character on The Mentalist was on the right side of the law, but he was still not as supportive as you hoped he would have been.Well, here‘s the chance. Entertainment Weekly reports that Itzin is joining the USA Network series Covert Affairs as Henry Wilcox, the former Director of Clandestine Services and the father of Sendhil Ramamurthy‘s character. He will appear in a multi-episode arc on the new series.  Read more »
When 24‘s last scenes unfolded on our television screens -- you know, the one when President Taylor was convincing Jack to flee the country because everybody will be after him -- it was quite obvious that Bauer being on the run would be the main focal point of the planned 24 movie.And, in an interview with TV Guide Magazine, executive producer Howard Gordon confirms just that. "Jack ended in a way like never before -- as a fugitive from everyone," he said. "Cold War themes bubble up, and it‘s fair to say that Jack‘s status as a fugitive remains that at the start of the movie."  Read more »
After playing Cole Ortiz on FOX‘s 24, Freddie Prinze Jr. heads to cable this summer to take on a lighter, and hopefully funnier role. According to Fancast, the 34-year-old actor will be joining the cast of Psych for its fifth season, which kicks off on Wednesday, July 14. Read more »
If the children are our future, then we‘re screwed.  Today this year‘s Teen Choice Award nominees were announced, and as always, the list features some truly absurd nominees.On the television side, Gossip Girl leads the nominees for a TV Drama despite having a subpar season and coming in as one of the CW‘s lowest-rated shows.  Meanwhile, a great new show like The Vampire Diaries was stuck in categories for Fantasy/Sci Fi shows, which is arguably the most interesting category since it also features Fringe, True Blood, Lost and Supernatural.  Read more »
When this year‘s Emmy nominations are announced Thursday morning, there will likely be a lot of new comedies to cheer about, but for dramas, the revolution is over. For the past few years cable has been taking over with Dexter, Damages, Mad Men and Breaking Bad leading the charge.The story on the comedy side is new vs. old, but for dramas, it‘s all about network vs. cable. The major networks have been slipping into oblivion at the Emmys in recent years with House being one of the last hold-outs. This year The Good Wife could help out with a wave of buzz that should get Julianna Margulies a nomination and maybe even let the show sneak in for Outstanding Drama Series.  Read more »
With the Emmy Award nominations being announced July 8, the races are heating up, and while people have their picks for the big categories like Outstanding Drama and Comedy Series, one smaller race is getting a lot of attention: Guest Actor in a Drama Series.Most of the attention is directed at Friday Night Light‘s star Zach Gilford.  Hollywood stars are lining up to sing his praises and a Facebook page dedicated to getting him an Emmy nomination is already up-and-running.  Anyone who saw his heartbreaking performance in "The Son" where his character, Matt Saracen, copes with the death of his father knows exactly why he has all this support.  Read more »
At this time of the year I‘m usually livid over the awful Emmy nominations. They typically ignore new, young shows in favor of the old standards. But this year I‘m having a hard time getting that upset.Glee Leads Emmy Nominations>>  Read more »
Last week I asked people on Twitter and Facebook which TV character they‘d want as their BFF. After looking through the responses, I realized that a BFF from TV falls into some rather interesting categories. Here are some of your responses:To join the conversation follow us on Twitter or click here to find us on Facebook.  Read more »
This year the Creative Arts ceremony for the Emmy Awards may be as exciting as the main ceremony with a ton of interesting categories with big stars. The Creative Arts Emmys will be presented Saturday, August 21 and Conan O‘Brien could be the big winner.  Read more »
The Creative Arts Emmy Award were handed out Saturday night and HBO‘s 10-part World War II miniseries The Pacific was the big winner, picking up seven Emmys. However, the biggest winner of all may be Neil Patrick Harris, who won two awards for his guest performance on Glee and hosting the Tony Awards. And he‘s not done, as Harris has a chance at a third Emmy this year next week where he‘s nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy for How I Met Your Mother.  Read more »
Much has been said recently about the importance of the Internet when it comes to TV watching. Today‘s viewers don‘t simply tune in to a show and then forget about it until next week. Instead, many will watch the show... And then re-watch the show online... And post to a show message board... And search for spoilers... And... Read more »
Welcome to The GBU, a weekly column coming every Monday where I look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on TV.December is a time to look back at the year that was in television, and now it‘s time for drama. Breaking Bad had an amazing season, three Emmy-winning shows had their series finales (24, Lost and Law and Order) and vampires were everywhere.  Read more »
Thanks to an interview with an astronomer, the Internet has gone crazy over new truths written in the stars. Instead of the 12 zodiac constellations we‘ve all known and loved, it turns out that there‘s a 13th zodiac sign out there. And it‘s called Ophiuchus. Weird... Read more »
The world is going to end in 2012, unless Jack Bauer can stop it. After years of build-up, it looks like next year might finally bring the long-awaited big screen version of the hit series 24.Today producer Brian Grazer unleashed the tweet 24 fans have been dying to read: "Got off the phone Keifer yesterday and we are very excited about producing the ‘24‘ movie for next year."  Read more »
Summer used to be a total bummer for us TV fans. As the last of our favorite shows wrote "S.W.A.K." in our yearbooks on their way out of town for the summer, one question haunted our dreams on those hot June nights: "What am I supposed to watch now?"That is, until Netflix Instant was born. For just $8 a month, you now have more hours of quality television living inside your computer (or fancy TV) than you could ever hope to watch. Netflix is not paying me to say this. They don‘t HAVE to, because it‘s a no-brainer. And if you watch enough streaming television this summer, you can be a no-brainer, too. No need to go outside at all this summer. What are you, a settler from olden days?There‘s so much to choose from on Netflix Instant that you may not know where to begin. That‘s what this handy Netflix Instant Summer Guide is for. Just pick your mood and dive head first into the stream.  Read more »
Before you head out in your red, white, and blue garb to celebrate independence with fireworks and barbecues, take some time to reflect on the impact of this significant holiday on the world of television. Countless fictional characters have graced our screens, pledging their allegiance to this wonderful country (though often making fun of it), so why shouldn‘t you?  Read more »
TV really gets going at Comic-Con on Friday, July 22. Some of the biggest TV shows and stars will be on hand throughout the day to answer questions, show exclusive clips and more! Read more »
With Castle‘s Captain Montgomery falling prey to deception, betrayal and death at the end of season 3, the 12th Precinct was in need of a new leader. Now, the new captain has been cast -- and she will be played by Penny Johnson Jerald. Read more »
Whew -- that was one crazy week, yes? Someone broke up with someone. Someone joined CSI. Someone joined Castle. Someone sang on America‘s Got Talent. Someone returned to So You Think You Can Dance. And I have yet to talk about the Emmy nominations... Read more »
At the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con, lots of TV personalities showed up to promote their shows. A few of the favorites amongst these personalities turned up again for the TV Guide Fan Favorites panel on Thursday, July 21. Read more »
Today‘s latest TV news involves an in-flight Scrabble squabble, a couple new series pick-ups, and the big screen version of Jack Bauer. How thrilling. Read more »
Tonight‘s edition of Buddy Bites kicks off with a trip to the hospital -- and no, I don‘t mean Seattle Grace. Read more »
Since James Brown is dead, I think someone should officially name Ryan Seacrest the Hardest Working Man in Show Business. The host of American Idol, E! News, his own radio show and various red carpet telecasts, as well as future Olympics correspondent for NBC, has landed yet another gig. Seacrest will host FOX‘s upcoming 25th Anniversary Special, airing Sunday, April 22 at 8pm.  Read more »
FOX has already ordered nine new shows to air during the 2013-2014 TV season: five comedies and four dramas. And they already gave early renewals for the vast majority of their current shows, but one struggling drama had yet to receive a verdict -- until now. Touch has been cancelled and will not return for a third season. Read more »
FOX announced its schedule for the 2013-2014 TV season, and there‘s a whole lot of experimentation. The network is splitting its fall season, meaning the schedule will be slightly different before and after it airs the baseball playoffs and World Series in October.  Read more »
In case you weren‘t sure that Jack Bauer could save the world again, he won‘t be doing it alone. FOX has announced that Mary Lynn Rajskub, who played Jack‘s faithful CTU analyst friend Chloe O‘Brien, will return for the relaunch of 24.  Read more »
Kim Raver and William Devane are returning for the 24 limited-event run. There‘s going to be a showdown on The Big Bang Theory as Bob Newhart and Bill Nye go head-to-head. And Nathan Fillion will be guest starring on Community. Read on for all the details, including casting announcements for Trophy Wife, The Following, The Crazy Ones, Hart of Dixie, Criminal Minds, The Mindy Project and Game of Thrones -- which of these shows is The Voice winner Danielle Bradbery performing on? Hint: It‘s the same name as one of her songs. Read more »
Jack Bauer will live another day on FOX. The big news of today is that Kiefer Sutherland and his Emmy-winning show 24 are returning to television with a special limited-series event in the summer of 2014.  Read more »