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There isn‘t a whole lot you need to know about the return of Jack Bauer on 24, except that if you aren‘t watching, you‘re only depriving yourself of great joy. The circumstances in which you find yourself watching a season of 24 need not be conventional. Every season is a story within itself, a jumping of chronology is not frowned upon, and if you decide to pick up the Chronicles of Jack (aka 24) in season 6, the only ramifications will be positive. Saying that, I will be delving into some pretty heavy spoilers after the break, so beware. If your Bauer cherry has yet to be popped and are wary of beginning on the sixth day, I advise turning off your computer and going to Blockbuster to rent seasons 1-5. Then get back to me.SPOILER ALERT!!! SPOILER ALERT!!! Read more »
Holy Sh*t!I‘m numb right now. Last night‘s doubleheader of episodes began as any other 24 could have. We‘ve seen it before. Jack Bauer tails a terrorist. That terrorist is making demands of the White House. Jack has to find the terrorist before the president meets the demands. Typical Bauer storyline, right?Well, sort of. Curtis, for the first time on 24, questions one of Jack‘s decisions and he won‘t let it go. There is a sense of dread from everyone involved, including the president. The good guys seem at a loss, lacking control in a tumbling out-of-control world. And, then, in the last fifteen minutes of last night‘s second episode, all hell breaks loose. 24 wows me on a fairly regular basis, but it has never surprised me in the manner it did for fifteen minutes last night. Please, if you haven‘t seen the episode, do not read on. Read more »
I don‘t even mind Kim that much (and I do like Elisha Cuthbert), but the Kim Bauer character has done nothing but make things difficult for everyone on 24. She‘s found herself in many a dubious situation, only complicating things for Jack Bauer and his saving of the world. Start Page / #10 / #9 / #8 / #7 / #6 / #5 / #4 / #3 / #2 / #1 Read more »
Season 6 of 24 has gotten off to a momentous start. How do you follow up the detonation of a nuclear weapon? We‘ll find out. Here are my thoughts while watching hour #5, 10AM-11AM:President Palmer finally seems more presidential. Down to the presidential bunker, doors sealed. I have a feeling the president will be down there for the rest of the day.Anything the show does to portray the chaos after a nuclear explosion is going to feel false. It‘s not their fault. Buuut, I expected more chaos.  Read more »
Well, I guess this is what we‘ve been waiting for. As always, I don‘t want to ruin what exactly happens in the episode but, as the previews showed, Jack Bauer‘s father shows up in the episode, joining his two sons Jack and Graham in the middle of what could end up being a nuclear war.Let‘s throw all plausibility out the window. We, as viewers, cannot have it both ways. We can‘t expect 24 to remain plausible while also building upon the action of previous seasons. So, please, I want to stop hearing arguments about how implausible the show is. Of course it‘s implausible. Does a world exist where every hour, on the hour, the same person is involved with an exciting cliffhanger? No, so let‘s all get over it. (I‘m going to get into specifics below, so, if you haven‘t watched the episode yet, read no further.) Read more »
24 has its fair share of notewothy scenes and situations each episode.  Therefore, 24 is quite well-suited for a quasi-live blog that comments upon an episode‘s action.   And this is what follows below.  These are some quick notes I jotted down as I watched the episode.  I feel as if I‘m qualified for such work; I‘ve seen every episode, I‘ve written extensively about the show, and I used to be a CTU agent myself, personally thwarting many a terrorist plot.  So, you know, I could be called an expert.  Thoughts are below: Peter MacNicol (aka the bad guy from Ghostbusters 2) is as weaselly as ever.  24 always has the one weaselly guy in the administration and it‘s always basically the same guy.  Goodbye Karen Hayes.  Do you think she‘ll get on a cross-country flight and reunite later with the gang at CTU?  My money‘s on yes.   Read more »
24 is a family affair this year, although on a much larger scale than season one, which was also Bauer family-centric. To think the show has grown from a story about the kidnapping of one man‘s wife (Teri Bauer) to that same man‘s father and brother being behind a nuclear attack within the United States is a testament to 24, and it‘s willingness to up the ante every season. Last night‘s episode focused almost completely on the Bauer men as the web of deception was slowly untangled. This recap isn‘t going to go chronologically because, if it did, there‘d be a lot of unnecessary jumping around. So, we‘ll just examine all the major story lines individually:  Read more »
The bosses at 20th Century Fox, home of the television series 24, served YouTube with a subpoena, requesting for the identity of the user who supposedly posted 24’s four-hour season premiere on the video site days before its network and DVD premieres. Based on the subpoena approved by the federal court in San Francisco, YouTube ought to release the wanted information by February 9, 2007.   Read more »
DB Woodside gives Hollywood a taste of his acting expertise as he became part of the hit television series 24. Pleasingly witty, he transforms spectators into hardcore fans with his dramatic presence on screen. Moreover, his down-to-earth persona makes his appeal even more alluring. Read more »
 Undeniably pretty, Marisol Nichols shimmers in the limelight with her tantalizing eyes and gorgeous physique. Her distinct features surprisingly suit a number of roles on the TV loop. Ultimately, her exotic beauty attracts fans worldwide with her inclusion in the award-winning series 24. Read more »
Kiefer Sutherland is taking a break from the role of Jack Bauer. The star of the popular series, 24, is slated to star in a new film directed by Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes) titled Mirrors. Sutherland will be using his time while 24 is on hiatus to film the new movie, which starts production May 1st. Read more »
24 returned tonight with an epic two-hour double episode, full of Bauer-enhanced action.  I jotted down some thoughts as the episode went along.  The following is what transpired.1PM-2PM Having Powers Boothe involved in this season of 24 is a great thing.  I hope they give him some good stuff to do.  I thought Rocket Romano (or Graem Bauer, if you so prefer) was going to be in it for the long haul this season.  I‘m glad he isn‘t. Chloe is going to be freaking out this episode with Morris kidnapped.  Chloe just had to relinquish her position to Milo.  CTU without Chloe?  It‘s just not the same. Read more »
24 brought the goods last night after two sub-par (for its standards) episodes.  Both hours were full of action, contained a good amount of plot, revealed a new bad guy, and showed us the wickedness of one Phillip Bauer.  24 seems to always ride a wave of excitement from episode to episode.  The ebbs and flows of each season consistently appear, giving us a few episodes with lots of action, followed by a couple calmer installments.  I wonder if this is done on purpose by the writers to give the audience time to catch their collective breath, or if it‘s just how the plotting of a show like 24 has to work.  Either way, 24 was back on track last night.Here‘s what went down last night, in as brief a way as I can explain the events. Read more »
Nowadays, broadcasters in the U.S. have the freehand to simulcast ghastly scenes of violence with relative discretion. But a new draft report from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposes that the government may be able to limit violence on television. So how does this affect Fox Network’s television series 24? Popularly known for its extreme violence, the show entails subjects and plots of death, gruesome torture and other disturbing graphic depictions of violence. With the release and probable implementation of the draft, the action packed series might just drop their appeal, giving the producers of the show a big challenge in creatively maintaining its hold as a hit show. Read more »
What will Jack Bauer do when he learns his father is a bad guy?  Things are going to get ugly, both for Jack and for President Palmer.  Does 24 have the gall to assassinate two President Palmer‘s in the span of two seasons?  That‘d be too crazy, even for 24, right?  How will Marilyn redeem herself for leading Jack to the wrong house?  So many questions.  Here are my quick thoughts I jotted down while watching the episode: Marilyn gets winded pretty quickly. Which is weird, because she looks like she‘s in good shape. Oftentimes, the difference between a great henchman and a good henchman is a well-manicured beard. Read more »
Jack Bauer has to put up with a lot of crap. His father and brother happening to be evil masterminds, getting tortured by the Chinese, having to shoot a fellow CTU agent in the neck...these are not the kind of things that happen to a normal human being. On 24 last night, we were treated to another episode of Jack Bauer doing Jack Bauer things, whether it be saving coworkers by mowing down evil henchman, or selflessly sacrificing himself for his nephew. He also got quite angry from time to time, both at himself and Marilyn, his ex-lover/brother‘s widow. The episode begins in the aftermath of the house bombing, where Marilyn fraudulently led Jack and his team only to find that the impostor house was wired with explosives. In the ambush that followed, Phillip Bauer‘s men tried to hunt down Marilyn and Milo, who barely escaped from the van Milo was driving in the last episode. After finally getting cornered behind a dumpster, Marilyn is taken alive while Milo is to be killed. Just as they‘re about to execute Milo, Jack arrives and shoots a few of the baddies, leaving one alive.  Read more »
With only eight episodes left to shoot this season, 24 producers says they‘re going to tone down the violence and "include fewer torture scenes."Howard Gordon, 24‘s lead writer & executive producer, says the torture is "starting to feel a little trite" and that they‘d "like to find other ways for Jack to get information out of suspects. Our appetite has decreased. Personally, I think the audience may be tiring of it as well." While Gordon claims this is because the writers feel it‘s become a cliché, we can‘t help but notice the timing. Human rights groups and groups such as the Parents Television Council have been campaigning to get 24 to cut back on the torture and violence for years, and Gordon has said that he feel the idea that 24 is "affecting our soldiers in Iraq in their treatment of prisoners is being exaggerated…I think people can differentiate between a television show and reality." So what‘s happened to change his tune? Read more »
So, we took at look at all the 24 spoilers posted on the Internet including our friends at TVGuide, Aintitcoolnews, and the boards found at InvisionFree. Here are the plot points we feel are most likely accurate given what’s floating around the Internet. Be forewarned, these are spoilers for the upcoming episode 12, Day 6: 4:00PM – 5:00PM. Read more »
Marisol Nichols joined the cast of 24 this season as Nadia Yassir, the right-hand woman to Bill Buchanan at CTU: Los Angeles.  Nadia is a woman of Middle Eatern descent, a truth that has already come into play within the politics of CTU this season.  Marisol has had an already prolific career, appearing on Friends, CSI, Alias, Law & Order: SVU, Charmed, Nip/Tuck and numerous other TV shows and films.  Marisol stopped by BuddyTV for an interview last week to discuss her time on 24.  Can you tell us how you landed on 24?You mean the greatest gig for an actor in the world?  I basically just auditioned.  I had just got done filming Injustice and that was done and it was like my fourth time reading for a role on 24 in the whole six years they’ve been on and I was like, “There’s no way they are going to hire me, they never hire me.”  And so I went in…and that was the role they were looking for, so I got it. Read more »
This week we peer into the distant future of 24 and Jack Bauer, all the way out to episode nineteen!  It may be surprising, but the fact is 24 is produced so far ahead of its premiere that often information comes to light regarding episodes months before they air, and this is one of those cases.   We chose this particular episode of 24 to spoil on because of its impact on so many of 24’s beloved characters.  In short, you’re not going to believe what becomes of some of  Jack Bauer’s most trusted inner circle. Read more »
Another Monday, another edition of 24 quick thoughts.  Is President Wayne Palmer going to die?  What the hell is ex-President Logan going to do?  What‘s with his wondrous beard?  What follows are my spur-of-the-moment, unfiltered thoughts while watching the episode. It‘s so much easier to sound evil with a Russian accent. Assad‘s one of the more interesting, morally ambiguous characters we‘ve had on 24. Some of the best acting we‘ve seen from DB Woodside as President Palmer in the scene with the Saudi Arabian Ambassador. Read more »
The 24 episode we watched last night was one of those inevitable, mid-season hours where the action wanes a little bit, Jack Bauer fails to kill anyone, and the characters talk more than they fight.  These episodes are necessary.  Exposition and story has to be told; it can‘t all be killing and torture and terrorists being ruthlessly thwarted.  It may not please audiences to have to slow down every now and then, but 24 needs it.  It all led to a big moment at the end of the episode that, while not surprising (it had been long in the offing), we had been building up to for a few episodes.Kiefer Sutherland‘s workload was noticeably low this episode, Jack‘s only major screentime being his interactions with ex-President Logan.  For the recap below, we‘ll go through each major plot line separately, as to keep things as simple as possible. Read more »
Roger Cross, who played Agent Curtis Manning for 2 full seasons on 24, wasn‘t always in the acting business. In fact, Cross actually had a career as a commercial pilot before he realized that acting couldn‘t just be his hobby. Though Cross says that he knew about the plan to kill off  Agent Manning this season, his death was a complete shock to fans.  Cross took time from his busy schedule to talk to BuddyTV about kicking butt in the January cold, working with an amazing cast, and going out in style. Read more »
Last week on 24 Jack Bauer made a deal with the devil, joining forces with former President Logan to track down the mysterious Russian terrorist Gredenko and halt his nuclear menace.  Their unlikely alliance lead them to a place Jack Bauer hasn‘t had much luck with in the past; a foreign Consulate.  In this case it‘s the Russian Consulate, and if you think Jack Bauer will refrain from creating an international incident,  you don‘t know 24!  Read on for the latest on tonight, and next week‘s exciting 24! Read more »
Can Jack Bauer and Charles Logan co-exist?  Is Wayne Palmer alive?  Will Tom Lennox end the episode among the living?  24 is back tonight with what should be an action-filled episode.  These are my quick thoughts while watching the episode. That was just a poorly constructed tape recorder bomb last episode.  Poor work, random evil minion.  Charles Logan and his beard will attempt to the right the wrongs of the past season.  For a disgraced ex-President, there really isn‘t an option: you HAVE to grow a beard.  Read more »
After so many years of watching 24 on DVD, I‘m finding it difficult to adjust to the one episode per week system.  Before season 6, I don‘t think I‘d ever watched just one episode in a sitting.  It was always a 24 marathon, a Jack Bauer-fueled reeling off of four or five (or sometimes nine) episodes in one sitting.  This sort of degenerate viewing behavior allowed full immersion into the world of 24.  Now, with only episode available per week, the effect has been lessened.  I feel like I‘m guarding myself against getting too excited about each episode, so as not to be totally frustrated with the seven day wait for each cliffhanger pay-off.  Or maybe I‘m not as excited for each episode this season because they‘re not as good as previous seasons. Read more »
According to the Parents Television Council, a renowned television watchdog, there have been at least 624 torture scenes in the primetime television slot from the year 2002 through 2005, a very significant increase over the previous years. In addition, majority of these torture scenes are found on the popular television show 24, more than in any other show. Melissa Caldwell, the Council‘s Senior Director of Programs, said, “24 is the worst offender on television: the most frequent, most graphic, and the leader in the trend of showing the protagonists using torture.” Read more »
24’s Mary Lynn Rajskub joins the cast of the movie Sunshine Cleaning, which also includes actresses Amy Adams and Emily Blunt. And like Kiefer Sutherland, this is Rajskub’s way of productively spending the show’s hiatus. Sutherland, who plays the lead character Jack Bauer on the award-winning show 24, will be spending 24’s hiatus by taking part in the thriller movie Mirrors, which will begin shooting on May 1. Directed by Alexandre Aja, the movie showcases Sutherland as an ex-cop working as a mall security guard who discovers something eerie in the mirrors of a department store and attempts to explore the wicked source of it. Set in Romania, the upcoming movie will be distributed through 20th Century Fox.  Read more »
For a 24 fan, the beeping that signifies the beginning of a new episode every Monday night is a wonderfully glorious sound to begin the week with.  The escapades of Jack Bauer bring such astonished joy to the loyal 24 fan that it‘s impossible to remain calm while watching.  Especially if, like me, like many, you watch with a group of equally enthusiastic 24 fans.Anyway, here are my quick thoughts while watching the episode. Is Martha Logan going to shoot Charles Logan?  Is that the most shocking moment in 24 history, as claimed by the promos? Jack is in the Russian consulate.  How will he get out?  By force, or by diplomacy?  I‘m thinking that the cigar cutter to the consul‘s pinky torpedoes all thoughts of diplomacy. Read more »
Looking for the low down on what will happen with next weeks 24?  Don‘t worry, we have plenty of intel, too much to be honest.  In face, you could say next weeks all new episode of 24 could be completely spoiled if you read on.  Jack, Drones, Computer problems, and a few thousand potentially microwaved Shaky Towners... for all the hard info behind these cryptic 24 clues read on, but beware the spoilers!  You have been warned! Read more »
24’s Kiefer Sutherland visited Washington DC on Sunday to promote the documentary film called “I Trust You To Kill Me” at the DC Independent Film Festival. The documentary is about the trials of a rock band launched by Ironworks Music, the record label that Sutherland and music producer Jude Cole established. Sutherland, who plays Jack Bauer on the suspense action-thriller series 24, takes on a different light with this new venture. In the movie, he personally manages a European tour for Rocco DeLuca & the Burden, a four-piece non-conformist rock and roll band from California. It consists of Rocco DeLuca (vocalist and guitarist), Ryan Carman (drummer), Dave Beste (bassist), and Greg Velasquez (percussionist). And Apart from his upcoming thriller movie entitled Mirrors, this is his way of productively spending 24’s hiatus. Read more »
24 fans got one hell of an episode last night.  Here‘s what happened:Jack BauerJack Bauer begins the episode in the Russian consulate, having just cut off the pinky of the consul with a cigar cutter.  Naturally, Markov‘s men are a tad angry.  He is sought after, while on the run in the consulate.  He eludes a bad guy (who shoots some Russians who are trying to aid Jack), by wrapping a belt around his wrist and flinging him over his neck.  He gets to a phone, calls Morris at CTU and informs him that he knows the location of Gredenko.  Before he can tell him the location, however, the phone dies.  Jack, to aid his not being caught, cuts the main power to the consulate. Read more »
After a brief hiccup 24 is back in the saddle and more intriguing than ever.  How can you top the unbelievable twists of last weeks episode?  Where can 24 go from here?  Is Logan really dead?  As we know, going to code doesn‘t necessarily mean that someone has passed on to the other side.  One glance at the guest list for next week settles some of these questions, and raises some very huge new ones.  Read on but beware of spoilers. Read more »
Is Charles Logan dead?  That seems to be the big question entering tonight‘s episode of 24.  He had no heartbeat in the  final moments of last week‘s installment but, for anyone familiar with TV, he could very easily be revived.  My guess is that Charles will make a momentary return to the living, allowing him a few parting words, then die for good.  We shall see.  What follows are my quick, unfiltered thoughts while watching the episode with a few Jack  Bauer degenerates like myself. I still can‘t buy Little Ricky Schroeder as a bad ass.  I‘ve never heard of these drones before, but they sound like some diabolical machines. They‘re going to launch their one armed drone.  Either Fayed is going to kill Gredenko or Gredenko is going to kill Fayed.  There‘s no way around it. Read more »
Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub are not the only actors from 24 who will be swamped with work this year. Sutherland will be playing the part of a security guard in the movie Mirrors while Rajskub will be depicting a blood technician on the movie Sunshine Cleaning. Now, former 24 actress Elisha Cuthbert will also be working on an upcoming movie entitled He Was a Quiet Man. He Was a Quiet Man, a tragic comedy, has Cuthbert playing a woman named Vanessa who is the girlfriend of Bob, played by Christian Slater. The movie follows Bob, a hard-to-classify guy, who has some series issues when it comes to his work and his relationship with other people. Underneath his meek façade is a gruesome fantasy, which mostly entails murdering his coworkers. Read more »
As exciting as last night‘s installment of 24 was, it was also disappointing.  I can‘t remember the last time Jack Bauer was so absent in an episode.  He was MIA for most of the first three quarters of the show and, although he made up for it in the end, I still want more Jack.  I need my Bauer fix every Monday night.  Charles Logan may or may not still be dead; we didn‘t get a chance to see him at all.  Maybe next week. The full recap is below. Read more »
After a stream of phone calls objecting to the superfluous depiction of Elisha Cuthbert, actress on the television show 24, being tortured and killed in the film entitled Captivity, the movie producers are going to take down the offending ads.The ads, sited on 30 Los Angeles-area billboards, as well as 1,400 New York taxi stops, first appeared on March 13, showcased four frames having captions above each one. The first frame entitled “Abduction” featured Elisha Cuthbert with a gloved hand over her face. The second frame featured Cuthbert behind a chain-link fence with a bloody finger poking through that had a caption of “Confinement.” The third frame with the caption “Torture” featured the actress’ face covered in white gauze with tubes shoved up her nose. The last frame called “Termination” depicted her with her head thrown back as if she were dead. Read more »
A Missile is on its way to the Middle East, and a comatose Wayne Palmer is the only chance of stopping it.  Definitely one of the most tense moments in 24 history.  This seems to put the world on the brink of war, does it not?  How would a World War play out on 24? Well we have some information on how the situation is going to play out, and you will not believe it.  Best. 24. Twist. EVER! Read more »
After this weeks exciting 24, everybody‘s hearts are in their throats over both the nuke in the air, and the one aimed at the middle east.  Will the secret of CTU‘s leak be revealed, could Nadia be guilty?  Typical 24 far ensues as Jack races against the clock to keep America safe.  Can‘t wait to find out what happens?  You don‘t have to.  Just click on for some super secret 24 spoilers. Read more »
By way of 24 insider Kuja from the24blog comes a scoop that will go down as a legend in the world of spoilers:  the final lines of 24 season six. If your concerned about having the story arc ruined for you, don‘t worry.  These few lines really have very little to do with this season of 24 at all;  instead, they set up season seven in a huge way.  As in, a way that everybody will be talking and speculating right up until the start of 24 season seven.  Wanna read them?  Click on... Read more »
Is Nadia really bad?  WIll Vice President Daniels follow through on his desire to bomb the MIddle East?  Will Charles Logan reappear among the living?  All great questions, at least one of which should be answered on tonight‘s 24.  What follows are my quick thoughts while watching the episode. I STILL don‘t buy Ricky Schroeder as a bad ass. The drone pilot has died and, thus, no new information. "Is he trying to start World Was III?" Jack says in response to learning of the VP‘s insistence on bombing Fayed‘s country. Read more »
Last night‘s 24 was a bit disappointing for me.  The bar has been set so high, that when an episode like last night‘s, where nothing much happens and there are a couple superfluous stories going on, it‘s frustrating.  I‘ve always watched 24 on DVD, and it‘s even more difficult after a sub-par episode not to have the ability to just pop in the next episode.  What follows is a non-linear recap of last night‘s episode. Read more »
Former US President Bill Clinton loves 24, Grey’s Anatomy, and Boston Legal, according to a recent article by Hollywood Insider.  Choosing 24 was certainly a controversial move for the Liberal Democrat, considering that Fox and 24 are under fire by conspiracy buffs for trying to brainwash audiences to the Conservative right.   Speaking to an audience at a TVLand sponsored ad buyers engagement, Clinton pontificated on how ‘fair’ 24 was in painting both Liberals and Conservatives as potential bad guys, despite being the offspring of super right winger Joel Surnow.  It isn’t 24 that ranks as Clinton’s favorite current show, though, that honor goes to ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. Read more »
Good news for Kiefer Sutherland fans! Apart from acting, fans can now savor his expertise as an executive producer as he extends his creativity to the Sci Fi Channel with a two-hour pilot entitled Phenomenon. Phenomenon is said to feature a baffling young female prodigy who leads a team of experts in exploring and investigating anomalous and supernatural anomalies of nature. Mark Stern, the Sci Fi channel‘s Executive Vice President, Programming explained, "In ‘Phenomenon‘ ordinary people have their assumptions about the natural world - their very belief systems…completely shattered when they are confronted by unsettling, unexplained phenomena. Kiefer and Maggie will lend their top-notch creative skills as executive producers to create a viewing experience as intriguing and surreal as the title would suggest." Read more »
No, seriously, 24‘s Kiefer Sutherland, or more appropriately the character he plays on 24, Jack Bauer, is the second most popular character in the United Kingdom according to a new poll.  The number one character, ironically, is one that can‘t be related to a specific actor at all, the BBC‘s Dr. WHO.  Having been on the air for about a hundred and thirty years over there, it is hard to imagine Brits choosing anybody else.  Still, 24‘s Sutherland pulled a close second with the calm, cool, and collective Jack Bauer.  Read on to see who else made the list. Read more »
If you‘ve been watching our 24 Spoilers coverage,  you know the game is going to change dramatically later this season when a familiar face reappears.  Now we have new information that the emergence of this much loved 24 regular is going to put Jack in a vicariously dangerous position yet again.  To learn the startling details, and complete spoil a highly guarded 24 season six plot line, just keep on reading. Read more »
James Morrison has led a long and diverse career in show business, acting, writing, directing...not to mention being a clown in the circus.  Now playing Bill Buchanan on the FOX hit 24, Morrison has become a familiar face to fans, having now been a regular for the past three seasons.  James was kind enough to stop by and talk with us here at BuddyTV, as we discussed his career, the role of Bill Buchanan and what he has in store for the future.Below you will find the written transcript as well as the full audio for the interview. Read more »
Can 24 get back on the right track?  Jack Bauer and company have given us a couple sub-par episodes in a row and I, frankly, am sick of it.  You can‘t just give us five seasons of greatness and expect us fans to accept anything less than perfection.  However, I have a feeling that we are simply in the middle of the typical midseason lull that 24 tends to bring, and that upcoming episodes will begin to wow us once again.  Below, you will find my quick thoughts while watching the episodes.I wish Jack would just go and torture Gredenko.  Oh, and I wish that 24 would do away with the CTU romantic subplots.  The Nadia/Milo makeout was patently absurd.VP Daniels is a baaaad man.  Read more »
Last night‘s episode of 24 included the most mind-boggling change in a political leader‘s mindset in the entire six-season run of the show.  The decision, made by President Wayne Palmer, is the kind of thing that makes you hope there is something weird and diabolical going on, some sort of bizarre and unfathomable twist that will put the show on its heels.  But, it certainly didn‘t seem that way at the end of the hour.  The episode last night didn‘t exactly pull 24 out of the rut it‘s been in, but I‘d venture to say that it was a mild improvement over the last two episodes.  What follows is a non-linear recap of last night‘s 24 action. Read more »
It had to happen.  With the numerous leaks coming out of the 24 camp, it was only a matter of time before the big beans got spilled, and they finally have.  We have what is purported to be most of the plot to the finale for 24 season 6.  If it is true, it is fantastic.  If it is true, it will also ruin several huge surprises that await you.  Do you have the power to resist? Can you look away now? I didn‘t think so. Read more »
People turning on each other and going rogue are sort of prerequisites for a season of 24.  Where would we be without all the unpredictable double crosses and surprise bad guys?  Well this season of 24 there is one character turn that you not have ever thought you’d see, and a double cross that is just as unlikely.  Read on for all the  24 spoilery goodness. Read more »
24 comes back with another new episode tonight, and we‘ll be doing it with our two main villains (Gredenko and Fayed) both out of play.  Gredenko has died under the docks of Santa Monica and Fayed is about to be tortured by one Mr. Jack Bauer.  We also enter the episode with a nuclear bomb on its way to somewhere in the Middle East, as per the orders of President Palmer.  Let‘s just say a lot of stuff will be happening tonight.  What follows are my quick thoughts while watching the episode.Karen Hayes is desperate for some good news.  She calls her husband (Bill Buchanan) and asks him to lie to her and say that he "has a lead" with Fayed and the nukes as to delay Palmer‘s ridiculous decision to nuke this no-name Middle Eastern country.   Read more »
Best episode of the season?  I‘d probably say so.  We had some  twists, some clever moves by Jack Bauer and CTU and some good, solid action.  What else can you ask for from 24?  The big twist at the end was jarring, if not a tad bit expected.  It‘s going to be interesting to see the direction the rest of the season takes.  Will nukes be involved at all?  Is Phillip Bauer going to be coming back into the picture?  How will Wayne Palmer hold up?What follows is a non-linear recap of last night‘s Bauer-centric episode. Read more »
This hasn‘t been a good year for security on the set of 24.  A rogue CTU operative has smuggled out all the juicy details of the final hour of 24 season six.  The source in question has been absolutely on the money up to this point so there is no reason to doubt the veracity of this information.  Warning, these aren‘t your gram pa‘s spoilers, these are the spoilers that ‘go there‘.  Proceed with extreme caution. Read more »
If you‘ve been following our series on this, you know that we have been slowly releasing a scene by scene breakdown of the final episode of 24 season six.  It has been suggested since we started this series that the mere release of this information might force changes in the finale.  I‘m pleased to confirm that thus far, this does not seem to be the case.  The 24 break downs we have been delivering from our friends at spoilertalk have yet to cause the 24 production staff to scramble into re-write mode.  With that said, here comes some more detailed action from late in 24‘s final episode. Read more »
After last week‘s incredible episode, 24 returns with what should be the embarkation point for a whole new story for the rest of the season.  Audrey Raines is alive!!  As far as I know, this is the first time 24 has made such a big departure in stories halfway through a season.  This is assuming, of course, that the nuclear threat has indeed been nuetralized.  I guess it ‘s possible that Jack‘s dad could return to threaten LA with a nuke, but I‘m hoping that we focus on Audrey and the Chinese from here on out.  What follows are my quick thoughts while watching tonight‘s episode. Read more »
It was an entertaining episode, but looking back on last night‘s Hour of Bauer, I can‘t help but feel that we were spinning our wheels a little bit.  24 is a master at this.  We feel like, as an audience, a lot has happened, that the episode was action-packed, but when we step back a little it becomes clear that not a whole lot of story was given to us.  I think that was the case last night.  Maybe I‘m crazy.  Here is a recap of last night‘s episode, in an easy to digest, non-linear fashion. Read more »
Those 24 spoilers are at it again!  If you think Jack was in a tight spot last week, wait till you see where everything is leading a couple of weeks from now.  Familial betrayals on a biblical scale, dirty politicians, bad guys turning good, good guys turning bad, everything you come to expect from 24 and more!  Note to 24 producers, your security is terrible!   Huge spoilers lay ahead. Read more »
Back with hour 19 of season six of 24.  Jack Bauer just left Doyle on the side of the road, now on his own.  It is Jack vs the Chinese and CTU.  He no longer has the support of the President, now that Daniels is back in charge.  What follows are my live thoughts while watching the episode.I forgot that Chloe has been relieved of her duties.  What are the Vegas odds on Jack v. China?Doyle throws a dude out of a car on a crowded freeway, quite rudely I might add.  I feel like Jack might have to shoot Doyle at some point.  Seems likely, even. Read more »
Something is off.  I discussed this with friends last night, but its origin remains a mystery.  What is wrong with 24 this year?  From those I‘ve spoken to, the universal feeling is that this season of 24 is possibly its worst.  It all feels tired and overwrought.  We‘ve been in all of these situations before.  There are very few badass maneuvers that Jack can shows that we haven‘t already seen.  However, it is still 24.  No matter how disappointing this season, or recent episodes may have been, 24 is still one of the most entertaining shows on TV.  Give yourself an hour with Jack Bauer and you never know where it might lead.  Last night‘s episode left some to be desired, but the end twist/cliffhanger was good.  Here is a recap, in a decidedly non-linear format: Read more »
Michael Shanks, actor known for his role as Dr. Daniel Jackson on the science fiction series Stargate SG-1, will guest star on the action-thriller series 24 starting on its Day 6 1:00AM-2:00AM episode on Monday, April 30 at 9/8C on Fox. Shanks will play Mark Bishop, a political lobbyist who has a secret relationship with Vice President Noah Daniels’ aide Lisa Miller, played by Kari Matchett. The Canadian actor is scheduled to appear in a 4-episode arc for season 6. (Warning: minor spoilers ahead!) Read more »
All right, we‘ve got to be off on a new little tangent on 24, now that Jack has been taken into custody by CTU.  With only a few episodes left, will Jack be back out in the field for a significant amount of time?  How crazy has Audrey Raines gone?  Will Chloe and Morris make up?  Will Wayne Palmer get better?  A lot of questions, and tonight‘s 24 should answer some of them.  What follows are my live thoughts while watching the episode.Jack is a little frazzled by Audrey‘s brainwashed state.  For an actor, it must be fun to act “crazy”.  You can really go in any direction (tics, stares, weird voices, wetting yourself) and it will seem believable. Read more »
At the end of last Monday‘s episode of 24, Jack Bauer was taken into custody by CTU.  Typically, a man like Jack Bauer isn‘t able to do as much damage while in a holding cell.  But, since he is Jack Bauer, we know he‘ll end up wreaking sufficient havoc.  And he did just that last night, but it was all relatively pointless.  Most of the hour took place at CTU, but not a whole lot went down.  In fact, I‘ll be able to explain quite briefly below.  But, first, there has been some critical and fan backlash this season over 24.  The consensus is that 24 is not as good as it‘s been in previous seasons.  I agree with this, and blame this on simply beating a formula to death.  Not the real-time format, but the formula of using Los Angeles as a staging ground, and having Jack thwart a nuclear threat with the help of CTU.  Next season, to return to glory, the producers need to do something drastic.  I think the season should take place in a foreign country.  This would rejuvenate the show and reinvigorate the viewers.  What follows is a recap of last night, in a non-linear format. Read more »
With ratings in decline, and fans suffering from plot vertigo, the doom sayers of the media have begun picking the carcass of the once indestructible 24.  While I pretty much agree that, despite its intensely cinematic beginning, season six has kind of lost me,  I‘m willing to give 24 the benefit of the doubt.  Yes, the main plot ended early and some, including producer David Fury, consider that a mistake, but let‘s face it, the idea that all global political / terrorist crises last exactly 24 hours tests the bounds of reason. Read more »
24’s sensation has prompted avid fans to ponder about turning the 24-hour action thriller into a two-hour plot. In turn, the people behind the Emmy and Golden Globe-award winning series have settled with the idea of showcasing its hit series on the silver screen. Despite the anticipation of its solid fan base, not to mention its previous press releases over the confirmed film, 24: The Movie is still currently on hold. Kiefer Sutherland, actor who plays Jack Bauer, the lead character on 24, has confirmed last May that 24: The Movie is already in progress, and that the series’ creators have already started working on the script, announcing that the shooting of the film will begin on May 30, 2007 and is expected to be released between seasons 7 and 8 in the summer of 2008. Read more »
CTU has a lead on Cheng, but the promos feature some sort of crazy infiltration of CTU headquarters.  The lead bad guy we see in the brief promo has a goatee.  Read into that what you will.  24 has been under fire for the last month or so for not delivering as good a season as fans are used to.  I think this is largely justified, but also inevitable.  I don‘t think the season has been truly bad, just that it‘s been a rehash of previous seasons.  Now that the producers know that the same old formula isn‘t doing it for fans anymore, they have the freedom to go in a bold new direction.  At least that‘s what I hope.  What follows are my live thoughts while watching the episode.  Read more »
Madness at CTU.  Although there were many, I will not discuss plot holes or completely ridiculous situations that occurred on last night‘s episode of 24.  We can tear 24‘s realism to pieces any time we want...but last night had some especially egregious oversights.  However, I will restrain myself and keep to the facts.  The episode was exciting enough, the intensity greater than most previous episodes this season.  I‘m hoping it goes an interesting direction over the last few hours, but this season has taught me to quell my expectations regarding 24.  Hopefully, they‘ve got some surprises for us.Anyway, what follows is a non-linear recap of last night‘s events. Read more »
Carlo Rota took what you could call a circuitous route into the world of acting.  The son of a world-famous Italian Chef, Carlo began his adult days in the culinary industry, working under his father.  One day, Carlo decided to be an actor.  That was sixteen years ago.  Since then, Carlo has worked on screen and stage in diverse and interesting projects.  He is probably best known for his current role on 24 as Morris O‘Brian who, if you‘ve been watching this season, has had a rough go of it.  Carlo stopped by recently to discuss his history, his experience on 24, and a very interesting upcoming project.Below you will find both the written transcript of Carlo‘s interview, as well as the full mp3 audio. Read more »
We‘ve only got two more episodes after tonight, and I‘m still hoping to be "wowed" within these next couple hours.  Will it happen?  The way this season is going, I‘ve conditioned myself for disappointment.  Can 24 still surprise the hell out of me?  Sure, and I hope it will.  Mostly, however, I‘m looking forward to a CTU-less season 7.  Anyway, what follows are my live thoughts while watching tonight‘s episode.Isn‘t a bit silly that the Chinese mercenaries infiltrated CTU so easily?  Really, the sewers?Morris covers up Milo‘s face.  A futile gesture, Morris.  They take Josh away.  "They" being the mercenaries.  Marilyn Bauer hyperventilates.  Read more »
It‘s hard to believe there‘s only one more week left of 24.  Granted, next Monday brings a two-hour affair that is sure to be, at the very least, an action packed finale.  The hope is that these final two hours of season six will also set up season seven in a way that fans can get excited...and forget about what was a mostly lackluster season six.  Last night‘s episode was Bauer family-centric, and that appears to be what the finale will focus on next week.  Here is a recap of the events, presented in an easy to peruse non-linear fashion.  Read more »
Season six of 24 has been divisive among fans.  Critically, this has easily been the worst received season by critics, many claiming the show has grown stale.  Fans may scoff at these accusations, others may admit that they have some merit.  Regardless, 24 still manages to put us on the edge of our seats and make our hearts race unexpectedly.  Viewers are still invigorated by the multitude of shocking moments throughout the season.   These twists and turns are the trademark of 24 and have been just as prevalent this season as in seasons past. Read more »
Although Dennis Haysbert worked in many films since 1979 and earned three acting awards for his work on Far From Heaven, he became a series icon when he landed the part of David Palmer on the highly popular series 24, where he earned several nominations from different award-giving bodies. He gave substance to the drama by playing the African-American senator who later became the president of the United States. He was also known as the ex-wife of Sherry Palmer and father to Nicole and Keith Palmer. Stalked by terrorists, assassinated and mourned by politicians and the entire nation, he left the series after 80 episodes in its fifth season. Read more »
Although 24 has recently declined in terms of viewership, Fox has already confirmed that the action-drama will continue for at least two more seasons or in 24 time, two more days. In line with this, Kiefer Sutherland, who plays the lead character Jack Bauer, has already signed an estimated $40 million contract for a three-year deal so fans can expect Jack Bauer’s clock to be ticking through 2009. Since it premiered in 2001, 24 has acquired a total of 37 wins and 116 nominations. It has also become a highly popular series due to its fast-phased plot, violent torture scenes and controversial themes. However, ratings have significantly declined in 24’s current season (Day 6), and have roused noise among fans over their discontent in its lackluster plot. As far as rating goes, the show has hit a low of 10.4 million viewers last month, a significant decline compared to 24’s season five ratings, which averaged about 13.78 million viewers. Read more »
Carlos Bernard became a household name as a cast member of the award-winning series 24. Playing the fictional federal agent Tony Almeida earned him a nomination for an Imagen Award for Best Supporting Actor, and a Screen Actors Guild nomination along with the cast of 24 for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. As one of the longest running characters on 24 next to Kiefer Sutherland, he made a total of 95 appearances, holding his role for three seasons until his character was written out by the end of season three in 2004, and returned midway through season four on 2005, where he was credited as a special guest star. In 2006, he returned to be credited as a main cast member on 24’s fifth season, only to have his final character ending after four appearances. Read more »
There is not a man on earth that kills bad guys in a more entertaining manner than Jack Bauer.  Sure, he may be fictional, but his precision and creativity is unrivaled.  He is the killing equivalent of Steve Nash, Mozart, and the Dalai Lama combined.  Jack is so good at terminating nameless evil minions that he seems to challenge himself at times, making kills at a higher degree of difficulty than necessary.  Such is the majesty of Jack Bauer.With the two-hour 24 finale tonight, it seemed like a good time to go back and sift through Jack‘s day six wreckage in order to find his five best kills of the season (and we have video of each, to boot). Read more »
The time is now, everyone, for the season finale of 24.  I‘m always giddy for these, because you know that after the major conflict has been sufficiently thwarted by Meestah Bauer, there will be some absolutely insane twist to end the season, leaving a massive cliffhanger as we wait until day seven.  What will this season‘s be?  I really can‘t wait.  What follows are my live thoughts while watching tonight‘s two-hour season finale. You know what I‘m really not interested in this episode?  The Buchanan/Hayes storyline.  I like both the characters, but I have more important issues to worry about.We get a super long recap at the beginning of the episode, this being the finale and all. Read more »
Season six of 24 came to an end last night.  There‘s little to discuss in terms of ramifications; the season, you could say, ended with a whimper.  A disappointing end to a disappointing season.  But, there is good news.  The ending of Monday‘s finale was wide, wide open and, thus, the producers have the leeway to go in whichever plot direction they need to return 24 to glory next season.  CTU will almost certainly fade into the periphery, and we can all hope that Jack will be rampaging abroad somewhere, infusing 24 with new life. It‘s easy to imagine 24 returning with a vengeance next year, learning from its mistakes this season and providing the Bauer-led action and suspense fans are used to, but in a different, less tired arena.  But, this is all a different discussion for a different day.  Last night‘s two-hour finale wrapped some things up, left some doors open, and left audiences going “Huh?”  Here is a recap of the events, in a non-linear manner. Read more »
FoxStore has posted the release date for the controversial 24 Season Six box set.   The set itself hasn‘t generated much controversy, but the series itself had fans foaming at the mouth after its promising beginning quickly dissolved into an incoherent, often dull, display of 24 cliche extremism.The sustained lukewarm reaction to the season led producers to promise, yet again, that they would be looking at improving the formula for next season; apparently missing the most common complaint was that the show had developed a formula in the first place.None the less, the Season Six boxed set will no doubt do very well, even amongst the plot weary long term fans. Read more »
About a week before the premiere of the sixth season of , the first four episodes of that season became available online.  Not on the 24 website or the FOX website, but illegally on torrent and file sharing sites around the net.  Of course, this was an upsetting event for FOX, who had a two-night, four episode extravaganza scheduled for the 24 premiere.  The premiere went off as planned, but any fan of 24 who wanted an early peek at the first four episodes could get it. FOX gave the FBI a call to see if they could find someone to blame for the leak.  The FBI found Chicago-based man Jorge Romero, a man they plan to prosecute to the full extent of the law.  Romero, who happens to be 24 years of age, found those first four episodes online and decided to upload them to a media-sharing site called  Bad idea.  Romero now faces up to three years in prison. Read more »
If we all agree that 24 and Jack Bauer need to get the hell out of Los Angeles and CTU (which I think we do), the next question has to be, “Where, then, should they go?”  Speculation runs rampant among 24 fans and there are endless theories and guesses as to where Jack Bauer will be thwarting terrorists come next January.  The recently completed season 6 killed the format of 24 as we know it (or, it better have) and the next move taken by the executive producers will be the most important decision they‘ve made in a long time.  Where do they take Jack Bauer? Read more »
Leslie Hope was known for portraying the role of Teri Bauer on the award-winning series 24. She was featured on the show as the wife of Federal Agent Jack Bauer and mother of Kim Bauer. She participated in 24 episodes and was shot to death by Nina Myers by the end of Day 1. Read more »
Sarah Clarke was best known for playing Nina Myers on the television series 24. She started out as second-in-command of the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit during the first season of the show, and was known for her previous involvement with Jack Bauer and Tony Almeida. Unknown to most of her co-workers, she was involved in several treasonous acts throughout her tenure in CTU. She encountered her end when Jack killed her at 02:59:54, ironically in the same CTU Techroom where she killed Teri Bauer in season 1. Read more »
Two producers of Fox’s popular drama series, 24, struck huge deals with the network early this month. Supervising producer Brad Turner and executive producer Evan Katz have signed new contracts that guarantee them two more years with the hit show. Turner’s deal stipulates that not only will he direct no less than 10 episodes of 24, he will also be promoted to co-executive producer. Read more »
James Badge Dale, who has been known for his portrayal of Agent Chase Edmunds in Fox’s drama series, 24, has joined the cast of The Pacific, a 10-part miniseries set during World War II. Production will be spearheaded by Academy Award winners Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. Filming is expected to begin this August in various parts of Australia. The miniseries, which will serve as a sequel to Spielberg’s critically-acclaimed Band of Brothers, will be made with a budget of almost $200 million. Read more »
Kiefer Sutherland, the human embodiment of Jack Bauer on 24, will make an appearance at the upcoming charity event, “Concert for Diana.”   The Diana in question is, of course, the deceased Diana, Princess of Wales.  The “Concert for Diana” is set to take place on July 1st, at the newly reopened Wembley Stadium in London, England.  The concert, featuring an impressive array of performers and celebrities, is being put on by Diana‘s two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, as well as old friend Sir Elton John.The concert is being held on what would have been Diana‘s 46th birthday.  It is unclear what exactly Kiefer will do, but the smart money is on “interactive display of terrorist thwarting”, but you never know.  All proceeds from the event will go to the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund and the charity Centrepoint and Sentebale, which helps quell poverty in Africa.  Here‘s a look at who will be performing at the concert: Read more »
For 24 fans out there, the news we‘re about to tell you is either going to be interesting or frustrating, maybe both.  TVGuide‘s Michael Ausiello has uncovered some good season seven information that sheds some light on what the producers and writers are thinking of, story-wise, for the show‘s seventh day.  Most importantly, and the tidbit that‘s been swirling around the internet this morning, is that Day 7 will likely feature a new United States president, and that president will likely be a female. Read more »
We reported on Friday that season 7 of 24 will feature another new President of United States, the sixth different president the series has boasted.  Squashing speculation (by me in my head) that Jack Bauer might begin next season in the oval office, it was announced that in all likelihood 24 will have a female president next season.  After taking the weekend to process this information, the 24 producers‘ thought process became much clearer.They already have someone in mind for the next 24 president. Read more »
The Los Angeles Times has gotten hold of the list of the top ten 2007 Emmy finalists in both the Best Drama and Best Comedy categories.  From these top ten, the list will be whittled to five for the final nominations.  The official nominations will be announced the morning of July 19 by The Closer‘s Kyra Sedgwick and Two and a Half Men‘s Jon Cryer.  Here are the top ten lists for both Comedy and Drama series for the 2007 Emmy Awards (each show is accompanied by the sample episode which voters were given by the show‘s producer‘s): Read more »
Jorge Romero, 25, pleaded guilty to charges of internet piracy for posting the first four episodes of 24‘s sixth season on the internet over a week before the episodes were set to air.  Romero faces up to three years in prison.  He will be sentenced on September 10.  Romero illegally downloaded the episodes off of popular torrent site BitTorrent and then uploaded them to    FOX claims to have incurred $4 million in financial losses as a result of the leak.  However, Romero was not the leak.  He‘s just a dude who did the same thing that millions of other people do every day.  Not to say that it‘s the right thing to do, piracy is illegal and Romero surely knew that.  But, to make an example off of a guy who, for all anyone can tell, had no malicious intent with his actions is more than a little cruel on FOX‘s part. Read more »
During promotion for her upcoming film Captivity, Elisha Cuthbert answered some 24 questions with surprising candidness.  Cuthbert, who has portrayed Kim Bauer on most seasons of FOX‘s hit real-time thriller 24, discussed the possibility of a 24 movie eventually coming to fruition.  She sounded optimistic.“I’ve got the phone waiting by the bed, and I’m just sort of waiting for it to ring and them to tell me ‘Hey, we’re gonna go do the movie.’” Read more »
The writing staff on 24 is running out of time. Production on the seventh season, scheduled to begin this month, was pushed back three weeks after FOX executives nixed the entire plot the writing team had cooked up for the seventh longest day of Jack Bauer’s life.According to TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello, the original plan was to film several episodes on location in Africa, but the network deemed it too costly. After considering the idea of finding locations in Los Angeles to serve as Africa, the writer’s decided it would be easier to just rewrite the whole thing. Read more »
When news broke last week that the majority of season seven of 24 was scrapped by FOX executives because it would be too expensive to film in Africa, 24 fans could be heard thinking: ‘Why the heck is Jack Bauer going to Africa?‘  There was no confirmation that the subplot would even include former CTU agent and effective bad guy killer Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), but why set 24 in Africa if you‘re not going to have Bauer torture some giraffes?  Sure, it might seem cruel, but you just know those giraffes would have been working for the true terrorist mastermind- a silverback gorilla.Jokes aside, dumping an entire plot seems like a dangerous move for 24 producers at this fragile time in the show‘s existence.  Sure, people have questioned the wisdom of the 24 writing staff in the past (see: Kim in all of season two).  But season six was loathed by nearly everyone, critics and fans alike.  This is not the time to be making it up as you go. Read more »
As far as causes go, SizeFriendlyTV campaigns for one of the most bizarre.  The website advocates the inclusion of more “People of Size” in prime-time television, claiming that People of Size are woefully under-represented in the world of TV.  What are People of Size, you ask?  Well, SizeFriendlyTV defines People of Size (POS) on television as such: “To be considered of-size, a character should be carrying at least an extra 25-30 pounds.”  So, overweight people.  Fat people.  Thankfully, SizeFriendlyTV has come out with an end-of-the-year ranking that gives grades to prime-time TV shows based on their utilization of people of size.  The results aren‘t all that surprising.Their metric completely flunks a number of shows, including 24, House and CSI: Miami.  The highest ranking show was Two and a Half Men, which received a B+ grade.  Good for them.  Still, though, this whole thing is somewhat baffling. Read more »
At the Television Critics Association tour this week, the 24 producers announced that the seventh season of the hit action-thriller would indeed feature a female President of the United States.  Not only that, they announced that veteran Broadway and film actress Cherry Jones would be portraying the role of the president.  We have the president‘s name (“Allison Taylor”), but besides that there‘s not a whole lot of info about the character.  Read more »
Season six of 24 was a misfire.  It was the show‘s worst season, by far, and made it clear that 24‘s current formula was simply not going to cut it anymore.  Not that the season was terrible.  Far from it.  Even bad 24 is still better than most things on TV, if just for the fact that we get to watch Jack Bauer be Jack Bauer for 42 minutes.  That will always make for riveting TV.  When it came to the Emmys, it was hard to predict what kind of reception 24 would get.  It had previously been a voter favorite, but would they be stubborn enough to reward one of their favorite shows with undeserved nominations?  The answer, fortunately, was no.  Besides the one, major and predictable nod, 24 was shut out of the major categories.  Let‘s take a look: Read more »
Howard Gordon, executive producer of FOX‘s 24, has announced that the producers will be implementing various carbon emission reduction techniques for the production of the show‘s seventh season. Such techniques include using biodiesel fuels to power generators and production vehicles, buying all its energy from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power via renewable power sources like wind, solar and water, rewiring the set stage to use electric rather than diesel-generated power and converting gasoline-powered trucks and cars to low-emission hybrid vehicles. Read more »
Today was the first ever 24 panel at Comicon, and the producers came out swinging.  Producers Jon Cassar, Manny Coto, Evan Katz and David Fury were all on hand to address fans biggest questions and concerns.  They discussed their opinions on season 6, gave a few details on how season 7 will start, addressed the possibility of the 24 movie, and even hinted that some characters we thought were dead may not be after all.Read below for all the juiciest bit: Read more »
I had the distinct privilege of attending the 24 panel at San Diego Comic-Con in person this past weekend featuring producers/writers Jon Cassar, Evan Katz, David Fury, and Manny Coto.  It was nice to see total honesty from all the guys, admitting that the fans‘ disappointment with season 6 wasn‘t at all lost on them.  So, OK, that‘s great, but what about season 7.  The most recent, somewhat troubling news to come out of the 24 camp prior to Comic-Con was that FOX brass denied their story proposal for season 7 (which reportedly included filming numerous episodes in Africa) and sent everyone back to the drawing board.  From there, what the producers reported kept in line with their insistence that season 7 be completely different from any previous season.  Are their announced plans for the season good ones? Read more »
Bringing Cherry Jones into to play 24‘s first female president may be a brave move for the perennial action series, but it is hardly a new thing in televisions recent history.  Sure, Jones will have the unenviable task of having to live up to the great President David Palmer, but Jones‘ real challenge comes in how she will stack up against the recent crop of TV‘s female Commanders-in-Chief.   While Jones‘ President Allison Taylor will be signing off on Jack Bauer‘s (Kiefer Sutherland) extreme torture permits, viewers will be comparing her performance to the following ladies, who have also been in charge – for better or for worse. Read more »
After a promising start, followed by a meandering conclusion, 24‘s season 6 ended with promises of formula changes come season 7.  Initially it looked like part of that included on-location out of country shooting, until FOX pulled the plug on the expensive idea.  So the question that lingers is, besides spending more money, what else do the 24 folks have in mind? Read more »
In case you haven‘t heard, 24 has a new enemy this season.  In addition to fighting terrorists bent on the downfall of the United States, Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) will be taking on the greenhouse effect.  That‘s right, 24 will be battling global warming, more famously off screen, but definitely on-screen as well.The word circulating now is that references to reducing carbon emissions on the show will be made when appropriate.  The question is, will there ever be an appropriate time? It seems that bringing up issues like global warming is an area where action/adventure television shows need to tread carefully. Read more »
24‘s troublesome production has been delayed yet again, this time an additional two weeks have been added to the run up to production start.  Already the series has been sent back to the drawing board once when FOX execs pulled the plug on an uber expensive plot that would involve shot on location action in South Africa.  The writers have scrambled to come up with a new plot, already working under the pressure of an ailing sixth season that was critically mauled and failed to live up to 24‘s ratings supremacy. Read more »
Late last week it was announced that the production of 24‘s seventh season has been delayed yet again, and is now scheduled to get started on September 10, according to a variety of sources.  This may seem like bad news, an indication of a TV show in shambles, but I would advise that we all keep an open mind here.  The first production delay occurred when FOX vetoed a proposed storyline that necessitated much of the season being shot in Africa.  Since that was nixed, the writers and producers went back to the drawing board.  This latest delay comes only because the production team isn‘t completely ready and prepared for the season.  This has been labeled as more bad news. But, think about it, why would we want one of our favorite shows rushed into filming before everyone‘s completely ready?We wouldn‘t, yet this announcement has received predictable admonishment from fans and critics alike.  It‘s like when politicians are accused of “flip-flopping” or taking too long to make a decision: what‘s wrong with taking the time to be sure of something so important, in this case the issue being, “How can we re-invent a beloved TV franchise, greatly improve upon the universally reviled previous season, and yet still keep all the elements that made 24 a show millions love?”  Not something to be taken lightly. Read more »
Janeane Garofalo, former cast member on Saturday Night Live and The Ben Stiller Show, will be joining the cast of 24 this January in a regular role.  TVGuide‘s Michael Ausiello broke the story, but there‘s not much news on who Garofalo‘s character actually is.  Vaguely, it seems that the character will be working for a government agency in Washington DC, where she‘ll be on the team that is investigating Jack Bauer‘s past.  Garofalo has done a fair amount of serious work in her career, so this shouldn‘t be a huge stretch for her.  However, of all the people to bring on for 24‘s pivotal seventh season, Garofalo is a somewhat stunning choice. Read more »
You had to figure with Jack Bauer taking his parade to Washington, DC next season, the absence of CTU Los Angeles, and a new president, 24‘s casting department was going to get busy this summer.  And they have.  Days after the addition of comic Janeane Garofalo to the cast (who we now know will be playing “Janis Gold, an FBI systems analyst assigned to the team investigating the crisis befalling Jack Bauer and company”) FOX has announced two new cast members: Rhys Coiro and Colm Feore.  Read more »
24, for all the talk about the show being ground-breaking, is completely reliant on formula.  Patterns have emerged throughout the seasons, and the 24 fan base has come to expect a variety of things every year.  One aspect that has remained constant is the show‘s insistence on upping the stakes each and every season, creating bigger conflicts for Jack Bauer and company to overcome.  This culminated last season with the actual detonation of a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles that killed thousands of fictional Angelinos.  Prior to that event, I had wondered whether 24 could possibly raise the stakes any more.  Well, they did, and it may have been the highlight of the season.  From then on out in season 6, however, the familiar patterns bogged down the series, disappointing fans.  The formula was tired, we had seen it all before, and everyone agreed (including the writers) that things had to change going into season 7. Read more »
When you‘re more or less rebooting a beloved series, movie the setting from the west to the east coast, and totally dissolving the biggest and most important set your show has ever owned, you‘re going to have a lot new cast members.  24 has had an incredibly busy summer, whether it be trying to figure out what exactly season is going to be, or hiring an almost entirely new, full cast.  The only returning cast members are Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer and Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe O‘Brian.  Today, it was announced that FOX would be bringing on John Billingsley (The Nine) and Jeffrey Nordling (Dirt) for season 7 of 24. Read more »
Nearly two seasons after her character‘s demise on the hit series 24, Reiko Aylesworth becomes the latest addition to the ER franchise.  According to TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello, the actress has signed on as part of the medical drama‘s 14th season. Reiko Aylesworth became a household name as the tough and stoic Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) agent and eventual boss, Michelle Dessler for four seasons of 24.   She will next play the new chaplain of County General on the long-running and multi-awarded ER. Read more »
Annie Wersching, who can currently be seen as Amelia Joffe on General Hospital, will join the cast of FOX‘s 24 for its seventh season.  Wersching will apparently play the lead female role, an FBI Agent and antagonist to Jack Bauer.  Wersching‘s previous credits include Supernatural, Boston Legal, Company Men, and Star Trek: Enterprise.  In more 24 casting news, it looks like Bob Gunton is in final negotiations to reprise his role of Ethan Kanin.  The character was Wayne Palmer‘s Secretary of Defense last season and will act as Secretary of State for new President Cherry Jones. Read more »
The Georgetown University School of Law is a prestigious institution located in the heart of our nation‘s capitol.  And, the faculty are fans of Jack Bauer and 24.  Or, maybe just one faculty member.  Professor Walter Gary Sharp, who also serves as a counsel for the Department of Defense, will be teaching a new class this Fall called “The Law of 24”.  So, yeah, Georgetown Law now has a class solely dedicated to 24‘s interpretation of the law in regards to terrorist threats. Here‘s the class description from the Georgetown website: Read more »
What is wrong with this country?  In a recent “Disaster Preparedness” poll, twenty-seven percent of Americans said that given their choice of fictional hero, they would pick MacGyver to rescue them.  Rescue them from exactly what was unclear, but MacGyver was the number one choice among American adults.  Jack Bauer, from 24, finished sixth in the polling with a measly seven percent.  That Richard Dean Anderson‘s MacGyver beat bona fide bad ass Jack Bauer in anything besides a mullet contest is ridiculous.  However, you can‘t argue with a telephone poll, right?  Oh, wait, you can.   Read more »
The 24 producers know that season 7 can not, under any circumstances, be a disappointment.  If the beloved franchise drops the ball on a second season in a row, than the show may as well pack up and go home.  With that in mind, it looks as if FOX and the 24 team are pulling out all the stops in preparation for next season.  Throughout the summer, casting news has permeated the 24 landscape and today comes the biggest announcement yet.  If you don‘t enjoy being spoiled, read no further.  Really, this news is going to ruin a big early season surprise on 24.  I can understand, however, if the enticement is too much and you just have to click that “Read More” button. Read more »
Kiefer Sutherland, star of 24 and portrayer of all-time bad ass Jack Bauer, was arrested for DUI early Tuesday morning.  The actor was attending the FOX Fall TV Eco-Casino Party in West Hollywood at trendy night club Area.  Around 1:30am, Sutherland left the party and made an illegal U-turn.  The police stopped him and administered a field sobriety test, finding that the 24 actor was at roughly twice the legal limit in alcohol.   He was arrested and spent some time in jail prior to posting bail and being released. Read more »
The use of torture has become a hot-button debate among presidential candidates.  Democrats have generally opposed the use of torture under any circumstances, while Republicans tend to be in approval of any tactics that get the job done (the main exception being John McCain, who is really the only person on either side of the political spectrum who has a legitimate, first-hand point of view on the issue).  While this headline may seem to indicate that Clinton has now become pro-torture, that is not exactly the case.  He‘s simply using 24‘s Jack Bauer as an example of discretion. The former president said, "When Bauer goes out there on his own and is prepared to live with the consequences, it always seems to work better.” Read more »
Yes, it really is going to happen.  As previously reported, Carlos Bernard is doing a Lazarus and coming back as the resurrected Tony Almeida when 24 returns on its seventh season come January 13.  Fans of the popular FOX real-time drama will be waiting with great anticipation to find out exactly how Jack Bauer‘s (Kiefer Sutherland) bosom buddy and trusted colleague will be written back in after his seeming demise in the latter half of season 5. Since Tony‘s apparent death at the hands of the Jack‘s twisted former mentor, Christopher Henderson (Peter Weller), was so convincing to Jack, CTU and the television viewers, the powers that be on the series will have to come up with a credible and believable way of explaining Almeida‘s return.  Howard Gordon, executive producer on 24, narrates the conversation he had with Carlos Bernard when he informed him of his impending homecoming. Read more »
Ever Carradine enjoys a curious name that can be confusing given the headline she‘s involved in.  I, personally, have never known a person named Ever, and it‘s possible I never will.  But, I assure you, she is a person, female, and an actress.  Carradine is a somewhat prolific actress as well, at least on the small screen where she has appeared on a number of high profile series, including Commander in Chief, Men in Trees, Will and Grace, Grey‘s Anatomy, and CSI.  Ever is also a proud member of the famous Hollywood Carradine family.  Her father is Robert Carradine (Revenge of the Nerds), her grandfather was prolific character actor John Carradine, and her uncle is the very famous David Carradine (Kill Bill).  Ever will play an FBI agent on 24 in what will be a recurring role. Read more »
Carly Pope, a 27-year-old actress most famous for her leading role in the old WB series Popular, has become the latest addition to the cast of 24.  In the upcoming seventh season, Pope will play the girlfriend of the President‘s son.  The new President of the United States on 24 is the show‘s first female president and will be portrayed by Broadway veteran Cherry Jones.  While this is the first we‘ve heard of the President‘s son (or his girlfriend), FOX has given us one of the first major plot points of Day 7.  Warning: Mild 24 season 7 spoilers ahead. Read more »
Kiefer Sutherland pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor drunk driving charge in a Los Angeles court yesterday, and now faces at least 48 days in jail.  If the judge sees fit, Sutherland could spend up to a year in jail.  This latest DUI for Kiefer stems from a FOX Fall TV event that was held a couple weeks back in Hollywood.  After the party, Kiefer got in his car, made an illegal U-turn, and was subsequently pulled over and arrested.  The plea deal that Sutherland and his lawyers reached was interesting in that it ensured that Sutherland‘s jail time would not interfere with the production schedule of 24. Read more »
Kim Raver, best known to 24 fans as Audrey Raines, Jack Bauer‘s former love interest and daughter of the Secretary of Defense, gave birth to her second child on October 9.  The child, named Leo Kipling Boyer, is the second for Raver, who also has a 5 year-old boy named Luke West.  Raver‘s husband and Leo‘s father is Manu Boyer, a French filmmaker.  The family is currently living in New York City where Raver is shooting the upcoming NBC show Lipstick Jungle, in which Raver plays a fashion editor.  Read more »
The production of 24‘s seventh season has been delayed numerous times, and they are already on a very strict time table.  However, some things can‘t be helped.  The rampant and devastating wild fires that have hit the San Diego area over the past two days have interrupted 24‘s shooting schedule once again.  Or, at least the plans were changed.  Kiefer Sutherland and the 24 team were supposed to shoot on the Marine Corp‘s El Toro Air Station, but cast and crew were hindered and ultimately overwhelmed by smoke in the area.  The 24 producers opted to shoot some additional scenes on inside sets instead.  Read more »
24 is heading east.  Fans of the FOX drama already know that the upcoming seventh season of 24 will be the first to take place outside of the Los Angeles area.  Jack Bauer and company are taking their show to Washington DC, and that means that the 24 production team has to shoot some scenes in and around the actual DC area.  Over the course of the next two weekends, 24 will be shooting scenes for eight different episodes in the DC area.  Kiefer Sutherland and most of the main cast will be shooting at various locations around the nation‘s capitol and, according to executive producer Howard Gordon, will also attempt to persuade a couple of politicians to film cameos. Read more »
As part of FOX‘s Fall TV press junket in Los Angeles last week, we were lucky enough to receive an invite to the FOX Fall Eco-Casino party at trendy nightclub Area in West Hollywood.  Being a lowly internet writer, this was my first experience at a big-time Hollywood event.  They even had a red carpet (which I did not walk down; bloggers use the back entrance, out of sight from the real press), which was all flash bulbs and TV cameras.  Exciting stuff.  We were driven from our hotel to the club, dropped off at the press table, picked up our credentials and walked straight in.  It was sweet. Read more »
Today at 1pm ET/10am PT, FOX unveiled the world premiere of the 24 season 7 trailer live at Times Square in New York City.  Even after a disappointing sixth season and Kiefer Sutherland‘s legal troubles, the anticipation for the first footage of Day 7 was high as ever.  Mary Lynn Rajskub was on hand in Times Square to watch with legions of loyal fans who turned out on what looked to be a cold fall day in Manhattan.  The important question, though, is this: how did the trailer stack up?  Is it enough to make fans for get about the mediocrity of season 6?  Read more »
24 fans have seen the trailer for season 7.  The most important part of the trailer, the thing that FOX wanted to accomplish, was the re-introduction of Tony Almeida as a bad guy, and the newest target of Jack Bauer.  As 24 fans are well aware, things are not always as they seem, and the first few episodes of any season are rife with misdirection and red herrings.  Good guys turn out to be bad, bad guys turn out to be good.  For some reason, however, the prevailing train of thought is that Tony will be this season‘s bad guy on 24.  Maybe it‘s because I love Tony as a character, but I‘m just not buying it.  Tony Almeida is no bad guy. Read more »
24‘s seventh season is slowly coming into focus.  Since last week‘s unveiling of Day 7‘s first trailer, we‘ve learned that Tony Almeida has returned and appears to be evil (don‘t believe the hype).  The trailer confirmed that CTU had been dissolved and that Jack Bauer will begin the season on trial for his “actions in the pursuit of justice.”  One of the things that the trailer didn‘t provide any insight into was Chloe O‘Brian‘s (Mary Lynn Rajskub) role.  We knew Chloe would be returning to 24, but not in what capacity.  Now, thanks to TV Guide, we‘ve got some answers: Chloe O‘Brian is working for a rogue government agency that is looking to unravel a large government conspiracy.  Also, Chloe‘s a mother. Read more »
The seventh season of 24 has been snake bit.  Maybe it‘s a season that us viewers just aren‘t meant to see.  First, FOX denied the 24 producers the funding to go shoot a significant portion of the season in Africa and production was delayed.  Production was delayed again when writers and producers simply weren‘t ready to shoot.  Then, Kiefer Sutherland got a DUI, almost derailing the whole thing.  Then, production got delayed again thanks to the California wild fires.  And now, the writers‘ strike is here and production will soon come to a complete halt.  Read more »
You‘ve undoubtedly heard a lot about how the writers‘ strike will impact television, but until now it‘s been mostly rumors about possible schedule changes, Well, they‘re rumors no more, as FOX has announced a completely new schedule for its spring TV season, and the new lineup looks like they put all their shows into a food processor and flicked the switch.The biggest news is that Day 7 of 24 is no longer on the schedule. Originally slated to have a three-hour, two-night premiere on January 13 and 14, the writers‘ strike has left FOX in a bind: air the first eight hours, then pause until the strike ends, or postpone the season so fans can get one continuous 24-hour adventure. FOX blinked, and now fans will have to wait even longer to see Jack Bauer take on Tony Almeida and the FBI. Read more »
24 is in trouble.  The writers‘ strike has put the future of the series in serious doubt, as evidenced by FOX‘s announcement yesterday that 24‘s seventh season has been indefinitely postponed.   Depending upon how long the strike lasts (and it looks like it‘s going to be awhile) we may not see season 7 until January 2009.  With only eight or so produced episodes, this work stoppage is absolutely brutal.  FOX likes to burn the first four episodes of each season in a two-night premiere extravaganza; this probably won‘t be an option for season 7, and is likely one of the reasons FOX postponed the premiere indefinitely.  I‘m actually very happy with FOX‘s decision and think it is a fan-friendly one. Read more »
24 creator Joel Surnow, who is notoriously conservative, spoke last weekend at the Young America‘s Foundation West Coast Leadership Conference in front of hundreds of young Los Angeles area conservatives.  Surnow discussed the possible presidency of Hillary Clinton, the under-the-radar presence of conservatives in Hollywood and the impact of the writers‘ strike.  When discussing Hillary Clinton, Surnow dismissed her presidential prospects, saying "Are we nuts thinking Hillary Clinton could be president of this country? Honest to God, just stand back and think about it." Read more »
The much maligned season 6 of 24 comes to DVD on December 4th, with possibly the best box-set presentation ever given to a season of 24.  The special features are fairly extensive, and the commentaries are abundant.  Like most 24 fans, I was extremely disappointed with the direction 24 took for most of its sixth season.  However, I‘ve been an apologist in this regard: 24 and FOX needed a failure of a season to break out form its tried and true formula.  They weren‘t going to break the mold of what worked until it proved to be redundant.  Season 7 of 24 looked poised to bring something new and exciting to the series.  That is, until the writers‘ strike hit and put the series on indefinite hiatus.  The season 6 DVD might be worth purchasing, however, for its special features and the first four spectacular episodes. Read more »
Viewers have come to enjoy Mary Lynn Rajskub‘s portrayal of computer extraordinaire Chloe O‘Brian on 24, but show fans should brace themselves when they catch the 36-year-old actress-comedian on stage, as she assumes a totally different persona when performing stand-up comedy. “What I do on stage is far away from what I do on 24 with Chloe,” she told the Pittsburgh City Paper.  “My stand-up is personal and nontraditional.  The show I‘m doing now is a lot of observations about people, relationships gone wrong -- there‘s a threesome-gone-wrong story, actually -- and I talk about a trip to Washington, D.C., where Rush Limbaugh kissed me on the lips.” Read more »
We all know the seventh season of 24 is currently on indefinite hiatus while the WGA writers‘ strike is on going.  However, things are looking up in regards to those negotiations, and it looks like the writers and producers could have a deal ironed out by Christmas.  Whether or not this will give the 24 production team enough time to get season 7 ready for a Winter/Spring 2008 run is still unknown.  That doesn‘t mean we can‘t speculate away.  The newest area of interest comes from IMDb, where we see a familiar name included in the cast list for season 7‘s first episode: Alberta Watson.  Watson played Head of CTU Erin Driscoll on season four.  Read more »
Fans of James Morrison will be happy to know that not only is he reprising his role on the new season of 24, his character, Bill Buchanan, just might get to see more action when the show returns next year. "They tried it last year," Morrison said, "and I didn‘t blow it. I wound up being able to pilot a helicopter, which was a surprise to everybody, I think.  So I guess he figures we can do it again." Read more »
Looking for a Holiday gift that says “I support bad-assery of the highest order?”  If so, you can‘t go wrong with 24 and Jack Bauer, the expertly portrayed sometime government/sometimes rogue agent who will do anything to thwart terrorists on US soil.  The 24: Season 6 DVD hit the shelves today, just in time for holiday shopping.  While the sixth season of 24 is generally regarded as the series‘ worst, Jack Bauer is still Jack Bauer, which is reason enough to pick up the DVD set.  And, with season 7 of 24 delayed indefinitely thanks to the on going writers‘ strike, maniacal 24 fans are probably going to need the sixth season to help them through the wait until season 7. Read more »
Kiefer Sutherland was formally sentenced to 48 days in jail this morning, stemming from a September DUI arrest.  The DUI was his second in a three year span, necessitating jail time.  Sutherland wasted no time, and immediately reported to the Glendale City Jail to begin his sentence.  This is earlier than Kiefer previously intended, because production of 24 was supposed to continue on through the early part of December.  However, with the writers‘ strike having halted production on 24, Kiefer is now able to serve his sentence without any conflicts.  Originally, Sutherland was going to spend the holidays in jail while 24 was on their scheduled production hiatus.  Then, he would go back to work, finish the season, and conclude his 48 day sentence when production ended.  Now, Kiefer is going to serve the 48 days uninterrupted. Read more »
Today, Kiefer Sutherland spends his 17th day in jail and out of the spotlight, yet he continues to be a sought-after celebrity in the eyes of his fans.  24‘s award-winning lead star has reportedly been swamped with fan mail since starting his 48-day drunk-driving sentence on December 6 in California‘s Glendale City Jail."The guy has been getting a ton of fan mail," John Balian, a spokesman for the detention center said. "Easily more than 100 letters a day.  He certainly seems to have a lot of support out there." Read more »
At 12:01 this morning, 24 star Kiefer Sutherland was released from the Glendale City Jail after serving 48 days for his second DUI conviction.  After his release, one of the officers on hand mentioned that Sutherland was an "excellent inmate."  Now that the actor is free, we can all go back to worrying about the state of 24.  FOX has delayed season 7 of the series due to the writers‘ strike, and there are currently some distressing rumors regarding their plans for the new season if the strike should continue through the coming months. Read more »
Television actor Dennis Haysbert is convinced that his character on 24 paved the way for African-American presidential candidate Barack Obama.  Haysbert, who played President David Palmer on the hit show, believes his role painted a picture of just how America would be if a black man were in charge, and that viewers liked what they saw. "As far as the public is concerned, it did open up their minds and their hearts a little bit to the notion that if the right man came along… that a black man could be president of the United States,” Haysbert, who believes that Obama is the “right man,” said in the January 21 issue of TV Guide.  “People on the street would ask me to run for office... when I went to promote [24]." Read more »
The WGA writers‘ strike has hurt many shows, killed others, but perhaps the most high-profile hatchet-job involves 24.  The highly-touted seventh season of the Jack Bauer-led drama was set to premiere this month, but 24 only got seven or so scripts finished and ready to shoot before the strike hit.  Now, until the strike is resolved, fans will be without their beloved series.  However, the question lingers – when the strike ends (and it will, eventually) what should FOX do with 24?  It‘s not as simple as “finish filming season 7 and then air it,” though it‘d be nice if it was. Read more »
24 fans are still reeling from the indefinite postponement of their favorite drama.  In these times of strike-induced, 24-less existence fans can still see their favorite actors in other side projects.  The multi-talented actress and comedienne Mary Lynn Rajskub (who plays Chloe O‘Brian on 24) just debuted her new film Sunshine Cleaning last week at the Sundance Film Festival.  The film festival, held in Telluride, Utah has become known as a breeding ground for stand out independent films.  Sunshine Cleaning stars Amy Adams and Emily Blunt as sisters who start their own crime scene cleaning company.  Rajskub plays one of their first clients, who strikes up an interesting relationship with one of the sisters.  Read more »
One of the most out-of-nowhere random moments of 24‘s sixth season was when Chloe O‘Brian revealed that she was pregnant.  In a case of life imitating art, Mary Lynn Rajskub, who plays Chloe O‘Brian, announced today that she is pregnant.  It will be the first child for the 36-year-old actress and comedienne.  The father is Matthew Rolph, 27, a personal trainer and Rajskub‘s live-in boyfriend.  The child is due at the end of the summer. Read more »
Last summer, the producers of 24 concocted a plan for 24‘s seventh season that involved Jack Bauer traveling to Africa.  The brass over at FOX nixed this plan, and until now it was believed that the reason for this was money, pure and simple.  Filming scenes in Africa would be too expensive.  Apparently, this wasn‘t the real, or only, reason the executives scrapped this original plan.  When the plan was indeed put by the wayside, the production of 24 was delayed for weeks while the writers were charged with coming up with something entirely different.  Coming off the poor reception for 24‘s sixth season, the writers and producers wanted to try something drastic and different.  They eventually settled upon a seventh season set in Washington DC, and filmed about eight episodes before the writers‘ strike hit and put the series into indefinite hiatus.  In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, executive producer Howard Gordon revealed the real reason Jack Bauer was originally going to go to Africa: to build houses for orphans.  Read more »
Out of all the shows that have been affected by the writers strike, 24‘s post-strike fate has been the most uncertain.  Now that the strike is over, most series have a pretty good idea of what their future holds – not 24.  FOX has been clear and unflinching in their insistence that they will only air 24 as a full and uninterrupted season.  They will not air half a season here, half a season there.  This insistence is good for the integrity of the series, as almost any 24 fan would agree.  However, because of the strike, FOX‘s stubbornness has put the future of 24‘s seventh season in serious flux.  Read more »
Joel Surnow, the co-creator and executive producer of 24, is leaving the FOX series effective immediately. No immediate reasons were given for the departure.  Surnow was a key creative cog for 24 during its first six seasons and was intimately involved with the eight un-aired pre-strike episodes of season 7.  His contract with FOX and 24 was supposed to run through April, but Surnow asked to be let off the hook early and FOX obliged.  He will have nothing more to do with 24‘s seventh season. Read more »
There are some news items that defy explanation.  I can‘t really wrap my head around this recent piece of news out of Maryland.  Although it doesn‘t directly involve the FOX drama 24 or Kiefer Sutherland, it is definitely worth your time if you happen to be a 24 fan.  The best part of this news item (at least to me) is the lack of details.  We don‘t know why this drunken buffoon did what he did – we just now it happened and it‘s sad, disturbing, unfathomable and (I‘m sorry) kind of funny.  Read on for the tale of the drunk, Jack Bauer-impersonating, terrorist hunter. Read more »
This should appease some impatient 24 fans.  While recent announcements by FOX have led viewers to believe that 24 would not be returning to the air until January 2009, it turns out that fans will get a taste of Jack Bauer this Fall.  The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that FOX will produce a two-hour 24 prequel to air this Fall that will bridge the gap between seasons 6 and 7.  Season 7 of 24 was the highest profile casualty of the recent WGA writers‘ strike.  It was set to air in its entirety this Winter, but production delays, coupled with the strike, derailed that plan.  It was thought that FOX might be inclined to then split the seventh season up into two parts, with half of the episodes airing next Fall, the other half starting in January.  FOX declined that option, but today‘s announcement means that 24 and Jack Bauer will be back in our lives this Fall, if only for a couple of hours.  Read more »
We‘re only ten months away from the season 7 premiere of 24!  Are you excited yet?  I don‘t know if this is the case, but I‘m guessing that this is the longest between-season hiatus of any network series ever.  Of all the series affected by the WGA writers‘ strike, 24 has, by far, been hurt the most.  But, at least the 24 team threw fans a bone earlier this month when they announced that they are going to produce a two-hour 24 movie that will hit the air this coming Fall.  This is some consolation for the long wait between seasons, but more importantly it will be a test to see whether the 24 team is capable of getting the franchise back on track after a universally derided sixth season.  The thing that we don‘t know, however, is what the plot of this two hour prequel will be.  Read more »
Splendid news, Elisha Cuthbert haters – it looks like Kim Bauer will be too busy this Fall to appear on the next season of 24 (or the two-hour 24 TV movie).  Today, it was announced that Elisha Cuthbert has signed on to star in a new CBS drama pilot entitled NY-LON.  The series, based on an English drama of the same name (which starred Rashida Jones, of The Office), follows Cuthbert, a teacher and record store clerk in New York on her romantic escapades with a London stockbroker.  The title is sufficiently clever and, unlike a fair number of 24 fans, I don‘t mind Elisha Cuthbert.  I don‘t understand how someone with two jobs is able to go back and forth between London and New York so often, but I guess we‘ll find out. Read more »
With 24 not returning until next January (though we do have the prequel movie coming in the Fall), there‘s not much in the way of new surrounding Jack Bauer and his escapades.  Thankfully, you can currently get your 24 fix on line.  The third edition of the 24 webisode series 24: The Rookie has begun airing on FOX‘s 24 website.  The series, following rookie agent Jason Blaine (not the magician), hasn‘t been the most critically well-received thing in the world, but if you like 24, you might enjoy The Rookie.  Today, we‘ll take a look at the first three webisodes in The Rookie: Day 3. Read more »
24: The Rookie – Day 3 isn‘t without its merits. While the production values are low compared to the real 24, and Jason Blaine is no Jack Bauer, the fact that it‘s even mildly entertaining is a testament to the 24 formula.  The way the show is produced, with the concurrent stories and the lightning fast pacing makes even the most predictable story (like The Rookie) not horrible to watch.  Here‘s what happened in webisode four, “Lifeline.”  Read more »
24: The Rookie feels almost like a parody of 24.  Everything about The Rookie is exactly like 24, except infinitely worse.  The acting, the production, the graphics, the plot – it‘s just a shortened, dumbed down version of 24.  It‘s a good lesson in storytelling – 24 works because of how epic it is.  The story can play out over a number of twists, double crosses and surprise death because there‘s 24 episodes to work with.  On something like The Rookie, the sped up story makes for a less than satisfying product.  But, for what it is, The Rookie is entertaining enough.  Read more »
The seventh season of 24 is only eight months away.  Are you excited yet?  Day 7 of 24 has endured one of the weirdest years in TV history, derailed because of the writers‘ strike and ultimately delayed an entire year.  Such is the nature of 24‘s hectic and demanding production schedule.  When you take into account Kiefer Sutherland‘s extra-curricular driving activities, it‘s difficult to finish an entire season of 24 in any amount of time.  The one good thing to come from the year-long delay is the addition of a season 7 prequel, which will be two hours long and air on FOX in the Fall.  Months ago, FOX unveiled the trailer for season 7, but since then fans have received very little in the way of new information.  Now, although it might be somewhat minor, we‘ve gotten a hold of a season 7 cast photo.  Take a look.  Not bad.  Read more »
Jack Bauer is heading to Africa after all.  The original proposed story for 24‘s seventh season was for Jack to begin in Africa (doing something, that part was never clear) and then heading back to the States for the meat of the season.  This would have been a big departure, as it would have been the first time 24 bucked the twenty-four straight hours formula.  FOX had no problem with the concept, but they nixed the idea for budgetary reasons.  The ramifications of this decision by the FOX brass was major – production on 24‘s seventh season was delayed for weeks and, as a result, was eventually delayed a whole year because of the writers‘ strike.  It‘s unclear whether 24 could have finished the season in time for this Spring regardless, but it‘s a possibility.  Today, 24 executive Manny Coto revealed the setting for the 24 two-hour prequel movie which will air on FOX this Fall: Jack is going to Africa.  Read more »
The clock is ticking…Midnight. Jack Bauer, head of the CIA‘s Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit, is suddenly thrust into a chaotic and exhausting 24-hour marathon of death, deception and terror as he struggles to prevent the assassination of a presidential candidate, find the traitor within his own organization, and save his kidnapped wife and daughter.The next season of 24 won‘t be on until January of 2009 (although we‘ll be getting a two-hour TV movie bridging the gap between seasons 6 and 7 sometime in the fall), but that doesn‘t mean you can enjoy 24 on DVD. Read more »
FOX‘s Spring schedule is much more interesting than its Fall counterpart.  It also contains the single greatest announcement I‘ve heard all week: the American Idol Results Show is going back to a half hour.  That wasn‘t so hard, now, was it FOX?  FOX has mastered the art of different, high-profile shows sharing time slots in different parts of the year.  As a result, FOX airs less re-runs and makes up for the fact that they run one hour of television less per night than the other three major networks.  FOX January and onward schedule is below, but remember – FOX is always very flexible with their schedule. Read more »
The two-hour 24 prequel, which will air November 23 on FOX, is coming together.  The prequel, which will take place between the end of season 6 and the start of January 2009‘s season 7, will be shot on location in South Africa, and will see our hero Jack Bauer become embroiled in some sort of international incident.  He will likely kill some bad guys, thwart some terrorists and have an all-around gruff demeanor.  Robert Carlyle (of Trainspotting and Full Monty fame) has already been cast, but today, three more new cast members were announced.  Gill Bellows (Ally McBeal) will play a State department official who serves Jack with a subpoena, eventually forcing him to return to the States.  Eric Lively, best known as Blake Lively‘s brother, will play the son of the new President of the United States (who will be played by Cherry Jones).  And Tony Todd (Chuck) will play an African dictator.  Read more »
Sprague Grayden, well known for having either one of the best or one of the worst names in Hollywood, will play the daughter of the President of the United States on season 7 of 24.  Grayden, who most recently has been seen as regular on the now-defunct Jericho and in a recurring role on Weeds, will play the daughter of 24‘s new president, who will be portrayed by famed Broadway actress Cherry Jones.  As for Grayden‘s role on 24‘s seventh season, these things are shrouded in mystery.  Since it is 24, there‘s a good chance Gradyen‘s first kid character will be either be tortured, kidnapped, killed, kill someone, team up with Jack Bauer or all of the above.  Read more »
Dennis Hopper is very good at playing evil human beings.  One of his best, and most infamous scenes, came in the Quentin Tarantino-penned film True Romance, in which he faced off with Christopher Walken.  In that scene, which is far too racy too discuss here, Walken played to Hopper‘s character‘s inherent racism, eventually earning a mercy killing at the hands of Hopper and his mafia henchman.  I bring this up because Hopper has just been cast in the TV adaptation of Oscar-winning film Crash.  The cable channel Starz has ordered thirteen episodes of Crash.  The film focused on the topic of racism in modern-day Los Angeles, and will become only the second Best Picture winning film to be turned into a television show (the first was In the Heat of the Night).  Hopper will play a character named Ben, a maverick record producer.  Also joining the cast is Clare Carey, most recently seen in the now-deceased Jericho, who will Christine, a frustrated mother married to a real-estate developer.  Hopper has recently been on the television show E-Ring, as well as a small, but important role on the first season of 24. Read more »
Jon Voight is taking some time out of his busy film schedule and heading to television.  FOX revealed today that Voight, the Oscar-winning actor and father of Angelina Jolie, will join the cast of 24 for the show‘s seventh season.  Voight will be the man behind the curtain, the mastermind behind season 7‘s over-arching terrorist threat.  His character will be introduced during the two hour 24 prequel, which will air this November.  Since the first seven or so episodes of season 7 have already been filmed, viewers won‘t see Voight until mid-season, at the earliest.  Read more »
24 might not be back until the fall, but that doesn‘t mean that we should forget all about Jack Bauer‘s ethically ambiguous propensity to torture his victims at the drop of a hat.With CTU out of commission until the resolution of the WGA strike, one of us must step up to become our nation‘s hero.  Millions of lives are at stake.  Will you stay on the (mostly) good side and become the next Jack Bauer?  Will you be evil like Nina Meyers or Sherry Palmer?  Or will you be mostly useless like Kim Bauer?  To find out who you are, BuddyTV has developed the personality quiz: Which 24 Character Are You?  Take the quiz today for the sake of America Read more »
<<PREVIOUS          NEXT>>We assume you already the numerous ways in which Kiefer Sutherland‘s Jack Bauer is one of the coolest, most bad-ass men on TV. The man who‘s lived through six very long days on 24 is, without a doubt, an action hero made hot by virtue of the fact tat he saves the country, repeatedly. To understand why he‘s also a hot dad, one only needs to look back to the first season, when Jack broke every law imaginable trying to save his wife and daughter from terrorists. He didn‘t care about protocols or government codes of ethics, Jack Bauer did what he had to do to save his family. Read more »
We‘ve received some clarification regarding the timeline for the upcoming seventh season of 24.  Whereas it was initially reported that Day 7 of 24 would take place a year or year and a half after the events of season 6, Zap2It is now claiming that, according to sources, that it will take place four years after season 6.  The significance of this probably won‘t be too huge, and will only make itself known in a couple of ways.  Chloe‘s baby, which was in her belly at the end of season 6, will be three or four years old now, instead of a newborn.  Also, the new president won‘t be as new as previously thought.  Perhaps that will have an important part to play in season 7‘s plot. Read more »
2017, despite what you might believe, is only a few months away.  FOX‘s 24, which stars Kiefer Sutherland as uber-bad ass Jack Bauer, will triumphantly return to our television screens this November with a special two-hour prequel to the seventh season.  The prequel film has been filming in South Africa this month.  There was some brief confusion last week regarding how the 24 prequel movie would effect the length of the actual seventh season.  Robert Carlyle, who co-stars in the movie as an old friend of Jack‘s, said in an interview that the film would bleed into the seventh season and, therefore, the season would only contain twenty-two episodes once it began next January instead of the usual twenty-four.  This turned out not to be true, and FOX quickly rebuked Carlyle‘s statements.  One thing we did learn from the whole mix-up was that season 7 will indeed take place four years after the end of season 6, making it the year 2017 in the world of 24.  Read more »
Hello, America.My name is Jack Bauer.  You may not know who I am, so let me fill you in.  I used to work for the Los Angeles division of the U.S .Government‘s Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU).  I have killed literally hundreds of unnamed terrorists and henchmen and even some innocent civilians, all in the name of this country.  I don‘t mean to brag, but I am a patriot.  Obviously, the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday (close second: Arbor Day).  Every time the Fourth comes along, I think of all the terrorists whose necks I‘ve bitten off, whose groins I‘ve electroshocked, all of the government officials I‘ve kidnapped, and the foreign embassies I‘ve infiltrated.  All in the name of patriotism, of course. Given my past as a government killing machine, I feel that I‘m uniquely qualified to offer some advice for the common man as we approach this sacred holiday: Read more »
Actresses are people too, and sometimes they get pregnant.  Such is a fact of life.  Actress pregnancies can come at inopportune time for episodic television series.  It‘s not like you can tell an actress she can‘t get pregnant, even if she‘s under contract.  TV has a long history of either writing a pregnancy into their story, or hiding the belly-in-question via practical camera tricks.  Just this last year, Angela Kinsey on The Office filmed much of the season with a bun in the oven, though it was near impossible to notice.  The latest TV pregnancy to rear its magical life-giving head is one owned by Mary Lynn Rajskub, who plays Chloe O‘Brian on 24.  24, now filming its seventh season, is going to have to deal with Rajskub‘s impending motherhood.  She‘s going to give birth any day now, and Rajskub is going to have to take a few episodes off.  Her departure will be written into the season, but Jack Bauer will need a Chloe replacement.  Who will it be?MINOR SPOILERS BELOW!! OR MAJOR, DEPENDING ON YOUR PREROGATIVE!! Read more »
It looks like 24‘s big surprise for Comic-Con has been let out of the bag.  A trailer for the 24 prequel movie, which will air this November, leaked onto the internet yesterday.  The film is, apparently, titled 24: Exile, and the two-minute trailer features Jack Bauer being Jack Bauer, but in Africa.  That‘s all I‘ll acknowledge in this perfunctory opening paragraph because, as you‘ll notice below, there is a spoiler warning for this article.  The trailer, I guess, divulges some key plot points for the two-hour prequel film, though they‘re not major.  We will not be embedding any sort of video, because FOX is trying to keep this under wraps.  Remember, the trailer was not released, it was leaked.  EXTRA SPECIAL JACK BAUER SPOILER WARNING!!!  Read more »
The biggest pop culture event of the year is almost here: the San Diego Comic-Con.  In 2007, over 125,000 people attended the convention, which covers everything from film to television to comic books.  That number is expected to be matched this year, as each day of the event is completely sold out.  BuddyTV will be reporting directly from Comic-Con beginning this Thursday, and we‘ll continue updating with all the latest news until the convention comes to an end on Sunday.  We‘ll also have additional stories about the Comic-Con experience in the following weeks, so keep checking BuddyTV for updates.To prepare for our big trip to San Diego, we compiled a list of the five panels we‘re most looking forward to.  Read on to see what we‘re truly excited about. Read more »
Check out the rest of our coverage from San Diego Comic-Con.Kiefer Sutherland and 24 have endured a rough year and a half.  The writers‘ strike murdered their seventh season, and forced them to delay the season for a year.  In the interim, Kiefer had to serve over a month in prison, stemming from a DUI charge.  The future of 24 was in some doubt, but if today‘s Comic-Con panel is any indication, things are back on the right track.  24: Exile, the two-hour prequel movie to season 7, will be airing in November, with season 7 bowing in January.  Kiefer Sutherland was joined by Carlos Bernard and the entire creative/production staff as they showed footage from Exile, and discussed the new season and anything else fans wanted to discuss. Read more »
Mary Lynn Rajskub gave birth to a baby boy last Thursday.  The child, Rajskub‘s first, was delivered two weeks after the baby‘s due date.  The father, physical trainer Matthew Rolph, did not want to know the sex of the baby, so the couple kept it a surprise until birth.  Rajskub has taken a short maternity leave from her role on 24, where she plays terse computer whiz Chloe O‘Brian.  While FOX has not been specific as to how they‘ve dealt with Rajskub‘s absence during the current filming of season 7, it was reported earlier this month that Carlo Rota was being brought in to spell Chloe during her mysterious leave from the action of 24‘s seventh season.  Rota plays Morris O‘Brian, Chloe‘s ex-husband and possible father of Chloe‘s now-young child.  Read more »
You‘re out in the San Fernando Valley, dealing with the sweltering heat, and then you‘re in the Oval Office, face-to-face with the new president.  It‘s a magical transition – walking from the real world into a fictional one.  I‘ve visited a few television sets over the last couple years, and this is the best part of it.  The images on your TV screen suddenly grow a third dimension.  Last Tuesday, the good people at FOX took a select group of journalists and local media affiliates on a set visit of 24, which is currently shooting the latter third of its upcoming seventh season.  Fellow BuddyTV writer John Kubicek (pictured with Cherry Jones) and I had been flown down to Los Angeles to take part in a FOX press junket, where we had the chance to interview various cast members from FOX‘s Fall shows.  It was a jam-packed weekend.  Two days of interviews, a trip to the Teen Choice Awards, backstage at the taping of So You Think You Can Dance‘s final performance episode and, on the last day, this set visit of 24.  Read more »
There are those who like the to say the wall has been torn down between television and film, that actors in this day and age are allowed to move freely between the mediums, and that television is no longer a back-up option.  This is not true, and will continue not being true until people go out and start seeing movies starring television actors.  Quick – name one current television actor with sustained and concurrent film and television success.  I can think of one, and that person is Steve Carrell (though, it‘s not like Get Smart or Evan Almighty set the world on fire).  Film stars end up on television when they stop being bankable film stars.  For this new TV season, Christian Slater‘s starring role on My Own Worst Enemy is a prime example.  Better yet, there‘s Kiefer Sutherland and 24.  Read more »
24 is on its way back, thank goodness.  It‘s been a long, long time since we‘ve watched Jack Bauer inflict his unique style of badassery upon the viewing public.  The buzz around both the new season of 24 and its upcoming Africa-set two hour prequel movie is high, and the rotten taste that the end of season 6 left in 24 fans‘ mouths has seemingly been washed away over the long hiatus.  Fans, and I say this as one, are ready for 24 and Jack Bauer and Kiefer Sutherland to return.  But, are they ready for another Bauer to return to the 24 universe?  Well, it appears that this will be the case in season 7.  A Bauer returns, and some fans might be a tiny little bit upset about it.  MINOR SPOILERS BELOW!!! Read more »
Not again.  The long road to get 24‘s seventh season to the air has hit another snag in a long, arduous line of snags.  Production was delayed over a year ago, rewrites were had, there were more delays, then came the writers‘ strike and Kiefer Sutherland‘s DUI incarceration, the season was then put on hold for an entire year and, now, when it finally looked as if 24 was free of production drama, production has been delayed once more.  The good news is that it looks as if 24 will premiere in January 2009 on schedule.  When production halts, eighteen episodes will already be in the can, but still – another delay, this time for creative reasons, has to make one wonder about the quality of the final product.  Executive producer of 24, Howard Gordon, has decided that the series needs a two week production hiatus for rewrites.  He was upset with the direction the scripts for the last six episodes took.  The hiatus will being after production wraps on episode eighteen.  Read more »
Time will stop again on the set of 24.  As reported earlier this week, production on the FOX series will cease for two weeks, beginning September 15, to re-evaluate the program‘s creative direction after executive producer Howard Gordon expressed dissatisfaction with scripts. But with the long wait ahead before the new season kicks off in January 2009, the network is doing everything it can to ease the wait. On September 14, the network is inviting viewers to buckle up starting at 8pm for a “FOX Sunday Night Thrill Ride” as it airs the encore presentation of the series premiere of Fringe, the heart-pounding first four minutes of Fringe‘s second episode, an exclusive first-look preview of the science fiction remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still and an advance look at the highly anticipated film 24: Redemption. Read more »
Jack Bauer returns to rock our collective worlds on Sunday, November 23 in a two-hour season 7 prequel movie.  The movie, mostly set in the fictional African nation of Sangala, was previously titled 24: Exile.  FOX has since renamed the film, which is now dubbed 24: Redemption.  I find the name change peculiar, because 24: Exile was an excellent name, while 24: Redemption is far too on the nose and, I admit, a tad bit wussy.  Why would Jack Bauer need redemption?  The man is a national treasure who has saved the world from utter destruction on numerous occasions.  He‘s in Africa, presumably on his own personal exile.  I seriously doubt that he‘s actively searching for redemption.  He may be, but again, he shouldn‘t need to.  Nonetheless, FOX has unveiled the full trailer for 24: Redemption today, and you can find the full video below.  Read more »