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Watch out television -- the highest-rated network has announced its 2011-2012 season return. CBS will debut most of its fall programming in a single week, starting on Monday, September 19. This goes against the standard practice of debuting shows over the course of several weeks and pretty much illustrates the network‘s position of strength going into the new season. Only three series will premiere outside of the main week. Read more »
So apparently Whitney Cummings has somehow advanced from obscure semi-talented comedian to TV pilot mogul in just a few months. Why and how? Don‘t ask me! All I know is the would-be witty brunette has gotten two pilots she created on the air: the aptly titled Whitney, based on her own life that I know we are just dying to find out about, and 2 Broke Girls, about, well, two broke girls who work as waitresses at a diner. 2 Broke Girls season 1 stars Kat Dennings as the sassy Max, who has to hold down two jobs to get by but knows how to bake the best cupcakes in town, and Beth Behrs as the sophisticated Caroline, who comes from a rich family but finds herself in a rough spot that forces her to take a job as a waitress.Whitney Cummings on BuddyTV >> Read more »
With more than 30 new shows and countless returning favorites, the fall 2011 TV season is more loaded than a baked potato. BuddyTV writer Laurel Brown has looked through all of it and has chosen the three best and the three worst things about the new season. Read more »
With more than 30 new shows and countless returning favorites, the fall 2011 TV season is more loaded than a baked potato. BuddyTV writer John Kubicek has looked through all of it and has chosen the three best things about the new season as well as the three worst things.  Read more »
Whitney Cummings and Michael Patrick King have created a ratings juggernaut this season with 2 Broke Girls, a sitcom about two, well, broke girls who work in a Brooklyn diner and decide to start a cupcake business together.  Read more »
Laura Vandervoort has captivated TV viewers with her non-human roles, including Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) on the television series Smallville and the reptilian humanoid Lisa on V. This holiday, however, she‘s returning to the small screen to play an ambitious marketing executive "who gets more than she bargained for" on the ABC Family series Desperately Seeking Santa.Check out Vandervoort‘s recent Q & A where she talks about her new romantic comedy series, her Scrooge-like role and her other upcoming project. Read more »
If you tuned out at one point during the 2012 People‘s Choice Awards, well, I can‘t blame you. This year‘s proceedings were the usual mix of awkwardly scripted spiels, product placement and winners you could see from a mile off. Well, almost.There were a bunch of pleasant surprises in tonight‘s two-hour ceremony, hosted by The Big Bang Theory‘s Kaley Cuoco. Now, me doing a roll call of said surprises.See this year‘s People‘s Choice nominees Read more »
CBS, a network with such high ratings that even its failing shows often beat the competition, has announced renewals for 18 of its prime-time shows. Which shows will be returning? Which are still in danger? Keep reading to find out. Read more »
ABC, FOX and the CW have already announced their season finale dates for this year, and now CBS is helping fans plan out their May by announcing end dates for all of its shows. This includes an early April finale for The Good Wife and a one-hour How I Met Your Mother season finale that will reveal the identity of Barney‘s bride.  Read more »
The network schedules just keep on coming! CBS released its schedule for the fall 2012 TV season on Wednesday at their upfront presentation. There are a whole bunch of shifts and a few new shows, so check out the CBS schedule here! Read more »
If there is one truth to life, it‘‘s that there is an award show for everybody. Thus, we have the Teen Choice Awards, a competition whose winners are chosen solely by voters between the ages of 13 and 19. What will this year‘s teens be honoring? Keep reading for the first round of 2012 Teen Choice Award nominees. Read more »
The 2011-2012 TV season has officially come to a close,  the Nielsen ratings are in and for the first time in nine years, the most-watched show of the season isn‘t American Idol.The FOX reality juggernaut, which has been the highest-rated show in total viewers and the coveted 18-49 demographic for the past eight seasons, was dethroned in both categories by NBC‘s Sunday Night Football.  Read more »