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Here‘s one for the seriously lacking in excitement – a reality contest, where whoever doesn‘t suffer a coronary after living out terrifying challenges straight from the best that horror films have to offer, wins.  Though details remain sketchy at this point, from what we‘ve got already floating out there, contestants will be taken on a journey of fright and terror, much like characters stuck in the bowels of some blood-curdling nightmare in our favorite horror flicks. With no less than horror specialist Sam Raimi (earlier of The Evil Dead flicks and more recently, the Spiderman movies, as well as Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess on TV)  responsible, you know you‘re in the fright of your life in The CW‘s upcoming new show, aptly called 13. Read more »
The TCA panel with CW president Dawn Ostroff was a bit like a firing squad. Between the loss of WWE Friday Night Smackdown and two of its urban comedies and the outsourcing of Sunday nights to Media Rights Capital, Ostroff had a lot to answer for.In addition, Ostroff spoke about many of the dramatic upcoming changes for the network, including a possible very early start for next season, the strength of online content over traditional ratings for Gossip Girl, and she finally previewed the new horror reality series 13. Read more »
Next year, 13 people will compete to "stay alive" in The CW‘s newest reality series called 13 Fear is Real, which will kick off on Wednesday, January 7 at 8pm ET/PT, bridging the gap between the network‘s cycles of America‘s Next Top Model.  With terrifying situations patterned from horror movies, 13 will feature participants as they face surprises and scares or else be eliminated and "killed off."  The last person standing goes home with the $66,666 prize.Casting for the horror-themed reality show started on March 31 in Los Angeles where casting directors looked for men and women between the ages of 18-30 who are energetic and competitive.  Now, The CW reveals the identities of 13‘s cast members. Read more »
As mentioned before, The CW has a new spine-tingling eight-episode series that claims to combine the horror genre with a reality show format. The name of the show is 13 – Fear is Real and viewers are about to find out how spooky and entertaining (or crappy) the program is tonight at 8pm ET/PT.The premise is simple: 13 people of varying levels of wit, guts and attractiveness will be stranded in a Louisiana bayou to face their deepest fears in an all-out elimination competition and scare-fest.  Or as network exec Dawn Ostroff would put it, “This series is the first to take the horror movie into the reality world.  The action takes contestants on a journey with challenges and games designed to frighten them along the way.  Similar to horror films, the challenges will play into our deepest fears and anxieties and will reveal things the contestants never knew about themselves.” Read more »
Editor‘s Note: This is a weekly guest post from the TV staff at Check back here on Wednesdays for more stories about your favorite shows: Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars ,Survivor, American Idol and America‘s Next Top Model. .By Susan Young, Film.comIt’s the first week of January and reality has already set in.We’ve gotten a first peek at The Bachelor – did there seem to be an overabundance of facial work on these women? Some were scarier than a midnight prowl through a bayou cemetery. Even spookier is that sweet bachelor Jason Mesnick actually gave a couple of roses out to some of the more frightening ones. Read more »