Articles for 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show Season 1

ABC finally gives U.S. viewers a taste of 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show, the competition series that originated in the United Kingdom that gives contestants a chance to win $50,000 for answering a bunch of multiple-choice questions. Though this sounds like your average quiz program, it stands out by highlighting the best and most interesting part: the elimination. Because unlike your typical reality show, there are no farewell limo rides, no cheesy rose ceremonies, and no dramatic tribal council.   Read more »
It almost feels wrong to review 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show, ABC‘s latest second-hand embarrassment game show after the great success of Wipe Out, because almost everything about the show, right down to its name, is meant to be mindless. To review is to automatically think too hard about it. And 101 Ways to Leave a Game Show, which has put all its efforts into staging elaborate stunt ejections for the eliminated contestants, not into designing a game by which they might be eliminated fairly or logically, does not want you to think too hard about it. Still, I must, if only to warn you not to do the same if you happen to tune in tonight. Read more »
Two premieres joined America‘s Got Talent and The Voice last night. They might not be threatening the current kings of Tuesday ratings, but hey, at least there‘s something else on!  Read more »
Last night, The Voice hit its highest audience in four weeks, while America‘s Got Talent remained steady, winning NBC the night by a longshot and leaving most other programming in the dust. A few shows that enjoyed decent premieres last week saw dips this week, as expected.  Read more »
Last night, FOX got a big ratings boost from the MLB All-Star Game, and likely won the night. But that didn‘t stop NBC‘s mighty America‘s Got Talent from winning the 9pm timeslot. Let‘s take a look at the numbers. Read more »
You worked hard this year, and so did your brain. Summer is the perfect time for both of you to kick back and take it easy. Thankfully, the networks take the same approach to their summer programming, filling the primetime hours with delightfully fluffy fodder, like carnival cotton candy for your mind and soul. Light, delicious, undeniably good for you. So don‘t feel embarrassed. Instead, embrace the fun, let your brain take a breather and tune in (then tune out) with these five ridiculous reality shows coming our way this summer: Read more »