The Absolute Best (and Worst) Advice Sweets Ever Gave on 'Bones'

In season 3, the FBI assigned Dr. Lance Sweets to determine whether or not the Booth-Brennan FBI-Jeffersonian arrangement should continue. It wasn’t until later that Brennan and Booth agreed to allow young Sweets to study the dynamics of their partnership in exchange for his profiling expertise. While his psychological profiling was usually spot-on and his personal feedback was usually helpful, some of his most memorable advice remains in the forefront of our minds because of their disastrous results. Regardless, God bless the broken road that brought Brennan and Booth together, of which Sweets was an integral part, as Brennan said in her eulogy of him in “The Lance to the Heart.” Of the many, many examples available, we’ve chosen our top 13 of Sweets’ best and worse advice throughout his 141 episode tenure as psychologist, field agent, and friend. What other ones do you remember most?
By Catherine Cabanela  on Friday, October 03, 2014
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Talk About The Absolute Best (and Worst) Advice Sweets Ever Gave on 'Bones'