How To Get Away With Murder launches us into the next case for Annalise and her team of students. They’re called to defend Max St. Vincent, a man accused of stabbing his rich wife 16 times in the bed as they lay together. On the surface he looks like a man who loved his wife but as they dig deeper, they realize he’s not what he seems. We also get into the details of the fateful night where Wes and friends are getting rid of that body…

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The Case of Max St. Vincent

Keating and her students get to work on throwing reasonable doubt all over the prosecution’s case. First up was the murder weapon. Thanks to Wes getting a supplemental arrest report, Annalise reveals the discrepancy of exactly who found it, two different names showing up on the main report and that one. It’s revealed on cross examination that the officer who found it was under investigation for drinking on the job.

Next was the wife’s best friend, who claimed that the victim had every intention of divorcing him. Connor works his magic on the same IT guy from the premiere and gets him to hack into the BFF’s computer. In court, Annalise presents the wedding toast she wrote for the couple only a few months prior: it describes them as a couple in love. Nice work, Annalise. 

Finally, it’s time for the character witness. Annalise teaches her class that finding the right one is crucial to a defense attorney’s case. They had to find one that was honest and real, even if they don’t approve of everything their client says or does. The daughter fits the bill and during pre-trial prep and her actual testimony, she sounds totally believable. But then the prosecution drops a bomb. They present her with the way her birth mother died and it wasn’t the way her father told her. Instead of being killed in a car accident, she too met her death at the end of a knife. By the glare Annalise gives her client, it’s clear she had no idea about this.

Now it’s crunch time. Annalise gets her students back to the scene of the crime to get ideas on how to get their client off. Laurel, a girl who hadn’t felt worthy of being on the team all episode comes up with the answer. Max is a hunter, meaning he knows how to kill. If he had killed his wife, he would’ve done so like his first wife. Max goes on the stand and demonstrates exactly how he did it, admitting to killing his first wife.

The medical examiner gets on the stand to testify to the difference between the death of the first wife and the second. While the first was clean and experienced, the second was super sloppy and couldn’t be done by the same person. Wes then comes up with the idea that the daughter could be a possible suspect. Annalise already knows this of course, because the night before Frank gave her the info of the daughter’s trip back home. It doesn’t matter now because Max is acquitted. However, Max is informed of his daughter’s misdeeds and he says he will find a way to deal with her.

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Who is Wes Protecting?

This entire show was about perception and up until now we all saw Wes as a straight laced and slightly naïve law student. However when we get the flashbacks of the events of the bonfire and the disposal of Sam’s body we see he isn’t as good as we thought. He lies about the outcome of the coin flip, saying it landed on heads so they would all get rid of the body. Then inside the gas station where he is supposed to buy lighter fluid, he buys a prepaid phone. He makes a call to someone telling him/her that he’s got everyone on board, everything will taken care of, and he/she will be protected. The only logical person I can think of that he’s calling is Annalise but then again, with this show, nothing is ever what it seems. And boy was I right. At the very end of the episode, we find out it’s Rebecca who Wes is saving. But from who? And how??

The Slow Breakdown of Keating Household

Annalise is super suspicious of her husband, especially since the body of the missing college girl was found. She goes through his phone and finds an incriminating text from a girl named L. She confronts him after a bad day at court if he was sleeping with her and he assured her (in the most loving way possible I might add) that he didn’t. He isn’t completely exonerated though, because he’s done it once before and after more snooping, Annalise goes back to her now detective ex-boyfriend with her suspicions. He tells her she needs to calm down and that she’s letting her job get to her. She’s animate that he has something to do and finally convinces him to check her husband’s alibi.

Afterwards she goes back inside to finish the romantic dinner her husband put together, even rolling around the hay to assure him they’re good. I’m not sure how she was able to pull that off but like she said, you don’t really know people.

Meanwhile, who does get arrested? Rebecca and Griffin, the dead college girl’s boyfriend.

How to Get Away With Murder airs on Thursdays at 10pm on ABC. 

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