Season 38, Episode 237 -  Air Date: 6/19/2006
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Keri goes into premature labor and is rushed to the hospital, where R.J. rages at Antonio for endangering his daughter. As Joey and Jessica help Andrew set up the shelter at the community center, Flash takes off with the contents of the charity collection can. Troy regretfully informs Emily that his wedding has been derailed. Horrified to see Mitch carrying off a sleeping Starr, Blair implores him to let go of her daughter. Hank offers Nora a sympathetic shoulder after she reveals how her engagement ended. Starr awakens and squirms away from Mitch, who pulls a gun and orders Blair to surrender her child. Bo‘s search of Mitch‘s house turns up medical records on Jessica and Natalie. Keri gives birth to a girl but insists that no one except R.J. be allowed to visit. Blair offers herself up as a substitute hostage to save Starr from Mitch. Lindsay refuses to take no for an answer when Troy tries to give her the cold shoulder. Joey decides not to press charges after Flash is caught with the