Ep. #9399

Season 37, Episode 191 -  Air Date: 4/13/2005
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Evangeline is nominated for Woman of the Year. Dorian complains about her relationship problem with David to Kelly, Kelly also agrees with a lot of things that David had said to Dorian, particular in regards to her obsession with her family. Natalie and John have a disagreement about her seeing someone like Ron. Riley and Matthew create a secret brother handshake. Hayes is back and Marcie can‘t fire him, which could spell trouble for Marcie and Michael getting back together. David asks Kelly if he can have a place to stay for the night as a last resort. Rex gives Bo more information on the Paul Cramer murder. Riley gives Jen the cold shoulder. All the remaining Love Center crew gets bodyguards because of the murders that have been going on. Dorian comes home to a empty house.