Ep. #9072

Season 36, Episode 122 -  Air Date: 1/7/2004
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Todd shows up at Llanfair and Jessica answers the door. He tells her that Jack should see his father, but Jessica says that Blair has a restraining order against him for a good reason. Todd then reminisces about last year when Jack was born, but still thinks that he is a good father.Today is Jack‘s birthday and as Blair is holding him, she remembers what happened to her exactly a year ago. Blair then promises Jack that she will never let him go again. Sam walks in on them and Blair tells him that she wants a quiet birthday for Jack. Starr overhears them talking. Starr calls Todd and asks him if he would like to see Jack. Star then drops Jack‘s cake on the floor and blames it on the nanny, telling her that she should go to the bakery and buy another cake. Blair and Sam walk downstairs and ask Starr if she‘s ok. She agrees that everything is ok and runs upstairs where she meets Todd. Todd leans over Jack‘s crib and tells him that if he gets caught, he would be arrested. Todd then rea