Ep .#8126

Season 32, Episode 197 -  Air Date: 4/18/2000
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Though a devastated Jessica accuses him of lying, Mitch repeats his assertion that they are father and daughter. Lindsay orders Troy to ditch Nora for Christmas. Cuddling Jack, Blair begins to tell her son how much she cares for his father but clams up when she realizes Todd is eavesdropping. Viki panics following a call from Seth. Appalled by Mitch‘s story, Jessica flees from Llanfair and takes refuge in the carriage house. Lindsay steps up her threat of blackmail when Troy angrily refuses to cave in to her demands. At the jewelry store, Keri distracts Daphne while Nora snoops through the guest book and discovers that Troy was there the same day Lindsay stopped in. Mitch again corners Jessica and offers to show the girl DNA proof that they are related. Todd attempts to ingratiate himself further with Blair by claiming responsibility for the videotape Sam made of Starr‘s Christmas pageant. Jessica faces a hard truth as Mitch‘s tale finally sinks in.